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List Volume 04

  1. Tel Aviv immigrant flea market bombed (within 5 minutes? Who knew what?)
  2. Wary Colorado prepares for no confidence vote
  3. 10 USS Cole suspects escape Yemeni jail
  4. Here a translation, there a translation, everywhere a translation.
  5. Selective Memri
  6. The War on Iraq Has Made Moral Cowards of Us All
  7. 11/1/2004 With all precincts reporting, Bush wins Colorado, 41-34 percent,paper reports except election hasn't started yet!
  8. Did the US really WANT to capture Osama? (He's a CIA agent. What do YOU think?)
  9. U.S. Prepares to Activate Missile Defense System (? It doesn't work!)
  10. Daschle sues Thune in federal court
  11. AP Will Be Sole Source of Vote Count (Ooops)
  12. U.S. Faces Record Borrowing Requirement (No kidding)
  13. Message from the people of Fallujah (Genocide, and the illusion called Zaqwari)
  14. Paid Bush supporters cause uproar
  15. Osama Bin Laden? Media Ignores Absence of Proof
  16. Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | Jewishness versus democracy
  17. New Zealand News - NZ - Americans in NZ 'in knots' over election
  18. Nader still defiant on eve of US election
  19. Election monitors see problems for US vote
  20. Florida Republicans Pose as Kerry Supporters From ACT UP
  21. Liberty Beat: Republicans Make Torture Foreign Policy
  22. Bush's Early CIA Connections to the 'Dark Side'
  23. The Florida Troops Fighting to Win&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;and Keep&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;a Kerry Victory
  24. A powder keg of political anxiety
  25. Israelis destroy bomber's home
  26. Zarqawi's role in Iraq said to be overstated (certainly, for a dead guy)
  27. Hey soldier. You know that part about being home for Christmas? Well...
  28. Walking the walk on family values
  29. GI Special 2#C10: "You Want The Truth?"
  30. Late Ruling Allows GOP to Challenge Ohio Voters (Score for the reptos)
  31. Bogus calls target area Democrats (More GOP fraud)
  32. 9/11 Skeptics Continue to Make Noise On Election Eve, Sept. 11 Doubters SURFACE
  33. 'No Al-Qaeda Hand' In Egypt Bomb Attacks (News of the obvious)
  34. GOP doing all it can to keep minorities from voting (GOP fraud upon fraud)
  35. Civil rights groups, GOP trade charges of dirty tricks
  36. Iraq Oil Pipelines Hit by Biggest Attacks Yet
  37. Republican Desertions Could Cost Bush
  38. Wired 12.11: The Mystery of the Coca Plant That Wouldn't Die
  39. Rock the Vote Irks Republicans
  40. U.S. forces step up pressure on Falluja and Ramadi
  41. Bush Pal Comer Cottrell Quits GOP
  42. It Has Happened Here
  43. "Nobody should have to go through so much to vote"
  44. Documents reveal 3-hours missing from electronic vote election-night auditlog
  45. Blackbox Voting: Hacking of voting machines might already have happened
  46. Voting Problems Widespread in Florida, Pennsylvania
  47. Long Lines Reported At Local Polls
  48. Vote Fraud in Philadelphia? Maybe Not, DA Says
  49. Paper denied access at polls (GOP hiding of fraud)
  50. Student voters from 'swing' states feel urgency of decision
  51. Long Lines At NYC Polling Places
  52. Is there inner-city election suppression in Franklin County, Ohio?
  53. Six news groups sue Ohio elections chief
  54. Scientist Stephen Hawking Decries Iraq War
  55. Bomb threats reported at AZ polling sites
  56. Late Afternoon Exit Polls - It's a tight squeeze. By Jack Shafer
  57. On eve of 2004 election: US faces unprecedented social conflict
  58. Anti-gay measures threaten democratic rights
  59. Outrage over murder of Thai Muslim demonstrators
  60. Australia: new bipartisan assault on basic legal rights
  61. Zogby calls it for Kerry
  62. Washoe judge says citizens may vote with registration receipt, even if name is not on voting rolls
  63. Blogs Send Stocks Lower on Talk of Kerry Victory (Punditos make up excuses for every stock narket fluctuation)
  64. Foreign monitors 'barred' from US polls (Oh, we wonderwhy - we do)
  65. Dollar Declines on Speculation Exit Polls Show Kerry Leading (or maybe it's global warming)
  66. World Intensely Following U.S. Election
  67. VotersUnite! (A catlog of GOP vote frauds)
  68. Kerry wins key battleground of Pennsylvania
  69. Ohio official: Count could take 11 days (Can't arrange the fix that easily)
  70. As Oregon's economy "recovers," hundreds of thousands go hungry
  71. The Australian 2004 election: the secret of Howard's "success"--Part 1
  72. CIA involved in illegal deportation of Iraqi prisoners
  73. Rummy's Failed War Plan
  74. Legal Elites and the Iraq War: the Nazis Had Their Law Professors, Too
  75. Frankenstein v. Chucky: the Halloween Election
  76. A Mental Map of the Bush Presidency
  77. Getting Up with Osama
  78. The US Elections and Latin America: Can the US Ever be a Good Neighbor?
  79. Selling the War on Terror
  80. Democratic Elections in Historical Perspective: The Wrong Side Wins
  81. Chilling message from Osama (i.e., from Bush bin Al-CIAda)
  82. Bin Laden Warns of Retaliation for Iraqi Deaths (Same tricks pulled in Germany 1930s)
  83. Time Warner's AOL to reduce headcount by 700
  84. Current Arctic ice cap warms at twice the global rate
  85. Eminem was right about the Buckeye State mosh
  86. Is there inner-city election suppression in Franklin County, Ohio?
  87. Voting without auditing. (Are we insane? Yes.)
  88. U.S. voters report computer problems (The Diebold Triumph!)
  89. Don't Be American
  90. B'nai Brith official quits after terrorism remark
  91. Possible evidence of voter fraud in Ohio
  92. Censored by the US, the Iranian judge who won Nobel Peace Prize
  93. Iraqi Civilian Death Toll Enormous
  94. Pledge to pull out Black Watch after 30 days
  95. It was standing room only at local polls
  98. How They Could Steal the Election This Time
  99. Voting list snafu causes problems in Marion County
  100. E-voting Problems Crop Up
  101. Electrocal Vote Web Site hit with DOS attack
  103. The Manchurian cover-up
  104. Group tallies more than 1,100 e-voting glitches
  105. Justin Raimondo: The US will now be ruled by the imperial party
  106. CIA Neocon in Charge Looking to Bury 9/11 Truths
  107. Voters Report Problems with Computer Systems
  108. Judge assailed at Zundel hearing
  109. Why Bush will restart the draft if re-elected
  110. Diebold CEO in Ohio 'Committed to Delivering Election to Bush'(DONE)
  111. Hungary announces Iraq pull-out
  112. Next US leader to be decided by voters ignorant beyond belief
  113. Kerry Concedes
  114. America is screwed: Election stolen again
  115. National Guard shifts strategy to attract recruits
  116. E-Voting Tests Get Failing Grade
  117. The Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun - Volusia County Memos Disclose Election 2000Vote Fraud
  118. Russian Observer Shocked by U.S. Election Procedures
  119. Insurgents Blow Up an Iraqi Oil Pipeline
  120. Living Poor, Voting Rich
  121. More Reports of vote problems coming in.
  122. Powell set to go in Bush reshuffle (unsurprising - as he was utterly useless, to anyone)
  123. Bush 'wins,' pledges to press anti-[pro]terror war
  124. Fixed - The Stealing of Another Election
  125. After the 2004 elections: the political and social crisis will intensify
  126. Friedrich von Schiller: Folly, Thou Conquerest...
  127. Smoke Signals from Portland: Karmic Blowback and the Democrats
  128. No Ways Tired: Defeat, Dissent and the Bush Machine
  129. The Dems Should be Ashamed
  130. The Moral (Values) of This Election
  131. Blues for Fallujah
  132. The Ghost Votes in the Machine: Voting Snafus Across the Nation
  133. The CIA and Abu Ghraib: 50 Years of Training Torturers
  134. Democrats rout prominent GOP incumbents in Nassau judicial races
  135. LI voters make left turn
  136. Ohio Stolen
  137. Fixed - The Stealing of Another Election
  138. Bloggers Cry 'Foul:' Widespread Allegations of Election Fiction
  139. Man tries to convert lions to Jesus, gets bitten
  140. Black Watch under rocket attack for sixth successive night
  141. Civil War in America-- and the Weapons to be Used to fight it.
  142. Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada
  143. White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised
  144. Exit polls and actual results dont match; Evoting states show greater discrepancy
  145. Surprising Pattern of Florida's Election Results (More than just surprising)
  146. Residents turned away at polls
  147. States with electronic voting machines gave Bush mysterious 5% advantage; bloggers do the math that broadcast networks fail to follow
  148. Republicans, Justice Dept. Gear Up To Steal Votes
  149. Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair?
  150. Arafat takes turn for worse: aides
  151. Arafat takes turn for worse: aides(unexplained blood and digestive disorders? Poisoning)
  152. Arafat rushed to intensive care
  153. Arafat's health worsens
  154. Arafat's health suffers setback
  155. Ailing Arafat in Intensive Care
  156. Aides say Arafat has taken turn for worse in hospital (mystery ailment?)
  157. Arafat in 'poison' probe (i.e., being tested for poisoning)
  158. IOL: Arafat: Doctors to carry out new tests
  159. Israel&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Anti-Civilian Weapons
  160. Israel backs off from threat to assassinate Arafat ...
  161. Palestinian President Arafat and Foreign Minister Cem stage a joint press conference - February 14, 2001
  162. Timeline - The Israeli Poison Gas Attacks
  163. AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
  164. Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a 'Revolution' (I wonder why? Have they been being so naughty - read, outrageously criminal - that it would be inevitable?)
  165. Arafat in a coma: Aide
  166. GOP gains in South likely to push agenda to the right (The word is NAZIFRAUDFUCKED)
  167. Democrats: What went wrong? (Can you spell BOUGHT?)
  168. Democrats Face Months of Soul Searching (Oh - spare me the bullshit!)
  169. Open road ahead for conservative movement (Conservative?! How about Psychopath?)
  170. Bush could find the Congress balky (Um - sure - right - keep the farce in play)
  171. GOP relishes opportunity with gains in legislature (Relishes? The reptos are slavering!)
  172. Democrats inch closer to control of Legislature (Spare me more bullshit)
  173. GOP Plans Major Push in Congress (Patriot Acts #2-5432)
  174. DEM SENATE HOPES DASCHLED AS GOP GAINS SEATS (Gained? - No - stolen by vite rigging)
  175. Dems pick up 5 seats in House (BFD!)
  176. Stoic losers disdain change (Because they have been bought!)
  177. GOP eyes more clout in Congress (Absolute control and the source of absolute terror)
  178. Rightward Shift May Squeeze Centrists (Babbling)
  179. Parties Reach Near-Parity in Statehouses (Where are you brains?)
  180. GOP will face challenges despite gains (Likw *what* exactly, asshole?)
  181. GOP plans to capitalize on election gains (No shit!)
  182. Senate and House both shift to the right, sending a chill to ... (It's called NAZISM, bunghole!)
  183. Legislature leans Democratic, but key races still close (Get a mind!)
  184. GOP solidifies majorities, fends off Democratic gains (Babbling
  185. Republicans pad House, Senate majorities ("pad" is certainly the right word)
  186. Congressional Democrats may have tougher time fighting GOP agenda (How about just killing them all as an act of kindness to those who commit treason?)
  187. Republicans increase edge in Legislature (Brilliant! And, your whiney point would be?)
  188. Frist, McConnell speak about election wins and Senate plans (and speak, and speak and speak of cat killing)
  189. Expanded Republican Congress set to back Bush (Really?!)
  190. Democrats leaderless (That's not true. The Republicans have bought and lead for haow many years now?)
  191. What Congress Looks Like (Shit?)
  192. Republicans consolidate hold on conservative-looking Congress (It's a NAZI Congress, and everybody will get exactly what they deserve)
  193. Democrats leaderless after Tuesday's election defeats (Uncle Adolf Rules!)
  194. Republicans expand control (stranglehold) of (the national asylum for treasonous psychopaths known as ) Congress
  195. GOP gains, but Congress still riven (It's not riven; it's solid shit)
  196. The GOP edge grows wider (ONE PARTY RULE: GERMANT 1930s - you figure it out, asshole)
  197. GOP Topples Daschle and Sweeps South (Daschle, treasonous asshole is no great loss to anyone)
  198. State Legislatures Remain Closely Divided (And just what planet are you living on, moron?)
  199. GOP Topples Daschle and Sweeps South (as if the votes were not rigged?)
  200. Chinese Recipes Directory, Chinese Food List
  201. TomPaine.com - Kerry Won. . . (Greg Palast)
  202. Broward Vote-Counting Blunder Changes Amendment Result
  203. Computer May Have "Lost" 4,500 N.C. Votes
  204. A Victory For '04 E-Voting FRAUD
  205. Yahoo! News - Computer May Have Lost 4,500 N.C. Votes
  206. Driven democracy:An energized electorate came to be heard (but they were not heard)
  207. Vote ordeal for Ohio begins, ends in the dark (ditto the entire nation)
  208. Computer Scientists Cautious of E-Voting (and have been for years now)
  209. E-voting irregularities raise eyebrows, blood pressure
  210. Kerry Says It's Time to 'Begin Healing' (Fuck you, asshole)
  211. Bush vows to finish job in Iraq, pursue agenda of genocide
  212. U.S. closes Syrian embassy - (ooops)
  213. The long arms of Rabbi Elyashiv and of the Knesset
  214. Democratic Talk Radio: Stolen Election?
  215. Never Say Die-bold: So You Don&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again
  216. Britain sees no U.S. war over Iran nuclear plans (But then they areknown liars too)
  217. Bulgaria to reduce troops in Iraq next month
  218. Neocon 'Flex Players' Await Bush's Second Term
  219. Blair sucks up to Bush (copraphaenous sycophant)
  220. Bush Win Seen As Boon to Many Industries (Noooo?! Really?)
  221. Defense stocks surge after Bush win (We wonder why)
  222. Bush Administration Officials Advocate U.S. Reach Out to 9/11 Terrorist Group (????)
  224. How to Vote for Peace, Against the Patriot Act, and Win Elections
  225. U.S. job cuts top 100,000
  226. Bush-Cheney Shill Bill O'Reilly: $hut Up, Andrea
  227. Reasons abound for Will County GOP's drubbing
  228. Telegram from the Titanic
  230. Post-Election Protest Erupts in Burlington, VT
  231. What went wrong in Cuyahoga?- Did they count 90.000 votes in time?
  232. The loonies have taken control - Opinion
  234. How can 59,054.087 people be so DUMB?
  235. Rage Against the Machines
  236. Bush to pursue even more ambitious, conservative & partisan goals than interm 1
  237. Factory Orders Fall for 2nd Straight Month
  238. Global monitors find faults
  240. 12 students arrested in protest against fraudulent election
  241. Blunkett changes law to evict Commons anti-war protester
  242. San Francisco protest against fraudulent election
  243. Portland protests stolen election
  244. Students Rally in Copley, Claim Bush Stole Election
  245. International medical aid group to leave Iraq
  246. Screen Shots Show CNN Changed Exit Poll Data!
  248. Bush stays in the office to continue the war
  249. We Have Now Become The Nation Our Founders Escaped From
  250. New York City Bewildered by Election Results
  251. Hayes's ride 1876 stolen election
  252. The Australian 2004 election: the secret of Howard's "success"--Part 2
  253. Former cabinet member Clare Short accuses Blair of lying over Iraq
  254. A Timeline of Oil and Violence - Iraq
  255. Bush will now celebrate by putting Falluja to the torch
  256. Betty Bowers Reports on the 2004 Election
  257. CITIZENS FOR LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT (www.legitgov.org) Launches Investigation
  258. Israel wants UN sanctions on Iran over nukes, certainly not Israel's nukes - the ones that actually exist.
  259. Vote Fraud - Exit Polls Vs Actuals
  260. Electronic voting system type map
  261. FRAUD!! in Ghanna Ohio.
  263. Election Was Rigged and Stolen Where is the F*ing Outrage. When Will the Biggest Demonstrations in US History Happen?
  264. Key Saddam trial evidence 'lost'
  265. Sour Grapes, Or Electoral Fraud? (Um - electoral fraud?)
  266. Electronic-Voting Critics Scrutinizing U.S. Election
  267. Holocaust man's claims queried
  268. Israeli soldiers placed on state of alert -
  269. Grand Theft Election
  270. Bush/Cheney '04: "More votes than voters: Now THAT'S a mandate!"
  271. Bad Turning Point Reached In Iraq
  272. The death of Yasser Arafat in question
  273. Anger against stolen election bubbles to the surface
  274. Stolen election in a scary world
  275. Yasser Arafat Dies (Poisoned: the undiagnosed disease)
  276. Draft agency files notice to request record matching with Department of Education
  277. Presidential Votes Miscast on e-Voting Machines Throughout The Country
  278. Tucson Police use violence against marchers
  279. Administration pressures Congress to raise debt ceiling (make the sheep pay for their own destruction)
  280. US fighter fires on school (Um - in New Jersey. No, I'm not kidding)
  282. New York Times advises Bush opponents to accept new administration (Oh eeallly!)
  283. Ahoy Kerrycrats! Welcome to Our Nightmare
  284. Dave Lindorff: What Went Wrong?
  285. Ben Tripp: My Fellow Americans...Get Stuffed!
  286. YellowTimes.org - "UN Secretary-General Bill Clinton? Say it won't be so"
  287. BUSH TO PUSH A BIG AGENDA (Yup. It's called, fuck everything.)
  288. Drug giant 'ignored Vioxx heart risk'
  289. ELECTION FRAUD 2004
  290. Presidential ELECTION FRAUD
  291. Winds of Change.NET: U.S. Election Fraud & Intimidation Round-Up: 2004-10-15
  292. Common Ground - October 2004 - 2004 US election True vote or computer fraud? by Bo Filter
  295. washingtonpost.com: The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy
  296. No Surrender (But, do ignore the election fraud and hoax?)
  297. Hundreds of people in San Francisco protest Bush's re-election, 57 arrested
  298. Democrats want election machine firm thrown out
  300. Military Is Afraid to Tell Bush, Cheney the Truth, Says Sy Hersh in 'WP' Online Chat
  301. Arafat Poisoned? (So the obviousness is catching on)
  302. Why is Israel threatening to murder Arafat?
  303. Dollar back on course: downward
  304. More election theft stories
  305. Female soldiers eyed for combat
  306. Massacre looms in Fallujah following the US election ("22 rebelious Iraqi cities")
  307. Cowering in anticipation of what America might do next
  308. Exit polls match results where paper ballots were used
  309. Surprising Pattern of Florida's Election Results
  310. Bush Terror Point Man Quits After Botched Report
  311. House Dems Seek Election Inquiry (Um - yeah - right - sure - losers)
  312. election analysis, numbers suggest vote fraud
  313. America is screwed: Election stolen again
  314. Important Notice to Readers of the SenderBerl Website
  315. Too many voting irregularities to be coincidence
  316. The stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hell
  317. U.S. seals off Iraq's Falluja
  318. Dick Cheneys Song of America
  320. Glitches Mar San Francisco Balloting ("Glitches"?)
  322. They are stealing Minnesota
  324. Exit Polls Right, Tallies Wrong?
  325. Blair faces fallout from Iraq soldier deaths (Teflon Tony hasn't even been called on the murder of David Kelly)
  326. Attack code exploits new IE bug (Anybody still using Internet Explorer is an idiot)
  327. Maryland e-voting controversy continues in presidential race
  328. Did Kerry Concede Too Soon? (He was *told* to)
  329. Vote Fraud in Ohio? (Sunrise tomorrow?)
  330. Annan says assault on Fallujah would further alienate Iraqis (but,when genocide is the point ...)
  331. The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy (We've already had too many ultimates)
  332. In one precinct, Bushs tally was supersized by a computer glitch
  333. Who really murdered Van Gogh ? (Nothing is as it seems)
  334. Should America Trust the Results of the Election? (NO! That was easy)
  335. Zundel not a threat, FBI ruled (Then, um, why ...?)
  336. ZNet |Electoral Politics | A Full Investigation is Required
  337. Software flaw found in Florida vote machines
  338. Computer Loses More Than 4,000 Early Votes
  339. Broward machines count backward (as they did also in Madison County NC)
  340. Computer Glitch Gives Bush 3,893 Extra Votes
  341. Elaine Cassel: Running from the Religious Right
  342. War Crimes and Iraq
  343. Ministers underestimated threat, say experts (as well as their own arrogance)
  344. Consensual politics? Probably not (Mostly rape, actually)
  345. Election exit polls 'useless' and 'distorted' (That was the "elections" themselves)
  346. Arafat stays in coma as row looms over burial site
  347. New Zealand News - World - Mixed media: Four more years of Bush
  348. Pastor Cites 40 Days of Fasting, Prayer for Bush Victory (Brain transplant candidate)
  349. It's Mourning in America
  350. Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters
  351. Surprising Pattern of Florida's Election Results (Surprising, or expected?)
  352. Ohio Whitewash
  353. Alone in Ohio, officials cited homeland security
  354. Palestinians, Israel draw battle lines over Arafat burial site
  355. 10,000 GIs Ring Fallujah in Preparation for Massive Battle
  356. Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House in response to massivevoter suppression and corruption
  357. CBS Shows Tie In TEXAS...Bush wins by 31 points???
  358. Stolen Election 2004
  359. Voting irregularities found in 7 Southern States
  360. BBV: Our position is that fraud took place.
  361. Voting Group Finds Irregularities In Southern States
  362. Machine Error Gives Bush Thousands of Extra Ohio Votes
  363. Vote Fraud 2004 Round Up
  364. House Dems ask GAO to investigate voting machines [It has began]
  365. Footprints of Electoral Fraud: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam
  366. Abortion Remark by G.O.P. Senator Puts Heat on Peers
  367. Hello, Uranus? Got Any Room? / Must. Move. Away. Cannot endure more Bush. Soul about to implode. Right? Not so fast
  368. 8 rounds from F-16 penetrated classroom (NJ)
  369. Haaretz - Israel News - Taking Stock / The loser
  370. Iraq Dispatches: Spiraling Into Occupied Iraq
  371. Fallujah and Those Mass Graves - by Jude Wanniski
  372. Carlyle Group, Rand take over Nuclear Program from UC Regents
  374. US ready for Falluja assault
  375. US conservatives (neocon fruitcakes) cast wary eye at EU treaty
  376. More pre-emptive strikes on the table (Lebensraum)
  377. US strikes raze Falluja hospital
  378. Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation (Junkgovernments create Junkscience)
  379. Military hospital preparing for Fallujah battle
  381. War Launched to Protect Israel - Bush Adviser
  382. America 2004 is Germany 1930 (A Must Read)
  383. How They Could Steal the Election This Time by Ronnie Dugger
  385. 'My brother died for oil'
  386. ic Wales - EU anger over Blair 'wake up' call
  387. The Final Solution For Fallujah And Ramadi (It is calculated genocide afterall)
  388. Iran nuclear stand boosted by China
  389. Who runs ES&S - company that handles US elections
  390. Phony Holocaust Autobiography Pulled From Shelves
  391. E-Voting Machine Error In Ohio Gives Bush Thousands Of Extra Votes
  392. ES&S and AP: Vote Fraud Partners Chicago Style
  393. Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China, Russia, Latin America...
  394. Playing the Numbers Game
  395. Colorado students occupy high school to protest war, Bush policies
  396. Bush win puts US on collision course with Iran
  397. WTC Rescue Hero Sues Bush and Others under RICO Statute
  398. Election Was Rigged and Stolen Where is the F*ing Outrage. When Will the Biggest Demonstrations in US History Happen?
  399. Broward County Miscounts Thousands of Ballots
  400. Iraqi rebels invite media to "embed" in Falluja
  401. Poll watchers poles apart on what they saw (Then one set is lying)
  402. Nader requests N.H. vote recount
  403. American Marines attack Fallujah
  404. Long trail of lies
  405. Another Stolen Election
  406. Votes lost and extras counted in e-voting errors
  407. To All Concerned Americans: Will it be r/evolution or civil war?
  408. Targeting Diebold with Electronic Civil Disobedience
  409. Australian Labor lurches to the right after election debacle (poodles)
  410. US troops witnessed looting of weapons at Al Qaqaa explosives dump
  411. Despair and resignation characterise British elite's response to Bush victory
  412. US Election Notes
  413. Democrats' pro-war campaigns produce debacle in congressional races Republicans strengthen grip on US House and Senate
  414. On Capitol Hill, the Majority Doesn't Always Rule ("Dascheld"? How about "Wellstoned"?)
  415. US Rate Futures Brace for Diet of Fed Hikes
  416. Rahul Mahajan: Fallujah and the Reality of War
  417. Empire Notes
  418. Dave Lindorff: Silver Linings
  419. J.A. Miller: The Cults of the Jealous God
  420. Ben Tripp: You Call This a Party?
  421. Gary Leupp: Let There Be Conflict!
  422. Alexander Cockburn: Don't Say We Didn't Warn You
  423. ES&S Operative Had Access to Ohio Ballot Computer
  424. Election Protection Report from New Mexico
  425. ABC News: Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported (it's a start)
  426. Insurgents in Iraq Launch Deadly Attacks
  427. Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked
  428. Kerry Margins: Paper-ballot and Non-paper ballot states...
  429. Florida rigged the optical scanners
  430. Arafat's Doctor: Poisoning Possible
  432. Massive Voter Suppression and Corruption in Ohio
  433. Have the people really spoken at the polls?
  434. China Steps In Firmly In Support Of Iran
  435. 22 police officers killed in attacks in Iraq
  436. Wave of violence kills dozens in Sunni Triangle
  437. Iraq ; Rebels fight back as US bombs Fallujah
  438. EMBARGOED-Democrats vow to protect Social Security (LOL)
  439. Six Palestinians, Israeli Killed in Mideast
  440. Insurgents [Freedom Fighters] Kill More Than 50 Across Iraq
  441. Blair to Visit Victorious Bush in D.C. (for bootlicking ceremony)
  442. Presidential Second Terms Can Be Painful (For whom?)
  443. Bush Vows to Reach Out to Democrats (A lot of "vowing" bullshit going on)
  444. US marines take cover outside Falluja
  445. The Lancet and the bodies in question
  446. Bitter legacy of a flawed leader (Arafat)
  447. Election Protection Report from New Mexico
  448. Computer glitch still baffles county clerk LaPorte Indiana
  449. Historic vote count is over (FL)
  450. On The Front Lines in Florida
  451. Missing Antiaircraft Missiles Alarm Aides (Children should put toys away)
  452. DefenseLINK News: Iraqi Prime Minister Issues State of Emergency Throughout Country
  453. Iraqi briefed on Falluja plans missing
  454. Ukrainians Protest Alleged Election Fraud
  455. Corridors of Power / A cold shoulder to Assad (actions have reasons)
  456. The End Game - Divide And Conquer
  457. The Disunited States Of America - [Sunday Herald]
  458. Iraq Declares Martial Law, 23 Police Killed
  459. Gay community fears new era of intolerance
  460. Iraq Declares State of Emergency
  461. Gay community fears new era of intolerance
  462. Iraq Declares State of Emergency
  463. The official excuses for the bad exit poll numbers don't cut it.
  464. Digging into exit polls
  465. Iran Says Preliminary Nuclear Deal Reached with EU
  466. Street frets about inflation, interest rate may rise
  467. The World Awaits - [Sunday Herald]
  469. CBS 2 - New York News: Man Commits Suicide At Ground Zero
  470. Nations do go crazy sometimes, and the progression of symptoms we've been exhibiting here in the Good Ol' USA has entered rubber room territory -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution
  471. An Election Ordained in Hell
  472. House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee On The Constitution Demands Examination of The FRAUD In Ohio(A new Warren Commission)
  473. Board awaits state followup
  474. Hacking The Presidency
  476. Iraq's Falluja Finds Devastation After U.S. Raids
  477. Arma-geddon Sick of You: World to US as Americans prepare to level Fallujah
  478. Iraq Declares 60-Day State of Emergency
  479. The Final Solution (Endl&#-11;&#-11;sung) for Fallujah and Ramadi
  480. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all- Scott Ritter
  481. Exit Iraq
  482. Officer flees with battle plan
  483. Law to introduce GOD above the US Supreme Court
  484. A Storm Is Coming
  485. Draft coming, students told
  486. Vote Count "Glitches" Haunt Bush's Supposed Mandate
  487. Hello: You are now living in a fascist empire
  488. A VERY AMERICAN COUP: 2002 - 2004
  489. US phone giant to cut 10,000 jobs
  490. Votes Vs. Exit polls
  491. Diebold Vote Fraud Gives Bush Cheney Extra Votes
  492. Retail Sales Probably Rose at Slower Pace: U.S. Economy Preview
  493. Growing Collection of Vote Fraud links: ATTN Global Media
  494. The Stolen Election of 2004
  495. Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election
  496. Falluja Assult Has Begun
  497. The more people you kill the more votes you get!
  498. GOP headquarters vandalized (Is this a hint of understanding actualized?)
  499. Iraq Rebels Strike Before U.S. Attack on Falluja
  500. Doctors Did Not Conduct Second Test on Arafat Is Brain Dead
  501. Deadliest attacks on Iraqi security forces since Saddam fell
  502. Labor-Backed Third Party Emerges as Statewide Force (NY)
  503. Israel Poisoned Arafat?
  504. Holy War: Evangelical Marines Prepare to Battle Barbarians (scary)
  505. Extremists Moving Across Iran-Iraq Border (Invading Iranis a glorious mistake. How about Moscow, in Winter?)
  506. The threat from rogue states (The US is one)
  507. Conservative leader targets Specter
  508. Two's Company: India, EU to enter partnership
  509. US Seizes Part of Fallujah Rebel Area (Whose country is this?!)
  510. Hizbullah launches drone into Israeli airspace (Israel now bombs Lebanon)
  511. GOP surfed for voters at work
  512. China and Iran
  513. Questionable tactics by GOP (But results are indeed questioned, being fraudulent)
  514. Gold Hits 16-Year High on Weak Dollar
  515. Security for swearing-in to be unrivaled
  516. U.S. Forces Storm Into Western Fallujah
  517. More Florida Irregularities
  518. ic Wales - Revealed: motion that could spell Blair's end
  519. An Examination of the Florida Elections
  520. Paris Notifies Palestinians of Arafats Death
  521. Aide alleges Israel poisoned Arafat
  522. None dare call it voter suppression and fraud
  523. Paris Notifies Palestinians of Arafats Death
  524. Arafat slowly, fatally poisoned
  525. Suez Canal Closed in Egypt
  526. Can we save country from its leaders?
  527. leftgatekeepers_homepage
  528. US in fragile state of health, report says (In more ways than you cancount)
  529. Britain: armed police demand immunity from prosecution
  530. China lifts interest rates as imbalances grow
  531. US debt ceiling to be lifted
  532. The Democrats' deconstruction: a post-election report from Kentucky
  533. China lifts interest rates as imbalances grow
  534. Mike Hoffman of Iraq Veterans Against War speaks to the WSWS We're fighting average Iraqis who don't want the US there
  535. Howard refuses to congratulate Bush (unglued poodle)
  536. Thou shalt not ... bore the faithful (Now, this is fun)
  537. Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | A litmus test
  538. Any hopes for the coming years? - Yemen Times
  539. Rove Says Bush Victory May Mark Republican Dominance (fucking peachy)
  540. Ueberraschende Parallelen
  541. Homepage von Klaus Kinkel
  542. American Sunset "Look, dear! Don't the chemtrails look lovely tonight..."
  543. A Hidden Story Behind Sept. 11? One Man's Ad Campaign Says So
  544. Wet Ballots Found, Rejected By Voting Machines
  545. Nebraska County: More Votes Than Voters
  546. Ohio County: More Votes Than Voters
  547. Fahrenheit Gold & Oil Carving up the Spoils of Iraq
  548. Motion to impeach Blair accuses him of "gross misconduct"
  549. DOLLAR DROPPING (been weakening and dropping for some time)
  551. Hollinger Reveals Details of Suit
  552. Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster
  553. Documents: U.S. had plan to nuke N. Korea
  554. Fixing the problem of Falluja (US psychopathology in action)
  555. A Hidden Story Behind Sept. 11? One Man's Ad Campaign Says So
  556. National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee Biographies (Glenn P Corbett: incompetent government whore)
  557. Google Search: "glenn p corbett"
  558. Google Search: "james w walter"
  559. And now ... 4 more years of war? (But it was rigged)
  560. Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China, Russia, Latin America ...
  561. Tehran agrees to nuclear freeze (and bushitlers are pissed)
  562. Buttiglione to campaign for Christian Europe (fruitcake)
  563. God's Anointed One Was Elected- Be Afraid
  564. Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters
  565. Eulogy for America - PRAVDA.Ru (Pravda indeed; the truth can really hurt)
  566. In pictures: Falluja under siege
  567. E-voting problems cause loss of votes, claims report
  568. The new Republican reality: no policy is too right-wing
  569. Screams will not be heard
  570. A comprehensive list of vote fraud links
  571. Hundreds March In Anti-Bush And Anti-War Protest
  572. Fullujah bombing and double standards
  573. How to Conduct a Citizen Audit of Your Election Board
  574. Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling
  575. Israeli nukes a key to peace (as in make them divest)
  576. Empire Notes
  577. Japanese defense planners preparing for possible Chinese attacks: report
  578. One of Every 140 U.S. Residents is in Prison or Jail
  579. CIA role inside the USA greater
  580. House Dems Seek Election Inquiry
  581. Bush Stole Election Through Rigging Electronic Voting Machines
  583. Army investigates mercy killing in Iraq
  585. The Satanic Christians of the USA
  586. Giuliani gets his payoff
  587. Election stolen, group suspects (suspects?)
  588. Help America Audit -- 5 Things You Can Do Immediately
  589. Ohio Poll Worker on the Rigged Vote
  590. The Election was Rigged, in No Uncertain Terms - Electronic Fraud Charges Increasin
  591. Exiles from Main Street
  592. A Tale of Two Brothers: Voting Fraud in the USA
  593. The Mainstream Media Smears the Internet
  594. My brother Marines are dying for nothing - AGAIN!
  596. 35 US soldiers captured in Falluja: mosques
  597. Pro-settlement party to quit Israel gov't
  598. The E-Vote Factor: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose?
  599. Rumsfeld: Strike Won't Kill Many Iraqis (Just watch that nose grow)
  600. The Exit Poll Scam
  601. Reactions to Bush win reveal growing US-Europe rift (a good sign)
  602. New York Times' Friedman gloats as Arafat lies near death (always a sick puppy)
  603. New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq (trepan!)
  604. US troops begin slaughter in Fallujah
  605. US media and liberal establishment: accomplices in the assault on Fallujah
  606. A Report on the US Supply of Toxic Weapons to Iraq
  607. The Media Black Out on Vote Fraud
  608. Note from Palestine: This Is Not the Time for Despair
  609. Men vs. Civilians in Fallujah (Exposing yet more lies)
  610. Gutting FOIA: the Harm of Too Much Secrecy
  611. Dave Lindorff: Fallujah, the Hue of Iraq (That's Hue, Vietnam)
  612. Out of the Ashes: Bush Win is a Defeat for Democrats, Not the Left (Oh?)
  613. US troops storm into heart of Fallujah (Stormtroopers: saw that before)
  614. Gold soars on dollar's record drop
  615. Civilians got less cash in WTC payouts
  616. Solari :: Katherine Austin Fitts
  617. Welcome to Sanders Research Associates
  618. SNAP OUT OF IT!
  619. Another Rigged Election? The Elephant in the Voting Booth - Maureen Farrell at BuzzFlash.com
  620. A Conservative Christian Republican Demands more Truth from Bush
  621. Why Kerry Conceded Defeat despite Electoral Fraud
  622. US Sets `Red Line' Over NK Nukes
  623. Euro Disney losses soar as sales stagnate
  624. British Bank Shifting 1,000 Jobs to India
  625. Marsh & McLennan to cut 3,000 jobs as profit sinks
  626. Free circulation of US dollar stopped in Cuba
  627. US Reaches Out to Europe (Um - sure - send the liar)
  628. Cardinal hails Bush victory for morality (sealing the immorality of the church)
  629. U.S. Judge Halts War-Crime Trial at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  630. Four arrested at US consulate protest
  631. Cuyahoga County Precincts (ooops)
  632. Bush will still pursue aggressive' foreign policy (raping and pillaging as usual)
  633. A blast from the past (US knew about IL nukes from day one)
  634. Rebels Kill 45 in Attacks in Iraq's Baquba
  635. 'I got my kills ... I just love my job' (psychopaths)
  636. Powerful explosion rocks south-eastern Baghdad
  637. 'This is now the battle for Iraq'
  638. 'We are not here to liberate Iraq, we're here to fight the infidels'
  639. Saudi call for jihad
  640. Clogged VA delays Iraq vets' care
  641. How many dead innocent Iraqis is too many?
  642. American Resistance (Read and know)
  643. The real fury of Fallujah
  644. Blair has departed from the rule of law, says his former adviser
  645. Insurgents will run wild, despite the Fallujah onslaught
  646. US troops meet fierce resistance in Falluja
  647. Maybe Kerry SHOULD have waited!
  648. Jesus and the FDA (Land of lunatic pseudoscience)
  649. Massive Ohio Sit-In to Protest Stolen Election!
  650. Will Your Vote Count?
  651. All the makings of a war crime - with Australia silently onside
  652. US debt ceiling to be lifted (All things considered, why not? Who cares?)
  653. Reputation of the FDA in shambles after Vioxx scandal; calls for wholesale FDA reform gain momentum
  654. Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies
  655. Iraqi insurgents mass in centre of Ramadi as US snipers withdraw
  656. Iraqi insurgents mass in centre of Ramadi as US snipers withdraw
  657. Computer glitch still baffles county clerk (Sure it does)
  658. Iran says will retaliate if nuclear plants hit
  659. New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq (Send NYT to Iraq)
  661. Did Bush fix the elections?
  662. Votes exceeding registered voters (full list)
  663. In Fallujah, U.S. Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances
  664. Iraqi insurgents seize centre of Ramadi
  665. Sunni party withdraws from Iraqi government in protest over Fallujah
  666. Adam Federman: Witch Hunt at Columbia
  667. Blogger gets night visit from US Secret Service
  668. 'Watching tragedy engulf my city'
  669. Sunni clerics call for boycott of January elections because of Fallujah attack
  670. Aljazeera News Station Targeted
  671. State Police investigating voter fraud
  672. Israel's cabinet communique approving removal of Arafat (11 September 2003)
  673. 'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja
  674. GOP files suit to stop vote count in San Diego city. (But of course! LMFAO)
  675. CBC News: Ashcroft, Evans resign (to do what exactly?)
  676. Crushing Fallujah Will Not End the Iraq War
  677. Fallujah and the Making of a War Crime
  678. Witch Hunt at Columbia: Middle East Profs Smeared as Anti-Semites
  679. The American Century is Over
  680. Arafat Died Years Ago
  681. The Appeal of George W. Bush: a Mystery for the World to Solve
  682. Belarus cracks down on US election
  683. Glitch could force state to vote again (NC)
  684. CBC News: Ashcroft, Evans resign
  685. Incredible As It May Seem, MSNBC Covers Voting Problems
  686. Keith Olbermann Plays Hardball, Breaks Votergate Story on National, Mainstream Media
  687. Impeachment by the People
  688. Iraqi backup troops back out of assault
  689. Opposition to Iraq war at new high
  690. The Vioxx recall: cover-up of health risks may have resulted in thousands of deaths
  691. Bush administration backs new power-grab by Pakistan's military strongman
  692. US fighter jet strafes school in New Jersey
  693. Why Israel will not allow Arafat to be buried in Jerusalem
  694. US massacres civilians in Fallujah
  695. TAYLOR: Death is result of debate about God (No Comment)
  696. Man tries to convert lions to Christianity
  697. Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable (but NOT for rigginbg elections? Drop dead!)
  698. Jobs surge seals US rates rise (Surge? Where?)
  699. Oil Prices Continue to Plummet (This is not plummeting)
  700. Clashes erupt in Mosul
  701. Is this the miracle pill? (But it happens to rot your brain?)
  702. Gunmen Kidnap Three Members of Allawi's Family
  703. Number of foreign graduate students in US falls (Surprising?)
  704. Warring-After Pill or Not: Is Guilt Obsolete? (Must Read)
  705. U.S. Forces Battle Into Heart of Fallujah
  706. Besieged city like hell, says resident
  707. Falluja to be Phantom Fury's 'in 48 hours'
  708. US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah
  709. Mujahideen Release Intense Fireworks Forcing US Pull Back In The North
  710. House-to-house warfare in Fallujah
  712. Coastguards detect unidentified submarine in Japanese waters
  713. Pennsylvania Ave. busy again after closing for renovation (Barf!)
  714. Why did Florida voters with one type of machine vote one way, and voterswith a different machine vote another?
  715. From Florida to Fallujah: What the News Coverage Covers Up
  716. Halliburton Admits Bribes 'May Have Been Paid' in Nigeria (But, so what - right?)
  717. Judge rejects ACLU suit over counting late absentees
  718. Democratic Underground Forums - Unravelling the Mystery of the Cuyahoga County vote totals
  719. Cameron Kerry: Send Voting Problem Info to DNC
  720. Blue states buzz over secession
  721. Another War? For Israel's sake (Invading Iran is desperate and a mistake)
  722. 'Body parts everywhere' in Fallujah
  723. The Fire (of resistance) Is Spreading (over Iraq)
  724. Con Job at Diebold Subsidiary
  725. VIDEO LINK:Olbermann Voter Irregularities
  726. Fox News Series On Israeli Spying In The US Found
  727. Commander: Al-Zarqawi likely not among 3,000 insurgents trapped (He doesn't exist)
  728. Homeland Security inspector, 6 others charged with shakedown plot (Suckurity!)
  729. 7% turnout in Cleveland precinct ?
  730. CNN.com - Glitch gave Bush extra votes in Ohio (Glitch?! LMAO)
  731. US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah
  732. Judge Rejects Suit Over Uncounted Absentee Ballots
  733. 12,000 Votes In Gaston County Uncounted
  736. Bernestine Singley: Voter Intimidation in Tampa
  737. Ghada Karmi: After Arafat
  738. Stan Goff: Debating a Neocon (they are not based in reality)
  739. Bright Spots
  740. U.S. Dollar Drops to New All-Time Low
  741. Homeland Security Arrests Veteran For Complaining Too Much ("Third degree harassment" of an irrespinsible federal agency?!)
  742. Odds heavily against US counter-attack succeeding
  743. Native American Fund May Be Reformed (Seeing is believing)
  744. Eyewitness: Defiance amid carnage (Bush's carnage)
  745. Bush Moves to Privatize Social Security (Oh - how perfectly surprising!)
  746. Bush Names Gonzales to Succeed Ashcroft (And you though AssKKKraft was bad?)
  747. US deficit pushes euro over $1.30
  748. Fallujah Fighting Spreads To Mosul And Ramadi
  749. Iraq's Allawi Feels the Heat as Relatives Kidnapped
  750. Soldiers' families stage Downing Street protest
  752. Some Say U.S. No Longer Feels Like Home
  753. Rebels 'stage show of strength'
  754. Mujahideen Control Majority Of Fallujah; Americans Expelled From Three Districts
  755. A Stolen Election?
  756. Eyewitness: Defiance amid carnage
  757. U.S. ambassador intervened in Halliburton contract, documents show
  758. And so the sorting and discarding of Kerry votes begins (or not)
  759. Palestinian Leader Arafat Dies at 75
  760. Bush Nominates His Top Counsel for Justice Post
  761. Gonzales named attorney general
  762. Fed warns of growing budget gap (done purposely)
  763. Oil sinks below $47 as supplies build (Sinks? This is sinking? Moron)
  764. Meltdown: Arctic wildlife is on the brink of catastrophe
  765. Scientists Find Key to Gene Therapy (Um - sure - absolutely)
  766. Testimony From Colleague Helps Lawyer in Terror Trial
  767. Canada's corporate elite seeks closer partnership with Washington and Wall Street(all the reptos are out at play)
  768. Iraq veteran Jimmy Massey speaks to the WSWS We're committing genocide in Iraq (Said, finally!)
  769. Letters to US newspapers reflect widespread revulsion over Fallujah attack
  770. US assault leaves Fallujah in ruins and unknown numbers dead
  771. A father's anger: 'I would kill Geoff Hoon' (Hoon, a "two-faced lying git" - that's close enough)
  772. New fungus may bring sudden death to Britain's oaks (How about Britain's government?)
  773. Palestinians Mourn Death of Yasser Arafat
  774. Israel Seals West Bank, Gaza Strip (They'll pay, sooner or later)
  775. Bush's Statement on Arafat's Death (Does any human actually care what that might be?)
  776. Yusuf Islam awarded peace prize
  777. The lowest ignorance takes charge
  778. 'There is no rationale for the invasion'
  779. We must reclaim morality from reactionary fetishists
  780. Chile's torture report finalised
  781. US interest rates increased to 2%
  782. Vatican: Gay families = cockroaches (That old bastion of love compassion and genocide)
  783. Colombia to Purchase Combat Planes, Denies Arms Race with Venezuela
  784. AlterNet: DrugReporter: Bungle in the Jungle
  785. Diebold selected by Riyad Bank of Saudi Arabia to expand ATM network(See, crime does pay, handsomely)
  786. U.S. Deploys Satellite Jamming System
  787. NBCs Russert disses the internet
  788. Israel Arrests Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu for 'Leak'
  789. Vanunu arrested by Israeli police
  790. Impeachment is Imperative
  791. An American demands the truth from you
  792. White House law chief linked to abuse culture
  793. I have just witnessed a murder on my TV screen
  794. Fallujah wounded arrive in Europe
  795. Anti-Bush Rally Scheduled Across From White House Thursday
  796. Fallujah : America's Guernica
  797. Iran Will Likely Freeze Nuke Enrichment-Official
  798. Nader wants every ballot legally verified
  799. TV stations canceling 'Ryan' telecast (sicker and sicker)
  800. Democracy Now! | The Ohio Factor: Did Homeland Security and the FBI interfere With the Vote Count?
  801. Scoop: Oil And War Fraud Traced to the White House (23 July, 2003)
  802. U.S. to defend use of Guantanamo war tribunals
  803. Halliburton scandal widens after claims of pressure to award lucrative contracts
  804. Arafat's illness still a mystery (To whom? Poisoned by Israel)
  805. BBC NEWS | Middle East | US forces under fire in Falluja
  806. We seize servers, you can't complain - US gov
  807. Diebold suit settled (But the dirty deeds remain done)
  808. They're Throwing Journalists Into Jail Right Here In The USA
  809. Oregon Elections Officials Face Backlog Of Complaints
  810. Elections board to probe missing voting forms (sure they are)
  811. Trial By Fury (John Walker Lindh)
  813. Clashes erupt in Mosul
  814. 911 : CNN covers 9/11 Truth Movement, own Poll: 90% believe in Cover-up
  815. Major fighting erupts in Mosul
  816. Clashes erupt in Iraqi oil city of Baiji
  817. Mujahideen Strike US Rear Lines; Tape Shows Captured Allawi Forces
  818. The Americans are Trapped! Mujahideen Have Them Exactly Where They Want Them (Maybe - but doubts)
  819. Progressive News - AIPAC Spy Case Update by Juan Cole
  820. Good News From Bev Harris (Blackbox and Nader team up)
  821. Vote Theft Round 2: And so the sorting and discarding of Kerry votes begins
  822. New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah
  823. Fighting explodes in Mosul
  824. As U.S. Pushes Deeper Into Falluja, Rebels Attack Elsewhere
  825. Iraq: the unthinkable becomes normal - John Pilger
  826. Student suspended for handstands, cartwheels (More insane school admins)
  827. Blair, Bush Consult on Peace in Mideast (actually on their genocidal efforts)
  828. U.N. Seeks Quick Move to Palestinian State (Lots of luck)
  829. Iraqi (Puppet) Gov't Warns Media About Coverage
  830. $100,000 Reward for Vote Fraud Evidence
  831. Nader calls for US election recounts
  832. U.S. Deploys Satellite Jamming System
  833. Mike Whitney: Meet Your New Attorney General, Alberto Torquemada
  834. Gary Leupp: Guzman's Fist
  835. Jordan Green: How They Tried to Suppress the Black Vote in South Carolina
  836. Ben Tripp: Grieving Explained
  837. - Robin Cook: The special relationship is a national delusion (He doesn't understand the logic, realty or background)
  838. Nev. Controller Impeached Over Campaign (Small potatoes)
  839. Bob Jones Sees Bush Win As 'Reprieve' (Are we surprised?)
  840. Liberal culture under threat in Dutch religious crisis
  841. Did the right man for the job get elected to the White House?
  842. IQ and Politics (Didn't you know?! Yes, not only deranged, but stupid)
  843. Fox News Series On Israeli Spying In The US Found
  844. New insurgency confronts US forces
  845. American injury toll grows amid fierce resistance
  846. A week of bloodshed and mayhem
  847. Vaccine Ingredients - Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury, Etc
  848. Game Boy (and vote frauds)
  849. The end of the war (1918)
  850. Putin Planning Giant Superpower Coalition (India, China, Russia, Brazil)
  851. All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
  852. American injury toll grows amid fierce resistance
  853. Eyewitness: Smoke and corpses
  854. Was The 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?
  855. The New York Times > Washington > Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried(Chimpwhore Zeller is a pathological liar)
  856. President Bush Sticks It To Conservatives Again
  857. Green Party has raised $15,000 towards estimated $113,000 Ohio recount
  859. US Concedes Falluja Assault Won't Break Insurgency (Insurgents beat US to bloody pulp?)
  860. Underwriter's Laboratories disputes and disproves claim that fire broughtWTC down
  861. Glitch causes Franklin Co. recount
  862. Arafat's Doctor Demands Autopsy
  863. Presidential Candidates To Demand Ohio Recount
  864. U.S. Admits Using Napalm Bombs In Iraq
  865. Recounts and retractions
  866. Radical Anti-Bush Group Plans to Block Bush Inauguration
  867. Green and Libertarian Presidential Candidates to Demand Ohio Recount.
  868. Kerry attorneys investigating Ohio vote count
  869. 'Patriot' Vote Machines in S.C. Malfunction
  870. Others raised red flag over Gaston turnout
  871. 47 State Exit Poll Analysis Confirms Swing Anomaly
  872. The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy
  873. Frist (The Lying Cat Torturer) Warns on Filibusters Over Bush Nominees
  874. Police use stun gun on 6-year-old
  875. Secret Service pays visit to Boulder High
  876. Unit Plans Closed Hearings on Collapse of the Towers
  877. Down With Fancy Book Learnin' - Mark Morford
  878. King County faces election lawsuit
  879. Democrats Sue Wash. County Over Ballots
  880. Down With Fancy Book Learnin' / What's it mean that the big cities and college towns of America all voted blue?
  881. Prizewinner backs Iraqi 'resistance'
  882. Arafat buried at his Ram Allah compound
  883. Dire humanitarian crisis brewing in Falluja
  884. Anti-US fighters may have control of Mosul
  885. US graffiti on ancient Babylon's walls (Now, who would ...? Morons)
  886. Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush
  887. Vancouver lawyer visiting U.S. cities to tell Americans how to emigrate
  888. Poison 'highest' possible cause for death: Arafat's physician
  889. Violence grips Iraq as Fallujah battle rages
  890. Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems - (United Press International)
  891. Sharon Killed Arafat Via Palestinian Collaborators
  892. Most provisional ballots rejected; voters often in wrong precinct
  893. Election 2004 brings out flaws in North Carolina voting systems
  894. US Forces Making Great Advances in Fallujah Voter Registration Effort (Fiction! LOL)
  895. Vote machine error brings recount in Franklin County
  896. Surprising Pattern in FL counties by voting machine type (Surprising?)
  897. Fort Bragg Troops Train For Homeland Security Mission (That's to attck you, folks!)
  898. Iraqi insurgents control Mosul
  899. Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis (Um - is "sloppy" the right word?)
  900. Iraq on Fire: Resistance Spreads as the Fallujah Death Toll Rises
  901. Dirty work at Philly polls
  902. The Iraqi Police And US Forces Lost Control Over The City of Mosul Today
  903. Falluja Update: Resistance Inflicts Heavy Losses
  904. State approves Nader recount (Score one for sanity)
  905. Voting 'glitches' could derail democracy
  906. VoteFraud.org: Five Essential Primers
  907. 10,000 more votes than voters in Nebraska county
  908. Suez Canal Shut Off, Oil Prices To Soar
  909. Indonesian cleric faces trial again over Marriot and Bali bombings
  910. Crisis of the European Union commission overshadows signing of EU constitution
  911. Australian soldiers fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians
  912. Democrats ready to confirm defender of torture as new US attorney general
  913. Yasser Arafat: 1929-2004
  914. Gov't Orders Air Passenger Data for Test (US - anything it wants)
  915. Photos taken of gay killing, claims mayor (London)
  916. US report links toxins to Gulf war syndrome
  917. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Manx poet fined
  918. Britain: growing opposition to occupation of Iraq as more Black Watch troops die
  919. The German media and Fallujah: accomplices to a war crime
  920. Britain: growing opposition to occupation of Iraq as more Black Watch troops die
  921. Iraq aflame over mass killings in Fallujah (Massacre as part of Genocide)
  922. After the US elections: the Democratic leadership bows to the far right
  923. Palestinians turn burial into act of defiance Tens of thousands mourn Arafat in Ramallah
  924. Fifty years since Israel's founding (1998)
  925. Insurgents Retake Hospital in Northern Fallujah
  926. Suez Canal Reopened
  927. Pentagon Building Its Own Internet For War
  928. CIA Critic of U.S. War on Terror Resigns
  929. Bush Sees Patriot Act Renewal As Key Goal
  930. Ashcroft says judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisions
  931. For the First Time Since Vietnam, the Army Prints a Guide to Fighting Insurgents
  932. Post-vote reform is sought
  933. Kerry Won Ohio
  934. King County faces election lawsuit
  935. Judge Sides With Democrats In Ballot Dispute
  936. Presidential Race Still Undecided in New Mexico
  937. Judge eyed on ballots
  938. Indiana 'voting' machines count straight-party Democratic votes as Libertarian
  939. ''Kill Pavlov'' (Pavlovian responses in re Israel v. Palestine)
  940. THE PRIME MINISTER Blair's Prize Is Bush's Promise on Palestine (Five Jokes in One Title)
  941. FDA Bars Critic From Meeting
  942. Scientist Who Cited Drug's Risks Is Barred From FDA Panel
  943. Ready to attack: US set for final move on Fallujah
  944. Ashcroft blasts federal rulings (Once a brainless pitbull, always ....)
  945. Bush Says U.S. Will Push Hard on Peace Plan (But War is Peace)
  946. Prosecutor seeks 8-year jail term for Italy's PM (Berlusconi)
  947. New Zealand News - World - Carrot and stick for Aborigines
  948. Iraq Coalition Casualties
  949. Himalaya glaciers melt unnoticed
  950. New York Daily News - Home - Arafat burial wild
  951. The Terrorist Statesman Took Peace Nowhere (A mental midget speaks)
  952. Iris Chang, 36, wrote 'Rape of Nanking'
  953. FCC should leave Private Ryan alone
  954. Flames engulf mosque in Netherlands
  955. Japan Protests To China Over Incursion by Nuclear Sub
  956. China Silent on Japanese Submarine Charge
  958. Despite U.S. gains, Iraqi insurgents prove resilient in face of offensive
  959. UN atomic agency puts off report again as Iran-EU nuclear deal threatened
  960. Office Depot to Cut Jobs in North America
  961. Attack on Fallujah can't be justified
  962. Collective punishment, regrettable necessity (and War Crime)
  963. Dutch Troops to Withdraw from Iraq
  964. Occupation Watch: Al-Zarqawi dead, letter claims
  965. War widows join forces to take on army bureaucracy
  967. Chile: Pinochet crimes to be exposed for the first time
  968. Die, then vote. This is Falluja
  969. Pr&#-11;&#-11;sidentschaftswahl: Wie es kam, da&#-11;&#-11; Amerika noch einmal Bush w&#-11;&#-11;hlte - FAZ.NET - Feuilleton
  970. Unofficial Audit of NC Election: Comprehensive Case for Fraud
  971. "American soldiers operating on Canadian soil."
  972. The agony of the Ecstasy (Israel, Drugs & CIA?)
  973. Neo-Nazi Al Qaeda :: Memes.org :: Memes are Mind Viruses (Do we believe in Al-CIADA?)
  974. Iraq's Allawi Is a 'Straw Man' and a 'Criminal,' Says Sy Hersh at NYU
  975. Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems
  976. Recount Ohio Now!
  977. For some (those who can count), Ohio still is not decided
  978. US snipers kill 17 doctors and nurses on their way to help the people of Fallujah (mparent7777.blog-city.com)
  979. Watchdogs demand vote accountability
  981. 123 allegations of voter fraud from around the nation
  982. American Forces In Falujah Surrounded! - Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 12 November 2004 (mparent7777.blog-city.com)
  983. Police Tasered truant girl, 12 (Police from Abu Ghraib)
  984. Arafat's doctor seeks autopsy
  985. Doctor: Poison may have killed Arafat; he urges an autopsy
  986. Ramsay Clark Demands Bush's Impeachment
  987. Who is Alberto Gonzales?
  988. Bush Selects Evangelical For Attorney General Post
  989. `What did Falluja do to deserve this?'
  990. List of voting machine malfunctions (and on and on and on ...)
  991. Big Media, Some Nerve! (Big Media complicit in vote fraud and coverup)
  992. SPECIAL BULLETIN: US Forces Have NOT Taken Falluja
  993. How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version
  994. Senior Palestinian renews poisoning suspicion in Arafat death: Turkish paper
  995. Fallujah: Mission Accomplished? (What mission?!)
  996. Two planeloads of U.S. soldiers brought to hospital in Germany
  997. Lawmaker: Cancel Palestinian Art Exhibi
  998. Anti-US fighters take control of Mosul
  999. Falludscha: Irakische Regierung stoppt Offensive - Politik - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  1000. CIA in Turmoil, Deputy Chief Resigns
  1001. Vice President Cheney Hospitalized (Sprung a leak and had to be vulcanized)
  1002. Fallujah Is Getting Out of The U.S. Control
  1003. Two N.C. Races Held Up by Voting Problems
  1004. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Eyewitness: Smoke and corpses (Falluja)
  1005. Fears grow for Falluja civilians
  1006. Fallujah 101 - history lesson
  1007. Insurgents 'patrolling Iraq city'
  1008. OUTBREAK (of Iraqis' fury)
  1009. Somebody Tell Lt. Brandon Turner That He's Insane
  1011. Police: Couple Planned To 'Sacrifice' Three Children On Church Altar(Fundamental Christianity)
  1012. Faux Newsbabble on Falluja
  1013. US loses control of Taji
  1014. Clashes erupt in Iraqi oil city of Baiji
  1015. Dutch intolerance bubbles to surface (intolerance of intolerance)
  1016. Cheney Visits Hospital for Tests, Heart Is Fine (Rats!)
  1018. Barghouti Release in Exchange for Pollard & Azzam
  1019. USNews.com: The Baghdad files: A trove of secret intelligence reports spells out in chilling detail how Iraq's dangerous next-door neighbor is aiding the anti-U.S. insurgency there (11/22/04)(Ha! The nuclear excuse for invasion isn't working too well.)
  1020. US Troops Stretched To Limit As Insurgents Fight Back
  1021. New Homeland Security Director Appointed KY (A former cable tv lobbist - feeling more secure?)
  1022. Presbyterian Church receives arson threat over Middle East policies
  1023. Despite Warnings, Drug Giant Took Long Path to Vioxx Recall
  1024. Political row as Italian TV news host forced out (Berlusconi strikes again)
  1025. Flu victim exhumed after 85 years (Um - why?)
  1026. Killer flu recreated in the lab (Hmm - soon to be deployed - oops!)
  1027. Chrion: Contract awarded to develop vaccine against H9N2 avian influenza
  1028. Flu pandemic looms as major global crisis (Setup for 1918 redux?)
  1029. Guantanamo Detainee Won't Attend Hearing
  1030. Patriot Act renewal up to Congress (What will the treasonous creeps do?)
  1031. Homeless Vets Already Overload Safety Net
  1032. Strategy maximizes Iraqi civilian deaths
  1033. U.S. Troops 'Liberate' City of Fallujah (Do we believe military officials?)
  1034. Blair impeachment show hits the road
  1035. A week of bloodshed and mayhem
  1036. Curfews as Iraq rebellion spreads
  1037. British soldiers sue Pentagon
  1038. Civilian cost of battle for Falluja emerges
  1039. British guard firm 'abused scared Iraqi shepherd boy'
  1040. A city in ruins, sky thick with smoke: 'let's kick ass ... the American way'
  1041. More Than 100 Journalists Killed This Year
  1042. Troops say they occupy all of Fallujah; Coalition death in Baghdad (Much is said; little is true)
  1043. Convenient villain (Arafat)
  1044. Bush's new investment (More Chimp jokes)
  1045. CIA veterans clash with new chief
  1046. CIA plans to purge its agency
  1047. Right-wing moralists launch censor war - [Sunday Herald]
  1048. Scientist Who Cited Drug's Risks Is Barred From FDA Panel
  1049. Ads to Back Schwarzenegger for President (Why doesn't he just die?)
  1050. Patrick Timmons: the War on Gay Rights
  1051. Dr. Susan Block: Blue Values
  1052. Christopher Brauchli: When a Prisoner of War Isn't a Prisoner of War
  1053. Dave Lindorff: The Ruins of Fallujah
  1054. Stan Goff: Torture and the Cinem
  1055. Carl G. Estabrook: How to Stop the GWOT
  1056. The Politics of Imperialism: Neoliberalism and Latin America
  1057. Alexander Cockburn: "Let Them Drink Sand"
  1058. Missing Arafat (Uri Avnery on Arafat's importance)
  1059. Mosul-Haifa pipeline has three US military bases protecting i
  1061. Iraqis dispute US progress in Falluja
  1062. US Forces Have NOT Taken Fallujah
  1063. "Who is Pushing for a US Invasion of Saudi Arabia?"
  1064. Civilian cost of battle for Falluja emerges
  1065. Groups, U.S. Battle Over 'Global Terrorist' Label ("Law" has ceased to exist)
  1066. Boston's Archbishop Reveals Anguish Of Closings (Not much anguish over children being raped though)
  1067. US troops diverted to Mosul (to cause more genocide and destruction)
  1068. Jewish sites attacked (but Israeli genocide is apparently ok)
  1069. Watching Mosul burn
  1070. Scotland on Sunday - UK - Military giant's threat to free press
  1071. Conference Studies Blogs' Impact on News (Hmmmm)
  1072. US to deploy hyper-missiles (Civilization?)
  1073. The Korea Times : USFK Relocation Aimed at Surgical Strikes on NK: Rep. Roh
  1074. THE PERFECT ENEMY (Bingo!)
  1075. The costs of war - Bill to taxpayers will soon exceed $260 billion
  1076. Memories of wars horrors led to suicide
  1077. Turkey Warns of Plan To Invade Iraq
  1078. New Iraq Law Outlaws Saving Seeds! Requires Licenses! (Only the utterly incredible is true)
  1079. Fighting continues in Fallujah
  1080. US forces 'occupy' Fallujah (Ooops - really?)
  1081. US wounded in Falluja hits 412 (Try adding a zero)
  1082. Anti-war protest halts city centre (Glasgow)
  1083. Web abuzz with vote-rigging tales (No kidding?!)
  1084. Inside Fallujah: one familys diary of terror (All Bushlovers should read)
  1085. Osama (the dead CIA agent) gets Islamic (Papal) approval to nuke U.S.
  1086. US Troops Bogged Down In Cautious House Clearing In Fallujah
  1087. 'Ramadai really out of Control' : U.S.Commander
  1088. Al-CIAda to attack US with nukes and blame its dead agent ObL
  1089. Yasser Arafat brother dies in Cairo hospital (Do we believe in weird coincidences?)
  1090. Pictures From Inside Iraq
  1091. Israel: Blackmailing America (Again)
  1092. WTC Construction Manager: Towers Were Designed to Take Numerous Plane Crashes
  1093. How many more Iraqis must die for our revenge?
  1094. Russian Report: Radiation Poisoning Killed Arafat
  1095. Denial Of Water To Iraqi Cities
  1096. Attacks Spread Through Iraq's Sunni Areas
  1097. Iraq war threatens the U.S. economy (That is also a desired effect)
  1098. When the smoke has cleared around Fallujah, what horrors will be revealed?
  1099. Swans Commentary: Help Is On The Way: Implications Of A Stolen Election, by Eli Beckerman - elib021
  1100. Anti-war protestors converge on KIngston
  1101. Fallujah: Mission NOT accomplished
  1102. Gunmen attack embassy
  1103. What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers' Habits (will be seized by US gov)
  1104. Expert: Harvard Aided Nazi Image in 1930s
  1105. Two N.C. Races Held Up by Voting Problems
  1106. Rights group blasts 'racist' US media
  1107. AP Photographer Flees Fallujah
  1108. Arafat death: French brain dead minister says no reason to suspect poisoning
  1109. US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution increased by US gov
  1110. U.S. OKs Commercial Drilling in Alaska Oil Reserve
  1111. U.S. Researcher Says Finds Atlantis Off Cyprus ([sigh] Asshole!)
  1112. Martial law declared as unrest deepens in rural China (Unrest is increasing)
  1113. Bush and Blair pledge to continue Middle East aggression (*That* sounds about right)
  1114. Mary Riddell: The roots of prejudice
  1115. Mexico's Former Ruling Party Leads Vote (Hmmmmm)
  1116. Interview: Mordechai Vanunu
  1117. US denies need for Falluja aid convoy (?!!)
  1118. New Zealand News - NZ - Lost souls of Japan
  1119. Bush and Blair: Self-righteous insolence
  1120. Gold and crude reserves to end in Russia in 15 years
  1121. Mind control: The Zombie Effect
  1122. Al-Qaeda 'on Britain's doorstep' (fiction and fabrication)
  1123. A city lies in ruins, along with the lives of the wretched survivors, and the dead, victims of genocide
  1124. Secretary of State Powell to Resign and screw up something else with lies
  1125. Colin Powell quits at State
  1126. Arab winds blowing against America, and but will exacerbate
  1127. The No-Partner Myth: Will Israel take steps to address Palestinian grievances or continue myth-making? -- In These Times
  1128. U.S.: 'Enemy is broken' in Falluja (Not 'liberated'?!)
  1129. Progressive News - Meet the New Brownshirts by Kurt Nimmo
  1130. Haunted Empire
  1131. Brown signs deal to import American enterprise culture for young Brits (AEI=neocon central)
  1132. Brussels leaves harvest of sprouts down to government (Idiots, morons and assholes all over)
  1133. Iran bows to EU pressure to freeze uranium programme
  1134. Launching the Islamic Gold Dinar (Pay attention. It's gold!)
  1135. Goodbye, Dollar&#-11;- &#-11; &#-11;and Empire
  1136. Journalist predicts war in Iraq will plunge U.S. economy into downturn (predicts?!)
  1137. Private jet takes men for 'torture'
  1138. Iraq vote could be delayed by lack of Diebold machines
  1139. Castro's mishap fuels exiles' talk of transition
  1140. FT.com / World / US - Nato missions 'threatened by refusal to send troops toIraq' because they need desperately to be threatened.
  1141. The city of a thousand mosques is destroyed as per US intentions
  1142. Allawi Doesn't Believe Any Civilians Died In Fallujah (Liar, or moron?)
  1143. US accused of torture flights
  1144. U.S. Presbyterians warned to change 'anti-Israel' stance
  1145. Presbyterians proceed with divestment plan
  1146. Stolen Election Library
  1147. 2004 U.S. Election controversies and irregularities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1148. Ballot Boxing
  1149. Media ignoring election fraud
  1150. An Open Letter to the New York Times (and by implication) the Rest of the US Media Who are Trying to Whitewash the 2004 Presidential Election Scandal
  1151. Row Continues Over Mystery Cause of Arafats Death
  1152. All the votes have not been counted
  1153. Who really won?
  1154. Glitch could force state to vote again
  1155. 'Respect Osama of Mor Americans wil Die': an Al-CIAda agent
  1156. UN probe backs Iran nuclear claim
  1157. Foreign sub in Israeli waters thought gathering intelligence (weird)
  1158. Doctor tells of hospital nightmare
  1159. Who Is The Real Enemy? (An utterly evil government supported by a collection of ignorant morons)
  1160. Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes (Ooops - are *they* going to get it)
  1161. Teachers Who Criticize Support For Israel Targeted! (Assassinations come next)
  1162. GOP Wants to End Exit Polls (Now would that be?)
  1163. US Troops Shot Civilians Escaping From Fallujah (It's what genocidists do)
  1164. Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing (Believe it when it's done quickly and properly)
  1165. Neo-cons: Around the world in seven steps (A clear warning re reality)
  1166. What Happens When you cross 15th Century thinking with 21st Century weapons?
  1167. These Unseen Wounds Cut Deep
  1168. Computer Glitch Changes Election Result
  1169. Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List
  1171. Ohio Vote Fraud: More Bush "Voters" Than Residents
  1172. Spies rise up against CIA chief
  1173. France remains mum on cause of Arafat's death
  1174. Arafat's Physician Seeks Exhumation
  1175. The Army's long arm
  1176. Fallujah in Pictures
  1177. US Treasury Department postpones auction of four-week bills
  1179. Fallujah: a hollow victory for the US army? (What victory?)
  1181. Fed Pension Agency Deficit to $23.3 Bln
  1182. Ohio voters tell of Election Day troubles at hearing
  1183. Rice Is Top Candidate to Replace Powell (Condosleeza Repto)
  1184. Long walk to freedom (Mordechai Vanunu)
  1185. Falluja liberated [?!?], says marines commander (More psychopathology in action)
  1186. U.S. Planes Bomb Falluja as Rebels Battle On
  1187. Falluja Rebels Battle On; Clashes Across Iraq
  1188. Pilotless Jet Will Attempt Speed Record (Remote guidance technology was in existence on 9/11)
  1189. Welcome to Ripley's Believe It or Not of Christianity
  1190. Obliterating Fallujah: War Crime in Real Time
  1191. Fallujah in Ruins: The Air is Polluted with the Stench of Death
  1192. The Greatest Political Scandal of Our Time
  1193. On the (Far) Right Hand of God
  1194. A Resignation Without Meaning: Powell and Latin America
  1195. Two Top CIA Officials Quit After Clash
  1196. Smoking to be banned (UK - and the brain bereft)
  1197. TV pool report says US Marine shoots wounded prisoner in a ...
  1198. NBC 4 - News - Man Ignites Himself Outside White House
  1199. SEC Charges Black with Fraud
  1200. US backs 'strong dollar' (LMAO - with *what*?! Hot air?!)
  1201. Boston.com / News / World / U.S. troops battle insurgents across central Iraq; Fallujah holdouts ''fighting to the death'' (Yes, mission accomplished)
  1202. Rebels Routed in Falluja; Fighting Spreads Elsewhere (Mission definitely ccomplished)
  1203. Fannie Mae Misses Deadline to File Report
  1204. Activists question accuracy of optical vote-scan machines (Getting there?)
  1205. Ohio recount moves from conspiracy to reality
  1206. US forces launch assault on Mosul (Resistance crushed?)
  1207. For an American abroad, wheres the love?
  1208. Falluja refugees tell harrowing stories
  1209. Dogs Eating Bodies in the Streets of Fallujah
  1210. Fallujah a ghost city
  1211. U.S. pension agency's deficit more than doubles in 2004
  1212. Europe is 'shutting out UK firms'
  1213. Bush threatens mankind, says Caldicott
  1214. Mosul revolt spreads to town near Syria
  1215. Housing crash fear drives down prices
  1216. Blair calls on UN to ease invasion of 'bad' countries (Good cop, bad Blair doesn't do it)
  1217. US does not pay back favours, says Chirac
  1218. Chirac sideswipe at UK-US alliance
  1219. Porton Down unlawfully killed airman in sarin tests
  1220. Mosul-Haifa pipeline has three US military bases protecting it -Why?
  1221. Iraqi oil pipeline destroyed
  1222. Dark Side Of The Shortwave Radio Band
  1223. Mujahideen Claim Heavy US Losses - Fallujah Calls For Media To Drop Lies
  1224. Bush Rats Jumping Ship,to Be Replaced By Ebola-Toxic Next-Generation Republicanazis
  1225. Holocau$t Debate Lands in Cape Town Courtroom
  1226. Report: Fannie Mae warns of possible $9 billion loss
  1227. New evidence of Mossad involvment in Belgian murder case
  1228. Lawsuit questions 'discovery' of 78,000 absentee votes in Broward
  1229. The Staggering Cost Of Israel To Americans
  1230. No Child Left Unrecruited? - The County Line
  1231. Israel's Mossad rocked by internal crisis: report
  1232. Government looking at military draft lists
  1233. Joan Dayan: Cruel and Unusual, The End of rge Eighth Amendment
  1234. Man who set himself on fire in front of White House was FBI informant
  1235. Iraqi Insurgents Roil Sunni Triangle With Counterattack
  1237. UN finds no proof of nuclear weapons in Iran
  1238. Children pay price for US offensive
  1239. Our Vanished Values
  1240. GIs say Fallujah is a disaster and nothing there is in control
  1241. U.S. Military Probes Death of Wounded Iraqi in Fallujah Mosque (Probe=Whitewash)
  1242. Court martial confirms Britain given advance warning of Iraq invasion
  1243. Surveillance by CIA/FBI
  1244. 'This one's faking he's dead', 'He's dead now'
  1245. US forces arrest senior Iraqi official whose party is against Fallujah Attack
  1246. Clashes in Baghdad, Ramadi, Buhriz, Mosul and Suwayra.
  1247. Condoleezza Rice, presidential confidant and family friend, could make lifeeasier for Bush (and being a psychotic idiot?)
  1248. New Report, Footage Surfaces On Mass Graves Of US Soldiers
  1249. The Voice of the White House
  1250. Document reveals Columbus, Ohio voters waited hours as election officialsheld back machines
  1251. Marines shoot wounded prisoners in Fallujah mosque
  1252. Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines
  1253. Geneva Conventions Protect Wounded in War
  1254. US Marines rally round comrade
  1255. Was the Ohio Presidential Vote Stolen? (Guess! Read your real history first)
  1256. 'Cover-up' bid over post vote protest
  1257. The Perfect Election Day Crime
  1258. US troops bombarded the substituted hospitals that had been set up insideFallujah
  1259. Russia Claims U.S. Spy Plane Spotted Near Black Sea Border
  1261. Bombing Iraq Civilians
  1262. U.S. Marines execute an Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines
  1263. Anti-terror focus turns fuzzy
  1264. FALLUJA: Summarily Executed + Uncensored Video / Text of US Troops Executing Wounded Falluja Mosque Prisoner (mparent7777.blog-city.com)
  1265. Safire calls it quits after 31 years as N.Y. Times' conservative voice
  1266. Was The 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?
  1267. Cobb campaign announces Ohio recount progress
  1268. UN seeks probe into US war crimes in Falluja
  1269. Louisiana teens getting driver's license also register for selective service
  1270. Election 2004: Lingering Suspicions
  1271. More Ohio votes rejected
  1272. Detroit schools to lose 4,000 jobs to red ink
  1273. States Ranked: Smartest to Dumbest
  1274. Should Canada indict Bush?
  1275. The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup
  1276. The Belgium Supreme Court just declared Belgium's largest party "VlaamseBlok" (Flamish Block) a "criminal organization" and ordered its dissolution. (Now, there's an idea!)
  1277. Wholesale prices soar
  1278. Election Over, McCain Criticizes Bush on Climate Change
  1279. Australian Aborigines become first target for "welfare reform"
  1280. Fallujah in US hands as uprising sweeps Sunni regions of Iraq
  1281. John Ross: Bush in Rapture
  1282. The Ohio "Vote": Ken Blackwell Has Some Explaining to Do
  1283. Rudy Rimando: Black Soldiers in the Philippines, 1899
  1284. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: Sen. Bill Frist v. John Quincy Adams
  1285. Murder in a Fallujah Mosque
  1286. Rejoice Not: Arafat's Funeral
  1287. The Goss Purge: Night of the Long Knives at CIA
  1288. Ballots (120) missing in Casar (NC)
  1289. More Than 260 Absentee Ballots Uncounted In Pinellas County
  1290. In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye
  1291. World Food Day: Iraqi farmers aren't celebrating
  1292. Blair accused of having blood on his hands in wake of Hassan's murder
  1293. US push to rid Mosul of insurgents
  1294. US Commander in Iraq Calls Shooting 'Tragic' (How about 'murder'?)
  1295. Terrorism Informant In Serious Condition Man Tried Suicide at ...
  1296. US Air Force secretary resigns (James G. Roche)
  1297. Troops Move To Quell Insurgency In Mosul
  1298. US claims 'no fault' in 2003 killing of reporters in Iraq: Reporters WithoutBorders
  1299. Moves Cement Hard-Line Stance On Foreign Policy
  1300. GOP Pushes Rule Change To Protect DeLay's Post (Criminality has no limits)
  1301. German auto union head suggests GM cut US costs
  1302. Behind State Department, CIA shake-up: Bush-Cheney regime prepares a second term of all-out militarism
  1303. US media applauds destruction of Fallujah (The genocide is not mentioned)
  1304. Green Party of the United States "Recount in Ohio A Sure Thing"
  1305. Vote Recount to Settle Doubts?
  1306. Republicans move to protect DeLay's position
  1307. French media: Israelis aided Ivory Coast military in attacks
  1308. Chirac: Iraq war has made world more dangerous
  1310. Inquiry backs 'Gulf war syndrome' claims (They're not all making it up?!)
  1311. Kmart, Sears to Merge in $11 Billion Deal (Is everone paying attention?)
  1312. Marines Killed Four Wounded Iraqi Prisoners: US Reporter
  1313. The Late, Great, American Republic: A Report from Mid-Century -- 2050
  1314. After day of cabinet resignations, many fear a shift to the right (Surprised?!)
  1316. ..site of the freelancer who broke that Fallujah murder story
  1317. Tension high, Dutch ponder old blasphemy law
  1318. To the conspiracy theory born (What the Rabbis of Israel really expect to have)
  1320. Triumph of the Neocons
  1321. Ohio Has Clearer Picture of Ballots Now
  1322. Important Zundel Hearing Set For Thursday
  1323. PRESS RELEASE: A Florida Style Nightmare - North Carolina Citizens Demand Verified Voting Measures
  1324. Vote Fraud and Congressional Inaction- Demand the Resignation of Nancy Pelosi
  1325. Tax California Drivers by the Mile?
  1326. The shocking truth about the FCC: Censorship by the tyranny of the few
  1327. Something is rotten in Denmark: Exit poll data in former Soviet Republic of Georgia vs. USA
  1329. Insurgents Attack Iraqi Security Forces (It's that or be killed)
  1330. Ohio To Go Through Statewide Vote Recount After All (To be confused by new frauds?)
  1331. We were told to fix Ukraine election, say police chiefs
  1332. Smoke and mirrors (Lunatic zealots and the destruction of truth: government science)
  1333. Colin Powell: The Soldier who lost the will to fight (and gained the will to lie)
  1334. Stolen Election Library -- With Hundreds Of Links (again)
  1335. Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions
  1336. DoD News: Secretary of The Air Force James G. Roche Resigns
  1337. Zionist death squad plans to assassinate Palestinian leaders: sources
  1338. VOTE FRAUD: Volusia County on lockdown
  1339. The 3893 extra Bush votes in one Ohio Precinct--by WhiteKnight1
  1340. Heavy blasts rock Baghdad
  1341. Car bomb hits civilian convoy in Baghdad
  1342. U.S. News & World Report points the way to invasion of Iran
  1343. Israel fears extremists backed by Iran may try to kill Abbas (Um - did Iranians poison Arafat?)
  1344. Wounded GIs Say Fallujah Is A Disaster
  1345. Gaston investigates election tally errors
  1346. Terror case dealt blow when key witness sets himself afire
  1347. Conservatives rail against MSNBC's Olbermann fo ... [Media Matters for America]
  1348. Voters Recount Irregularities (Second layer of frauds)
  1349. Ballot Troubles
  1350. Why Isn't Kerry Using $50M Unspent Campaign Money to Fund Recounts?
  1351. High-Tech Jim Crow: Stealing Ohio's Vote
  1352. Israel hints military reprisals against Lebanon (Homemade?)
  1353. Iran Got Warhead Design, Bomb-Grade Uranium -Exiles (How to say Chalabi in farsi?)
  1354. Report: Iran has secret nuke plant (and making WMDs no doubt, like Iraq)
  1355. Ohio hearings show massive GOP vote manipulation, but where the hell are theDemocrats and Kerry? (Bought & paid for)
  1356. Settlers attack Palestinian olive harvesters, clash with IDF
  1357. Dollar hits new low versus euro (You ain't seen nothin')
  1358. FCC Claims Regulatory Power Over Home Computers
  1359. Fallujah killing could be war crime: HR groups (Could be?!)
  1361. Freepers Promote The New American Values
  1362. Europe Pleads With US To Bolster Dollar (Can't! Euro 2 B new reserve currency)
  1363. GM will close van factory in Baltimore
  1364. PAIN RAY GOING AIRBORNE (Aren't you just thrilled?!)
  1365. House GOP embraces change in membership rules to insulate DeLay against possib;e indictment
  1367. Gold past $445 on sharp drop in dollar
  1368. US forces arrest Iraq's deputy parliament speaker
  1369. Who benefits from the murder of Margaret Hassan?
  1370. Sell-by date of war crimes about to expire in Somerville, MA? (Interesting)
  1371. Bev Harris Finds 'Missing' FL Vote Records In Trash!
  1372. The Palestine Question
  1373. Senate OKs $800B Debt Limit Hike
  1374. Clarke: CIA Had Spies Inside Al Qaeda, Pre-9/11 (Al-CIAda bullshit)
  1375. Clinton administration was worried about U.S. al-Qaida cells, Clarke says(delusional)
  1376. Counterinsurgency run amok
  1377. Bush Administration Wants Arctic Meltdown
  1378. US authorities put a cap on the rap
  1379. US dollar slide increases global tensions
  1380. Kmart-Sears merger threatens thousands of US jobs
  1381. Horrific scenes from the ashes of Fallujah
  1382. Leading journalist Robert Fisk asks: Who killed Margaret Hassan?
  1383. The siege of Fallujah America on a killing spree
  1384. Fallujah in Pictures
  1385. John Marciano: Oppose the War and the Warriors
  1386. Pierre Tristam: It Has Happened Here
  1387. America's Radioactive War: DU in Iraq
  1388. Omar Barghouti: Snuff Films and War Crimes in Iraq
  1389. Toni Solo: Rumsfeld in Nicaragua
  1390. Condi Rice and Latin America: She Sees Enemies Everywhere
  1391. Bring Them Home Before They Kill Again
  1392. Who and What Killed Our Friend Margaret Hassan?
  1393. Israeli tank mistakenly kills 3 Egyptian soldiers at border
  1394. Israel apologises to Egypt (It speaks? It apologizes - for once?)
  1395. Iraq body tested for Hassan DNA (hmmm)
  1396. Russia Says It Will Build Nukes That No One Else Has (Oh! Wonderful!)
  1397. Top adviser tapped for education post (Another jesus psycho?)
  1398. Goss Isn't Done With Housecleaning at CIA
  1399. CIA plans riskier, more aggressive espionage
  1400. In the long run, humans prevail (Repto seem to be prevailing)
  1401. UPDATE 1-Britain to complain to Spain about racist chants (Oh! Get over yourself, bonzo!)
  1402. Antidepressant Prescriptions for Children Soar, Studies Find (Drug them up!)
  1403. Rise in Antidepressants Prescribed for Children: Study
  1404. In public's view, quality of health care keeps sinking
  1405. Blair, Chirac air differences (They fart at each other?)
  1406. Top ministers from Pacific Rim discuss free trade area, terrorism (i.e.,discuss hot air)
  1407. Condoleezza Rice going into hospital for uterine surgery (Maybe she'll die - or get whatever gets done to the rest of them)
  1408. Israeli PM Sharon considered staging military coup in 1967
  1409. To derail the peace process Mossad supports Moslem fundamentalists and nearly assassinated Bush Sr
  1410. USA to develop nuclear power industry to extricate from the energy crisis
  1411. Dollar Near Record Low; Officials May Be Unwilling to Halt Drop (Unwilling? Try unable)
  1412. UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds 'Smoke Alarm' for Florida E-Vote Count
  1413. Europe May Fail to Win U.S. Support for Lower Euro
  1414. Underwriters' Labs fires 9/11 whistleblower
  1415. 'Arrest without evidence' planned by British Government
  1416. Egypt confirms Israeli tank kills 3 Egyptian police
  1417. Suspect in Pearl kidnap case killed (Convenient for whom?)
  1418. Bush holds private meeting with bank chiefs (Gets more ridiculous every day)
  1419. Israel hand seen in Ivorian clash
  1420. Abrams said U.S. choice to succeed Kurtzer as Israel envoy
  1421. Falluja fighters resist as clashes spread (Mission will never be accomplished except by genocide)
  1422. Exit Polls and Voter Fraud: A User-Friendly Explanation
  1423. Media's silence on vote fraud deafens
  1424. Recount New Hampshire
  1425. Iraqis call for boycott of 'fake' elections
  1426. Violent anti-Bush protest in Chile injures 3
  1427. Israel frees top Hamas man after 20 months in jail
  1428. Three More Indiana Counties Report E-Vote Errors
  1429. Dollar continues record declines
  1430. Man With Pot Given Choice: Jail or Military
  1431. Long allied with U.S., South Korea now looks eastward to China
  1432. Gitmo Trials Continue Despite Ruling (What law?)
  1433. People For the American Way - A Report by PFAW Foundation and NAACP
  1434. GOP May Go Nuclear On Judges
  1435. Watchdog group requests Volusia vote tallies
  1436. Ohio vote miscount (Complication is purposeful)
  1437. Hearings on Ohio voting put 2004 election in doubt
  1438. Iran rejects nuclear site charge
  1439. Fierce Fighting Erupted In Western Ramadi
  1440. 47 parties boycott elections in Iraq
  1441. Hizbullah Disclaims Attack, Palestinians Fear Air Offensive on Camps
  1442. Colin and the crazies
  1443. Doubt regarding who killed Margaret Hassan
  1444. UC Berkeley Study Questions Florida E-Vote Count
  1445. Maintain the Current US Law that only permits Native Born US Citizens to become US Presiden
  1446. Democrats Take up Fight Over Ballots (Only to trash it)
  1447. Media accused of ignoring election irregularities
  1449. MindFreedom Online: Bush to Screen USA for Psychiatric Drugging
  1450. Castro Raises Doubts About Bin Laden Tape (Fidel still has a mind)
  1451. Dems question Kerry's campaign nest egg
  1452. World Leaders Get Huge Vote of No-Confidence from their Populations
  1453. UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds 'Smoke Alarm' for Florida E-Vote Count
  1454. Canadian MP fired for criticizing Bush
  1455. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; Berkeley analysis of Fla. electronic voting finds Bush wrongly awarded between 133,000 and 260,000 votes
  1456. 2,294 more reservists mobilized this week by armed forces than last week
  1457. Jesus was a loser and a coward (Ironic reality of hypocricies)
  1458. How Dare Families and Survivors of 9/11 Question Government Version!
  1459. Some of Bush Fund-Raisers Got Appointments (Nooooo?! Really?)
  1460. US cannot verify Iran nuclear claim (But who needs verification?)
  1461. News: Philadelphia: GOP bid for poll shifts rejected
  1462. MP assailed [and praised] for anti-Bush TV stunt
  1463. White House pressure on CIA under scrutiny
  1464. Rare Blood Infection Surfaces in Injured U.S. Soldiers (Hmmmm)
  1465. US 'to blame' for journalist deaths
  1466. Police scoff at Ashcroft speech
  1467. Dems Cave on Gonzales: War Criminal as Attorney General?
  1468. Suzan Mazur: The New York Times Fesses Up to Another Rip Off
  1469. Robert Fisk: What Price is Innocence Now Worth? The Murder of Margert Hassan
  1470. The Bolivian Crisis Deepens
  1471. Iraq War as Video Game: "I Got My Kills...I Just Love My Job"
  1472. The Ferguson Report article ("The Beginning of the End for the Dollar")
  1473. Hugh Urban: America, "Left Behind"
  1474. WAS IT HACKED? (A Good Summary of dastardly deeds)
  1476. Iraqi Physican Confirms US Chem Weapons Use In Fallujah
  1477. Reporter Convicted for Not Naming Source
  1478. Fears over five more big-selling medicines in US
  1479. Sequoia Gives Away Electronic Voting Machines in Swing State Before November Electio
  1480. Iraq War Topping $5.8 Billion A Month
  1481. U.S. Government Assassination Plots
  1482. U.S. pension agency faces dire crisis
  1483. Outsourcing of jobs is accelerating in U.S
  1484. Zbigniew Brzezinski How the US provoked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan
  1485. The Dems Are Caving on Gonzales (What did you expect?!)
  1486. Verkiezingen 2004: Bush terecht in het Witte Huis?
  1487. Open letter to Dr. Condoleezza Rice - PRAVDA.Ru
  1488. heise online - Wissenschaftler st&#-11;&#-11;tzen These von Wahlbetrug bei US-Pr&#-11;&#-11;sidentschaftswahl
  1489. Sorry Everybody (We failed; it's as simple as that)
  1491. Opium production surging in Afghanistan
  1492. Mounting evidence of US destabilisation of Sudan
  1493. There Is No One Left to Stop Them
  1494. US expected to boost troop levels in Iraq (How?)
  1495. Margaret Hassan execution: Anatomy of a CIA-DIA-Mossad Counterinsurgency operation
  1496. Ring of fire
  1497. Murder of British Jew heightens racial tensions in Belgium
  1498. U.S.-Iran nuke talks almost ruled out (US is itching to invade Iran)
  1499. Truman Library - Edwin M. Wright Oral History Interview
  1500. University researchers challenge Bush win in Florida
  1501. US 'inflated' foreign fighters' numbers
  1502. Turkish Security Report Reveals Israel's Policy In Iraq
  1503. Pressure grows for Iraq election delay (Diebold! Diebold, where art thou?!)
  1504. CIA Memo Urging Spies To Support Bush Provokes Furor
  1505. Kerry can win Ohio but won't try
  1506. More missing ballots turn up in Pinellas
  1507. Troops find al-Zarqawi HQ (LMFAO! A Mausoleum?)
  1508. Britain's Foreign Office Censures Israel (Now poodleboy is in trouble)
  1509. 'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida
  1510. CIA has 'new guidance' on interrogation (Ouch!!)
  1511. GOP Vote Suppression Is a Coup Against U.S. Constitution (Just its Treason du Jour)
  1512. Unofficial Audit of NC Election: Comprehensive Case for Fraud
  1513. Fighting Continues In Fallujah; Mujahideen Hit US Governorate Building (Mission Accomplished)
  1514. Eyewitness Report: 4 Killed As U.S. Forces Raid Mosque
  1515. US intelligence issue pessimistic report on Fallujah offensive
  1516. Ohio Recount Must Start Now
  1517. Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead
  1518. Parliament Act brings an end to 700 years of hunting
  1519. MoD ordered Iraq supplies 'in a rush' (Um - with *how* much notice?!)
  1520. Why won't the FBI show the 9/11 airport videos ? (Ohhhh - let me guess ...)
  1521. US battle plans begin to unravel
  1522. U.S. Enraged by Tehran-EU Agreement (Calm down & have some CIA opium)
  1523. Dollar Slides After Greenspan Comments
  1524. Posts on conservative website advocate violence against journalist (That's normal)
  1525. Greenspan concerned with weak dollar (*Now* he's concerned?!)
  1526. t r u t h o u t - Is Bush Preparing Attack on Iran? (Yes - that's easy - next?)
  1527. Mr. Powell's warning isn't worth shit
  1528. FCC Crackdown Could Spread (No Crackdown - it's a virus)
  1529. List of Ohio Precincts where more votes were cast than there were voters
  1530. Study Finds Florida 'Ghost' E-Votes
  1531. US Churches Take Stand Against Israeli Occupation
  1532. Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill (Sneaky)
  1533. After Bush re-election: German Greens shift further to the right
  1534. US soldiers in Iraq suffer horrific brain and mental injuries
  1535. Chirac seeks to appease Washington while ensuring France gets its cut
  1536. US-European tensions deepen over Iran's nuclear program
  1537. Report: Iran has gas for weapons (fabrication)
  1538. Iran making uranium gas for arms, envoys say (fabrication)
  1539. US claims Iran rushing to make arms (More fabrication)
  1540. Colin Powell accuses Iran of building nuclear program (The Supreme Liar)
  1541. US accuses Iran of rapidly making uranium (Guess who US wants to invade?)
  1542. Doubts Persist on Iran Nuclear Arms Goals (Same damn shit, different country)
  1543. Unrest ushers in summit in Chile
  1544. Marine commander shows pictures of insurgent weapons, hideouts fabrication)
  1545. American military is pursuing new types of exotic weapons - PRAVDA.Ru (Rather sophisticated snowjob)
  1546. The Resounding Silence Continues. How Much is Enough for the Media to Cover Votergate 2004?
  1547. Not What You Think - by Charley Reese
  1548. The Sunni-Shi'ite power play
  1549. Pinellas ballot box sat ignored in office
  1550. Fallujah Video has congressman calling for reporter ban
  1551. Turks Protest US Killing of Fallujah POWs
  1552. Greeks Protest US Aggressions in Fallujah
  1553. Briefing frenzy in Washington over Iran nuclear fear
  1554. Israeli soldiers accused of tampering with corpses
  1555. The great house price boom turns into busted flush
  1556. Arafat's widow retrieves medical records (maybe - or what?)
  1557. Anti-Bush Protesters Battle Police at Chile Summit
  1558. Chilean police use water cannons & tear gas against Bush protesters
  1559. Judge Can't Help Denier's Wife
  1560. Palestinians Called 'Stinking Animals' on MSNBC's 'Imus'
  1561. 2004 Exit Poll "Red Shift" As Seen In Vote Numbers
  1563. Violence Breaks Out All Over Baghdad
  1564. National Security Study Memorandum 200 (Essential Reading)
  1565. Bin Laden, Zarqawi trying to communicate: general (seance among ghosts?)
  1566. Lab used by LAPD falsified DNA data
  1567. Voting irregularities
  1568. Media downplays vote-counting problems
  1569. Lawyers Plan To Challenge Election Results
  1570. French Jews blast government decision to air Hezbollah TV
  1571. CNN tries to poo-poo the vote fraud scandal
  1572. US Has Opened The Gates Of Hell; American POWs To Be Executed
  1573. Hearings on Ohio Voting Put 2004 Election in Doubt
  1574. Kissinger, Eugenics And Depopulation
  1575. Participants in the Cover-Up of 9/11: The Case of American and United Airlines,
  1576. ICRC blasts 'inhumanity' of Falluja battles
  1577. U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Baghdad Mosque
  1578. Violence Surges Through Central and Northern Iraq
  1579. Outcome of US Falluja assault disputed
  1580. Democrat picks up seat in recount (NH)
  1581. More Ohio voter suppression testimony prompts upcoming legal filing for
  1582. Fight over Arafat's medical records
  1583. IN THE NEWS - Condoleezza Rice Nominated as Secretary of State
  1584. The disastrous state of State
  1585. Condoleezza Rice: Her master's voice
  1586. Powell 'pushed out' by Bush for seeking to rein in Israel
  1587. Bob Herbert: White House echo chamber (enough said)
  1588. locusts hits Israel (Hiii! Remember me? --- God)
  1589. Evangelist Graham embarks on 'last crusade' (Not dead yet?!)
  1590. News Gathering Is Illegal Under New Patriot Act ll (and crop gathering, and breathing, and ...)
  1591. Blair plans increased anti-terror powers if re-elected (That's *terrorizing* powers)
  1592. Pentagon turns heat up on Iran (How completely surprising!)
  1593. Republicans File Suit to Limit King County Recount
  1594. Rebellious Republicans Derail 9/11 Reform
  1595. On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations
  1596. Experts Fear Price Pressures Could Worsen
  1597. Sit-in ends with UW students' arrests
  1598. Outsourcing the Pentagon
  1599. Military Amputees to Get New Rehab Center (Now, read why!)
  1600. US government implicated in the assassination of Danilo Anderson?
  1601. What You Didn't Know About the Dollar & Iraq (Essential Economics)
  1602. Children Pay Cost of Iraq's Chaos
  1603. Falluja troops told to shoot on sight
  1605. Uranium-Enrichment Myths Busted
  1607. Formal State Dinner Canceled at APEC
  1608. Liberals, the election is over, live with it (??!)
  1609. Capital Punishment for Anti-Occupation Iraqi Imams
  1610. Falluja women, children in mass grave
  1611. Resistance Targets Rear US Fallujah Positions; Chemcial Weapons Use In South Expecte
  1612. How I Stole Your Election - By George W. Bush
  1613. Pentagon reviewing military action against Iran as spokesman says Tehrancommitted to nuclear suspension
  1614. Bush warned against attacking Iran
  1615. The 2004 October Surprise [dead Osama b. L] Video is fake!
  1616. t r u t h o u t - Lawsuit Challenges Ohio Presidential Results
  1617. Militant groups control 60 percent of Fallujah: witnesses
  1618. 32 US Students Named Rhodes Scholars
  1619. New anti-retroviral drugs discoveredby herbalists
  1620. Academia Still Fixated on John Kerry [coup 2004]
  1621. Southern California storm dumps snow even in desert regions
  1622. Karl Schwarz Order Info
  1623. Air France Flight to Washington Diverted
  1624. 25,000 protest start of APEC
  1625. CNN.com - Academy removes Christian banner - Nov 20, 2004
  1626. CNN.com - World's largest DNA lab reports fraud - Nov 18, 2004 (Isn't everything?!)
  1627. Judge denies GOP request that some ballots not be recounted in Wash.
  1628. GOP moderates in Congress get cold shoulder
  1629. Memo stirs controversy at York U. ("Antisemitism" as intimidation weapon)
  1630. If bin Laden was dead, Would the U.S. admit it?
  1631. Republicans file suit to limit King County recount (and again)
  1632. Iran Attack In Less Than Six Months (Reason to be invented later)
  1633. Litigating the Election
  1635. School orders boy to cover his T-shirt
  1636. What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream
  1637. Opposition could topple gov't in no confidence vote (IL)
  1638. Senior Sunni cleric killed in Mosul
  1639. Slingshot advance? (Gold and $US)
  1640. Reporter: Wounded Iraqi Made No Movements
  1641. Pollard: Israel groomed jailed terrorist to head PA
  1642. FindLaw News: Election Law Coverage 2004: Lawsuits
  1643. Activists protest electronic voting
  1644. How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
  1645. Up to 50,000 more US troops needed in Iraq: Senator McCain (Send him!)
  1646. Eyewitness: Falluja battle scars
  1647. Read the WSJ, If You Can Stand It
  1648. Bush might not address House (scaredycat)
  1649. The Lying Game, Revisited - by Justin Raimondo
  1650. Iran Says Will Meet EU Nuke Deadline on Monday
  1651. Ukraine gripped by vote stand-off (More vote fraud)
  1652. Saving Your Right to Vote
  1653. FaithSats and Lunar Crucifices
  1654. Widespread Election Fraud in Cleveland?
  1655. US risks a downhill dollar disaster (How about sure thing?)
  1656. Intrusive Airport Searches: Screeners Authorized to "Pat Down" Private Parts
  1657. More Information on Push For NY Grand Jury Over 9/11
  1660. Don't Count on Recounts
  1661. The Debt To the Penny
  1662. U.S. Troops Open Fire on Iraqi Bus, Killing 3
  1663. Iran is Not a Nuclear Threat!!!
  1664. Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents
  1665. Judge Refuses to Stop Wash. Recount
  1666. Start of campaign to oust UN
  1667. Tax return provision draws fire in Senate
  1668. Here We Go Again
  1669. Won't Get Fooled Again?
  1670. 'Security services foil 9/11 attack in UK' (Nose keeps getting longer)
  1671. Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions
  1672. Media largely ignored Berkeley study on Florida voting irregularities
  1673. Another Stolen Election and the End of Formal American Democracy
  1674. U.S. Threatens Punitive Steps Over Ukraine Election (ROTFL)
  1675. Clinton to ABC News: It's payback time (Cute)
  1676. Poll: Creationism Trumps Evolution [sigh]
  1677. S. California Gets Up to 3 Feet of Snow (Haarp playing again?)
  1678. Australian police raid Aboriginal newspaper
  1679. Spain seeks to appease Bush (so much for Spain)
  1680. Bush provokes protests--and police--in Chile
  1681. Rumsfeld fails to forge new security pact US-Latin American tensions over "war on terror"
  1682. Alexander Cockburn: The Poisoned Chalice (So much Cockburn's sanity)
  1683. SpinWatch
  1684. Why Bush Should be Banned from Canada
  1685. Plans for UK national identity card take shape
  1686. Summit's agenda hijacked by Bush
  1687. Millions of locusts swarm Israel's Red Sea
  1688. Desert Locust Information Service of FAO: Locust FAQs
  1689. Arafat's nephew al-Kidwa refuses to rule out poisoning
  1690. Arafat's Nephew Says Cause of Death Inconclusive
  1691. Bisexual Alexander anhers Greeks (Noo - not a publicity stunt?!)
  1692. Arafats nephew blames Israel for the Palestinian leaders ...
  1693. Gold Bullion Fund Admits It May Not Have Gold (Ooops!)
  1694. News Executive Calls Anti-Arnold Movement 'Klan-Like,' Promises to Alert FBI(Everything upside down)
  1695. Scoop: Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions
  1696. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; Mysterious &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;George W. Bush: Our leader&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Clear Channel political public service billboard graces Orlando freeway(Like Stalin? Mao? S. Hussein?)
  1697. A Logical Voice: Blair, a traitor and war criminal
  1698. Israel's Battle in Fallujah
  1699. 'The USS Liberty': America's Most Shameful Secret
  1700. Former Israeli army chief Rafael Eitan drowns (Ahh - some good news?)
  1701. Powell wins poll assurance from Sharon (???)
  1703. Former IRS Special Agent Directly Confronted By IRS Accusers
  1704. Worldwide effects of sinking dollar (Oh! Just lots of fun! Thanks George!)
  1705. Zionist Neocon Pentagon turns heat up on Iran
  1706. Election defeat merits suspicion, candidate claims: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  1707. Re: Geneva did not envision urban warfare with terrorists(Well then - there it is)
  1708. Are you a Holocaust survivor? You were only a child...
  1710. Counter-Inaugural Demonstration in Washington DC
  1711. China's central bank tells US not to blame others for economic woes
  1712. New Spy Investigation Suppressed at Crucial Juncture
  1713. 8,099 Cuyahoga ballots ruled invalid (Directly by GOP deceit)
  1714. Estimated 200,000 Protest Ukraine Election (Never shut up!)
  1715. Disinformation Busted! CIA posing as Al Qaeda muslamaniacs at
  1716. Disinformation Busted! CIA posing as Al Qaeda muslamaniacs at jihadunspun.com(That's Al-CIAda to begin with)
  1717. MPAA wants parents, teachers to rat on their kids
  1718. New video game tries to sell "lone gunman" theory of JFK assassination (Truth getting too hot?)
  1719. White House seeks study on whether to transfer CIA forces to Pentagon (How about flushing them down a toilet?)
  1721. United States of Hypocrisy points finger at Vote Fraud in Ukraine
  1722. Israel's Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
  1724. Baghdad Remains Hot Bed Of Resistance, Attacks Reported Country Wide
  1725. Mass Offensive Launched South of Baghdad
  1727. 9/11 Truth enters No.1 at MoveOn's "Action Forum"
  1728. Confusion Reigns as U.S. Raid Misses Target in Iraq
  1729. U.S. Dollar Hits New Low Against Euro (Those new lows just keep coming)
  1730. Bush Economic Adviser, Friedman, to Leave (Not Milton)
  1731. GAO to investigate election complaints (Investigate is reassuring, GAO is not)
  1732. U.N.: War 'Wreaking Havoc' on Iraq Young (One of the goals in genocide)
  1733. Blair Impeachment Probe to Be Sought by 23 British Lawmakers (Get *ON* with it fer chrissakes!)
  1734. Bush Orders Review of Covert Operations (Bush orders human liver for lunch)
  1735. Bush Wants Plan for Covert Pentagon Role (Bush want to kill people)
  1736. Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount (Judge needs to be hung for treason)
  1737. New drug laws 'draconian and breach human rights' (NZ's Nazi State)
  1738. Australian trained at Al Qaeda camp, court told (You mean CIA camp)
  1739. Assets seizure plan undermines justice, say Greens (NZ fovernment theft)
  1740. Immunised children catch killer disease (and the vaccine?)
  1741. When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman, by J. Orlin Grabbe
  1742. Almost 200,000 reservists are on active duty, and more called up every week
  1743. US Media Miss Rumsfeld's 'Dirty Wars' Talk
  1744. Gaston election inquiry begins
  1745. U.S. Threatens Punitive Steps Over Ukraine Election (farcical)
  1746. Israelis fired on girl 'having identified her as a 10-year-old', militarytape shows
  1747. MPs call for Blair's impeachment (So do it!)
  1748. It is the destiny of democracy to renounce torture (Not with these reptos in power)
  1749. Election commission: Voting problems widespread
  1750. Home Office 'linked to discredited claim of al-Qa'ida plot' (UK)
  1751. Army chief: probe of killing of girl, 13, was 'grave failure' (IL)
  1752. Aljazeera.Net - Libya 'disappointed' by rewards
  1753. Militant groups control 60 percent of Fallujah: witnesses
  1754. Fallujah Refugees
  1755. Investigation Links Gonzales, Abu Ghraib Torture Memo
  1756. Saratoga was 17 minutes from USS Liberty - The USS Liberty coverup unravels
  1757. Israeli officer: I was right to shoot 13-year-old child
  1758. Vanunu runs for rector at Glasgow
  1759. Israeli troops kill Egyptian police
  1760. Seumas Milne: If the US can't fix it, it's the wrong kind of democracy
  1761. Witnesses say US forces killed unarmed civilians
  1762. VIDEO: Israel's Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
  1763. Economic `Armageddon' predicted
  1764. Congress Funds Mandatory Psychological Tests for Kids
  1765. Homeland Security ads urge parents to talk terrorism
  1766. Passengers complain about pat-down searches at airports
  1767. Mail-in ballots give Oregon voters control
  1768. Saddams Legal Team Considering Suing U.S. for War Crimes (It sounds right yo me)
  1769. 9/11 was just a warm up for the final act
  1770. 'Dirty bomb' within al-Qaeda's reach: Al-CIAda
  1771. On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations.
  1772. Two killed in attack on deputy Iraqi governor convoy
  1773. Afghan warlord certain US troops to leave Afghanistan soon (When US collapses into shit)
  1774. U.S. Oct. Durables Orders Unexpectedly Declined 0.4% (That's all?!!)
  1775. Mob In Mexico Burns Two Federal Agents Alive (This could catch on.)
  1776. Bush tells CIA to get more spies (and bring him pretzels and beer)
  1777. How your government gets away with murder (Let me count the ways)
  1779. Updated Freeman Vote on the stolen Vote
  1780. Repressive MEMRI - by Juan Cole
  1781. Undeterred by Failure in Iraq, Neomorons Push for U.S. Attack on Iran
  1782. FReepers set new low
  1783. Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount
  1784. Miami County, Ohio. Fraud or incredible coincidences?
  1785. Ukrainian elections turn into farce (and US elections?)
  1786. Controversial IRS Provision Not Nixed Yet
  1787. Widespread Election Fraud in Cleveland? (You have to ask, still?)
  1788. Bush to speak in Halifax, not in Parliament (Um - who wants to listen?)
  1789. U.S. Marines in Iraq Open Love Letters with Caution (Oh! The poor babies! I'll vomit now)
  1790. Powell Rejects Ukraine Election (I reject the Powell Repto)
  1791. Press review: 'The world is a dangerous place' (Governments?)
  1792. City Council Votes To Turn Streetlights On After Boy Killed
  1793. Maidan - News - 12 Tanks are Going Towards Kiev
  1794. The confrontation builds in Ukraine (More courge than ovine 'murikans)
  1795. School bans the Declaration of Independence (LMFAO! Noe, *that's* Real 'murikan!)
  1796. Mortgage Lending Down in Third Quarter (Watch what the bubble does, now)
  1797. Ukraine on brink of 'civil war' (Something a few other countries need desperately)
  1798. Revolution In Ukraine
  1799. US Congress to investigate irregularities in November 2 vote (LMAO! - and will also lower their obscene salaries)
  1800. Ohio Democrats Offer Support for Recount Effort (in order to subvert it)
  1801. 8,099 Cuyahoga ballots ruled invalid
  1802. Felons list audit faults state (FL)
  1803. Rights group sues over election results (FL)
  1804. Zogby Vs. Mitofsky
  1805. Ukraine Liberal Calls for Strike, Civil War Warning
  1806. GOP's Rossi Wins Wash. Governor Recount
  1807. E-mails released Monday show lockdown pre-planned
  1808. Group Finds Problems With Voting Machines
  1809. Auditor to Army: Dock Halliburton's Pay
  1810. South Korean government cracks down on public sector strike (Ahhh - democracy!)
  1811. Fallujah and the laws of war
  1812. Allegations of vote fraud in Ohio, Florida: Was the 2004 presidential election stolen?
  1813. The Mark of McCain: the Senator Most Likely to Start a Nuclear War
  1814. Safire the Shameless
  1815. Witnesses: War Crimes in Fallujah
  1816. Double Standards on Exit Polls: Hypocrisy Sans Irony
  1817. License to Kill: the Example of Violence is Set by the State
  1818. Winslow T. Wheeler: The Other Mess in Congress (Mess? The Congress is a living pile of shit)
  1819. Mark Thatcher loses appeal in Guinea mercenary case
  1820. Saudis register for landmark election - the men anyway
  1821. Ukrainians march on president's office
  1822. US 'alienating' world's Muslims (Noooo?! Really? Genocide will do that)
  1823. Sarah Jessica Parker in Israel (Rabbis need brain transplants)
  1824. Against the advice of the International Monetary Fund, the country decidestp spend oil earnings on improved social programs (Venwzuela)
  1825. Pigeons 'sense magnetic field' (Umm - that's 20 year old knowledge)
  1826. Boston Mayor Seeks Repeal of Archaic Law (US: such a civilized country)
  1827. Japanese lost for words (and getting stupider in their own language. Sound familiar?)
  1828. Shell loses out in contest to develop Iraq's Kirkuk oil field(Constructing a nest of lies)
  1829. Conservatives Reject Intelligence Compromise (Conservatives reject intelligence)
  1830. Russia to increase euro reserves (It starts)
  1831. 2 Top Officials Are Reported to Quit C.I.A.
  1832. Election Company Has Long Criminal History
  1833. Wyoming: 106% Turnout of Registered Voters In 2004 General Elections (How patriotic!)
  1834. Suspect in hunter killings says he was shot at first (Gets fishier)
  1835. General Who Ran Prisons (Miller) Gets Pentagon Job
  1836. Pentagon Report: Muslims See US as 'Two-Faced' (Now why would that be?!)
  1837. European consumers ignore most famous US brands
  1838. Iraq Pipeline Watch (and the unmentionable Haifa line?)
  1839. A Few Thoughts Before We 'Liberate' Iran
  1840. Sharon cancels talks with Straw
  1841. U.S. struggles to find troops for Iraq, Afghanistan (Buy expensive mercenaries?)
  1842. The HooK: NEWS- Film flap: Local shutterbug 'exposed' in D.C.
  1844. Iraqis to Try to Contact Some Baathists
  1845. FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower
  1846. Ukraine: Start of a new cold war?
  1847. Impeachment? I found it on Google says Plaid MP behind idea
  1848. How Modern Medicine Killed My Brother
  1849. Greenback Loses Favor In China
  1850. AIG to pay $126 million to settle two probes
  1851. Ralph Nader-requested recount to resume Monday
  1852. Election 2004: Still Not Over
  1853. Court certifies Nevada election
  1854. New Ohio voter transcripts feed floodtide of doubt about Republican election manipulation
  1855. When America Kills Children, Is God On Its Side?
  1856. 20,802 US Soldiers Heavily Wounded (Oh! They've been lying!?)
  1857. Ruble Hits 4-Year High Versus Dollar
  1858. Ukraine on brink as strike looms (Go for it!)
  1859. Iraqi people must be master of Iraq: Putin (There's a novel idea)
  1860. Video: Israeli Soldiers Going In For The Kill: A 13 year old Palestinian school girl is about to di
  1861. New U.S. Foreclosure Inventory Nears 30,000 in October, Announces Foreclosure.co
  1862. US Iraq casualties near record levels
  1863. Sidney Blumenthal: One gulp, and Bush was gone (A psychotic nation hs reelected its most psychotic and dangerous president)
  1864. Gold price soars as investors dump the dollar
  1865. Fears of violence grow as face-off intensifies (Ukraine)
  1866. Recount gives Rossi a 42-vote victory but Gregoire vows to press for manualtally
  1867. Ukraine Opposition Leader Calls for Strike
  1868. Planeloads of Russian Special Forces Land in Ukraine
  1869. The Consequences Of Surrendering Liberty To Government Security
  1870. Zundel files suit against feds
  1871. Bush avoiding Parliament; no desire to be 'booed'
  1872. IDF says " As protest became violent we had to defend ourselves "
  1873. Russian Political Scientist Blames Brzezinski Conspiracy To Bring US And Russia Into Conflict For Ukraine Crisi
  1874. Final Tallies Minus Exit Polls = A Statistical Mystery!
  1875. Murder Of Rafael 'Raful' Eitan Proven
  1877. Guardsmen say they feel like prisoners
  1878. An Intrusive new search
  1879. Ukrainian High Court Hearing Vote Appeal
  1880. Powell Says Ukraine Vote Was Full of Fraud (He should know about frauds)
  1881. Bold but bloodless, a nation defies history
  1882. The East-West stakes over Ukraine
  1883. Did Dubbya rig the election?
  1884. What Vote Fraud?
  1885. U.S. Dollar Hits Another Low Against Euro
  1886. Wyoming: 106% Turnout of Registered Voters In 2004 General Elections
  1887. Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election
  1888. Toxic chemical discovered in Lake Michigan
  1889. Turnpike runs free on 1st day of strike
  1890. Fighting to Keep One World of Human Rights and Law: Building a Resistance toBush
  1891. Japanese want troops to leave Iraq
  1892. Deaths as blasts rock Samarra
  1893. Two Marines Killed in Fallujah Clash
  1894. 2,000 killed in Fallujah offensive
  1895. Protesters gear up for Bush (Canada)
  1896. Lawyers Attempt to Bar Bush From Canada
  1897. Hearings on Ohio voting put 2004 election in doubt
  1898. Margin Now Just 42 Votes in Washington State Race
  1899. Wyoming: 106% Turnout of Registered Voters In 2004 General Elections
  1900. More voting questions raised
  1901. Britain: Queen's speech outlines assault on democratic rights
  1902. Iraq: child malnutrition almost doubles after US invasion
  1903. Two opponents of the US occupation assassinated in Iraq
  1904. Did Bush Lose the Election?
  1905. GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularies
  1906. No Delusions
  1907. We've Been Had (Vote Fraus since 1996)
  1908. Mary Starrett -- Where's the Outrage? (Various list topping outrages.)
  1909. Columbia U. vows swift intimidation of anti-Israel professors
  1910. Scoop: No More Excuses: Understanding the Americans (Recent history, broadly)
  1911. 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah
  1912. US may have used N-bomb in Ira (That's "Neutron Bomb")
  1913. Dollar struggles, hits record low vs euro
  1914. Economic 9/11 Coming? (Of course, the effects of the looting are certain)
  1915. Water dispute may boil over during pullout (unauthorized drillings?!)
  1916. Craig Roberts -- You Have Papers? ("I refuse to fly anymore.")
  1917. China cuts U.S. Treasury holdings on dollar drop-report
  1918. Bloggers Respond to MEMRI threats
  1919. US Jewish Groups Press Mideast Peace (A little waking up?)
  1920. Israel faces Russian brain drain
  1921. Turk lawmaker says US in Iraq worse than Hitler
  1922. Home Office 'linked to discredited claim of al-Qa'ida plot'
  1923. Salt Lake Lawyer - FBI Likely Knew Of Oklahoma Bombing Plot
  1924. Gold Breaks To New 16 Year High
  1925. 'Invisible ink' used at polling stations (Think you imagined all the tricks?)
  1926. Puppet &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Iraqi ministry of health&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; orders Baghdad hos[itals not to admit wounded patients from Al-Falluja
  1927. Press Routinely Undercounts U.S. Casualties in Iraq
  1928. WHO warns of dire flu pandemic (again?)
  1929. Crowds blockade Kiev government
  1930. Media Blackout on Election Fraud by Media News Group
  1931. U.S. Still Has Half of Falluja to Clear of Weapons (So, mission accomplished?)
  1932. More voting questions raised (More, after more, after more ...)
  1933. WTO approves sanctions against US (A bit telling)
  1934. Cold War crisis in Ukraine: Control of oil, key Grand Chessboard 'pivot' at stak
  1935. 17 Parties Demand Iraq Elections Postponed
  1936. Two More Top CIA Officers Leave
  1937. Dollar decline gathers pace, shaking global markets
  1938. Ukraine state TV in revolt (enough "telling the government's lies")
  1939. Ukraine: Comparing the candidates
  1940. Ukraine vote on hold after court ruling
  1941. Is the Annexation of Canada part of Bush's Military Agenda?
  1942. License to Kill: the Example of Violence is Set by the State
  1943. Mitchel Cohen: Why I Hate Thanksgiving (2004 Version) (History Corrected)
  1944. William Loren Katz: Giving Thanks to Whom? (More historical correction)
  1945. Paul Craig Roberts: Whatever Happened to Conservatives?
  1946. Nation of Sheep, Turkey of an Election: Urkrainians Show the Way
  1947. Why Bush Should Be Banned from Canada: a Memo to the Ministry of Immigration
  1948. Peter Feng: Gavin Newsome, Man or Machine?
  1949. The Devil's Work: Bush's Minority Appointments (obvious minorities are the wrong distinctions)
  1950. Templar History Magazine
  1951. Physics 3333 / CFB 3333 Creationism
  1952. U.S. threatens to cut aid over court / Congress wants immunity accords forAmericans (US threatens, US threatens, US threatens, ...)
  1953. Outlook is for war, then more war (and war again, and still, and yet ...)
  1954. Bush: Iran Nuke Pact Must Be Verifiable (Opposite of US elections)
  1955. How Electronic Voting Impacts the Trustworthiness of our Elections
  1956. Is America heading toward fascism? (Headed?! Wake up!)
  1957. Pictures that tell the truth versus the Pentagon's productions
  1958. Thanksgiving: A Native American View
  1959. Dollar hits new low against euro (yet again)
  1960. Tens of Thousands of Votes Lost, Stolen, Miscounted
  1961. What Were the Odds That Bush Would Win?
  1962. Thugs, Racketeers Counting American Votes
  1963. Conflicting reports on Ukraine election
  1964. Ukraine's parliament declares presidential election invalid
  1965. UN panel's torture fear over UK troops in Iraq
  1966. Fed's Poole Says Inflation Effect of Dollar Drop Not `Enormous' (Some say anything)
  1967. 25,000 US Casualties in Iraq; 9% of Troops Put in Hospital or Killed
  1968. Bush: Validity of Ukraine Vote in Doubt (He must know about bullshit elections)
  1969. EU:New Elections Only Solution for Ukraine
  1970. Iran gives in on nuclear demands
  1971. Oil makes U.S. raise military stakes in Colombia
  1972. The Recipe for Civil War - Pepe Escobar
  1973. Government lays down law to BBC on reporting news
  1974. India, China and other countries start dumping US dollar and buy Euro
  1975. Syria And Iran In Bush/Israel Cross-Hairs (What else is new?)
  1976. US defence sales boom in South Asia
  1977. Games software hardens US troops for Iraq battle (See movie "Toys")
  1978. Israeli N-whistleblower seeking asylum abroad (Vanunu)
  1979. Judge Denies 3rd Party Recount Request (Because W says so - Jawohl!)
  1980. Lawyers accuse US of trying to 'get rid' of Saddam
  1981. Corridors of Power / Up in arms over civilian deaths
  1983. Third of Halliburton-managed Iraq properties 'could not be located' (Oooops!)
  1985. ECB chief laments dollar's fall
  1986. Scalia says religion infuses U.S. government and history (So does genocide)
  1987. ANSWER: Momentum builds for January 20 counter-inaugural demonstration in Washington DC
  1988. Lawsuits claim machine voting is unconstitutional
  1989. Marines Offered up to $30,000 to Reenlist
  1991. Press Action ::: America&#-11;&#-11;s Crisis
  1992. North Carolina's ballot blues
  1993. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science: Vote swings in Florida in counties with and without e-voting
  1994. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; Dean website &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Democracy for America&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; hacked with Nazi imagery Saturday morning
  1995. U.S. MILITARY AID TO ISRAEL DEEMED UNUSUAL (Just figuring this out?!)
  1996. Proof of Lies And Evidence Fabrication Against The Hijacker Suspects of 9-11
  1997. Labor Must Get Behind Demand for Fair Vote Count
  1998. Dollar slides to a record low / China, other foreign banks show signs of disenchantment with U.S. currency
  2000. Lords of the flies
  2001. America is more fragile than it looks
  2002. Pakistan Backs Off Bin Laden Hunt
  2003. Suit Seeks Provisional Ballots Re-Examined
  2004. Feds to Investigate Voting Irregularies (ROTFLMAO)
  2005. Fundamental flaws put our voting system at risk (GOP is the flaw - kill it)
  2006. Voter suppression efforts mired election
  2007. Aid threatened as US fights war crimes court
  2008. Public Extermination Project : LA IMC
  2009. Scalia: founding fathers never advocated the separation of church and state(?? What history does he red?)
  2010. Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla. (They did also in Madison, NC)
  2011. The debate over Muslim "parallel societies" in Germany
  2012. Repeal of India's draconian anti-terrorism law Largely a cosmetic change
  2013. World Socialist Web Site
  2014. Israel: Killing of Palestinian girl provides snapshot of a brutal regime
  2015. Egyptian ministerial conference: Middle East leaders rubberstamp US occupation of Iraq
  2016. Justin Taylor: Empire's Lawless Opportunities
  2017. Lenni Brenner: Equality and Rights of Return
  2018. Gary Leupp: One More Neocon Target: South Korea! (READ IT)
  2019. Kathy Kelly: What We Can Control
  2020. Torture & Neo-Liberalism with Sycorax in Iraq
  2021. Diana suggests lover bumped off' in new tape &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2022. Over 16,500 still missing from Bosnia war, says Red Cross &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2023. Islanders fleeing eruption &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;, Papua New Guinea island of Manam
  2024. Voter suppression efforts mired election
  2025. Class-action suit filed on R.N.C. arrests and Pier 57
  2026. Hain denies Canary Wharf terror threat (So you know it's true)
  2027. Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory (The designated strawman?)
  2028. In South Florida precincts, only minor discrepancies found (Stupid contradictions)
  2029. US promises to comply with WTO export rules (but will not anyhow)
  2030. 30,000 Gallons of Crude Leak Into Delaware River
  2031. Climate change and unfamiliar species leave Inuit lost for words
  2032. Election result maps (Very Enlightening)
  2033. Fallujah Napalmed
  2034. Tainted wells pour arsenic onto food crops
  2035. After 800 years, church leaders are still making bones over claim to saintlyrelics (Brain needed)
  2036. Neocons join the lynch mob for arrogant Rumsfeld (just yapping)
  2037. Britain poised to send 1,000 more soldiers to Iraq
  2038. Why `Weenie' may start with a capital Dubya
  2039. Republicans in threat to block overseas aid
  2040. Bush's Social Security Plan Is Said to Require Vast Borrowing (Really?!)
  2041. UK troops in Iraq face new court threat
  2042. Rwanda army masses on Congo border
  2043. America Is Embarrassing Itself
  2044. THE PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE CONSPIRACY (Evil government ueber alles)
  2046. SC orders more touch-screen voting machines (Um ? ? - oh, nevermind)
  2047. America's 'Di&#-11;&#-11;n Bi&#-11;&#-11;n Phu' Has Started in Iraq (US's future in Iraq)
  2048. Dollar May Drop for Eighth Week as Central Banks Permit Slide (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
  2049. Ukrainian Police Use Tear-Gas Against Demonstrators
  2050. Eminent domain foes argue land seizure being abused to help private companies (What else is it for?!)
  2051. Electoral fix: never mind the Ukraine, both the UK and the US are anti-democratic states - [Sunday Herald]
  2052. India, China and other countries start dumping US dollar and buy Euro
  2053. Driving off the economic cliff!!?
  2054. Russians suggest foreign help in attack
  2055. As dollar sinks, euro grows in stature on world stage
  2056. Iran Group Signs Up Suicide Volunteers (They *know* about the invasion)
  2057. Sharon: European deal won't stop Iran's nuclear plans (Bomb! Kill! Invade! Destroy!)
  2058. Iran Allegedly Builds Secret Facility for Nuke Program (They *should* be acquiring an arsenal of nukes)
  2059. Jordan's King Strips Half Brother of Crown Prince Title
  2060. Weak dollar leaves central banks in a bind (Let's [ay with worthless dollars?)
  2061. Protesters issue Ukraine ultimatum
  2062. Arabs may have the oil, but Israel has the matches
  2063. Sharon calls for stronger action against Iran (Will someone rid us all of this meddlsome priest of Death)
  2064. US building army base near Iran border
  2065. Why Wasn't Osama Bin Laden Captured During This 1998 ABC Interview? (Capture a CIA agent?! LOL)
  2066. Bush Hands Million-Dollar Public Land to Mining Company for $875
  2067. China questions dollar slide
  2068. Source of Powell's Iran intelligence under scrutiny (What intelligence?)
  2069. Nuclear Disclosures on Iran Unverified (No shit.)
  2070. "KILL ON SIGHT" A Christ Follower's Dilemma
  2071. Massive D.C. Counter-Inaugural Demonstration Jan 20
  2072. Paralyzed woman walks again after stem cell therapy (Hmmmmm)
  2074. More Signs of a Military Unraveling
  2075. How Zionists Spy On American Citizens 24/7
  2076. M7.1 quake hits Hokkaido; 14 injured
  2077. Ukraine's eastern region to hold referendum on autonomy
  2078. 6,635 bodies in Baghdad mortuary: counting cost of crime and chaos
  2079. The Military Draft
  2080. Social Security reform 'could worsen deficit' (That's what it's supposed to do)
  2081. IDF dismantles `outpost' in Neveh Dekalim
  2082. U.S. Treasuries Decline on Speculation Foreign Demand May Wane
  2083. US dollar slide continues
  2084. Important Sites
  2085. One Month Later, Fight Over Ohio Continues
  2086. The battle of Fallujah
  2087. StockGate: SEC Paper Presented at SIA Symposium Calls Counterfeiting 'Pervasive'
  2088. Bush assassination allegation begins to crumble (A lie? Oh Gee.)
  2089. 'They hate our policies, not our freedom'
  2090. Web Won't Let Government Hide
  2091. The Dollar Stares into the Abyss
  2092. Jesse Jackson seeks voting probe
  2093. Electronic Voting 1.0, and No Time to Upgrade
  2094. A Close Look at Fallujah Insurgents Lab
  2095. Japan uses submarine incident to whip up anti-Chinese nationalism
  2096. Germany: right-wing trajectory of conservative parties in wake of Bush re-election
  2097. Gary Leupp: Ukraine: Poll Results Aren't the Real Issue
  2098. Globalization and Economic Inequality: a Look at the Numbers
  2099. Uri Avnery: The Abu Mazen Style
  2100. The US Media and Fallujah: How to Market a Siege
  2101. Blowback in Ukraine: The Hand of the CIA?
  2102. 'Spy' crisis souring Israel-New Zealand relations
  2103. Iran agrees to a freeze on nuke programs (Won't stop the invasion)
  2104. Guantanamo Tactics 'Tantamount to Torture' (Tantamount? Yes or no?)
  2105. Chile Torture Victims to Get Compensation
  2106. EPA Looking at Using Tests on People (Still at it)
  2107. Howard defiant over ASEAN treaty row
  2108. Collapse of the petroleum delusion / Rise of the DIY movement
  2109. Teen arrested in W. Bank had Sharon death threat on phone (but, did they say fuck?)
  2110. Court convicts top Rabin aide of fraud, breach of trust (And Sharonpig?)
  2111. Brics provide a solid foundation for US investors
  2112. US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja (That's normal)
  2113. Anti-Berlusconi strike cripples Italy (See this. Watch the Ukrainians deal. Hello?)
  2114. U.S. Court Throws Out Discrimination Suit By Jewish Soldier
  2115. Rumsfeld facing war crimes case in Germany
  2117. Combat Vets Twisting In The Wind
  2118. Tax activist faces charges Ex-IRS agent contends federal returns not required
  2119. Activists Crawl Through Web to Untangle US Secrecy (FIND GOVERNMENTALLY HIDDEN INFO)
  2120. Lycos launches anti-spam zombie army - ZDNet UK News
  2121. Embassy (UK) sounds alarm over growing dangers in Iraq
  2122. Smiling Frowned Upon in Visa Photographs (Send in the manikins?)
  2124. Ohio Democrats Offer Support for Recount Effort (Support? Isn't that just precious?)
  2125. Pentagon disputes Red Cross criticism (Boring!)
  2126. Activist groups plan peaceful Bush protests (but will be shot anyhow?)
  2127. Newsclip Autopsy - FOCUS: VOTERGATE
  2128. Favoritism in the suburbs
  2129. Columbus election related video and audio
  2130. UN action frustrates U.S. on Iran
  2131. 'We Are Living A Disaster'
  2132. How To Keep Elections Honest
  2133. Compelling: Ohio recount: Stealing votes in Columbus
  2134. Campaign Extra!: Beware of evil right-wing Lapto Plobbyists! (Barf Alert)
  2135. Bush Visits Canada Amid Anti-War Protests (that he never sees?)
  2136. RIDGE TO RESIGN (Chimp-Hyena to resign too?)
  2137. Suicide bomber rams U.S. convoy on Baghdad's airport road as U.S. death toll equals monthly high; Allawi plans to meet Iraqi ex-pats(Reality will not be gainsayed, regardless of what is said of it)
  2138. As usual, Bush protesters will be hidden from his view...(Surprise, surprise)
  2139. Colleges Can Bar Army Recruiters (until it's illegal)
  2140. Scientist says FDA called journal to block Vioxx article (Ah - "government science")
  2141. Abizaid Calls for Internet Controls (But, generals always make domestic and foreign policy)
  2142. Bullies at the Airport (The only Repug worthy of life, and exceptionally so)
  2143. Corporate Takeover Of Government Well Underway (Underway? It's fait acompli)
  2144. Correction: Texas exit poll glance
  2145. US faces war crime case for abuse
  2146. National Security Archive joins library and public interest groups
  2147. Locke says statewide hand recount needed (WA)
  2148. Judge Tosses Challenge to Nev. Bush Win
  2149. Something's fishy in Ohio
  2150. Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight To Get Ohio County to Recount (Not really reassuring - though result matters not)
  2151. The Governor-General's speech: a wish list for Australia's corporate elite
  2152. A million textile jobs at risk worldwide (Reasons are always interesting)
  2153. Power struggle in Ukraine: what do Yushchenko and Yanukovich stand for?
  2154. Lynne Cheney's "Sisters" (Go ahead. Peek, you prurient pixie.)
  2155. Citizenship Sold: Back to Business in Indiana
  2156. The Bush Delusions: Successful at Incompetence
  2157. Meeting Kurtz: When Art is a Crime (The pure hell of US reality)
  2158. Jennifer Van Bergen: The Veil of Secrecy
  2159. University students struggle to form a sentence &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2160. Queensland Premier calls for calm in Palm Island as activists promise payback
  2161. Many whales and dolphins dead in mass beaching &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2162. Ruling party ahead but stung in Romania vote (Why can US for a new government? No reason)
  2163. Julian Baggini: Why the left has gained a US accent (YES!)
  2164. AIDS epidemic rampant in sub-Saharan African (It was designed)
  2165. Colorado Crash Similar to 2002 Incident
  2166. Supreme Court declines Massachusetts same-sex marriage fight
  2167. SCOTUS Skips Out on Same-Sex 'Marriage' in Massachusetts
  2168. 'The age of cheap oil is over' (But not the wars upon which it depends)
  2169. Psychiatric Exam of Jackson Accuser Denied
  2170. Seattle Weekly: Arts: Small World: Alex's Closet by Steve Wiecking
  2171. Lawyers shelve Alexander action (Oh - really big surpise :-)
  2172. Alexander the (not so) Great fails to conquer America's homophobes (A divide of intelligence, not morals)
  2173. Chronic stress 'link' to aging (That's just the beginning)
  2174. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Medical Marijuana Issue
  2175. Ukraine elections betray Western bias
  2176. False Spin in Ukraine
  2177. Anti-Bush protesters scuffle with police
  2178. Vancouver protest against Bush visit
  2179. Alaska Recount 2004
  2180. The U.S. government and Israel believe that is not enough. (Nothing willever be enough)
  2181. Bush Says Iran Must Go Beyond Nuke Suspension (Lick Sharonpig's ass?)
  2182. Voters To Challenge US Election
  2183. Congress Funds Psychological Tests for Kids (How about psych tests for Congress?)
  2184. President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (is a mental illness)
  2185. The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Election 2004
  2186. Pentagon brushes off criminal complaint against Iraq abuse in Germany (by conspiracy theorists to be sure)
  2187. Michael Moore : 'Bush got more votes' (Newsmax & "Moore the Filthy" deserve each other)
  2188. U.S. May Plan Offensive in Afghanistan (US is simply offensive)
  2189. Wal-Mart's China inventory to hit US$18b this year
  2190. Voters to challenge US election
  2191. Military recruiters target schools strategically
  2192. Wounded or Disabled But Still on Active Duty
  2193. FBI's translation scandal heats up; more whistle-blowers emerge
  2194. US army generals did nothing to prevent torture and abuse
  2195. Pentagon Uses Networks To Dupe Public!
  2196. Rocket Fuel in Milk, Lettuce (still, that is)
  2197. What happened to Iraqs oil money?
  2198. Danish officer jailed for leaking secret Iraq WMD reports to media
  2199. Lod deputy mayor calls for evacuation of Jews from Arab neighborhood
  2200. Ohio tally fit for Ukraine
  2201. Tulsa World on Oklahoma Vote Totals: We Have No Idea
  2202. Ukraine Parliament Issues No-Confidence Vote
  2204. Israel claims Iran impedes peace process (and Israel impedes all humanity)
  2205. Jesse Jackson: Kerry's "Early Concession Betrayed the Trust of the Voters" (Kerry did as he was damn well told)
  2206. Ex-workers detail tactics of movers
  2207. Lycos bid to hit spammers ends with a hack - Breaking - http://www.theage.com.au/technology/
  2208. Black Box Voting files Public Records lawsuit against Palm Beach County
  2209. NO TO BUSH and NO TO WAR
  2210. Ukraine Parliament Passes No Confidence Motion in Government
  2211. Letters To Leaders
  2212. 'Lowdown tricks' sap poll-watcher's faith in fair U.S. voting
  2213. PM sacks Shinui ministers after budget trounced in Knesset
  2214. Former Bush Campaign Official Indicted
  2215. More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty | News From Babylon
  2216. U.S. to Send 12,000 More Troops to Iraq
  2217. Breaking: FBI Raids Israel-Lobby Office (mparent7777.blog-city.com)
  2218. "Activist OH County Judge Halts Green/Lib Recount!"
  2219. Voting errors tallied nationwide
  2220. Mutilated body is not Hassan's
  2221. U.S. to Boost Troop Presence in Iraq to 150,000 (to vote in their elections?)
  2222. Iran arrests 'spy' faking nuclear company. 03/12/2004. ABC News Online
  2223. Omar Barghouti: "The Pianist" of Palestine
  2224. Israel's Sharon Fires Ministers, Shatters Coalition
  2226. Another Election Held and Another Election Stolen
  2227. THE NEW DARK AGES IS UPON US (Indeed they are)
  2228. Netherlands' Prince Bernhard dies
  2229. Now It Really Gets Weird: 9-11 Footage Shot By Israeli Spies Turns Up On al-Qaeda Webste
  2231. Anti-spam plan overwhelms sites
  2232. Galloway wins Saddam libel battle
  2233. Dollar's plunge may be harbinger for sterling (which isn't so sterling anymore)
  2234. Small Talk: Spyware company has its eye on a fund raiser
  2235. Augustine said to have bulldozed employees to work on campaign
  2236. US OUT OF IRAQ - Wear A Black Ribbon
  2237. JINSA Congratulates the Administration's Choice of Judge Alberto Gonzales for U.S. Attorney General(Doesn't that just figure)
  2238. TRUTH LEFT OUT: Dr. Freeman's Important Analyses AGAIN Ignored by Mainstream
  2239. FBI Reports on Agent Misbehavior
  2240. Saying no to Israel is not anti-Semitism
  2241. European small fry are feeling euro pain
  2242. Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says (washingtonpost.com)
  2243. Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says (You forgot makes up lies)
  2244. Stasi Chief Markus Wolf Hired by Homeland Security (Surprising?)
  2245. Out to Sushi? (Team Arnold graps more than breasts)
  2246. The civilians we killed
  2247. Israel Vows Mideast Peace Unless Provoked LMAO
  2249. Whistle-Blower Crackdown Spreads
  2250. U.S. Official Concerned About Venezuela Arms Plans
  2251. Pentagon Propaganda Shop Lives On, 'L.A. Times' Reports
  2252. Raytheon 'Heat Beam' Weapon Ready For Iraq (Infants get new toys 4 xmas)
  2253. UK's biggest spammer in court (cool!)
  2254. 'Peacekeepers' flee with $1.81m (Hmmmm - who's on first?)
  2255. Ukraines Kuchma Flies to Moscow for Talks With Putin on Election Crisis
  2256. Falling oil prices provide little comfort to investors as stocks slide.
  2257. Inspectors said calling for access to secret Iranian sites (Diamona too?)
  2258. Subpoenas issued for officials of pro-Israel lobby group
  2259. Pro-Israel lobbyists to face grand jury
  2260. U.S. Relies on Admittedly Bogus Lie Detector in War on Terror (trial by drowning?)
  2261. Ohio provisional ballots overwhelmingly for Kerry.
  2262. US Will Officially Legalize Genetic Pollution of Crops (Oh Wonderful!)
  2263. Subpoenas issued for officials of pro-Israel lobby group
  2264. Pro-Israel Media Watchdog Threatens University Professor with Lawsuit
  2265. Israel sounds warning on Iran nuke plans )I wonder what they want)
  2266. 'Union-Tribune' Vet Goldsborough Quits After Column Is Spiked
  2267. FBI searches offices of top pro-Israel lobby
  2268. Florida-based Southeast Airlines ceases operations
  2269. Retailers Post Disappointing Nov. Sales (because they're living in Whimworld)
  2270. Fight for Democracy Rally
  2271. Cobb: Ohio Recount Must Start Now!
  2272. UN report highlights two global terrors (disease and nukes)
  2273. Tenet calls for Internet security (I thought he died!)
  2275. The Evidence for Ballot Tampering in Escambia County, Florida
  2276. FBI raids AIPAC office as witchhunt continues (Um - witch humt?)
  2277. US government exports election fraud to Belgium (We share our sicknesses)
  2278. Illegal Strip Searches at Reagan National? (The end is when you've had enough)
  2279. VHeadline.com today publishes a top secret US Army document
  2280. Huge pay drawing NZ soldiers to Iraq
  2281. Mall Security Getting Anti-[pro] Terror Training (parmilitary - just like local police training)
  2282. Bernard B. Kerik
  2283. Fingerprint system crash fuels doubts over ID card scheme (Awww - Nazi Toy broke?)
  2284. Danforth Resigns as U.S. Ambassador to U.N. (fter only 6 months?)
  2285. Kerry Camp Joins Suit Over Ohio Votes (Meaning the fixed losing is set)
  2286. Frist Political Fund Can't Cover Bank Loan
  2287. Kenneth Starr says he shouldn't have been involved in Lewinsky case (NOWhe says it?!)
  2288. Bush calls for new world order (Oh really big surprise)
  2289. ACLU seeking FBI files on investigations of activist groups
  2290. Ohio tally fit for Ukraine
  2291. Ohio counties end official ballot counts
  2292. Britain's Home Secretary Blunkett under attack
  2293. Ridge to step down as US homeland security chief
  2294. International Red Cross charges systematic abuse Bush's "Torture Inc." at Guantanamo
  2295. The creation of the Ukraine "democratic" opposition
  2296. Britain: government rejects public inquiry into brutality at Deepcut barracks
  2297. Al Jazeera journalist among 10 jailed in Spain
  2298. French right elects new leader
  2299. America's super-rich look forward to a merry Christmas
  2300. To fawning applause from Canada's elite Bush pledges to wage unending war
  2301. After Fallujah's destruction: US occupation force to reach 150,000
  2302. How Saddam Tried to Arm the Insurgency
  2303. Beware Western Nations Threatening "Democracy"
  2304. Joshua Frank and Merlin Chowkwanyun: Liberalism and Its Bounds (YES)
  2305. Dr. Susan Block: Lana & Me, Meetings with Remarkable Apes
  2306. MOSSAD and Moving Companies
  2307. Texas getting about $139 million from feds for homeland security
  2308. U.S. Can Use Evidence Gained by Torture
  2309. Baghdad hit by two major attacks
  2310. Jail the War Party (sounds good)
  2311. Israel kills Islamic Jihad fighter (the word should be murder)
  2312. Blunkett, ID cards and others
  2313. Swiss Jews take on World Jewish Congress
  2314. PATRIOT ACT II (Another "Enabling Act")
  2315. World Congress Embroiled in Fight Over Swiss Bank Account: Its Own
  2316. United States A Deficit State Living On Borrowed Money
  2317. President George Bush Charged in Provincial Court
  2319. Record award for libel victim Galloway
  2320. They Fight and Die, But Not For Their Country
  2321. The Evidence for Ballot Tampering in Escambia County, Florida
  2322. Judge refuses to set trial date for Moussaoui
  2323. Merchant of Venice distributor demands pound of flesh
  2324. Bush administration suspects Iran of developing ICBM (as well s silly putty)
  2325. No foreign influence in any Ukraine vote: Bush :-)
  2326. The Ever Bolder Republican Plan To Keep Black Ballots Out of the Count
  2327. Alex Jones/infowars.com Greg Palast -- Oregon Senate Bill 742 Would Give Life Imprisonment to Any and All Involved in a Protest That Blocks Traffic
  2328. The Objector: Home of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
  2329. Ohio Papers Getting Nowhere on Election Vote Fraud Allegations
  2330. Two in three FSU Jews choose Germany over Israel
  2331. Media Blackout on Election Fraud by Media News Group
  2332. China tests ballistic missile submarine
  2333. Russian Air Force Prepared to Strike Foreign Bases Pre-emptively
  2334. British intelligence: Arafat poisoned (Nooo?! Really?)
  2335. FBI spying allegations supported by records (changing the story)
  2336. U.S. still seeks bin Laden, but he's not top priority (CIA agent sought - sorta)
  2337. Bush calls for global cooperation with insanity
  2338. From Bush Aide, Warning on Social Security (nothing unwrecked - as expected)
  2339. Ukraine's Supreme Court Orders Repeat Vote
  2340. Dirty work at the Philly polls
  2341. Voter Suppression: STEALING VOTES IN COLUMBUS
  2342. Ukraine court annuls poll result
  2343. Ukrainain parliament for Iraq pullout
  2344. Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial' (How times have changed)
  2345. Reporter's home searched by RCMP as part of Arar investigation
  2346. Flying pig payout promised
  2347. A timeline of events in Ukraine
  2348. Ukraine's High Court sets Dec. 26 rerun
  2349. Iran arrests 'spy' faking nuclear company. 03/12/2004. ABC News Online
  2350. OAS Petition Filed Against US For Fallujah Attacks
  2351. Mossad Exposed in Phony ' Palestinian Al-Qaeda' Caper
  2352. Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | Voters to challenge US election
  2353. Press review: 'Turning democracy into theocracy'
  2354. Thompson to Leave Cabinet, Rumsfeld Stays
  2355. Crude decline in wake of build up of US stocks
  2356. Lycos Europe Pulls Spam-Fighting Screensaver
  2357. MSN bloggers try to foul up censorship tool
  2358. Investigators Search Jackson's Ranch (Again?! Who has he pissed off?)
  2359. Kosovo Albanians Choose Ex-Guerrilla as Prime Minister
  2360. Ex-Rebel Named Premier in Kosovo
  2361. Mainstream media tries to dismiss new Ohio numbers
  2362. Mainstream media tries to dismiss new Ohio numbers
  2363. Euro Reaches New High Against U.S. Dollar (It ain't over yet)
  2364. Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud
  2365. Voting Errors Tallied, Exit polls now relevant
  2366. Triumph for People Power After Ukraine Vote Annulled
  2367. Barbara Olson's Call From Flight 77 Never Happened (I knew that!)
  2368. Firebombing Falluja (Still!)
  2369. Chemical plant blasts shake area (Houston TX)
  2370. Our Place in the World: U.S. mortgages its sovereignty (Denial of reality is psychotic)
  2371. United States undermines International Criminal Court
  2372. Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought (What win?)
  2373. Israel boycott row hits college
  2374. You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is.
  2375. Breaking News -- Trial Date Set For Former IRS Criminal Investigator (Your government is a lying maze of illegalities, nothing more)
  2376. Annan's Post at the U.N. May Be at Risk, Officials Fear (He disagrees with chimpco)
  2377. US Marine's mystery "suicide" deepens
  2378. Pres. Bush Jr. Supports A New World Order
  2379. Swiss freeze accounts in investigation of alleged bribes by Halliburton partner
  2381. Table Set For 'Devastating Deflationary Collapse' (Need to Read)
  2382. TSA Keeping Pat-Down Procedures in Place
  2383. Another election mistake surfaces (mistake?)
  2384. Army Guard shipping 2,400 from Pennsylvania to Iraq
  2385. Does not compute (But election fraud has computed)
  2386. CIA Report Confirms UN Analysis of Iraq WMD's
  2387. Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble: Part 1: The 9-11 Commission
  2388. More On Senator Hagel's Ties To Election Systems & Software (ES&S)
  2389. FBI spying allegations supported by records
  2390. Tampabay: Elections firm has ties to Pinellas
  2391. Voters Lawsuits, Evidence Gathering Continue in Ohio and Florida
  2392. UN nuclear chief angrily denies charges of collaboration with Iran
  2393. Committee on the Judiciary Investigates Voting Irregularities in Ohio
  2394. Judge may override Washington state voters on Hanford initiative
  2395. Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes
  2396. US jobs crisis piles pressure on dollar
  2397. Chicken Little WHO panicked by bird flu pandemic
  2398. Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Photos
  2400. New Ohio Vote Tallies Question Legitimacy of Election
  2401. GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - The Lost War Drill, Chapts 1-5
  2402. GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - The Lost War Drill ? Chapts 6-8
  2403. GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - The Lost War Drill Chapter 9
  2404. GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - The Lost War Drill?, Chapter 10
  2405. GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - 911: The Lost "Terror Drill", chapter 11
  2406. Iraq polls can't occur amid current violence - U.N. envoy
  2407. Suicide bombing in Baghdad Green Zone kills 16
  2408. Bush Mum on Pakistan's Hunt for Bin Laden (World's most useful corpse)
  2409. The Madrid bomb inquiry: Aznar continues his lies
  2410. US jobs and sales figures indicate weakening economy
  2411. Front man for a police state Bernard Kerik to head US Homeland Security Department
  2412. Ukraine Supreme Court orders new presidential run-off election
  2413. Joe Bageant: Dining with the Rhinos
  2414. Musharraf Says Bin Laden Trail Has Gone Cold (With a corpse, it would)
  2415. Bush pushes bill on intelligence (His own?)
  2416. Retail, auto sales, job numbers suggest tougher times
  2417. PROBERS IN DAY 2 DIG AT NEVERLAND (Yet again? - and plant what?)
  2418. NEXUS: Information Control, Social Control
  2419. Judge Dismisses Suit Connected with Anthrax Attacks
  2420. Worried Merchants Throw Discounts at Shoppers
  2421. WARNING - Financial Crisis Ahead?
  2422. Abuse photos will become propaganda tools: U.S.
  2423. US admits the war for hearts and minds in Iraq is now lost (Now can we kill them all?)
  2424. Navy investigating new set of Iraqi prisoner photos
  2425. Outgunned and trapped, Iraqi police are stormed by insurgents
  2426. Media in the Winter of Our "Disremorse"
  2427. Israel's new road plans condemned as 'apartheid'
  2429. Bush plans to dump long-tenured civil rights chief who criticized his record
  2430. Slow-Rolling Democracy in Ohio
  2431. Dead voters on rolls, other glitches found in 6 key states
  2432. New evidence of possible U.S. election fraud
  2433. FBI probe may involve more than vote fraud allegations
  2434. As Ukraine Celebrates Democracy, It's Being Denied in Ohio
  2435. Evidence of Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reader
  2436. Israel angry at possibility getting on US priority list for patent violators
  2437. Why has AIPAC been targeted? (Because they're criminals?)
  2438. Voting complaints highlight role of press in democracy
  2439. Troop increase may spur Pentagon critics
  2440. Election 2004 Is History. Questions Keep Coming
  2441. Steinbeck's Calif. Hometown May Close Libraries
  2442. ACLU Accuses FBI of Spying on Peace Activists
  2443. FBI Refuses Complaint Alleging Ohio Voter Fraud
  2444. Judge rules Ohio recount will go forward in all counties
  2445. Indictments show Israeli nationals dominate Internet moving scams
  2446. Frustrated Voters
  2447. US vote update
  2448. 181,000 voters in U.S. elections were dead
  2449. New round of challenges in Ohio vote
  2450. Stepfather of Woman Who Killed Baby by Severing Her Arms Criticizes Pastor'sinfluence
  2451. Michael Moore Tells Hollywood Elite to Brace for Schwarzenegger Presidential Candidacy in 2008
  2452. Way to Go, Ohio
  2453. JINSA Online -- Advisory Board Biography -- J. Kenneth Blackwell
  2454. Missouri HB 35: Evolution Targeted
  2455. Stunning Jewish Success Dominates American Media
  2456. GOP Prepares to Sink Teeth into Social Security
  2457. US Navy Seals Torturing Iraqis
  2458. Returning Fallujans Will Face Police State Measures
  2459. At F.D.A., Strong Drug Ties and Less Monitoring (What were you expecting?)
  2460. Japan threatens huge dollar sell-off (as if something could actually be done)
  2461. 7 Retired Mililtary Leaders Tell What Has Gone Wrong in Iraq
  2462. Musharraf: Iraq war is a mistake -
  2463. Save us from the politicians who have God on their side
  2464. CNN.com - 8 die in attack on U.S. consulate - Dec 6, 2004
  2465. The Dollar's Decline Does Matter
  2466. Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching software"
  2467. Media leaks 'jeopardise terror fight' (and I have the bridge in Brooklynfor sale)
  2468. Radio Signals May Jam Garage Door Openers (Just to be irritating?)
  2469. Uncle Sam has his own gulag
  2470. US orders Iraqi Red Crescent out of Fallujah
  2472. Depleted Uranium and Birth Defects (VERY GRAPHIC)
  2473. Report: Corners cut in Florida shelter
  2474. US troops sue over tours in Iraq
  2475. Top Secret U.S. Army Document Reveals U.S. Interference in Venezuela's Political Affairs (Unsurprising, of course)
  2476. Israel Tells Australia to Get Tough on Iran (A lot of "telling" for a dependent pipsqueak)
  2477. Israel sparking an arms race: Vanunu
  2478. The gathering Storm (US)
  2479. Oil Prices Inch Above $43 on Fears of Cuts
  2480. Contrarian finding: Computers are a drag on learning
  2481. Company Hired by FBI May have Mob Ties (That has always been normal)
  2482. JINSA sponsors trips for US top military to Israel every year. (Figure it out)
  2483. US eyes cut in troops in Afghanistan (tell me another one)
  2484. Returning Fallujans will face clampdown
  2485. UK's 'Mr. Bean' Attacks Religious Hatred Bill
  2486. Global U.S. Troop Deployment, 1950-2003
  2487. George W. Bush Takes Familiar, Fatal Step In Iraq
  2488. This Report Blows the Lid Off of E-Voting Manipulation in South Florida we are shocked, schocked, shocked)
  2489. Malnutrition doubled since US invasion: UNICEF
  2490. Returning Fallujans Will Face Police State Measures (as will returning US troops)
  2491. Al Qaeda linked to attack on U.S. Saudi outpost (Al-MOSSADA strikes again)
  2492. Bank fuses faith and finance (Stupid country gets more lunatic every day)
  2493. Democrats launch investigation of voting problems in Ohio (Um - sure - honestyly)
  2494. Deadlock on Intelligence Bill Is Reportedly Solved (Not reassuring)
  2495. Study details economic distress facing Oregon workers
  2496. UK has fastest growth of psychotropic drugs on children and adolescents
  2497. Britain: Court quashes unlawful killing charge against police officers
  2498. Exit NBC anchor Tom Brokaw: a nonentity in the service of wealth and power
  2499. Bush rules out any delay in bogus Iraqi election
  2500. Al-Qaeda is on the run, Musharraf says (CIA & MOSSAD are not on the run)
  2501. Global crimes threaten Pacific &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2502. Hamas willing to declare truce with Israel &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;(It having been created by Israel ...)
  2503. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Bush sets out plan to dismantle 30 years of environmental laws
  2504. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Powell says Europe must reach out to US (repto lying scum is also a moron)
  2505. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Master/slave most politically incorrect phrase (These people need bains)
  2506. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; US Marines change policy on disclosing Iraq deaths (silence v. lies)
  2507. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Embattled Sharon vows to save Government and Gaza pullout (Israel is now beyond saving)
  2508. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Mel Gibson looks to buy Fijian Island (to stage his own cricifixion?)
  2509. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; US networks bar church ads welcoming gays
  2510. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Storm brews within Aboriginal Australia
  2511. Police in drugs case labelled 'perjurers' &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;(normal and unsurprising)
  2512. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Source named in case of US reporter facing jail (US Police State)
  2513. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Cannabis increases risk of psychosis (So does government)
  2514. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Gunfire erupts during Powell visit to Haiti (Put him back in his cage)
  2515. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Belief in Santa Claus fosters moral development (and psychosis)
  2516. 45m children 'face death' &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; (Ahh - civilization: noting like it)
  2517. US and Britain implicated in Equatorial Guinea coup attempt
  2518. Ukraine: ultra-right groups active in Ukrainian opposition
  2519. Opposition was to be smeared with terror attack, says official (Familiar to USians)
  2520. From churches, a challenge to Israeli policies
  2521. OPEC Nations Seen Cutting Worldwide Deposits in Dollars
  2522. U.S. Department of Defense Header Image (click to return to U.S. Department(Great! New toy of mass destruction.)
  2523. As Questions Keep Coming, Ohio Certifies Its Vote Count (and that's the way it is)
  2526. WHouse: Borrowing to Help Fund Social Security Plan
  2527. Iraqi kidnap victim blames police
  2528. Defiant soldiers disciplined in Iraq
  2529. Kangaroo court in Guantanamo Bay
  2530. Innocence and Ignorance Beget Horror and Destruction :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  2531. Fallujah: Pentagon Plans a High-tech Strategic Hamlet
  2532. Shi'ites to set up autonomous region
  2533. Alaska Recount 2004 (We need nonfarcical elections, not recounts)
  2534. Lobbying Prohibitions Eased For Former Top Officials
  2535. Big role predicted for security firms
  2536. Hiroshima to hold people's tribunal
  2537. US students place 21st out of 29 nations in math skills (Completely unsurprising)
  2538. Lobbying Prohibitions Eased For Former Top Officials
  2539. The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor
  2540. Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby
  2541. FHP to use 18 'stealth' cars to track down aggressive drivers: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  2542. 2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path
  2543. Dispute brews over Blair's call for peace conference
  2544. Druggists refuse to give out pill
  2545. Total Information Awaeness Ready Before 9/11
  2546. Victims Persevere: Court Hits ADL With Major Fine
  2547. From jail to the executive suite
  2548. Pearl Harbor Cover Up
  2549. Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
  2550. Gunfight Erupts Near Baghdad U.S. Embassy
  2552. The disappearing dollar
  2553. Pearl Harbor -- Fifty Years of Controversy
  2554. December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning
  2555. Release of convicted Israeli spy sparks outcry in Egypt
  2556. The Indelible Evil of this War
  2557. The September 11 X-Files - Corn Reply
  2558. Torture and Death (Albert Gonzales)
  2559. Israeli Aircraft Fires Missile in Gaza
  2560. Key Researcher Casts More Doubt On WTC Collapse
  2561. Japan plans to post 15,000 soldiers along coast to counter NKoreans: report
  2562. Ohio voters: Timid Kerry stopped counting too soon
  2563. Ohio Whitewash
  2564. Voice of the White House December 6, 2004
  2565. Kafka Would Have Recognized This America
  2566. An Interview With Chilton Williamson
  2567. Tehran's nonexistent nukes a global threat, Israeli warns
  2568. Advance U.S. -- not Israel's -- interests
  2569. Indictments show Israeli nationals dominate Internet moving scams
  2570. Over 250 Links to 'Electronic Voting Machine Fraud' & 'Rigged Vote-Counting'
  2571. Why the Feeney vote-rigging story sounds like disinformation
  2572. Eliot Spitzer Announces Run for N.Y. Governor
  2573. ACLU Sues Over California DNA Testing of Arrestees
  2574. Activists Dominate Content Complaints
  2575. Scopes Trial Home Page - UMKC School of Law
  2576. Fresh Challenges in the Old Debate Over Evolution (Johnny's teachers can't add either)
  2577. W.House: Borrowing to Help Fund Social Security Plan (Grand Swindle)
  2578. Bush Hands Million-Dollar Public Land to Mining Company for $875
  2579. Reid Says He Could Back Scalia for Chief Justice (Repto)
  2580. Fingerprinting to Debut on Canadian Border
  2581. Emergency Alert: National ID/Patriot Act 2 Legislation On Verge of Passing
  2582. North Korea feared to have 6 nuclear bombs
  2583. Aid cuts threatened by US over tribunal
  2584. Romania demands return of US marine involved in deadly accident
  2585. U.S. Judge Rejects Bid to Stop Iraq Abuse Trial
  2586. Ex-US marine: I killed Iraqi civilians
  2587. Kennedy Center awards: Hollywood, theater "lefts" rub shoulders with Bush
  2588. Power struggle in Ukraine continues
  2589. Question mark over US dollar's global role
  2590. Another step toward a police state US Congress passes bill to restructure intelligence agencies
  2591. James Petras: Latin America, the Empire Changes Gears
  2592. The Invasion of Hallifax: The Imperial Wizard Visits Canada
  2593. Ray McGovern: All Mosquitoes, No Swamp
  2594. Dave Lindorff: American Fantasies
  2595. YellowTimes.org - ''Fruitcakes''
  2596. Vindy.com - Errors plague voting process in Ohio, Pa.
  2597. Several Military Recruiting Vehicles Burned in Recent Days
  2598. US soldiers would kill civilians, says Marine
  2599. U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose 8,000 Last Week to 357,000
  2600. Australias unemployment at 30-year low
  2601. Seeing Iraq as Another Vietnam
  2602. The way our country treats returning soldiers is a national shame
  2603. Judge Orders Soldier to Report to Iraq (Black robed thugs)
  2604. Army Teams Face Surgeon Shortage
  2605. Pat Robertson Teams Up With Jewish Pronographers To Produce Christian Children's Programmin
  2606. U.S. Turns Fallujah into a Huge Concentration Camp
  2608. Wanted: Ad agency to aid global battle on terrorism (Perception is everything)
  2609. Congressman wants 'raw' exit poll data
  2610. Russians Help Iranian Perfect 'Major League' Missile
  2611. Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer (Another WMD toy!)
  2612. Israeli Agent Found Dead In Washington, DC (Hmmm - unknown cause of death? Like Arafat?)
  2613. Officer Alleges CIA Retaliation
  2614. Would like to see some election outrage in U.S.
  2615. Original 2004 election exit-polls
  2616. FBI steps up AIPAC probe (Teah - right)
  2617. Mounting Scandal at Aipac Prompts Talk of Lobbying Powerhouse's Demise (We can hope)
  2618. Presidential Candidate Attacked by Israeli Forces
  2619. Dershowitz, drooling Nazi, attacks Presbyterian divestment
  2620. U.S. accuses Israel of espionage - (and dogs of peeing on trees)
  2621. Paul de Rooij: The Voices of Sharon's Little Helpers
  2622. Gun Crime Soaring in Britain Despite Gun Ban (It happens *every* time)
  2623. The Survey Of The San Diego Police
  2624. U.S. deserter numbers reach 5,500 (and growing)
  2625. The 'Stop Loss' Scam - It's based on a lie
  2626. Quo Vadis: Playing For Keeps
  2627. Halliburton's Iraq Contracts Now Worth over $10 Billion
  2628. Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectedly (Unexpectedly?!!)
  2629. U.S.: A Call for a New Election
  2630. Washington's double standard shows
  2631. Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied
  2632. Disease risk stops Falluja return
  2633. IUS Detaining Handicapped, Juveniles in Mosul
  2634. Interior ministry accused of wanton prejudice and bigotry
  2635. Who's behind the oil-for-food scandal?
  2636. New Power for 'Old Europe'
  2637. US Army plagued by desertion and plunging morale
  2638. The Red Cross Connection (and Pearl Harbor)
  2639. Measure Expands Police Powers (Brown shirt powers)
  2640. Welcome to RecountFlorida.com
  2641. Rockefeller calls spy project a threat
  2643. "God Is With Us": Hitler's Rhetoric and the Lure of "Moral Values"
  2644. A Defeat For an Empire
  2645. Censoring dissidents
  2646. The American Auschwitz
  2647. Zogby Defense: 'My Polling Was Very, Very Good'
  2648. More Important Than Reality :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  2649. Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
  2650. Food for thought this Christmas
  2651. Destroying Social Security to save it
  2652. The One-Two Punch of Racism: Whitewashing the Voter Fraud Issue
  2653. Election 2004's Myths & Mysteries
  2654. Counting Votes
  2655. Opinion column: The F word - The Daily Illini - Opinions
  2656. Were Voters Intimidated in Ohio?
  2657. U.S. media still hiding bad news from Americans
  2658. Joint Israeli-American initiative to streamline homeland security management(?!)
  2659. On Ungrounded Theories & Disinformation (9/11)
  2660. Paper Regrets Handling of Rumsfeld Story (What a crock!)
  2661. Uncounted votes in Montgomery County
  2662. Hacking the vote in Lucas County
  2663. OPEC to Cut Output by 1M Barrels a Day (expected)
  2664. Israeli banks profit from Holocaust
  2665. He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army wants money
  2666. Canada Court Says Ottawa May Allow Gay Marriage
  2667. Is Bush the Antichrist? (Sounds good to me)
  2668. Ten Commandments Backed by Bush Regime in Court Fight
  2669. Justice Dept. Begins Study of Safety of the Taser Electric Gun (Says it's really vool!)
  2670. Sharpton Was Paid to Aid Kerry Campaign
  2671. MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It'
  2672. In Cleveland as in Kiev
  2673. The Conyers Hearing
  2674. Candidates Officially Request Ohio Recount
  2675. Hand Recount Starts in Wash. Gov. Race
  2676. Board awaits state followup (OH)
  2677. U.N. Members Give Annan Standing Ovation
  2678. U.S. to Test Its Missile Defense System (Resultant failure will be ignored)
  2679. Fort Carson halts access for The Post
  2680. Paper Barred From Fort Carson Over Story
  2681. Ex-CIA agent says sacked for not faking Iraq WMD reports
  2682. Cargo Ship Leaking Fuel Oil Off of Alaska
  2683. Democrat sues secretary of state over Nevada presidential election
  2684. Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters
  2685. Deserters: We Won't Go To Iraq
  2686. Bill Moyers Retiring From TV Journalism
  2687. Al-Qaeda could stage seaborne attack within 12 months: security firm (another CIA attack?!)
  2688. Security Post Would Put Kerik Atop Field That Enriched Him
  2689. Spain's foreign minister claims Aznar government supported Venezuela coup
  2690. US media ignores damning Pentagon report (What else is new?)
  2691. Sydney meeting reviews Australian, US election results
  2692. Political lessons of the US and Australian elections
  2693. Rumsfeld under fire for 'hillbilly armour' used to defend army
  2694. Army Rushes to Harden Iraq-Bound Vehicles (Oh sure - but lies about it)
  2695. Crude oil prices fall sharply on OPEC's production cut
  2696. Court ruling clears Berlusconi (Saved by the whitewashing bell)
  2697. Kerik Withdraws His Name for DHS Chief
  2698. Japan gets tougher in its pacifist guidelines
  2699. Doubts Persist About Election Results
  2700. Home Cooking - Chris Floyd
  2701. Tanker splits in two near wildlife haven
  2702. Pentagon plans to build permanent jail at Guantanamo
  2703. Permanent jail set for Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  2704. Congress expands use of terrorist watch lists
  2705. Laksamana.Net - Alas, Poor Goebbels
  2706. Ohio Election Fraud (Formerly "Fairness"): Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers
  2707. Tests say Yushchenko was poisoned
  2708. Doctors suspect foul play in Yushchenko poisoning
  2709. Doctor: Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin
  2711. Military hardware wearing faster than expected
  2712. A Lump Of Coal For America's Poor
  2713. Experts rebel over US stance on N Korea
  2714. Boogie with the Bushes - $1m
  2715. Diplomat Says End Is Near for Castro Gov't (No longer even slightly reassuring)
  2716. Daughter born after dad dies in Iraq (Steve Israel needs his mealy mouth boarded up, permanently)
  2717. Israeli troops re-invade Gaza refugee camp
  2718. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo torture and humiliation still going on, says shackled Briton
  2719. Man 'was offered sex to spy for US'
  2720. Girl, 7, killed by Israelis
  2721. Albany Woman Forcibly Injected With Drugs (US: Totalitarian Fascist Police State)
  2722. US Officials Sound Alarm Over (deliberately created) Iraq Fuel Crisis
  2723. New Generation Of Homeless Veterans
  2724. Homeless Vets Already Overload Safety Net
  2725. Meteor lands with a bang - Science - www.smh.com.au (NOT a meteor)
  2726. FOXBlocker - Keep The Radical Right Out Your Home By Filtering Out FOX News!(Sounds good to me)
  2727. U.S. Retreats from Theory of Democratic Transformation in the Middle East(It was a lie to begin with)
  2728. U.S. government moves to muzzle dissident voices
  2729. How Dare New York Times Ignore Congressional Hearings on Election Fraud (It has been *told* - dummy!)
  2730. Board of Elections Shake-Up (The small fry)
  2731. MASTERMIND OF 9/11! Rabbi Dov Zakheim: Under-sec of Defense
  2732. Dov Zakheim's Homeland Security biz and the remote control of aircraft
  2734. Election Investigation: House Judiciary Committee Moves to Columbus for Second Forum: Monday, December 13th, Columbus City Hall, 10:30 A
  2735. Bungling raids by US troops fuel Iraqi anger
  2736. Fallujah To Be A Virtual Concentration Camp (US freedom and democracy)
  2737. Discovery Network to launch The Military Channel ([sigh])
  2738. Arab leaders rebuke U.S. policy toward Israel
  2739. Nephew Suggests Arafat's Death Unnatural
  2740. The Neo-Con Smear on Kofi Annan
  2741. Arab Officials Criticize U.S. Support of Israel
  2742. Yet more voter problems surface in Ohio
  2743. Feith to 'Post': US action against Iran can't be ruled out
  2744. Congress fails to act on anti-'spyware' bill (Spyware is patriotic?)
  2745. White House can't explain lurking trade imbalance (It's just not trying)
  2746. IAEA Leader's Phone Tapped
  2747. Delphi to cut 8,500 jobs, expects gloomy 2005 - 12/11/04
  2748. Liberal Leader From Ukraine Was Poisoned
  2749. Kerik's Position Was Untenable, Bush Aide Says
  2750. New Spy Plan Said to Involve Satellite System
  2751. G7 Agree Vaccine Bank to Fight Bioterror, Epidemics (*Not* reassuring)
  2752. Doubts Are Raised on Push for Anthrax Vaccine as Weapon of Mass Poisonoing]
  2753. Fla. Man Pleads Guilty to Anthrax Mail Threat to Dictator Bush and Gov. Bush(loopier than ever)
  2754. 18,000 U.S. Troops Begin Afghan Offensive
  2755. Japanese troops will spend extra year in Iraq
  2756. U.S. renews air strikes on Fallujah because it still exists
  2757. GI gets three years for killing Iraqi (that's it?!)
  2758. Contract killers hired in Iraq (Perseverence)
  2759. Britain: cover-up of chemical warfare tests on servicemen exposed
  2760. Taiwanese election dominated by dispute over relations with China
  2761. Chile's ex-dictator Pinochet tied to multi-million-dollar payoffs
  2762. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Any act of violence in an unjustified conflict is an atrocity&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;: US soldier seeks refugee status in Canada
  2763. The Scott Peterson case: a new American tragedy
  2764. home
  2765. Return to Kosovo: Calling the Humanitarian Bombers to Account
  2766. Uri Avnery: The Boss Has Gone Crazy
  2767. Gary Leupp: Bush's Capital
  2768. Running an Empire on the Cheap
  2769. Hoyer Applauds Decision to Save Hubble
  2770. Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Dioxins Widespread, But Yushchenko Case Is 'Unique'
  2771. Paris train attack may never have happened (fictional Judenhass)
  2772. Iran's offer to stop enriching uranium falls flat (why we wonder?)
  2773. Bush Calls For New World Order; Strikes Against Enemies of Democracy
  2774. Falluja Atrocities Expose True Face of U.S. War
  2775. JINSA Online -- Advisory Board Biography -- J. Kenneth Blackwell
  2776. Iraq death rate lower, but wounds are worse
  2777. Air-travel rules are official secrets (Secret Law with unkowable existence)
  2778. BBC NEWS | England | Hampshire | Homelessness 'soaring' in South
  2779. GM cuts 10,000 jobs in Germany.
  2780. Japan PMs popularity plummets after extending troop presence in Iraq (as if he gives a shit)
  2781. Citizen Snoops Forever: The intelligence reform bill will turn car dealersinto spooks, permanently
  2782. ACLU upset over state abstinence Web site
  2783. US begins new Afghan operation
  2784. Homeland Security Nominee Apologizes After Withdrawing From Consideration(Fucking Lieberman?)
  2785. Louisiana teens getting driver's license also register for selective service
  2786. Attorney General defends burglars' rights (UK - speaking of wackos)
  2787. 4th-grader arrested for having scissors at school (*That's* just for starters!)
  2788. Watch list checks to grow Screening will cover cruise ship, airport workers(No Cruise Lists *already* exist)
  2789. Paramedics query Kelly suicide (Now a dispute? Kelly was murdered by UKgov - period.)
  2790. Student says God told him to kill parents (Bush says God told him to torture and murder Iraqis)
  2791. Statewide Recount to Start in Alaska Senate Race (How about a real election?)
  2792. Bought Dems, sporting crocadile tears, say GOP made deceptive voter calls
  2793. Judge orders new election for McIntosh sheriff (Now we're talking)
  2794. School Board election challenged in court
  2795. The X factor (Montana vote frauds)
  2796. Why history demands an Ohio revote
  2798. Recount angers local GOP chief
  2799. Election reform needed: U.S. system would fail certification elsewhere
  2800. Your Papers Please (More unread Enabling Acts)
  2801. More Evidence FDR Knew About Pearl In Advance
  2802. The head investigator of the USS Cole bombing is assassinated
  2803. Voting Rights Groups 'Block' Talk of Machine-Free Elections
  2804. Anti-Darwinians Step Up Challenge In School Crusade (Brainless Wonders on Parade)
  2805. UK browser claims Phishing victory
  2806. US drops massive bomb on Mosul
  2807. t r u t h o u t - U.S. Caught Spying on U.N. Nuclear Chief
  2808. Social Security benefit cuts eyed (Expected)
  2809. GIs recall epic battle of WWII
  2810. Obituary: Gary Webb, prize-winning investigative reporter (Murdered)
  2812. Pirated software used to create help content in Microsoft's Windows XP
  2813. Protesters Urge Delay for Ohio Electors
  2814. Ohio Recount Affidavit - Richard Hayes Phillips
  2815. The Capture of Saddam - One Year Later
  2816. Red light, green cash - Gary Webb
  2817. 20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA
  2818. Odds of 4 Bush biographers all committing suicide
  2819. The Emperor's New Clothes, or Gary Webb was Right
  2820. Gary Webb, 49, former MN reporter, author (Um - weird)
  2822. U.S. Warplanes Strike Fallujah (yet again amd again)
  2823. Blackwell Interfering With Ohio Recount-Right On Schedule
  2824. Kerry lawyer asks for visual inspection of some Ohio ballots
  2825. The killing game by Gary Webb
  2826. Saddam's lieutenants on 'hunger strike'
  2827. US denies Saddam on hunger strike
  2828. Speaking Truth To Power
  2829. Prints of Jacko, boy reportedly on porn mags (So that's what was planted)
  2830. Canada's online pharmacies squeezed
  2831. Chen Under Pressure to Work with Taiwan Opposition
  2832. Taiwan Dollar Rises on Optimism China Relations May Improve
  2833. Chen and China
  2834. US tapped ElBaradei calls
  2835. Kurdish American Fights Retroactive Terrorism Charges, Deportation
  2836. Company fed rotten food to Abu Ghraib prisoners, sparking rebellion
  2837. Bush to scrap American green code
  2839. Startling new revelations highlight rare Congressional hearings on Ohio vote
  2840. 'Military action against Iran possible' (? practically assured)
  2841. Kelly 'could not have died' from knife wound, paramedics claim (We knew that from the start)
  2842. New Study: More Absentee Votes than Voters in Ohio
  2843. Controversial U.S. Groups Operate Behind Scenes on Iraq Vote
  2844. Will Kerry fund real probe if House member seeks Ohio elector challenge?
  2845. Four more years of decline (That's for sure)
  2846. Polls: Europe Negative on Bush Re-Election (US too)
  2847. OC Navy: Israel to buy 2 more German Dolphin subs
  2848. Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter
  2849. President spares Blair by avoiding trip to Britain
  2850. Deception Dollar
  2851. Smoking Gun of Election Fraud is in Ken Blackwells Hand
  2852. George W. Bush's America: A National Nightmare? (This is a question?)
  2853. Rumsfeld's fig leaf falling
  2854. U.S. caught in Kabul
  2855. Another Iraq Exit Strategy (Another? Was there a first one?!)
  2856. WTC Rescue Workers Silenced After Discovery Of Black Boxes
  2857. Letter from an American soldier in Iraq
  2858. Property taxes rising nationwide (escalating government impoverishment)
  2859. FCC EYES OLYMPICS (for possbly too sexy dancing?!)
  2860. Pinochet Indicted on Human Rights Charges
  2861. Most Homes Overtaxed, National Homeowners Association President Says
  2862. FBI investigating Israelis for military-industrial espionage
  2863. More Questions for Florida
  2864. Online NewsHour Forum: Gary Webb - CIA-Contras-Crack Cocaine -- Nov. 5, 1996
  2865. Startling new revelations highlight rare Congressional hearings on Ohio vote
  2867. Manipulation of the Blogging World on Iraq?
  2868. Everything In This Article Is Fake
  2870. Locked-Down Ohio Poll Records Left in Unlocked Building
  2871. Fierce fighting in al-Fallujah; Resisitance seizes back neighborhoods.
  2873. Pentagon concerned about legal complaint in Germany against Rumsfeld, others
  2874. New York Art Show Shuttered After Bush Monkey Portrait
  2875. Semites and anti-Semites, that is the question
  2877. UFO 'explodes' in China
  2878. House Judiciary Ohio Forum Hears of Recount Fraud Plans
  2879. Militaryphotos.net :: View topic - Soviet Space Battle Station Skif and its prototype Polus.
  2880. King County elections official says 561 ballots mistakenly rejected
  2881. Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up
  2882. Recount Efforts Move Forward In Ohio & New Mexico
  2883. Former Bush campaign official indicted for phone-jamming
  2884. Scoop: U.S. Rep. Conyers: What have they to hide?
  2885. The ADL Snoops
  2886. Did Israel execute the 9-11 act of war against America?
  2887. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; Witness says voting company tampered with machines after vote and tried to plant false information into Ohio recount
  2888. Israelis hasten land grab in shadow of wall
  2889. German report: Attack bigger than 9/11 planned (fictional deeds by fictional people)
  2890. Assassination of US Investigative Journalist Gary Webb?
  2891. 62,000 Fraudulent Absentee Ballots in Ohio?
  2892. House Democrat accuses Ohio of stonewalling recount
  2893. Dems say GOP made deceptive voter calls
  2894. Bush Nominates EPA's Leavitt for HHS Position
  2895. Kerik cheated on wife with Judith Regan and correction officer
  2896. Kerik's troubling ties
  2897. Beyond the Disclosure About Kerik's Nanny, More Questions Were Lurking
  2898. Kerik's nanny least of ex-nominee's problems
  2899. New Seismic Data Refutes Official Explanation 9/11
  2900. Air Force Set for Test Flight of New Rocket
  2901. Group Finds 2 More Afghan Prisoner Deaths
  2902. Fallujans face winter as refugees, await rebuilding
  2903. Latest Round of Violence Kills 7 Marines and 9 Iraqis (Odds getting better for Iraqis)
  2904. Halliburton hires Colombian mercenaries for work in Iraq: report
  2905. Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception in a Broad Arena ("weighs use of"?! LMAO)
  2906. US bid to oust ElBaradei backfires over phone taps
  2907. Controversial U.S. Groups Operate Behind Scenes on Iraq Vote
  2908. Rumsfeld to scrap German visit if probe launched (cheering all German's hearts)
  2909. McCain: 'No Confidence' in Rumsfeld (McCain is a lying repto shithole)
  2910. US made big mistake: Iraqi President (His waking up was of doubtful value)
  2911. Senate Dems Plan Investigatory Hearings (Blah blah blah ...)
  2912. Court OKs Arrest on 'Reasonable' Grounds (or 'Unreasonable' grounds)
  2913. 9-11 Black Boxes Found
  2914. Ukraine Seeks to Control Yushchenko Probe
  2915. Philippines' Poe, Ex-Presidential Candidate, Dies
  2916. Pinochet freed from house arrest
  2917. Aznar 'wiped files on Madrid bombings'
  2918. The Daschner case and the rehabilitation of torture in Germany
  2919. Lord Butler belatedly comes out against Blair
  2920. Bush lauds Pakistani strongman as he tightens his grip on power (Of coyrse he does. dear)
  2921. US budget bill freezes spending, implements right-wing social agenda
  2922. Razing of Fallujah fails to break Iraqi resistance
  2923. Court panel calls for billions in new spending for New York City schools
  2924. Official documents vindicate Red Cross report on US torture
  2925. The victims of Operation Condor
  2926. Pinochet arrested in Chile on "Condor" killings
  2927. Richard Oxman: Kafkaesque Lessons for the Left
  2928. M. Junaid Alam: The War is the War Crime
  2929. Paul Craig Roberts: a Dose of Non-Delusional Reality for Douglas Feith (A bitter pill not possible to be swallowed by the psychpath)
  2930. "Contract Meal Disaster" for Iraqi Prisoners: Rancid Food Sparked Abu GhraibRiots
  2931. Gary Webb: a Great Reporter, Trashed by the CIA's Claque
  2932. Pro-West opposition leader wins presidential run-off in Romania
  2933. Surprise victory for Basescu in Romania (We know what surprise means)
  2934. president prepares to take Romania into uncharted waters
  2935. Foreign Editor's Briefing Road to West remains rocky, even without ...
  2936. Jury Says Scott Peterson Deserves to Die for Killings (Emotionally manipulated mistake)
  2937. Software Should Not Be Copyrighted -- Lawsuit
  2938. Google Announces Search Deal with Seven Libraries
  2939. Hamas: Israel behind Damascus bombing
  2940. Hamas target of bomb in Syria
  2941. MIT forced to halt probe of alleged fraud at Lincoln Lab ("Government Science")
  2942. Soldiers' anger over Iraq crash
  2943. Video: A Message From The Iraq Resistance
  2944. Aznar 'purged all records in Madrid bombings cover-up'
  2945. What they don't tell you on Social Security reform
  2946. Mossad blamed for Syria blast
  2947. Myth of a just war in Iraq fades away
  2948. A US unilateral military move concerning Iran will break NATO in pieces
  2949. Al Qaeda could stage seaborne attack within 12 months (Oh sod off, butthole)
  2950. Ballots Wrongly Denied in Wash. Gov. Race
  2951. Secret &#-11;&#-11;1bn deal to insure BAE Saudi contract
  2952. Premier Says Ex-Government Erased Data on Madrid Attack
  2954. Parting Shots From Fritz Hollings
  2955. Over 100 Gather at Tennessee State Capital to Save Democracy
  2956. Gamblers Better Protected at Las Vegas Than American Voters
  2957. U.S. Invasion Of Iran Draws Closer
  2958. Ohio's Secretary of State May Have Committed Election Fraud (No?! Really?)
  2959. The Tragic Passing of Gary Webb
  2960. Dying for Consumption
  2961. Reservists to boost Iraq forces
  2962. Democracy Now! | Democracy Now! Premieres the Full Interview with Bush Biographer J.H. Hatfield Who Died 2 Years Ago of an Alleged Suicide Amidst Controversy Over his Book Fortunate Son
  2963. 'The Plutonium Files' (Government Science)
  2964. Israeli MP: Arabs are worms
  2965. U.S. Trade Deficit Swells to Record $55.5B
  2966. Tampas churches fear fire bomb attack (by agents of Israel)
  2967. N.Korea: Japan Sanctions Would Be War Declaration
  2968. US caught wiretapping UN atomic energy head ElBaradei
  2969. Client State: Moral Values and Voluntary Servitude in Bush's America
  2970. Richard Thieme: My Last Talk with Gary Webb
  2971. Haiti is Unraveling and No One is Saying Anything
  2972. Dave Lindorff: DNC Meddling in the Ukraine Elections
  2973. Study: US lags behind other countries in math and science (For a long time)
  2974. Interceptor missile fails to launch in test (We wonder why?)
  2975. US missile defence test fails
  2976. US missile defence test flops
  2977. Interceptor Missile Fails in Test Launch
  2978. Syria: Bomb shows Israel does not want peace (So does almost everything else)
  2979. Hungry, Homeless Figures Increase in U.S.
  2980. The Globe and Mail: Rutgers researchers may have stopped HIV
  2981. Bush honours controversial trio (Continuing psychopathology)
  2982. Panel views ballot types
  2983. Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed
  2985. Bush Allies May Defect Over Fiscal Proposals
  2986. Homelessness Rose Drastically in 2004
  2987. Zionism and anti-semitism
  2988. Missile defence shield test fails
  2989. Judge Affirms Green Party Right to New Mexico Presidential Recount
  2990. Ohio counties starting to balk at recount
  2991. Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio (When it's fraud, call it!)
  2992. Mainstream media losing the war for the minds of America (Not fast enough)
  2993. Va. Boy's Defiant Words Draw Police Response
  2994. Military Will March Front and Center at Inaugural Festivities (A sickening FIRST in this country)
  2995. Ohio Recount: County Election Board Chair Disputes comments from spokesperson for Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell - Elites TV - Your Elite News Source
  2996. Chron Zionist Smear Piece: SFSU Left - Hateful, Intolerant, Racist : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  2997. Torture Scandal Continues to Fester
  2998. Police Need Not Say Why Arrest Made: U.S. High Court Overview (Kafkacourt)
  2999. U.S. Takes to Air to Move Cargo in Iraq (Roads no longer safe?)
  3000. US raises interest rates to 2.25%
  3001. Recruiting At Any Cost
  3002. Detainee Abuse by Marines Is Detailed
  3003. States and Cities Must Hunt 'Terror' Plots, Mass. Governor Says (Brain transplant candidate)
  3004. Senior British cabinet minister David Blunkett resigns in fallout ...
  3005. Blunkett quits over visa row
  3006. How far will Bush's domestic mandate go?
  3007. Economic Summit Promotes Bush's Agenda
  3008. Bush Vows Push for Legal Reform at Economy Forum
  3009. Economic Summit: Cheney Urges Spending Restraint (???!)
  3010. John J. Sweeney: Conference on Economy is PR ploy for a bad plan
  3011. The Credibility Deficit (nonexistence)
  3012. US drug lobby group taps Tauzin for top job (Another lying repto criminal)
  3013. Retiring Congressman to Lead Trade Group
  3014. historian claims Dutch diary a British invention
  3015. U.S.: A Call for a New Election
  3016. Campus Anti-war Network Fights Zionist Smear Campaign At Columbia University
  3017. Why Are the Democrats Trying to Deny Cynthia McKinney Her Seniority?
  3018. Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wifes Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There? by Nicholas Monahan
  3019. San Francisco Supervisors Propose Gun Ban
  3020. New filing alleges Diebold also tampered with machines...
  3021. Jewish citizens of Israel vote with their feet
  3022. Election Official Thwarts Recount Using Phony Vote Totals
  3023. UK Keeps Terror Suspects in Jail, Despite Judgement
  3024. Berkeley Pries Open Votergate, Calls for Immediate U.S. Election
  3025. Hung Out to Dry: How Webb's Series Died
  3026. WarFolly.com - The Plot To Kill Us All - by John Kaminski
  3027. U.S. man admits role in smuggling arms to Israel
  3028. U.S. Makes Plans for GPS Shutdown [sigh]
  3029. Photo and video of a suicide by gunshot to the head.
  3030. Intel Agents Who Saw Detainee Abuse Were Threatened
  3031. Russia reports Afghan heroin rise
  3032. Missile Defence Shield - another multi-billion-dollar Bush flop
  3033. Was There an AIDS Contract?
  3034. Egypt deepens its collaboration with Israel
  3035. Voters Refile Challenge Of Presidential Results
  3036. Oil for Food: What's the Real Scandal?
  3037. How Iran will fight back
  3038. Massive Protest demanding Aristide's return in Haiti's second largest city
  3039. Poll finds many Americans would limit Muslims' rights (Why America is already dead)
  3040. Ohio vote count battles escalate amidst new evidence of potential criminalactivity (Potential?)
  3041. Webb 'Double Gunshot Wounds' Explanation Defies Belief (Some people have noticed)
  3042. Green Party's Cobb Says Kerry Is Thwarting Recount (Yes, indeedy - the knowing strawman, if only he had a brain)
  3043. American Jewish Committee not promoting religious freedom
  3044. The failed US face of Fallujah
  3045. Washington Post, AP subpoened by Anthrax "person of interest"
  3046. BUSH PENTAGON MOVING TO FORCE WOMEN INTO LAND COMBAT (Black and Hispanic "population control")
  3047. Palestinian textbooks: Where is all that 'incitement'?
  3048. New York's HIV experiment
  3049. U.S. cancels Iraq's $4.1 billion debt (??)
  3050. Our disappearing dollar
  3051. Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble: Part 3: 9-11 served a multitude of purposes
  3052. Military Recruiters Canvas Sixth-graders
  3053. Neo- cons on the path to treason?
  3054. Forced Entry For Blood, Oil and Israel
  3055. Police (utterly deranged) blow up luggage, shut down British airport
  3056. Ohio recount- Cuyahoga County ballots pre-sorted
  3057. Britsh govt orders email purge (prior to FOIA operations)
  3058. The Mote in Thine Own Eye
  3059. U.S. isn't winning against Iraqi insurgents, agencies warn (and if not winning?)
  3060. 'Silver Bullet,' Black Dust
  3061. War Without End :: View topic - PAUL FINDLEY: WHAT IS BUSHS REAL GOAL IN IRAQ?
  3062. Diplomatic Phenomenon
  3063. Way to Go, Ohio!
  3064. Bush is Selling a Trojan Horse, Says Author of 'The Looting of Social Security'
  3065. From Britain, a Message to Washington
  3066. 27 million in US to see tax bill rise
  3067. Pentagon Seeks to Expand Role in Intelligence
  3068. Drivers licenses changes (Become nat. IDs connect with SS)
  3069. Officials Describe Secret C.I.A. Center at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay
  3070. Briton freed from Guantanamo prison tells European rights body of U.S. abuse
  3071. US threatens UN agency funds over report - writer
  3072. US Senator Trent Lott says Rumsfeld not right for Dept of Defence (interrepto squabbling)
  3073. Different targets, same tactics
  3074. Iraqis Face Winter Shivering by Candlelight
  3075. Missile Defense System Won't Be Launched This Year (Cluttered, inept and unmotivated)
  3076. Egypt's Mubarak warns U.S. against attacking Iran
  3077. Earth-Hostile Chemical Gets White House OK
  3078. Was There an AIDS Contract? [Morrissey]
  3079. S. Africa Attacks U.S. Over AIDS Drug
  3080. Wolfowitz (a virulent infection) raises fears of anthrax attack (Lookathatterristoverthere!)
  3081. Request to inspect machines denied (might finf the rigging)
  3082. N.C. Officials Resign Over Voting Problems
  3083. GOP to Sue Over 573 Found Wash. Ballots (and they've vought the judge as usual?)
  3084. The Petroleum Commons
  3085. Eighty-Sixing Civil Rights in Ohio?
  3086. The Ohio Recount: an Exercise in "Dumbocracy" (or in futility?)
  3087. The DNC, Albright and the Iraq Elections
  3088. Jennifer Van Bergen: The Monster Under the Bed (Global PTSD)
  3089. Robert Fisk: Who Killed Baha Mousa?
  3090. How Gary Webb Saved My Ass from the FBI
  3091. Gearing Up for a Draft?
  3092. Christopher Brauchli: Louis Freeh's New Gig: Usurer
  3093. The Dubious Career of John Bolton
  3094. How We Became Barbarians
  3095. Rupert Cornwell: The Inuit Strike Back
  3096. Francis Thicke: How Now, Industrial Cow?
  3097. US fails in bid to kill off Kyoto process
  3098. Palestinian death toll rises to 11 in Israeli incursion
  3099. License to Strip (Continuing Insanity)
  3100. The Mountain and the Mouse (Delusional Sharonpig)
  3101. Haaretz - Israel News - The formaldehyde vision (More evil than delusional)
  3102. Hezbollah TV loses satellite feed to US (More US censorship)
  3103. Aljazeera.Net - Lebanon threatens TV ban reprisals
  3105. WorldNetDaily: Mr. bin Laden, you're clear to fly
  3106. George W. Bush's America: A National Nightmare?
  3107. Mental Health, Education And Social Control
  3108. Intelligence reform bill is 'Patriot Act II'
  3109. Homeland Security: You Can't Fix Stupid
  3110. State Senator Proposes New Drivers Licensing
  3111. Privacy concerns over new intelligence bill
  3112. Feds dread ID deadline for smart card standard
  3113. Automatic Document Authentication Technology
  3114. Full Hand Scan Fingerprint Systems
  3115. Computer Chips for US Passport
  3116. National Intelligence Reform Act Erodes Civil Liberties
  3117. Drivers' Licenses to Face New Federal Standards
  3118. 'C O N' T R O L - U S A --Know your Congressman's Ways! --David Icke - Tell the Truth!
  3119. Use of Data Collection Systems Is Up Sharply Following 9/11
  3120. Adolph Hitler, Man of the Year
  3121. George W. Bush, Person of the Year
  3122. TIME Person of the Year Archive -- Joseph Stalin, 1942
  3123. Person of the Year - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3124. Bush scales down US jobs growth outlook
  3125. The crime of filming repression in Palestine
  3126. OPEC Dumps the Dollar (rather has been for over three years)
  3127. Guardsman killed Iraqi after sex
  3128. 2001 Memo Reveals Push for Broader Presidential Powers
  3129. Who's Economy is this anway?
  3130. ISP Awarded $1 Billion in Anti-Spam Suit (Small solace to users who suffer it daily)
  3131. Bin Laden's economic threat dismissed (Fear in Fantasyland)
  3133. US accused of stifling UN Arab report
  3134. The Observer | Business | Japan threatens huge dollar sell-off
  3135. Progressive News - The Enemies Among Us by Mike Whitney
  3136. American Express to cut jobs (______________ to cut jobs; pick a card, any card)
  3137. Tale Of Two Christmases
  3138. Food stamp use is on rise across U.S.
  3139. Analysts sharply divided over retailers' prospects
  3140. U.S. Forgives Iraq Debt
  3141. Chile's Pinochet hospitalised (Feeding him Buspar?)
  3142. Belmarsh: a new affront to justice (UK)
  3143. Elections without Democracy (USians should understand completely)
  3144. Civil servants are ordered to delete millions of emails (UK)
  3145. Diebold to Pay $2.6M Due to Insecure Voting Machines (GOP can and will foot the bill easily)
  3146. Weak dollar may threaten balance
  3147. Iran says it has uncovered spy ring for Israel
  3148. West has bloodied hands (Halabja reality has been known for years)
  3149. The deceptions add up on Social Security (Privatizing it is a hideaous larceny)
  3150. President Bush's feckless forum (Pseudopresidential Bullshit)
  3151. The talk is Social Security, but the topic should be China.
  3152. Major US Defeat In Fallujah Claimed
  3153. Agencies warn Bush that U.S. isn't defeating Iraq insurgents (Reality ispasse)
  3154. Threatening Iran despite the evidence
  3155. 'Artificial life' comes step closer (What once might be exciting, is now just terrifying: governments)
  3156. Forecasters face losing key tools (Corpagov "science" destroys data)
  3158. Powell 'Pushed Out' By Bush For Seeking To Rein In Israel
  3159. U.S. takes border war on the road (Inventing new atrocities)
  3160. Tightest security ever planned for Bushs second inauguration (Why, exactly?)
  3161. Vote Fraud: Only Chumps and Compulsive Gamblers Keep On Playing in a Rigged Game :: ILCA Online :: Making Labor Media a Force to Be Reckoned With
  3162. Social Security Rejects Heterosexual Marriage Documents From Communities That Performed Gay Marriages - from TBO.com
  3163. Legal advice on ID cards kept secret
  3164. US: federal pension insurance program edges toward bankruptcy
  3165. South East Asian summit seals free trade agreement with China
  3166. Secret evidence used in Australian "terrorist" trial
  3167. Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed
  3168. We've Been Had
  3169. Election Official Thwarts Recount Using Phony Vote Totals
  3170. Come See Our Hideous Slab / As the world swoons over France's soaring beauty of a bridge, S.F. gets slapped with an eyesore
  3171. U.S. Troops Constantly Shipped Back to Iraq War
  3172. Israeli academic prejudice
  3173. LYING KILLS (The possible is already vast reality)
  3174. UK secretly backs removal of nuclear chief
  3175. Report: Congresswoman's Family Profited (Public Service as usual)
  3176. Settler Leader Wants No Gaza Withdrawal
  3177. He shouldn't be on the cover of TIME, he should be doing TIME.
  3178. Donald the Reptile Rumsfeld
  3179. Wal Mart tax incentives short schools, fire departments, in Illinois
  3180. Protesters fear lack of access to inaugural parade
  3181. Israel's Fifth Column in Washington
  3182. Fallujah: US troops gun down schoolgirl defending her honor
  3183. Is Ariel Sharon about to be "stung"? (Another diversion, please!)
  3184. Resistance raid on Abu Ghurayb nets prisoners for exchange
  3185. New York businessman sends F-14 parts to Iran via Israel (Bizarre)
  3186. On-time flights fall at airports nationally
  3187. Sharon the Con Man
  3188. Insurgent Voice - Myth of a Divided America
  3189. Pentagon Pressed to Cut Its Budgets (You're joking, right?)
  3190. US up in arms over Sino-Israel ties (LMAO!)
  3191. Gas Chamber for Chemical Ali?
  3192. To torture is to lose the war
  3193. Soldier Says He Asked Rumsfeld Armor Question Without Aid of Embed
  3194. US Marine Confirms Fallujah Disaster; More Real News Leaks Out
  3195. Ill-Starred 'Star Wars' Tests
  3196. Iran: Israel, U.S. Rigging Iraq Election
  3197. I'll bring peace to Middle East (ym - any millennium now)
  3198. Arab Media Reporting 50 US Soldiers Perish in Chinook Attack
  3199. Israel Swoops On Iraq Border Lands
  3200. Britain has become a Kafkaesque nightmare
  3201. Retailers See Little Late Holiday Buying
  3203. US Marines 'Traumatised' By Fallujah Assault
  3204. IRAQ - Poison gases were used in U.S. assault, say Fallujans
  3205. Group wants anti-Iraq war resolution on town meeting ballots
  3206. 'Hillbilly Armor' (Actually "Defense" just got caught; it'll blow over, and they'll do nothing.)
  3207. Iraq's oil network hit after al-CIA-duh call
  3208. Giant sinkhole devours Florida boulevard (oops - where the votes go?)
  3209. More lawyers could quit over terror laws
  3210. Bush won't "negotiate with himself" (?!)
  3211. U.S. Panel Reverses Pentagon on 'Enemy Combatant'
  3212. Poll: Most Americans Think Iraq War Not Worth Fighting
  3213. U.S. Loses Bid to Stop Turnover of CIA Records
  3214. FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques
  3215. Bush puts Iran, Syria on notice (Bush should be put in jail)
  3217. Bush Criticized Over Social Security Plan
  3218. Now It's Naproxen - Strike Three Against Athritis Pain Meds
  3219. Russian paper names Surgutneftegaz as purchaser of Yukos oil ...
  3220. FBI Claims More Arab Prisoners Abused
  3221. U.S. mining firm admits polluting (deliberate mercury poisoning)
  3222. IDF Officials Breaking Silence on Ineffectiveness of Fence (genocide by starvation)
  3223. U.S. using chemical weapons against civilians: Iraqi leader
  3224. The National Institutes of Health: Public Servant or Private Marketer? (Niether: Private Racketeer)
  3225. Court erupts over expert's testimony on `Arab mentality' (Antisemitism!)
  3226. Bush Monkey Picture Shown on Giant Billboard
  3227. Herring-for-food program?
  3228. Administration Releases Bogus Report on Re-Importation (All adminostration reports are bogus; get over it)
  3229. Criminal negligence in Mosul
  3230. New Forest Plan Would Lessen Restraints
  3231. Protests Planned for 2nd Bush Inauguration (As if they will be even noticed)
  3232. Metal Storm Robot Will Demostrate Urban Warfare Capabilites For DARPA against US citizens
  3233. More signs of Syria turn up in Iraq (Sure is convenient for Administration reports)
  3234. Fear of information stalks corridors of Whitehall (The Criminal USUK)
  3235. Shredded: Hundreds of thousands of government documents (Not government employees?! Pity)
  3236. It Will All Be Over Soon (Surprise! They lied!)
  3237. Judge rules school district can censor images on student T-shirt (Judge needs to have moronic ass kicked)
  3238. Welcome to American Politics Journal
  3239. Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination: The FBI's War on Rock Star
  3240. Davao City bomber Michael Meiring reported in Houston
  3241. 9/11 - WHO DID THIS? (US corpagov had help)
  3242. Will the GOP Nuke the Constitution? (Already done)
  3243. American firm pulls out of Iraq
  3244. U.S. Trying To Produce Fake Nuclear Documents Implicating Iran: Intelligence Ministe
  3245. Ohio Electoral Fight Becomes 'Biggest Deal Since Selma' as GOP Stonewalls
  3246. In Ohio, almost 1 in 50 votes for president don't count
  3248. Rep. Conyers blasts Triad voting firm over 'cheat sheets'
  3249. US To Deploy New Missiles In S.Korea To Destroy WMD In N.Korea
  3250. Residents Leaving Mosul To Be Shot
  3251. Ten More Years In Iraq?
  3252. Christmas Eve of Destruction
  3253. Election study finds widespread ballot-counting problems
  3254. Pirate radio calls for inauguration protests
  3255. Destroyed Fallujah Now Uninhabitable
  3256. Fighting breaks out again in Fallujah
  3257. Internet surge spurs Iran crackdown (There just *are* no good guys: remember that)
  3258. Conyers: Vote firm had remote access to machines...
  3259. Battered dollar hits another low (How kow does it go? Just wait)
  3260. Blackwell Continues to Dodge Questions (He should already be locked up)
  3261. US forces clash with fighters in Falluja
  3262. Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray (and fuck it up)
  3263. Fighting Continues in Fallujah
  3264. In Fallujah, the mightiest military machine in history has met its match(or matched its meat)
  3265. The New York Times manufactures support for the Iraq war in aftermath of Mosul bombing
  3266. Movers convicted of extortion
  3267. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; New video suggests voting firm Triad sought to thwart recount of paper ballots
  3268. US 'blocking Arab freedom report'
  3269. Fox News Series On Israeli Spying In The US Found
  3270. Jewish holocaust survivors sue Bush
  3271. US May Strike At Ba'athists in Syria
  3272. US living in 'fantasy land' over Iraq (MEDIA MANUFACTURED FANTASYLAND)
  3273. Gregoire Wins By 130 Votes
  3274. Bush Plans a Media Blitz on Social Security
  3275. Many in GOP Wary of Social Security Plan (Indications of brains?)
  3276. Governors Ask Bush Not to Cut Medicaid
  3277. US eases patdown policy for air travelers (whatever will be put up with)
  3278. Fastest growth found in 'red' states
  3279. Part Two: Will Your Vote Count? (Not likely)
  3280. Nicaraguan leftists screened out of entry to U.S.
  3281. War Crimes (US corpagov clearly guilty by its own records)
  3282. New Papers Suggest Detainee Abuse Was Widespread
  3283. Rare Pneumonia Found Among U.S. Soldiers in Iraq
  3284. Deadliest attack on US base in Iraq kills 22, including 19 Americans
  3285. Suicide Bombing Is Now Suspected in Mosul Attack (The Obvious is suspected?)
  3286. Iraqi City Under U.S. Lockdown
  3287. Halliburton Told to Reinstate Insurance
  3288. Rumsfeld warns of more unrest in Iraq after 'elections' (need to have glossiectomy)
  3289. EU [and the rest of the world] wants alternative version of Windows LMAO
  3290. US troops seal Mosul, order to shoot issued
  3291. Iran bans travel to Iraq after blasts in holy cities
  3292. Timeline in Conn. Governor Investigation
  3293. Rowland Pleads Guilty
  3294. Video Supporting Ohio Vote Fraud Claim Revealed
  3295. Bush Foresees a Deeper U.S. Role in Iraq (The word is INTENDS)
  3296. Putin Lashes Out At U.S. and E.U. (Putiputi plays Bad Cop)
  3297. Kerry conceded too soon, Jackson asserts *Really*?! Da ya think?)
  3298. Louisville, Kentucky: sharp rise in emergency food requests
  3299. Outrage in the Philippines over killing of plantation workers
  3300. Vanuatu government collapses following Australian economic threats
  3301. Vanuatu government collapses following Australian economic threats
  3302. Dollar devaluation cannot right the US economy (It's just destroyed too much)
  3303. Post-9/11 memo argued for unlimited presidential war-making powers
  3304. Mosul resistance attack reveals US disarray in Iraq
  3305. BBC announces widespread job losses and cuts
  3306. Peak Australian union body seeks alliance with religious right
  3307. Israel: soldier admits he knew slain peace activist Hurndall was unarmed
  3308. The power struggle in Ukraine and America's strategy for global supremacy
  3309. Bush as Time magazine's "2004 Person of the Year": why him?
  3310. US military begins retaliation for Mosul bombing
  3311. Did Yushchenko Poison Himself?
  3312. Media Blackout of Bush's War on Labor
  3313. Chokeholds of a Giant: Attacking Wal-Mart's Supply Chain
  3314. Charles Bowden on the Legacy of Gary Webb: "He Drew Blood"
  3315. Uri Avnery: The Mountain and the Mouse
  3316. home
  3317. Gary Leupp: Japan in Iraq
  3318. Paul Craig Roberts: America Locked Up, A System of Injustice
  3319. Pakistan and the 9/11 Commission's Report
  3320. Dragon Pierces Truth: Concrete Colossus Versus the River Dragon
  3321. FBI Torture Memos
  3322. Social Security Pump and Dump
  3323. An Encounter with Sen. Schumer: a Very Dangerous Democrat
  3324. When No Law Means No Law
  3325. Death Watch for Human Rights in Haiti
  3326. The Real UN Disgrace in Iraq
  3327. The great American treason
  3328. Meteor showers to devastate planet Earth (Hmmm)
  3329. One of north China's largest lakes dries up
  3330. "Extinct" Vipers, Other Reptiles Uncovered in Iran (and in US corpagov)
  3331. Diana monkeys have sophisticated articulation (like Shrub)
  3332. Monkey vocal ability investigated (No Comment)
  3333. Rooftop 'Basilica Bar' Opens at St. Peter's (Nothing is surprising)
  3334. Vatican Satanism Seminar (Doing it?)
  3335. Holy Fake? *yes, we have no bananas, ...)
  3336. Parachuting Guinea Pig Prankster Caught (Babies in Iraq, however, are routinely mutilated)
  3337. French Catholics denounce Mary books (Arguments over pure fictions)
  3338. The School of Creationism (Not a school, but an asylum)
  3339. Turning Poop Into Gold (US corpagove does the reverse)
  3340. Sept 11 conspiracy theorist poses $130,000 challenge. 16/12/2004. ABC News Online
  3341. Python Accidently Shipped In DVD Player Sent Back for Repairs (You think you have problems!)
  3342. Museum: Solomon's Temple relic a forgery (A relic from a fiction?!)
  3343. School Distributes Satanic Calendar LMAO
  3344. IndiaDaily - CIA's remote viewers initiated quest for WMD in Iraq (You corpagov, not mine!)
  3345. Vatican university takes on the devil (Children's science scores plummet)
  3346. Did Our Sun Capture Alien Worlds? (Like earth?)
  3347. Lithuania Unearths Liquor Pipeline from Belarus (In your face, up your ass corpagov is Everyplace)
  3348. Crows as Clever as Great Apes, Study Says, both smarter than politicos
  3349. Economist.com | Homo floresiensis (and the nature of modern governmental science)
  3350. Space Imaging
  3351. Church anger over 'devil' Santaa (How about just growing up?)
  3352. Man didn't know he had 5 inch nail in skull (A politician?)
  3353. Flatulent fish and beyond (Congressmen!)
  3354. Israel Antiquities Collector to Be Charged (Ossuary hoax)
  3355. Israel may seek further U.S. funding for security measures (9 Billion isn't enough?!)
  3356. Israeli Spying On US Unravels - Franklin Sings Like Canary
  3357. Video Supporting Ohio Vote Fraud Claim Revealed
  3358. Falluja returnees angry, "city unfit for animals"
  3359. The eye of the needle that is Gaza
  3360. Geoff Metcalf -- An Individual Right (Second Amendment)
  3361. Bush urged to freeze Sudan assets
  3362. Poison Pen - Chris Floyd
  3363. Pound slumps as trade gap widens
  3364. 'Worst Christmas for 25 years' as store sales drop (Expected and obvious)
  3365. Britain is Europe's foreign languages dunce, study shows
  3366. Merry Christmas, Damn It
  3367. Rumsfeld And Myers Are Lying About The Attack In Mosul Iraq - It Was Not A Suicide Bomber
  3368. ICG Says US May Already Have Lost War in Iraq (No kidding)
  3369. More details emerge on AIPAC Chalabi boosters targeted in FBI probe
  3370. Ohio legislature looks to make vote recounts more expensive (NO votes left unstolen!)
  3371. Legitimacy of Ohio Vote Recount Called Into Question After Probe
  3372. Rumsfeld tells US troops in Iraq [the lie that] they can win
  3373. French minister warns on fall of the dollar (No US bozos say a word)
  3374. Israeli Defence Minister calls for calm over rumoured attack on Iran
  3375. PHOTOS Show George W. Bush Seriously Ill Physically
  3376. Kmart, Sears Slash Prices to Salvage Sluggish Sales
  3377. Auschwitz tale is not all that it seems
  3378. Explosion rips Baghdad suburb as Rumsfeld leaves (They missed! Damn!)
  3379. Arafat Tied to Md. Bowling Alley (OK - now protest all Israel investments)
  3380. Russian Santa visits Space Station with new supplies (while US would leave them to rot)
  3381. Rumsfeld Gives Pep Talk In Surprise Visit To Iraq (Father of Lies)
  3382. Chinese firm finds critical flaws in Windows (M$ WINDOWS *is* a critical flaw)
  3383. MEDIA - The FACTS
  3384. CIA removing documents from National Archives
  3385. US New-Home Sales Plunge in Nov
  3386. IN GUANTANAMO'S TORTURE CHAMBERS Prisoners were experimented on
  3387. A New Poverty Draft: Military Contractors Target Latin America For New Recruits
  3388. Bush signs Sudan aid and sanctions bill (Iraq #2)
  3389. Families Of Slain GIs Raise $600k For Fallujah Refugees
  3390. Rumsfeld waves 9-11 at the troops again (Cut his tongue out?)
  3391. U.S. Scholar Says North Korea Will Crumble Within A Year (Um - sure)
  3392. Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede? (Depends. What's he been told to do?)
  3393. Sending Insane Signals (A few peeks at an utterly deranged nation)
  3394. County recount gives win to Democrat (Is media paying any attention?)
  3395. Ohio: A Crime Against Democracy
  3396. Getting Out Of America - The New Outpouring (Could any sane person actually *want* to be here?!)
  3397. Tanker bomb rocks Baghdad quarter
  3398. Bush Calls for Compassion on Christmas LMAO
  3399. Israeli 9/11 Hijacker Believed Planes Were Being Landed By Remote Control
  3400. An Eyewitness Account of Fallujah
  3401. Keeping an eye out for terrorists (They swarm over Wash DC)
  3402. Iran's air force ordered to defend nuclear facilities from `flying objects'(Shining objects that explode?)
  3403. Castro Announces Crude Oil Discovery (He should have shut up; now W will invade)
  3404. Insurgents infiltrating coalition, US says (What coalition?)
  3405. It happened at Midnight (Rove rides repeatedly)
  3406. US disclosures signal wider detainee abuse
  3407. PHOTOS Show George W. Bush Seriously Ill Physically
  3408. Apparent assassinations kill 5 Iraqi officials
  3409. GIs Can Be Ordered To Wear U.N. Beret by the US corporate mercenary miltary
  3410. Tanker truck crashes near Pentagon, sparking multiple explosions
  3411. The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party
  3412. American gulag? (There is a question?)
  3413. Another third rate burglary (Watergate Redux)
  3414. Hacking the vote in Miami County
  3415. Kerry votes switched to Bush and ballots pre-punched for Bush
  3416. All Exit Polls Give Yushchenko Major Lead
  3417. The Republican Leaderships Problem With Democracy (Half the idiot citizens have a problem with it)
  3418. Nearly 11,500 dead as huge earthquake triggers destruction across Asia
  3419. Bush wants to break promise of Social Security
  3420. Iraq to Air Footage of Iranian Meddling (and phony biochemical labs too!)
  3421. MMR parents win legal victory
  3422. Second Ukrainian Election: Results Reversed in a Blowout for the Liberal
  3423. Binomial Coefficients -- from MathWorld
  3424. SW China hit by quakes
  3425. Atrocities in american airports, a London Daily Alert (This IS the US)
  3426. West-Leaning Leader Appears Headed for Win In Ukraine Vote
  3427. Secretary Rumsfeld says Sept. 11 flight over Pennsylvania was shot down
  3428. Israelis arrested in Jordan confess supplying arms to Sudan rebels
  3429. Rebels blow up Iraq pipeline
  3430. Israel Plans Turning Separation Wall into De Facto Borders (its purpose from start)
  3431. 30 million cars now record drivers' behavior
  3432. No Future for Textiles in 'City of Looms'
  3433. An increasing trend:From middle class to food stamps (It was designed)
  3434. Euro Climbs to New High Above $1.36
  3435. The Doofus Department by Stephen Baskerville
  3436. America - One Big Roach Motel
  3437. Bush Makes You Broke (besides making you barf abd giving you the creeps)
  3438. Warren County recount - snookered? What Happened? (rigged voting and rigged recount)
  3439. Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Adjusting Vote Result (Um - adjusting?!)
  3440. Microbiologist Death Toll Mounts As Connections To Dyncorp, Hadron, Promis
  3441. Emergency warning as global flu epidemic fears grow - [Sunday Herald]
  3442. Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War
  3443. Epidemics threaten to double the death toll
  3444. Holiday gift for timber industry
  3445. New York Penal Code Laws Pertaining to White House, EPA, Giuliani, NY Health
  3446. Senator will propose end of Electoral College (Dianne Feinstein)
  3447. Bin Laden tape praises al Zarqawi, says voters infidels (fiction)
  3448. US to Pledge $4 Million for Tsunami Aid (and $9 Billion to Israel to torture Palestinians)
  3449. Wave warning fell on deaf ears
  3450. UN Official Backs Down: Rich Nations Not 'Stingy' (Stingy is being *polite*, and Powell is still an asshole)
  3451. Powell Bristles at Suggestions US Is Stingy With Wave Aid
  3452. 'Stingy' US offers $15 million 'initial' aid (Actually, it $4 million!)
  3453. US Adds $20 Million to Earthquake Relief (scout it up from GOP reptos)
  3454. Israelis Arrest Palestinian Candidate in Jerusalem
  3455. The GOP's Sabotage of Social Security
  3456. Whose war is it now?
  3457. No peace on Earth during unjust war
  3458. Daily vigil at Senator Kerry's house, 12/28 - 01/05
  3459. Asia Officials Failed to Issue Warnings
  3460. Yes, you must pull out - but also pay for the damage
  3461. Israelis arrested in Jordan confess supplying arms to Sudan rebels
  3462. Ukraine transport minister found shot dead
  3463. Greater Government Spending Has Not Enhanced National Security (No kiddng? Security ahainst what exactly?)
  3464. Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War
  3465. Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote (He should already be locked up)
  3466. Rebel blitz on Iraq police posts (Son, those rebels are "freedom fighters")
  3467. USS Liberty: Did Israel commit one war crime to hide another? (Oh - guess!)
  3468. Why Were Queen Victoria's Diaries Destroyed and then Rewritten? (You'll love this)
  3469. Intelligence Agencies Face Staff Shortage (LMAO Who, with a brain would even go near these reptos?)
  3470. EU to begin trade talks with Iran
  3471. Shopping for War (and this is the NY Fing Whore Times speaking)
  3472. Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote (Lock him up! That's pretty simple)
  3473. Homely solution to the offshore exodus (A smart idea - but not good for planned economic destruction)
  3474. An Open Letter to Our Leaders From a Concerned Iraq War Soldier Illusory Realities)
  3475. Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen votefray
  3476. Pentagon: Rumsfeld misspoke on Flight 93 crash (Could it be *more* predictable?!)
  3477. Explanation for Death Penalty Sought in Fatal Smuggling Case
  3478. Explosive BBC Doc Exposes Decades-Old Neocon Deceits (Obviousnesses - IF you were paying attention)
  3479. Sri Lanka said refusing IDF aid team (So, we know they're not stupid)
  3480. Main Sunni party pulls out of Iraqi election (Democratic party in US pulled out too)
  3481. The US Dollar's moment of truth is at hand. (In the end truth will out - in the end)
  3482. Deigo Garcia military base unaffected by tsunamis. (God must be a moron)
  3483. US, Britain holding 10,000 prisoners in Iraq (and those US concentration camps?)
  3484. US District Court rules against Michael New (Um - what laws?)
  3485. Iraq edges towards civil war (They *want* their country back)
  3486. Voice on tape appears to be bin Laden's (Yeah - right - absofuckinglutely)
  3487. Fury over arrest of Palestinian election candidate
  3488. CIA resists request for abuse data (Hegelian kaka)
  3489. US commander says 'clear' more troops needed in Mosul for Iraqi poll Babbling)
  3490. Insurgency in Iraq 'will not end': Powell (Duuh! Glossectomy!)
  3491. How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions (Now?! ROTFL)
  3492. M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device? (Of course! What did you think, dumbdumb?!)
  3493. Kerry filing: Preserve Ohio recount evidence. (to fuck it up)
  3494. OPERATIONS RAVE I & II (Al-Mossada-CIAda Incorporated)
  3495. WTC7.net the hidden story of Building 7
  3496. Damn these Hackers! (and the Hackers really are ....)
  3497. ei: Zogby Poll: Should AIPAC be asked to register as an agent of a foreign government and lose its tax-exempt status?
  3498. Troublesome Statements By One of Kerry-Edwards' Ohio Attorneys, Explained (Oh?)
  3499. The U.S. knew about the tsunami
  3500. Man Admits Hate Crime Attack Was False
  3501. Baghdad commander of Iraqi security forces assassinated
  3502. Swedish paper reports tsunami warning halted out of concern for tourist industry
  3503. Wet Seal to close about 150 stores, lay off roughly 2,000 workers
  3504. Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Vote Closer (and is also rigged)
  3505. Thai newspaper documents government attempt to kill tsunami warning
  3506. Russia, China to hold unprecedented joint military manoeuvres next year
  3507. DoD Launches 2005 Health Related Behaviors Survey (Watchit!)
  3508. Saudi daily says U.S. harvests Iraqis' organs (Believe it)
  3509. Trail of torture leads to Washington
  3510. Pentagon Is Pressing to Bypass Environmental Laws for War Games and ArmsTesting
  3511. Ukraine's Yushchenko Calls for Blockade of Government
  3512. Judge rules for school over student Bush 'Chicken-Hawk' T-shirt (Black Robed Fascists)
  3513. Scientists in USA saw tsunami coming
  3514. Race to Bury Asia's Dead as Toll Hits 68,000
  3515. FBI Names 6th Counterterrorism Chief Since 9/11
  3516. Director of Analysis Branch at the C.I.A. Is Being Removed
  3517. Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Alleged Abuse Photos
  3518. U.S. accuses Syria of helping insurgents (Boring!)
  3519. Ruling Puts Democrats in Control in Montana
  3520. Final 4 Counties Reject GOP Re-Canvass Request
  3521. US Congress uses Alice in Wonderland logic to sell cuts in college grants
  3522. Spain: Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War
  3523. Tsunami death toll rises to 60,000 amid warnings of epidemics
  3524. Disappearing the Anti-War Movement at the NYTs
  3525. The Chilean Miracle: Less Than Meets the Eye (and always has been)
  3526. Privacy Piracy? What Howard Dean May Bring to the DNC
  3527. The Chief Weirdo at the Pentagon: Rumsfeld Must Go
  3528. Ariz. pastor held in Fla. sex counts (hupocricy allows it)
  3529. Manufacturers of the Generic Form of Children's Motrin to Pay States $1.5Million in Antitrust Settlement
  3530. Children's Acetaminophen Recalled, May Cause Liver Failure
  3531. Sharon to visit China
  3532. Parents of stricken girl sue makers of Children's Motrin
  3533. TCS: Tech Central Station - Too Cool for School
  3534. US-led forces rethink backseat security role (It's an apriori fraud - like in US)
  3535. Bye, Bye Unipolar World - by Jim Lobe (Not fast enoigh)
  3536. Pius XII barred Jewish children returning home
  3537. Vatican hit by new row over war role
  3538. Minister to abolish GM scrutiny body (Minister desperately needs serious torture)
  3539. Inflation Disinformation is a government truth
  3540. 'War Crimes' Murmurs
  3541. Homeland Insecurity (It was always an illusion to perpetute illusions)
  3542. Ohio secretary of state hopes to dodge deposition in challenge of presidential vote
  3543. Was Gary Webb Suicided To Kill New Book?
  3544. Closest governor's race: It's Governor-elect Gregoire, but no Rossi concession
  3545. Chief justice refuses to remove self from vote challenge
  3546. BBC announces widespread job losses and cuts
  3547. Tokyo extends troop deployment in Iraq
  3548. Car Bombs Explode Near Saudi Security Buildings
  3549. Crude Oil Prices Surpass $43 a Barrel
  3550. Centre for Research on Globalization: Earthquakes: Natural of Man Nade?
  3551. Luxon theory
  3552. Israeli forces kill five Palestinians in Gaza raid (like piranhas)
  3553. GOP Not Giving Up In Wash. State (Stolen is stolen!)
  3554. Candidate in Wash. Gov. Race Seeks Revote
  3555. State can't handle a new election (We all got really poor relly fast. How'd that happen? Wanna guess? Ooops - cand't affor democratic corpagov!)
  3556. Oil prices surge after Riyadh bombings (Halliburton?)
  3557. FBI investigates laser beams directed into aircraft cockpits (Hmmmm)
  3558. FBI Probes Lasers Aimed at Plane Cockpits
  3559. YUKOS: Rosneft Takes Control of Yugansk
  3560. Documents Said to Show Prozac Risks
  3561. Eli Lilly supressed Prozac evidence - report
  3562. Report: Prozac Maker Knew of Problems in 1988
  3563. Lost drug study turns up
  3564. US Replaces Memo on Torture with New Guidelines (Um - sure)
  3565. Justice Dept. memo redefines acts of torture
  3566. US draws up new torture memo
  3567. "God Is With Us": Hitler's Rhetoric and the Lure of "Moral Values"
  3568. Doctors Without Borders Begins Providing Aid in Aceh, Northern Sumatra
  3569. We're all suckers for playing that game
  3570. Head of CIA analysis unit joins exodus of top officials in shake-up
  3571. Pentagon not talking to Israelis after China standoff
  3572. Conyers calls on senators to open election discussion...
  3573. Conyers to Object to Ohio Electors, Requests Senate Allies
  3574. The End of War
  3575. Falloujans Get an Unsettling Look at Their City
  3576. Iraq: A War For Israel?
  3577. And it's all legal ... (There is no innately criminal class - except Congress)
  3578. Beltway Bandits' Storm - $615 Billion Deficit Snow Job
  3579. TV Networks Officially Refuse to Release Exit Poll Raw Data; Mainstream Media Finally Displays True Colors
  3580. U.S. Businesses Overseas Threatened by Rising Anti-Americanism
  3581. Jesse Jackson on why he thinks John Kerry really won the election.
  3582. Get out while you can, Howard warns (Oh, I thought he meant Australia)
  3583. Dollar Hits Record Low Vs Euro (This plays every day, like a broken record)
  3584. Bush to Push for Medical Liability Changes (How about [P]residential liabilities?)
  3585. American Muslims Singled Out at US Borders
  3586. Republican Judge Takes Aim at Bush Terror Policies
  3587. Justice Expands 'Torture' Definition
  3588. Iraq Edges Towards Civil War
  3589. Democrat Declared Wash. Governor-Elect
  3590. High court disallows appeal for television ad privacy
  3591. DPO Passes Resolution Regarding Voting Irregularities
  3592. Arab astrologer predicts Bush assassination (Hmmmm)
  3593. Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | 'We have to protect people'
  3594. Premier in Ukraine Quits, Giving Way to Opposition Rule (Now if only the whole US corpagoc would quit)
  3596. Microsoft's Passport fails to travel far as Web strategy
  3597. Microsoft's Passport to be tossed by eBay
  3598. India's last active volcano erupts on Andamans
  3599. Brazil Town to Honor Arafat With Statue
  3600. Thomas tops on high court in acceptance of lavish gifts
  3601. Paradise Cleansed by John Pilger (Governments are exactly what they do)
  3602. Russia to charge for space trips
  3603. Forgers 'tried to rewrite biblical history' which already a history of nonsense and deceit
  3604. Warning on posters that offend faiths (Oh, get a life!)
  3605. US military kills 25 insurgents in Mosul clash (That is all they're there for)
  3606. Slowdown in Chicago Manufacturing, Jobs (How slow can it go?)
  3607. Mosul election staff quit en masse
  3608. Employer Actions Drive Health Costs For Retirees Higher
  3609. U.S. Sending Colin Powell, Jeb Bush to Survey Tsunami Damage (Icky Iguana nd Smedly Snake)
  3610. The Great Crime Spree of 2004
  3611. Go-ahead for Argentine debt swap (More IMF stealing of Argentina)
  3612. Release of Iraq war advice is test for new act (UK)
  3613. House to Consider Relaxing Its Rules (Professional Criminals at Play)
  3614. Raw Print | Westboro Baptist Tsunami Statement (Sick, Sicker, Sickest)
  3615. Ohio's official non-recount ends amidst new evidence of fraud, theft andjudicial contempt mirrored in New Mwxico
  3616. Indonesia Needs Help, Death Toll Expected To Exceed 400,000 (Baptists Cheer!)
  3617. Violence Against Iraq Troops Takes Toll (Actions have consequences)
  3618. The Neutering Of Reporters
  3619. Latest Bin Laden Tapes Outright Fakes Designed To Create 9/11-Iraq Link
  3620. Troubled By Facts: Anti-Gun Academics (So why gun control? Guess!)
  3621. Bush To Cut Pell Education Grants For 1.4 Million Students
  3622. Insanity - 55 Years In Prison For Selling Marijuana
  3623. New American Outrage: US Forces Use Refugee Families As Human Shields
  3624. Dollar Down, Gold Rises (Still - and it just may not stop)
  3625. Ohio Recount a Sham, Public Protests Needed
  3626. Pentagon says 911 Interceptors flew: TOO FAR, TOO SLOW, TOO LATE (Um - we knew that 4 years ago!)
  3627. Army Officer Explains How Armor Adds Costs ([sigh])
  3628. Wag the dog: Official says Sharon weighed war during probe
  3629. Israel mock raids over south Lebanon (As if they intend ....)
  3630. Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004
  3631. Evangelical Leader Threatens to Use His Political Muscle Against Some Democrats
  3632. As lawmakers exit Congress, many cash in on connections
  3633. FBI memos implicate Bush in torture scandal
  3634. CNN.com - Man quizzed about laser incidents - Dec 31, 2004
  3635. US markets end year on a weak note
  3636. Wall Street celebrates second straight year of gains (Hello?!)
  3637. United Press International: Analysis: Rehnquist's advice for the right (Advice from the Supreme Whore)
  3638. Leaders Fear Probe Will Force Pro-Israel Lobby To File as 'Foreign Agent'
  3639. Perle Implicated In AIPAC Probec (Oh, how completely surprising!)
  3640. Raw exit data, November 2, 2004
  3641. Let's Talk War Crimes (The continuing obvious)
  3642. Report: WJC to be probed for financial irregularities
  3643. Corporate Lobbyists Descend on Bush's Cabinet Nominees (Corpagov at work)
  3644. A Big Push On Social Security (selling poison to the health conscious)
  3645. Holocaust fund investigated for 'unusual' money transfers
  3646. Gifts Besiege Military Hospitals
  3647. A 'Long War' Against Whom? (WE are the enemy and have been for a long time)
  3648. The Next Worst Thing (America has no innately criminal class, except corpagov)
  3649. Opinion - Peter Schrag: Goodbye to 2004, another year of living stupidly(that HAS consequences)
  3650. Kids star in post-war Iraq film
  3651. Moussa: the Arab states won't dispatch troops to Iraq under US military command
  3652. DU - The Stuff of Nightmares
  3653. US Muslims Fingerprinted at Border (?!!)
  3654. US pledges $350m in tsunami aid (and gives $9Billion per year to torture Palestinians)
  3655. Can you trust your computer? - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  3656. Illness taking grim toll at nation's boot camps (to be deployed with troops, exactly as the 1918 flu)
  3657. Retailers Without Chip-And-Pin Liable For Fraud
  3658. U.S. 2-Year Note Falls for Week, Capping Worst Year Since 1999
  3659. Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray
  3660. The Power of Nightmares: The Shadows In The Cave (and the Al-Qaeda illusion)
  3661. Israeli spy's passport sparks row (Hello?! This is a major Mossad industry!)
  3662. The Macroeconomic Newsletter
  3663. The War To Save The U.S. Dollar (It is beyond saving; it is pure illusion)
  3664. Vote challengers accuse Blackwell of trying to let 'clock run out' (He should be in jail)
  3665. Pollsters, Media Implicated in Vote Fraud (surprise, surpise)
  3666. Re-Vote Ohio (Um - Hitler prevailed too, and it's the *same* thing)
  3667. Bigger Republican Majority Plans to Push Bush Agenda (Reptos on Parade!)
  3668. Britain: Royal Mail to sell off half its business
  3669. World Socialist Web Site
  3670. US: Bush administration targets medical care for the poor
  3671. A revealing commentary by a German newspaper The price of Ukrainian democracy
  3672. US promise of aid soars to $350 million (Soars to level of chickenfeed)
  3673. Scientist raises estimate of Vioxx ill-effects
  3674. Drug Shield Law Leaves Some Patients With No Legal Recourse
  3675. Questions raised over Michigan law that protects drug makers
  3676. Rep. Matsui, a Top Democrat, Dies at Age 63 (*given* a rare blood disorder?)
  3677. Congress loses key legislator to disease / Internment camp experience shaped political sensibilities
  3678. Terrorism suspects may be detained forever (The entire US corpagov?!)
  3679. Pipes Favors Concentration Camps For US Muslims
  3680. 50 Israeli tanks enter Gaza
  3681. Bungled Israeli killing revealed
  3682. Editor denies being pressured to change book on '73 war
  3683. Dollar ends 2004 at nine-year low
  3684. Uniform dismay at Musharraf's army decision
  3685. Candidates Want Second Ohio Recount (Um - some honest one sometime?)
  3686. Washington was aware that a deadly Tidal Wave was building up in the IndianOcean
  3687. Protestants opposed to Israeli policies favor divesting
  3688. Seige forces Peru to declare state of emergency. (S, apparently, have the people)
  3689. Counterfeit Nintendo Games Sold at Malls Throughout the Metro (Coming from where?)
  3690. Latest thing in hi-tech: a book (But you can't annotate, correct or cross reference)
  3691. Searches and gag orders: Homeland Securitys unprecedented campaign cloaks unclassified info
  3692. Europe 'will have to act on dollar'
  3693. Abu Ghraib (Let us review)
  3694. Israel assures us that Saudi Arabis, Egypt, and Syria now have WMDs (AHEM?)
  3695. Israeli soldiers shoot Israeli Channel 10 civilian cameraman
  3696. Daily Record News - Morris man was 'playing' with laser
  3697. Iraq election officials quit after threats
  3698. US, UK consulates in Basra shelled (I wonder why?)
  3699. US fighters violate Iranian air space (Israel is probably still violating Lebanee air space)
  3700. West Bank youth move into Gaza to obstruct pullout *What *will* they do?)
  3701. Ill. Residents Vote for Official Reptile (Only Republicans need apply)
  3702. Marine life could take centuries to recover from killer waves
  3703. Post-Tsunami Flu Fatalities in Sri Lanka
  3704. U.S. Gave $1B in Faith-Based Funds in 2003
  3705. UK police 'among the world's worst'
  3706. Marchers Protest Deaths of Two in Fla.
  3707. Coleen Rowley retires from the FBI
  3708. N. Korea challenges U.S. approach
  3709. Iraqi insurgents waging 'all-out war' on oil industry: minister
  3710. Guantanamo Briton 'in handcuff torture'
  3711. Fresh Details Emerge on Harsh Methods at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  3712. US Said to Mull Lifetime Terror-Suspect Detentions
  3713. Geologist gave repeated alerts
  3714. The drug industry's chokehold on America's health care
  3715. Torture practices in the German army
  3716. How the Justice Department Continues to Screw the Sioux
  3717. Who's Feeding the Bin Laden Legend?
  3718. Elections Without Democracy
  3719. Unbecoming Conduct
  3720. Empire of the Misers
  3721. Argentina v. the IMF
  3722. The Tsunami and the Corporate Media: Waves of Hypocrisy
  3723. The 2004 Said Awards: Books Against Empire
  3724. On "Moral Values": Code Words for Emerging Authoritarian Tendencies
  3725. Gary Leupp: Meaning and Meaninglessness in the December 26 Tsunami
  3726. Moscow Artist Gets 2 Years Probation for Producing Mammoth-Hunters&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Weapons (WMSs, no doubt)
  3727. Kissing Banned After Moscow Politicians Take Too Long to Smooc (How about farting?)
  3728. Disneyland Coming to Chechnya &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Prime Minister Abramov (How perfectly charming)
  3729. Two Mental Patients Detained in Urals on Suspicion of Organizing Terrorist Attacks(Disgruntled ministers?)
  3730. Steve Gilliard's News Blog : Idiot students whine about coursework (Godzilla Unleashed)
  3731. $1B Given to Faith-Based Groups in 2003
  3732. Bush, Clinton to Lead Tsunami Fund Raising (Yet more scams by slime)
  3733. Gonzales Torture Memo Controversy Builds
  3734. House GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Rules (DeLay Grand Jury hs then been already rigged; rigging is GOP specialty)
  3735. 'Syria, Egypt may have nuke parts' (Israel may have fleas)
  3736. Bio-Chemical Tests in Alaska Whitewashed By Government
  3737. New Horror Stories Of GI Abuses At Iraqi Hospitals (How *much* more can there be?)
  3738. Toba - supervolcano
  3739. Palestinian aid groups' accounts closed
  3740. US troops arrested, tortured 8-year old boy for throwing a stone at a soldier (Where else does this happen regularly?)
  3741. WHAT KIND OF PARENTS DO these american soldiers have? Is their perversion the parents fault?
  3742. Needing Cash, Veterans Sign Over Pensions
  3743. 'I just had to tell the truth'
  3744. Iraqi scientist's health causes concern
  3745. The latest torture documents show the government still isn't coming clean. (and it NEVER will)
  3746. Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute, and why Congress
  3747. The 25 Dumbest Quotes of 2004
  3748. Politicians protest certifying of vote
  3749. The 2004 Falsies Awards
  3750. Digitized prints can point finger at innocent
  3751. Organizer of Viktor Yanukovich's election campaign found dead in Kiev
  3752. The 2004 Presidential Election: Who Won The Popular Vote?
  3753. Footprints of Electoral Fraud: Early numbers
  3755. The Lying State by Laurence M. Vance (Bingo! The Truth!)
  3756. Probe into appeal site
  3757. Large Gambian Rats Worry Fla. Officials
  3758. Native American lands poisoned by military testing, reports say
  3759. States to pay billions under new drug policy
  3760. Two Halliburton Units Exit Bankruptcy
  3761. Republican Hypocrites seek complaint against minority leader
  3762. House GOP Considers Discipline Changes
  3763. Jeb's Tsunami Trip Beginning of Bush Dynasty?
  3764. Death toll nears 150,000 (umatran tsunami)
  3765. Rally Challenging Ohio Vote Held
  3766. Passionate Voters Chose to Challenge Election Results
  3767. Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit
  3768. U-S commander: Afghan detainee who died complained snake had bitten him
  3769. Democrats Consider 'Torture Presentation' at Gonzales Hearing
  3770. US military hints at staying in Afghanistan for decades (as planned from before beginning)
  3771. Defence Minister Hints at Iraqi 'Election' Delay
  3772. Iraqi official says January 'election' could be delayed
  3773. Car bomb targets Allawi's party as 27 security force members killed
  3774. Al Qaeda fighters 'are entering Iraq from Saudi' (Mossad again?!)
  3775. Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief underestimates
  3776. US conducts biometric tests at 50 border points
  3777. US plans permanent Guantanamo jails
  3778. Baghdad Governor Assassinated; Bombing Kills 10
  3779. Airport in Banda Aceh closed after aid plane hits cows (We love competence)
  3780. Bullock ponies up big bucks for tsunami relief (and Red Cross will repeat its 9/11 scam and theft)
  3781. Israeli Attack Kills Seven Palestinian Children (Isn't this just normal?)
  3782. Peru arrests siege leader (Hope the government is slaughtered in consequence)
  3783. After outpouring, focus turns to coordinating tsunami relief (by killing cows)
  3784. Bush sees quake relief as Congress' "first order of business" (He &still stole the election - for the second time)
  3785. Forbes.com: Update 10: Crude Futures Fall More Than $1 a Barrel (Pray for global warming?)
  3786. Yugo founder trying again, from China (what's made here now?)
  3787. Fool.com: Snake Oil From China [Motley Fool Take] January 3, 2005
  3788. Weight loss companies seek 2005 knockout of low-carb (Corpas selling poison to the sheep)
  3789. Data on diet plans is slim (It's not corporately correct)
  3790. Judge Upholds Denial of Bail for Gotti in Shooting (Bush will hire him)
  3791. Ohio Recount Highlights Continuing Vote Trouble (Continuing treason)
  3792. Exploding Crisis For America's Poor (which is just about everybody)
  3793. 12,600-Strong U.S. Military Team Aids Tsunami Relief (Not military would be reassuring)
  3794. GOP Blinks, Reverses Course on Ethics Rules (meaning bribes are in and Delay is safe)
  3795. Bush strategy will hurt Republicans, says former aide (In a totalitarian state, who cares?)
  3796. Social Security formula would cut payouts to retirees (PAY ATTENTION!)
  3797. Abbas Condemns Deadly Israeli Shelling
  3798. Protest photos from San Diego: "The 5,547 Vote March"
  3799. Dave Lindorff: Is There One Senator Who Will Stand Up for Black Voters?
  3800. IAEA finds Egypt secret nuclear program (actually, UNNAMED DIPLOMATS fabricate ....)
  3801. U.S. Newswire : Releases : "ReDefeatBush to Hold 'Rally for the Republic'..."
  3802. Ohio Recount: The Recount That Wasn't, a Chance to Reassure Voters Missed
  3803. Will Administration Cover Up A Major Israeli Spy Scandal? (Yes, and the reason is right)
  3804. South Asia disaster appeal: White House tries to cover up Bush's moment of truth that he is a total repto scumbag
  3805. Military's Test at High Schools Brings a Salvo of Concerns
  3806. Abu Spinoza: The Detention of Dr. Huda Ammash (in long list of US atrocities)
  3807. The victims of the tsunami pay the price of war on Iraq
  3808. Iraqi insurgents now outnumber coalition forces more than is reported
  3809. U.S. May Add Advisers to Aid Iraq's Military whether they like it or not
  3810. Congress expects $100 billion war request from scum-in-chief
  3811. Powerful explosion rocks Baghdads Green Zone
  3812. Internment report led to fury
  3813. Spanish Civil War victims speak out
  3814. Severely disabled, mentally ill: the truth about Broadmoor 'terrorist' emerges in barbaric Britain
  3815. swissinfo swiss information business culture news informations of switzerland :IN DEPTH - d&#-11;&#-11;tail
  3816. USDA Investigating Kosher Meat Plant (Brain transplant candidates, all)
  3817. How safe is the water? (How safe is the corpgov?)
  3818. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq (A dead guy arrested)
  3819. CBC News: Chile's top court upholds charges against Pinochet
  3820. Britons rank Israel 'worst country', even outranking the US
  3821. Eight killed in Beit Lahia, all under the age of 17
  3822. Iraqi insurgents threaten attack inside United States, i.e., another adrenalin shot needs fabrication
  3823. Democratic Underground Forums - Faneuil Hall: Sen. Boxer on board!!!! :-)(Follow the links)
  3824. California schools 3rd-worst in nation (and Texas?)
  3825. 2004 vote fraud documents
  3826. Get Over It, Winners
  3827. Dialing In For Democracy - Today Is Critical
  3828. Senators should object to Ohio vote
  3829. U.S. voters should protest fraud in presidential election
  3830. Hoodwinked - Why is Florida's voting system so corrupt?
  3831. Gonzales Torture Memo Controversy Builds
  3832. Rude awakening to missile-defense dream
  3833. Concern grows for plight of tsunami orphans
  3834. When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally, truth was acasualty (*The* function of the CIA)
  3835. Powell: Tsunami Aid May Help U.S. Image (Image of truth any day, eh, lying repto?)
  3836. U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Tops 10,000 (Shit happens)
  3837. Doctors Without Borders(A far better place for Sandra Bullock's Million)
  3838. Who supervised the removal of 21 Florida e-voting machines in Broward County?
  3839. U.S. spy planes spotted over power stations
  3840. Britain: police given new powers against the young (rape and torture?)
  3841. Germany: leniency for deputy police chief who threatened torture
  3842. India: over 14,000 dead and hundreds of thousands displaced
  3843. Gary Leupp: Death and Life in the Andaman Islands
  3844. The Year in Torture
  3845. They Say They Can Lock You Up for Life Without a Trial
  3846. Mainlining Apocalypse
  3847. Did the US downplay tsunami warning to all but US military?
  3848. New key seen to cutting heart risk (bullshit)
  3849. Push to test key protein level (more bullshit)
  3850. Statin Drugs Reduce Inflammation, Studies Find (absolute bullshit)
  3851. Inflammation called key in heart attack risk (brain transplant!)
  3852. Studies See New Way to Reduce Heart Risk (Um - new way to scam money)
  3853. Inflammation is key to gauging heart risk (US corpagov is an inflammation)
  3854. New heart villain seen (totalitarian stress)
  3855. Two Studies Suggest a Protein Has a Big Role in Heart Disease (Hina Kolata! Get a life!)
  3856. Cholesterol Not Lone Factor in Heart Health (It never was)
  3857. BBC NEWS | Business | Indonesia's moment of truth?
  3858. ZNet Commentary, June 26, 2001 - Exxon-Mobile in Aceh (Informative)
  3859. Welcome to the International Labor Rights Fund
  3860. Somalia seeking aid for 50,000 victims
  3861. More WFP Food Aid Delivered to Somali Villages Shattered by Tsunami
  3862. SOMALIA: Fears of water-borne diseases in areas affected by tsunami
  3863. CNN.com - Somalia appeals for post-tsunami help - Jan 3, 2005
  3864. Coulter gleefully calls for nuking N. Korea (Stupid bitch has always ad several screws loose)
  3865. Meteor burns over northeast counties (wasn't a meteor)
  3866. Saudi Arabia invites Indian firms to set up oil refinery
  3867. War Prospects for 2005
  3868. Forget OPEC. The next cartel may export drinking water.
  3869. Best and Worst evidence for 9/11 complicity
  3870. Journalists challenge Fox, get $1 million legal bill
  3871. 9/11 Whispers: Washington Defense Shield Deactivated Due To Wargames?
  3872. Blistering attacks threaten Iraq election (and US corpagov bullying)
  3873. Washington prepares international network of permanent detention camps
  3874. N. Koreans Told To Prepare For War
  3875. Americans are closing their eyes and letting a new form of fascism get rolling
  3877. Blackwell Takes Credit for Bush Win
  3878. Editorial: Don't certify Ohio results
  3879. No Stolen Elections! Delivers Petitions To Feingold
  3880. House Dems issue final 102-page election irregularity report.
  3881. Dissent to mar Bush election validation (Mar?! How about annihilate?)
  3882. American Soldier Tries To Unveil Iraqi Girl By Force
  3883. Delta to Cut Its Most Expensive Fares (Not its cheapest)
  3884. The Real Lock Box (Social Securities Realities)
  3885. Bush gives 10,000 dollars to tsunami relief (tax deduction)
  3886. Sharon intervenes in Egypt gas deal (just like General Suharto did)
  3887. Documents reveal Habib torture allegations
  3888. Rally protests election results
  3889. 'Settlers to attack holy sites' (All based on perpetrated fiction)
  3890. Congress should investigate elections
  3891. Debt relief for tsunami-hit countries bears risks, say expert asshole whores
  3892. Powell declares tsunami aid part of global war on terror Imperialism in Samaritan's clothing(Iguana in chief speaks)
  3893. What about the Children of Iraq? (For starters, they're all DU poisoned)
  3894. Revealed: flawed intelligence exposes the scandal of Belmarsh detainees
  3895. Taxes are forcing you out of your home (State Farm Insurance already did)
  3896. Dr. Mengele, I presume? (or many clones of the good doctor)
  3897. US army reserve a 'broken' force (Breaking everything is the name of the game)
  3898. US troops 'laughed as Iraqi died' (Surprising?)
  3899. Dems Ask McAuliffe to Remain Party Chair (having done exactly what he was bought to do)
  3900. Hasbara and Refugees
  3901. Army Reserve fast becoming 'broken' force (to be replaced by a corporate army)
  3902. Israeli officers call to disobey settlement evacuation orders
  3903. US troops to be deployed in Baghdad on polling day (more murder and torture?)
  3904. AstraZeneca takes axe to US operation
  3905. Straw Man Larry Franklin A Distraction
  3906. Congressman John Tanner - Foreign Holdings of the U.S. Debt Page (To whom your first born is forfeit)
  3907. The Grandfather Economic Report (http://mwhodges.home.att.net/)
  3908. Coulter gleefully calls for nuking N. Korea (Relax: the rabies will kill her soon)
  3909. US Forces Breach Resistance Stronghold in Falluja - Life or Death BattleRages!
  3910. Mujahideen Pound US Troops In Fallujah; US Base Hit Outside Ramadi
  3911. Inside Falluja: 'Nothing to come back to' (and therefore nothing to lose)
  3912. US seeks to buy ammunition from Taiwan as stocks run low after Iraq(I guess US doesn't make *that* anymore either)
  3913. Jobless Claims Surge Unexpectedly (Unexpectedly?!! The sun rose today, unexpectedly)
  3914. Congress Formally OKs Bush Election (First, Supremely Criminal Court; Second, Utterly Criminal Congress)
  3915. Blue screen of death crashes Gates at CES - WhatPC? (Yeah - it still dies that)
  3916. Will dialing 911 in an emergency actually save your life? (It's no more real than anything else)
  3917. White House Won't Release Gonzales Papers (WH does as it goddamn pleases)
  3918. U.S. Seeks Man Trying to Buy Fertilizer, and another trying to buy chewing gum
  3919. Judiciary Committee Dems Release 100-Page Report on Ohio Election (But it doesn't matter: he's there, and he's staying King of the Hill)
  3920. Sen. Boxer to Challenge Ohio Vote
  3921. Bush: No bad news
  3922. Five Senators and Eight House Members to Challenge Election
  3923. Continental Air Facing Liquidity Problems
  3924. Wash. GOP Demands New Governor Election LOL!
  3925. U.S. Falls out of the Index of Economic Freedom's Top 10 (Surprising?)
  3926. Before You Pop That Pill (Pharmas are *not* your friends)
  3927. Bush Seen Favoring Social Security Cuts (You knew this, right?)
  3928. Update on CounterInaugural Demonstration permits
  3929. Why Israeli 'Forgot' Plastic Gun in Airport Hand Luggage (We know why plastic)
  3930. Democrats interrupt electoral vote count, force debate on Ohio elections(Just bullshit)
  3931. MAINSTREAM MEDIA GOES AFTER .50 CAL RIFLES like attack snakes given a mission
  3932. Jewish-American Terrorists
  3933. This poster lies (Details of Israeli apartheid)
  3934. Judiciary Cmte. Report Questions Bush Re[s]election
  3935. Ex-FBI agent admits giving out 9/11 data
  3936. Man Charged Under Patriot Act for Laser (and you're next)
  3937. North Korea Issues Wartime Guidelines
  3938. ElBaradei Says N.Korea Nuke Crisis Getting Worse
  3939. US weighing more sanctions against Syria over support for Iraqi insurgents
  3940. At least 53 reporters killed on job last year
  3941. Two more Gitmo detainees make their case for release
  3942. U.S. military to investigate abuse allegations at Guantanamo (Oh - sure it will)
  3943. Trial begins for sergeant accused of ordering 2 Iraqis tossed into river(wacko charade)
  3944. A Guide to the Memos on Torture
  3945. Gonzales Nomination Draws Military Criticism
  3946. Army Doctors Accused of Violating Geneva Convention
  3947. Bush Eyes Plan Using Bulk of Payroll Taxes
  3948. White House memo: Pitch Social Security doom
  3949. Democrats Force Debate on Ohio 'Election' Problems
  3950. Alberto Gonzales has blood on his hands
  3951. New Judiciary Committee chairman Specter lets critics talk more, questionsPatriot Act
  3952. Newly Released Reports Show Early Concern on Prison Abuse
  3953. U.S. Only Spent Small Part of Iraq Rebuilding Funds
  3954. Iraq extends emergency measures (farce)
  3955. Leading critics detained Beijing tightens political control over dissent
  3956. As 109th Congress reconvenes Bush to resubmit ultra-right judicial nominees
  3957. On-the-spot-report Devastation on the east coast of Sri Lanka (More negative value of government)
  3958. Alan Maass: The Decline of the Dollar
  3959. Gonzales: Supporting Torture is not His Greatest Sin
  3960. Plane stupid (Less the useless government)
  3961. Drugs That Reduce One Danger Have Been Shown to Create Another
  3962. White House paid commentator to promote law
  3963. U.S. Troops Have One In 11 Chance of Being Wounded Or Killed In Iraq (Great! Send the entire fucking US corpagov over)
  3964. American Gothic: Self-Portrait With Shackles (Nothing this evil should be permitted to exist)
  3965. Reservists May Face Longer Tours of Duty (Corpagov will face increased profit through theft)
  3966. Polling Palestine (Isreal needs an excuse for its planned genocide)
  3967. Israeli Creation of the Sudanese Situation
  3968. Pravda.RU The state of Israel was founded on the Holocaust myth (not to mention biblical, biological and scientrific fraud)
  3969. Israel has lost its last ally
  3970. Dutch Revolt in Iraq?
  3971. Ex-FBI agent accuses feds of Rocky Flats coverup
  3972. Making The World Safe...For Bankers (Bingo!)
  3973. Journalists told to keep quiet on Aceh skirmish
  3974. We do not torture, insists Bush's choice for attorney general (We are also a liar)
  3975. Official: Iraq War a PR Problem in Japan (Can't sell genocide, huh?)
  3976. U.S. Soldier in Abu Ghraib May Plead He Followed Orders (Ah Shades of Nuremberg)
  3977. Jews attack German immigration curbs
  3978. Monsanto fined $1.5m for bribery (a mere parking ticket)
  3979. Iraqi PM extends emergency laws for elections (fictions)
  3980. Trickle of Abuse Reports Becoming a Torrent (as if the "Pentagon" were not a sick fiction)
  3981. Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio (But what contributed to congressional crominality?)
  3982. The Mighty US GI's: Lied To, Used, and Losing
  3983. December Job Gains Less Than Expected (Expected by whom? Idiots?)
  3984. Fake Tsunami picture used world-wide (like faked plane tail section in Pon 9/11)
  3985. Bush team scolded for disguised TV report (Only S.O.P.)
  3986. Scientists detect massive space explosion. (Iran must have done it)
  3987. Memo reveals Bush OKd torture (How much prood before he gets what he approves of?)
  3988. U.S. Says Undeterred by Deadly Day for Troops in Iraq (Who gives a rat'sass? Right?)
  3989. Video of secret Israel nuclear site shown (Dimona)
  3990. Electoral Vote Challenge Meets Venomous Response in Congress from Rabid Reptos
  3991. portland imc - 2005.01.07 - HARROWING 1ST HAND ACCOUNT OF TSUNAMI (and more US corpagov uselessness)
  3992. India and Iran sign $40b LNG deal
  3993. Leave No Sales Pitch Behind (Brain Transplant candidates)
  3994. Five Embeds Booted Out of Iraq in Recent Months
  3995. Gonzales hearings: Senate to confirm defender of torture as US attorney general(Expected from a criminal congress)
  3996. Privatizing the IRS (and Army, and Navy, and the US corpagov and water and roads and ...)
  3997. Cancel the Inauguration Parties (Ohhh - could we?!)
  3998. Slave Sovereignty: Elections Under Occupation (It's called American Democracy)
  3999. US soldier found innocent of killing Iraqi (He was just having fun)
  4000. General Fears 'Spectacular' Iraq Attacks (Fears - or has planned?)
  4001. "Get some devastation in the back." - Congressional Torturemeister
  4002. Emanuel Takes a Growing Role Among Democrats in US Congress
  4003. Danny Kushlick: The true price of prohibition (A rare man with a brain)
  4004. Inaugural Excess (Yoy should see the party favors!)
  4005. Sharon, the settlers and Greater Israel - Uri Avnery
  4006. US troops kill Iraqi civilians day after day
  4007. Israel's barrier deepens divide
  4008. Tin Soldier
  4009. US deserters flee to Canada to avoid service in Iraq
  4010. Children of a Lesser God
  4011. Party leader assassinated in Iraq
  4012. Ex-Stasi Spy(KGB) To Head Homeland Security
  4013. Osama bin Laden - - Had Some Help (Small fact list indicating how much)
  4014. George Walker Bush's Willing Executors
  4015. Iraqi police chief assassinated
  4016. Audit finds anti-terror funds used to facilitate lawn-mower races in Texas(Of what real use are they?)
  4017. Swiss to open murder inquiry into triple Vatican deaths (More interesting than might appear)
  4018. Bush 'the king' blows $50m on coronation
  4020. The Perfect Car For Politicians (They're going to need them to go with bunkers)
  4021. Clashes erupt on Lebanon border
  4022. Latest Guard Deployment Includes Mostly Women
  4023. Globes [online] - Dov Zakheim: "Israel Should Act Promptly and Resolutely to Correct Severe Image Problem in US"(WackoWorld)
  4024. More soldiers on the way to combat threat of insurgents (Lessons of Trajan unlearned)
  4025. America's Death Squads (More unlearned lessons)
  4026. Iraq Sunnis Seek Troop Pullout Timetable (Whistling in the dark)
  4027. Congress passes `doomsday' plan for the fabricated inevitable
  4028. Moral Clarity, Courage Needed, Bush Aide Says LMAO!
  4029. Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran (Iranians don't learn either)
  4030. After Threats, Iraqi Electoral Board Resigns (eschewing death)
  4031. Coble suggests pullout in Iraq (There's a novel idea)
  4032. Ohio Letter Seeks Illegal Contributions (Legal ones are wimpy)
  4033. Guantanamo: Three years on (Outrage is so passe)
  4034. Times Online - Britain: Sally suspect in suicide plunge (expect more of same)
  4035. 'Britain's Abu Ghraib': troops face torture evidence in courts martial
  4036. A Dirty Little Secret About Federal Taxes (Articles to Constitution history would clinch it)
  4037. Commander of British forces in Gibraltar found dead
  4038. Israel First, Sen. Lieberman & the Republic
  4039. Appalling Conspiracy Of Silence Video Online (See following)
  4040. Download video: 41 Megs. This is the full program
  4041. World On Brink Of Ruin (And so it has been designed)
  4042. Yushchenko Vows Ukraine Withdraws From Iraq (or just a feint?)
  4043. Baghdad's deputy police chief, son assassinated; car bomb in police station courtyard kills 4 offic
  4044. Approval ratings low for Bush, Congress (But, you see, it doesn't matter)
  4045. Bush's $6 trillion botch
  4046. Lawyer: Iraqi Abuse Was Like Act of 'Cheerleaders' (Some people will say anything)
  4047. Many Americans Refuse to Concede 'Stolen Election' (Obviously, not enough)
  4048. Democrats Are United in Plans to Block Top Bush Initiatives (Nope! Bought!)
  4049. Republicans try to block Gregoire's certification as governor
  4050. US probes chlorine train tampering
  4051. AP Wire | 01/09/2005 | Southern Mississippi library system bans Jon Stewart's best-selling book
  4052. To Try to Net Killer, Police Ask a Small Town's Men for DNA
  4053. U.S.: bin Laden may be in eastern Afghanistan (How long can a dead vosy be useful?)
  4054. Canada's Martin Denies Agreeing to U.S. Missile Defense Plan
  4055. Schumer's Gonzales Praise Sickens (Bought, bought, bought, ...)
  4056. Americans make mockery of justice (What justice?)
  4057. Witness: Graner Punched Iraqi Prisoner
  4058. Shocking New Videos Shown at Iraq Abuse Scandal
  4059. U.S. denies GIs killed Iraq civilians (Well - there it is then; case closed)
  4060. Iraqi Dogs Have Plenty of Food After Response to Soldier's Plea (Oh Thank God! Such Compassion is overwhelming!)
  4061. Pentagon mulls military command for intelligence of nitwits
  4062. Inaugural Security Draws on Latest Police State Technologies
  4063. D.C. Says White House Won't Reimburse Inauguration Costs (Of *course* not!)
  4064. Gonzales nomination hearing: US Senate welcomes a war criminal
  4065. Iraq elections loom as debacle for US occupation
  4066. Democrats rubber-stamp Bush victory in Electoral College
  4067. Spain: Popular Party seeks to destabilise Socialist Party government
  4068. US defends "evidence" obtained through torture at hearing for Guantanamoprisoners
  4069. How much "aid" will reach the tsunami survivors? (History & experience say very little)
  4070. Richard Oxman: The Joe Bageant Interview (A bit of reality)
  4071. Richard Oxman: Bageantry Continued
  4072. NPR's Distortions on Palestine
  4073. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: Time to End the Blackout
  4074. Robert Fisk: The Politics of Lebanon
  4075. Walter A. Davis: The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism
  4076. Dave Silver: Left Illusions About the Democratic Party (but never gets to it being a constructed illusion)
  4077. Plan Salvador for Iraq: Death Squads Come in Waves
  4078. Uri Avnery: Sharon's Momologue
  4079. Killing Journalists: Mexico's War on a Free Press
  4080. News Corp. bids to buy out minority Fox shareholders
  4081. Researcher cited in CBS Bush Guard 60 minutes report responds
  4082. Palestinian olive farm family uprooted
  4084. Tenn. Drops 323,000 Adults From Medicaid
  4085. Secret service link to film-maker's killing - Theo van Gogh
  4086. Wisc. Police Cite War Protester for Sign (Police State)
  4087. Kasparov aims for Putin checkmate
  4088. High-tech Israeli town spotlights divide over security barrier
  4089. Antiwar protesters need to be careful where they demonstrate
  4090. Iraq War Topping $5.8 Billion A Month
  4091. Will The US Sink Like The Titantic? (No just become a corporately owned slave state)
  4093. Why the emperor has no clothes - US as rackateering operation
  4094. City of ghosts (Falluja)
  4095. DEAR JERUSALEM POST........................
  4096. AIPAC prober was transferred after rebuke
  4097. US has established three bases to guard the Mosul-Haifa pipeline - one "said" not be functional
  4098. Pak Lah: We will review use of US dollar for trade
  4099. Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops
  4100. White House Chooses New Homeland Security Chief
  4101. Mel Gibson joins stars to question Iraq war (The Abu Ghraib stuff just gets him all hot and sweaty)
  4102. Conyers thanks Bloggers
  4103. Green Party Asks N.M. Supreme Court to Get Recount Moving
  4104. The FBI Agents Who Tried To Stop 911 (Re Chertoff)
  4105. U.S. Lost 1.5 Mln Jobs to China in 1989-2003
  4106. Outside View: Israeli hubris vs. the U.S.
  4107. Squad seeks tips in death of researcher (another microbiologist?)
  4108. Oracle: PeopleSoft Layoffs Coming Friday
  4109. Mayor says traffic cameras needed for revenue (Does Highway Robbery come to mind?)
  4110. The Scent of Fear
  4111. Killing Snakes and Other Parables
  4112. Library board puts Jon Stewart's book back on shelves
  4113. 'Radiation-proof' RVs to launch soon in U.S.
  4114. 'No election' for parts of Iraq
  4115. Michael Chertoff, Master of the Cover-up
  4116. Life, Reinvented (With pseudoscience all the rage, positively scarry)
  4117. Investigate alleged violations of law in Fallujah attack (Law? What law?!)
  4118. Dollar Drops After Snow Suggests U.S. Won't Try to Halt Decline (The epidemic dropping will continue)
  4119. Asia Quake Impacts Va. Well-Water Levels
  4120. Ten Things We Learned About 911 In 2004
  4121. British detainees to be released from Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  4122. Witness: CIA, SEALs Beat Iraq Prisoners
  4123. Voters Challenging Election Results Drop Lawsuit (More bought artificialopposition)
  4124. Abstracts Series 4 (Aether business)
  4125. Public art, private prejudice
  4126. The bigger story behind government payola to conservative columnist Armstrong Williams
  4127. CBS, government propaganda scandals fuel media criticism
  4128. Group files FOIA request on government propaganda
  4129. Soros group raises stakes in battle with neo-cons
  4130. CBS's show trial
  4131. The government's secret domestic propaganda campaign
  4132. Memo to Democrats: Fire the consultants! (Um - and destroy DLC)
  4133. FAIR: CBS offended the wrong people
  4134. Crisis erupts between Israel and Russia over aid to Yushchenko: report
  4135. Israel Wants U.S. to Partly Fund New Checkpoints (hubris)
  4136. Iraqi Victim Says U.S. Torture Worse Than Saddam
  4137. Intimations of sex: breach of the peace - genocide: OK
  4138. Porn probe Navy officer is found dead (Gibralter)
  4139. A.G. Sues Jewelry Company for Fraud (TX)
  4140. Henry Kissinger dismissed as CIA adviser (what's behind this?)
  4141. First They Came For The Terrorists...
  4142. Allawi says nationwide Iraqi polls impossible as 25 die in attacks (Upcoming [S]Elections, US style)
  4143. Shooter identified as US Marine (More of that which is to be expected)
  4144. Top US general asks Turkey to use key air base (Asking is cheaper than invading)
  4145. US marines told NO by Indonesia
  4147. Mujahideen Strike Heavy In Ramadi, Basra; Decapitated American Bodies Discovered
  4148. Syria missile deal said at heart of Israeli-Russia crisis
  4149. U.S. mulls strikes on Syria (at Israel's urging, of course)
  4150. Network's Craven Back-Down on Bush Draft Dodge Report Sure to Get a StandingRove-ation at White House
  4151. Heading for the Exits
  4152. Allawi group slips cash to journalists
  4153. Israeli Oil Company Gets Lucrative Contract in Iraq (obscene - and expected)
  4154. Jackson (Michael) trial ban bypassed
  4155. Citation Dropped for Anti-War Sign
  4156. Bolivia City Joins Anti-Government Rally (Maybe this will catch on)
  4157. Bush Warns Congress on Social Security
  4158. Blistering attacks threaten Iraq election which will be a transparent sham
  4159. Bush uses word "bankrupt" 5 times in WH forum on social security (like linking Iraq to the 9/11 hoax)
  4160. E-Mail Shows Toll of Crash on Submarine
  4161. Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?
  4162. Trade Gap Hits Record as Exports Drop (The point is to trash US economy)
  4163. Supreme Court casts doubt on sentencing rules (A changing court?)
  4164. Deals Reached in Texas Political Donation Inquiry
  4165. Did Bush's New Homeland Chief Shield Terror Ring In New Jersey?
  4166. Ridge Seeks Fingerprints on Passports
  4167. 1000 Days of Hell (Guantanamo Britons)
  4168. Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran-official
  4169. US oil co wins gas contract in Iran despite sanctions
  4170. AWOL Soldier Cites Army Inadequacies
  4171. Official: U.S. ends search for WMD in Iraq (The farce was tired from the beginning)
  4172. US military "mistake" claims 14 lives in occupied Iraq
  4173. US bankruptcy judge terminates contract of US Airways workers
  4174. Palestinian election: a travesty of democracy
  4175. Extent of tsunami destruction along African coast slowly emerges
  4176. Under the guise of "humanitarianism", US marines land in Sri Lanka
  4177. CBS purges producer, executives for anti-Bush broadcast
  4178. The US isn't "Stingy"; It's Strategic: Aid as a Weapon of Foreign Policy
  4179. What's Our Biggest Problem in Iraq...the Insurgency or Bush?
  4180. Aceh's Dual Disasters: the Tsunami and Military Rule
  4181. The Farce of the DNC Contest (DNC itself is a crime)
  4182. New Scientist Genome project chimp dies unexpectedly (evidence destruction?)
  4183. MSNBC - The Last Word: Viktor Cherkashin (Info or disinfo?)
  4184. CNN.com - 'Fear Factor' sued for rat-eating episode - Jan 7, 2005 (Get agrip!)
  4185. Experts bust the Richmond boom mystery (Improbably, sanity trumps insanity and stupidity)
  4186. North Koreans lauch attack on hairstyles (All government is insane)
  4187. 'No payout' for cot death mother (Insane UK government)
  4188. Israel Wants Space Weapons
  4189. Dream holiday turns to amputation nightmare (*You* had a bad day?~)
  4190. US warns Russia on selling missiles to Syria
  4191. Bush: Iraq Invasion Worth It Despite No Trace of WMD (Worth what, to whom?!)
  4192. New Gallup Poll Finds 50% of Public Saying Invasion of Iraq a Mistake (other 50% found to be braindead)
  4193. Troops in Iraq [HAVE TO] buy own radios
  4194. Making Killer Flu (Destructive Testing?)
  4195. Thatcher 'guilty plea' over coup
  4196. Fossil Fuel Curbs May Speed Global Warming: Scientists (Xlation: government scientists don't know shit about anything)
  4197. Army looks to retirees to bolster forces (?!)
  4198. 'Torture' to uncover brain secret (Government science. Remember Dr. Mengele?)
  4199. U.S. Alert Forces British Plane to Turn Back (Government Insanity)
  4200. University of Washington proposes national bioterrorism lab (More Government Science)
  4201. Super microbe's life code cracked (Government Science)
  4202. Tell a lawyer joke, go to jail? (More Government Insanity)
  4203. Hacker breaches T-Mobile systems, reads US Secret Service email
  4204. Harry's Nazi get-up (Oh, Grow Up People!)
  4205. Pilots to Be Warned of Lasers (Government paranoia)
  4206. Poll: Most object to extreme interrogation tactics (Simply *most* is not reassuring)
  4207. Red And Processed Meat Linked To Colon Cancer (Government science)
  4208. Jakarta toughens aid restrictions (Getting smarter)
  4209. Trade Deficit Leaps Again (Government economics)
  4210. Oil Creeps Towards $47 on Supply Concerns (Government thievery)
  4211. NASA not worried by craft shutdown (Children should bot play with scalpels)
  4212. Liam to play Lincoln in Spielberg film: (A new saccharine lie fest)
  4213. Study Finds Doctors' Hours Affect Risks on Road (Government science: a study was done!)
  4214. Dietary advice repackaged (Government science: more not knowing shit)
  4215. Hold the Bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer (Correlation does NOT imply causality - and the data id fabricated anyhow)
  4216. Give him [Prince Harry] a break: Fergie (The only adult in sight)
  4217. Wiesenthal Center urges Prince Harry to go to Aushwitz to atone and W Center to asylum for therapy)
  4218. Israel slams Prince Harry for wearing Nazis Uniform (But Israel commiting geoncide is OK)
  4219. Jewish groups, Mental Midgets, lawmakers and other infantiles criticize Prince Harrys Nazi costume
  4220. WMD Hunt Ends; Bush's Spin Goes On
  4221. Human Rights Group: US Has Defied International Law (for a very long time)
  4222. Even a weak dollar can't stop the deficit (Key to understandin inevitable collapse)
  4223. FDA Considers Sales for Poisonous Cholesterol Drug
  4224. It's official: Eat less, get more exercise (More brilliant science from government)
  4225. Bushs Reelection Ignites the Religious Right to a Higher level of Insanity
  4226. WorldNetDaily: Explosive fireball said to shake Earth
  4227. Pathological Liar, Rumsfeld denies consideration of so-called "Salvador Option"
  4228. Partial elections only in Iraq (Blue States don't vote!)
  4229. New FBI Software May Be Unusable (Thank heaven for small favors)
  4230. Aide to Iraqi Shia leader killed
  4231. Iraq rebels in video taunt (Turning the tables)
  4232. Worker Bees and Soldier Ants: Americas Army of Fascism
  4233. Who are these so-called "Quackbusters"?...
  4234. Fallouja Insurgents Fought Under Influence of Drugs, Marines Say, and Marines should know *very* well about drugs
  4235. An about-face on support[ting the troops]
  4236. Decision allows use of vehicle tracking device without a warrant (You are not a person, and you have no rights at all)
  4237. Water damages 100 voting machines in Gaston County (Destruction of evidence)
  4238. Mossad agents running operations from within the U.S. (Bien connu. n'est pas?)
  4239. You were lied to - are you going to do something about it?
  4240. Bush Admin Hiring of Ex-KGB Chiefs to Develop Internal Passport
  4241. Falling like Flies 53 Iraqi Parties Withdraw from Elections
  4242. Pentagon ban on filming coffins defied
  4243. IDF shoot man driving pregnant wife to hospital..! (Isn't this normal?)
  4244. Chertoff Wrote Blueprint for Sept. 12 Crackdown
  4245. Israeli Official Urges Space-Based Weapons
  4246. Brown seeks truce as 'trust' insult harms election unity (Transparent lies to insure trust)
  4247. Limbaugh dumped for liberal show (A little attentuation of psychotoxicity)
  4248. No draft MY ASS!
  4249. Sniffing Out Things That Go Boom (Ohhh Puhlrrze!)
  4250. Republicans Ax Veterans' Strongest Supporter (Building an Armu for the opposition?!)
  4251. BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | WMD search ends: Your reaction (Some people actually know, but the stupids still have their crazed opinions based in fiction)
  4252. Popular shampoos contain toxic chemicals linked to nerve damage (Now check that corpaslime swill they call food)
  4253. Another Day in the Empire &#-11;&#-11; Scheer on al-Qaeda: A Day Late and a Few Billion Dollars Short
  4254. US Federal Judge Allows Prosecution for Alleging that Israeli Agents Perpetrated 9-11 Attacks to Continue!
  4255. Conyers to Ohio election chief: Please help Congress reform voting (How about locking the treasonous bastards up?)
  4256. NH Woman Loses Insurance Coverage for Her Politics (If this were a sane country, ...)
  4257. Government IDs and Identity Theft
  4258. FBI finds ricin in home, arrests Ocala man (If this were a sane country, ...)
  4259. Ridge's Friend's Clients Awarded Contracts (Only to be expected)
  4260. Inaugural security will stretch from sky to underground, replacing any heaven with pure hell
  4261. Ga. Evolution Stickers Ordered Removed (Wackos will find another way)
  4262. FCC Member Urges Armstrong Williams Probe
  4263. Journalist took $240,000 to push Bush education program
  4264. US doctors tied to torture at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib
  4265. World Socialist Web Site
  4266. Antony Sutton
  4267. Antony Sutton Interview - 7/1/99
  4268. Antony C. Sutton &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; In Memoriam
  4270. Anthony C. Sutton
  4271. Father Orders UK's Harry to Visit Auschwitz-Report (Charles has always been an asshole)
  4272. Rangel to reintroduce notorious draft bill (But, of course)
  4273. Abu Ghraib trial ends as 'torturer' refuses to testify
  4274. Bush says he has God on his side (The customary sickness)
  4275. Detroit mayor demands mass layoffs and cuts in city services
  4276. A consensus choice for attacks on democratic rights Bush nominates Chertoff to head Homeland Security Department
  4277. A Bloody Mess (Lessons being Ignored)
  4278. President of Fabricated Crises (Guess who!)
  4279. Marine vs. Marine in Interstate 64 shooting (Yet more of what to expect)
  4280. Scandal in Britain: When Harry Met Hitler (Hypocricy of Brits infantile reaction)
  4281. The News-Herald - News - 01/11/2005 - Y o u ' r e i n v i t e d ? (Speaking of Nazis)
  4282. Army sergeant refuses 2nd Iraq deployment
  4283. FBI Keeping Records on Pre-9/11 Travelers
  4284. Chertoff Involved In Vince Foster Death Coverup?
  4285. Ring of steel as Bush sworn in
  4286. Press review: What they said about ... the sackings at CBS News
  4287. G2: Khaled el-Masri describes America's secret offshore prison network
  4288. All The President's Newsmen
  4289. Re: Israeli Officer 'Fired His Full Magazine' Into Girl, 1
  4290. U.S. sees changing terror threat (But, does it see itself yet?)
  4291. Fla. voting machines have recount flaw (Surprise, Oh Surprise!)
  4292. Monsanto Suing Farmers Over Piracy Issues
  4293. Fallujah Delegation Delivers Memorandum To UN On US Crimes
  4294. The Sky's the Limit
  4295. Iran working on nuclear bomb, says Rumsfeld the Psychopath
  4296. Congress killed measures to ban U.S. use of torture (You still want any of these bozos?)
  4297. White House ducks questions on torture legislation, but gooses it along
  4298. Sharon Cuts Ties With Abbas Over Militants (Both predictable and set up)
  4299. US soldier sentenced to 1 year for killing Iraqi teen (One year?! That's it?)
  4300. Blood Pressure Rising Worldwide (Freaking Government Science by Fiat)
  4301. Merck Non-Prescription Poisonous Cholesterol Drug Weighed
  4302. Diet makes a difference (You are who you eat)
  4303. Red-Meat May Increase Colon Cancer Risk (along with anything else - moron)
  4304. Bush Seeks More Aid for Low-Income College Students LMAO where's the catch?
  4305. Army Corps says dam is safe (Now's a good time to act on distrust)
  4306. US 'erodes' global human rights (Obvious! For about a century!)
  4307. Terrorists likely to use biological weapons against U.S., report says (A "report" by the greatest terrorist that ever existed)
  4308. Government: FBI translator's complaints were supported by evidence, witnesses
  4309. 28 Abu Ghraib prisoners escape (The more the merrier)
  4310. Secrecy surrounds Iraq vote (and anything else the US corpagov touches)
  4311. US security chief does not rule out torture (which is to say the least)
  4312. 'NYT' Obtains 10 Emails, with Photos, Sent by Accused Abu Ghraib Abuser
  4313. Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Alleged Abuse Photos
  4314. O'Reilly and Bush Among Winners of 'Dilbert' Weasel Poll
  4315. Iraq War Cost $102 Billion Through September, Pentagon Says (so you know it's MUCH more)
  4316. Audit: FBI Still Improperly Investigates Spy Charges
  4317. Iraqis Won't Be Told Candidates Names Before Election!
  4318. The Media follow-up to the LACK OF WMD's
  4319. Official: Evidence Supports FBI Complaints
  4320. US Mulled 'Gay Sex Bomb' (Government science)
  4321. Gary Leupp: Christian Fascism in America
  4322. Lee Sustar: Bush's Social Security Con Job
  4323. Robert Fisk: "The Tent of Occupation"
  4324. IraqWar: All about IraqWar. News from Iraq: IraqWar and politics, economy.
  4325. Insurgents Mount Deadly Attacks All Over Iraq
  4326. Democracy Now! | Leaked GOP Memo: Privatizing Social Security Would Be "One of the Most Significant Conservative Governing Achievements Ever"
  4327. Neoconservatives at Sea
  4328. FCC Orders Probe of Williams-Bush Deal (Probe = Cock 'n' Bull story)
  4329. Democrats demand criminal investigation of Ohio's Blackwell (Yeah - as if ...)
  4330. Thousands Flee Ind. Recycling Plant Fire (A nagbesium fire is *not* easy to start)
  4331. Babylon wrecked by war (The complete filth of the US corpagov)
  4332. Casualty Figures and expected corpagov lies
  4333. Anti-Bush Bracelets Say, 'Count Me Blue'
  4334. The Ghost of Machiavelli, The WMD Hunt Ends
  4335. Insurgents prove increasingly effective at reducing the flow of gasoline andoil
  4336. Sibel Edmonds - The Appeal to Release the DOJ-IG Report on the 9/11 Cover-Up
  4337. Submarine Crash Shows Navy Had Gaps in Mapping System
  4338. 2005 Senate Bill 5113 (Regarding rainwater collection permit and the air breathing permit?
  4339. Presidential Inauguration - Donor Information (as in who else needs to be locked up)
  4340. Ohio pulls plug on electronic voting (Now, they do it?!)
  4341. The purpose of private REGULATED accounts
  4342. US Losses - Photos Hidden By US News Media
  4343. Evolution ruling gets cheers from scientists (Nice, but it's still all truth by political fiat)
  4344. Israel may not be talking to Palestinians, but they are still shooting themdead
  4345. Bush Budget Chief Predicts 50% Hike in Social Security Tax (making up for Bushtheft)
  4346. End to search for WMD seals doubts about pre-emption (Naaah - D'ya think?)
  4347. The VIX Index... Accurate or Understated?... (How about bogus like most so called indicators?)
  4348. Falluja for Dummies
  4349. FBI retires Carnivore
  4350. A Touch of Evil: the Morality of Neoconservatism
  4351. Lila Rajiva: Christian Zionism (and the ultimate orgasms of monotheism)
  4352. Bob Burton: The Other Armstrong Williams Scandal
  4353. Mike Whitney: Bush's Grand Plan, Incite Civil War (a plan destined to go awry)
  4354. Frederick B. Hudson: Jack Johnson's Real Opponent (A long and deeply sick nation)
  4355. America's New Civilizing Mission is a bald faced lie
  4356. Dr. Susan Block: The Counter-Inaugural Ball
  4357. Fred Gardner: The Allowable Quantity Expert
  4358. Smack Daddies of the Hindu Kush: Afghanistan's Drug Bonanza (A CIA bonanza)
  4359. James Petras: the Kidnapping of a Revolutionary (Rodrigo Granda)
  4360. Robert Fisk: Flying Carpet Airlines
  4361. Australia's disability pensioners to be "coerced" to work
  4362. Brazil: profit and poverty fuel Amazon deforestation
  4363. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Suicide by cop&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;: Marine provokes police shootout to avoid return tIraq
  4364. White House blocked Senate ban on torture (Naturally, because ...)
  4365. German lawmakers seek European ban on Nazi insignia (Grow up)
  4366. Prince Harry condemned in poll (Grow up)
  4367. MP to Renounce Queen's Oath after Harry's Nazi Gaffe (Grow up)
  4368. Americans caused major damage to historic Babylon: British (It was perfectly intended)
  4369. Bush plan expands coastal warnings (with his legendary competence)
  4371. U.S. to withdraw from tsunami relief operations: people to kill, countries to bomb!
  4372. Bush Says Public Ratified Iraq Approach (Got A in lying 101, but flunked logic 101)
  4374. Religious Aid Groups Try To Convert Victims Western Christian Groups Hand Out Food & Bibles(Still at it)
  4375. Homeland Security exodus alarms terrorism experts (They'd rather not wind up criminals?)
  4377. Army to Hackers: We Know Where You Live
  4378. Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded (That *is* how it works)
  4379. War's 'hidden cost' called heavy
  4380. Rumsfeld caught lying on video (Caught? - as if it weren't normal)
  4381. Sharon Orders Army to Step Up Actions in Gaza Strip
  4382. Two Thousand Military Draft Boards Perched In 'Standby Mode' - System Awaits Neocon "Go" Orde
  4383. Revealed: how the tsunami warning was bungled (Is "bungled" the right word?)
  4384. Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran (Um - how did the Shah get toppled?)
  4385. U.S. Lowers Expectations for Once-Heralded Iraq Vote (Having paid no attention whatsoever)
  4386. Reserve, Guard may be facing longer call-ups
  4387. The forgotten inmate of Guantanamo Bay and the British secret service connection
  4388. 'I was MI5 go-between,' says Briton held in Guantanamo
  4389. U.S.-led soldiers said to damage Babylon
  4390. Iraq bans travel on 'Election' Day (?!)
  4391. Virus alarm (US Al-CIAda terrorists planning)
  4392. Bioterrorism War Game Carried Out In Mock Washington Summit
  4393. Simulated smallpox terror attack conducted in Washington
  4394. Tsunami Death Toll Now Exceeds 162,000
  4395. US commandos 'seek Iran N-bases'
  4396. Euler-Maclaurin Integration Formulas -- from MathWorld (sums to integraks)
  4397. Chinese Former Communist Party Leader Dies in Beijing
  4398. CBC News: Attacks planned on international rescue workers in Indonesia: report
  4399. Bush says US not rushing to leave Iraq (You bet your bippy: there was never any intent of leaving)
  4400. Defending Prince Harry - PRAVDA.Ru (BRAVO!)
  4401. Conflict of interest questions arise at paper which disparaged liberal bloggers (WSJ)
  4402. From Axis of Evil to Exit Door for Weasels (Insightful on the current state of change)
  4403. Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries (Convert, of Die!)
  4404. Army given free rein in Gaza
  4406. Special forces 'on the ground' in Iran (Yes, that's Iran, not Iraq)
  4407. US special forces 'inside Iran'
  4408. THE COMING WARS - Seymour Hersh
  4409. U.S. called 'nuclear criminal' (which it ckearly is)
  4410. Bush: U.S. Not Rushing to Leave Iraq (and he will not)
  4411. United Press International: Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations
  4412. Enforcing single-season seeds, Monsanto sues American farmers
  4413. Spending halt urged as protest (symbolically valuable only - and maybe)
  4414. Updated List of Prohibited Items for the United States Capitol (Everybody show up with every item on the list)
  4415. Bushs Choice for Energy Secretary Was One of Texas Top Five Worst Polluters
  4416. DoD News: Statement from Pentagon Spokesman Lawrence DiRita on Latest Seymour Hersh Article (Liars question Hersh's facts)
  4417. U.S. Arrests Dozens Ahead of Iraq 'Vote'
  4418. U.S. forces carry out raids in Mosul
  4419. Bush Says 'Election' Ratified Iraq Policy (The criminally rigged election?)
  4420. Broward County Park boots anti-war group
  4421. Portugal: political crisis deepens ahead of February elections
  4422. Canada to lead chorus of support for sham election in Iraq
  4423. Rights group urges prosecution of Bush officials responsible for Iraq torture
  4424. The invasion of Iraq and the crisis of American and world capitalism
  4425. An Act of State? the Execution of Martin Luther King
  4426. Gary Leupp: A Message from the Iraqi Resistance
  4427. What the NYT Death Chart Omitted: Civilians Slaughtered by US Military
  4428. Police clairvoyants protect DC subway (Delusional government using government science)
  4429. Holy Smoke (WE know what's good for you - and you WILL OBEY!)
  4430. Germany shaken by satanic suicides (The young, realizing their lives had already been destroyed by governments)
  4431. Boston.com / News / World / Middle East / Damage seen to ancient Babylon
  4432. CNN.com - Hitler 'ordered pope kidnapped' - Jan 15, 2005 (Unlikely)
  4433. EU considers Nazi symbols ban (Specifically in order to suppress truths being told about then and now)
  4434. Does the Bible Predict George W. Bush Will Start WW3? (Only if you are completely delusional)
  4435. Doctors warn of cannabis link to mental illness (Links to government forpsychosis are however strongest)
  4436. Athens chief fumes at US lewdness claims (US needs lights punched out - just for being infantile)
  4437. Pope gets Ferrari of his own (Rome, never safe for driving, has become lethal)
  4438. Terrorism warning over nuclear waste (Hello? The corpagov SOBs are spraying DU all over the fucking planet!)
  4439. Study: Colorectal screening test fails (government science "corrects" government science by showing that it is intrinsic bullshit)
  4440. FDA OKs new bacterial meningitis vaccine (which is undoubtedly poisonous)
  4441. Experts dissatisfied with P.E. classes (because they are debilitating)
  4442. Man Nails Source of Toothache (Just your typical Bush fan)
  4443. Christ on an oyster shell (The real state of the world's sanity)
  4444. Australia's opposition leader resigns (That's the end of Australia)
  4445. AL condemns Sharon's operation order
  4446. Inauguration week honors US troops (Oh? Just how? By mealymouthing lies?)
  4447. Bush Cites Religion as a Pillar for Dr. King (creates lies, aw usual)
  4448. Powells Honored for Exemplifying King Legacy (by his lying boss who usurps the memory of another for his own criminal purposes)
  4449. Single Fecal Test Inadequate for Detecting Colon Cancer (Fecal tests are always positive in government)
  4450. World poverty could be halved by 2015, UN says *More like is the population yo be halved)
  4451. Nitrogen-rich world near Saturn unveiled (It all being government science, ASSUME NOTHING)
  4452. Babylonian treasures desecrated by coalition troops
  4453. Bush was AWOL (Of course! The CBS crap was what CBS is: crap)
  4454. Arnold guts the schools (Better if they can't read)
  4455. Israel bombing Lebanon (How about someone leveling Israel?)
  4456. Intelsat Loses Satellite After Problems (Government Engineering?)
  4457. Prince Harry being used to promote "Holocaust" - Enough already!
  4458. War, Lies and WMDs by Richard Cummings
  4459. Katrina vanden Heuvel offers the ten biggest Bush scandals.
  4460. Holding WMD Liars Accountable
  4461. Chris Floyd: Rummy's Plan to Provoke (and perpetrate) Terrorist Attacks
  4462. US 'won't dare attack Iran' (Do not assume: intelligence, logic, reason or sanity)
  4463. D.C.has stifling security blanket to cover the lies, thefts nd treasons
  4464. British commanders fear reaction to American aggression (Justified Fear - but Phoney Tony doesn't care)
  4465. Karl Rove's place - peaceful protest against the no-brain
  4466. Rice set to improve U.S. foreign relations (Ha! She's not even a copetent liar)
  4467. Iraq war vets fight an enemy at home / Experts say up to 30% may need psychiatric care
  4468. The New American Militarism
  4469. Pentagon lashes out at Iran claim (Lashing and frothing means they're lying)
  4470. Fear of early attack by U.S. spurs Moscow trip by Syria's Assad
  4471. 7000 soldiers say they cannot follow orders to expel Jews (the manufactured excuse)
  4472. Was Robert Kennedy killed by a real 'Manchurian candidate'-style assassin?
  4473. Okla. Plans to Restrict Fertilizer Sales (Better to restrict FBI activity)
  4474. Satellite Loss Hampers S. Pacific Nations
  4475. JunkScience.com -- Main Page
  4476. The Sun Herald | 01/13/2005 | Killer carbs?
  4477. Number Watch - the guide to wrong numbers in science, media and politics
  4478. George Monbiot: The US media promotes the Republican cause
  4479. Now US ponders attack on Iran (Been setting it up for a while)
  4480. Harry refuses to to go Auschwitz (Good for Harry)
  4481. Pre-Emptive Strike On Mosul Shows US Scrambling After Mass Resignations
  4482. American Military Defeat in Falluja II
  4483. Swastikas, Hypocrisy and Prince Harry (Mostly, right on target)
  4484. Crude prices surge to almost $50 a barrel
  4485. Even Bush's Most Loyal GOP Soldiers Alarmed by Strain on Troops
  4486. Bush Blocks Euro Plan To End Iran Impasse (Needs excuse to invade)
  4487. New dissent tactics will mark Bush inaugural
  4488. House With Swastikas, Anti-Bush Threat Draws Attention(Hoaxing again)
  4489. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraq blog spat leads to web chaos
  4490. Inauguration in Wonderland
  4491. Serving Two Flags: Neocons, Israel and the Bush Administration
  4492. EPA charges DuPont hid Teflon's risks (Question: is there any reasonable risk?)
  4493. U.S. Building Forts On Iraq/Syria Border
  4494. Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Solders
  4495. U.S. Military Resorting to Collective Punishment (Resorting to? What was Falluja?)
  4496. Richardson OKs Evidence Destruction (Then OK Richardson destruction)
  4497. DEPT. OF HOMELAND STUPIDITY (Weknewthat)
  4498. US: KGB and STASI reinforce Homeland Security. For whom?
  4499. US Gathering Nuclear Intelligence Inside Iran for Possible Strike: New Yorker
  4500. Hardliners in Pentagon ready to neutralise 'nuclear threat' posed by Tehran(Posed by?!)
  4501. US official confirms Allawi shot six dead
  4502. Saudi Arabia Wins Dismissal From Sept. 11 Lawsuits
  4503. Assailants Kill Iraq Candidates in Basra
  4504. NBC: Iraq recalls 2,000 from Saddam Hussein's army
  4505. U.S. Companies Eye Trans-Afghan Pipeline (Would they have forgotten?)
  4506. Global poll slams Bush leadership
  4507. Reno lawyer attempting to sue Dictator Bush over Iraq war
  4508. Senator Kerry says he's not sure he'll vote to confirm Rice (Not sure?!)
  4509. Gonzales Says '02 Policy on Detainees Doesn't Bind C.I.A.
  4510. A catalogue of British abuse
  4511. General 'condemns utterly' acts of abuse
  4512. NBC: Iraq recalls 2,000 from Saddam Hussein's army
  4513. U.S. Military Personnel Growing Critical of the War in Iraq
  4514. Abu Ghraib abuse trial shields Pentagon, White House war criminals
  4515. Massive police presence for Bush inauguration
  4516. Bush tells Washington Post he is not accountable for Iraq war lies
  4517. Britain Rocked by Pictures of Apparent Iraq Abuse (Not been paying attention?!)
  4518. Israeli army invades Nablus
  4519. Condoleezza Rice Faced Senate Hearings And George Bush
  4520. Lawsuit Filed Against George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney
  4521. Jazz Funeral for Democracy - January 20, 2005
  4522. Majority of Americans disapprove of Bush's Iraq policy, polls say
  4523. Exit pollsters to release election report to media
  4524. US troops gather for onslaught as Mosul unrest threatens election
  4525. NewsFromRussia.Com Americans` weight problem: computer software error (US corpagov and its incompetence needs to die - quickly)
  4526. White House Forces Social Security Administration to Mislead Public
  4527. RFK Jr. Eyes N.Y. Attorney General Race (No planes! Avoid Texas! Get food taster! Buy armor!)
  4528. Many More US Troops Blown To Pieces - CENTCOM Silent
  4529. Odd Happenings in Fallujah (Odd indeed)
  4530. Shocking images revealed at Britain's 'Abu Ghraib trial'
  4531. Civilians die in U-S checkpoint shooting in Iraq (A normal event!)
  4532. Senator Boxer Shows Conde Rice To Be A Liar (As if this were somehow difficult)
  4533. With a Little Boy in the back (Lucky that the only terr'ists are corpgov)
  4534. Iraq Elections: Farce of the Century (No, the USUKAUS is the farce of the century)
  4535. Saudi Arabia Dismissed As 911 Defendant In 6 Lawsuits
  4536. Arab-Americans in Israel - What Special Relationship?
  4537. Iran is Not a Nuclear Threat!!! (weknewthat)
  4538. Did the Sumatra Quake trigger a "re-alignment" of the Ring of Fire?
  4539. Hersh Adds Credibility to Speculation Margaret Hassan was the Victim of a Counterinsurgency O
  4540. Ohio AG Seeks To Sanction Attorneys Over Vote Challenge (Hubris redefined)
  4541. All the President's Newsmen - Frank Rich
  4542. Army affirms its ban on women in combat (?!)
  4543. Casualties of War - Truth: Censored for being too subtle
  4544. CIA called exempt from torture ban
  4545. Four More Years of Bush Makes the World Anxious (Unsuprisingly)
  4546. Missiles deployed for inauguration (in an Imperial Display of Power)
  4547. Search underway for six who may pose terrorist threat to Boston ("Fuction")
  4548. Harvey Arden: My First Encounter with Leonard Peltier
  4549. Mystery Meat: a Right-to-Know About Food Origins
  4550. Lance Selfa: Did Bush Steal the White House, Again?
  4551. Seth Delong: Will the US Tolerate a Venezuelan-Chinese Oil Pact? (Might US reptos not have a choice?)
  4552. Jennifer Van Bergen: Abu Ghraib a Forseeable Result of Decision to Ignore Geneva Conventions(that decision made by?)
  4553. How Americans Were Seduced by War: Empire and Militant Christianity
  4554. Will Bush Quit Iraq? (Ultimtely, it doesn't matter)
  4555. BS and CBS: When 60 Minutes Helped Promote WMD Fantasies
  4556. Bush's Divide-and-Conquer Plan to Destroy Social Security
  4557. Nancy Oden: The Nuremberg Principles in Iraq
  4558. Marines Stretching Movement: Protesting Urban Warfare in Toledo
  4559. Target Iran. War with No End
  4560. Missiles deployed for inauguration (aimed in the wrong direction)
  4561. Coronation of Corruption
  4562. Spanish police nab suspected creator of webcam Trojan - Computerworld
  4563. Ritter Right About Iraq
  4565. New Scientist Harnessing bubbles to trigger nuclear fusion - Features
  4566. Tsunami death toll tops 226,000 &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  4567. Why would Senator Feinstein want to support Condi Rice, and the prepetuation(Stupid! Because she was paid well enough.)
  4568. Condi Rice/Steady on, toward disaster (They have been *being well paid* for a long time)
  4569. World fears new Bush era (and rightfully so - but all the governments are allowing it all)
  4570. Trashing the Exit Polls with utterly common spun lies and fabrications
  4571. Israel in the Iran fray, too (Understanding Israel's geopolitics)
  4572. GM to unveil China models (while still closing US plants)
  4573. Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria (and it is recieved in subjugation)
  4574. Another Poll, This One for 'LAT,' Finds War Support Eroding
  4575. Staff of Paris' Left-Wing 'Liberation' to Vote on Rothschild Deal (Something to watch)
  4576. A New Deal to scupper a presidency (presidency? No, to destroy a nation)
  4577. Protesters refuse to stand on ceremony
  4578. Sacked policeman who beat boy wins $1.6m (Loopy)
  4579. Timothy Garton Ash: The twin pillars (A flurry of irrelevant illusions)
  4580. Davos World, Pax Americana, New Caliphate or Cycle of Fear - the planet'schoices for 2020's (More diversion from reality, but closer)
  4581. Back where it all began, pride is tinged with unease (Bush dynasty here,and in UK)
  4582. Thatcher 'directly involved in coup'
  4583. Faking it (and covering the bible being a fake to start with)
  4584. Israel Implements Absentee Property Law to Grab Thousands of Dunams in East Jerusale
  4585. False Casualty Figures (you were expecting honesty?!)
  4586. AIPAC and Al-Qaeda--Why the Double Standard? (Easy: Big Al is a clear Mossad-CIA fiction)
  4587. US troops kill father and mother in front of their children
  4588. Iran issues sharp warning to US over any military action
  4589. US keeps locations of Iraqi voting booths secret
  4590. From the axis of evil to the outposts of tyranny (that would be AU USUK)
  4591. Drink Beer Or Wine And Be Sharper? (Dumbasses calculating correlation coefficients)
  4592. Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration
  4593. The protesters in DC
  4594. Look Who's Backing Bush's Next War (The bought Democratic Party)
  4595. t r u t h o u t - Wm. Rivers Pitt from Fortress DC
  4596. Bloomberg Signs 4 Gun-Control Bills (Continuing the Weimar scenario while you are clueless)
  4597. What is it with this "two fingered salute"?
  4598. Inauguration: Lifestyles of the Rich and Heartless
  4599. Homeless Mostly Invisible as Washington Celebrates
  4600. Frosty the terrorist!
  4602. DC Protests: BBC news 24 tv shows cops pepper spraying people
  4603. UPDATE: DC protests turn violent!
  4604. Anti-war protesters mourn those killed in Iraq
  4605. Go recruit at a GOP convention instead
  4606. Police Nab 'Handshake Man' at Bush Inauguration (Police State)
  4607. US Criminal Senate Starts Confirming 2nd-Term Bush Cabinet
  4608. Inaugural Style: Cowboy Hats, Fur Coats, Fake Blood, "The mood along the parade rout was decidedly anti-Bush"
  4609. Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration (Bush limosine = "Salad Bar One")
  4610. Israeli Banks Hold NIS 1Billion of Holocaust Victims
  4611. City is sealed off for Bush
  4612. Guardian judged to be most trustworthy newspaper
  4613. FBI Adds 10 Names to List in Boston Threat (Fabrication)
  4614. Manhunt is on for possible terror suspects in U.S. (Um - arrest the entire US corpagov)
  4615. Cheney Says Iran Tops List of Trouble Spots (weknewthat - it's *the* geostrategic plum)
  4616. Can You Imagine?: Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong (No, Bush was/is a liar)
  4617. British Troops, Iraqis Wounded in Basra Blast
  4618. U.S. launches more arrest raids in Iraq's north
  4619. Poll shows world anti-Bush
  4620. Police use pepper spray at Bush inauguration
  4621. Hundreds Mark Inauguration With Protests (Hundreds?! - um - count the feet and divide by 1479?)
  4622. Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration
  4623. Fallujah two months after the US military assault The "City of Mosques" has become the "City of Rubble" (It's called American liberation and democracy)
  4624. New Yorker journalist corroborates murder allegations against Iraq's prime minister(In case you doubted)
  4625. US carrying out acts of war against Iran, magazine reports
  4626. Bush inauguration: corporate America throws a party
  4627. Inauguration Day 2005: imperial delusions and political reality
  4628. Bush back with liberty on lips Security beefed up in snowy ... (Google's lead - and it isn't even disinformation)
  4629. Bush launches term with vow to spread freedom and liberty as it gas in Falluja
  4630. Ukraine prepares for Yushchenko inauguration (Yet another filthy farce)
  4631. faithful urged to reject terrorism (except by AU USUK)
  4632. Rice confirmation vote delayed (Don't hope; the bitch stays)
  4633. UPDATE 2-US inflation risks well balanced - Fed's Yellen (Stupid babbling)
  4634. Volcanoes 'wiped out life on Earth, not giant asteroid' (They are inextricably linked - moron!)
  4635. Global warming caused Great Dying (Getting a brain would be a good dea)
  4636. Cancer passes heart disease as top killer in US (Whatever line suites the corpas)
  4637. British Leaders Seek to Contain Damage From Iraq Abuse Photos (Forget about the real damage!)
  4638. Blair is rebuked over comments on abuse court martial (Like he gives a rat's ass)
  4639. Doctors warn of 'crisis' in medical training (Um - most are already morons)
  4640. Porpoises flee killer dolphins (Even bottlenose dolphins have gone nuts?)
  4641. Shrieking Frogs Unnerve Hawaiian Island (Consequences of moron corpaglobalists)
  4642. J20 Dawns on Houston - Night Signs : Houston Indymedia
  4643. Inauguration Protests Dubbed Out By TV Networks?
  4644. Oaf Of Office - Greg Palast
  4645. Bush Inauguration: Pomp and circumstance
  4646. Bush: 'We will support democracy to bring an end to tyranny'
  4647. From Kabul to California, the world was given a lecture on 'freedom and liberty'
  4648. Johann Hari: George Bush's talk of spreading freedom and democracy is a sugar coated lie (What *were* you expecting?!)
  4649. Thousands Protest Bush's Inauguration
  4650. Bush Vow to Spread Freedom Raises Questions (Sure, like rigging of elections and 100% lying)
  4651. Speeding Norwegians to pay &#-11;&#-11;660 (loopy)
  4652. Fireworks in Washington, despair around the world
  4653. Cut binge drinking the easy way (Slit the throats of all busybodies)
  4654. Vote is at risk of inflaming, not taming, the region (Fakes, frauds and insulting lies tend to do that)
  4655. Promises and reality (are very different, as both are very different from deliberate lies)
  4656. Police use pepper spray at Bush inauguration &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  4657. Christian Missionaries Deny Hindus Tsunami Aid
  4658. Social Security: Another Senseless Invasion (Sense: it will do what is obvious and designed)
  4659. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Jumbo squid wash up in California (They protest Bush's continued existence)
  4660. Liberty cant be traded for security
  4661. Jan 20 Protest March Photos : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  4662. In Age of Security, Firm Mines Wealth of Personal Data
  4663. Ground Control to Mr. Bush the National Moron
  4664. Mock Coffins and Anti-War Chants as Bush Sworn In
  4665. Argument Boils About Numbers Of Auschwitz Dead (Stop persecuting David Irving)
  4666. Large, Often Raucous Protests Greet Bush at Second Inaugural
  4667. W and Dostoevsky
  4668. American Terror
  4669. Mirror.co.uk - SUPER ZERO (Babbling about freedom while annihilating it)
  4670. Iran says chance of US attack very low
  4671. Dancing while they die
  4672. Seed Industry Giants: Who Owns Whom?
  4673. Smiles for the family, a fiery warning for the world
  4674. Crazy president, crazy nation
  4675. Zionism Promotes Anti-Semitism (Just figuring this out?)
  4676. Remember Ohio
  4677. A Capital Offense
  4678. Denver Counter-Coronation Rally - January 20th, 2005
  4679. FCC Chairman Powell to Resign-Sources (with worse to come)
  4680. Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note
  4681. Protesters fear UH will become a military servant
  4682. Rumsfeld cancels trip after accusations (Rumsfeld is a coward besides being an asshole psychopath)
  4683. Norwegians Confused by Bush Salute (only the salute?)
  4684. Russia slams U.S. for accusing Syria of terror ties
  4685. Dow set for worst new-year losing streak since '82
  4686. Photos and Videos from Shrub Coronation Protests
  4687. US to be Aussie nuclear dump
  4688. Security Risk? (Chertoff)
  4689. Australia: Labor opposition caves in on unfair dismissal legislation
  4690. Four Britons released from Guantanamo Lawyer charges "savage torture" at hands of US
  4691. Tens of thousands protest Bush inauguration in Washington (Now the counting gets real)
  4692. Bush's second inauguration America's day of shame (One out of many - with more to come)
  4693. The Seattle Times: Local News: Idaho prof's Saturn experiment &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; 18 years of work &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; may be saved
  4694. GE sees 'excellent' world economy (GE: banking, insurance, other nonproductive and larcenous stuff)
  4695. Global warming lead to Great Dying (Utterly ignorant babbling)
  4696. Prions and mad cow disease: new tests and results
  4697. Britain backs EU in lifting arms ban (Oh Wonderful)
  4698. Bush's Democracy Project (The View of Monitor Morons)
  4699. Is It Torture Yet?: the Eclectic Fool Aid Torture Test
  4700. Coronation in a Garrison State
  4701. The Bush Inauguration: A Mock Epic Fertility Rite
  4702. Paul Craig Roberts: Dying for Sycophants
  4703. Once They Were Cults: Bush's Faith-Based Social Services
  4704. Is Your Luggage Safe At The Airport? (Personally, I refuse to fly)
  4705. Foreign investors expected to reduce U.S. activity (Now, why would that be?)
  4706. President of Harvard Tells Women's Panel He's Sorry (The utter politization of all truth and all science)
  4707. NOW Says Harvard President Lawrence Summers Should Resign (Maybe NOW should drop dead?)
  4708. BBC NEWS | Education | Women cleverer than men, says MP (Somebody going to whip his ass?)
  4709. Last ride of the thought police? (LOL True - bit conservatives are even worse)
  4710. Social cues, not genes, are the cause (Even though we are better than 85%genetically determined?)
  4711. Harvard president assailed for remarks (I know, let's make him visit Auschwitz!)
  4712. LAWS AGAINST SUPPLEMENTS (Codex Alimentarius)
  4713. About Codex Alimentarius
  4714. Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus (Only purpose: weapon of mass depopulation)
  4715. WHO Probes Possible Human Transmission of Bird Flu
  4716. U.S. Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Fell in January (Unexpectedly?! LMAO)
  4717. Bush's Democracy Crusade Defies Public Opinion, along with truth and all reason
  4718. Icelanders Take Anti Iraq War Campaign to U.S.
  4719. US may have used chemical weapons in Fallujah (may have? evidence was systematically destroyed - as 9/11)
  4720. US Refuses to Let Guantanamo Man Cross Airspace (repto insanity)
  4721. FBI Fights for Limited Document Searches (When is a law, not a law? Now)
  4722. Will Bush still do business with these 'oppressive' allies? (It's always what's for dinner)
  4723. Pentagon Turns Away Mothers of Soldiers Killed in Iraq
  4724. Bush, Cheney Team Up to Soften Americans for War on Iran - by Jim Lobe
  4725. Bush's Iraq, Afghan, Tsunami Plan Due Next Week (Another lying scam)
  4726. White House Scraps 'Coalition of the Willing' List (Any real significance here?)
  4727. US military options in Iran not good (but they really are this dreanged)
  4728. President Bush: Keep your freedom and democracy to yourself
  4729. Indictments show Israeli nationals dominate Internet moving scams
  4730. Israels Sharon Tells Russias Putin to Halt Missile Sales to Syria
  4731. Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits
  4732. Israels Secret Agenda: Funding Arab Terrorism
  4733. Icelanders apologise to Iraqis for invasion
  4734. Bulgarian president wants to see troops out of Iraq before end of year
  4735. Bush's 2nd Coronation: January 20th, 2005
  4736. TV News Viewership Declines, Internet Use Rises (could be a good thing)
  4737. U.S. Safely Passes Latest Terror Milestone (Have a joy-joy peachy keen day)
  4738. Jackson judge censors landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions (weirdness)
  4739. Bush getting ready to screw retirees? (It's what he does best, other than drink)
  4741. The dangers of exporting democracy (But, it's a farce and a deliberate lie to begin with)
  4742. FBI: Boston Terror Suspect Was Already In Custody
  4743. An American Actions For Regime Change In Iran "Inevitable".
  4744. Straw snubs US hawks on Iran
  4745. Iraq Official: Chalabi's Arrest Imminent
  4746. Mystery in Iraq as $300 Million is Taken Abroad
  4747. British troops in front line of conflict as polls approach
  4748. No Foreign Observers to Monitor Iraq 'Vote'
  4749. Iraq imposes curfew and car ban for 'polling' day
  4750. Go home Yanks, says PM in waiting
  4751. U.S. claims Arar suit a risk to national security
  4752. Army Prepares 'Robo-Soldier' for Iraq
  4753. Domestic Duties for U.S. Soldiers in 'Terrorism' Fight
  4754. Espionage by any other name (Author in need of extensive trepanning)
  4755. Should Anti-Bush Journalists Be Tried as "Spies"? )An author who might agree on trepanning)
  4756. Britain: rise in "superbug" cases linked to decrease in hospital cleaning
  4757. Spain: National talks break down as big business demands offensive on wages
  4758. Mass strikes by French public sector workers
  4759. The logic of the irrational: Bush's inaugural address and the global strategy of American imperialism
  4760. Walter Brasch: Hollywood's Patriots (Humans reviled by reptos)
  4761. Mark Donham: The Secret Messages of Rahmn Emmanuel (Bought Democrats)
  4762. Gilad Atzmon: Zionism and Other Marginal Thoughts
  4763. Mark Berenson: My Daughter Has Been Wrongly Imprisoned
  4764. Try a Little Tyranny: Questions While Watching the Inaugural
  4765. Gary Leupp: Madness in High Places
  4766. The Company That Runs the Empire: Lockheed and Loaded
  4767. Alexander Cockburn: Prince Harry's Travails (and the truth)
  4768. China Grapples with Difficult Funeral for Zhao
  4769. Harmonic oscillator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4770. World media: Bush inaugural a jolt
  4771. FBI: Chinese Suspect Not Tied to Terror (Another hoax and diversion tactic)
  4772. Gov't decision strips Palestinians of Jerusalem lands
  4773. Real History and the camp at Belsen (survived - and allowed to survive *six* gassings?!)
  4774. West over-reacts to Iranian leaders visit to Zimbabwe (Speaking ones mind :-)
  4775. Israel to U.S.: Step up pressure on Syria, to aid Abbas (Who's the boss?)
  4776. AFGHANISTAN: Private Prison Operators Appeal in Court
  4777. Israeli joker in the Iranian poker game
  4778. Israel plans big Jerusalem land grab (and is acting on it now)
  4779. At least a dozen killed, nearly 100 injured in hospital fire in Iraq
  4780. U.S. scoffs at accusation of treating Japan like colony in Fischer case
  4781. Bush forces UN refugee chief to go
  4782. Newspaper Shuttered, Editor Held In Baghdad (Ahh! Freedom and Democracy!)
  4783. Blairs loyalty tested as Bush menaces Iran
  4784. Report: U.S. can't win Iraq war (weknewthat)
  4785. The USA on the road to new depths of ugliness and brutality
  4786. Even drug dealers are starting to choose the euro
  4787. An Israeli Fanatic is 'Bush's Brain'
  4788. Protesters chase recruiters off campus
  4789. Social Security Deception Funded With Taxpayers' Dollars
  4790. Leading Labour adviser turns on Blair (It doesn't matter)
  4791. Russian Spy Satellite has Disappeared (US killer satellite victim?)
  4792. American Justice: Pictures of an Iraqi arrested and executed
  4793. GOP registered domains to block their use
  4794. Anti-inauguration protest at Palmer Square cut short by police
  4795. Chertoff EXPOSED as Aiding a 911 Terrorist! (and Mossad-CIA employee)
  4796. Israel seizes thousands of acres of Palestinian-owned land in Jerusalem
  4797. Iraqi exiles shun election as registration extended worldwide
  4798. China's VP heads to Latin America on trade visit (as China becomes the largest oil consumer)
  4799. Author airs conspiracy theory on Im's death (The 40th microbiologist)
  4800. Global warming approaching point of no return, warns leading climate expert (Oh stuff it!)
  4801. Illuminati Devil Hand Signals Prevalent Throughout Inauguration (Hmmm)
  4802. Wolfowitz story falsified
  4803. Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain
  4804. Some Question Background of Unit's Leader
  4805. Protests against decision to deport schoolgirl (Arbitrary and capricious deportation)
  4806. US link uncovered in Thatcher's coup plot role (Aha! Inevitable)
  4807. AP: U.S. Foresaw Terror Threats in 1970s (i.e., was busy planning them)
  4808. UN rules on marking guns urged (More fascism)
  4809. Germans hold two suspected of dirty bomb plot (Loony fabrication)
  4810. Pentagon spy network revealed
  4811. A fantasy of freedom
  4812. Zarqawi declares war on Iraqi election (A very active dead guy)
  4813. Viagra good for the heart (goes great in salads; it's what's for dinner!)
  4814. Viagra Treats Enlarged Hearts Effectively (marijuana probably works better)
  4815. Mossad chief warns of Iranian nuclear threat (BS getting thick and obvious)
  4816. Netanyahu: Israel need not give Abbas anything for truce (Not really interested?)
  4817. Priests face judgment
  4818. US to double bounty on Osama's head (knowing full well he's dead)
  4819. Japanese Want Troop Withdrawal From Iraq, Kyodo News Poll Shows
  4820. Straw intent on shoring up ties with US while raising fears over Iran
  4821. God-drenched pledges of the president split Republicans
  4822. This Plastic Moment- by Justin Raimondo
  4823. Fired reporters challenge Fox TV license
  4824. Man arrested after milk contamination
  4825. Unusual Suspects (the women held in Abu Ghraib)
  4826. US embryonic stem cell contamination a blow to researchers (all?!)
  4827. Crude Oil Rises to 8-Week High in London on U.S. Heating Demand
  4828. Dollar at mercy of central banks
  4829. Central banks shift reserves away from US (Been doing that for a while now)
  4830. Exporting Democracy or Terrorism?
  4831. Doom For The Dollar--And Everything Else (Reality finally being seen)
  4832. Author airs conspiracy theory on Ims death
  4833. 'Believe the Evidence of Your Eyes' - by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
  4834. Democrats Vow to Resist G.O.P. Majority in New Congress (Yeah, right! Sure, absolutely - NOT)
  4835. Snow says U.S. 'deeply committed' to deficit cuts (i.r., cutting social services and raoing social security)
  4836. Court OKs Dog Sniff During Traffic Stop (Supreme Whore Court Rides Again)
  4837. Exposure at Germ Lab Reignites a Public Health Debate (Corpagov Science)
  4838. Guantanamo prisoners attempted mass suicide
  4839. Chicago Tribune | FBI probes killing of U.S. contractor
  4840. Iraqi Immigrants Get More Time to Register to Vote (try to make it look good)
  4841. Bush to Seek About $80 Bln for Military Operations
  4842. Orange Revolution - Stolen Election
  4843. Bird Flu Caught by Cats - Medical and health information on the common cold and flu
  4844. Stocks Tumble to New 2005 Lows, Techs Hit (New lows keep coming)
  4845. Threat of election violence empties streets of Baghdad
  4846. Iran rules out US talks as Israel warns on nuclear plan (Dimona and Israel's 400 odd nukes don't count)
  4847. Jury Finds FBI Framed Former Cop
  4848. Torture Still Routine in Iraqi Jails, Report Says
  4849. New threat of world flu epidemic
  4850. Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus
  4851. Iraqi forces 'committing abuse'
  4852. US terminates Iranian website
  4853. Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in Michigan is shut down
  4854. Uri Avnery: King George
  4855. Research uncovers rare smoking positive. 23/01/2005. ABC News Online
  4856. FOXNews.com - Politics - A Tale of Two Iraq Investigations
  4857. Guantanamo, The United States' Auschwitz
  4858. Repression of workers by Iraqi authorities (How perfectly American!)
  4859. Israel makes fuss over Survivors, but Israeli Bank won't return their money
  4860. US 'terminates' Iranian website
  4861. Russian lawmakers say Jewish groups provoke anti Semitism....
  4862. Pentagon Tries to Explain Secret Group
  4863. Free trade leaves world food in grip of global giants (But, that is exctly what free trade has always meant)
  4864. Rising anti-semitism blamed on UK media (But Israel, like the US *is* a Nazi State)
  4865. US Media's Desperate Wishful Thinking on Palestine/Israel (A little piece of reality)
  4866. It's Official, America Knows Bush is a Traitor to the Troops:
  4867. Giant in decline
  4868. Israeli Psychological Warfare Unit Set Up To "Disseminate Disinformation"
  4869. Israel says Egypt, Syria, Saudia Arabia have nuclear programs (ROTFL)
  4870. Walk-out over Auschwitz angers German minister
  4872. The mysterious Michael Ruppert
  4873. Israeli barrier move sparks anger
  4874. The CIA and Riggs Bank - A Wall Street Journal story that the press gang should chase.
  4875. Afghan women still in chains under Karzai
  4876. Telegraph | Opinion | Europe has taken over the Holocaust
  4877. After Guantanamo
  4878. Move to euro hits US finances (Just the start)
  4879. Rices Senate approval delayed over Iraq war (Dems get no points; they'llcave; the bitch is in)
  4880. Iran rules out dialogue with the U.S. (What afterall would be the point?)
  4881. Bush supporters see bleak Iraq future (Bleak isn't even the word)
  4882. US politician hopes to speed building of third temple (Huh? There's not a particle of evidence for the first!)
  4883. Lawmakers resolved to finish Iraq mission (meaning the genicide)
  4884. You may NOT study any genocide but OURS!!!!
  4885. Schr&#-11;&#-11;der says all Germans must take blame for the Holocaust (For *how* long?)
  4886. Iran warns of "astonishing" retaliation if attacked
  4887. Vote machine maker settles over her whistle-blower suit
  4888. Officer Threatens To Arrest Woman For Anti-Bush Sticker
  4889. The Left Coaster: Zogby: No Support For Iran Attack - But 31% Of Americans Ashamed To Have Bush President
  4891. We sanction what we used to condemn
  4892. IDF reviving psychological warfare unit
  4893. Neo-Con Torture Rhetoric Alarmingly Mirrors Nazi Counterparts
  4894. 9/11 Truth Movement Only Just Beginning
  4895. Syria to help Russia retrieve influence in Middle East
  4896. Veterans' Benefits "hurtful" to National Security, says Pentagon (!!??)
  4897. Iraqi Election 'A Done Deal'; Villagers Forced To Vote For Allawi To Keep Food Rations
  4898. Amendment to Allow Schwarzenegger to Run for President Gains Momentum (Reptos at it again)
  4899. World Ill Prepared to Fight Bird Flu Pandemic Warns Who
  4900. Antarctica, Warming, Looks Ever More Vulnerable (government science)
  4901. Ex-FBI agent charges feds with radioactive coverup at Rocky Flats | By Amanda Griscom Little | Grist Magazine | Muckraker | 21 Jan 2005
  4902. Sick nuclear workers to get claims help at meetings
  4903. US drugs regulator attacked over Vioxx research
  4904. G.O.P. Will Ask Giuliani to Challenge Hillary Clinton (Rudy wants to be governor, and has for decades)
  4905. Senators Urge Bush to Sell Overhaul of Social Security and Lie as Much s Necessary
  4906. Columnist Backing Bush Plan Had Federal Contract
  4907. Black voters in United States disproportionally disenfranchised
  4908. Gore Vidal on Bush's Inaugural Address: "The Most Un-American Speech I'veEver Heard"
  4909. Democrats Say Rice Misled About Iraq War (BooHoo - you'll still let her in)
  4910. Democrats Denounce Rice Over Iraq War (More crocadile tears?)
  4911. Britons 'Cannot Be Charged over MI5 Interviews'
  4912. Anger as Guantanamo Britons Held under Terror Law
  4913. U.S. Freezes Assets of Syrian Said to Finance Iraq Insurgents (Tiresome)
  4914. CBO Projects Deficit to Reach $368 Billion
  4915. Record '05 Deficit Forecast War Costs Will Raise Total to $427 Billion (Keep going for a few trillion)
  4916. Army Plans To Keep Iraq Troop Level Through '06 (with mercenaries - a paid and controlled non US army)
  4917. Allawi warning on occupation exit (It's not supposed to end)
  4918. We're Going Ali Baba Hunting
  4919. Radiological Emergency in Downtown West Palm Beach
  4920. Study finds Earth temperature 'skyrocketing' (government pseudoscience)
  4921. Global warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought' (Government bullshitscience)
  4922. Blair: U.S. Needs to Integrate With World (The Poodle farts higher than his ass)
  4923. Turner Compares Fox's Popularity to Hitler (Gee - ya think?)
  4924. Columnist paid to promote Bush policy (Gallagher)
  4925. Another Pundit On Bush Payroll (More Gallagher)
  4926. Ohio recount volunteers allege electoral tampering, legal violations and possible fraud (No! Really?!)
  4927. Senate Roll Call on Rice Nomination (See. The Bitch is in.)
  4928. Rice wins Senate confirmation to be secretary of state
  4929. Gonzales Nomination Moves to Senate Vote (Torture Turd will be in too)
  4930. Civil Service System on Way Out at DHS (Ooops? There are a *lot* of CSS employees)
  4931. Defence researchers developing radar system that can see through walls and toilets
  4932. Pentagon Prepares to Rethink Focus on Conventional Warfare (It's just never ending idiocy)
  4933. Britons detained in Guantanamo Bay are freed without charge by anti-terrorpolice
  4934. US captors' 'systematic torture'
  4935. Isolation, breakdowns and mysterious injections
  4936. British soldiers 'ordered to give Iraqis a good kicking'
  4937. Pentagon's Feith, an Iraq policy architect, to leave post
  4938. Soldier Headed for Iraq Makes Bomb Threat
  4939. Saudi Suicide Bomber Claims Zarqawi was Captured, Then Released (Since Zarqawi is dead, and a fiction, guess who works for Al-Mossada-CIAda?)
  4940. Insurgents attack political party offices, polling stations; U.S. copterdown (What would you do with phoney elections? US is wrong country to ask in)
  4941. Lawyers criticise house arrest plan (UK)
  4942. MPs condemn house arrest and tagging plan to 'control' terror suspects
  4943. UK terror suspects can be confined at home
  4944. UK proposes new powers to tag and impose curfews on terrorist suspects
  4945. Britain Proposes New Anti-Terror Powers
  4946. Academy fails to nominate Fahrenheit 9/11: Hollywood's olive branch to Bush
  4947. Sharp divisions in Jakarta over foreign presence in Aceh
  4948. US occupation damages ancient sites at Babylon Imperialism and cultural vandalism in Iraq
  4949. Mounting provocations against Venezuela Washington backs kidnapping of Colombian guerrilla exile in Caracas
  4950. Two reports expose social conditions in Oregon
  4951. Abkhazian elite come to settlement with Kremlin
  4952. Russia: wave of protests against welfare cuts (we are not alone: it's globally designed)
  4953. The Iraq election: a travesty of democracy
  4954. The US / Colombia Plot Against Venezuela
  4955. The Intolerance of Christian Conservatives
  4956. Paul Craig Roberts: A Party Without Virtue
  4957. John Chuckman: Freedom on Steroids
  4958. The War on Civil Liberties
  4959. Brian Cloughley: Iraq as Disneyland
  4960. The CIA's New Campus Spies
  4961. Condoleezza Rice: Confused About the Middle East and The rest of reality
  4962. William A. Cook: Bush's Second Inaugural, the Lost Ur-Version (Almost too perfectly true to be funny)
  4963. Filling Saddam's Shoes: the Puppet Regime Return's to Torture
  4964. Saree Makdisi: An Iron Wall of Colonization
  4965. BBC NEWS | Health | Bad driving 'linked to hormones' (Oops hormal differences *do* matter)
  4966. FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Author Theorizes 40 Microbiologists Killed Before Unleashing "The Ultimate Epidemic."
  4967. Outrage at Clarke's curfew plan
  4968. Won't pay columnists to promote policies, Bush vows (LOL - we'll hide it better)
  4969. Spacewalking astronauts find goo on station's vents
  4970. Unexplained spot on ISS
  4971. Russians study 'spot' on space station
  4972. Phenylpropanolamine Information Page (FDA Notice of Removal)
  4973. Al-Aqsa threatens to scrap truce after Israel kills Hamas man
  4974. Eyes Wide Open : An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War
  4975. JINSA/PNAC Neocon Hack Cheney Preparing Us for War on Iran? (Foolish question)
  4976. Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"
  4977. A Detailed Georgia 2004 Election Audit
  4978. Annals of National Secrecy
  4979. Israel wary Russia may reconfigure missiles
  4980. Analysis: Russia's ambitions growing
  4981. US soldiers raid Baghdad mosque
  4982. Israel plans to raze more Gaza homes (expected, yes?)
  4983. Proposed Calif law would criminalize file sharing (Calif still leads in nuttiness)
  4984. This Pollyana Army: Bush will not admit that his troops are too exhausted to sustain his vengeful global mission
  4985. Criminals the lot of us - Scott Ritter
  4986. Barbarity is the inevitable consequence of foreign rule
  4987. Driven from their land (Governments should live in mortal fear of citizens)
  4988. Dell joins domain name hall of shame (again) (Corporations should live in mortal fear of their actions)
  4989. Iran Nearing Nuclear 'Point Of No Return' - Israel the Constant Liar
  4990. How To Use Fear And Make Trillions Of Dollars From War
  4991. Palestinian Authority Issues Weapons Ban making genocide by Israel much easier
  4992. Wake Up! Bush Is Serious - by Paul Craig Roberts
  4993. USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran
  4994. Updated list of scientists dead in suspicious circumstances since autumn 2001
  4995. Iranian Source Says Tehran Plans To Fly Plane Into US Nuclear Reactor (Oh give me bucking freak!)
  4996. Not Quite Balls, But Not Quite an Empty Sack (Dems? Their balls have been purchased)
  4997. Israel's Culture of Martyrdom (and some dirty truths against fabricated mythology)
  4998. Israeli envoy: U.S. will help finance pullout (US can no longer finance its own existence!)
  4999. Numerous Congress Members May Have Received Illegal Congressional Pay in2003-2004

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