NEWS FLASH: Intercepted Terror Communication
February 22, 2005

From an anonymous source at an undisclosed location, to someone else, far far away.

Hello, Osama bin Poopypants, my Dear Friend,

It has been a long time, too long that I have not written. But then, as you probably don't know, I have been very occupied, very occupied indeed, and you can guess by whom I have been occupied. [wink wink; nudge nudge]

Yes, it's *them*, the pest, again. They make me quite crazy, and also very busy with - um - things. Besides, as you may not remember, you are dead, and therefore not so likely to enjoy one of my scintillating communications. Nevertheless, since being very *occupied* means I have some time on my hands that is at least not bloody, so, I thought I would use the time to engage in something relatively relaxing, innocuous - and useless, in order to explain some exceedingly useless things in which you may or may not be interested.

First of all, it has recently come to my attention that really, I should definitely be scientific, economic and geopolitical advisor to a pulled together Iranian government. Then we would awake one morning, and Israel would be simply a smoldering crater.

I am tenderly aware of the central position of Israel in this insane plot to institute a global totalitarian state - and also very much aware of it as the soft spot in the underbelly of that dragon. Destroy just this, and our chances of human survival are very greatly enhanced. Destroying Israel *utterly* is our only human hope of survival. It is, after all, nothing but a genetically engineered cancer to serve a rather specific geopolitical purpose begun by the Brits, and who unsurprisingly made the grand moves to conjure it into existence. Yes, as you surely remember, they *did* kick me out of diplomacy school. What was it they called me? Bigmouth? The art of saying the wrong thing at the right time always escaped me, and I always somehow managed to get it backwards.

US democratic government is already completely destroyed; elections are determined a priori, the people have been made all of: ignorant, unable to think, unable to understand their own language, unable to speak or write in their own language, unable to understand the simplest basics of physical existence, but perfectly able to argue over fictional and nonexistent foolishness using consummate illogic and fabricazzioni suae sponti (if you will pardon) as their only weapons of discourse.

As you might imagine, attempts to carry on a conversation with most of them other than (num num num num num ...) with a few inflections thrown in for sport can be rather more than tedious. This is another reason I write to you now, only wishing that you could talk back. It is just a little scenario I invent for myself.

Living in the US now is not very much different from living in any other asylum for the criminally insane. They are all very much the same. They make lies the truth, and when you tell the truth, then *you* are declared insane. Boring, of course, but in a sick sort of way, also interesting.

The already inevitable destruction of the US corporatized government would just (thank heavens) be greatly accelerated, possibly leaving a more than welcome human breathing room to the world. US corpagov is only a sick fiction anyhow, having its own delusions of an intelligence capable of ruling the world, when observation shows clearly that rule of their kitty's litter box is quite beyond their mental capacities. Don't misunderestimate (? I don't know: *he* says it) me; some of my best friends are Americans. You might be surprised at how many of them dance to tunes very different from the military marches of their criminal and evil government; but, for the moment, they feel, and *are* indeed trapped by it - a condition all too many of us know all too well. Speaking of one of whom, how's Bandar doing? Ooops - you're the one who should be asking *me* that question. With Bandar, who knows. He's a slippery weasel.

Corporations (ultimately international banks, as we know) rule and own this government, as well as almost all the others, of course, so these corpas really need to have something like the French Revolution inflicted on them, only more completely - but, that's step two that cannot happen without step one. I hear they have 12-step programs here, but 12 of such steps just makes my head swim, which is more than I could ever do at Sheik Al-Sharm. How much of this can anyone stand?

Shag za shagem, as the old Russian proverb goes; in this case, however, things look more like the "step by step" from the old American Vaudeville routine "Slowly I turned." Deliberately, they can also be quite amusing.

Anyhow, as I started to say, the strategic annihilation of Israel would crush the imperial designs of the US, once and for all, no matter what events follow. The US-Israeli crazies now play a very risky game as their drooling greedy insanity overrides all reason. They are crazy because they realize the necessity of obtaining oil control, not for the oil per se, but because it will be (or so they not unreasonably surmise) the ultimate economic weapon by which the entire world can be cudgeled into submission. Their cleverness is exceeded only a monumental lack of intelligence that has given them a hubris that exceeds all classical bounds and understandings. There is the evil cleverness of getting there, which they obviously consider to be the fun part, but then there is unbelievable stupidity in believing that what they intend can not only be structurally sustained, but that *they* have the smarts to sustain it. LOL

Yes, yes, I can see you falling out of your coffin laughing. I understand, really I do. Twice now I have fallen out of bed laughing after waking in the middle of the night with images of them getting food from a plate to their mouths. I have naturally had a nightmare or two, and these dreams are like nothing I have ever previously experienced. Sometimes I wind up smiling all day later as a consequence, and several people have asked whether I had just had sex?! It's quite amazing. But let us be serious once again. I am having increasing difficulty in this regard, taking anything seriously, and I am becoming prone to bursting out laughing at times deemed most inappropriate by some others. It's a good thing, I'm no longer in diplomatic school! How many times is it possible to get kicked out? Maybe I should investigate that, experimentally.

Ultimately, at any rate, the US ruling repto psychopaths will lose, no matter what, (how can they find their way to the bathroom?) but while they are spuriously ascendant they will continue creating horrible global destruction, and more than quite a mess; the preemptory annihilation of Israel is the *only* strategic move that would significantly minimize the overall horror and destruction, and give us all a chance to reclaim a human world.

Those Israeli guys are certainly no great sheiks, either.

It really does have to be done, and done very soon, before doing it becomes irrelevant to the imperial designs that will then soon place the entire world in their calculated socioeconomic stranglehold.

I can only hope that the appropriate Iranians understand the essential world-changing power that is now almost accidentally fallen into their hands, and that they know how to use it wisely before the strategic moment passes - as it will if they sink into diplomatic cowardice and fail to protect the Iranian people by dispersing them, and providing shelter and backup before executing the the most massive obliteration of a nation the world has ever seen.

Would the US respond beyond infantile barking? :-) Not at the risk of incurring the wrath of an already skittish Russian bear and several other nations that we could both list easily.

However, their reptilian screeching in agony at the loss of their position of slave masters of the world will be enough to cause the living considering the purchase of at least a good set of ear plugs. If you need ear plugs, send a virgin or two to let me know, and I will pack a set up.

Difficult though it may be, pity them, my friend, for they do only what is truly the only thing they can do, even incompetently. They, these ruling super duper reptos, cannot produce anything, and have never had the experience of a single genuine thought, and of course they wage war to steal instead - and they can't even manage to do that competently! Perhaps, mother nature, in her tortured sense of justice or humor will eventually put them out of their misery - and therefore clearly out of everyone else's. This mother, though, is a slow one, milking even the worst mistake for the last dram of value that can be squeezed from it before the curtain is drawn. I do mean the worst mistake; these things are the bottom of the barrel, the pits as we say in English.

We will, naturally (until we are rid of this reptile minded pestilence of thieves that tediously declares itself "ruler") have a general world war again; there is no likely way out of it, so long as the US drooling reptos are in control - along with the banks and multinational military industrial complex that backs them and all those mewling sycophantic poodles.

It is far better to cut off the dragons wings now than to allow it to grow stronger on all our blood so that it may procreate and destroy everything left of humanity. It is more than interesting that the US has now legitimized the notion of preemptory attack, no?

I notice, with numb dispassion, the rather appropriate reception by the Belgian people given to current visit of the Selected US Chimpanzee-in-Chief of Circus, and the inordinate security measures surrounding him, as they do continuously, everywhere.

Hitler did not even require such security measures; the measures are a good measure of the percentage of human beings would would dearly & justifiably, love to murder his ass, as well as taking pot shots at any other of his phony automatronic parts that might randomly present themselves. I wonder if Caligula or Vlad Tepes felt hated, or even whether they cared - or felt?

The instability of the situation continues to increase, and is already far beyond that pointed to incessantly by those of the west, that grew prior to WWI. Who will be the surrogate Archduke this time? Many have been assassinated, but none so far has been chosen. We shall see my friend. Well - maybe I shall see, anyhow. In the mean time, rest in peace.

You devoted friend and student, as you-know-who [wink wink] wills it,


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