Enumerating the number of graphs with n verticies and p lines.

Let binom( n m ) denote the binomial coefficent

          binom( n m )  :=  n!/(m! (n-m)!)

Consider a set of n verticies, and the undirected graphs that can be constructed with them. The number of possible lines connecting them (also the number of lines in the complete n-vertex graph) is the number of ways of pairing the verticies, where the order of the pairing doesn't count:

          binom( n 2 )  =  n(n-1)/2

Then the number p, of lines in an n-vertex graph has values

          0  <=  p  <=  n(n-1)/2

and the number of p-line n-vertex graphs is

          binom( binom( n 2 ) p )

Summing over all values of p, gives the total number of n-vertex graphs

          SUM(p) binom( binom( n 2 ) p )  =  2^binom( n 2 )

The counting is for graphs in general and is not dependent on the assumption of isometricity.

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