Ave Maria (Poe) - soprano and piano

	String quartet #1

	String quartet #2

	Symphony (1977-79)

	Variations for Orchestra

	Concerto for Orchestra
           [Commissioned & Premiered Green Bay Symphony Orchestra,
	    Miroslav Pansky, conductor]

	Concerto for Piano & Orchestra

	Concerto for Violin & Cello with Orchestra

	Paroos (in Russian, after a poem by Lermantov)
	    for soprano and orchestra

	   (variations for Strings & timpani)
           [Premiered Dayton Symphony, Charles Wendelkin Wilson]

	Der Einsiedler
           (Dramatic Soprano & Organ)
           [Premiered Milwaukee WI by John Weissrock & Maureen Balke]
           Recorded: Outreach, Music of the Church

	Requiem Mass

	Organ Sonata

	Entelechy (Trio: Piano, Cln and Oboe)
           [Premiered U. Wisc. Milwaukee; Jon Olson pianist and conductor]

	Organ Piece (Kinetekton) #1 (1973)
           [Premiered Milwukee WI by John Weissrock]

	Organ Piece #2

	Organ Piece #3

	Metamorphosen for Solo Organ

	Automorphisms (solo violin)

	Entelechy II (Quartet, flute, violin, clarinet, piano)

	Six Songs from Comus (Dramatic Soprano & Chamber Group)
           [Premiered San Francisco, Monroe Kanause conducting]
	Haiku for solo flute

	Field Contraction for Solo Flute [Flutist: John Cyransky]

        Two Incantations for Solo Flute

	Spoken Fugue on the Names of Physicists
           [Premiered U. Wisc.]

	Polylogos (solo clarinet)
           [Premiered U. Wisc.]
	   [NYC premiere/performance, N/S consonance]

	Erzeugung und Vernichtung for two pianos

	Canticum Canticorum Solomonis, Book I
	Canticum Canticorum Solomonis, Book II
	Canticum Canticorum Solomonis, Book III
	Canticum Canticorum Solomonis, Book IV
          (contralto or high baritone and orchestra)

	Two Arabesques for Flute and Piano

	Lamia: Chamber opera on Strindberg's "The Pelican"
          (sop., ten., contralto, bar.; chamber ensemble with piano)

	Songs of The Four Infernal Princes

	Piano Piece for Left Hand Alone

	6 Songs: Contralto & piano (1979 - 1981)

	Passacaglia & Fugue for Orchestra on a theme of Robert Ward
          (from The Crucible)

	Goethe Triptych

	Bach Prelude WTC I #8 guitar transcription

	Bach Organ Prelude & Fugue in a minor "The Great" piano
		transcription, derived from that of Liszt Ferenc

	Bach Three Part Invention #9 in f minor,
		for chamber ensemble

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