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I.  Background reading on the problem (I recommend the first 3.)
  1. WebEQ from Geometry Technologies
    (specification for MathML, a proposed future international standard)

II.  Particular solutions (The first 2 look most promising)
  1. (MINSE)
  2. (TTH)
  4. (Techexplorer)
    (Information about Techexplorer.)

  1. Supersymmetry and the genetic code
  2. MINSE PolyMediator
  3. Greek Alphabet GIF images (by Karen Strom)
  4. Community of Science W3 Servers
  5. Mathematics Information Servers
  6. Steve Fulling's Home Page
  7. Forum Internet Resource Collection - Math by Topic
  8. Math Forum: Major Internet Math Providers
  9. 14-XX AMS Preprints
  10. Los Alamos Physics/Math e-Print archive
  11. Catalogue of Algebraic Systems.
  14. Lawrence Mead (discrete time QM)
  15. Homepage of Matti Pitkänen (Topological Geometrodynamics)
  16. Quantum Brain
  17. Quantum Physics Research
  18. Quantum Mailing Lists
  19. Tony Smith's Home Page
  20. Tony Smith's Quantum Set Theory
  21. Sets, Clifford Groups and Algebras, and McKay, Correspondence Tony Smith
  22. Simplex Physics - Tony Smith
  23. Home Page for Dave Rusin
  24. Category Theory for CS, Charles Wells - CWRU
  25. John Baez's Papers
  26. Four Color Theorem
  27. The Golden Mean
  28. Magic Squares - Historical Notes
  30. Geometry Bibliography
  31. How to reduce lightning damage to transducers
  32. Welcome to The Institute of Physics
  33. IOP: TeX and LaTeX style files
  34. algebra -- Macaulay
  35. References for Scientists and Tech Weenies
  36. Mathematics and Music
  37. Scientific Applications of Linux
  38. Science News Magazine
  39. Science News Magazine Editor's Picks - aa_1.htm
  40. All-time favorites
  41. Experiments Online: Home Pages of HEP Experiments
  42. Center for Particle Astrophysics Cosmology FAQ
  43. Collection of links on Aether Theories - possibly of some interest
  44. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: High-Energy Physics
  45. HEP Database - Make Your Own Search
  46. Links to other Laboratories
  47. High Energy Physics Labs.
  48. Fundamental Computational Sciences
  49. How to receive PDG products
  50. UCL: Physics Internet resources
  51. High-Energy Physics Information
  52. LBL - Particle Properties
  53. Plasma-Gate Weizman Institute
  54. List of non abelian simple groups of order less than one billion
  55. World Scientific, Publishers
  56. Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  57. Main Page
  58. Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics
  59. Favorite Mathematical Constants
  60. Notebooks: Cosma Rohilla Shalizi
  61. On the finite dimensional quantum group SU2q
  62. An external Approach to Unitary Representations - Marko Tadic
  63. ESI Preprints - PostScript
  64. Roots of unity - representations of of ortho and sympl. q-groups - Schnizer
  65. sci.nonlinear FAQ (November 1997) - [3] Applications and Advanced Theory Nonlinear
  66. Dirac and the equation for the spinning electron
  68. Dr. T.S.NATARAJAN: Do Quantum Particles Have Structure?
    Quantum mechanics relativity alternate theories.
  69. 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification
  70. Bibliography on Quantum Computation
  71. Journal of Lie Theory vol.1(1) 1991
  72. Quantum Lie Algebras, Literature
  73. Project: Quantum Chromodynamics Visualisation
  74. QUANTUM COMPUTATION REFERENCES: bennett-strengths/bennett-strengths
  75. Index to Kainen's pages
  76. Numerical Quantum Gravity
  77. Quantum Books Index
  78. The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics
  79. Measurement in Quantum Mechanics FAQ
  80. Bibliography of Quantum Cryptography
  81. History Topics in Mathematics
  82. Universe as Network
  83. The Research of Prof. Snuggles (neural networks and grand unified fields)
  84. Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics
  85. Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics
  86. Journal of Symbolic Logic Home Page
  87. Mathematics Archives (WWW)
  88. Electronic Mathematics Journals
  89. The Work of W.K. Clifford (The Twist part I)
  90. The Work of W.K. Clifford (The Twist Part II)
  91. The Work of W.K. Clifford (The Twist Part III)
  92. The Work of W.K. Clifford (Endnotes, references)
  93. CLICAL for Clifford Algebra Calculations
  94. Journals on Clifford Algebras and Physical Applications
  95. Home Page of International Clifford Algebra Society
  96. ABSTRACTS and PREPRINTS in Clifford Algebra
  97. Counterexamples in Clifford algebras
  98. Recent publications of the Clifford Research Group
  99. Research Noncommutative Numbers
  100. Other Interesting Web Sites
  101. Sets to Quarks - HyperDiamond Feynman Checkerboard
  102. Clifford Algebras and Dirac Operators in Harmonic Analysis
  103. 3 Applications of the Space-Time Algebra
  104. Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory
  105. J. Sarfatti on J.S. Bell's Speakable and Unspeakable ...
  106. Physics Time-Line from 1950
  107. The Borderlands Of Science - Alternative Physics
  108. Post-Quantum Mechanics - Jack Sarfatti
  109. INDEX TO THE NET ADVANCE OF PHYSICS (slow, but good ref. collection)
  110. Mathematics Preprint Servers
  111. Science Jokes Archive at Princeton
  112. Geomagnetic data
  113. Magnetometer Data NASA
  114. Magnetometer Network (Geomagnetic)
  115. DMP: Definitions from Discrete Mathematics
  116. Other Volumes of The Annals NY Academy of Sciences
  117. Nonlinear Who-Is-Who: Subjects
  118. Nanopoulos on Quantum Brain Function
  119. Yahoo! - Science:Physics
  120. Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics
  121. MATH Database 1931-1997 European Mathematical Society
  122. Quantum Lie Algebras
  123. Quantum Groups: and entry to Modern Algebra
  124. Bibliography for Stephen Hawking
  125. Foundation for Mind-Being Research
  126. Quantum Mechanics, Chaos and the Bohm Theory
  127. Quantum Chaos and Geometry of Quantum Variables
  128. The Physics Think Pages
  129. The interaction time of a packet with a potential barrier
  131. Biological vs. quantum error correction mechanisms
  132. Force fields self-same on each scale of matter
  133. Acta Physica Polonica B Home Page
  134. Quantum Quackery - Quantum Mysticism
  135. quantum interpretations
  136. The tunnelling time for a wave packet as measured with a physical clock
  137. Bohmian Mechanics and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  138. Quantum Mechanics Research Group - University of Portsmouth
  139. David Bohm
  140. The graph dimension
  141. MCG's link Page
  142. Quantum Mechanics Problems
  143. Information Theory, Excess Entropy and Statistical Complexity
  144. Entropy on the World Wide Web
  145. ME 3105: LECTURE NOTES
  146. MathSearch -- search a collection of mathematical Web material
  147. Mathematical Problems by David Hilbert (1900)
  148. GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software at (NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology
  149. GAMS : Problem Taxonomy
  150. On Finite Simple Groups and Their Classification - AMS e-math
  151. ATLAS of Finite Group Representations
  152. Finite Fields
  153. Publications of the Cornell University Mathematics Library
  154. Argonne MCS Technical Reports
  155. Descriptive Complexity: A Logician's Approach to Computation
  156. H. E. A. eddy Campbell, Interesting Open Problems in Group Theory
  157. Organic Mathematics: the Proceedings
  158. Mathematics Information Servers
  159. Mathematics Archives WWW Server
  160. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
  161. Mathematical Resources on the Web
  162. AMS: e-MATH
  163. AT&T Labs Research - Research Home
  164. Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  165. David J. Wright's Bookmarks
  166. Archive of postings to sci.math.research
  167. Information for readers of sci.math.research
  168. Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics
  169. Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
  170. The Fibonacci Numbers
  171. "Fascinating Fibonaccis: Mystery and Magic in Numbers". by Trudi Hammel Garland
  172. Fractals and scale
  174. Game Theory
  175. Graph Theory Tutorials
  176. Monograph 01-Showalter: Electr. J. Diff. Eqns. (Hilbert Space Methods)
  177. An Introduction to Fourier Theory
  178. A Knot Theory Primer
  179. Diagrams, Knots and Numbers
  180. L(Life)-systems tutorial
  181. The Limits of Mathematics
  182. CMU: AI Repository
  183. Linear Algebra WebNotes
  184. Linear Algebra WebNotes. Cover page
  185. Myths and Counterexamples in Mathematical Programming
  186. Symmetry and the Shape of Space
  188. Mathematical Quotation Server
  189. Favorite Mathematical Constants
  190. Pure Math Series - Penn. State U.
  191. Applied Math Series - Penn. State U.
  192. Classification Systems: Mathematics
  193. StatLib Index - CMU: Available Statistical Software
  194. BibTeX Database for Group Theory
  195. Complex Analysis URLs
  196. A Catalog of Lattices
  197. Chaos Homepage
  198. Index of /~ukrueger/fractals
  199. Complexity On-line
  200. Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Fractals
  201. Quasicrystals
  203. Introduction to Quasicrystals
  204. Tiling Dynamical Systems
  205. Semi-Regular Tilings of the Plane Part 1: Introduction and Historical Background
  206. Peter Doyle - The God Game: Mathematics of Free Will
  207. Why maximize entropy? - Peter Doyle
  208. Euclid's Elements, Introduction
  209. Geometry Formulas and Facts
  210. Alan Turing - Home Page
  211. Alan Turing - a short biography-4
  212. Alan Turing Scrapbook - Second World War
  213. Enigma and the Turing Bombe
  214. Andrew Hodges - Main Page
  217. NMBRTHRY: Number Theory List
  218. ALGEBRAIC-NUMBER-THEORY: Algebraic Number Theory
  219. Algebraic Number Theory Archives
  220. /pub/numberfields directory
  221. The Mathematics of Fermat's Last Theorem
  222. The Largest Known Primes
  223. Topology Atlas
  224. History of Mathematics
  225. Famous Curves Index
  226. History of Mathematics Home Page
  227. Mathematics
  228. Ancient Mathematics and It's Modern Fates
  229. Greek Mathematics and its Modern Heirs
  230. Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI)
  231. The Ubiquitous Reed-Solomon Codes
  232. NPB in press / all (Netherlands Nuclear Physics)
  233. Springer-Verlag Germny
  234. The Physics Department of the University of Oxford - index
  235. Knots and Braids Bibliography (674K)
  236. ATLAS of Finite Group representations
  237. Center for History of Physics Home Page - American Institute of Physics
  238. Directory of Historians of Physics - American Institute of Physics
  239. Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) and P-adic numbers
  240. Homepage of Matti Pitk\"anen - TGD author
  241. BibTeX bibliography mathcomp.bib
  242. Archimedes Plutonium: Neutrinolizing the Maxwell Equations
  243. FermiVista! : Recherche par mot-clef
  244. In Progress - strings and Finite Gravity
  245. The Official String Theory Site (Caltech)
  246. Mathematics
  247. An apparent math/phys bibliography of unknown origin
  248. Georgia Tech School of Physics - David Finkelstein
  249. Bookmarks for Rob Salgado (MANY Physics/Math Links) Syracuse NY
  250. Matt McIrvin's home page
  251. Marcel C. Geltner's Bookmarks
  252. PHYSICS: bookmarks
  253. The Prime Page (An Index of Information on Prime Numbers)
  254. Research Bookmarks
  255. MATHEMATICS: bookmarks
  256. Quantum Mechanics Problems (1st year grad level)
  257. The Net Advance of Physics - M.I.T.
  258. Category Theory - Mailing List Home Page
  259. Bohm Ford Nelson Prigogine Umezawa Quantum Theory and Bernoulli Schemes
  260. Mathematics of Post-Quantum Mechanics-Part 1
  261. Quantum Theory Church-Turing Principle and Universal Quantum Computer
  262. On the Power of Quantum Computation
  263. Mizar - an experimental data base for mathemtics
  264. Category Theoretic Perspectives on the Foundations of Mathematics
  265. David J. E. Callaway - physics and biology - oh and mountain climbing
  266. Physics Topics - home page links
  267. The Cyclotron Note Books - Phil Gibbs
  268. The Internet Science Journal (Home)
  269. Alternative Metaphysics
  270. sci.physics - listing of contributors' homepages (voluntary and unofficial)
  271. Physics Time-Line
  272. Links to Other Sites Relevant to Quantum Metaphysics
  273. abstract astro-ph/9712344 "Can the Universe Create Itself?"
  274. Randomness in Arithmetic - Gregory Chaitin
  275. The Math Message Board
  277. Hopfield net for 8-queens problem
  278. Hyper-Tutorial Home Page - Stochastic Spatial Models
  279. The GAP 4 Reference Manual - Index _
  280. What IS a Jordan Algebra?
  281. Handbibliothek Mathematische Physik I
  283. Connected Finite Loop Spaces with Maximal Tori
  284. Xfuzzy: A Design Environment for Fuzzy Logic Control Systems
  285. Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics
  286. Home Page for Dave Rusin
  287. Max Planck Institute for Physics Preprint server
  288. What IS a Lie Group?
  289. A general theory of phase-space quasiprobability distributions
  290. Afine Lie Algebras and multitudinous connections
  291. The Calculus of Infinite Dimensional Manifolds/Noncommutative Geometry
  292. Compound Poisson Processes and Lévy Processes in Groups and Symmetric Spaces
  293. David Ben-Zvi: Research Proposal: Loop Groups & Algebraic Geometry of Integrable Systems
  294. The 1996 Conference on Lie Theory
  295. David Vogan's References (regarding representations of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras)
  296. Diff. Geom. Appl. - list by authors
  297. ESI Preprints
  298. On the Power of Quantum Computation
  299. Quantum Computing Resource Pages
  300. Vorlesung Quanten-Computing
  301. A History of Fundamental Mathematics Research at Bell Labs
  302. Introduction to String Theory
  303. Mathematical Resources listed by Subject
  304. ICTP Preprints Abstract List
  305. Preprints issued at ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics)
  306. Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics
  307. Relativity and Quantum Group, Publications 1994-
  308. Liverpool knot theory group: publication list
  309. Quantum Physics on the Web
  310. University of Leeds - Mathematics and online preprints
  311. Jones Basic Construction
  312. University of Bielefeld - Preprint Server of the SFB 343
  313. Page personnelle de Bernard Leclerc
  314. Mathematics Tasmania Search Page
  315. CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
  316. Eric W. Weisstein - Favorite Mathematical links
  317. The Critical Point Theory Forum
  318. The Math Forum Home Page (
  319. Patterns of physical change - Phil Henshaw
  320. WebElements periodic table of the elements
  321. Theory and Applications of Categories
  322. Martindale's: Mathematics
  323. The Dog School of Mathematics Presents
  324. Quantum Mind Mailing List
  325. Welcome to quantum-d: moderated mailing list for discussion of quantum theory
  326. 1 Quantum Optics
  327. 2 Quantum Theory Review
  328. 3 Light-Matter Interaction !V Semiclassical Theory
  329. 4 Concept of Second Quantization
  330. High Energy Physics and Elementary Particles Discoveries Chronology
  331. Back Action Paper -Jack Sarfatti
  332. Wheeler and Back-Action - Jack Sarfatti
  333. Topological Geometrodynamics
  334. TGD and p-Adic Numbers
  336. Millennium Prize Problems in Mathematics
  337. Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
  338. Conway's Constant
  339. Springer LINK: Inventiones mathematicae - Table of Contents Online First Publications
  340. Professor Kostant's Homepage
  341. Bernoulli Bibliography
  342. About the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  343. Algebraic & Geometric Topology - Free Electronic Journal
  344. Relativity: The Special and General Theory, A. Einstein (book online)
  345. Euclid's Elements, Introduction
  346. Fermat's last theorem
  347. Indexes of Biographies (Mathematicians)
  348. History overview of mathematics
  349. An introduction to PPARCs science
  350. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  351. The Durham/RAL HEP Databases - HEPDATA
  352. Mathematical Physics Index
  353. Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home
  354. Math Quotes
  355. Wauu.DE: Science: Math: Geometry: Differential Geometry
  356. DIRECTORY: Science_and_Technology/Math/Geometry/Differential_Geometry
  357. Spectrum of Physics - a physics directory: special relativity, quantum theory, Einstein, black holes, cosmology, lecture notes, thermodynamics, particle physics, reference, study guide, journals, periodic table, pathfinder... grav.adr converted by SearchE
  358. Onar's Octonion Fractals