The approximately 150 works of Raoul Pleskow are
             published by:

                    American Composers Alliance (ACA)
                    under American Composers Editions (ACE)

                    Bowdoin Press
                    General Music
                    McGinnis & and Marx
			JNL12: The Josef Marx Story
                    Seesaw Music
                    T. D. Ellis Music Publishing

             and licensed through BMI.
             Works of Raoul Pleskow can be found on labels:

                    Ars Nova - Ars Antiqua
                    Capstone Records
                    Centaur Records
                    Composers Recordings Inc.   (CRI)
                    Society of Composers, Inc.
                    Contemporary Record Society (CRS)
                    Golden Quest
                    North/South Records         (NRS)
                    North/South Consonance

                    Difficulties in obtaining scores may be resolved by
                    direct communication with the composer:

                         Pleskow, Raoul
                         43-25 Douglaston Parkway
                         Douglaston, NY 11363
                         (718) 224-7594

The listings as given are lists of names by which compositions have been called. Thus, more than one list entry may link to one file that is for the unique composition irrespective of name. That file will then list the aliases of the piece. There is a distinction made between versions of a piece that involve different instrumental forces. Sometimes these are simple note for note translations and sometimes to varying degree they involve wholescale rewritings. Since it can be difficult to draw a line, even the simple note for note translations can often considered to be distinct compositions.

The listings of Raoul Pleskow's works are chronological and alphabetical, but may also be had by overlapping categories of forces and type:

Orchestral Choral Chamber
Solo Instrument Vocal

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