Selling property throughout
Graham County, North Carolina.
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 Welcome to High Country Property, Ltd.

We sell property throughout all of Graham County, North Carolina. We are located at the southern boundary of the Great Smoky National Park and enclosed by the Nantahala National Forest and the Snowbird Mountains. Located in the center of this vast wilderness area is Robbinsville, a small mountain community and the county seat. This is an area of special interest to nature lovers, wildflower enthusiasts, hikers, fisherman, hunter, and those who enjoy peace and quiet. Fontana Lake and Santeetlah lake offer miles of unspoiled shore line and clean water for all water sports including great fishing. The county also has ten other major trout streams, where brown trout, rainbow, and "specks" or native trout abound. Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is 3800 acres of virgin wilderness preserved in its natural and primitive state; and like the surrounding forest, home to black bears, Russian wild boar, native wild turkeys and other small game. It is open to hikers, campers, and just picnickers; for short strolls and for long backpacking trips. The Appalachian Trail tempts the more rugged to climb peaks over 5000 feet high. This is an area of unparalleled scenic beauty; a year-round home style community.

Graham County is rural in nature and the perfect choice for a second home as the tax rate is low and crime is almost non-existent. As there is no polluting industry in the area, the air and water and clean and pure. The climate is mild with the average temperature in July, the hottest month, being 74 degrees with the highs rarely above 85 degrees. January, the coldest month, has a mean average temperature of 41 degrees. There is occasional snowfall, but soon it's March and the wildflowers are blooming.

Come and see for yourself; a relaxed way of life in a clean and beautiful environment, surrounded by splendid and majestic mountains and populated by the friendliest people anywhere. And as they say around here "..and fix to stay a while". 

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