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The beinning of an eventual series of essays in philosphy. which will not be, with any luck, a maze of complicated Kantian selfcontradictions; but rather a clear, and cut to the chase set of expositions in various standard areas of philosphy that will probably tread on the toes of many.

As it turns out, This is project is dead until Iearn enough Fegeral Law, Federal Rule of Procedure, Constitutional Lae and Federal Rules of Evidence and other assorted goodies so that I can kick the living shit out of the Racketeers known as State Farm Insurance, in Federal Court, all by myself (that is Pro Se to the initiated) with no lawyer, since there aren't enough of them left with the brains, guts or courage to do it - fuck 'em.
If you want something done right ....
Anyhow while the internet provides all the law and caselaw and I do my best to become a federal lawyer in a matter of weeks, this guy says pretty much what I wanted to get verious serious, historical and academic about. Karl's Governmental Philosophy Read and either weep, or revel that it hasn't all died.

  1. The Central Issue of Ethics

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Created: September 26, 1998
Last Updated: May 28, 2000