It is horrendous and verging on unreadable. Since HTML officially supports no mathematical symbols and no greek alphabet, no Hebrew alphabet and no Cyrillic alphabet, every customary such symbol is written out as a word. "PHI", for example is upper case, while "phi" is lower case. Since neither Cyrillic nor Hebrew letters have a case, they are all written in upper case letters, e.g. "SHA", "CHA", "YOO"; "ALEPH", "SHIN", "TSADEH", and so forth.

Symbolic juxtaposition is to be understood as usual as multiplication.

Subscripts are written as "_k" or "_(k...j)" or "_k_j" or "_k_(j-1)" attached to that which is being subscripted.

"Plus or Minus" is written as "+|-" or sometimes "(+|-)".

"alpha sub nu" is written as "alpha_nu", whereas "alpha_(nu)" would indicate alpha with the two subscripts "n" and "u". Parenthesis are also used to enclose and index value when it is an expression, thus beta_(k+1) and alpha^(3/2) to distinguish a possibly ambiguous beta_k+1 and alpha^3/2 that could be read as "beta_k + 1" and "(alpha^3)/2" respectively.

Superscript is written similarly but with '^' instead of '_'. Whether the superscript is just that or an exponent is presumed, as usual, to be understood from context.

The resulting equations are also necessarily overparenthesized, and possessed of an inpenetrable ugliness that can be excruciating to behold; they should, however, be logically unambiguous; the criterion of unambiguity coupled with deficiencies of HTML and the ambiguous capabilities of browsers left me little choice but that of maximum ugliness of expression. Pixelated graphicals are even more trouble and of less use. If you vomit at reading it, think of how I felt writing it. A text browser such as lynx is suggested.

Written this way a substitution program or preprocessor can be written faily easily that will transform the words designating mathematical symbols, Greek Hebrew and Cyrillic letters to their actual printing characters.

Although rather horrible and ugly, the notation has the advantage of being browser independent, and can be viewed, read, etc. with a text browser. With something like netscape, or explorer, one should see a dark blue background, text in high white and links in yellow. There is no change in link color when a link is visited.

   The used letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are:

             DEH, EL, SHA, CHAH, YOO, YAH

   The used letters of the Hebrew alphabet are:

             ALEPH, SHIN, TSADEH

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