A collection of professional and nonprofessional links to sites of medical interest, educational and research; journals, surgery, pharmacology, etc. Pertinent essays and news affecting medicine and the medical profession, organized below by category.

Angel Wing Lyme Disease Support Group
A very informative site that is still growing.

Health and Laughter
We knew it was good, but .... then also, there is Patch Adams with
Health Care at the Gesundheit Institute
Perhaps bringing back into medicine what it has lost under tryanny of insurance, HMO's, and governmental meddling, and adding what all Old Wives knew but what modern medical science couldn't prove until recently. It seems to me that there is a very general message there.

Physicians Need To Fight The Business Model Of Medicine
Bernard Lown, M.D, Hippocrates 12(5): 25-28, 1998.
Copyright 1998 Time Publishing Ventures Inc.

Physicians Who Care
A National Organization of Physicians and Patients
who've had enough of HMOs and "Mangaged Care".

The Medical Records Privacy Protection Act [Link]
Fascism and the Art of Medicine [Essay]
[Biology Bookmark File] [New]
Medical Whore Alert

Any sugesstions for additions to this page are welcome. I've tried to weed out crackpot left and right nonscience and pseudoscience while retaining alternative points of view in terra incognita. Quackery is, I hope, avoided while not throwing out possibly cutting edge advancements. This amounts to judgment call on my part; I'm not infallible.

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Medical science, in spite of over 4000 years of physicians, has gotten real only within the past 150 years. Though the body of medical knowledge is now staggering, it is still only in its infancy. As in physics, the hardest of hard sciences, despite the number of answers, they are outweighed by questions and unknowns.

This page is intended for professionals and informed lay people.

It is official that Second Hand Smoke is not a Hazard [Link]. The alleged and sought for correlation (not causation) between lung cancers and exposure to second hand smoke, also called passive smoking is nonexistent.
The sought national and international controls on tobacco have nothing to do with health issues. Control is about power, its uses and abuses. As for the current move afoot for a growing numbers of international controls and unifications: one neck, one leash.
The fact that this "politically incorrect" study has been suppressed is a perfect example of what happens when science becomes politicized: it ceases to exist on its stated terms, and becomes a governmental cudgel. Resistance is futile; join the mob of sheep that you may be shorn, milked dry and slaughtered.
[Benjamin Franklin on Liberty]

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Contents By Section

  1. References, Databases & Search Engines
  2. Medical Libraries
  3. Medical Schools and Centers
  4. Medical Specialties
  5. Neurology & Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  6. Psychiatry - Mind & Body
  7. Chronic Fatigue / Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  8. Fibromyalgia
  9. Nutrition - Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
  10. Medical Miscellany
  11. Journals, Medical & Scientific Articles
  12. Medical News
  13. Medical Forums (BBS type)

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                    References, Databases & Search Engines

  1. National Academy Press - Washington, D.C.,
    Health Related Boooks, Full Text Online
  2. AIM DocFinder - Association of State Medical Board Directors
  3. Large Medical Reference Library
    Much Medical information, including: DRUG REFERENCES, GLOSSARIES/DICTIONARIES, (medical also), Lab Resources, Radiology, surgical specialties, etc.
  4. List of Medical Dictionaries
  5. Graylab Medical dictionary/Glossary (UK) Equivalent to an online medical library; Very large, with information on hundreds of subjects and with many other links, direct and indirect.
  6. ALHeLA: Federal (U.S.), State, and Local Agencies & Other Institutions
  7. Health Services/Technology Assessment (NIH)
    Much material, but tedious and more than vexsome to use.
  8. Physician's Guide to the Internet
    (Search Engine plus other topics related to the physician)
  9. Finding Medical Information on the Internet
    (Search Engine)
  10. Medical Matrix
    Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources (Search Engine)
  11. Medscape
    Professional - weekly e-mail, full-text articles, and followup links.
  12. MedSite Navigator
    Internet Resources for Healthcare and Biomedical Science Information.
  13. Health A to Z (Categorized Search Engine)
    Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources
  14. Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
    U. of Iowa
  15. American Medical Association (AMA)
  16. American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
  17. The National Library of Medicine of the National Institute of Health
  18. HELIX
    sponsored by GalxoWellcome
    CE credits, MEDLINE database, medical news, drug data in professional language and in nonprofessional language.
  19. Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp.
    Chats between patients and physicians, message boards,
    Physcian conferencing, Surgical demonstrations.
  20. Healthfinder
    General Information on Health Issues for Nonprofessionals
  21. Health Answers
  22. Medicine Net
  23. Intelihealth
    The Johns Hopkins Health System Library of Health Information
  24. Thrive@Health
  25. CDC
  26. CDC - Professional
  27. Johns Hopkins Pathology Index
  28. Internet Autopsy Database Index (Johns Hopkins)
  29. Health Organizations - Keyword Page
  30. Nutrition
  31. CMEweb
    On Line Continuing Medical Education Web [It costs].
  32. Medical Education Collaborative
    On Line Continuing Medical Education Web [It does not cost].
    Much on AIDS
  33. The Virtual Hospital
    Marshall U. School of Medicine, Huntington, WV.
  34. The Interactive Patient
    Marshall U. School of Medicine, Huntington, WV.
  35. Information for the Mailing List FAM-MED
    An e-mail discussion group on Family Medicine
  36. Merck Manual
    Also has a Japanese Version
  37. PharmWeb
    Pharmaceutical Information: e-mail, mailing lists, databases
  38. CBC Biochemical Pharmacology
  39. World Wide Protein Database Servers
  40. The Genome Database
  41. QUEST Protein Database Center
  42. Protein Motions Database
  43. Center for Biomedical Informatics
    at the University of Pittsburgh.
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                        Medical Libraries

  1. National Library of Medicine
  2. National Library of Medicine - History of Medicine Division
  3. National Library of Medicine - OnLine Images
  4. Karolinska Intitutet Library, Stockholm
  5. Cambridge University Library
  6. Medical Information Centre of the Library of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Science
  7. New York Academy of Medicine Library
  8. Stanford University - Lane Medical Library
  9. Houston Academy of Medicine - Texas Medical Center Library
  10. Georgetown University Medical Center - Dahlgren Memorial Library
  11. Ciba Library
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                        Medical Centers and Schools

  1. US Hospitals By States
  2. Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) - Welcome to Duke
  3. UT Medical Group Inc., and the U. Of TN at Memphis
  4. U. of KY Healthcare
  5. Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics
  6. Shands at the U. of FL
  7. U. Michigan Medical Center
  8. Medical U. of SC
  9. U. of NC School of Medicine at Chapel Hill
  10. Johns Hopkins Medicine
  11. U. of MI Medical Center
  12. UAMS Nedical Center
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                        Medical Specialties

  1. Anesthesiology,
    Paul Ting, MD - Chief of Anesthesiology Services
    at Robbins Air Force Base.
  2. Arthritis
  3. Forensics (and then some) Ed Friedlander, M.D., Pathologist
    One of the world's intelligent and thoughtful good guys. If you think pathology might be boring, think again and read Ed' enlightening lecture notes - or his essay on Hamlet - or ....
    E-mail with questions answered.
  4. Oncolink,
    U. of PA Cancer Center Resource
  5. American College of Cardiology
  6. Cardiac Web,
    J. Erwin Wilder, MD Blacksburg VA.
  7. Heart Information Network Home Page
  8. American Heart Association National Center
  9. U. of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Comprehensive Lung Center
  10. Glossary in Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine (Cambridge U.)
  11. All the Virology on the WWW
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Neurology & Spinal Cord Injury
  1. Mild Head Injury Explained
  2. Neurosciences on the Internet
  3. Neurologic Web Sites
  4. Personal Experience dealing with SCI
  5. Spinal Cord Injury - FAQ SCI Facts, Figures & Costs at a Glance
  6. American Syringomyelia Alliance Project
  7. Spine-Tech, Inc.
  8. Abstract: Neurochemical pathogenesis of Fibromyalgia Syndrome
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                        Psychiatry Mind & Body

  1. Abuse in Psychiatry: Malicious Malpractice
    [A cautionary history]
  2. The Cognitive Sciences Centre
    at Southampton University.
  3. Meta Index of Psychiatry and Mental Health
  4. Psychopharmacology Tips
  5. U. Toronto - Mind-Body Medicine
  6. Glossary of Neuropsychiatric Terms
  7. Psychiatric Research and Causal Release System Training (CRST)
  8. U. Amsterdam, Psychiatry: Somatoform disorders represent a relatively new clustering of time-weathered psychiatric conditions in which bodily sensations or functions are influenced by a disorder of the mind
  9. Somatoform pain disorder
  10. Pain and Trauma Assessment Network (PTAN)
  11. Anxiety Disorder Information
  12. Anxiety Attacks the Heart
  13. Post Traumatic Stress Resources Web Page
  14. Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on
    Persian Gulf War Health Effects
  15. Psychosomatics!!
    A Preliminary Overview of Psychoneuroimmunology and Psychosomatics
    (A number of nonfunctional links)
  16. Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychoneuroimmunology Links
  17. Journal of Psychosomatic Research (Elsevier)
  18. S. KARGER AG, BASEL - Neuroimmunomodulation Tables of Contents
  19. Adrian J. Dunn, Ph.D.: Neuroendocrinology
  20. Derek W. Johnston's Home Page - Psychological stress and Cardiovascular Disease
  21. Neuroendocrinology, 42(3):226-31
  22. Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrinology Program - NIH
  23. Neuroendocrinology at New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center
  24. Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology Research Program - NIH
  25. Charing Cross Neuroendocrinology Home Page
  26. Neuroendocrinology 50: 702- 707,1989
  27. Selected Whitnall references - Neuroendocrinology
  28. Neuroendocrinology 53: 150-159, 1991 (Repeated Stress)
  29. Neuroendocrinology 58: 42-48,1993 (Stress)
  30. Neuroendocrinology Publications
  31. NIH: Neuroendocrinology
  32. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology (Journal)
  33. Neuroendocrinology Research: It's Time to Redefine the Field
  34. David Lovejoy's Home Page - Neuroendocrinology, Reproduction and Stress
  35. Cambridge Psychoneuroendocrinology: Principal Contents
  36. U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command - Neurosciences
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             Chronic Fatigue / Immunodeficiency Syndrome (CFIDS)
               (also formerly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

  1. Resources for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & Fibromyalgia (FMS)
  2. CFIDS Information Page
  3. Some Good CFS Sites
  4. CPIN Library Post-Polio CFS
  5. CPIN Page Chronic Pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Information
  6. Chronic fatigue syndrome -- LATEST NEWS
  7. Ampligen Treatment of CFIDS
  8. CFS Information from CDC
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  1. Resources for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & Fibromyalgia (FMS)
  2. Dr. Daniel Malone on Fibromyalgia as a CNS disorder
  3. Abstract: Neurochemical pathogenesis of Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  4. CHN Fibromyalgia: Research & Treatment
  5. Medications for Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain Syndromes
  6. Fibromyalgia Network's Written Testimony to the House of Representatives
  7. Coping with Fibromyalgia
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                   Nutrition - Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

  1. Aspartame Safety?
  2. Biochemistry of Amino Groups
  3. U. MN: Mineral and Vitamin Web
  4. Delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase (ALA synthase) reaction
  5. No Hoof - No Horse (Biotin and B vitamins)
  6. Vitamin E Fact Book, Vitamin E: What it is and what it does
  7. MSRevealed/Search/Vit B-12 deficiency
  8. G6PD Deficiency Bibliography (D-glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase)
  9. Vitamin B 12
  10. Vitamin C; Ascorbic Acid; References
  11. GSU - Glactone: Vitamins
  12. Vitamins
  14. NUTRITIONAL DISORDERS Ed Friedlander, M.D. Pathologist
  15. PSU Undergrad course: Nutrition 100
  16. Textbook of Haematology (607K)
  17. U of Vermont: Fundamentals of Nutrition (book-course)
  18. Indiana State U: Vitamins and Coenzymes
  19. Pharma Nord Research Manual (Preventitive Medicine and Nutrition)
  20. Lewis/Life - Chapter Related Websites (McGraw-Hill)
  21. Biochemistry page
  22. Syn-Flex Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate
    And, a brief essay & some personal experiences.
  23. The Arthritis & Glucosamine Resource Center
    A very informative site about arthritis and glucosamine. Over 100 articles on treating arthritis, the science backing glucosamine, a review of glucosamine products, an arthritis newsletter, tips to beat arthritis pain, and much more.
  24. Glucosamine Sulfate
  25. Glucosamine Sulfate - Research Abstracts
  26. Wampole Canada Online - Media Information -Medical Research References on Use of Glucosamine For the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
  27. Health World - Antioxidant Vitamins Prevent Heart Disease: Verification from the American Heart Association.
  28. Infinity2 - Research - The Truth About Colloidal Minerals
  29. Nuclear Medicine Schilling Test - B12 Deficiency
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                        Medical Miscellany

  1. Medical Product Manufacturers/Suppliers:Medical Device
  2. Stephan Barrett, MD - Quack Watch
    Links with nonquack certification.
  3. DHEA: Ignore the Hype (Current Evidence) - Quakwatch
  4. The Medical Letter Home Page (Quack Watch Approved)
  5. Healthnet (HealthNews Archives) Quakwatch Approved
  7. The Tinnitus FAQ
  8. The Sleep Foundation
  9. KWIC Search - World Federation of Sleep Research Societies
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                   Journals, Medical & Scientific Articles

  1. The Medical Journal of Australia.
  2. British Medical Journal
  3. The Lancet
  4. Nature Medicine
  5. New England Journal of Medicine
  6. Science
  7. Scientific American
  8. JAMA
  9. Journal of Vascular Surgery
  10. Journal of Endovascular Surgery
  11. European Society for Vascular Surgery
  12. Impact Endovasculaire/Endovascular Impact
  13. Journal des Maladies Vasculaires
  14. Vasa
  15. Annals of Vascular Surgery
  16. Phlebologie
  17. Revista Portuguesa de Cirurgia Cardio-Toracica e Vascolar
  18. Quarterly Bulletin of Angiology
  19. American Heart Association Scientific Publishing: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology; Circulation; Circulation Research; Stroke; Hypertension
  20. Journal of Vascular Research
  21. Vascular Medicine/Hypertension
  22. Microcirculation (U. MN Med.)
  23. Microcirculation
  24. Microvascular Research
  25. Seminars in Vascular Surgery
  26. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery
  27. International Journal of Surgical Sciences
  28. Archives of Surgery
  29. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
  30. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  31. Nutrition Information
  32. MedicineNet - POLYMYOSITIS
  33. Digest Online - The Stress of Diabetes
  35. ExPASy - ENZYME top page
  36. Arthroplasty in Traumatic Arthritis
  37. Malka Orthopaedic Arthritis Page
  38. Neuropathic Spinal Arthropathy
  39. Muscle and Fitness:
  40. Rotator Cuff Clinical Presentation
  41. Powerlines-Cancer-FAQ: Intro
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                             Medical News

  1. Yahoo Health
  2. Reuters Health
  3. Physicians Practice
    Online Journal, Current Issue and Archives
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                             Medical Forums

  • The Neurology Forum
  • MGH Neurology - Neurology Web-Forum (Mass. General Hosp.) * General Neurology * Addiction - New 4/7/98 * ALS * Alzheimers Disease * Amyloidosis * Arachnoiditis * ADHD * Autism * Autonomic * Behavioral Disorders * Bells Palsy * Brain Cancer * Caregiver Support * Cerebellar Ataxia * Cerebral Palsy * Charcot Marie Tooth * Child Neurology * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Chronic Pain * Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration - New 12/3/97 * Creutzfeldt Jakobs * Dandy Walker * DeMorsiers Syndrome - new 1/22/98 * Depression (new 11/13/97) * Dyslexia * Dystonia * Encephalitis (new 11/13/97) * Epilepsy * Erythromelalgia (new 11/13/97) * Facial Paralysis (new 11/13/97) * Fibromyalgia * Gaucher Disease * Grief * Guillain Barre Syndrome * Headache * Hearing Disorders - new 1/22/98 * HIV and Infectious Disease * Huntingtons Disease * Hydrocephalus * Just for Kids * Landau Kleffner Syndrome * Lewy Body Disease * Lightning and Electric Shock - New 4/7/98 * Lupus * Lyme Disease * Meningitis * Meralgia Paresthetica * Mitochondrial Disorders - New 12/16/97 * Moebius Syndrome * Movement Disorders * Moya Moya - new 1/22/98 * Multiple Sclerosis * Myasthenia Gravis * Myelin Disorders * Narcolepsy - New 5/7/98 * Neuralgia * Neurofibromatosis * Neuromuscular * Norrie Disease * Nursing * OCD * Pain * Panic Disorders - New 4/8/98 * Parkinsons Disease * Peripheral Neuropathy * Phantom Limb Pain * Porphyria * Progressive Supranuclear Palsy * Psychology of Chronic Illness * Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy * Rehabilitation * Repetitive Strain Injury (Carpal/Cubital Tunnel Syndorme, etc.) * Rombergs Disorder * Schizophrenia - New 1/6/98 * Shy Drager * Silicone Related Diseases * Sleep Disorders * Social Security Disability * Speech Disorders * Spina Bifida * Spinal Disorders * Stroke * Sturge Weber Syndrome * Thoracic Outlet Syndrome * Tourette Syndrome * Traumatic Brain Injury * Trigeminal Neuralgia - New 4/8/98 * Trisomy 18 Disorders * Tuberous Sclerosis * Vaccine or DTP Injuries - new 1/22/98
    The forums are maintained by the Department of Neurology at
    Massachusetts General Hospital -- John Lester - Webspinner

    E-mail: Doctors Guide to the Internet
    <> for a list of new Medical Sites

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