Dear Witless Ones,

This is the Winter of our discontented 2005-2006. As we all heard the word "anthrax" echoing in our terrorized [yawn] brains from babblings of the both mainstream and alternative media until we were about to start puking from the sound of a word that had little to do with anything, now we have "bird flu"! Personally, I'm in favor "ferret fever", but what can you do? The drooling, ruling reptos have spoken - and there it is, the cry of "Bird Flu!" fills the land with reports from hither and thither that someone (merely suspected) actually might have contracted and might have possibly died from alleged bird flu. On the the other hand, maybe they were just shot in the head for dramatic emphasis, but nobody remembered to report the gaping and bleeding holes. Hey! It might have been a flu induced aneurysm!

"Bird flu"? Hello-o? It is a yearly cycle that we have known for our lifetimes that every winter there is some new damn influenza going around. Mostly, everybody catches it, and mostly everyone survives, and remembers the perfectly awful feelings involved. Been there; did that - so have you.

These waves of influenza that we call "flus" as a kind of dismissive and even semi affectionate diminutive, are annually cyclic. It has been know for decades that these influenzas germinate and mutate in the population of Asian birds; that has been (or used to be) common knowledge. Now we have a "bird flu"? Um - all the yearly influenzas come from birds. There is *nothing* new here. It is as if knowledge of influenza cycles has been forgotten; maybe it has.

What is new is that we are past the early to mid winter "flu season" and precious few people, if any, have actually contracted "the flu", much less any supposed "bird flu".

Yet, the drooling ruling reptos of the world, the Blessed UN and its farcical WHO are flapping about like chickens with their heads cut off (we could only wish!) about epidemics, and trying desperately to make a grand hooha over every "suspected" case that just might exist in any country that you may have heard of. No reports from Bhutan yet. No one has *certifiably* died from, or even really suffered "Bird flu" yet. Now, isn't that amazing? It is even more amazing when you consider that the yearly manufacturing of vaccines has gone on routinely for decades - and - *now* - all of a sudden, there is this grave problem in producing a vaccine for an as yet nonexistent disease. It exists only by a dearth of fabricated "news". Has *anyone* you actually know actually had a "flu" this year? Imagine how much money the pharmas would lose if a vaccine were simply not necessary this year.

If this is not strange enough, governments, the genocidal US corpagov in particular has been busy messing with the genetic material of the highly lethal 1918 flu epidemic, erroneously designated as "Spanish", trying desperately to relate its structure to this new alleged "bird flu" that may or may not have caused the death of some birds; humans seem to have cause more bird deaths than the flu itself. But that was containment you see! I have this bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, too.

If the insidious "bird flu" actually existed, and were actually contagious enough, imagine how easy it would be to introduce the resuscitated 1918 flu into the population and leave a very good reasonable doubt as to it having been done.

Reducing the surplus population has always been accomplished by War, Famine (think GM foodies) and Plague (think what?), and reducing the population (eugenics) has been a long term hobby of the Bush family - not to mention the larger group of self proclaimed geniuses (duuhhh) to which they belong.

The spreading about of depleted uranium that destroys the young, and fertility is not near efficient enough for the purpose, nor is simply starving people to death, or making sure that they will have only poisonous foods to eat.

The red pill, or the blue pill - or is that yellow?

All my love,

	Aunt Agatha

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