Yes, I have finally broken the monster file down into manageable volumes, each of which (but for the latest) contains 5000 links, and is about 720 KB. They are in chronological order, and become more detailed, current, focused, and less specifically historical regarding these sorts of things having happened before as the series progresses.

The areas generally covered are quite naturally, government, economics (gold manipulation), hidden history, mythological history, pseudoscience & pseudotruth, corruption, the "corpagov" and its long history, the people involved in these delightful activities and their traceable pedigrees and connections.

For the most recent stuff, look at the last listed volume.

I should try to get the approximate dates for volume divisions, and eventually set up a search of all volumes for key words. One thing at a time.

  1. [Introduction]
  2. [Vol 01] - ca. Feb 2004
  3. [Vol 02]
  4. [Vol 03]
  5. [Vol 04]
  6. [Vol 05]
  7. [Vol 06]
  8. [Vol 07]
  9. [Vol 08]
  10. [Vol 09] February 3, 2006
  11. [Vol 10] April 13, 2006
  12. [Vol 11] June 15, 2006
  13. [Vol 12] August 9, 2006
  14. [Vol 13] September 30, 2006
  15. [Vol 14] December 5, 2006 -

"Truth is not only violated by falsehood;
it may be equally outraged by silence."

-- Henri Frederic Amiel philosopher and writer (1821-1881)


The question was, and still is: Hey! What's going on here?
This is a slightly pared down, but still accumulating list of sites and pages that I collected in the course of answering this question together with a small group of about 20 other researchers with various backgrounds.

The listings here do not necessarily mean, "this is really good stuff"; some of them, in the first volume, are just loony. But, I did look there before deciding. Some are perfectly "known" parts of history that are - well - just not spoken of, especially in governmental school curicula.

The machinations of the Bush family, the criminal behavior of the CIA in corporate interests, the Nazi connections with America, the criminal behavior of the US government in its "scientific" experiments on US citizens, etc., aren't as the wonderfully charming Donald Rumsfeld would snarl it, "conspiracy theories"; they are all simply parts of a well documented history that contradicts the beneficent mythology of the US. As it is told from governmental viewpoints, you would think that governments actually are peachy keen things, acting in the ruled best interests, that tell the truth and that conspiracies are foolish fictions. Nothing could be further from the truth, and about 8,000 years of history documents that assertion rather well. Specifically, and more restrictedly, so does the actual history of the US.

Main Page - U.S. Terrorism in the Americas

Sometimes to a list entry there is an added comment in these links (enclosed in parentheses), most often there is not.

The object of all these inclusions that don't lead to any single comprehensive and clear conclusion that can be stated in 25 words or less (because there is none), is to indicate just how difficult it is to obtain any degree of certainty and truth when one is innundated by a sea of sociopathic liars and wackos, most of whom have gravitated to government or to the media - or to corporate boardrooms, which it turns out is exactly the same thing.

The list is ordered chronologically by entry; there is no other order to it. What the link may have to do with 9/11 may be remote, but almost always a point, even if it is only a matter of related history. Some links may be dead by now. But there is hope for retrieving the desaparecidos, "disappeared" pages. Try Internet Archive Internet Archive: Wayback Machine for getting cached webpages, the cached version in a Google Search, and Internet News: Cached Web Pages: Gary Price to learn about caches of webpages that have been removed, or that have become among the "desapparecidos". Also check the archives of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. The force behind that, Michael Rivero, is an intellect, genuine human, and citizen and patriot of the world.

Read Riverbend blog. for a firsthand report of what is going on, what is happening to people in Iraq.

Try to remember, this a chronologically ordered research list, not an indictment, although it could be reduced to just that. Similarly, see 9-11 Pastore and Sources.

This long list of hyperlinks is a kind of fossilized record of an intensive research project that has extended over several years so far. You may find it useful also in discovering some truth, then again, you may not. Your *use* and intelligent study of them is required.

This list is continuing, and becoming impractically large as we rapidly approach 40,000 hyperlinks; some day soon I may get to breaking it into volumes that can all fall under a single search function. You will find the first 1000 or so links in the long list to be general and scattered; after that, they focus in on the continuing skeins in this inhuman tapestry of blood, death, destruction and insanity.

The most comprehensive and organized database of information specific to 9/11 on the net is at A very good place to start learning what those of us who have searched out since 9/11 have found is that site's newly updated Complete 911 Timeline - April 8 Update.

As the investigation continues with this list as outline, the initial question, along with just about any other rational question has been swamped by a manipulative level of sheer lunacy, idiocy and lying by the Bushco regime that is unparalleled in history. The insanity that was Nazi Germany is already surpassed.

The substance and focus of this list changes from one of investigation to simply one of witnessing the astonishingly rapid descent of the US, and apparently a majority of its people into a moribund condition, socially, economically, physically, intellectually, psychologically and spiritually, from which its resurrection is already completely impossible. It is merely a deathwatch. The March For Justice

This is not unlike observing from the impact point of a giant incoming asteroid, or going down to the beach to watch the tsunami arrive. We witness, and this is a chronology of, the destruction of all human civilization on this planet by a precious powerful few - unless enough of us thwart their designs of global enslavement. If you feel that is an overstatement, go back to sleep knowing that your children's grandchildren will curse your stupidity. Your possible waking up was of less than doubtful value.

Whole nations of sheep bleat while having their collective throats cut by a relatively small group of monsters who might just as well be from some alien conquering planet. They are not human, in any sense of the word.

Perhaps, human life is nothing more than a sick accident, a lethal mutation that deserves its extinction. If the current crop of parasitic reptilian life forms masquerading as human is what prevails, I would rather not be around for that extinction.

For one of the most cogent explications of reality and exposure of loudly repeated lies for what they are, see SenderBerl Website.

Yes, this is all about 9/11, in one way or another, but an event such as this is never isolated from its past and future; an event such as this sits in the midst of a network of long lived interrelationships of geopolitics, economics, national politics, international politics. Understanding must always be viewed in context; it is the context which gives meaning to the event, and the wider that context can be, the greater the understanding derived.

Horror though it may be, it must be followed as the crime that it is, as any other crime would and should be followed. What was necessary to pull this off? Who had motive and opportunity? Who has profited? How unusual would such an action by the US government actually be?
The red pill - or the blue pill?

For the real daily/weekly news, some of which I surely will have missed, see

If you have read all the material of all the volumes of bookmarks, especially vols 05-14, and further, then you know you know the answers to many questions about the infamous 9/11/2001. You also know where it came from, and why it was perpetrated. The reasons for its perpetration and the history let you know what is going on, and what the patterns are, so you also know very well where the world is headed, politically, socially, economically, physically, scientifically intellectually, spiritually and psychologically. If you don't know all of these things, then you were just not paying attention; if you do know, and therefore what needs doing, what more could you possibly want to know?

From there on, you are on your own, or you can follow along. Good bye and good luck.

Carthago Delenda Est - Cicero

   "Even the most popular 9/11 conspiracy is based on the alleged actions
   of a few dozen men armed only with box cutters.  If this theory proves
   in the end to be true, it not only substantiates the validity of the
   idea of conspiracy theories, but it also demonstrates conclusively
   how ridiculously simple it can be to pull one off."

	-- Anonymous Internet Flotsam

   "I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American
    pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish People, control America, and
    the Americans know it."

	-- Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, Oct. 3 2001,
           as broadcast on Kol Yisrael radio.

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  1. [Introduction]
  2. [Vol 01]
  3. [Vol 02]
  4. [Vol 03]
  5. [Vol 04]
  6. [Vol 05]
  7. [Vol 06]
  8. [Vol 07]
  9. [Vol 08]
  10. [Vol 09]
  11. [Vol 10]
  12. [Vol 11]
  13. [Vol 12]
  14. [Vol 13]
  15. [Vol 14]

   "As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too.
    Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate
    a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election
    time people will solemnly vote against their own interests."

	-- Gore Vidal, writer (1925- ) 

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