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List Volume 11

  1. Resolved: America great! Bin Laden evil! Go Bush!
  2. Media Matters - Media highlighted Democratic split on Iraq but ignored Republican dissent
  3. ABC News: Amid Iraq Debate, a Document Mystery (Um - what debate?!)
  4. Iran appeals to Russia, China to bolster resistance to US
  5. Al-Qaeda 'facing destruction' (How do you destroy Loup Garou?)
  6. Iran in talks to join alliance against West (Predicted)
  7. US identifies [i.e., fabricates fictional] al-Zarqawi's successor
  8. EurasiaNet Eurasia Insight - Washington Ponders Ways to Counter the Rise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(As if this were even possible)
  9. Britain to Imprison Liberia's Taylor if He's Convicted (Who would trust UK gummint with anything?)
  10. EU delays constitution two years (How about forever?)
  11. How Washington created a new enemy (The usual package of stupidity and arrogance)
  12. Aljazeera.Net - Islamists advance on key Somali town
  13. AlterNet: War on Iraq: Keeping Iraq's Oil In the Ground - Greg Palast (READ)
  14. A Century of U.S. Military Interventions
  15. U.S. Lays Waste to Another Iraqi City (Ramadi)
  16. Iran Appeals to International Leaders for Support
  17. Russia, Iran call for energy club of Asian states
  18. COMMENT: Iran: rhetoric and reality Tanvir Ahmad Khan (READ)
  19. Profiles in Cowardice (READ: Criminal Congress)
  20. Nepal's PM and rebel leader meet
  21. Japan: N.Korean Test a Security Threat
  22. Whaling advocates expected to take control of commission
  23. Documents Expose Sept. 11 Fraud
  24. Judicial Watch Obtains Documents from Army Related to Halliburton Subsidiarys No-Bid Iraq Contract
  25. Ahmadinejad: Investigate the Holocaust (Well - He's right)
  26. What's The Truth? How Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse? (Videos)
  27. Senate endorses Bush approach to Iran (Bush approach?! Neocons want to nuke it)
  28. Dangerous Mind - Chris Floyd (READ)
  29. Google accused of spying on Israel (Israel must *always* be deferred o)
  30. Peace activists silenced at Hillary speech (She is already despised)
  31. African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List
  32. Judge dismisses most of phone-jamming suit (Criminals are innocent, and innocents are criminal)
  33. 3 Nations to Transfer Security in Iraq
  34. Bill aims to make national water standards voluntary (Gummint waing war on citizens)
  35. AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude: Get Out Your Tinfoil Hats(READ)
  36. Bush declines to meet with border officials
  37. Israeli Captain seeks asylum in USA (READ)
  38. Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers
  39. Iran, Syria sign defense agreement (Is reality emerging?)
  40. US drops opposition to Asian currency unit (As if its opposition meant a thing to anybody)
  41. Military Probe: Were Secrets Disclosed To Expelled Reporters at Gitmo? (US criminality is now unfettered - but wait)
  42. Big Brother to citizens: Trust me
  43. US divided by superhighway plan
  44. Canada finds bird flu, unclear what virus strain (Get a life!)
  45. Trojan horse captured data on 2,300 Oregon taxpayers from infected gov't PC (Almost too crazy to believe)
  46. Stop New Voter Suppression Tactic in Ohio (Throw Blackwell in jail)
  47. The Don't-Bother-to-Knock Rule
  48. The Name Is Kafka . . . Franz Kafka (WaPo catching up with 6 years of the Obvious?)
  49. SOCAR President Meets With Halliburton Officials
  50. Bush Iran Strategy Suffers Major Diplomatic Defeat (Doesn't mean the rectalians won't bomb Iran)
  51. Security guard [i.e., mercenary] 'killed in Iraq roadside bombing'
  52. Baghdad mosque bombing kills 7, wounds 18 (US death squads at play)
  53. GOP-engineered vote rejects deadline for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq
  54. Guantanamo media access ends after 'suicides' (i.e., murders)
  55. US probe into possible Haditha cover up complete (All is peachy keen?)
  56. New inquiry after men died in U.S. custody (More US murders)
  57. Communist Party Congress in Vietnam pledges more pro-market measures
  58. Australia: Workers' conditions slashed under new industrial relations reforms
  59. The Toronto terror plot and the Canadian establishment's political agenda
  60. How MoveOn Wastes Its Donors' Money
  61. Greg Moses: The Real Mission of the Uniform Ghost at the Border
  62. Farrah Hassen: An Interview with Syria's Ambassador to the US (READ)
  63. Joseph Nevins: No More Walls, No More Deaths
  64. Kathleen and Bill Christison: Yes, There's an Israel Lobby (READ!)
  65. Military Investigates US Killings of Iraqis at Checkpoint (Investigate itself?! Again?)
  66. Records Reveal Hastert's Hand in Land Deal
  67. Troops Refusing Iraq Duty for Reasons of Conscience Have Sanctuary (Bravo Methodists)
  68. China-US: The Era of Interdependence
  69. Report Reveals Global Slum Crisis
  70. Bush Administration Hides Data on Toxic Superfund Sites From Public
  71. Delta to Request End to Pilot Pensions
  72. Mexican Border Towns Fear US Crackdown
  73. House votes to 'complete mission' (Morons)
  74. Tehran welcomes nuclear proposals
  75. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation:
  76. White House says Zarqawi successor still unclear (unlike yesterday)
  77. Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Stolen by US) Proclaimed a National Monument
  78. Why the Fed and economists worry about low inflation (Because it would inhibit government theft)
  79. Fentanyl-laced Heroin Kills Hundreds Of Addicts In USA (A CIA invention, no doubt)
  80. China Confirms 19th Human Bird Flu Case (or not)
  81. 10,000 Somalis protest peacekeeping proposals
  82. Man arrested for 'acting strangely' around Cheney (Nation of lunatic Nazis)
  83. Putin Brings Iran into the SCO
  84. Reuters AlertNet - FACTBOX-WHO figures for bird flu cases in humans (Do the arithmetic)
  85. Sri Lanka bombs Tigers again
  86. Nepal's Maoists Rebels Opt For Democratic Path
  87. Nepal to set up interim govt with Maoists
  88. The Other Cheney Behind the Scenes (Surprising?)
  89. Growing Wikipedia Revises Its 'Anyone Can Edit' Policy
  90. 'Iraq Debate Prep Book,' From Pentagon Office, May Have Been Illegal (Um- the entire US gummint is illegal)
  91. Bombers defy security to hit Iraq
  92. Despite new security measures, violence breaks out in Baghdad
  93. Hospital casts doubt on Israel's version of attack that killed seven Palestinians
  95. Venezuela says it plans to offer help to Milwaukeeans
  96. After a decade of fighting, Nepal's Maoist rebels embrace government
  97. Modern Health Care System is the Leading Cause of Death
  98. Blair rejects Iranian idea for Holocaust probe (Of course he does)
  99. Basra Begins to Fall Apart
  100. Bush speechwriter resigns
  101. Bush Denies Iowa Tornado Relief
  102. Bush signs bill with $30.4M for flood work
  103. Pentagon details U.S. [non]abuse of detainees (in 2 lying horseshit reports)
  104. Drugs firm blocks cheap blindness cure
  105. Honours row over shooting blunder policeman (Amazing - or probably not)
  106. Nobel winners call on US to ease up on North Korea
  107. [Ahmadinejad] Lost in translation (READ)
  108. US military vessel picks up defeated Somali warlords from Mogadishu
  109. Abuse case called 'one of worst'
  110. Russia close to Paris Club deal on $22bn debt
  111. World health: A lethal dose of US politics
  112. New moves on the tripolar chessboard
  113. The BRAD BLOG : Congresswoman 'Apologizes' for Not Taking Allegations of Stolen 2004 Election Seriously! (Now arrest the thieves)
  114. A Father Speaks Out Against the Iraq War
  115. Austria's Haider says Bush is a war criminal
  116. Custodians of chaos - Kurt Vonnegut (READ)
  117. The Raw Story | Rove: Right use Net to 'broaden our appeal,' while left use it to 'mobilize hate and anger' (Speaking of psychopathic liars)
  118. Telling Lies about Ahmadinejad (READ)
  119. TIME.com: Exclusive Book Excerpt: How an Al-Qaeda Cell Planned a Poison-gas Attack on the N.Y. Subway(Great fiction!)
  120. Bolivia to Spend $6.8B to Fight Poverty
  121. Homeland Security Inc. (Nothing unusual here)
  122. Somali Leader Blasts U.S.
  123. ExxonMobil, Shell Neck-In-Neck In War Oil Sales
  124. Occupation forces kill 45 in Taliban camps
  125. Soldier's duty: Say no to illegal war
  126. EU Probes Spain Role in CIA Flights
  127. Global market slide may have further to go
  128. How Blair's government fleeces British workers on behalf of business Plundering the Public Sector
  129. Nation's Cities Not Prepared for Disasters (Gummint will have a field day)
  130. The Battle of Huda Ghalia - Who Really Killed Girl's Family on Gaza Beach?(Who else?)
  131. Major powers agree on aid plan for Palestinians | Reuters.com (Not reporting, just lying garbage)
  132. EU leaders poised to agree on Palestinian aid plan (How about forcing Israel to stop its continuing theft?)
  133. Islamists Sow Calm, and Concern, in Southern Somalia
  134. Growing tomatoes, how to grow tomatoes
  135. From the Embassy, a Grim Report
  136. U.S., Iraqi Forces Raiding Houses In Search for Missing Soldiers
  137. U.S. Airstrikes Rise In Afghanistan as Fighting Intensifies
  138. Canada finds bird flu, unclear what virus strain (How much more of this nonsense can be invented?!)
  139. Chechnya's rebel leader killed by pro-Russia forces (How Israeli of them)
  140. Russian Troops Kill Leader of Chechen Separatists
  141. Two US soldiers remain missing in Iraq (Fed up, and left?)
  142. Abigail Townsend: So companies should be nicer? Go tell investors (Asshole bitch)
  143. Ethiopia Denies Sending Troops to Somalia
  144. Hamas Official to Keep Funneling Cash
  145. Opposition left-wing ahead in Slovak election
  146. U.S.-trained expert: Explosive that killed 8 Palestinians on Gaza beach was Israeli shell
  147. Banking online? Guard against fraud
  148. Pardon talk for Libby begins (LOL)
  149. Israel's F-16s: Able to strike Iran (drooling to do exactly that)
  150. Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack
  151. Secrecy in court shuts out defense
  152. Summit forges military ties in Central Asia
  153. US-India nuclear deal will result in pressure on Israel (in a very appropriate way)
  154. U.S. Airstrikes Rise In Afghanistan as Fighting Intensifies (It was stupid from the start)
  155. US chiefs honoured in secret by Britain (Honors that they should obviously be ashamed of)
  156. HUD to New Orleans Poor: "Go F(ind) Yourself (Housing)!"
  157. US troops 'seized by insurgents' (or not)
  158. Shuttle to fly in face of hazard (Bizarre)
  159. Hidden From History - The Canadian Holocaust
  160. Huge rise in number of houses IDF is razing during arrest ops
  161. Buffalo to roam again on U.S. coin (?!! 24 karat does not make good coinage)
  162. Was the 2004 election stolen? (yes)
  163. Banksters Extended WWI By Three Years (READ)
  164. "Bankers Engineered American WWII Intervention"
  165. "Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony' "
  166. Michael Berg: Fathers Day Reflections on a Lost Son
  167. BuzzFlash Editorial: Either the Democrats take the truth to power, as Jack Murtha has on national security, or the November elections will be lost. It's that simple.(But Dems are also bought)
  168. How US hid the suicide [homocide] secrets of Guantanamo
  169. More E-voting Concerns Surface with State Primaries Underway
  170. 1,500 US troops seal off parts of Ramadi
  171. Horror show reveals Iraq's descent
  172. Colo. voter records disappear during move (Ooops! Oh damn!)
  173. Venezuelan news paper director assassinated (Al-CIAda at play again?)
  174. Saudi Arabia orders post-mortems on Guantanamo 'suicides' (Possibly interesting)
  175. Polls predict Catalans will say yes to radical plan for devolution
  176. Catalonia leads the way for Spain's regions with yes vote for ...
  177. Exit polls show backing for new Catalan powers
  178. US church elects first woman leader
  179. Egypt, China sign trade deals
  180. Slovak leftists vow break with reforms after victory
  181. Leftwing opposition wins most votes in elections
  182. Russian Troops Kill Leader of Chechen Separatists
  183. Report: Chechen Rebel chief killed
  184. Chechnya rebels appoint new leader
  185. Al-Ahram Weekly | Region | Another family down
  186. Kicked out of Gitmo
  187. Jews lobby Presbyterian Church over divestment
  188. Michael Chertoff and the sabotage of the Ptech investigation
  189. The Assassins - by Justin Raimondo
  190. Every Rocket Was A Painkiller (Afghanistan)
  191. 'Wash Post' Obtains Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
  192. Mossad terror suspect confesses (How many other are there, and where?)
  193. Flight of Capital (and Flight 77)
  194. AMERICA&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;S FANNIE HAS BEEN SPANKED-BUT ITS&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; NAME IS M
  195. U.S. Keeps Mum on Warships in East Sea
  196. portland imc - 2006.06.17 - BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job (READ)
  197. U.S. learns to live with less freedom (But, we're hated for what freedoms?)
  198. Russia Regains Control of Oil Resources
  199. Hamas, Fatah edge toward compromise on Israel (What will Israel do to prevent?)
  200. Foreclosures May Jump As ARMs Reset: Financial News
  201. US military airforce strikes at residential quarters in Ramadi (Continuing genocidal plans)
  202. Federal contracts up 86% under Bush; Halliburton rises 600%
  203. Court rejects states' suit on Medicare drug plan
  204. [Fictional] Cyanide plot prompts spy support (by wackos)
  205. Case hinged on Lodhi as terrorist or entrepreneur (Crazy)
  206. Lodhi guilty of terror plot (Crazier)
  207. Thousands march with family raided by police
  208. Informant who triggered Forest Gate raid was an 'utter incompetent'
  209. UK warned about 7/7 bomber (diversion)
  210. CIA 'warned leader was threat two years before 7/7 attacks' (diversion)
  211. Opinion-Proof Policy
  212. Air Heads: The Win-Win Wars of Bushist Fantasy - Chris Floyd
  213. Father demands Guantanamo suicide probe
  214. U.S. Soldier's Indictment Sought in Italy
  215. Waste Oil Dumps Threaten Towns in Northern Iraq (US will be poisoning all wells - or has it already, beyonf DU?)
  216. UK troops set to quit Iraq province (until tomorrow)
  217. Alexander Cockburn: The Left and the Blathersphere (Dead Dems)
  218. Tears of a Clown: Al Franken's War
  219. HUD's Bulldozers and the Poor of New Orleans
  220. US Army Charges Three With Murder in Iraq (Bush, Cheney and Rummy?)
  221. Nearly 100 Former Bush Admin. Homeland Security Officials Cash In
  222. Company Got $37 Million for Technology Military Couldn't Use
  223. Famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says pope told him not to study beginning of universe
  224. Prosecutor in Hussein Trial Calls for Death Penalty (Then also for Bush,Cheney, Rummy, Powel, Rice, ...)
  225. NY Senator: Reported Cyanide Threat was Real (just as real as the terrorist gummint)
  226. B&#-11;&#-11;rse offers new deal in effort to win Euronext
  227. Bush Gives Iran an Ultimatum on Uranium (What? Again?!)
  228. Bush warns Iran on nuclear deal (Oh, go to your room!)
  229. Chicago court hears chilling tales of torture (by Israeli police)
  230. Defense lawyers shut out as war on terror spawns courtroom secrecy -- Newsday.com
  231. Terror suspect alleges feds in Chicago covering up torture evidence
  232. U.S. Soldiers Charged With Murder of Iraqi Detainees and Death Threat
  233. U.S. soldiers charged with premeditated murder in Iraq
  234. US Supreme Court Decision Fails to Clarify Clean Water Act
  235. Zoellick Leaving State Department, to Join Goldman (Update1)
  236. Bin Laden's deputy 'plotted gas attack' on New York subway (What horseshit)
  237. Guantanamo desperation 'revealed'
  238. U.S. soldiers charged with premeditated murder in Iraq (Um - and Bush, Chenet, Rummy, Rice, Powell, Feith, ...)
  239. N. Korea Urged to Cease Missile Test Plans (Um - why? Are we inducing yet more bogud fear?)
  240. NKorea warns of arms race in space; US launches massive war games ... (We need an asylum for the politically deranged)
  241. North Korea May Be Preparing to Launch Satellite, Not Missile (Ooops - somebody wasn't paying attention)
  242. Insurgents claiming to hold two soldiers taunt US military (US military needs more than taunting)
  243. Missing American soldiers `a great concern' (As much concern as the 50,000 maimed need?)
  244. Eat Your Veggies, Help Your Arteries (diversionary new of the long term obvious)
  245. US threatens stronger sanctions (With whose backing?)
  246. US threatens stronger sanctions (Delusional assholes)
  247. Guard troops ordered to New Orleans (More US citizens shot on sight)
  248. SC clergy support female bishop (Some coolness available)
  249. Dollar makes u-turn (As if ...)
  250. Senate bill compromise paves the way for "Net Neutrality Lite" (You know it's a scam)
  251. Indonesian teenager dies of bird flu: WHO (or not)
  252. Fatah, Hamas may sign agreement on national accord soon (Hamas is an Israeli invention; figure it out)
  253. The Call of the Gun Lobby - New York Times (Everything is a secret to this Nazi gummint; but ain't guns that's the problem: it's a very sick nation)
  254. Ex-Bush official found guilty on charges relating to Abramoff
  255. National Guard troops called to Texas, La.
  256. National Guard called to 'fight' New Orleans crime (Right - uh-huh - sure - It's still illegal)
  257. New Device Disables Digital Cameras (Protect Nazisecrets)
  258. LA's spy-in-the-sky drone sparks privacy concerns (What is needed to shoot them down?)
  259. New York terror plot said to justify wiretaps (Fabrications and lies justify anything)
  260. Misuse of terror law 'undermines police' (and invalidates government utterly)
  261. EU calls for respecting human rights in combating terrorism (You must bew joking!)
  262. Saudis Offered Scholarships for Aviation Courses in US (Who would be crazy enough to come here?)
  263. EU threatens visa curbs for Americans
  264. Gore Refuses to Back Lieberman (That, at least, is in his favor)
  265. Pariah President:
  266. Pentagon Lists Homosexuality As Disorder (Does as it damn well pleases in Naziland)
  267. US campaign to stop Venezuela joining UN security council (This should be fun)
  268. GOP Kills Bill to Police Halliburton
  269. Iraq Official: U.S. Soldiers' Bodies Found (This stinks of lies)
  270. Two U.S. soldiers missing in Iraq found dead
  271. Frist: Surrender in Iraq not a solution (Frist, his phoney white powder and cat torturing is a problem, not a solution)
  272. Senate Democrats press to reduce troops in Iraq (Useless paid off twits!)
  273. Guantanamo desperation 'revealed'
  274. Cuba tells EU end "complicity" on CIA flights
  275. U.S. Keeps Mum on Warships in East Sea
  276. US activates interceptor missile defence (The one that's failed all tests?!)
  277. US makes missile defense system operational
  278. US bucks pledge, continues to pursue new landmines (Lying criminals all)
  279. Safavian Guilty of Lying, Obstruction of Justice (as if this were unusual)
  280. Tanker Inquiry Finds Rumsfeld's Attention Was Elsewhere (The "Duuh" defense)
  281. Bush to Iran: Accept offer or face sanctions (Iran to Bushit: In your hat, and over your ears)
  282. AFSC Sues the U.S. Defense Department for Unlawful Surveillance (Yes!)
  283. Get out now
  284. Attorney seeks hearing on whether witnesses were tortured in Padilla terror case
  285. International Law Violated (US *is* an international illegality)
  286. Missing publisher's body found (Who killed him, and why?)
  287. Labour slides to 20-year poll low (?: the have Blair-poodle-twit)
  288. The Repugs Would Swift-Boat Jesus if he Came Out Against the Iraq War
  289. Safavian Found Guilty in Lobbyist Trial
  290. Israel can no longer rely on the support of Europe's Jews (Its death is inevitable)
  291. U.S. pension peril grows with bankruptcies
  292. "Frontline" documentary makes case that Cheney used 9/11 to go to war (and was behind it, besides)
  293. What are George Bush's gift-givers trying to tell him?
  294. Russia Says Hands off Iran (Is it clear enough yet?)
  295. Police Debate if London Plotters Were Suicide Bombers, or Dupes (Oh let's guess, shall we?)
  296. Ames Lab Dumps Prion Wastes Into Public Sewers! (READ)
  297. The perfect monster kills quietly (DU effects)
  298. European Groups Happy about Zionist Charges, Waiting for Conviction
  299. Carriers ready for war games (Imagine being stationed on the USS Reagan: can it get in and out of battle without sinking? Can it remember where it is?!)
  300. Philadelphia group files suit against Catholic Church (The more the merrier)
  301. The Iraq War and the End of Economics (READ)
  302. The Dark Side (READ)
  303. BIG Slide Begins: World's Biggest Bond Fund leads the way
  304. US rejected Iranian overtures in 2003
  305. World Oil Prices Could Triple If Bush Admin. Fails To Solve Iran Conflict Diplomaticall
  306. Why I admire Ernst Zundel
  307. The Truth Will Set You Free: If Saddam gets death for killing 148, what's the going rate for starting WWIII based on lies
  308. Is MITRE Corp. The Trojan Horse of 9/11?
  309. Israel, Israel, Israel, Kill, Kill, Kill - that's all I ever read onlin
  310. U.S. Back at Full War Footing in Afghanistan (When was it not?)
  311. Peacekeeping mission may be headed for Somalia (Why?)
  312. Dan Rather To Leave CBS News (Good riddance)
  313. Equifax: Laptop With Employee Data Stolen (The Age of Information?)
  314. Flurry of new data breaches disclosed (Don't even ask)
  315. National Guard troops roll into New Orleans (to kill whom?)
  316. Stress disorder seen soaring among returning troops (I wonder why?)
  317. Thirteen Iraqis killed by US fire on poultry farm: Iraqi police (The "War on Ficticious Bird Flu"?)
  318. Diyala - A Laboratory of Civil War? (READ)
  319. US memo says Iraq in freefall (US is in freefall; few notice)
  320. All New Orleans Public School Teachers Fired (What "privatization" really means)
  321. Week one of the World Cup While millions celebrate, German government presses ahead with its agenda (a world gone mad with idiocy)
  322. The US Supreme Court's "no-knock" decision: a frontal assault on democratic rights
  323. Australian government presses ahead with plans to dominate East Timor
  324. Champaign, Illinois officials uphold unconstitutional ban on SEP petitioners
  325. American democracy in decay: US Congress debates the Iraq war (US has been doomed in every way for some time now)
  326. As our debt rises, dollar value sinks
  327. Late mortgage payments fall as economy boosts job growth (Shit for brains)
  328. US foreclosures expected to jump (*not* simply increasing)
  329. Jonathan Cook: Truth Buried in Gaza's Sands
  330. CP Newswire: Coca Cola Takes a Hit (Really - who needs Coca Cola?)
  331. Japan Nixes Payments to Its Wartime Slaves
  332. Ode to Joy: Watching Blair Sink (Not near fast enough)
  333. Fred Gardner: the Long War on Aspirin (Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is indeed poison - as I've known for decades)
  334. US Troops Press Ahead With Ramadi Operation (operation? How about massacre?)
  335. Jamail and Fadhil | Residents Struggle to Survive, In and Out of Ramadi (survive US genocidal intentions)
  336. Arab-Americans Sue US Over Re-Entry Procedures (Should they *have* to?)
  337. Democrats Shape Plans on Iraq (LMFAO! - Those lying turds)
  338. Bodies of US Soldiers Show Signs of Torture (What's sauce for the goose ...)
  339. Lynne Stewart Asks If US Eavesdropped on Her (Of course it did, dear)
  340. Albright: Iraq Invasion Encouraged Others (Fucking GD Nobright is a war criminal)
  341. Leaked Memo Reveals Plight of Iraqis (The list is endless!)
  342. Work begins on Arctic seed vault (Bushit will probably nuke the vault)
  343. Demons invade school (Anybody considered ergot poisoning?)
  344. Episcopal delegates reject temporary ban on gay bishops
  345. Former Liberia President Put in Dutch Jail (How about the entire US corpagov?)
  346. Pyongyang may not be ready for missile launch: South Korean FM (Oh!)
  347. Downer warns N Korea on tests (Ohh!)
  348. South Korea: North's missile on launching pad (Ohhh!)
  349. US effort to rehab image falls short (of anything close to the truth)
  350. Bush makes quick trip to Europe to shore up ties (and make a fool of himself yet again)
  351. Ravaged New Orleans calls up National Guard to tackle crime (and inflict more crime)
  352. Iraq legacy will affect not only Bush, but Democrats, too (It will afflict the earth until all alleged homo sapiens have exterminated themselves)
  353. Possible White House Hopefuls Unite on Iraq (Getting to reality? Don't bet on it)
  354. Media Matters - Major print outlets repeated GOP's "cut and run" criticism of Democratic calls for Iraq withdrawal, ignored public support for pullout
  355. Ex-Bush Official Linked to Abramoff Found Guilty in Lobbying Case
  356. Former White House Aide Convicted in Abramoff Inquiry
  357. Former Bush official convicted of lying about ties to Abramoff
  358. Severstal's Mordashov to Cut Stake in Arcelor Merger (Update2)
  359. Mittal and Severstal set to sweeten offers for Arcelor
  360. Arcelor steel giant cancels June 21 shareholders meeting (Ooops!)
  361. Call to ban Brangelina from Namibia (Fucking lunatic)
  362. New Embryonic Test Raises Concerns (All government science should raise concerns)
  363. New Heart Guidelines Add Exercise to Healthy Diet (New Corpagov science)
  364. Air strike kills three children
  365. Jihadist video aimed at Muslim youth (Oh, get real!)
  366. Cutting stress may increase chances of pregnancy (or not)
  367. I Say Satellite, You Say Missile (actually, I say "tomayto")
  368. Bodies of Missing US Soldiers Recovered (maybe)
  369. Safavian Found Guilty in Lobbyist Trial
  370. How to Shop for Kids the Brangelina Way (Ms. Gornstein needs to get a life, and brain of her own)
  371. Stress may be causing infertility in women (I'm deprived because I'm depraved?)
  372. Bush in Vienna for US-EU Summit (I can't even bear to look; it's just so embarrassing)
  373. Booby-Trapped Bodies of 2 GIs Recovered (All a fabricated crock of manipulative kaka)
  374. US still working kinks out of defense shield (I.e., it has never worked)
  375. Text of cable from U.S. ambassador to Secretary of State
  376. Japan to withdraw all soldiers from Iraq
  377. WorldNetDaily: Bush 'super-state' documents sought
  378. WorldNetDaily: Bush sneaking North American super-state without oversight
  379. Bush stomps on Fourth Amendment - The Boston Globe
  380. World's wealthy hit new peak
  381. Britons lead world in race to be rich
  382. China Purchased US Spy Plane Technology from Israel
  383. The Chronicle: 6/23/2006: Professors of Paranoia? (The author still has many years of growing up to do)
  384. Teacher's topless pics may cost job (Only in 'murika are people this wacked out)
  385. TvNewsLIES.org &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; I DON&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;T UNDERST..
  386. Bush says Nine-Eleven drives U-S policy (Bush lies are only to drive you crazy; better he should be ignored)
  387. Troops echo frustration with war critic
  388. GOP's Call for Hearings Puts Immigration Overhaul in Limbo (Showing thatit is all merely a diversion)
  389. One of Saddam's Top Lawyers Killed (US death squads at play)
  390. U.S. Navy deploys system to detect North Korean missile (Binoculars?)
  391. Russia Preparing New Missile Systems to Overcome Any Shield &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Defense Minist(Are we having fun yet?)
  392. N. Korea may halt missile test (or not)
  393. IPod and the Sound of Slavery (Why would I want to listen to music "on the go"?)
  394. Israel murders, maims more children in Gaza (It's been Israeli policy for over have a century)
  395. Hawaiian school admissions questioned (The courts have no business in this at all)
  396. &#-11;&#-11; Lego Group moving operations from USA to Mexico (Let them make widgets)
  397. GM's ratings cut deeper into junk territory
  398. ABC 7 News - Family says Merrill's Death was Apparent Suicide (Kaka journalism)
  399. Merrill Apparently Shot Himself On the Bay (Get a brain, moron)
  400. Frist Slips 'Poison Pill' to Minimum Wage Bill
  401. Iraq: US may be asked to leave
  402. Afghan police killed 'by mistake' (Ooops!?)
  403. Sudanese leader blasts Jewish groups
  404. Oh, the places you go (when you follow the money) - (READ)
  405. Merrill Not First VIP to Vanish on Southern Maryland Waterways
  406. U.S. Says No to Talks With North Korea (Showing a certain consistency)
  407. On Tape: Rep Won't Let Customer Quit AOL (AOL is notorious for this)
  408. Maximum enlistment age upped to 42
  409. Big Dollars, Little Sense: Rising Medicare Prescription Drug Prices
  410. A dangerous precedent: Australian man convicted of "preparing terrorism"
  411. Lawyers for accused in Toronto terror plot charge authorities with abuse (authorities are always abusive)
  412. Pentagon report targets China as a military threat (LOL)
  413. Washington escalates slaughter in Iraq (Consistency in planned genocide)
  414. Zarqawi's Death: Myth vs. Reality (It's all a myth)
  415. Gary Leupp: Making the Case for Impeachment
  416. Tanker Inquiry Exposes Rumsfeld's Lack of Focus (He's a lunatic, genocidal moron, and always has been)
  417. Marines Missed "Red Flags" on Haditha, Study Finds (It's just ignorance and stupidity)
  418. Timber Becomes Tool in Effort to Cut Estate Tax
  419. Some 85 Iraqi Workers Abducted by Gunmen (US death squads at play)
  420. A Legacy of the Storm: Depression and Suicide
  421. US House Clears $427.6 Billion for Pentagon (Criminal Congress)
  422. Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason Premieres June 23, 2006 | PBS (The mornon has never understood the clear difference)
  423. Judge: Case Against Padilla "Very Light on Facts"
  424. House Delays Renewal of Voting Rights Act (Criminal Congress)
  425. Senate Defeats Democrats Minimum Wage Increase (Criminal Congress)
  426. War on terror increases terror (Um - because it is the source of terror)
  427. Bush under attack at EU Summit (should be underattack in US)
  428. Bush: Iran dragging feet on response (Just their way of saying fuck you)
  429. Palestinian woman dies in Israeli missile strike (Yet again - it's a daily event)
  430. Botched Israeli air strike kills 2 in Gaza (Not botched: purposeful)
  431. Anglican Church on brink of schism (It needs one)
  432. Military Talks to Tracy Mother About Son's Murder
  433. 'Ambush' was friendly fire
  434. WHO finds no human transmission in bird flu cluster in Indonesia (a bit of truth, finally)
  435. Prices of most commonly used drugs shoot up: Studies
  436. Reports Shows Drug Prices Jumping in 2006
  437. The Orange order
  438. Ousted PM May Regain Office in Ukraine
  439. US blessed, Australian beef bucked
  440. US-Japan beef talks fail to reach predicted success; Congress ...
  441. Japan, US agree on beef import resumption
  442. All options open if North Korea tests missile: US envoy (standard stupidity, standard arrogance: fuck off useless US)
  443. Macon Telegraph | 06/09/2006 | Police certain man they shot killed boy (which meansd police are lying)
  444. KR Washington Bureau | 06/21/2006 | New evidence raises questions about Israel's role in beach explosion(Hello? Isn't the obvious clear yet?)
  445. 3 Poll Workers, 3 Felons Charged With Election Violations in Tennessee (Now - about congress, ...)
  446. Sheeler Apologizes to Senator John Kerry for Misinformation (Who cares?)
  447. CEOs earn 262 times pay of average worker
  448. Big Dollars, Little Sense: Rising Medicare Prescription Drug Prices
  449. Delay on Voting Rights Renewal Called 'Inexcusable' -- 06/21/2006
  450. Lawmaker seeks to restore anti-terrorism funds (Brain transplant candidate - or just criminal liar)
  451. Hacker enters Agriculture dept. computers (Shit that's almost begininning to sound like good news)
  452. AT&T rewrites rules: Your data isn't yours
  453. Push to limit NSA spying fails
  454. Specter to grill officials on Bush ignoring laws (Specter is an asshole whore)
  455. Ground Zero mob tie? (You bet)
  456. The Post's Curious Interest in Leopold and TO
  457. U.S. Denies Sending Troops to Bolivia (So you know it's true)
  458. White House press secretary Tony Snow (is not worth a second of attention)
  459. US [Criminal] Senate debates Iraq timetable
  460. 30 rebels attacked slain US troops in Iraq-witness (Garbage)
  461. Iraqi fury at Australian shooting
  462. Australian guards kill Iraqi bodyguard in mishap
  463. Gunmen abduct 100 Iraqi workers (US death squads at work)
  464. US soldiers accused of killing Iraqi farmers (It's what they do)
  465. Fourth Fort Campbell soldier charged in Iraqi deaths
  466. 8 Servicemen Charged With Murder
  467. Iraqi troops blamed in '04 deaths (US mercenary death squads)
  468. Pentagon waited months to tell families of 2 soldiers killed by Iraqis (Pentagon is a pack of criminals, genocidalists, treasoners, psychopaths and liars)
  469. Bush Warns Guantanamo Bay Holds "Cold-Blooded Killers" (It takes one to know one)
  470. Bush's Baghdad Palace (ridiculously called an "embassy")
  471. BeggarsCanBeChoosers.com: Is "Conservatism" a New Kind Of Mental Illness? (It's and old kind - primative in fact)
  472. USDA says hacker may have stolen employees' data (An awful lot of this going on)
  473. Terrorist Video Game or Pentagon Snafu? (Surrounded with lunatics)
  474. STOP LYING - A website exposing lies by people we trust to tell the truth.(READ)
  475. Relocating Washington by Aaron Singleton
  476. "Army of One" vs. "Army of Fun" (A clown a day keeps recruiters away?)
  477. DOD disavows Santorum's WMD claims (Stan & Ollie were much funnier)
  478. Australia builds its empire (on slaughter in Timor - READ)
  479. For N. Korean Missile, U.S. Defense Is Hit or Miss (Yes, how about worthless?)
  480. CRUNCH TIME FOR THE BANKS AND THE CROOKS (If you think 9/11 unbelievable, try this)
  481. New jobless claims up 11,000 last week (and that was just last week)
  482. Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic?
  484. It's Time to break up the Media (READ)
  485. 2 Indicted Brokers Generous to Voinovich (Crminal repugs in OH)
  486. Enron boss wants verdict quashed (Interesting ploy)
  487. The Long Sayonara From the Burning Bridge
  488. Boxer: Soldier's 'family was not told the truth' (Gummints lie)
  489. NKorean missile launch not imminent, Seoul defense minister says
  490. Bush freaks out over abysmal EU poll numbers; invokes 9/11
  491. GOP Rebellion Stops Voting Rights
  492. U.S. losing its middle-class neighborhoods (along with its middle class)
  493. Senators Santorum and Lieberman Produce Iraqi Mustard Canister for Disbelieving Press(They both need new brains)
  494. Harkat informant called 'insane' (and the idiots who believed the silly fantasy?)
  495. New Bankruptcy Law Will Not Protect You from Identity Theft (Government is NOT here to protect you from anything)
  496. Netanyahu: IDF has operational capability to wipe out all of Gazas (I am now reassured, and feel soooo much safer)
  497. Controversial Mideast play to be performed in NY (Finally, over Jewish objections?)
  498. Former detainee paints harrowing portrait of life at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay
  499. Washington escalates slaughter in Iraq
  500. Furious Iraq demands apology (Australia also winning hearts and minds)
  501. Tom Ridge: War on Terror to Last Decades (i.e., war on humanity)
  502. US: Danger, danger everywhere
  503. The Raw Story | Congress quietly holds classified briefings on Iran as Democrats seek access to intelligence
  504. War on terror: US vows to respect human rights (That's not just a lie)
  505. Iran rejects US 'pressure' on nuclear issue (Why shouldn't it?)
  506. Key NASA officials ease objections to July 1 liftoff (Bizarre)
  507. Muslims 'Still in Denial' About 9/11, Pew Survey Finds (*They* are in denial?!!!)
  508. Earth warmest in at least 400 years, panel finds (and how have all these temperatures been measured?!)
  509. Body parts did not need approval by US - National - smh.com.au (Alloderm- READ)
  510. Stolen body parts shipped to Australia
  511. Senate kills minimum pay boost
  512. New report shows 17 states at high risk for election results compromised dueto electronic voting machine problems
  513. Where Did Safavian Work Again? (The Criminal White House)
  514. British Airways investigated by UK and US for fuel surcharge
  515. Cdn Terror Justice - Secret Evidence - Tortured Informant
  516. Karzai says 600 Afghan deaths 'not acceptable' (i.e., Bankers are worried about instability)
  517. At least 25 people found executed in Mosul
  518. Australians take riskier role in Iraq (to win hearts and minds?)
  519. Howard recommits to Iraq (The poodle barks!)
  520. Republicans to Use Votes to Cast Democrats as Weak on Terrorism
  521. Cheney: Iraq pullout 'worst possible thing we could do' (Is he really this crazy and stupid?)
  522. Australian government retains detention powers (Fascist Poodles)
  523. Britain: Book alleges US sent MI5 detailed file on London bomber Khan (Book merely complicates the original fabrications)
  524. As violence spirals in Iraq Prosecutor demands death penalty in Hussein show trial
  525. Under the guise of peace, Sri Lankan government accelerates drive to civil war
  526. European Union-US summit in Vienna Europe's leaders close ranks with Bush (A poodle buffet)
  527. Why Bush's Iraq is Worse Than Saddam's
  528. Mike Marqusee: The Forest Gate Raid
  529. Tanya Reinhart: A Week of Israeli Restraint (READ)
  530. Winslow Wheeler: Lockheed, the Senator and the F-22 (The purpose of government made clear)
  531. AT&T Revises Privacy Policy, Says Owns Customer Data
  532. Hamas Agrees to Israeli State (BIG Mistake)
  533. GOP Lawmakers' Profits Are Scrutinized
  534. North Korea Offers to Halt Missile Launch (They were just kidding :-)
  535. FEMA Backs Off Trailer Evictions Plan (Destruction, genocide & enslavement must follow the frog boiling technique)
  536. Congress Looks to Offer Big Telecoms "Prize" (Yes, this *is* important)
  537. Specter to Grill Officials on Bush Ignoring Laws (A giant joke)
  538. Offshore Drilling Bill Advances in House (Criminal Congress)
  539. Poll: Santorum Approval Rating Declines (Truth of psychopathic idiocy surfaces?)
  540. NOW | The Biggest Employee Buyout in American History (General Motors)
  541. Rivals Agree to Somalia Peace Deal (We shall see)
  542. Congressional sparring over Iraq yields no new policy (War Criminal Congress)
  543. Is Iran studying North Korea's nuclear moves? (Be crazy not to)
  544. Israel allowed to join Red Cross (and Palestianians still have no country because Israel will not allow it?)
  545. Karzai Criticizes US-Led Coalition (Pseudohegelian bullshit)
  546. Al Qaeda Deputy Calls for Afghans to Fight US (The Newspaper of fiction speaks)
  547. Abbas, Olmert hold symbolic talks (Already, and purposefully sullied by Israel)
  548. Olmert 'sorry' civilians killed in airstrikes (Um - sure - right - absolutely)
  549. Israeli PM apologises for air strike deaths (We weep at his compassion)
  550. New Intel Report Reignites Iraq Arms Fight (Garbage)
  551. Scientists believe world is at its hottest for 2,000 years (Not scientists, but psychopathic morons)
  552. Last 25 years warmest on Earth since 1600: study (That happens to have been a mini ice age: journalists are cretins)
  553. Bird flu may have been mistaken for Sars: doctors (Bird brains)
  554. China very concerned' about North Korean missile test (Um - sure - right)
  555. Bush lauds example of Hungary's 1956 revolt (US should revolt against its revolting gummint?)
  556. Hungarian anti-war group: 'Bush politician of war'
  557. Somalia: Yet Another Blow to American Ambitions
  558. Terror Suspects Arrested In Miami Housing Project (Gummint fabrication and black op)
  559. Suit says Children Services tried to steer kids from Islam (This is a very sick country)
  560. Group to erect Flight 93 monument in Pa (A monument to the mass murder by government?)
  561. Visa says ATM breach may have exposed data (More. Who is really doingall this?)
  562. Hacker enters Agriculture dept. computers (Ooops! Here we go yet again. Is it getting just a little too thick?)
  563. ABC News: Federal Agents Raid Suspected Terror Cell in Miami (The setup)
  564. Officials: U.S. didnt find WMDs, despite claims (Obviously)
  565. Seven arrests over 'Chicago plot' (Gestapo moves in on its own lies and nonsense)
  566. 7 arrested in suspected plot against Chicago's Sears Tower (Right - sure- can we spell "hoax"?)
  567. FBI: No imminent threat in connection with terror plot arrests (Of course not)
  568. International Middle East Media Center - Olmert: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Targeted killing[murders] will resume despite civilian casualtie
  569. Casey: US Forces in Iraq to Shrink (or not)
  570. Iran Backs Attacks on US Forces in Iraq, Casey Says (or not)
  571. Government hit by rash of data breaches (of who's manufacturing?)
  572. Senate Panel OKs $160M for Vet Monitoring (Bizarre, and you know it's a scam)
  573. Bank Data Secretly Reviewed by U.S. to Fight [Create] Terror
  574. Feds Would Make Every Citizen a Criminal (Absolutely True)
  575. Toxic weapons too old to use (Iraq)
  576. Open Borders Threaten Jewish Clout
  577. Iraqi Govt Declares State of Emergency
  578. Media Refuses to Hold Surveillance Story (READ)
  579. Pentagon says vaccine may have killed US soldier (or the truth is actually worse)
  580. Frontline: The Dark Side (PBS vids)
  581. Newspapers Reject Government Request to Kill Story
  582. Olmert warns Iran over nuclear weapons
  583. Why do we believe Zionists are the masterminds of the September 11 attack?
  585. 'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon (Psychopaths)
  586. Why Today's Rock Stars Won't Take a Stand Against Iraq War
  587. Next Victim: Iran or North Korea? - by Ray McGovern
  588. A Plague on Both Their Houses: Justin Raimondo
  589. Nukes and double standards (READ)
  590. CBC British Columbia - Youth delegates dragged from convention centre (Canada is a totalitarian fascist state too)
  591. The Alchemists - Chris Floyd
  592. Crackdown on Homeschoolers: It&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s the UN Wot Done It | The Brussels Journ(Every gummint has its filthy claws around the throat of learning)
  593. Olmert: Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones (Where's the outrage?)
  594. informationliberation - Sears Tower "Terrorists" Set Up?: Master G.H.G. Athea, Suspect's Friend: "Someone along the line offered to him some funds to do whatever he wanted to do if that's what he wanted to do. As far as some subversive work. And said they would give him whatever he needed."(A clear setup - as they always are)
  595. Ike Was Right About War Machine, Andy Rooney Thinks Our Military Machine Is Bloated - CBS News(READ)
  596. American Military Begs Canadian Hackers to Commit Crimes for Them
  597. MichaelCrichton.com - State of Fear (READ - and UNDERSTAND!)
  598. Smithsonian removes electric-car exhibit
  599. Frosty Wooldridge -- Where is The Outrage? (The purpose og government education is to destroy minds and the fabric of society)
  600. Rumsfeld's war: paths to power (READ)
  601. From Iraq to Afghanistan Pentagon attacks, people fight back
  602. Welcomed or Wanted? (READ - but, it's too short)
  603. The Anti-Empire Report: Some things you need to know before the world ends (READ)
  604. The Anti-Empire Report: Some things you need to know before the world ends (READ)
  605. Italianjournalist seeks G.I. shooter (READ)
  606. Hollow US defense for an empty threat (Understanding the bogus N Korean Threat)
  607. Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy? (If God had meant us to vote, he would have given us candidates)
  608. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Fox Gets "Fair And Balanced" Access to Guantanamo (LOL)
  609. ABC News: Snow: Financial Surveillance Program Vital to War on Terrorism (Um - "of Terrorism")
  610. Mondale backs pre-emptive missile strike (Surrounded by sickness)
  611. Court strikes down rule requiring hedge funds to register with SEC
  612. E-Voting Lawsuit Planned in Georgia (Bravi tutti!)
  613. "The depth and breadth of their misconduct was astonishing." (READ)
  614. Transportation Secretary Mineta resigning (Rats still abandoning ship)
  615. North Carolina school district bans dictionary of slang (Pseudoxtian Nazis on Parade)
  616. Miami men accused of discussing attacks ("discussing"?!!! Get a brain!)
  617. Attorney general: Alleged plotters viewed 'their home country as the enemy' (LMAO! The US genocidal corpagov is the enemy of its citizens, and all life on this planet)
  618. Provider of financial records to US had assurances (Speaking of the world's leading terrorist)
  619. Bank Records Secretly Tapped (No end to this slavering criminal misadministration)
  620. Secret U.S. Program Tracks Bank Transfers (Never has a government so deserved its impending annihilation)
  621. Media Refuses White House Request to Hold Surveillance Story
  622. DoD to Continue Smallpox Vaccinations Despite Soldier Death (Figures)
  623. Peace deal offers Iraq insurgents an amnesty (This is a joke, right?)
  624. Bomb kills 10 in Iraq (Black op US death squads)
  625. State of Emergency Declared in Baghdad (We await the fabricated excuse for the same in US)
  626. Iraq insurgency at 20,000 and 'cannot be miltarily defeated' (More like the truth)
  627. Fiji's economic conscripts: tragic victims of the war in Iraq
  628. Shanghai summit: China and Russia strengthen bloc to counter the US in Asia
  629. US Senate backs indefinite occupation of Iraq (The Utterly Criminal US Congress - It is no longer Mark Twain's joke)
  630. Dave Lindorff: Cut and Run : a Winning Strategy
  631. Will Youmans and Nora Erakat: Understanding the Presbyterian Vote (READ)
  632. US Taps Vast Banking Database in Secret Program (Criminal US Corpagov)
  633. ACLU Seeks Disclosure of Pentagon Files on Haditha
  634. Congressional Report on Abramoff Exposes Ney and Ralph Reed
  635. Cheney Says He Might Testify in Leak Case (and lie, as usual)
  636. Homeowners Far Away Pay Katrina's Damage (Criminal Insurance Cartel)
  637. FBI: Data Brokers Probably Act Illegally (Criminal FBI)
  638. Congress May Bestow Unchecked Spying Powers on President (Cf Nazi Germany)
  639. In Congo, Hunger and Disease Erode Democracy (Deliberate US meddling)
  640. The Changing Face of Resistance (Have we had enough of these drooling ruling reptos?)
  641. Democrats Criticize Claim on Iraqi Arms (Babbling hypocites)
  642. House Bill Would Discourage Church-and-State Suits (Establishment of theocracy - and the new Dark Ages of torture, and genocide, as if it were not already here)
  643. Army Lies to Mother of Slain Guardsman for Two Years (Gummint lies; that is all it does)
  644. Mineta to Quit as Transportation Secretary (Is he about to be indicted?)
  645. Sisters lose second coming cover (An insane world)
  646. 7 held in alleged Sears Tower bomb conspiracy (by criminal morons)
  647. Little Known About N. Korea's Intentions (yet many idiocies spoken and written)
  648. Swift Defense - Forbes.com (Idiocy and lies are compounded daily)
  649. H5N1 virus 'did mutate' in Indonesian family cluster (Horseshit!)
  650. New Al Qaeda Terror Video (Yet *more* concocted garbage?!)
  651. Pre-1991 Iraqi weapons said a threat to US troops (Hello? It's already debunked garbage. Jerks!)
  652. Despite all evidence to the contrary, media conservatives (are sick morons)
  653. Democrats, Republicans clash over `discovery' of Iraqi weapons (Ooooo - oh wow! - like gag me with a chain saw!)
  654. US Probes Money Transfer Data in Anti-Terror Effort (Um how about the trillions misplaced by terrorist Dov Zakheim?)
  655. US monitors global financial transfers (or not)
  656. Oil market stunned as Anadarko buys rivals (Stunned would be good)
  657. Virgin whistleblower triggered BA probe: reports (who knows - but likely)
  658. National panel [of pseudoscientific whores] supports '98 global warming evidence
  659. Congress told climate on hot streak (Criminal Congress believes what it told to believe)
  660. Prestigious scientific panel backs global-warming data (Right, sure, uh-huh, and on what real basis?)
  661. Ancient bling pushes back frontier of intelligence 25,000 years (Unsurprising to other that a daft dolt)
  662. No spread of H5N1 among humans (yes)
  663. Bird flu mutation 'does not increase risk' (Of course not - and it's all a horseshit hoax)
  664. Cellphones can attract lightning strike (Can? What the hell does that mean? I hate cell phones anyhow)
  665. Cellphones and lightning don't mix (Nor do humans and gummints, all of which are lying thieves)
  666. Second "Mad Cow" Human Case Detected in Netherlands (Let's see - what else can you be terrified by today?)
  667. Dutch report second "mad cow" human case (or not)
  668. Pentagon chief secure US can hit N. Korean missile (Would you like to buy this in Brooklyn?)
  669. US general "very confident" on missile defense (Assholes playing Generas)
  670. Al-Qaeda second-in-command calls Zarqawi 'prince of martyrs' (A CIA announcement, no doubt)
  671. Japan Calls US Beef Sanctions 'Nonsense' (US is utter nonsense)
  672. Peace Has No Borders
  673. Wife Of Slain 'NY Times' Reporter David Rosenbaum Dies
  674. Tony Snow to Helen Thomas: Stop 'Pestering the Teacher' (The SnowStorm is teacher to Helen Thomas?! The arrogant shit)
  675. GOP Candidate's Call for Labor Camp Rebuked (Typical US berzerker)
  676. ABC: U.S. Forces Knew Where Top al-Qaida Targets Were Hiding (Sure: in CIA, MI6 & Mossad offices)
  677. Military says ABC report based on old info (Newer offices)
  678. Seven in 'terrorist cell' charged (Lies and fabrications get bigger by the day)
  679. Bird jabs hinder flu detection in humans (So does its nonexistence)
  680. Crowds in East Timor back their president
  681. GOP Blindly Following Bush, Sen. Clinton Says (who is as big a liar as any of them)
  682. US [pseudo]scientists back manmade warming claim
  683. US forces arrest senior al-Qaida leader in Iraq (Just another Mossad agent)
  684. Gap Between West and Muslim Worlds Further Widens: A Disturbing Revelation by Global Opinion Survey(Well - I guess the manipulative garbage has been successful)
  685. Punish Japan if won't buy US beef: Senate panel (of devolved ferrets, in desperate need of public spanking)
  686. Whats Next for the Palestinians - Starvation? (Yes, in fact)
  687. Democrats need a new script (Democrats and media are Repug poodles)
  688. Who is Melvin Lattimore? (OKC bombing)
  689. Bandanna banned in Springfield mall (Wacko nation)
  690. The Blog | Peter Laufer: Why Isn't the Media Talking About the Growing Resistance Within the Military to Bush Policy in Iraq?(Who owns the media?)
  691. The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper
  692. Israeli Troops Launch Incursion in Gaza (i.e., continuous Israeli bombing will stop?)
  693. New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated at $50 to $300 Trillion (Leo Wanta)
  694. Former Ambassador Says Vince Foster Was Murdered
  695. "leo wanta" - Google Search
  696. Indictment reveals little hard evidence of terrorist plot (because there is none)
  697. Clampdown raises fears over first glimmers of Egyptian democracy
  698. Democracy in chains - Greg Palast (READ)
  699. Japan ready to join US in imposing sanctions on Iran over nuclear dispute (A foolish thing to do)
  700. Controlling the News June 22, 2006 (READ)
  701. Pro-Israel Donors Rally For Joe, as Left Takes Aim
  702. Voice of the White House June 23, 2006
  703. Evangelical apocalyptic schlockfest 'snoops' on gamers
  704. Film shoot nixed by SWAT team (Sick nation)
  705. Costa Rica wants Iraq reference removed (Bizarre)
  706. The Keystone Cops meet the Gang that Couldnt Shoot Straight
  707. Legacy of Treason Depleted Uranium and the Poisoning of Humanity (READ)
  708. U.S. Senate adopts bill to isolate Hamas government (which unlike US government is democratically elected)
  709. Iraqi PM Calls for Withdrawal Timetable
  710. E-Mails Detail Abramoff Requests, Contacts
  711. Financial Search Raises Privacy Fears (Endless secret dictatorship)
  712. Provider of financial records to US had assurances
  713. Cheney says banking data essential to U.S. war against terrorism (Anything C. says is a lie)
  714. CIA has tracked bank transactions in terror hunt
  715. Bank Records Secretly Tapped
  716. Secret U.S. Program Tracks Bank Transfers
  717. Court bars info request on NSA wiretapping (Corrupt courts)
  718. Miami men accused of discussing attacks (Discussion is now a crime)
  719. 'Homegrown Terrorists' Wanted to Surpass 9/11, Feds Say (Speaking of liars)
  720. Attorney general: Alleged plotters viewed 'their home country as the enemy' (Lying asshole)
  721. IT expert: I worked with 7/7 bombers and warned police (Unending fabrication)
  722. 7/7 ringleader was under CIA surveillance (To build the setup)
  723. Stealth fighter project 'flawed' (AU) (Another country needing a regime change)
  724. Harper set to announce $15B in military spending (CA - more needed regime change)
  725. Many U.S. Iraq vets homeless (Speaking of regime changes)
  726. Bush says U.S. comparison to Iran, N. Korea is 'absurd' (Bush is absurd)
  727. US raid in Iraq sparks outrage (How many outrages can be endured?)
  728. Maliki's Master Plan (Sounds pretty good for US being expelled from Iraq)
  729. Germany knew about rendition of one of its citizens, inquiry told (Another regime change needed)
  730. German Citizen's Abduction by CIA Is Credible, Prosecutor Says
  731. Terror Suspects Had No Explosives and Few Contacts (and nothing else either)
  732. GOP Candidate For Governor Calls for Forced Labor Camps
  733. Britain: Threat of national postal strike (regime change needed again)
  734. Global markets stabilise but risks increase (Stability is temporary illusion)
  735. The killing of US soldiers in Yusufiya: who's responsible?
  736. New exposure of US government spying Bush administration compiling massive database of bank records
  737. Miami "terror" arrests--a government provocation (Of course)
  738. Karzai: War Not Getting at Terrorism Cause (US gummint and poodles is the cause)
  739. Cheney Assails Press on Report on Bank Data (Criminals *hate* being exposed)
  740. White House, Republicans Plan to Wipe Out All Federal Protections (i.e. to create totalitarian dictatorship)
  741. Bizarre cult of Sears Tower plotter (How much more can Feds invent?)
  742. Why The Democrats Have A Losing Strategy (They are Repug Poodles)
  743. American and European leftists: A symbiotic relationship? (Bizarre Repug Horseshit)
  744. Japan girds for N. Korean brinkmanship (or not)
  745. Germany to Iran: stop enrichment and we can talk (They did that and got bullshit)
  746. E. Timor Protesters Demand PM Removal
  747. Gonzales: Alleged Terror Plot Dramatizes Kind of Threats United States Faces Today("Alleged" is the right word, "fabricated" is better)
  748. Schwarzenegger rejects White House request for more troops (Hmmmm)
  749. World's banks let US plumb books (Does this tell you who's controlling what and whom? Think carefully)
  750. Hubble's Main Camera Shuts Down (A major scientific loss)
  751. Hubble Telescope's Main Camera Not Working
  752. Russian freighter heads for space station
  753. Soyuz with Progress M-57 freighter launched from Baikonur ...
  754. Space rubbish dropped into Pacific
  755. Human Bird Flu Transmission Is Proven in Indonesia (Complete unscientific bullshit)
  756. WHO Confirms Human Transmission In Indonesian Bird Flu Cluster (WHO are liars)
  757. H5N1 mutation showed human transmission in Indonesia (Worse bullshit)
  758. Israeli troops arrest two in Gaza raid (continuing its state terrorist and genocide)
  759. Suspected al-Qaida Aide Leads Somali Group (Oh right - sure - it's Big Al-CIAda again, or the fictional Big Al)
  760. H5N1 virus 'did mutate' in Indonesian family cluster (Is it time to spread the reconcocted 1918 flu?)
  761. Human 'Mad Cow' Could Cause Eventual Epidemic (If not one state terror, then it's another)
  762. Army wives get phone death threats from Iraq (A new CIA black ip to be sure)
  763. Warnings on WMD 'Fabricator' Were Ignored, Ex-CIA Aide Says
  764. Israeli hawks call for troops to storm Gaza (and finish the long waged genocide)
  765. DC Wants HIV Testing for All Residents 14 to 84 (Using a not very accurate test - more state terror)
  766. Coalition, Afghan Troops Kill More Than 80 Insurgents in ...
  767. Iranian FM: No nuclear deadline
  768. Computer expert tried to warn British police (Stories get crazier each day)
  769. Granny Brigade Bringing Anti-War Message To D.C. (Yea!)
  770. US in no mood to compromise ahead of key WTO talks
  771. Rumsfeld due to visit Israel on regional tour (He should stay there)
  772. Avoiding The &#-11;&#-11;F&#-11;&#-11; Word (Yes, but all obvious 5 years ago)
  773. Bush's domestic spying: How America is rapidly becoming a police state
  774. Cut and Run?
  775. Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace (also opinion of the rest of the world)
  776. Security&Terrorism: BMD Focus: Can US Shoot Down Taepodong 2? (Not likely)
  777. Nonprofit Groups Funneled Money For Abramoff
  778. The NSA's version of the Fourth Amendment
  779. The precision-made mine that has 'killed 17 British troops'
  780. Democrats dare to dream of recapturing the Bush heartland (Who wants Repug poodles?)
  781. Open Letter From Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada, Resister of Illegal War
  782. JURIST - Paper Chase: Bill would drop military aid ban against countries not signing ICC immunity deals
  783. Senate panel calls Abramoff connections with Delay aide 'astonishing' (The evil circus clowns)
  784. British 'helpless' as violence rises in southern Iraq (Actions have consequences)
  785. Money-tracking leak angers Cheney (Liar, thief, genocidalist - also sneak)
  786. Israel uses World Cup as cover for murder - Uri Avnery
  787. Iran to host Holocaust conference later this year AFP
  788. Congressman: charge newspapers over reports on terrorist-tracing program(An evil clown)
  789. It's Time to Do Away With Political Parties in America (These twocriminal parties to be sure)
  790. Todays Anti-Republicans; Tomorrows Heroes? (A, e.g., here)
  791. Zarqawi's death marks bloody downturn for US in Iraq (Not a good US fabrication)
  792. 9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference
  793. Wandering Jew - Propaganda for the Insipid
  794. Flagwavers - a fable
  795. Iraq PM Offers Olive Branch to Insurgents
  796. Key insurgents vow to reject Iraq peace plan
  797. War's Iraqi Death Toll Tops 50,000 (Try multplying by 4 - then add thosemaimed and whose lives are ruined)
  798. U.S. Grants 1st License for Major Nuclear Plant in 30 Years (Pentagon running out of DU?)
  799. White House, GOP Leaders Plan All-Out Assault on Federal Protections
  800. Once Symbolic, Flag Amendment Close to Passage (Sicker, sicker and sicker)
  801. Homeland Security panel boss urges criminal charges against newspapers
  802. Economists forecast further US rate rises (Obvious: what else could possibly be done?)
  803. New fear: A Fed gone too far (The Fed is private bank)
  804. Utah Tribe Divided Over Nuclear Waste
  805. Is Slip, Sliding Away (A piece of hyperbolic horseshit)
  806. Dean: Troops in Iraq Should Come Home (We know! Now, rawl back under your rock)
  807. Hamas kills two soldiers in tunnel attack (Bravo!)
  808. Israel vows to free Gaza soldier (Fuck Israel)
  809. Egyptian FM warns against military escalation in Gaza (Are things getting more interesting?)
  810. Shias cut back olive branch for insurgents (Believable?)
  811. Billionaire gives $US37b to charity (Warren Buffet; I don't know what to make of this, yet)
  812. Cadbury hid salmonella for months
  813. Really Bad Ideas on Korea - New York Times
  814. Japan: 'All Options' Open With N. Korea
  815. Group Claims Russian Hostages Slain (Al-CIAda-MI6a-Mossada at their continuing play)
  816. Feingold says most senators are out of touch with the public (No, asshole! They are BOUGHT Repug poodles)
  817. UC Santa Cruz chancellor dies in suicide plunge
  818. Swarm of controversies plagued UCSC chancellor before apparent suicide
  819. Controversies plagued late UCSC chancellor
  820. Don't count on immigration overhaul
  821. The war and the election (Not to mention the war ON the election)
  822. Coming soon - mind-reading computers (Bullshit government science)
  823. Bird Flu Transmits Between Humans (Just keep repeating the lie)
  824. Abbott signs $10m Indonesian bird flu help package (This why the lie)
  825. Italians Vote on Constitutional Reform (Voting yes, against their own best interests?)
  826. Early tally suggests yes vote in Mauritania poll (good show)
  827. Mauritanian vote aims to end cycle of coup attempts
  828. High turnout in Mauritania poll
  829. Hamas militants attack Israeli military outpost (or it's anothe Israeli black op)
  830. Conservative Vows to Win Mexico Presidency (Has he hired Diebold yet?)
  831. Mittal clinches Arcelor deal (Ooops)
  832. Arcelor accepts takeover bid from Mittal Steel
  833. HEALTH: WHO says bird flu virus mutated (WHO is mutated)
  834. Surprise! Troop cut just in time for election (But in reality, it won't be done)
  835. Troop Withdrawals (Wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn?)
  836. "Activating" Untested Anti-Missile System Simply Rhetorical Posturing
  837. GM to shed quarter of workforce this year
  838. Iraqs Holocaust (READ)
  839. Fox News Cuts off Cheney Appearance After Tough Question
  840. US military sees oil nationalism spectre (i.e., bad countries want what is theirs)
  841. The Empire at Bay - by Justin Raimondo
  842. Afghan Leader Losing Support (Sic transit oily president from UNOCAL?)
  843. Sen. calls for direct talks with N. Korea
  844. Israel Preparing for Gaza Invasion (Yet again)
  845. FBIs role in 9/11 investigation needs investigation
  846. Specter says Bush may embrace changing eavesdropping law (Sick Nation)
  847. Watergate Echoes in NSA Courtroom
  848. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition (As in nonexistent phone callsfrom hujacked planes)
  849. Sheriff's Deputy Mistakes Pistol for Taser (Do you believe it?)
  850. Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles on the Devil (He is, of course, a Repug)
  851. Saddam believes U.S. may reinstate him as president (That would almost be funny - what drugs are they giving him?)
  852. Nice video shows policing of the future (from Israeli spy group)
  853. DEA report on Israeli spies
  854. How Doctors Got Into the Torture Business
  855. Congresscritter who seeks to prosecute NYT may be next in line
  856. The State of Manufacture (READ)
  858. VIDEO: Snow Lashes Out at Media, Suggests NYT Has Undermined Americans Right to Live (Think a cup of hemlock would soothe him?)
  859. Prisoner's dilemma in Tehran
  860. US Supreme Court issues anti-immigrant ruling
  861. Pentagon report on China highlights danger of nuclear war
  862. Israeli "Retaliation" and Double Standards
  863. Big Pharma's Big Graveyard: Drug Profits, Fraud and Death
  864. CounterPunch v. CounterPunch: Taking Impeachment on the Road
  865. American Rituals: Massacres, Baseball and Apple Pies
  866. CIA Agent's Warnings About "Curveball" Ignored
  867. Troops to Stay in West Iraq, General Says (or not)
  868. Jamail and Fadhil | Rebuilding Not Yet Reality for Fallujah (Don't expect it)
  869. Democrats Cite Report on Troop Cuts in Iraq (But this is normal)
  870. Senate Committee Acts to Restore Protection for Whistle-Blowers (We'll see)
  871. Nightmares (of the French kind)
  872. Failure to Deliver on G8 Pledges Has Left Millions to Die
  873. Three Years On, Lone "Enemy Combatant" Lingers on US Soil
  874. Defense Tech: Clowns Sabotage Nuke Missile
  875. Mini-robot key to getting rid of cockroaches (How about governments?)
  876. British army demotes goat for insubordination (Simply amazing)
  877. Israel's deadly siege of Palestinians (Continuing genocide)
  878. Palestinian FM, brother of Hamas military chief, meets with Egyptian envoy
  879. Olmert talks tough on kidnapping of Israeli soldier
  880. Suicide attack kills Sri Lankan general
  881. Pearl Islands trouble in paradise
  882. White House considers draft plan for troop cuts in Iraq (or not)
  883. Justices reject strict campaign finance limits
  884. Supreme Court strikes Vermont campaign finance law
  885. New justice breaks tie to uphold Kansas death penalty law
  886. Arcelor, Mittal Steel Celebrate 'Marriage'
  887. Bush Urges N. Korea to Stop `Provocative' Launch Plan (Are we bored yet?)
  888. Bush says US doesn't know N. Korea missile intent (What does he know?)
  889. Japan: N. Korean missile test could bring sanctions (Go to your room!)
  890. Italians reject Berlusconi's constitutional reforms (Good!)
  891. The Voice of the White House June 25, 2006 (READ)
  892. Terror Alert: Severe Risk of Hype (Worm media turns even more on the dictatorship)
  893. Dallas council mystified by FBI
  894. List of Events for the June 27th "National Day of Action"
  895. Shuttle engineer says he's off team (Absolutely insane)
  896. Seven Dipshits In A Warehouse
  897. Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5 (weknewthat)
  898. FTW OFFICES BURGLARIZED - 7 computers smashed with sledge hammers (Guesswho?)
  899. Republicans and Democrats Guilty of Politicizing the Iraq War (DLC are Repug poodles)
  900. Three Days in Rome&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; (Michael Ledeen)
  901. 'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid
  902. Blackwells changes to voter registration upheld (Criminal government)
  903. The University of Colorado will fire Ward Churchill. (Criminal University)
  904. Oil Rises Above $72 on U.S. Gasoline Demand, Tanker Disruption
  905. Many U.S. Iraq War vets return to homelessness (Still. What economy?)
  906. Russia rejects ultimatums that undermine UN authority - Putin
  907. Analysis finds e-voting machines vulnerable (still, yet and more)
  908. "Pills" Limbaugh caught with Viagra (Rush is our national joke)
  909. Afghanistan crisis paves way for return of the Taliban (with ineluctability)
  910. Israel won't let Abbas out of Gaza Strip (Will any nation protest?)
  911. Shuttle Is Set for Liftoff Saturday, With All Eyes on the Fuel Tank (A manufactured diversion from what?)
  912. Demand for homes slumps in Northeast (They can't be afforded)
  913. Americans Target of Massive Domestic Spying Network (Criminal government)
  914. Fed-Up Germany Kills Its Only Wild Bear ([sigh])
  915. Earth's Climate Warming Abruptly, Scientist Says (having no idea what she's talking about)
  916. GM: 35,000 hourly workers participating in attrition program
  917. Ex-Enron executive gets probation (surprising or expected for the mastermind of unintelligeable financial derivatives?)
  918. 'Relief' for aristocracy (READ)
  919. Buffett calls for retention of estate tax (Interesting)
  920. Surgeon general: No safe level of secondhand smoke (A liar in need of a full lobotomy)
  921. Top Democrat [Waxman] Finds [correctly] F.D.A.'s Efforts Have Plunged (into the abyss of "government science")
  922. Schwarzenegger Wants More Prisons Built (Nazi government)
  923. Feds: Bird Flu Border Closures Unlikely (The idea isn't even wrong)
  924. Cameron's plan to overturn rights laws labelled 'complete nonsense'
  925. Two men charged under Terrorism Act (Will even the slightest evidence (not planted) exist?)
  926. Scrawled Bush threat in cargo ship disrupts SoCal's Port Hueneme (Everybody should be writing such graffiti all over everthing; the CIA already is)
  927. Bush, Cheney condemn terror financing reports (But, Bush and Cheney are financing terror all over the world)
  928. Bush Calls Leak of Bank Surveillance a Disgrace (Bush is the disgrace of all humans)
  929. Lawmaker Seeks Answers to Fort Sam Budget Woes
  930. U.S. to Deploy Patriot Missiles In Japan (making the world much safer ata killing cost)
  931. Israel masses forces for threatened Gaza offensive (The taste of blood has always been in its maw)
  932. Two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan (Only two?! Wait.)
  933. Official Needs Only Three Words To Explain Manipulation of Intel: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;The Vice Presiden(as if this were a revelation)
  934. Soldiers, Marine Killed in Iraq (Who sent them on a fool's errand?)
  935. Twin bomb attacks kill 40 people in Iraq (US deathsquads having fun)
  936. Iraq violence displaces 150,000: UN (umderestimate - now figure those exterminated, maimed for life and DU'd: genocide)
  937. Army's Iraq, Afghanistan equipment costs triple (Genocide of US was always "on the table")
  938. EU agents 'colluded with CIA' (as if this were a suprise. and Mossad?)
  939. CIA secret flights: EU official admits terror suspects handed to U.S. agents
  940. EU urges all nations to sign global anti-torture convention (bereft of all sanity, and not having talked to Cheneybushrummy)
  941. Governor Bush's veto halts access to documents (The criminal dynasty)
  942. Congress Questions Bush's Use of Signing Statements (NOW they question?!)
  943. Congress: Bush claims he can ignore laws he signs (and get used to it, dummies!)
  944. Scientists OK Gore's movie for accuracy (How much were they paid for this?)
  945. Bush's Communications Director Leaves (leaving him incommunicado? There goes another rat!)
  946. Prosecutors Drop Request For Library Records (a minor victory over insufferable gummint)
  947. Miami plot suspects entrapped: lawyers (It's a all a gummint fabrication - and the fabrications are getting fucking boring!)
  948. Belgium to probe US monitoring of international money transfers (Belgium gummint is just as evil as any other)
  949. US court prepares ruling on Guantanamo tribunals (Insufferable USSC)
  950. U.S. is monitoring commercial presence of Iran in Venezuela (The height of evil monitors all else)
  951. Socceroo match blast kills 22 in Iraqi village (US deathsquads)
  952. AP: Media Had Wide Access in Vietnam War (forgetabout it!)
  953. Former Bush spokesman offers pro-war 'embedded correspondents' to press (Not propaganda, but constructed treasonous lies)
  954. U.S. Senate fails to pass flag desecration amendment (Gracias a Dios)
  955. The philanthropy of Warren Buffett (READ - except for the glossing over of Gates' racketeering)
  956. Hitchens Hails the "Glorious War" (Wouldn't this psychopath just)
  957. Uri Avnery: the World Cup and Middle East Peace
  958. Doug Giebel: Showdown in Montana (There is no "war", and the enemy is us)
  959. Roadmap to Starvation
  960. Bombs Kill At Least 40 in Two Iraqi Cities (US deathsquads)
  961. He Inks, Vexing Congress (Criminal laws, congress, government)
  962. US to Deploy Interceptor Missiles in Japan (Yeah - right: now, the most incompetent nation on earth)
  963. Judge to Tom DeLay: "Run Like a Rabbit" (Legalisms have long replaced the laws that replaced justice)
  964. Department of Defense Admits to Wider Surveillance (Wait until next week!)
  965. Hundreds Join Sheehan, Gregory, Sarandon, Penn, in Hunger Strike
  966. Military Fails Some Widows Over Benefits (Thieving, lying government)
  967. Israeli Planes Attack Bridge in Gaza (It's an everlasting bloodlust)
  968. Senators Accuse Bush of Ignoring Constitution (Morons are just figuring this out?!)
  969. Hu Jintao and the new China (READ)
  970. Cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to top $500 billion in 2007
  971. Dick Cheneys Song of America (Nonsense, otherwise the US would not be being systematically annihilated)
  972. Israeli troops move into Gaza to retrieve kidnapped soldier (Continuing genocide)
  973. War is War, and Captured Soldiers are Captured Soldiers (Israel's calculated genocide of Palestinians)
  974. Hamas & Fatah strike deal: Implicit recognition of Israel (VERY bad move)
  975. Israeli troops move into Gaza after air strikes (What happens when you recognize Israel)
  976. Senate rejects flag-burning ban by one vote (Too close for comfort as a gift from our treasonous congress)
  977. Cell Phones Affect Brain Cells (Does this explain the insanity and idiocy?!)
  978. Back to the future as rocket takes over from the shuttl (Gummint science gives gummint engineering)
  979. Secondhand smoke classified as lethal (On no scientifical sense or basis whatsoever)
  980. Iran Won't Give Up Right to Use Atomic Technology, Leader Says (and why should they?)
  981. Talks with US would not benefit Iran: leader (Sure as hell true. Talks with psychopathic lying morons is rarely of value)
  982. Bush Slams Leak of Terror Finance Story (Pee up an oily rope, W)
  983. Space station needs attic for its ever-growing clutter (Government science, engineering, bookkeeping & intelligence in one package)
  984. Hazard of secondhand smoke 'clear,' surgeon general says (Surgeons general are always lying idiots)
  985. Coffee may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes (or not)
  986. Six Cups of Decaf a Day May Fend Off Diabetes (or kill you)
  987. Ties with Pakistan enduring, says Rice (Imagine spending 5 seconds in her smarmy presence)
  988. Democrats accuse Bush of power grab (Noooo??!! Really? Bought simpletons)
  989. Israeli forces enter Gaza, planes strike targets (killing lots of people- but who will care or complain?)
  990. New details on Abramoff connections (Criminals all together)
  991. Discovery Could Rock Archaeology (Old "stone anchors")
  992. Creativity older than thought (100,000 years ago - not quite as far backas thought by me)
  993. Minister creating a hostile environment (Everywhere, corpagov)
  994. Ahmadinejad Condemns West for Supporting Saddam's Chemical Attacks on Iran
  995. The Cabal, Outed - by Justin Raimondo
  996. aangirfan: MOSSAD IN INDONESIA
  997. Israeli Troops and Armor Surge Into Gaza (Genocide maeching on)
  998. Blink 182 Star Latest Celebrity To Question 9/11
  999. With massive buyouts, GM takes step toward recovery
  1000. President Bush pledges to try to phase out Social Security agai
  1001. The War over Israels Influence
  1002. Specter's NSA Bill Eradicates Fundamental Liberties
  1003. More children in U.S. living in poverty
  1004. Oppose Israeli nukes too, Moussa tells US
  1005. Next We Take Tehran (READ)
  1007. Bringing It All Back Home: The Bush War on Liberty Intensifies
  1008. The US proxies who haunt Washington (READ)
  1009. Russia calls for U.N. meet over killing of diplomats
  1010. World Jewish Congress meets in Berlin on Iran
  1011. Rice visits Afghanistan in support of Karzai (Oh joy)
  1012. Group files for injunction to halt evoting in Colorado, California
  1013. Complaint filed in 32 countries against U.S. bank data mining
  1014. US military admits killing "non-combatant" in Iraq
  1015. Pentagon Resists Ban on "Degrading Treatment"
  1016. US court prepares ruling on Guantanamo tribunals
  1017. Top court allows statements despite treaty violation (Criminal USSC)
  1018. Judge quashes terror control orders (UK)
  1019. CIA monitors personal bank data of Irish citizens
  1020. Belgium to probe US monitoring of international money transfers
  1021. Belgium Orders Probe of Swift Anti-Terrorism Case
  1022. Damage Study Urged on Surveillance Reports (Outrageous)
  1023. GOP drafting resolution condemning media's terror finance reports (Maybe they will all die?)
  1024. GOP bill targets NY Times
  1025. CIA money trail probe under fire
  1026. Australian government outlines pro-market agenda for its Pacific sphere of influence
  1027. The Miami indictments: Manufacturing "terror" as a means of intimidation
  1028. Bush, Cheney threaten New York Times over exposure of surveillance programs
  1029. Israel launches military onslaught on Gaza (Genocide still on schedule)
  1030. Jun. 25, 2006 - Some Thoughts on Golds Steep Correction
  1031. Zoltan Grossman: Military Resistance, a Brief History
  1032. Mike Ferner: Taken for a Ride on the Interstate Highway System
  1033. Redacting the Constitution: Why Signing Statements Matter
  1034. Ramzy Baroud: Re-Interpreting Iraq
  1035. Ayatollah Rejects Deal With US on Nuclear Ambitions
  1036. Photo Shows Ney in Meeting With Tribe
  1037. Palestinians flee as Israeli troops enter Gaza Strip
  1038. Israel warns of 'extreme' action (What's extreme beyond genocide?)
  1039. Laredo is epicenter of redistricting fight
  1040. Senate confirms Paulson as Treasury secretary (from Goldman Sachs)
  1041. Israeli warplanes buzz palace of Syrian President Bashar Assad
  1042. Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Christian tourists in Jerusalem
  1043. Syria chases Israeli jets out of airspace
  1044. Bush Losing Core Supporters (Idiots, Thieves, Cretins, Murderers, Imbeciles, ...)
  1045. Jewish groups hope they can keep homeland security money flowing (to them)
  1046. Israel bombs Islamic University in Gaza: witnesses
  1047. Israeli missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age in 'collective punishment'
  1048. Syrian Air Defenses Fire on [Invading] Israeli Jets
  1049. Marine in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' killed
  1050. Iraqi armed groups set terms for truce
  1051. Bringing It All Back Home: The Bush War on Liberty Intensifies - Chris Floyd
  1052. CIA money trail probe under fire (It's about time)
  1053. 'Loose lips' kill Americans, says top Republican Idiot
  1054. Israeli military launches assault on Gaza
  1055. Israeli forces barge into Gaza, buzz Assad's palace
  1056. Bush administration supports Israel (Go for it! Strangle yourself to death)
  1057. Justices Back Most GOP Changes to Texas Districts (Criminal USSC)
  1058. Surgeon General Warns of Secondhand Smoke (A silent idiot can appear a sage - no such luck)
  1059. Hamas leaders arrested; Israeli executed
  1060. Hamas govt minister arrested by Israeli troops in W.Bank (What?!)
  1061. Israel Arrests Deputy Palestinian PM
  1062. Israel arrests Palestine minister
  1063. IDF: No proof missing settler was kidnapped by Palestinians (It will be fabricated)
  1064. Israel seizes Palestinian deputy PM, 2 cabinet ministers, 4 legislators (Seize Israel and destroy it utterly, once and forever)
  1065. A capitulation of national sovereignty (READ)
  1066. Indo-US nuke deal gets a go ahead
  1067. Israel steps up Gaza offensive
  1068. Effort to Secure Texas Led to Fall Of Tom DeLay
  1069. Secondhand smoke dangerous at any level, warns Surgeon General (Imbeciles have big mouths)
  1070. Rice Joining International Iran Talks (Lock her out, or board up the asshole she talks through)
  1071. Afghanistan Has Progressed But Remains Challenged, Says Rice (Pigbitch from hell)
  1072. The Flag Supporters
  1073. Senate Panel Rejects Rule on Access Fee
  1074. Panel rejects net neutrality (Criminal congress)
  1075. Senate panel on side of telecoms
  1076. Japan's leader, Bush going to Graceland (Weird)
  1077. Shock and Awe in Gaza: Israel Poised to Execute Plan to Finish Palestine
  1078. Empire Burlesque: Dark Passage: PNAC's Blueprint for Empire
  1079. Surge in West Nile virus prompts aerial spraying (surge: from 1 case to 4 cases)
  1080. As DOT fetes 50-year milestone, interstates face funding shortfall (and the cheaper railroad system has been mostly destroyed)
  1081. Defense Highways (going to toll roads operated by Australian-Spanish consortium)
  1082. Highways tie America together (One neck, one leash)
  1083. Israel's attack against Gaza pre-planned
  1084. Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead
  1085. Hamas leaders arrested; Israeli executed
  1086. A Single Person Could Swing an Election (READ)
  1087. US backs sustained UN presence in East Timor (Imperialists back their imperial poodle)
  1088. Baghdad Burning (On the fictious Zaqarwi)
  1089. Supreme Court Blocks Trials at Guantanamo (Turning)
  1090. U.S. losing war on terror, experts say (Possibly because it's a fabrication?)
  1091. Bacteria in sand baffle scientists (Credibility?)
  1092. Israeli occupation forces launch brutal assault on Palestinians in Gaza (Continuing the planned genocide)
  1093. House of shame (Zarqawi is/was a fiction)
  1094. TomPaine.com - Macho, Macho Man (Not even wrong, or worth reading)
  1095. Guantanmo interrogators trained by torture school instructors
  1096. Nations Want Answer From Iran Next Week (They can pee up an oily rope)
  1097. Official Charged in Abramoff Scandal
  1098. Russia chastises U.S. over energy (Diplomatic language for "fuck you")
  1099. CIA Sabotage Manual (It's what CIA does when not selling drugs)
  1100. U.S. drops insistence on UN budget cap for 2006 (What changed their rabid minds?)
  1101. Top Court Rules States Free to Redistrict (A stinkaroo)
  1102. The High Price Of American Gullibility (READ)
  1103. BP accused of price manipulation (Oilgov has been doing this for decades)
  1104. The weapon of last resort (READ)
  1105. Missile dysfunction (READ)
  1106. Israelis arrest dozens of Hamas officials (considering them to be on Israeli soil)
  1107. Awkward Moments Abound in Penis Pump Trial (Hey! It kept him awake)
  1108. An Interview with Steven Miles: The torture-endangered Society (READ)
  1109. Fool me once, fool me twice (READ)
  1111. IRS closed for a month for flood repairs (Flood it again!)
  1112. All-Seeing Blimp on the Rise (There will be an end to this insanity)
  1113. FDA has declared that all drug companies are now immune to lawsuits( It does not have such legal authority, and needs a severe slap in the face)
  1114. The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA (READ)
  1115. No agency left intact - NASA's demise under Bush (READ)
  1116. Man charged after videotaping police (Nazi 'murika)
  1117. Our Lost America - A Collection Of Quotes
  1118. Was There Really An Attack On Israeli Soldiers?
  1119. Bush, reporters spar over comments on Supreme Court ruling on Gitmo trials (*This* is ruler of the world)
  1120. Guard to Miss Border Mission Deadline
  1121. Guantanamo Bay suicide prisoners 'showed no sign of being depressed'
  1122. Guantanamo detainee 'in great pain'
  1123. Guantanamo Bay doctors "becoming involved in torture practices"
  1124. U.S. Supreme Court Bars Tribunals, Cuts Bush's Wartime Powers
  1125. Supreme Court says Bush went too far at Guantanamo
  1126. Supreme Court Rejects Guantanamo Tribunals
  1127. U.S. stocks rally on Fed statement, Dow gain best since '03 (All insanity)
  1128. Palestinians: Electric Transformers Hit
  1129. Romania May Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq
  1130. 20 killed in Iraq bombings, shootings
  1131. UN rights forum adopts ban on "disappearances" (and that means US and Israel)
  1132. Military tribunal for Hicks is illegal
  1133. Top U.S. court: Bush overstepped authority with Guantanamo war crimes trials
  1134. US ruling won't affect Guantanamo camp-commander (We'll do as we please, anyhow)
  1135. Pentagon reaffirms need for Guantanamo prison (Domestic terrorist government)
  1136. Bush Vows to Pursue Detainee Military Tribunals (Doing as he is told, anyhow)
  1137. House votes to end 25-year offshore drilling ban (So much for coastal waters)
  1138. House condemns intelligence leaks (Screw the House)
  1139. House Condemns Media for Reports on Secret Anti-Terror Programs (Criminal Congress)
  1140. Tens of thousands march against Australian IR laws
  1141. US Supreme court issues more anti-democratic rulings
  1142. Pakistan's US-backed dictator to stage bogus presidential election
  1143. Connecticut AFL-CIO endorses war hawk Joseph Lieberman for Democratic primary(Kill the corrupt, criminal unions)
  1144. North Korean "missile crisis"--another example of unbridled US militarism
  1145. The political calculations behind Israel's assault on Gaza
  1146. Killing a Nation to Rescue a Soldier
  1147. New Rules Force States to Curb Welfare Rolls
  1148. Israeli Forces Enter Gaza, Cut Off Electricity and Water
  1149. One-Third of Palestinian Cabinet Arrested; Israeli Executed
  1150. US Law Trumps World Treaty, High Court Says (The Constitution disagrees)
  1151. Justice Department Approves Georgia Voter ID Rules
  1152. Another Abramoff Associate to Plead Guilty
  1153. Bush to Cut Veterans' Benefits to Pay for Credit Monitoring (Bushcriminal)
  1154. Justice Dept. Testifies Deceptively on "Signing Statements"
  1155. Former Alabama Governor, Ex-CEO Convicted
  1156. Test Tube Meat Nears Dinner Table (Better living through chemistry?)
  1157. Bin Laden Hails Slain Zarqawi As 'Lion' (Cute, since Osama means lion - The dead speaks of the dead)
  1158. BIN LADEN PRAISES ZARQAWI (Get a brain)
  1159. Bush's claim to unfettered power is curbed (or not)
  1160. Dutch coalition collapses in row over Somali-born politician
  1161. US Federal Reserve raises interest rates (No surprise)
  1162. Top engineer quits NASA ahead of shuttle launch
  1163. Israel air strikes in Gaza set ministry ablaze
  1164. Over 1 Million Palestinians Spend Another Night in Terror
  1165. Spreading Cancer Depleted uranium turns Bush's lies into high-tech horror
  1166. Gold futures rose Thursday as crude-oil prices hit a three-weak peak
  1167. The Raw Story | Senators move to reverse effects of Supreme Court decision against Guantanamo commissions(That's impossible)
  1168. A Spat Over Iraq Revealed On Tape
  1169. Bush surprise at Sudan briefing (What else would he be surprised at?)
  1170. Resurgent Russia prepares for convertible rouble (READ)
  1171. Israel Threatens to Hit Damascus (When will enough be enough?)
  1172. With Gitmo trials blocked, what does U.S. do now? (Have a lot of accidents?)
  1173. The Gaza Beach Party Massacre - by Justin Raimondo
  1174. Pentagon Fireworks - by Chip Ward and Tom Engelhardt
  1175. Bin Laden vows to fight on (The zombie is resurrected again)
  1176. Racism, Not Defence, At the Heart Of Israeli Politics (READ)
  1177. Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies (Are we fed up with Israel yet?)
  1178. Is Bush Signing Away the Constitution? (yes, next question)
  1179. Egypt warns Israel not to take peace treaty for granted
  1180. Arctic sea levels dropping steadily (Things are rarely simple)
  1181. Nucleoholic, Hypocritical, and Dangerous
  1183. 10 'Grannies for Peace' arrested in Philly
  1184. Palast - Bush Team Helps Rig Mex Presidential Election Voting
  1186. Insanity Defense: Power, Paranoia and Presidential Tyranny (READ)
  1187. JS Online:Sept. 11 claim stirs UW probe
  1188. Anti-flag-burning amendment to US Constitution fails by a single vote
  1189. Israeli assault on Gaza threatens wider Middle East conflagration
  1190. Supreme Court rules against Bush administration's military commissions
  1191. Banker's bank puzzles over state of world economy (READ)
  1192. Israel's Appalling Act: Starving in the Dark
  1193. Under the Broadcast Flag: Intellectual Property as Intellectual Theft
  1194. Crime in the Valley: Life on the Other Side of Palestine
  1195. Will Mexicans Ignore What Bolivians Learned?
  1196. Supreme Rebuke: Bush Loses Gitmo Case
  1197. Gitmo Ruling Blow to Expanding Presidential Power (or not)
  1198. In Gaza, Seeking Shelter From Israeli Fire
  1199. Report: US-Led Afghan Mission Is Failing (No shit?)
  1200. Humanitarian Crisis Is Looming in Gaza
  1201. The Iraqi Distraction
  1202. Medicaid Rule Called a Threat to Millions
  1203. State Governments Say Bush Welfare Regulations Inflexible and Shortsighted
  1204. Jeb Bush Uses Nonprofit to Pay Campaign Finance Director and Aides
  1205. Hamas leader out of hiding to accuse Israel of hindering deal (Only that?!)
  1206. Defiance in the face of airstrikes (Annihilate Israel)
  1207. Israeli air strikes hit at least 30 targets in Gaza
  1208. Kirk Makes His Move on GM (Kerkorian)
  1209. Wolfowitz says US should cut farm subsidies (So you know there is thievery afoot)
  1210. Risk to shuttle far beyond foam, NASA chief says
  1211. Secondhand smoke debate 'over' (Medical and statistical crock of shit)
  1212. US Surgeon General speaks out about dangers of passive smoking (A lying goddamn criminal moron)
  1213. Antibiotic label to bear bold warning of liver problems (What about all these statin poisons)
  1214. Usama bin Laden Mourns Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in New Video (Speaking of hilarious crocks of shit)
  1215. (Junichiro's the name of) His Latest Flame (The Bushbaby's)
  1216. Attorney sues creator of Web site where women dish dirt on men (Is he a Repug? Wanna bet?)
  1217. US puts $5M bounty on al-Masri (knowing it will never have to be paid)
  1218. HPV Vaccine Advised for Girls (What does it do, make them sterile?)
  1219. Palestinian PM is defiant as Gaza runs out of water (How about starving Israel to death?)
  1220. RIA Novosti - Russia - Wrap: Russia's Ivanov warns of rising nuclear threat, talks up Iran
  1221. US rebuffs Iranian calls for time (Does anyone care?)
  1222. Suffrage and slow motion in Kuwait
  1223. Veterans' Data Appear Secure, FBI Says, After a Stolen Computer Is Recovered(or not)
  1224. Congress confirms giant NSA database
  1225. USA Today: Call database not widespread (NOW, they're lying)
  1226. Dollar slides on tame inflation data (It's value is in negative numbers as is)
  1227. Vaile sees some progress at WTO talks (None would be better)
  1228. GM urged to ally with Renault, Nissan (Centralization marches on)
  1229. Bush, Koizumi bond over Elvis at Graceland tour (Barf!)
  1230. Right-wing pundits in Internet ratings freefall (maybe)
  1231. Reflections on the USS Liberty and Gilad Shalit: Disproportionate Response
  1232. U.N. Body to Review Alleged Israel Abuses
  1233. UN aid chief warns Gaza is on the verge of humanitarian crisis
  1234. Net Neutrality: America's Last Defense against Fascism
  1235. Scholars for 9/11 Truth under Attack
  1236. Switzerland decries Gaza campaign (Will be told to shut up, and they will)
  1237. Shuttle Discovery Reaches Orbit
  1238. Do Canada's Hate Crimes Laws Favor Jews?
  1239. No place for Canada (is Afghanistan)
  1240. Debris falls as shuttle lifts off
  1241. North Korea's long range missile, the one we're all supposed to be afraidof ... (is as terrorizing as peanut butter)
  1242. American commanders' new plan for Ramadi: 'Get rid of it' (Destroy all was the prime plan from beginning)
  1243. In Principio: 2 found with video of Sears Tower (translation: 3 Israeli agents were found ...)
  1244. Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm (Corpagov runamok)
  1245. Launching a rocket at Ashkelon is an invitation to war (by Israel?)
  1246. In Ramadi, Fetid Quarters and Unrelenting Battles
  1247. Fox News begins push for Federal "Office of Censorship"
  1248. ABC Nightline Biased Toward Israel
  1249. Visiting US official evades queries on Mossad-backed terror network
  1250. CIA break-in at top security location
  1251. Iraq considers arming insurgents (Not a bad idea)
  1252. The Raw Story | Vanity Fair to report that Cunningham sought bribes days before pleading guilty
  1253. 'No Blank Check to Bush' Says Supreme Court in Gitmo Ruling
  1254. Corporate Media: Hot Dogs are More Important Than 9/11, Lies Leading to War & Election Fraud! (Sick country)
  1255. 9/11: The Myth and the Reality (READ)
  1256. Widespread illegal experiment on Arabs conducted at Israeli hospital
  1257. FLASHBACK: The Mysterious Death Of An Enron Exec (Cliff Baxter)
  1258. Israelis to step up Gaza ground offensive (Continuing genocide)
  1259. Cheaper US housing overshadows world economy: Soros (Hmmm - he's back)
  1260. AG refuses to ok use of Hamas officials as 'bargaining chips (An outrage objected to by whom?)
  1261. Italian spy director arrested over CIA kidnap (As colluder)
  1262. Is Cheney betting on Economic Collapse? (Sure, because he's helping to create it)
  1263. Palitone Press: An Amazing Coincidence (READ)
  1264. Pioneers of terrorism (READ)
  1265. Russia to stop honoring WTO obligations if not accepted: Putin
  1266. Criminal Charges Filed Against George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in Iceland
  1267. IDF raises alert on Syrian border (A war on every border? Where does that lead?)
  1268. It's Time to End the "Last Taboo" and Hold Israel Accountable for It's Actions
  1269. Missile dysfunction
  1270. Six pieces of debris fell off space shuttle (government engineering)
  1271. Occupation: The Inconvenient Truth About Iraq
  1272. A Warning To Those Who Dare Criticize Israel In The US
  1273. UN Expert: US, EU, Others Ignoring Rts Abuses By Israel
  1274. Man shot at Harbour Castle former drug dealer (READ)
  1275. Rice cites world outrage at N. Korea (She was born delusional)
  1276. Limbaugh will not be charged over Viagra (Wonder what he was doing in Domincan Repulic with Viagra?)
  1277. Israel's path to self-destruction (Innumerable signings of its own death warrant)
  1278. Is the Plunge Protection Team Bailing Out GM? (READ about PPT)
  1279. Rice says Hamas responsible for "root cause" of Israeli-Palestinian tension (and Hamas is a creation of Israel, therefore ...)
  1280. Israel Authorizes Deeper Gaza Invasion (Continuing genocide)
  1281. Le Monde diplomatique: "9/11 - an Inside Job?" (Viz. also, Andreas von Buelow)
  1282. Belgian court condemns two men for online revisionism (Jews signing their own death warrant)
  1283. U.S. Increasing Operations in Gulf of Guinea (Looting of the US)
  1284. White House to Chabad: Bush wont press Israel (You betcha!)
  1285. ABC (The Food Lion network) cranks up more 9-11 propaganda (Dramatizing the greatest conspiracy theory ever invented)
  1286. Even at Advised Doses, Tylenol May Harm Liver (Pharmas have always grown fat selling known toxins)
  1287. Mexico Presidential Election Ballots Found in Dump (How very surprising - not!)
  1288. Oil will soar to well over $100, stay high: Rogers
  1289. Deadly bird flu strain found in Nigeria (I guess chicken prices were too low)
  1290. Stealing It In Front of Your Eyes - Greg Palast
  1291. Lieberman may campaign as independent (Lieberwurst ueber alles?)
  1292. Lieberman stays in race even if loses Dem. primary (Hubris)
  1293. U.S. Navy says al Qaeda poses major threat from sea (Parrots say things too)
  1294. Al-Qaeda 'bid to infiltrate MI5' (LMAO)
  1295. Tinker, tailor, broadcaster, spy - BBC had MI5 watch its staff (Unsurprising)
  1296. MI5 conducts secret inquiry into 8,000 al-Qa'ida 'sympathisers' (Having to explain *something* they do that isn't criminal)
  1297. Blair says Muslim leaders must do more (To aid the Palestinians?!)
  1298. Government contests control order ruling (Terror laws should always be in tatters)
  1299. Reid to toughen secrecy laws (concerning gov sacrificing and eating little babies)
  1300. Judge Temporarily Bars Navy Use of Sonar (They'll just ignore that)
  1301. Britons see US as vulgar empire builder (How do Britons see Britain?)
  1302. Bush plans $5 bln arms sale to Pakistan (for which US will give them the money)
  1303. Israel's aircraft hit Gaza (Yet and again with US ammo)
  1304. Israel Says No Negotiations on Soldier
  1305. UK plans more Afghanistan troops
  1306. Two British soldiers killed as Afghan poppy crop booms (along with al-CIAda covert income)
  1307. At Least 10 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq (US death squads)
  1308. Gunmen kill three women in Iraqi holy city (US death squads)
  1309. US troops detain Iraqis in foreign fighter hunt (US troops attack themselves?!)
  1310. Zarqawi was victim of Al Qaeda plot with Americans: wife (utter fiction)
  1311. Al-Zarqawi's cell phone had phone numbers stored of senior Iraqi officials (LOL - it's deeper and smellier)
  1312. I've changed my mind on nuclear power, admits Blair (What mind?!)
  1313. Generic Drugs Delayed by FDA Due to Industry-Filed "Citizen Petitions"
  1314. Bush, Cheney raising ire in Fairfax
  1315. Underdog Calderon beats odds for Mexican presidency (Sealing elections is all the rage)
  1316. Leftist Mexican presidential candidate to demand vote-by-vote recount
  1317. Police running 70 anti-terrorism investigations to combat 'sinister threats' (Fiction)
  1318. Terrorism threat "clear and active" - Blair (Liar)
  1319. Bush urged to intervene after Castro's death (To be forewarned ....)
  1320. North Korean Media Says U.S. Attack Would Prompt Nuclear War (They should stop while they're ahead)
  1321. U.S. to Give Afghans $2 Billion In Additional Military Equipment
  1322. Switzerland Claims Israel Breaking International Law in Gaza Offensive
  1323. Arab-Muslim bloc seeks UN censure of Israel on Gaza (Lots of luck)
  1324. Israel warns of "long war" over soldier (How long does genocide take?)
  1325. Homelessness a Threat for Iraq Vets (Corpagov supporting the troops)
  1326. US stars align in anti-Iraq war hunger strike
  1327. Deputy electricity minister abducted, 4 killed in Karbala
  1328. Iraqi deputy minister freed after kidnapping
  1329. Iraq timetable would 'dishonour' troops (unmitigated assholery)
  1330. Bush vows to stay course in Iraq (all the better to loot US)
  1331. Iraq demands justice in rape-slaying case (lots of luck)
  1332. Killing and rape spree (This is what the troops do)
  1333. Bush Directed Cheney to Counter War Critic
  1334. CIA disbands Bin laden unit (He's dead)
  1335. US official threatened to rape wife of terror suspect: transcript (Bizarre)
  1336. Growing Acidity of Oceans May Kill Corals (fabricating more terror)
  1337. Documents reveal hidden fears over Britain's nuclear plants (fabricating more terrorism)
  1338. Katrina shocks New Orleans visitors 10 months on | Reuters.com
  1339. Risdon jail conditions likened to Guantanamo Bay. 03/07/2006. ABC News Online
  1340. Thomas says torture threat made him talk (The nature of government, which is why they are always being destroyed)
  1341. 'Jihad' Jack's wife in 'rape threats
  1342. Kremlin requests right to hunt terrorists abroad (Why request? USUKIL take it for granted)
  1343. White House calls missile firing a 'provocation' (LOL)
  1344. North Korean 'fireworks display' irritates US
  1345. Olmert Issues Veiled Threat Against Syria (Morons running the world)
  1346. Israel targets Palestinian Interior Ministry (Continuing genocide)
  1347. Israel Makes Another Airstrike on Palestinian Interior Ministry (Continuing genocide)
  1348. 12 militants killed in firefight in Afghanistan
  1349. Afghan capital rocked by blasts
  1350. Bomb blast near presidential palace in Kabul
  1351. British troops facing air supply crisis in Afghanistan
  1352. Fast in Washington for Iraq pullout (It will just be ignored)
  1353. Bush rallies troops as soldier faces Iraq murder charge (Screwloose)
  1354. RAF doctor who refused Iraq under home detention
  1355. Rumsfeld subpoenaed over Abu Ghraib (Wheel spinning)
  1356. The two faces of Rumsfeld (Both atr liars, bone is thief, while the other is a genocidalist)
  1357. An Outcry Rises as Debt Collectors Play Rough (Sick and governmentally lootd nation)
  1358. Oil prices jump to record above $75
  1359. Enron Founder Ken Lay Dead of Heart Attack (CIA has known how to induce "heart attacks" for many decades)
  1360. Washington Babylon (READ)
  1361. Navy Seeking Ways to Overcome Judge's Ban on Sonar (Preemptive strike?)
  1362. Election Ballots found in trash dump in Veracruz
  1363. Leftist calls for Florida-style recount in Mexico's presidential election
  1364. Mexico leftist has slim early lead in vote recount
  1365. London bombing survivors demand public inquiry (Lots of luck)
  1366. Consultant Breached FBI's Computers (READ)
  1367. Koizumi, Bush to push for N. Korea sanctions-Kyodo (Garbage)
  1368. North Korea fires seventh test missile
  1369. North Korea has 3 or 4 more missiles on launch pads: South Korean media
  1370. North Korea Vows More Missile Launches
  1371. Hamas warns Israel against toppling its government (Um - or what?)
  1372. Israel plans retaliation for rocket strike (Retaliation is Israel's middle name)
  1373. US Afghan raid 'kills 35 Taleban' (i.e., civilians, randomly)
  1374. Local Marine to Return Service Medal to Bush In Protest
  1375. Army charges officer for refusing to fight in Iraq
  1376. Explosion near Shiite mosque kills at least 12 (US death squads)
  1377. New al Qaeda Leader Likely to Boost Mobile Bomb Usage (More fabricated terror)
  1378. Iraq car bomb kills six, US says more to come (That's what US is planning anyhow)
  1379. In Basra, state of emergency provides little relief from violence
  1380. Bodies flood Iraq morgue
  1381. Marines Storm Ramadi Hospital (How absurd before incredible?)
  1382. US, Iraqi troops raid hospital to 'hunt insurgents' (This absurd?)
  1383. Bernard Kerik's guilty plea: Corruption case underscores fraud of "homeland security"
  1384. Another sign of popular disgust Australian film festival audience invites Mamdouh Habib to speak about Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo documentary
  1385. After the Supreme Court ruling Congressional Democrats join with Republicans to maintain military commissions at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  1386. Another US atrocity in Iraq: Soldiers under investigation for rape and murder
  1387. Panasonic closes German factory despite hunger strike
  1388. London art gallery closes M.F. Husain exhibition after paintings vandalised
  1389. Newly released files show Postwar German government and CIA shielded Adolf Eichmann
  1390. US-led offensive in southern Afghanistan kills hundreds
  1391. New York Times, Los Angeles Times respond to government witch-hunt: a cowardly evasion of democratic principles
  1392. Nepalese Maoists agree to abandon armed struggle and join government
  1393. Britain: Plundering of public sector at heart of 'loans-for-peerages' scandal
  1394. Italy: Clear majority rejects Berlusconi's constitutional reform (Bravi Tutti!)
  1395. Australian government escalates its military involvement in Iraq
  1396. July 4th 2006: The state of US democracy 230 years after the American Revolution
  1397. Greece: Mass demonstrations protest assault on public education
  1398. Thousands of Chinese students riot over bleak job prospects
  1399. Amid a furore over immigration policy, Dutch government resigns (Could we get US corpagov to resign?! All of it?!)
  1400. Job slashing at Heinz Foods and the role of private equity firms in corporate restructuring
  1401. Major powers complicit in Israeli war crimes (READ)
  1402. New Zealand government demands further wage restraint as living standards decline
  1403. Government crisis continues in Ukraine
  1404. Germany: Ten thousand demonstrate against university fees
  1405. Indo-US nuclear accord approved by key US Congressional committees (Rubber stamper)
  1406. The Hamdan dissents: US Supreme Court justices argue for presidential dictatorship(The Supremely Criminal Court)
  1407. Stop the Democratic Party's attack on third-party campaigns! Place SEP candidate Joe Parnarauskis on the ballot in Illinois!
  1408. Near-tie election deepens Mexico's crisis
  1409. New York Times report from Ramadi: evidence of US war crimes in Iraq (Yet more, that is)
  1410. US and Japan seize on missile tests to tighten noose around North Korea
  1411. Jul. 1, 2006 - Consumer Crunch Update (READ)
  1412. Israel's Appalling Act: Starving in the Dark
  1413. Under the Broadcast Flag: Intellectual Property as Intellectual Theft
  1414. Crime in the Valley: Life on the Other Side of Palestine
  1415. Yellowback Democrats: the Party of Cut-and-Run (from Principle)
  1416. Will Mexicans Ignore What Bolivians Learned?
  1417. Jane Goodall and Rick Asselta: Remembering the Marshall Islands
  1418. Liberalism's Long Goodbye: McGovern Hoists the White Flag
  1419. Getting Busted for Wearing a Peace T-Shirt
  1420. Different Worlds: When Liberation is Worse Than Oppression
  1421. Greg Moses: Psycho-Management Hits Mexico's Maquiladoras
  1422. Mexico: There's a Riot Going On
  1423. The Sandy Foundation of the White House: a Bible-Believing Christian's View of Bush (Interesting)
  1424. Echoes from Vietnam; Nightmares in Iraq
  1425. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush's Assaults on Freedom - What's to Stop Him?
  1426. Alexander Cockburn: Temple of Mammon, Planet of Doom (READ)
  1427. Another Encounter with Chuck Schumer: Just as Hawkish as Hillary, But Nastier
  1428. Andr&#-11;&#-11;s G&#-11;&#-11;mez: A Mockery of Justice
  1429. The Real Meaning of the Hamdan Ruling: Bush Adm. Has Committed War Crimes
  1430. Julia Olmstead: The Biofuel Illusion
  1431. Gaza in the Dark: Poor, Frustrated and Powerless
  1432. Paul Craig Roberts: Rape, Lies and Murder
  1433. Rick Wilhelm: Will Lieberman Apologize to Nader?
  1434. An Independence Day Lesson for the American Left from France
  1435. Gaza in the Dark: Poor, Frustrated and Powerless (Israel is intent on genocide)
  1436. Israel 9,000 Palestine 1: Destroying the Gaza Strip
  1437. Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza
  1438. Chris Floyd: American Power in Mahmudiyah
  1439. Shouting Down Nazis in Olympia
  1440. Paul D. Johnson: Mystery Meat (READ!)
  1441. Party Politics in Connecticut: Lieberman, Lamont and the Greens
  1442. A Way Out of the Gaza Crisis?
  1443. And Israel Shall Be Safe Again
  1444. Saul Landau: A Party Trapped in False Axioms
  1445. Is Cheney Betting on Economic Collapse?: the Veep's Curious Investment Portfolio (READ!)
  1446. Jonathan Cook: An Experiment in Human Despair
  1447. Impeachment Comes to Main Street, USA (Not quickly enough)
  1448. To Be or Not to Be a State? Hamas and 4th Generation War
  1449. Who Mourned the Victims of the US Covert War on Chile?
  1450. Cambodia Then; Gaza Now
  1451. The Politics of the Minimum Wage
  1452. Nationalize the Defense Industry (An interesting thought)
  1453. Profiting from the Occupation: the Corporate Interests Behind the War on Palestine
  1454. Lawyers: Spy Agency Sought US Call Records 7 Months Before 9/11
  1455. Israel Authorizes Deeper Gaza Invasion (Authorizes genocide)
  1456. Transcripts Reveal Reporters Central Role in Plame Outing
  1457. Iraqi Leaders Question US Troops' Immunity
  1458. Abramoff Had Access to DoJ, Ashcroft
  1459. Tax Dollars Fund Study to Restrict Public's Right to Know (You have to pay to get assaulted!)
  1460. What More Could We Give You, Mr. Bush?
  1461. Daniel Ellsberg | Not in Our Name: The Voters' Pledge
  1462. No evidence of foul play in Lay's death (or not)
  1463. Internet users face congestion charge
  1464. Why We Must Flee the Planet (Governments and politicians?)
  1465. Mexico's leftist candidate is challenging results
  1466. Mexico's leftist candidate is challenging results
  1467. Israeli Offensive Grounds Gaza Fishermen
  1468. Captive in Gaza
  1469. Buses Carrying Iranians Attacked in Iraq (US death squads at work)
  1470. Federal judge rules DeLay stays on ballot (Just like any other criminal?)
  1471. $145bn award against tobacco giants goes up in smoke
  1472. Lay's death clouds outcome of Enron case
  1473. FBI sting thwarts $1.5m Coke theft (Bizarre)
  1474. Al Qaeda Video Emerges on Eve of Anniversary (A wonderfully convenient work from Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA Studios)
  1475. Canada rejects UN council's censure of Israel (Awwwww)
  1476. Senator Clinton: Lieberman on own if he loses party primary (Who cares what Hillary Goddamn Clinton allegedly thinks?)
  1477. Kerry not endorsing Lieberman in primary (Something in his favor)
  1478. Who won the Connecticut Senate debate? (Not Joey Lieberwurst)
  1479. Two US Choppers Downed in Iraq (How much does one cost?)
  1480. The imperial presidency crushed (Don't bet on it)
  1481. US urged [by frightened poodles] to close Guantanamo Bay prison
  1482. Leave 'reckless' US troops at home (They are all reckless)
  1483. Zarqawi successor 'in Egypt jail' (Well - somebody "might" be in jail)
  1484. Ex-Blackwater USA worker accused of extortion
  1485. Iraq Corruption Unprecedented (Who's corrupting whom?)
  1486. Information from U.S. companies helped Israel locate [i.e., create] terror cell
  1487. Western Union blocks Arab cash transfers
  1488. Taepodong-2 pointed at waters near Hawaii: report (OMG! Are you quaking in youre boots yet? Get a grip!)
  1489. Man Raided By FBI, ATF, Canadian Law Enforcement After Handing Out 'Subversive' Alex Jones Material
  1490. What a Mess - by Gordon Prather (On Condi the Court Fool)
  1491. Watching Gaza: "The Genovese Syndrome" (READ)
  1492. Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada - Army charges Lt. Watada with contempt towards president; Faces over seven years military prison
  1493. Nuking Iran Is Not Off the Table - by Jorge Hirsch (The Morons paradetheir arrogant selves still)
  1494. Ministry admits 'blacklist' of Palestinians who left W. Bank (The Isreli way)
  1495. 3 Accused In Theft Of Coke Secrets (Formula used to include cocaine)
  1496. Destroying an Iraqi City to Save It
  1497. Test firings linked to closure of foreign banking channels
  1498. Run for cover - the Israelis are coming
  1499. Taiwan to test-fire missile: report (This should be fun)
  1500. Rescue schemes snare homeowners (insurance, now linked with banking and securities has been a racketeering operation for over half a century)
  1501. Researchers Say U.S. Policy Influenced by Israel (No?! Really?)
  1502. Rush Limbaugh: I Was Targeted (Oh stop whining you arrogant pig)
  1503. The TPM DOCUMENT COLLECTION - A copy of Joseph Wilson's July 6, 2003 New York Times Op-Ed with Handwritten Notes by Vice President Cheney
  1504. Dershowitz Contradicts Himself on the Power of the Israel Lobby (Lying psychopath?)
  1505. Draft Resolution Demands Israel Quit Gaza (lots of luck)
  1506. Calderon wins disputed Mexico vote (Mexico is fucked)
  1507. A Unilateral Ride over the Edge? (Many analysts have not bothered to know the history)
  1508. Uneasy Britons to mark London bombings (enacted by MI5/MI6/CIA/MOSSAD)
  1509. New York court [of assholes] says no to gay marriage
  1510. Budget deal means end to casino [and revenue] shutdown
  1511. Ex-GI Accused Of Raping Iraqi, Killing Family 'Has Disorder' (Same disorder as the entire Bush family?)
  1512. Bush Calls For Diplomacy With N. Korea (LMAO! Is the moron worried?)
  1513. North Korea Flatly Rejects Protests on Missile Firings
  1514. North Korea Mocks International Criticism
  1515. Mexico conservative scrapes [steals] election win
  1516. Leftists take Mexico poll lead (so you know the election was stolen)
  1517. Mexicans Worried Over Election Protests (Don't worry; sock the SOBs)
  1518. Deadly day for Israeli invasion of Gaza (Israel is disgusting slime)
  1519. Gay Marriage Ban Found Rational (rights granted by dictatorship fascist government)
  1520. Budget crisis cost Atlantic City casinos $20ma day (and how much in NJ revenues? Hmmm?)
  1521. GM fury at push by Kerkorian (Let them all die)
  1522. The mosquitoes are coming, the mosquitoes are coming (Who knows what "news" is true anymore? Really, who cares?)
  1523. Calderon wins Mexican presidential election, rival to appeal.
  1524. Angry Putin says he will not sell fuel for 'peanuts'
  1525. Colorado Billionaire Involved In UK Political Scandal
  1526. Fighting Surges and Deaths Rise as Israel Drives Deeper in Gaza (Reoccupation and genocide)
  1527. Cheney behind turn toward dictatorship (No!? Really?)
  1528. Venezuela gets backing for U.N. council seat (Nose thumbing to US)
  1529. Hegemonic Tyrant Courts Doom
  1530. What Does North Korea Want? - by Justin Raimondo
  1531. Keeping It Quiet
  1532. The Washington Post's War-mongering Scribe (i.e., Krauthammer)
  1533. Spain Confirms Its First Case of Bird Flu (This is in exactly one bird)
  1534. Colin Powell taken ill at Clinton dinner (Shades of the Borgias?)
  1535. Body of Enron's Lay to be cremated (destroying the evidence quickly)
  1536. College Student Tracking Assailed (Nazi 'murika)
  1537. Calderon 'wins' disputed Mexico vote
  1538. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo inmate tells of worsening conditions
  1539. Terror crew urged [by FBI] to hit FBI's buildings (When governments become rotten)
  1540. Following US Supreme Court ruling Australian government demands new "kangaroo court" for David Hicks (When governments are rotten)
  1541. Australia continues push for control in East Timor (Ditto)
  1542. US: Democrats' tax deal ends New Jersey government shutdown (Rotter v. Rotter)
  1543. One year on: Lessons of the London bombings (They were government engineered)
  1544. Anatomy of a Fraud Foretold: Mexico's Surreal Elections
  1545. Bush Told Cheney to Discredit Joe Wilson
  1546. Unreported Lobbying Fees Paid With Tax-Exempt or Public Funds
  1547. Algerian Tells of Dark Odyssey in US Hands
  1548. Lamont Presses Lieberman on War in Debate
  1549. Top IDF Officials: Gaza Raid Won't Halt Rocket Fire
  1550. Manual Hand Count Requested in Busby/Bilbray Race!
  1551. New Israeli air raids on targets within Gaza Strip
  1552. Agriculture minister says bird disease isn't passed on to humans (Someone with a brain)
  1553. Revealed: hate-filled records of the Columbine killers (or fabricated)
  1554. Google Checkout banned on eBay (LOL)
  1555. Drinking Early in Life a Recipe for Future Alcohol Woes (or not)
  1556. Tonga Prince, Wife Die in Calif. Crash
  1557. Pair charged after terror raids (This will also get debunked)
  1558. The Tunnel of Fear (READ)
  1559. Israelis kill militant in Gaza
  1560. Stiff resistance to Israeli incursion
  1561. Confusion clouds links between Mills and Berlusconi
  1562. Berlusconi and Mills sent to trial
  1563. Bush Expresses Frustration With Diplomacy (prefers pillaging and plundering, mutilation and genocide)
  1564. Dozens of IDF reserve soldiers recruited
  1565. Secret Service Reveals More Abramoff Visits (Connect the dots)
  1566. Zarqawi's so-called successor in jail for past 7yrs (Umm - well - nevermind?)
  1567. Representative Of Largest 9/11 Families Group Says Government Complicit In Attack
  1568. The Agony of Gaza
  1569. Missing passports in hands of terrorists, criminals: newspaper (Who regularly steals and uses foreign passports?)
  1570. Holland Tunnel LEAK?
  1571. Columbine's Third Shooter (really - and then ...)
  1572. The ADL: More about the "monitors"
  1573. California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader (and who is he really?)
  1574. UN Human Rights Council condemns Israel, launches investigation (lots of luck)
  1575. FBI Bust Plot To Bomb Tunnel And Flood New York
  1576. Sources say no serious plot for NYC, just hate chatter
  1577. The Israeli Moles Who Controlled US Defense Computers On 911
  1578. Israel's Gaza Offensive
  1579. The Truth Will Set You Free: Gallup: calls for troop withdrawal &#-11;&#-11;increase significantly as educational level increases"
  1580. Thousands of troops say they wont fight
  1581. New Slovak govt confirms Iraq troop withdrawal
  1582. from the front line
  1583. Georgia voter ID law on hold
  1584. The Raw Story | Man indicted in phone jamming case will argue Administration approved election scheme
  1585. NATO chief says troops will stay in Kosovo
  1586. In Gaza Today, Funerals and More Killings
  1587. General Faults Marine Response to Iraq Killings
  1588. The Treason Card - Paul Krugman (It's taken him too long to figure out the obvious)
  1589. Cheney really wants U.S. dictator (Yes - and you will do what?)
  1590. Filmmaker Sues Rumsfeld Over Iraq Detention
  1591. Toronto to HQ anti-terrorism financing group (Smoke and mirrors)
  1592. Bush Says Korean Missile Shows Need for Shield (National moron)
  1593. Israeli forces open new eastern front in assault on Gaza
  1594. Israeli strikes in Gaza claim more lives
  1595. EU disease agency warns of "seasonal" bird flu (Another fabricated terror pulled out whenever needed)
  1596. State sees first case of human West Nile (or not)
  1597. Mexico leftist rallies crowds to reverse vote loss
  1598. Mexico's Calderon (Bush poodle) asks for unity
  1599. Iraqi and US Troops Crack Down on Cleric's Militia (Watch how this plays out)
  1600. US claims capture of leading militant (or not)
  1601. U.S. deploys warship to Japan
  1602. Israeli forces open new eastern front in assault on Gaza
  1603. Doing the Wrong Thing in Afghanistan Depleted Uranium: The Definitive Moral Paradox
  1604. North Korean Missile Test: Another Red Herring
  1605. Death toll mounting in Afghanistan
  1606. American Dream: The Fleeting Lights of Freedom (READ)
  1607. Russia, US to proceed on civilian nuclear cooperation (Trying to buy Russia on the Iran issue)
  1608. Rumsfeld sued over wrong detention
  1609. Is the SPLC An American Arm of the Mossad?
  1610. The Columbine Massacre Unravels
  1611. Pentagon City Shooting Baffles Family (Hmmm)
  1612. I Was a Mouthpiece for the American Military
  1613. US jobs growth weaker than expected (Expected by whom?)
  1614. Utahs top DUI cop cited for DUI (He was doing research?)
  1615. RAFAH TODAY (Genocide)
  1616. Are Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian?
  1617. Security blunder: Sprint Wireless leaks customer data
  1618. Who's Trying To Take Our Guns Away?
  1619. Illinois court awards victims of Israeli terror attack Iranian artifacts (Completely bizarre)
  1620. Was Bob Woodward Slam-Dunked?
  1621. Man indicted in phone jamming case will argue Administration approved election scheme
  1622. Israel's failed-state strategy
  1623. Mosque members denounce FBI raid as desecration
  1624. Afghan MP says family shot in occupation misfire (misfire?!)
  1625. British forces boost Taliban in Afghanistan, says Browne
  1626. U.S. Navy missile destroyer arrives in Japan
  1627. German intelligence service spies on the Berlin Social Forum
  1628. Gyrations of Indian stock market point to future economic instability
  1629. Poland: Teachers, students demand resignation of education minister
  1630. The reoccupation of Gaza: Israel and the Big Lie
  1631. Plan to attack New York tunnels: Yet another dubious "terror plot"
  1632. Jamal Juma': Globalizing the Occupation (Israel committing genocide)
  1633. 2008 Might Be Too Late: the Case for Impeachment Now
  1634. Mexico: Don't Discount a Recount
  1635. Mexico's Fear of Democracy: Elites, Fraud and the Status Quo
  1636. Heather Gray: The Spiral of Violence (READ)
  1637. David Swanson: Command Rape
  1638. Lucinda Marshall: Deep Sexing the News: The Rape of Iraq (READ)
  1639. Missile Envy: Is N. Korea Bush's Most Reliable Ally?
  1640. Big Pharma's Strange Holy Grail: Cannabis Without Euphoria?
  1641. Afghanistan is No One's War
  1642. Dumping Musharraf: Is Pakistan Expendable?
  1643. Mexico's Election Lacks Credibility (I'll say)
  1644. Republic or Empire?: Lessons from Stanford - Paul Craig Roberts (READ)
  1645. Stephen Green: When War Criminals Retire
  1646. Doing Better With Less (READ)
  1647. ACLU Sues Over Security for Bush Protest (READ)
  1648. Rising Concern Among European Countries in Cooperation with US
  1649. [2.nav.LTR_t_1.gif]
  1650. In Mexico, Some Voters Left Angry
  1651. Marines Failed to Probe Haditha Massacre
  1652. New Links Between Abramoff and White House
  1653. Vietnamese Wildlife Still Paying High Price for Chemical Warfare
  1654. EU Officially Condemns Israel's Gaza Operation (That's something at least)
  1655. Lopez Obrador May Seek New Vote in Mexico
  1656. Israeli offensive enters new phase (Supergenocide?)
  1657. Israel Hopes for New Cease-Fire With Hamas (Not!)
  1658. Bush bristles at claim he's failed on nuclear threat (LOL)
  1659. US Offers Bilateral Talks With N.Korea (ROTF)
  1660. Dealing with North Korea may prove tricky (LMAO)
  1661. Zawahri says 2 London bombers trained in Qaeda camp (The dead speak!)
  1662. Recipes 4 Us - Fress Recipes Online, Spanish Recipes & More.
  1663. Thomas Paine's Corner: The Rendition of Christ:
  1664. Israel rejects Palestinian call for truce (Naturally)
  1665. UW Instructor Believes He'll Keep His Job Despite 9/11 Controversy (We hope)
  1666. Landmark al Qaeda trial collapses (Like all the other framings)
  1667. Bush, Rumsfeld and the Supremes
  1668. Israel rebuffs Palestinian cease-fire call (Naturally)
  1669. Nation Breaking (READ)
  1670. North Korea and the vanishing American Empire
  1671. War crimes (in Palestine)
  1672. The Voice of the White House for July 7th 2006
  1673. Crisis in US Media Coverage of Gaza
  1674. Nowhere to Hide - Israelis kill 6yr old girl and her family in Gaza
  1675. Caving in to America
  1676. Annan urges Security Council to take stand on Gaza incursion
  1677. Bush: With North Korea, let's give peace a chance (Babbling)
  1678. Golani commander: IDF soldier likely killed in Gaza by friendly fire
  1679. U.S. Officer Reported Ready to Plead Guilty in Bribery Case Involving Iraq Building Contracts
  1680. The plot to defeat our liberty (READ)
  1681. Mexico: Calderon's brother-in-law wrote the vote-counting software, and it's already been hacked (Surprise! Not!)
  1682. Gunmen kill 40 Sunnis in rampage (US death squads at work)
  1683. Iran to host Iraq security talks
  1684. Leftist to Seek Recount in Mexican Election
  1685. D.C. Activist Who Sought Mayoral Bid Fatally Shot
  1686. Swiss go where EU fears to tread (condemning Israel)
  1687. We're next (We are already there)
  1688. Israeli army turns on Olmert (Well - sort of)
  1689. A Full Recount Would Show that L&#-11;&#-11;pez Obrador Won Mexicos Presidency by More than One Million Votes
  1690. "The Republicans Have a Plan - And it is Called FEAR"
  1691. Ally Told Bush Project Secrecy Might Be Illegal
  1692. Craig Murray - Documents (READ)
  1693. Bush says Geneva Conventions do not apply to Guantanamo Bay
  1694. Pacific bases grapple with series of child porn incidents
  1695. U.S. Military Braces for Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq
  1696. Two dead soldiers, eight more to go, vow avengers of Iraqi girl's rape
  1697. Budget document details $50 billion war request
  1698. Iraq Police Force Rife With Abuse, Documents Say
  1699. Ally Warned Bush on Keeping Spying From Congress
  1700. Democrats Rip GOP on Social Security Plan
  1701. The Gitmo Fallout
  1702. Lopez Obrador Alleges Vote Was Rigged (which they were)
  1703. Israel threatens 'open war'
  1704. White House kept "major program" secret from Congress
  1705. Some savoury (Hungarian) courses to tickle your palate
  1706. Report on Guantanamo torture is released by Center for Constitutional Rights
  1707. Russias FSB destroys Chechen terrorist No.1 Shamil Basayev
  1708. Dem Altered Immigration Law to Further 'Gay' Agenda -- 07/10/2006 (Completely bizarre)
  1709. Japan Considers Strike Against N. Korea (Monkey see, monkey do)
  1710. Olmert to press ahead with Gaza raids
  1711. Deadly `Fake blood ' tested on Human Guinea Pigs without Consent
  1712. ABC News: Artificial Blood Experiment: Is Your City Participating?
  1713. Newsweek's Man in Baghdad: Iraq Is "Doomed," Bush "Manages the News"
  1714. Israel bars Palestinian Americans for first time since 1967 (READ)
  1715. Lecturer denounces critics of his 9-11 teachings
  1716. Dozens die as sectarian attacks escalate in Iraq
  1717. Gulf war vet shoots four
  1718. BOY DIES IN GAZA (After being shot in chest by IDF)
  1719. Half of all UK special forces set for Afghanistan (Things must be going real well)
  1720. The Influence of Israel and its American Lobby over US Middle East Policy
  1721. Israeli Savagery in Gaza
  1722. Generalissimo Bush - A Clear And Present Danger To The Republic
  1723. Foreclosures Will Be Different This Time
  1724. Israel's Deadliest Weapon
  1725. Report on Torture at Gitmo
  1726. A reminder what started the current crisis in the Mideast... (READ)
  1727. Amnesty accuses Algeria of torture
  1728. KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M - MarketWatch
  1729. Lopez Obrador heads to court over Mexico vote
  1730. 5 More Soldiers Charged in Iraq Rape Case
  1731. Victim was just 14 when she was raped and killed by US soldiers
  1732. UK to publish terror alerts (in an effort to terrorize citizens)
  1733. Ex-spy: CIA, Italians worked on abduction
  1734. FBI plans new Net-tapping push
  1735. Solomon Islands prime minister bows to Australia's dictates
  1736. Democratic senator defends Iraq war in Connecticut primary debate (Joey Lieberwurst)
  1737. Study of British journalists confirms entrenchment of class privilege
  1738. Joshua Frank: Sectarian Flames in Iraq
  1739. Ron Jacobs: The New SDS
  1740. Democracy Betrayed: Electoral Fraud and Rebellion in Mexico
  1741. Uri Avnery: A One-Sided War
  1742. Paul Craig Roberts: Courting Doom with North Korea
  1743. Jason Leopold | The Political Benefits of Terror
  1744. Lopez Obrador Files Challenges
  1745. Powerful GOP Activist Sees His Influence Slip Over Abramoff Dealings
  1746. Bringing the Church to the Courtroom
  1747. Insecurity, Underfunding Threaten Children's Health in Basra
  1748. War Crimes
  1749. UN Vote on N. Korea Resolution Delayed
  1750. Another secret US intelligence program?
  1751. Hollywood wins legal fight against sanitized DVDs (Don't like it, don't watch it)
  1752. Report: Cracks found in cores of UK nuclear plants
  1753. Chemical warfare: Inside Britain's toxic house of horrors
  1754. Iraq says to ask U.N. to end US immunity
  1755. Lieberman campaign files forms to run as petitioning candidate (El Creepo)
  1756. Guantanamo prisoners won't be moved to US: White House
  1757. Academic rocks corporate America by revealing boardroom reward ploys
  1758. Britain sends 900 soldiers to Afghanistan
  1759. Basayev Killed in Ingushetia Explosion
  1760. Chechen Rebel Leader Basayev Killed by Russian Forces, FSB Says
  1761. Gazans face 'health disaster'
  1762. Australia's 'Granita deal' ends in tears
  1763. Football Players Accused of Raping an 11-year-old (with no serious injuries?)
  1764. Security Council split on N Korea
  1765. Paulson, Taking Treasury Post, Emphasizes Global Issues (Another fox guarding henhouse)
  1766. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Venezuela and Chavez)
  1767. Baaaaad Se&#-11;&#-11;n!
  1768. Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax - by Justin Raimondo
  1769. Save Patrick Fitzgerald
  1770. Who started? (the genocide)
  1771. Indian Defense Minister delays visit to Israel due to Gaza crisi (and then India has a problem:)
  1772. Bombs rock India commuter trains, 105 are dead
  1773. One soldier cut off a baby's head with a knife - Guess Who? (READ)
  1774. Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors
  1775. US Army to call reporters in officer's case
  1776. Officers arrest men for videotaping them
  1777. An increasingly confident Russia poses problems for U.S. (that US has created for itself)
  1778. U.S. Economy May Slow as Rates, Gasoline Costs Pinch Consumers (Obvious for how amny years?)
  1779. US, Russia arms sales rivals
  1780. NewsTrack - Head of nuclear inspection in Iran removed
  1781. Vermont judge rejects U.S. Supreme Court search ruling - Boston.com
  1782. Diplomatic Deception: The Calm Before the Firestorm (or all the destruction is quite deliberate)
  1783. Afghan children robbed of education
  1784. With war in Iraq, Bush is trading blood for oil
  1785. Columbia River toxins moving up food chain
  1786. Part of Boston 'Big Dig' tunnel collapses, kills 1
  1787. Prices soar for cancer drugs (Increasee deman from DU effects?)
  1788. Artificial Blood Experiment Hits 27 U.S. Cities (Pharma-terr'ists)
  1789. Wis. school lets 'radical' instructor teach
  1790. 9-11 flap won't stop UW lecturer
  1791. Closer US-India ties fuel terrorism-Afghan minister (Hmmmm)
  1792. 163 killed in Indian train blasts
  1793. Bombers kill 16, Iraq parlt hears of civil war
  1794. Rogue Gunmen Won't Be Tolerated, U.S. General Says (Then US should leave Iraq)
  1795. US court asked for gag order in Iraq rape-murder (Oh?)
  1796. Al-Qaeda posts rape revenge video (or Al-CIAda)
  1797. Protesters Call On Government to Prosecute the New York Times (Zionist agitprop)
  1798. Negroponte: leaks damage business cooperation (More Zionist agitprop)
  1799. Terror laws racist: Lawyer
  1800. 2 Britons appeal extradition to U.S. on terrorism charges
  1801. Italy eyes rogue spies in CIA kidnap
  1802. US applies Geneva Convention to military detainees (saying and doing are different)
  1803. Pentagon revises Guantanamo detainee policy (and lies as usual)
  1804. Guantanamo Bay detainees face 'systematic' abuse: CCR report
  1805. Israel rejects Hamas offer of cease-fire and steps up hostilities in Gaza (Naturally)
  1806. US and Japan exploit "missile crisis" to heighten tensions in North East Asia
  1807. Mexican candidate files challenge in presidential vote
  1808. The Last Free Fourth of July? (READ)
  1809. Amira Hass: A War on Families (The many faces of genocide)
  1810. Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman: Boeing's Odd Criminal Agreement
  1811. Does a State of War Give Bush the Right to Commit War Crimes?
  1812. Sabotaging Peace in Iraq
  1813. Go to Venezuela, You Idiot! (READ)
  1814. Where's My Money, Mohammed? (READ)
  1815. Ira Chernus | Karl Rove's Scheherazade Strategy (just think 9/11)
  1816. Cindy Sheehan | Conduct Unbecoming (?! US does not think conceptually)
  1817. The Next Gitmo?
  1818. Garrison Keillor | A Peach of a Scandal in Georgia (It's fucking Abramoff, again!)
  1819. "Packing It In"
  1820. Black Gods: Big Coal Cons America
  1821. The Tunnel of Fear (was a fabricated threat)
  1822. Signs of Life in Congress (Is this good in a criminal body?)
  1823. David Sirota | Legislating Under the Influence (READ)
  1824. William Fisher | AUS Redux (and SPLC is a Zionist front, so take your pick)
  1825. Jan Frel | Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?
  1826. Sandy Tolan | The Palestinian Catastrophe, Then and Now
  1827. Robert Scheer: They Did Not Prepare Me for George W. Bush
  1828. Thom Hartmann | Why Is Bush Spying on Democrats?!? (because he can)
  1829. Israeli Tanks Roll Into Southern Gaza
  1830. The Raw Story | Almost five years after 9/11, Homeland Security list of nat'l critical assets includes 'ice cream parlor,' Sears Auto Center
  1831. US and Russia close to deal on WTO entry (Sounds too optimistic)
  1832. Oil up $US1/b as Iran stands firm on nuclear programme
  1833. Robert Novak Acknowledges Confidential Administration Sources
  1834. White House seeks dismissal of wiretap suit
  1835. Derailment fills Chicago subway with smoke (Infrastructure failure)
  1836. House Approves a Crackdown on Gambling (How critically important!)
  1837. Gaza City Blast Kills Five, Wounds 15
  1838. Israel army 'enters central Gaza'
  1839. NPR : Deficit Reduction: Stop Me If You've Heard This One
  1840. Caveat Deficit - Forbes.com (Yes, indeedy, he's the continuous liar)
  1841. The cutting edge of space-age technology: duct tape (State of government engineering)
  1842. Novak set to tell - at least some - about his role in 'CIA leak'
  1843. Israeli Air Strike Kills 7 in Hamas House
  1844. Mystery Surrounds Chechen Warlord's Death
  1845. Rumsfeld to Afghans: US Isn't Leaving (You think so?)
  1846. The Other Russia Is Shrinking - Kommersant Moscow
  1847. Lieberman's Real Problem (that he's first a rabid zionist?)
  1848. Commercial fudges facts on campaign (OK - so he's also devious, plays dirty and is an egregious liar)
  1849. Health Highlights: July 11, 2006 (pseudoscience runs amok, also moron journalists)
  1850. Jewish Law And Torture (Jewish law directs American Nation?! Hello-o?)
  1851. Israel: $5000 reward for killing gays
  1852. UW backs instructor from censure for 9-11 views
  1853. PM Olmert calls Hezbollah border attack an 'act of war' (and appropriate reaction to genocide?)
  1854. Sky News: Body Found Linked To NatWest Probe (linked to Enron)
  1855. Road to victory in Iraq 'unclear,' US auditors conclude (The looting of Iraq and US, and murders and torture are less than unclear)
  1856. Oil prices rise above 74 dollars (and will rise further yet)
  1857. Bush judicial nominee struggles to win Senate OK (Criminal government)
  1858. Bush urges Congress to ratify military tribunals (Criminal government)
  1859. Michelle Malkin's Neo-Con Blog Fears Bruce Willis Now 9/11 Truther (Welcome to reality, Bruce?)
  1860. Israel prepares for widespread military escalation (The Final Solution?)
  1861. Report: VA treated data breach with 'indifference'
  1862. Novak: Rove confirmed Plame's identity
  1863. EU warns of UN action in Iran nuclear standoff (Not with Chinese and Russian vetoes)
  1864. 3 Israeli soldiers die, 2 captured in raid (False Flag Hezbollah?)
  1865. My life in Gaza (READ)
  1866. 9/11 Information
  1867. P2OG
  1868. Israel &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Britain&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Imperialist Rottweiler
  1869. Russia's Fifth Column - by Justin Raimondo
  1870. Halliburton to lose exclusive Army deal (Until tomorrow?)
  1871. Israeli troops enter Lebanon amid kidnap reports (Israel's destruction is long over due)
  1872. U.K. Seeks 10 Million Vaccine Doses to Mitigate [Spread] Bird Flu Risk (Babbling)
  1873. Elderly to face double-digit rise in Medicare premiums
  1874. Oil up $US1/b as Iran stands firm on nuclear programme
  1875. FCC Combing Air Tapes for Dirty Words (Activities of dirty little boys)
  1876. NYC ups transit security after India bombings (to increase gummint terrorization)
  1877. Study: Homeland Security database flawed (Gummint is uselessly trivial)
  1878. Robert Novak Acknowledges Confidential Administration Sources
  1879. Violence 'out of control' in Baghdad (So is violence of USUKIL)
  1880. Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal (or not)
  1881. New York theatre to present Rachel Corrie play
  1882. Spain: Unions agree to anti-working class labour reforms
  1883. The outsourcing of political intimidation Private firm revealed to be spying on antiwar groups in California
  1884. Sri Lankan military personnel questioned over murder of journalist
  1885. Australia installs its man in East Timor: Jose Ramos-Horta
  1886. Terrorist atrocity in Mumbai
  1887. Israel's Latest Bueaucratic Obscenity
  1888. Wayne S. Smith: Bush's New Cuba Plan
  1889. Robert Boston: Top 10 Power Brokers of the Religious Right
  1890. Mexico Splits in Half: the Election Hits the Streets
  1891. In Iraq's Mayhem, Town Finds Calm Through Its Tribal Links (READ)
  1892. $2 Million to House Appropriations Committee Chief of Staff Questioned
  1893. War Veterans Denied Education Benefits
  1894. Taliban Use Beheadings and Beatings to Keep Afghanistan's Schools Closed
  1895. Republican Lawmaker Criticized for PAC Fees Paid to Wife
  1896. Bush Administration to Pressure UN on Iran (to no avail)
  1897. US Reverses Policy on Military Detainees (or not)
  1898. Deficit's Good News Less Than Meets the Eye (Yet another deliberate fabrication)
  1899. Pentagon Costs and Arms Management Spin Out of Control (inevitable when psychotic morons are running things)
  1900. Obrador Screens Videos He Says Prove Fraud in Mexico's Vote (READ)
  1901. Watada Case Catches Reporters in Crosshairs
  1902. Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State
  1903. Gaza: Of Mice and Men (The pattern)
  1904. Israeli offensive kills 14 in Gaza
  1905. War game will focus on situation with Iran
  1906. IDF issuing callup orders for reservists
  1907. Palestinian injuries suggest Israel is using chemical weapons in Gaza
  1908. Israelis use unprecedented type of projectiles on Palestinians
  1909. US's zero-sum diplomacy toward Iran
  1910. Merchants of death in Iraq (US death squads being exposed)
  1911. The world rebuilds it, Israelis destroy it - again and again and again
  1912. BAYER dumps AIDS infected drugs overseas
  1913. Israel 'is using chemical ammunition'
  1914. Questions on the Mumbai Atrocity
  1915. Justice Department Lawyer To Congress:The President Is Always Right
  1916. Militants deny India train bombings
  1917. AOL News - Government to Send Alerts on Cell Phones, Web Sites (Like every five minutes?! Government in your face continuously)
  1918. 'Hounded By The FBI'
  1919. Hezbollah takes Israelis hostage (or not)
  1920. Microsoft is heavily fined again by the European Commission.
  1921. EU slashes overseas mobile costs
  1922. Vatican reports surplus in 2005
  1923. Vatican Announces Surplus
  1924. Vatican posts eight-year-high profit (Looking for investments?)
  1925. Vatican announces $12.4M budget surplus
  1926. Putin compares Cheney criticism of Russia to 'unsuccessful hunting shot'
  1927. Militants deny India train bombings
  1928. Aggression Under False Pretenses
  1929. Nation's Capital Declares Crime Emergency (manufactured?)
  1930. John Mearsheimer will be on INN World Report today (Sprised he hasn't been assassinated)
  1931. US blames Iran, Syria for Hizbollah capture (Blame Iran for everything!)
  1932. Israelis Attack Just 10 Miles From Beirut
  1933. Disney slashing jobs, film output
  1934. Angry Arabs (I wonder why)
  1935. The Mysterious Death of An Enron Exec
  1936. The Puzzle of the Enron Coverups
  1937. 300 Pinoys helping fight US war vs Iraq
  1938. Lawyers Weighing Suits for Terrorism Prisoners of War (lots of luck; look to have accidents)
  1939. House Republicans warm to Bush's US tribunal plan (Farce)
  1940. Administration Prods Congress to Curb the Rights of Terror Suspects (READ)
  1941. The political arena / United - for now (Olmert was/is a liar, just as Sharon)
  1942. American Chronicle: LEBANESE HEZBOLLAH CAPTURE ISRAELI SOLDIERS: ISRAELI TROOPS ENTER LEBANON (Fabricated basis: see Hitler invasion of Poland)
  1943. Israeli HQ hit by mortar shells (More please)
  1944. India vows bombers will not win war on terror (What war?)
  1945. India Probes July 11 Blast Links to Terror Groups in Kashmir (OK - so let's bomb Kashmir?)
  1946. Israel's Continued Attacks on the Gaza Strip: Are They Justified? (Can we spell "genocidal war criminals"?)
  1947. IOF Continue to Target Civilians in the Gaza Strip
  1948. Congress must hold Israel Accountable for violating US law (right, but don't hold your breath)
  1949. Silent approval of Israeli terror
  1950. Rights Group Declares Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Not a Lie (Of course it isn't)
  1951. Egypt bids to provide free electricity to Gaza strip
  1952. No humanitarian crisis in Gaza (WHAT?! Genocide is not a humanitarian crises?)
  1953. Reuters AlertNet - EGYPT: Palestinians stranded at Rafah border assisted, Red Crescent says
  1954. Israeli occupation forces destroy another Gaza Strip bridge and kill with missle attacks
  1955. One Hundred Female Martyrs Vow Attacks Inside Israel in Retaliation to the Ongoing Israeli Offensive on Gaza Strip
  1956. Two Palestinians die in Gaza Strip (murdered by Israel)
  1957. Israeli Planes Attack Bridge in Gaza Strip
  1958. Israel Bars Arab-Americans From Visiting West Bank, Gaza Strip
  1959. Entry denied: Deporting witnesses of Israeli occupation and unilateralism : Indybay
  1960. The Roadmap to Palestinian Ghettos
  1961. Israel's Gaza offensive 'out of proportion' (Genicide is always out of proportion)
  1962. A different kind of ballgame in Gaza Strip
  1963. IDF renews ground operations in Gaza (What did you expect?)
  1964. albawaba.com middle east news information::Gaza Strip: At least nine Palestinians dead by Israeli fire (Concern?!)
  1965. Ereikat Calls for Halting Israeli Aggression on Gaza Strip (Annihilate Israel, and there is a good chance)
  1966. Chaos in the Gaza Strip
  1967. Turkey: Donating Money To Gaza Strip
  1969. Israel helps Turkey deliver aid to Palestinians (LMAO)
  1970. Japan insistent on N Korea sanctions (Stupid)
  1971. China, Russia Agree to Consider Threatening Iran With Sanctions (Right - sure - would have to be lunatic to do that)
  1972. Friend of presidents, defrauder of millions: Texas elite bids ... (KennyBoy and his death)
  1973. Enron Founder's Memorial Draws Crowd (of spitters?)
  1974. BREAKING NEWS: Former Mayor Bob Lanier reportedly collapsed at Ken Lay's funeral (Two birds with one stone?)
  1975. China's automaker to assemble vehicles in US (and sold by Walmart?!)
  1976. Canned Tuna Could Contain High Levels Of Mercury (Corpgovagribiz)
  1977. Advisory to Eat Only US Tuna (Um - Hello-o? Idiot)
  1978. SFGate: World Views : Team Bush says it will begin - sort of - to obey international, prisoner-holding law (or not: it tends to lie a lot)
  1979. Party pressure mounts for Howard to declare future (Oh well - they're all fucked)
  1980. Bomb destroys Palestinian foreign ministry
  1981. Israel authorizes 'severe' response to abductions (Annihilate Israel)
  1982. Beirut International Airport Targeted by IAF (Destroy it)
  1983. Israel attacks Beirut's airport (Kill them all; no mercy)
  1984. State Dept. Suffers Computer Break-Ins (It needs it)
  1985. Kindergarten to Grad School Loans Boost Bond Market (Goldman Sachs)
  1986. Syria Will End Dollar Peg, Moves Reserves to Euros (None too soon)
  1987. U.S. Trade Deficit Widened to $63.8 Billion in May
  1988. Time Warner Shares Trail Disney as Turnaround Falters (Destroy them)
  1989. Las Vegas Strip feels economy pinch (What economy?)
  1990. Retaliation in Lebanon Hits Roads, Bridges (Destroy Israel)
  1991. Why your bank thinks you're a terrorist
  1992. More Troops May Be Needed in Baghdad, U.S. General Says (More to be killed in the service of war crimes)
  1993. The Politics of American Greed
  1994. The Puzzle of the Enron Coverups
  1995. Leftist's supporters stream into Mexican capital
  1996. We will not kneel to terrorism, says PM (India)
  1997. Israeli market sheds 4 percent on war fears (Kill it)
  1998. Qatar circulates new draft resolution condemning IDF's Gaza offensive (About time)
  1999. Israeli Forces Enter Lebanon After 2 Soldiers Are Seized
  2000. Israel approves wave of Lebanon air strikes - TV (Kill it)
  2001. IAF planes level PA foreign ministry building in Gaza City
  2002. Israel bombs Beirut airport
  2003. Iraqi gunmen kidnap, kill group at bus station
  2004. Baghdad Needs More Troops, Top U.S. General in Iraq Says (who needs a new brain)
  2005. Bush Backs Israel's Right to Self Defense (and right to commit genocide)
  2006. 4th Circuit Nominee Boyle: 'Missed' Appearance of Conflict in Four Cases
  2007. Oil Prices Hit New High of $75.88 a Barrel
  2008. Iran "can't wait us out" in nuclear dispute - Bush (Oh yes it can)
  2009. Welcome to Bush&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s America by Mike Holmes (READ)
  2010. Mexico mobilizes to protest controversial vote count (while stupid 'murikans headed for #4 just bleat)
  2011. Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia open pipeline
  2012. Israel launches regional war in Middle East
  2013. US Atlantic Fleet carrier in Pacific for first time in 17 years
  2014. France and Russia criticise offensive (attack on Lebanon)
  2015. North Korea walks out of talks, South freezes aid
  2016. Rice condemns Hezbollah for undermining regional stability (Lying assholes never shut up)
  2017. Abramoff and 4 Others Sued by Tribe Over Casino Closing
  2018. Russia brings revitalized economy to the table (Who owns these banks?)
  2019. Big Storm Come (Kill it, once and for all)
  2020. US Forces Korea Plans Independent Forces Command (Why now, exactly?)
  2021. Mexico vote fraud caught on tape.
  2022. An open letter from Ohio to the people of Mexico
  2023. China To Restrict Aspartame Production And Sale
  2024. US Gets a 'Dose of Its Own Medicine' From China
  2025. Japan mulling early-stage interception of Nodong missiles (Get a grip!)
  2026. Bush Faces Major Choice Amid Israeli Escalation (Bush is impotent)
  2027. Germans locked down for Bush visit (Now why would that be?)
  2029. Ex-Agent Sentenced in Insider Trading
  2030. Israel will start WWIII
  2031. ACLU lawsuit: U.S. block entry at border via 'ideological exclusion' policy
  2032. Iraqis Call for Timetable, America Cracks Down (Naturally)
  2033. "Never Again" Gone Mad In Israel (The genocide and war crimes came before Israel ever existed)
  2034. Israel is Killing Incubator Babies and the World Says That it is OK!
  2035. US envoy gives Iraq 6 months to curb sectarianism (What a simpleton!)
  2036. Levy arrest lays trail that leads all the way to Blair
  2037. Study: American dream slipping away (?! It was out the window some time ago)
  2038. Geneva Convention? We Thought You Said Geneva Chocolate
  2039. the beginning of the end for Israel - mad dog style (READ)
  2040. Entry denied: Deporting witnesses of Israeli occupation and unilateralism
  2041. Israel Blames Attacks on Syria-Iran Axis (The bigger and more outrageous the lie, ...)
  2042. [Russian] Black Sea Fleet May Move to Syria
  2043. Kidnapping and war (Continuous Israeli war crimes)
  2044. The Truth Will Set You Free: Banned from DailyKos for daring to IMAGINE a world w/o Israel(DailyKos a Zionist front)
  2045. Why is the world deaf to Gaza's cries? (Try banks, and the people who own them)
  2046. Fox crew shot at in Israel (Surely not by IDF?!)
  2047. Israeli Leaders' Crimes are Like Nazis' (Just like US)
  2048. Israel says Hizbullah wants soldiers moved to Iran (as an excuse to nuke Iran)
  2049. NH Judge Allows Discovery in Phone Jamming Case; Denies GOP Motion to Delay Trial
  2050. San Francisco Rally Against Gaza Invasion
  2051. Live from Lebanon
  2052. Hezbollah denies firing on Haifa
  2053. One rocket fired from Lebanon hits central Haifa; Katyusha rockets hit Nahariya, Safed and Carmiel(Oh, really?)
  2054. Israel On The Offensive (Israel *is* offensive)
  2055. Spokane Police beat man to death
  2056. President al-Assad Receives a Phone Call from Ahmadinejad
  2057. Medicine at gunpoint:
  2058. The Puzzle of the Enron Coverups
  2059. No.10 fights to stop police from questioning Blair
  2060. Leftist's supporters stream into Mexican capital
  2061. Pentagon's news called into question (It should always be assumed deliberate lies)
  2062. Israeli market sheds 4 percent on war fears (Let's go for 40%)
  2063. Qatar circulates new draft resolution condemning IDF's Gaza offensive
  2064. Israeli Forces Enter Lebanon After 2 Soldiers Are Seized
  2065. Israel approves wave of Lebanon air strikes - TV
  2066. IAF planes level PA foreign ministry building in Gaza City (How about leveling Israel?)
  2067. Israel bombs Beirut airport
  2068. Israel bombs Lebanese air base, Beirut airport
  2069. Lebanon under blockade as Israel blasts airport
  2070. Air, Sea Blockade of Lebanon to Continue
  2071. Oil tops $76 a barrel on international tension
  2072. Iraqi gunmen [US death squad] kidnap, kill group at bus station
  2073. Baghdad Needs More Troops [i.e., Terrorists and Death Squads], Top U.S. General in Iraq Says
  2074. White House agrees to NSA review by court: senator (but that too is secret - too stupidly bizarre)
  2075. Administration Prods Congress to Curb the Rights of Terror Suspects (and tear the Constitution up once and for all)
  2076. Australia: Prime Minister Howard facing pressure to quit (The poodle will not quit)
  2077. Hillary Clinton "woos Wall Street" and health industry (as oposed to people; she's always been rotten)
  2078. G8 summit: Geopolitical trial of strength in St. Petersburg
  2079. Israel launches military assault on Lebanon
  2080. Is Venezuela the Real Target of Bush's New Cuba Plan?
  2081. Saul Landau: Lies as Patriotism?
  2082. Scenes from the Lebanese Front
  2083. Rationalizing War Crimes: Saying the Obvious to Conceal the Devious
  2084. Declassified Gitmo Notes Tell of Widespread Abuse
  2085. Chill of Government Surveillance Grips Activists, Muslims
  2086. Bush Administration's Own Analysis Refutes Bush's Tax Cut Claims
  2087. British Banker With Ties to Enron Found Dead
  2088. GOP Senator Clashes With Bush Nominee Over Support for Torture (Amazing that an argument should even exist)
  2089. Israelis Attack Just 10 Miles From Beirut
  2090. Tribe Sues Abramoff, Ralph Reed For Fraud
  2091. Bush's Geneva Convention Decision "Only Partial Compliance"
  2092. Israeli Jets Strike Airport in Beirut
  2093. Federal Judge Rules Georgia's Voter ID Card Law Is Illegal
  2094. Merchants of Death in Iraq (are indeed US death squads; they are the terr'ists)
  2095. Israel Says Hundreds of Targets Hit in Lebanon (Israel Delenda Est)
  2096. American Policy in Middle East Caught in "a Perfect Storm" (What policy?)
  2097. Aiming to Kill Hamas Military Leaders, Israel Kills [MURDERS] Family of Nine
  2098. 24 Iraqi Shiites Abducted, Killed (By US death squads)
  2099. Republicans Hinder Renewal of Voting Rights Act (They *sure* don't want you voting!)
  2100. Jack the Ripper is 'worst Briton' (No - Tony Blair)
  2101. Lieberman: Iraq war puppet (Lieberwurst forever)
  2102. US vetoes UN resolution urging end to Israeli attacks in Gaza (US is always in favor of genocide)
  2103. Israel---a Rogue State (Since before its existence)
  2104. Attacks escalate as Lebanon calls for cease-fire
  2105. Rockets hit Israeli city of Haifa (fired by Israeli gummint)
  2106. Rafah - Palestine
  2107. Killing and more killing (It's Israel's most important product)
  2108. Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel
  2109. Jordan: King calls for ending the Israeli Aggression on Lebanon
  2110. The Most Important Investigative News Story in America: Voting Machines
  2111. Excite News - Former CIA Officer Sues Cheney Over Leak (warming the cockles of my heart)
  2112. Israeli ambassador refuses to rule out attacking Iran (We are, of shocked, absolutly shocked!)
  2113. U.S. vetoes U.N. condemnation of Israel (Speaking of being shocked)
  2114. Israel's UN ambassador slams Qatar, praises U.S. envoy Bolton (Criminals praise criminals)
  2115. Oil soars after Israel offensive
  2116. US Helicopter Crashes in Iraq (News? It's an every day occurrence)
  2117. Plame sues White House figures over CIA leak (So very warming)
  2118. Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria (About time someone told Israel to fuck off)
  2119. Israel drops leaflets in Hizbollah's Beirut suburb
  2120. Terror as statecraft | Chicago Tribune (Asshole turning everything on its head)
  2121. No to the previous status quo (Fuck Israel, and the banks it rode in on)
  2122. Syria urges effective, unified Arab stance to curb Israeli (and so it should be)
  2123. Jordan condemns Israeli military operations in Gaza, Lebanon
  2124. Israeli-Lebanese attacks intensify
  2125. Arab FMs to hold emergency meeting on Mideast crisis
  2126. Fighting escalates between Israel, Hezbollah (Nonsense)
  2127. Israel pursues strikes on Lebanon (Israel, the genocidalist nation)
  2128. Newsview: Israel Seeks to Weaken Groups (and murder every human in sigt who isn't jewish)
  2129. Analysis: [Racist] Israel ups ante in border wars
  2130. [Genocidal, psychopathic and racist] Israelis bomb Beirut
  2131. Hezbollah drags Beirut towards war (Horseshit)
  2132. UK govt calls for restraint 'on all sides' in Lebanon/Israel ... (Moron! Lebanon did absolutely nothing)
  2133. Israel: Nowhere In Lebanon Is Safe (No one is safe as long as Israel lives)
  2134. US stands alone in defending Israel (Why would that be? US is Israeli poodle that barks a lot)
  2135. US watches unfolding Mideast crises with limited options: report (not to mention severely limited brains)
  2136. Iran denies Israeli soldiers being taken there
  2137. Bush versus Putin (No contest)
  2138. Merkels harder line on Russia looks set to persist (Stupid bitch)
  2139. Oil prices breach US$78 in Asia
  2140. What's Wrong With Microsoft? (Shitty software?)
  2141. Mexico dips as thousands gather for election protest
  2142. Bush will talk with Putin privately about democratic reform (so Russia can also have rigged elections?)
  2143. Closing the Book on NovakGate (Fiction)
  2144. Russia wants Bushs help to get nuke waste
  2145. Lopez Obrador for Mexican Democracy
  2146. Beijing, Moscow toe line on Iran (Dancing)
  2147. Israel didn't start it: Howard (USUKIL poodle)
  2148. What Are They Fighting For (READ)
  2149. Israel Tells Condi Rice to "Back Off"
  2150. Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria
  2151. Lieberman's 'Judas kiss' could seal his primary fate
  2152. Former President Bush among guests at Lay funeral
  2153. U.S. Senate votes for FEMA's demise
  2154. If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
  2155. Poland wins Auschwitz name change (another round of agitprop)
  2156. Israel vows to destroy Hizbullah (That's their slimey excuse, and they're sticking to it)
  2157. The Story of The $14.5 Million Healthcare Centers In Iraq
  2158. U.S. accused of kidnappings in Iraq
  2159. Threat of wider Mideast war grows (It is what Israel wants)
  2160. U.S. beef plants opting out of Japan sales (USians will eat swill, and do regularly)
  2161. US may have kidnapped families of Iraqi detainees
  2162. $11 Million Every Hour - What the Iraq War is Costing Us
  2163. Tanks for the Memories - What Religious and Political Leadership Needs is a Good Enema (I've always thought that might help)
  2164. AWOL troops double since 9/11 (I wonder why)
  2165. POLICE STATE: Was 9/11 the Administration's Carte Blanche? (Yes, it was designed that way)
  2166. Wife of Al-Jazeera Journalist Files Lawsuit Against Bush, Rumsfeld
  2167. MPs claim politics is basically honest (LMAO!)
  2168. Blair refuses [i.e., is terrified] to criticise Israel
  2169. Rebelion. Treason in high places: Pentagon zionists, AIPAC and Israel
  2170. World War Four: Israel's Destructive Enterprise
  2171. Blair, Facing Probe in U.K., Keeps Attention on Israel, Africa (Sleaze bag)
  2172. Bush may seek $110B more to fund wars (Hey! Why not? US has no choice but to die now anyhow)
  2173. Michael Ledeen on War on National Review Online (One of the authors of the Niger forgeries)
  2174. Trapped in Beirut (READ)
  2175. BASTILLE DAY -- The Bastille is located in Paris -- It was being used as a prison when the strongly-fortified high tower was stormed at the outset of the French Revolution
  2176. Iraqi Parliament speaker accuses 'Jews'
  2177. Female Soldiers Treated 'Lower Than Dirt'
  2178. Democratic Party leadership statements of support for Israel
  2179. Iranian president says [he is] for talks with Europe, warns U.S.
  2180. The Death and Transfiguration of AOL
  2181. Israel Crosses the Line - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  2182. Bush won't pressure Israel for cease-fire
  2183. PFC Chris Gorman (also to refuse Iraq service)
  2184. Palestinians Stream in Through Egypt
  2185. CNN: Iranian Made Missiles Hit Israel (US made missles destroyed beirut airport, et alia)
  2186. Israel pounds Beirut, Hizbullah DENIES Haifa attack
  2187. Israel says Lebanon will hide WMDs for Iran (LOL - Lies get bigger and noses grow longer)
  2188. Are you stupid enough to believe one word from Bush & Cheney?
  2189. Client set up, defence lawyer says after mole unveiled
  2190. Bush 'concern' over jailed oil baron (Hmmmm?)
  2191. Israel's endgame
  2192. Planes still flying with same problem as TWA 800 (But the problem was never the problem)
  2193. Australia: Aboriginal town camp residents organise first-ever rally
  2194. Renewed efforts to impeach Philippines president
  2195. Hindu supremacists, media seize on Mumbai atrocity to push India's government further right
  2196. After Supreme Court ruling against military commissions White House, Congress seek to legalize kangaroo courts, torture
  2197. Bush in Germany Chancellor Merkel joins with Bush in backing Israeli aggression
  2198. Washington, Tel Aviv threaten Syria and Iran Ground invasion of Lebanon looms after Israel bombs Beirut airport, imposes blockade
  2199. Susie Day: Bugging Hillary
  2200. Rev. Billy Graham: A War-Monger in the Pulpit
  2201. Tom Crumpacker: Planning for the Re-Colonization of Cuba
  2202. Ricardo Alarc&#-11;&#-11;n: The Mad Annexationist
  2203. The Bush Swingers?: They Broke the Law and People Died (READ)
  2204. Walter Brasch: The Rightwing Language Police
  2205. Japan and Pre-Emptive Strikes: Why Would They Want to Go There?
  2206. A History of Israeli-Palestinian Prisoner Exchanges
  2207. Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg: Railroading Your Rights (READ!)
  2208. Gilad Atzmon: Echoes of the Wehrmacht
  2209. Racism Plagues Media Coverage of Gaza Assault
  2210. William S. Lind: Two Signposts in Iraq
  2211. Israel, the US and the New Orientalism
  2212. Pentagon Budget Gimmickry: When a Cut is Actually an Increase
  2213. Robert Fisk: Beirut Awaits - Is Damascus the key?
  2214. The IDF is Hungry for War. What are the Fighting For?
  2215. South Koreans Rally Against Free Trade Pact With US
  2216. Hezbollah Rockets Hit Haifa, Israel Attacks Beirut Airport Twice
  2217. Israeli Ships, Planes Renew Beirut Airport Attacks
  2218. Why Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame Filed
  2219. "Out of Iraq" Caucus Joins "Troops Home Fast"
  2220. Baghdad Starts to Collapse as Its People Flee a Life of Death
  2221. Arithmetic Problems at the Council of Economic Advisors
  2222. Russia and Iran Lead the New Energy Game
  2223. Vanuatu is world's happiest country: study
  2224. Israel steps up offensive on Lebanon
  2225. Analysis | Israrel's gamble could backfire (It is to be hoped)
  2226. Bush defends Israel, EU, Russia condemn attacks
  2227. US Blocks UN Gaza Resolution (US as Israel's poodle)
  2228. Plame Accuses Bush Officials of 'Shameful Conduct' (Criminal, actually)
  2229. Markets Still Uneasy Over Oil and Middle East
  2230. Rising rates of preterm births are a cause for concern
  2231. Moving ahead in Russia
  2232. L&#-11;&#-11;pez Obrador fights back
  2233. Mexican Vote Fight Jumps Border
  2234. New York Times investigates envelope with powder (Another governmentally fabricated farce of terror)
  2235. New York Sun: War on Iran Has Begun (Yes, when did you wake up?)
  2236. Condemnation of Israeli action mounts (Fast enough?)
  2237. Hizbollah chief defiant after Israel bombs home (The genocidal Israelis are being attacked?)
  2238. 4 Israel troops missing as ship hit off Lebanon - TV (I guess nothing really happened then)
  2239. Gruesome scenes after Israeli air raids on south Lebanon (The essential nature of Israel)
  2240. First Half of 2006 Is Warmest on Record (Idiot pseudoscience)
  2241. Dow Ends Down 107, Nasdaq Ends Down 17 (The sooner it all crumbles, the better we will all be)
  2242. Court Says Recording Calls Violates Rights (Does what scum says matter?)
  2243. Israel Says Warship Attacked by Drone (Now, I guess, something did happen)
  2244. Timeline: Decades of conflict in Lebanon, Israel (Cute and manipulative, but the history goes back into the 19th century)
  2245. Hezbollah Drone Batters Israeli Warship (How about a few more warships and cities?)
  2246. Bush urged to confront Putin in public on human rights (Hilariously stupid)
  2247. From Russia, With Hypocrisy (and from US, what, exactly?)
  2248. Israel hits another Gaza ministry (That's what it does)
  2249. Israeli aircraft hit Hamas economic ministry
  2250. House votes to renew Voting Rights Act (Even criminals need to look good)
  2251. Appeals Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban (diversion)
  2252. Crude Ends Above $77
  2253. Oil Prices Hit Above $78 a Barrel
  2254. If Zidane remark was racist, strip champions of their title (Get a fucking grip, moron!)
  2255. West Nile Laying Low, So Far (until a new terrorist scare is needed)
  2256. Little progress in cooling Israel-Lebanon conflict (when Israel ceases to exist)
  2257. In Mexico, followers' zeal keeps candidate's claims alive
  2258. Guantanamo chief to become NATO top commander
  2259. Israel's Unjust and Unnecessary Response
  2260. Are Shiites Playing COINTELPRO for Israel?
  2261. Pentagon OKS possible $210 Millino Jet Fuel Sale to Israel (?!)
  2262. NASA monitors leaky pipe on shuttle (Government engineering)
  2263. A black flag - Haaretz - Israel News (READ)
  2264. Don't let them fool you - ISRAEL STARTED IT
  2265. Wikipedia is out of control
  2266. US Senate votes millions more for Jewish groups
  2267. Ex-Bush Aide Fatally Shoots Son, Himself (with a shotgun?)
  2268. KBR's detention centers
  2269. Insurers to Test Implantable Microchip
  2270. Yankeetown emergency declared
  2271. NY Times letter had powder, own editorial
  2272. US plans $A280m jet fuel sale to Israel
  2273. Israel fights [i.e., creates] terror in two-front war
  2274. Israeli strikes demolish Beirut suburb (Genocide by Israel)
  2275. Bad Week Gets Worse: Oil Rises, Stocks Fall (Yes, was planned)
  2276. Bush, Putin Seek to Bridge Differences (Why?)
  2277. Putin, Bush Meet for Dinner On G8 Eve (Barf)
  2278. IndianExpress.com :: PM tells Pakistan: Turn off terror tap before we take peace process forward(Cool! Kill each other)
  2279. Another Stab at the Truth (There are only lies)
  2280. Bush accepts restrictions on his authority (LOL - sure!)
  2281. Appeals court reinstates same-sex marriage ban (Is this getting to be a boring diversion, or what?)
  2282. Mideast worries paralyze Wall St. (It needs to be paralyzed)
  2283. Another Day, Another Record for Oil (Ho hum - we're all dead anyhow)
  2284. FBI's e-mail evidence: 'We're going to get rich' (Oh, get a life!)
  2285. Odds stacked against the best-loved horse in US (Is this of any import?)
  2286. Pre-term births are up but fewer newborns die (The problem with morons using statistics)
  2287. Tests confirm Indonesian child died of bird flu (Uh-huh - yeah - sure - absolutely)
  2288. His fuel: people power (US could use some)
  2289. Gaza: survey regarding the consequences of the Israeli incursion
  2290. 'Suspicious powder' at NY Times likely corn starch (Of course. Did Frist send it?)
  2291. Oil tops $78, gold rallies as a safe haven
  2292. Syria says fully backs Hizbollah against Israel (Could they not?)
  2293. US 'could be going bankrupt' (It is bankrupt beyond reclamation)
  2294. PM 'should sack' Levy as envoy
  2295. The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany (READ)
  2296. U.S., Russia Fail to Reach WTO Agreement
  2297. Hezbollah and Deterring Israel
  2298. Proposed Surveillance Bill Would Sweep NSA Spying Programs Under the Rug
  2299. "This is Going to Be A Big War"
  2300. Hundreds turn out to support war protester
  2301. Israel Makes Its 'Clean Break' - by Karen Kwiatkowski
  2302. Eyewitnesses: IAF struck Syrian targets near Lebanon border - News from Israel, Ynetnews
  2303. Chavez: U.S. support for Israel will end in a 'Holocaust'
  2304. Korean missile vote split looms
  2305. Israel likely to concentrate on major targets in Iran
  2306. Attention Deficit Americans Are Being Misled to War - by Paul Craig Roberts
  2307. From my home, I saw what the 'war on terror' meant
  2308. 'No charges' for Menezes police (Why not? They committed murder)
  2309. UK defends strike on Afghan town (and any other crime imaginable)
  2310. Lebanon, Israel: Potential Attack on Tel Aviv (Israel will attack itsel, and outsource blame)
  2311. Hezbollah drone batters Israeli warship (Sink it)
  2312. Israel likely to concentrate on major targets in Iran
  2313. Tsunami relief swept locals aside, study finds
  2314. Arabs rally against Israeli attacks (I would hope so)
  2315. When Torture Isn't Good Enough
  2316. Holy See Condemns Israel&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Atrocities (Shhh - but not too loudly)
  2317. 'Israel Has Reached the End of the Road' (Signed its death warrant long a go)
  2318. Iraqs Holocaust
  2319. from the front line
  2320. Putin rejects Bush's Iraq democracy model (Give W a new brain)
  2321. Israeli diplomat: Iran, Syria are playing with fire (Give him a new brain too)
  2323. US outsources war to Filipinos
  2324. It's war by any other name
  2325. FBI Target Turns Informant In Liberty City 7 Case
  2326. Bush Rejects Lebanon's Call for Cease-Fire (Poster boy for genocide)
  2327. Neocons accuse Bush of appeasement in face of N Korea and Iran threat (LOL)
  2328. Voice of the White House July 14, 2006
  2329. A Beautiful Friendship? (Israel and US corpagov)
  2330. Appearance, reality and the spoiling of the Holy Land - The Irish Bulletin (READ)
  2331. TWA Flight 800 Federal Law Suit for missing evidence Filed Today
  2332. Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges
  2333. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Putin Jabs Bush: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;We Certainly Would Not Want&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;The Same Kind of Democracy As They Have in Iraq&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;(Can W even spell irony)
  2334. The Semantics of War - The Speculating Maverick (READ)
  2335. UK warships heading for Lebanon (I would suppose not to defend Lebanon against the genocidal Israelis - May UK suffer the same inevitable fate as US&IL)
  2336. Lieberman suspects Iran is behind Hezbollah actions (The lying zionist with tongue up Olmert's ass)
  2337. Israeli Aircraft Attack Central Beirut
  2338. Stocks suffer more losses as oil prices continue to surge
  2339. Did someone X him for Ex-Im knowledge? (That's what I asked)
  2340. It doesn't look good for Karl Rove (Hope springs eternal - big K doesn't look good either)
  2341. Abramoff Lobbying of White House Probed (By the bought criminal Congress?! That should be fun)
  2342. The Stolen Election of 2004
  2343. Mexico's Election May Rest on 7 Votes (*Another* corrupt judiciary)
  2344. Bribery, Human and Drug Smuggling By U.S. Officers Who Patrol Border (Al-CIAda)
  2345. Insurers to Test Implantable Microchip (Wouldn't they just)
  2346. RFID US Passports Coming in August
  2347. Yankeetown emergency declared (Begins the revolution?!)
  2348. US intelligence ties to Mumbai 7/11 (But, of course)
  2349. NY Times letter had powder, own editorial (Corn starch from Frist)
  2350. U.N. passes resolution condemning N. Korea (Tiresome)
  2351. Gunmen kidnap Iraqi Olympic chief, 20 bodyguards (US death squads at play)
  2352. 50 abducted in Baghdad
  2353. U.S. accused of kidnappings in Iraq (Only an idiot would be surprised)
  2354. Iraq extends state of emergency (The very point of the US death squad activities)
  2355. Wider regional war already under way, most observers agree (Does anyone disagree?)
  2356. No safe way out of Lebanon: Gambaro (Terrorism by the Zionist Entity)
  2357. Lebanon evacuations belie Australian claims
  2358. Israel Says Warship Attacked by Drone (Which planet are Drones from?)
  2359. France Criticizes Israel Attack on Lebanon (as "disproportionate"?! LOL)
  2360. Lebanon Calls for Cease-Fire Under U.N.
  2361. Israel kills 34 civilians in strikes (It's Israel's most important product)
  2362. Israeli Copters Resume Night Airstrikes On Gaza Strip (They are already also bombing Syria - few have noticed)
  2363. Report: Israel gives Syria ultimatum (How about giving Russia and China an ultimatum?)
  2364. Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth: political posturing and the Democratic Party(Posturing is all it is)
  2365. Hillary "Rotten Fascist" Clinton and New York's gay marriage ruling: a calculated bow to the right
  2366. Judge upholds unprecedented raid on US Congressional office
  2367. The "cash for peerages" scandal and the decay of British democracy (What democracy?)
  2368. Israeli attack on Lebanon threatens to engulf entire Middle East in war (Yes, and that is precisely what is being engineered)
  2369. Plame: 'Cheney and Rove Plotted to Destroy My Career'
  2370. Israel Hits Hezbollah Headquarters, "Open War" Declared on Israel (and the world should support that)
  2371. Wiretapping Review Criticized (for the scam that it is?)
  2372. New House Majority Leader Keeps Old Ties to Lobbyists (Who pays his bills afterall?)
  2373. Santorum Struggles for Support at Home (as the psychoSOB should)
  2374. Lebanese Refugees Speak of Catastrophic Bombing
  2375. Assad pledges Syrian help for Lebanon
  2376. U.N. passes N. Korea (Reasonably idiotic)
  2377. US vetoes UN ceasefire call (and sanctifies all crimes of the zionist entity)
  2378. Muslim extremist admits he was spy who revealed Canada bomb plot (i.e., it was a gummint scam, and that's all it ever was)
  2379. Putin: Israel has goals other than troops (Clever guy)
  2380. Britain and world set for 'hard landing' (Harder than you can imagine)
  2381. Lebanon blames US for UN silence (That's right)
  2382. Israel Pounds Southern Beirut; Hezbollah Leader Calls For War
  2383. Israeli airstrikes hit bridges, gas stations in east and south ...
  2384. Russia Stumbles in Its Bid to Join Key Trade Group (A fairly stupid thing to say)
  2385. Bush backs away from public spat with Putin (Someone smack so sense into his vacant head?)
  2386. Russia, US take aim at nuclear terrorism (silly diversion)
  2387. Israeli airstrikes targets kill two people in Gaza (Who's paying for all this death and destruction?)
  2388. Israeli tanks roll into northern Gaza Strip
  2389. Plame suit makes political waves (calling criminals what they are)
  2390. WHO test confirms 41st bird flu death in Indonesia (or not)
  2391. West Nile virus found in San Juan (or not)
  2392. Seventh case of mad cow disease confirmed in Canada (or not)
  2393. Coalition raids kill 40 Afghan militants (or not)
  2394. The Reality Club: The Problem of Time in Quantum Cosmology (Yes! - READ)
  2395. Neoconservatives goad for new wars
  2397. Congress approaches 'Do-Nothing' record (Both criminal, and less than useless)
  2398. Timeline of Zionist Terror from a UN committee 02 October 1948 (Genuine terrorists)
  2399. North American Jews express support, solidarity with Israel (Terrorist collaborators)
  2400. Enron mother's anger over treaty
  2401. Prime suspect: First, [Mossad agent] Lord Levy. Now police are heading for the PM
  2402. Loan trail to No 10 revealed (Blair in the pockets of Israel)
  2403. Bush, Chirac differ over call for Lebanon truce (Bush still whores for the Israeli terrorists)
  2404. Fleeing Lebanon villagers caught in Israeli inferno (Not "caught": it was deliberate)
  2405. Statement from the General Secretary of Hizballah,
  2406. The Impending Abyss (READ!)
  2407. Robert Fisk: Hizbollah's response reveals months of planning
  2408. Democracy Now! | Army Charges Lieutenant With Contempt and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer for Refusing Iraq Deployment and Criticizing Bush, War
  2409. South African Council of Churches/COSATU/PSC push for sanctions against Israel
  2410. Palestine 2006 : corpses on the ground, minds in the clouds
  2411. The REAL Reason Israel Is Going Full-Frontal on Hezbollah - NOW
  2413. Is the Road to Damascus Through Lebanon?
  2414. 'In the Beginning, There Was Terror' (READ)
  2415. In war, semantics is everything
  2416. Americans Rescued from Lebanon Will Have to Pay to Be Repatriated (Criminal US corpagov less than useless)
  2417. Wildly disproportionate attack on Lebanon seems like pretext to confront Iran, says Linda McQuaig
  2418. Frank Rich and why the U.S. and Israel are attacking Lebanon (READ)
  2419. Photos you will not see on US TV
  2420. When retribution comes, don't cry for Israel
  2421. Dan Moore, "'Recognize the Centrality of the Palestine Question': An Interview with George Galloway"
  2422. Israel accused of using illegal weapons
  2423. Lebanon bows on border demand
  2424. Bush backs Israel at divided G8 (Israel's whore)
  2425. AIPAC trial delayed again
  2426. Bush: Hezbollah must stop attacking (Hello-o?)
  2427. U.S. plans 'air bridge' out of Lebanon, officials say (and other useless nonsense)
  2428. Israeli Bombings could lead to Escalation of Middle East War
  2429. The Zionist 'Prime Directive' For Obedient Americans.
  2430. Let's face it, it's WWIII, Gingrich says (He's always been an asshole lunatic)
  2431. Russia Is Not a Lost Cause - by Pat Buchanan
  2432. Mohammed and his family in Tyre (That's Lebanon lest you forget)
  2433. Look who's been kidnapped! (READ)
  2434. Government Monitored Anti-War Group E-Mails
  2435. Israel kills Canadians in Lebanon
  2436. Revealed: the man who killed 10,000 dogs (Now about those several hundred thousand Iraqis ...)
  2437. 8 Cdns killed in Israeli airstrike
  2438. Medical Journal Says It Was Again Misled (Paid for "scientific" conclusions)
  2439. Ex-prisons chief launches broadside at 'gutless' Blair
  2440. Blair: ID card scheme will go ahead (kill it)
  2441. Wiretap Surrender (Orwellian state)
  2442. Cdn. troops join massive operation in Afghanistan
  2443. Soldiers Work On [Destroying] Key Iraqi Road, Dam Projects
  2444. 12 Egyptian Sailors Rescued to al-Bassel Hospital in Tartous, Syria
  2445. 'Please get me out of here' (Israel laying waste to Lebanon)
  2446. Israel Steps Up Assault on Beirut Suburbs
  2447. IDF: We destroyed Lebanon's coastal radars
  2448. Israel Widens Scope of Attacks Across Lebanon
  2449. Israel sends warning to Lebanon army
  2450. Missiles rain down as Israel slides to war
  2451. Evacuation for Britons as crisis in Lebanon grows
  2452. Two Navy ships bound for Lebanon
  2453. Chavez Lashes Out at U.S. Over Mideast
  2454. UN is a US puppet, Syria charges
  2455. Iraq PM denounces Israel over Lebanon, Gaza
  2456. Iran and Syria to blame, says Blair (Hello-o?)
  2457. Probe: Robbers Used Weapons Smuggled From Iraq by Soldier (US government terrorism at home)
  2458. Inquiry snub 'baffles' top Muslim
  2459. Israel batters Hezbollah HQ, wipes out radar sites
  2460. In Haifa, a Scene of Death and Destruction
  2461. Hezbollah attacks Haifa while Israel steps up air raids on south Beirut
  2462. Hezbollah Terrorist Sleeper Cell Suspected in New York City (Oh - give me fucking break!)
  2463. Israeli raids reach north Lebanon (attmpting to wipe Lebanon of the map)
  2464. Blaming Syria and Iran (good only for criminal liars)
  2465. Democrats Press Bush to Take More Direct Role in Middle East (Why? Everything he touches turns to shit)
  2466. Diskin: Gilad Shalit is alive (Who cares?)
  2467. Israeli aircraft hit Hamas economic ministry (Death and destriction is all that Israel is good for)
  2468. Not much user sympathy for Microsoft over EU fine (I wonder why)
  2469. Indonesian May Have 42 Related Bird Flu Death (or not)
  2470. Weight loss may offer clue to dementia (pseudoscience)
  2471. To win, try following Bush's path, avoid the high road (Be both criminal and moron)
  2472. Israel launches air strike on key northern Lebanese city (Speakijng of criminals)
  2473. Israeli PM warns Lebanon of "far-reaching consequences" (for daring to exist)
  2474. 8 Israelis<-->8 Canadians - Why doesn't Canada bomb Israel?
  2475. Daily Kos: A brief [very recent] history of Israel
  2476. New Massacre in Lebanon by Israeli Terrorists
  2477. Fury as Karzai plans return of Taliban's religious police (Ah -*that* kind of democracy!)
  2478. Last minute talks in Lebanon amid fears of ground invasion (and then on to Syria)
  2479. International - 'We feel the world has left us to be slaughtered' (what Israel has been about since before it was Israel)
  2480. Israel Prepares to Invade Syria
  2481. THE END OF DEMOCRACY PROMOTION IN IRAQ? (and of the air of medacity?)
  2482. Israel Takes a Stupid Pill (Doesn't matter: it doomed itself before it began)
  2483. God to Revoke Holy Land Status - All Agree It's Time to "Pull It" (Maybe more poetry than humor)
  2484. Tell Congess To Commence Impeachment Before It Is Too Late (It's already too late)
  2485. Medically retired soldier concludes: "We are pawns" in Iraq
  2486. "Crossed Vetoes" (From the oldest monarchy in the world)
  2487. Israeli Ambassador: all terrorists are Muslim (So delighfully zionist)
  2488. Counter-protest the JUF
  2489. Hezbollah appears in control of Lebanon (and it shitkicked Israel the last time it invaded Lebanon)
  2490. Israel pummels Lebanon after Haifa strike (as Israel always does)
  2491. Gold Rises in Asia Amid Escalating Violence in the Middle East
  2492. Khaleej Times Online - Stop the war now (READ)
  2493. Oil, gold eye new peaks on global jitters
  2494. Couric: 'CBS Evening News' to Be More Relatable to Viewers (hence, more manipulating with confections)
  2495. Tel Aviv plans 4-tier, intensifying offensive (to annihilate the world that dares complain of of its genocidal intentions)
  2496. Time Travel [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
  2497. Heisenberg's Physics and Philosophy
  2498. Is Israel's war also "our war"?
  2499. Stabbed in the Back! (Harpers.org READ)
  2500. I Know I Won't Fight . . . But How Do I Prove it?
  2501. Iran Warns Israel Of 'Unimaginable Losses' If Syria Hit
  2502. Americans Want U.S. Out of Mid-East War
  2503. Train bombers 'funded by British businessmen'
  2504. Diverse coalition urges government to lower dollar value (Maybe an enema would help?)
  2505. Israel just testing the waters?
  2506. Israel hammers at Lebanese infrastructure
  2507. Iraqi cleric blames U.S. for conflict in Lebanon
  2508. Bush Administration Plans Medicare Changes (for corporate benefit)
  2509. Russia may send troops to Middle East
  2510. US gives Israel a blank check to wage war
  2511. Halliburton's Fleecing Ends -- Or Does It? (Not likely)
  2512. Rice Defends Israel, Calls Criticisms of Bush Policy 'Grotesque' (Has she looked in a mirror lately?)
  2513. Report: Israeli aircraft brought down in Beirut
  2514. Syria poised to strike back
  2515. Will We Go to War for Israel? - by Justin Raimondo
  2516. We're Being Set Up for Wider War in the Middle East - by Paul Craig Roberts
  2517. Israel opposes putting international forces in South Lebanon (Now, why would that be?)
  2518. The Real Agenda (Isn't it a little late for figuring out an obviousness?)
  2519. US forces won't go to Lebanon (Until tomorrow)
  2520. Israels Attack on Lebanon
  2521. Wildly Disproportionate Attack on Lebanon Seems Like Pretext to Confront Iran
  2522. Exiled Iranian Has Another Run As U.S. Informant (Ghorbanifar)
  2523. Terrorists Poison 100,000 Jewish Children (READ)
  2524. Israel plans Lebanon buffer zone (Is that what they call it?)
  2525. Nearly 1 million protest Mexico election
  2526. My opinion on the Current Arab/ Israeli Problem
  2527. When civilians become targets: The Israeli destruction of Lebanon and Gaza
  2528. Israeli warplane down east of Beirut
  2529. ISRAEL'S NEW FEAR (Another signing of its own death warrant)
  2530. Military leaders foresee Iraq exit in 2016 (How wonderfully far sighted!)
  2531. Mideast attacks in fourth day
  2532. Conspiracy and Closed Minds on 9/11
  2533. Israel acts according to a ready script
  2534. Israel-Hezbollah fighting yet to reach its zenith (The road to Teheran also goes through Lebanon)
  2535. Israel's path to total war (READ)
  2536. The west must recognise that Israel's agenda is in conflict with its own (READ)
  2537. FLASHBACK: Sharon's war crimes in Lebanon: the record
  2538. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates
  2539. U.S. sends cruise ship for Lebanon evacuees (False flag attack coming p? Remember the Lusitania)
  2540. TomPaine.com - Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes (READ)
  2541. Can Israel Change? (No - and it will be destroyed)
  2542. Viruses leap to smart radio tags (Too smart by half)
  2543. Jackson mayor to set curfew on homeless (?! What?!)
  2544. Italian spy chief faces sack over alleged role in CIA kidnapping
  2545. Iraq market attack kills 55
  2546. British forces detain militia leader in Iraq (A mistake that will be paid for)
  2547. Rice Says Israel May Need to Prolong Offensive (Cybil speaks!)
  2548. UN calls for Lebanon peace force (To stop attacks on Israel?!!!!!)
  2549. Beirut families with nowhere to go (So who is committing genocide against whom?)
  2550. Israeli denies aircraft lost near Beirut (Is it just too embarrassing to the Master Race?)
  2551. IDF Reserve Infantry Division Called Up
  2552. Israel pounds Lebanon
  2553. Israeli troops enter southern Lebanon
  2554. What's Wrong With This Picture? 7-16-06, NO-IMAGES-OF-DEAD-ISRAELIS.
  2555. "At least, we really know where you stand, o Nation Magazine"
  2556. Where is the rage? Where is the outrage?
  2557. Hezbollah rejects ceasefire with Israel
  2558. Iran foreign minister in Syria, discusses Lebanon
  2559. Limbaugh: Invasion is a Gift to the World! (Psychopath)
  2560. Photos of War taken by Lebanese People
  2561. US Charging Evacuees to Get Out of Lebanon
  2562. The Civil War in Iraq Has Begun
  2563. Super scandal may be brewing (READ - and do be afraid)
  2564. That's a demonstration: 1.1+ million in Mexico City
  2565. Politically Correct Apostate: There's the Big Lie, and then there's the Really Big Lie (READ)
  2566. Syria offers safe haven to US nationals fleeing Lebanon (While the US does not)
  2567. CNN: We're not allowed to comment on dead civilians
  2568. The Israeli F-16 (What's destroying Lebanon, and which USians paid for)
  2569. Israel softens conditions for cease-fire (or not)
  2570. Russia May Send Navy Ships to Lebanon:Source
  2571. Bolton: Civilian deaths don't count (THERE IT IS - Destroy him)
  2572. One Giant Gaza Strip
  2573. China builds railway into Tibet
  2574. Voting rights under attack across US States move to enact new restrictions
  2575. G8 leaders line up behind Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Gaza
  2576. Ricardo Alarc&#-11;&#-11;n: The Mad Annexationist
  2577. Planning for the Re-Colonization of Cuba
  2578. Up from Below in Oaxaca
  2579. The Bush Swingers?: They Broke the Law and People Died
  2580. Bombs Fall, Missiles Strike, and Death and Life Go On
  2581. Blowing the Whistle on Diebold (How much blowing does it take?!)
  2582. Corruption Cited in Iraq's Oil Industry (No?! Really?)
  2583. UN Nuclear Sanctions May Lead to a Second Korean War, Warns Defiant North (Bring it on, right?)
  2584. Bush Administration Plans Devastating Medicare Changes (Devastation it what neocons are really good at)
  2585. Israel tailors military plan (of its extended genocide)
  2586. At Gateway to Hezbollah Country, Seaside Town Becomes a Target (as all become an Israeli target of death ond destruction)
  2587. Israeli air strikes kill 42 (all they could get?)
  2588. Hezbollah rejects ceasefire proposals by foreign envoys (who want nothing more than to murder them)
  2589. Review of the Arab press - July 17 (2006)
  2590. No criminal case for mistaken British terror shooting (Like David Kelly was not assassinated)
  2591. What a Bush veto would mean for stem cells (How does a moron have so much power?)
  2592. Bush caught swearing (BFD! W *is* an expletive)
  2593. Ongoing conflict in M-East pushes oil prices higher
  2594. Crude Oil Falls on Speculation Israel May Soon Stop Offensive (A remarkable idiocy)
  2595. When do you think oil will hit $80/barrel? (Do I hear $100?)
  2596. Shuttle Safely Returns to Cape Canaveral Isn't NASA lucky?)
  2597. Prediabetes may raise risk for Alzheimer's (or not)
  2598. New studies say diabetes leads to Alzheimer's. Still, that raises ... (No it doesn't)
  2599. Raised Blood Sugar May Increase Alzheimer's Risk (or not)
  2600. Overweight girls 'die younger' (or not)
  2601. Adolescent Obesity Linked to Premature Death (or not)
  2602. Overweight when young, maybe dead in middle age? (or not)
  2603. G-8 calls for end of fighting in Mideast (but condones Israel's continuining genocide)
  2604. Motion Mountain - The Contents of the Free Physics Textbook (May be interesting)
  2605. Physics hoaxers discover Quantum Bogosity | The Register (pseudoscience even invades physics - but, yes, real physicists and mathematicians still exist - for how long?)
  2606. Israel says campaign to take weeks (Or more - it would, wouldn't it?)
  2607. Mind your Language, this is Malasia (Do they think they are French, of something?)
  2608. My Favorite Murder - A. Bierce
  2609. CNN Presents TWA Flight 800 Misinformation
  2610. What I am watching in Lebanon each day is an outrage
  2611. Hizbullah rocket hits Israeli hospital!!! ahem, nevermind
  2612. Israel tells Condi not to bother showing up
  2613. Grieving relatives want blame placed on Israel
  2614. James Woolsey calls for an attack on Syria (Sickness)
  2615. Hezbollah website hosted by a US defense subcontractor (Hejailan Projects / United Defense Industries, Inc. / BAE Systems Land and Armaments)
  2616. Taleban 'take south Afghan town'
  2617. Beirut condemns Israel 'madness'
  2618. All quiet on the Syrian front
  2619. Staffers at Santa Barbara Paper Join Large Protest
  2620. Police detain Al Jazeera crew members for third tim
  2621. U.S. Contracts Cruise Ship For Possible Lebanon Evacuations
  2622. U.S. Rescue Bogs Down in Lebanon
  2623. Blame Iran, Syria crow the Warcocks (It's what Israel wants)
  2624. N.Y. Times to Reduce Page Size, Slash Jobs
  2625. Al Qaeda Presence in Kashmir complete hoax: Police (Unless it's Al-CIAda)
  2626. Israel capable of air strike on Iran
  2628. Hillary Clinton: All Americans are Behind Israel (?)
  2629. ALL Americans?
  2630. PRT rejects any links with executed prostitute
  2631. Consulting firm destroyed records in OU data theft investigation
  2632. Iris Scans: Keeping an Eye on Sex Offenders (No technology should be in government hands)
  2633. CNN.com - U.N.: 14,000 Iraqis killed in 2006 - Jul 18, 2006 (US deathsquads still at work)
  2634. Politicians and Media Selling America's Soul for an Israeli Shekel
  2635. What Does Israel Want? (Ask the elder of Zion)
  2636. Bill Kristol is a Maniac (Yes)
  2637. New York Times covers up brutal settler attack on Palestinian
  2638. ei: Israeli Attacks on Educational Institutions in the Gaza Strip Violate International Law
  2639. Australian FM says Israel rejects ceasefire appeal
  2640. Canada PM's pro-Israel stance seen costing votes
  2641. Video: Israel kills Lebanese soldiers
  2642. Thousands flee as Israel threatens all-out war
  2643. Clinton says he would have died for Israel (Why not right now?)
  2644. Where are the Christians?
  2645. Iran to Hizbullah: Curb attacks on Israel (or not?)
  2646. Florida's Fear of History: New Law Undermines Critical Thinking (Utterly bizarre - and scary)
  2647. Lahud: UN Helps Israel Gain Time
  2648. Israelis are dying: it must be an escalation
  2649. US hawks smell blood
  2650. Israel Violates US Law With Attack on Lebanon (No law binds Israel)
  2651. The Voice of the White House for July 17th 2006 (READ)
  2652. Israel Readies for Iran Showdown by Attacking Lebanon (Yes)
  2654. All in a day's work for America's ally (READ)
  2655. China may pay price for DPRKs missiles
  2656. Bush: Iran May Be Behind Crisis (liar)
  2657. URGENT: Diebold Electronic Machines Malfunction, Vote for Other Candidate
  2658. Troubles for the Israel Lobby
  2659. Crisis in the Middle East: Israel Considers Invasion as Hezbollah Rejects Ceasefire - International - SPIEGEL ONLIN
  2660. Key Witness in CIA Plame Leak Case found Dead in Chesapeake Bay: He had said that Mossad/MI5 planting chemical weapons in Iraq
  2661. FOX NEWS SUPPORTS DEATH THREATS on Scholars for 9/11 Truth
  2662. Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel
  2663. Neocons Resurrect Plans For Regional War In The Middle East
  2664. Turkey signals it's prepared to enter Iraq
  2665. US warships head for Lebanon, thousands flee bombing
  2666. Officials from Across the Political Spectrum Question 9/11
  2667. About Isreal, The Palestinains, Syria and Lebanon (READ)
  2668. 'Neighbors Are Killing Neighbors'
  2669. British warship to evacuate Aussies
  2670. Secret US plot to crush Hezbollah
  2671. US pleased with "compromise" resolution on North Korea
  2672. UK sends more troops to southern Afghanistan as fighting escalates
  2673. Election crisis in Mexico deepens as one million protestors demand recount
  2674. G8 ignores mounting problems in world economy
  2675. Antiwar protests in Israel
  2676. G-8 powers sanction Israeli aggression in Lebanon (Israel, naturally doesn't give a rats ass)
  2677. Kathleen Christison: Atrocities in the Promised Land
  2678. Mike Whitney: Israel's Shameful Attack on Gaza
  2679. Thousands of Lebanese Flee to Beirut From Unstable South
  2680. Big Pharma Reaps Windfall From Shifts to Medicare
  2681. Blair, Annan Want Peacekeepers in Lebanon (If Poodlepig wants it, it's a scam)
  2682. Caucus Groups Privately Schmooze House and Senate
  2683. US, Iraq Sign "Commercial Cooperation" Deal (You know it's a theft)
  2684. Cheney Will Play the Security Card Again
  2685. New Warnings of Darfur Genocide
  2686. Death ray being tested in Iraq?
  2687. What leads to scientific fraud? (See also frauds and lies by pharmas)
  2688. End Bush's stem cell club
  2689. Arabs divided on Hezbollah over Israel (Getting an amazing number of facts wrong)
  2690. Crisis in Lebanon may Threaten Other Regimes in the Region (That's the purpose)
  2691. Aljazeera.Net - UN seeks international force for Lebanon (Put an international force in, and disarm Israel)
  2692. Bush at the summit: 4 minutes of candor (or not)
  2693. Bush Blocked Eavesdropping Program Probe
  2694. Listening in on Bush's Thinking (Is that what you call it?)
  2695. Israel an American Value?
  2696. 1 more Israeli killed - or, so they say
  2697. Israel REFUSES safe passage for foreigners
  2698. The Madman of Tel-Aviv
  2699. American evacuees angry at Lebanon air strikes
  2700. The Right of Revolution
  2701. Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel (Unlike Clinton, extraterritorially)
  2702. Cape man buoys theory missile downed jet (TWA 800)
  2703. Former Ambassador Leo Wanta Getting 1.2 Trillion Of Stolen U.S. Funds Back To Treasury (For Bush to steal?)
  2704. From The Lebanese People To The So Called Civilized West
  2705. The Assholes Asshole (John Bolton)
  2706. Israel says Hizbollah, Iran coordinated abduction (Lying goes with theft and genocide)
  2707. Israel claims Iran link to crisis (Israel *is* the crisis)
  2708. Israeli Tanks Move Into Gaza Refugee Camp (It's what they do)
  2709. FBI eyes Hizbollah in US as tensions with Iran rise (How about Israel's agent Bushbinpoopypants in the US?)
  2710. First Baghdad bank heist nets 1.4 billion (Mossad, CIA or MI5?)
  2711. Yo Bush! Blair mocked as US poodle (which he is)
  2712. Lebanon condemns Israel 'madness' (for which it will be exterminated)
  2713. Israel smells victory against Hezbollah (but simply mistakes the stench of its own criminal existence)
  2714. The opening salvo of a new war (High assholery)
  2715. Israel vows no respite to offensive in Lebanon (and it will die)
  2716. Bush Supports Israel's Move Against Hezbollah (and the wasting of Lebanon)
  2717. What's next for Israel? (Death - but not near quickly enough)
  2718. GA: McKinney Trailing Early; Reeds Lt. Gov. Bid Fails Election is being stolen from her)
  2719. Nearly 6,000 Iraqi civilians died in May and June, UN says
  2720. Military operation could take weeks: Israel ("Military operation"? How about genocide and serial murder and mayhem?)
  2721. Microsoft buys Sysinternals, Winternals (Made an offer they couldn't refuse)
  2722. Migraines With Auras Up Cardiovascular Risks (or not)
  2723. Teens Lose Weight With Meridia (and may become brainless zombies)
  2724. Iraqi Death Toll Rises Above 100 Per Day, UN Says (US genocide is becoming more efficient)
  2725. Bush Blocked Ethics Inquiry, Official Says (That's the kinda guy he is)
  2726. Livni says conflict is against Hezbollah, not Lebanon (Of course - sure - right - absolutely)
  2727. Analysis: Israel's strategy (What a load of crap)
  2728. Nothing but anti-Arab racism can fully explain the behaviour of the Israelis
  2729. Energized Neocons Say Israel's Fight Is Washington's (Neocon = Zionist)
  2730. Iraq Civilian Toll Spikes to Almost 6,000 in May, June of 06
  2731. Aljazeera.Net - Israeli jets hit central Beirut
  2732. Jailed troops to be released due to wars (Israel)
  2733. Rep. Kucinichs to introduce Resolution Calling on Bush to Push for Cease-Fire (Nice, but useless)
  2734. Turkish Commandos on Iraqi Border
  2735. Hamas & Hizbullah must renounce violence, but Israel need not (That's about it)
  2736. If Israel has the right to use force in self defence, so do its neighbours
  2737. Bush warns Syria to keep out of Lebanon
  2738. "The Insane Brutality of the State of Israel"
  2739. Latest targets of [Ziomist] air blitz: milk and medicine
  2740. The Human Shields of Nazareth
  2741. As the world looks elsewhere, death toll rises in Gaza
  2742. Blair Quashes Public Release of Bush Terror Plot Evidence! (Judicial coverup of criminal government)
  2743. Heavy fighting in Colombia forces thousands of civilians to flee
  2745. Dobbs: Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East
  2746. Katrina audit shows fraud, abuse
  2747. The Truth, The Bad, And The Ugly (READ)
  2748. The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile
  2749. DNA - India - Gagged bloggers fume at ban - Daily News & Analysis
  2751. What Bushs Open Mike Revealed (READ)
  2752. Economist: 'The housing market's in trouble' (Really? I would never have guessed)
  2754. Homeland Security Department Is Accused of Credit Card Misuse (It's called looting)
  2755. ISRAELIS TARGET CHRISTIAN PART OF BEIRUT (They just don't like *anybody*)
  2756. The Untermensch Syndrome: Israel's Moral Decay (It was as filthy before its existence)
  2757. It's Time to Stand Against Israel (It was time half a century ago)
  2758. Soldiers are Dying so the Republicans Go Fishing
  2759. Middle East: Reaping what Bush sowed
  2760. In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared
  2761. Reed Concedes Defeat Ga. Lt. Gov Primary (Abramoff criminal sleaze factor)
  2762. Controversial McKinney fails to avoid runoff
  2763. New records on UCSC protests show deeper spying conspiracy
  2764. The Summer of 1914 - by William S. Lind (READ)
  2765. Bush approval sinks to low point in poll (Gotten to negative numbers yet?)
  2766. Fed Chief: Oil May Make Inflation Worse (A brilliant observation!)
  2767. Bush 'blocked phone tap inquiry'
  2768. US military vows to reclaim Helmand towns from Taliban (As in "kill them all" - do an Israel on them)
  2769. Cover-Up Exposed? (READ)
  2770. Pentagon Papers Author Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9/11 (Yes - now what?)
  2771. Reuters AlertNet - Israeli shells hit UN posts in Lebanon, no one hurt
  2772. Philippines president orders offensive against Maoist guerrilla army
  2773. Britain: No one to be held accountable for police murder of Jean Charles de Menezes
  2774. Sectarian violence escalates in Iraq
  2775. Official US callousness leaves thousands stranded in Lebanon
  2776. Western diplomacy supports Israel's war of aggression (This is diplomacy?)
  2777. Hillary Clinton celebrates Israeli war crimes (Zionist whore)
  2778. Is Israel Using Arab Villages As Human Shields?
  2779. Israel Targets, Flattens Beirut TV Station HQ
  2780. Massacres Soar in Central Iraq: Maliki Government Discredited
  2781. Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill As Promised (Imbecile)
  2782. Lebanon Demands Compensation From Israel
  2783. US Marine General says 6,000 Americans to be evacuated by weekend (For which Israel should be made to pay reparations and costs)
  2784. On the street, prayers for Hezbollah
  2785. US says root cause of Mideast conflict must be tackled (and that would be the genocidal Israel)
  2786. Syrian Ambassador: 'Bush Has Got It Wrong'
  2787. Hezbollah arsenal growing in size and punch
  2788. Israel turns screws on Syria (Will no one blow the shit out of Dimona?)
  2789. Hezbollah arsenal growing in size and punch
  2790. US gives Israel free rein for a week (of genocide and mayhem)
  2791. Road to insanity (is well traveled by US corpagov)
  2792. In Israeli offensive, no assurances of success (It is not possible)
  2793. Israel rightly defends its line in the sand (A total fiction)
  2794. Israel's Attack Is 3-Pronged (and long planned)
  2795. Syria trying to get back in Lebanon: Bush (weasel brain)
  2796. Black day in Israel-Lebanon stand-off
  2797. Hezbollah ready for long war against Israel (Israel delenda est)
  2798. Probe: Black Chicago suspects tortured
  2799. Police Torture Report To Be Released (Torture, as 'murikan as apple pie)
  2800. Refugees join a frantic exodus (Charge Israel for all expenses for its war crimes)
  2801. Russia Prepared to Conduct Nuclear Tests Defense Minister
  2802. Lebanon's Expendable People
  2803. "today, we are all Israelis." (Repugs may be war criminals, but I'm not; all of these sickos should move to Israel - and stay there!)
  2804. GOP Sen. Caught Doctoring 9/11 Images In Campaign Ad (It's what zionists do)
  2805. Kristol Suggests People of Iran Would Embrace U.S. Attack, Triggering Regime Change (*How* delusional can you get?!)
  2806. The Fed walks tightrope on interest rates (You would think this *isn't* a private bank)
  2807. In Ga., Reed Out and McKinney in Runoff (Reed out is a small piece of good news; his dying would be better)
  2808. Rice to meet with Annan tomorrow (I'm sure Annan is thrilled and honored- and will try very hard not to engage in projectile vomitting)
  2809. Israeli troops kill 9 Palestinians (It's their hobby when not murdering Lebanese)
  2810. 14 Palestinians killed in Gaza, West Bank clashes (14 more probably)
  2811. Fresh Israeli incursion into Gaza kills 4 (and yet more?)
  2812. The propaganda campaign for war, for Israel
  2813. Israel bit off more than it can chew (signing its death warrant for the 1001th time)
  2814. House OKs bill guarding Pledge from courts (Not just criminals, but liars, ignorant of history and morons)
  2815. Israel Prepares to Invade Syria
  2816. Pro-Israel groups rally support for Lieberman (Deport Lieberwurst and all the others, including Lamont to Israel)
  2817. Israel targets leaders (and anything, anybody it pleases)
  2818. Administration Seeks Lasting Cease-Fire (Then destroy Israel)
  2819. The indispensable condition of peace (The death of all zionists)
  2820. Disney axes 650 global film jobs
  2821. For Bush, stem cell veto is issue of 'fundamental morals' (Great, since he has none)
  2822. 70 civilians killed in Israeli raids
  2823. Las Vegas Jewish community told Israel to prevail in current war (disgusting swine)
  2824. Israel pounds Lebanon again (Turn Dimona into a crater)
  2825. 'Nobody cares about Arab lives'
  2826. Israel continues Lebanon offensive
  2827. Israel targets Hezbollah leadership bunker
  2828. Supplies run thin amid Lebanon buying frenzy
  2829. Intensified bombing elevates death toll
  2830. Lebanon being 'torn to shreds'
  2831. Olmert sets out Israeli demands after 55 Lebanese civilians killed (swine)
  2832. 300 killed in Israel`s week-old attack: Lebanon PM
  2833. New Terror Charges for Tech Student (Corpagov terrorism)
  2834. Oil Rises as Israeli Attacks Raise Risk of Supply Disruptions
  2835. Aussies among 70,000 fleeing Lebanon
  2836. Britons told: you may be stuck for a fortnight (Where is the outrage?)
  2837. Hizbollah's rockets have Arabs and Israelis in their sights (Khplah!)
  2838. Israel hints at a full-scale invasion (and can do anything it wants)
  2839. U.S. Talks with North Korea 'Set Up to Fail' (of course, as with Iran)
  2840. Few Editorials Find Fault with the Bombing of Beirut
  2841. 72 Lebanese killed in Israel air raid
  2842. UN warns of war crimes in Lebanon (War crimes are an Israeli specialty)
  2843. British anger at terror celebration (How many ironies can you stand)
  2844. Ethiopian troops on Somali soil
  2845. Gaza leaflets: Any house hiding weapons to be blown up
  2846. Lebanon's 9/11 or Why Do They Hate Us? Picture Album
  2847. U.S. at Odds With Allies on Mideast Conflict (and everybody but Israel)
  2848. No, We're Not 'All Israelis Now' - by Peter J. Lynch
  2849. Israel may launch large-scale ground offensive in Lebanon (already begun)
  2850. Cytations: see through the murky waters
  2851. Comment is free: Bad science and bad government
  2852. Germany 'calls for EU ban' on stem cell research (Is idiocy contagious)
  2853. Comment: Tariq Ali
  2854. Enrich Iranians, Not Uranium
  2856. Kidnapped by Israel
  2857. Marines in Lebanon to evacuate Americans (Being sent there to be shot byIsraelis in Hizbollah clothing?)
  2858. Third of Lebanon casualties are children, says UN
  2859. Homeland Security agent monitored student protests in Bay Area
  2860. A pantomime president
  2861. Evangelical Christians plead for Israel (Fruitcakes)
  2862. Israeli Censor Wielding Great Power (Ah! Israeli Democracy and Freedom!)
  2863. Americans Reject Involvement in Middle East War (They are a major cause of it)
  2864. An Imperial Edict on the Late Disturbances in Phoenicia
  2865. The Unfolding Horror Show Will Americans Join Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians as Neocon Victims?
  2866. FURY AT PM (Poodles like slaughter by zionists too)
  2867. Turkish anti-West mood 'rising'
  2868. American Media: Israeli Occupied Territory
  2869. IDF: Mossad has significantly infiltrated Hizbullah
  2870. Who will defend US from Israel? The Israeli Spy-Ring and 9/11
  2871. Why Syria and Hezbollah tried to keep Israel out of Lebanon
  2872. FEMA muzzling Louisiana trailer-park residents
  2873. The Canadian National Newspaper: Lebanon crisis reveals an Anti-Jewish Israeli State
  2874. Israel: Lebanese in south should flee now (Where to?)
  2875. House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote (Arrest them all as terrorists)
  2877. Israel Kidnaps Two Brothers
  2878. Judge won't dismiss suit over domestic spying / Government, AT&T had sought to have case thrown out
  2879. Turks told to stay out as rebels stage more raids
  2880. Iraqi Prime Minister Denounces Israel's Actions
  2881. Police hold IDF soldier suspected of faking his own kidnapping
  2882. Israeli troops push into south Lebanon
  2883. Israel bombs three Gaza tunnels
  2884. Israel pounds Lebanon again
  2885. Israel resumes airstrikes in Lebanon
  2886. Fleeing homes in the line of fire
  2887. Grim proof ordinary folk are dying in the killing zone
  2888. Lebanese civilians fear worst is yet to come (With Israel, bet on it)
  2889. Reuters AlertNet - U.S. Marines pluck evacuees from Lebanese beach
  2890. Thousands flee as Iraq violence surges
  2891. Bush administration sells off public forests to energy companies
  2892. Britain: Damning inquiry into Asian's death at youth prison
  2893. Student upheavals expose anti-working class agenda of Chile's Bachelet
  2894. Bush's veto: Stem cell research and the rise of American theocracy
  2895. Protests denounce Arab leaders' complicity in Israeli assault
  2896. Canadian government indifferent to Israel's murder of eight of its citizens
  2897. Hayden: I Was Israel's Dupe
  2898. Ross: AMLO Presidente! (READ)
  2899. Florida Puts History on Probation
  2900. Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy
  2901. GOP Lawmakers Edge Away From Bush on Iraq (or not)
  2902. Bush's Vision, and the Region, Near Collapse (His visions are the hallucinations of a deranged mind)
  2903. Somali Militia Plans to Seize Government Base
  2904. Bush to Maneuver Around Supreme Court Decision Adhering to Geneva Conventions (He would have to alter the Constitution, which is very clear)
  2905. Bed sharing 'drains men's brains' (pseudoscience)
  2906. Senate passes Voting Rights Act renewal
  2907. Senators move FY07 funds from US defense to aid poor (Where's the scam?)
  2908. Israel battles Hizbollah on ground and from air
  2909. Two Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon fighting (and I'm supposed to care?)
  2910. Moscow Blasts Israeli Offensive
  2911. Russia offers humanitarian aid to Lebanon - Foreign Ministry
  2912. Global Eye (Arlen Specter and lickspittle Congress) - Chris Floyd
  2913. UN considers draft resolution on Iran's nuclear plans (speaking of contentless)
  2914. MSNBC wants your take on 9-11! (The truth?! You can't take the truth!)
  2915. CONFIRMATION: ISRAELI SOLDIERS WERE INSIDE LEBANON WHEN CAPTURED (The lie that they were not will nevertheless be told repeatedly)
  2917. Feeding homeless outlawed in Las Vegas (So very American - and many will be veterans of US criminal wars)
  2918. Britain and US defy demand for immediate ceasefire (Wouldn't they both do just that - Poodles of Israel and "the bankers")
  2919. 'Why is there not a murmur of protest from Washington?' (They belong to Israel)
  2920. Ministers accused of giving Israel green light to bomb (UK poodles of Israel and "the bankers")
  2921. Thousands flee as Iraq violence surges (and *who* does this mayhem profit?!)
  2922. 23 Tons of Bombs Dropped on Hezbollah Leader&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Bunker - Kommersant Moscow
  2923. US Opposed to Cease-Fire With Hezbollah (US, Israel poodle wants Israel's other genocide, as well as it's own wihich is also for Israel)
  2924. Iran to respond to West on Aug. 22 (I hope it's "Fuck you")
  2925. Bush makes first speech to NAACP (Amazing isn't it? - given his kowtowing to zionist criminals)
  2926. Fed Chief: Housing Market May Land Safely (Idiot)
  2927. Bernanke says wages can, should grow (Moron)
  2928. Poll: Majority of fans believe Bonds used steroids ("When the American public walks, its knickles graze the ground")
  2929. Gates donates $287 for AIDS vaccine development (With thieving pharmas gobbling it all up)
  2930. Medication Errors Injure 1.5 Million Americans a Year (The tools of corpagove)
  2931. Casualties mount in Israel war in Lebanon (As genocidal Israel designed)
  2932. Bunker strike failed, says Hizbollah
  2933. Evacuated children fill warship (Israel failed to murder them?)
  2934. Weary Australian evacuees hitch a ride to safety
  2935. Voinovich Predicts Bolton Renomination (How a bout the remainder of his life in a pain amplifier?)
  2936. There You Go Again, Mr. President
  2937. Republican senator reverses position on UN envoy Bolton (Send them both to Israel, and destroy it)
  2938. A New Alliance Of Democrats Spreads Funding (Hmmmm)
  2939. State Farm Insurance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (How charming; try criminal corpagov reality in next link)
  2941. Physics and Philosophy - Time in a Quantum and Relativistic Universe
  2942. No, this is not 'our war'
  2943. Trading American Fascism for Canada
  2944. U.N. Post Hit in Israel-Hezbollah Fighting
  2945. Tomahawk Missile Falls Off Truck in the Bronx (Expensively careless?)
  2946. Israel set war plan more than a year ago (and tries to lie about it)
  2947. Britain and US defy demand for immediate ceasefire (Israel's attack poodles)
  2948. Dahiyeh sports terrible scars from merciless bombardment
  2949. On the spot: Lebanese dead lie in rubble
  2950. France accuses US of blocking Mideast truce (That's all?!)
  2951. Top-Secret World Loses Blogger
  2952. FOX Commentator Threatens 9/11 Activist
  2953. Letter from Rasha in Beirut; and the Israeli Siege Notes
  2954. Missing Italian banker found dead (Opud Dei?)
  2955. U.S. To Sell $6 Billion Worth of Weapons to Terrorists
  2956. The Bush Administration - A Primer
  2957. Israel calls up troops, warns Lebanese
  2958. Turks Cite Israel's Lebanon War As Precedent Against Kurds
  2959. No sirens in Arabic
  2960. Oil refinery planned for Iraqi Kurdistan
  2961. America Held Hostage - by Justin Raimondo
  2962. World Sick Of US Media's Double Standard
  2963. Film festival drops Israel as sponsor to protest attack
  2964. With focus on Lebanon, Israelis keep hitting Gaza
  2965. Wis. Lawmakers Want Univ. Instructor Fired (They're still at it)
  2966. 5,000 called up in latest mobilization (to go murder Arabs at will)
  2967. (Al-CIAMI5MOSSADa is dragging its ObL puppet out again! How Darling!)
  2968. Bush far from neutral player in Mideast (No?!! You don't say!)
  2969. Caritas Lebanon slams milk factory attack
  2970. The shocking silence from No 10 (Israeli poodle is on a short leash)
  2971. Panoramas from Lebanon
  2972. PNAC Neocon Kristol calls for attack on Iran for Israel (and is still alive)
  2973. This Will Come Back to Haunt Us - by Ron Paul
  2974. Plan for Guantanamo trials (are still illegal)
  2975. Row over antiterror fight mars Turkish-US relations
  2976. Spain denies anti-Semitism in criticizing Israel (We hate Israel because it is illegal, and a crminal, hateful genocidal rogue entity)
  2977. Evangelical leader pushing 'End Times' war with Iran (Would an enema help him?)
  2978. The GOP Fights to Keep Women in Poverty
  2979. Don't Let the Neocons Call It a 'War on Terror'
  2980. RFK Jr. Blows the Whistle on Diebold (Please stay away from Dallas and airplane anything)
  2981. US to plant WMDs on Iran? (or Israel will soil its blood soaked hands)
  2983. US Yahoo offers copy-free music (Interesting)
  2984. Rove 'will not face' leak charges (The usual frauds of nazi corpagov)
  2985. Everything Old Is New Again &#-11;&#-11; Unqualified Offerings (What Michael Ledeen is upt o now)
  2986. Man plunges to death in Citigroup building (Hmmm)
  2987. Meet the Remote-Control Self
  2988. Israeli tanks, troops massing at Lebanese border
  2989. Thousands of IDF troops operating in S. Lebanon (Kill them all)
  2990. What must Israel do for the world to condemn them?
  2991. Professor Jones: No Nukes at the WTC
  2992. Feds sharpen secret tools for data mining
  2993. The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World (READ)
  2994. Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Eustace Mullins
  2995. UN Report on Israeli Terror
  2996. Celebrating aioli in grand style
  2997. FLASHBACK: Hezbollah arrests two Israeli soldiers (in southern Lebanon)
  2998. The vulnerable line of supply to US troops in Iraq
  2999. Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers (in southern Lebanon - not Israel)
  3000. Soldiers Say Ordered to Kill Young Men
  3001. Israel War Scam Conspiracy: Another Inside Job
  3002. Israel War Crimes: Dead Children in Lebanon
  3003. Israel State Terror: A Black Flag
  3004. Israel's Terrorism: War Crimes Against Palestine
  3005. Who Profits from Israel's Genocide of Palestine?
  3006. Ehud Olmert, Finance Fraud & 9/11
  3007. 'Al Qaeda': How the Pentagon/ CIA Made an 'Enemy'
  3008. U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis
  3009. Pentagon-CIA Kidnaps and Tortures US Citizens
  3010. Boehner Secret Memo: Use 9/11 Lies to Promote War
  3011. Body of Israeli soldier found in south Lebanon: TV
  3012. Reservists Called to Active Duty in Israel
  3013. Prodi faces test over extradition of 26 CIA agents
  3014. Ex-Pentagon officials accused of fraud
  3015. Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general
  3016. Halliburton Almost Doubles 2Q Profit
  3017. Jets 'incinerate' fleeing family
  3018. Italian police arrest Algerians on terrorism charges (Nonsensical)
  3019. American pullout leaves Iceland defenceless (Probably just as well)
  3020. Iraq traffic ban extended as attacks rise
  3021. Violence displaces 27,000 families in Iraq
  3022. Mideast Conflict Boosts Chances of Iran-US Showdown (That's the point of it)
  3023. Lebanese Refugees Crowd Damascus
  3024. Battered Lebanon counts the cost of Israeli onslaught
  3025. Israeli troops set to invade Lebanon to create missile 'buffer'
  3026. US says still searching for Mideast peace plan (No it is not)
  3027. Nigeria: Lebanon - No Reprieve for Stranded Nigerians
  3028. Hezbollah Is Rejecting To Become Part of The Israeli Age of Dominance
  3029. Timeline: Israel and Lebanon
  3030. Israel continues Gaza, W Bank killing
  3031. Protests Held Against Israel as Bombardment of Lebanon Continues
  3032. Why no one's turning against Hezbollah
  3033. Israel fights only to defend its people (Complete BS)
  3034. 'Israelis must suffer like us'
  3035. Rally denounces Israel's military actions in Lebanon
  3036. Israelis mass on Lebanese border
  3037. The Lebanon Blitz (is a lethal mistake)
  3038. Arabs hit streets to protest Israeli offensive (Turkey)
  3039. Analysis: Discordant Mideast notes (READ)
  3040. Losing sight of reality (READ)
  3041. Past approach to peace lost in rubble
  3042. Hezbollah rides popular wave in Arab world
  3043. Bush far from neutral player in Mideast
  3044. Creative chaos, divine right (READ)
  3045. Arab oil windfall must benefit Lebanese - Libya
  3046. Middle East: Israel's perilous overkill (It's cruelty and arrogance have always been suicidal)
  3047. Little interest in deaths and no sense that Israel has gone too fr
  3048. On the street, prayers for Hezbollah
  3049. Egypt protest indicates Arab Mood
  3050. It's a hazardous journey when the American ideal is Arab democracy(Ignorant Moron)
  3051. Egypt opposition wants Arab-Israeli peace deals revoked
  3052. US-Israeli 'conspiracy', Arab position slammed
  3053. Qatar slams UN Council silence
  3054. Tell Me a Secret: Lebanon.. : Indybay (READ)
  3055. Senate Democrats Call for Special Envoy to Middle East (How wonderfully helpful! Would brain transplants help them?)
  3056. Statement of the BRussells Tribunal:Israels wanton bombing of Lebanese civilians is an unequivocal war crime States are obliged to protect Lebanon, militarily if necessary, lest international law become a travesty If the Security Council wont act, the General Assembly can and must ... (READ)
  3057. The World From Berlin: Calls for Cease-Fire Fall on Deaf Ears(Don't you wonder why?)
  3058. Omar Barghouti: A New Middle East is Born? (READ)
  3059. Israel's air war threatens regional war
  3060. No civilised world to stop Israel's brutal war?
  3061. Tons of explosives rain on Lebanon
  3062. Hezbollah didn't figure on reaction (There was nothing to react to, except another Israeli setup)
  3063. Bush and the NAACP: Too Much Left Unsaid (as voter purging in Florida?)
  3064. Bernanke Deepens Divide Among Economists on Interest-Rate Path (He's a simpleton)
  3065. FDA OKs pearly pigments to color pills ([sigh] Why?! Cretins)
  3066. Ambassador: Release Israeli Soldiers (Official Israeli Babbler)
  3067. Crisis in the Middle East The players (Only the facts, no bias READ)
  3068. Islamists rally as Ethiopians said advancing (Ethiopian mistake)
  3069. Bringing back the 'deterrent'? (But, Hizbollah did *not* cross into Israel; that's a repeated lie)
  3070. Why one American is staying in Lebanon.
  3071. Ship carrying Canadians from Lebanon may have been attacked
  3072. Raining ruin on the Gentiles
  3073. Kerry on Rush and Israel (Both are treasonous)
  3074. Welcome to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry's Online Office (From the treasonous terrorist's mouth)
  3075. FLASHBACK: Sharon demands US apology before accepting $10 billion aid package
  3076. United Nations: Orthodox Jews demonstrate for Palestinian Sovereignty of entire Holy Land
  3077. Israel, Judaism and Zionism - Rabbi Ahron Cohen
  3078. Who Will Prosecute Bush for a Double Felony?
  3079. Canada Asks Israel About Ship Attack Report
  3080. Protests erupt worldwide against Israel's 'genocidal war' (Guess I'm not the only one who's noticed)
  3081. More troops to be deployed to Baghdad, general says (US genocide for Israel)
  3082. Russia Signs USD 1 Bln Contract on Supplies of Fighter Jets, Helicopters With Venezuel
  3083. Soldiers claim order to 'kill all military age males'
  3084. The Shame of Being an American - by Paul Craig Roberts (READ)
  3085. U.S. Rushes Munitions Delivery to Israel
  3086. Blair to Visit White House to Discuss Middle East, Iran, Iraq (You KNOW they will be upt to no good)
  3087. Protests in UK at Israeli action
  3088. Minister condemns Israeli action
  3089. 'No invasion' says Israel as troops move into Lebanon(Deny while doing it in one easy war crime)
  3090. UK-wide protests over Israeli attacks
  3091. Craven Image: The Senate Bows to Imperial Power
  3092. Hezbollah using Viet Cong-style defences: Jane's Defence Weekly
  3093. They put the 86 corpses into plain wood caskets. Many were just big enough to fit a small child
  3094. 'We'll make this an Israeli graveyard'
  3095. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | 'Hizbullah is doing more for our cause than any Arab government has ever done'(The TWO soldiers were caputred IN LEBANON, not ISREAL!)
  3096. Rice will back demands for ceasefire - after a few more days of carnage
  3097. Analysts say Israel has not seriously damaged Hizbullah (Interesting?)
  3098. Lebanon Victims Buried in Mass Grave
  3099. Saddam pins war on Bush, pro-Israel lobby
  3100. 'Civilian Casualty'? It Depends (Dershowitz supports genocidal terrorists)
  3101. Iraq parliament speaker calls for US withdrawal (as it falls on deaf eyes and dumb ears)
  3102. A Petroleum Alternative, but U.S. Says Its Illegal
  3103. 3 Boston cops arrested in FBI cocaine sting (The State of the Law)
  3104. Rice Seeks `Robust' Lebanon Force to Oust Hezbollah (What a "Simpletonian")
  3105. Israel and the War Profiteers
  3106. Last 9-11 Detainee Released From Prison (All the nonsense founded on exactly nothing)
  3107. Opus Dei financier is found dismembered under bridge
  3108. Olmert: 'Lebanon war to go on until price too great' (Will the annihilation of Israel and Israelis be enough?)
  3109. Fools on Down the Road (READ)
  3110. Isolated Lebanon hospital braces for ground war
  3111. Proposed Force in Lebanon Not to Include U.S. Troops (Israel delenda est- and right now)
  3112. A farewell to Beirut (READ)
  3113. Israel launches barbaric action against the people of Lebanon
  3114. Kids Kill In Violent Christian Videogame
  3115. Interest-only mortgage crisis looms
  3116. Blair urged to back Lebanon ceasefire (Only when the real fury of Hizbollah is unleashed)
  3117. Israel set war plan more than a year ago (Who murdered Hariri at that time?)
  3118. Army: Killing of Unarmed Iraqi by Guardsman Appropriate
  3119. Israeli crimes against humanity
  3120. Protesters take over Oaxaca, Mexico
  3121. CAN YOU HELP US , PLEASE! Do you know what kind of weapons causes this damage?
  3122. Purity of Arms in Lebanon; The dead are rotting in the rubble of smashed homes
  3123. The U.S. is now a legitimate military target
  3124. Israeli Apartheid
  3125. Disaster in the Making - by Charley Reese
  3126. CAN ISRAEL WIN? (No - and that's why it will be destroyed)
  3127. Bush and Congress hardline support for Israel further isolates U.S.A. (US as Israeli poodle)
  3128. Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events (Yes indeed)
  3129. Boucher argues for F-16 deal with Pak (Figure it out!)
  3130. Fire Extinguisher Blamed in Attack Report (Assholes will believe anything)
  3131. Israel prepares for ground attack (Hizbollah is waiting)
  3132. Is Iran in possession of long-range cruise missile with nuclear capacity? (NOW we ask?! LMAO Maybe, and maybe Israel will understand its mistake - for maybe 15 seconds. Hope springs eternal)
  3133. Arrested Bush Dissenters Eye Courts (Sieg Heil! 'murikkka)
  3134. Are you Human? It Depends (READ & CONSIDER)
  3135. When Terror Is Just Fine: Israel's savage behavior in Lebanon
  3136. The Medias Middle East Rules of Engagement
  3137. Boltons Ways Foil Goals, U.N. Envoys Say (NYT diversionary garbage)
  3138. Silence of the Lambs (READ - if you have a mind and knowledge, else go drink kool-aide)
  3139. Narcotics officer pleads guilty to extortion charges (The State of the Law)
  3140. The Destabilization of Lebanon and assassination of Rafik Hariri
  3141. U.S. losing war on terror, experts say (War on an abstract noun describing a tactic? Of course, they are losing)
  3142. White House Calls on Jewish Groups to Line Up Behind John Bolton (using an arrogant 24 y.o. little zionost putz)
  3143. Bill Clinton to campaign for Lieberman in Waterbury (How utterly tasteless; Billary never noted for couth)
  3144. Israel sows seeds of hatred (Zionists have for over a century)
  3145. Destruction, bought and paid for by the American taxpayer.
  3146. Israel building prison for captives, attests to Israeli plans for large-scale ground incursion (Hire Halliburton, just like US hiring to build concentration camps?)
  3147. Liberals Make Excuses for Israeli Crimes Against Humanity (Mostly Jewish"liberals")
  3148. Spellings promotes voucher program (We are surrounded by idiots, morons, imbeciles. ...)
  3149. Bloomberg Takes on a New Role: Defender of Con Edison
  3150. Utility: NYC blackout 10 times larger than thought
  3151. FEMA a Disaster for Freedom of the Press (It's entire US corpagov - not just FEMAhorror)
  3152. Valerie Plame "Secret" CIA Unit Was Open in Spying on Iran, Conferences (A crazy sandstorm of irrelevant nonsense)
  3153. C.I.A. Worker Says Message on Torture Got Her Fired
  3154. Report: DOD sells sensitive military equipment (Cool, if true - otherwise boring)
  3155. U.S. Says Attacks in Iraq Up 40 Percent (Attacks by whom - eh?)
  3156. Eighty guard troops prepare for departure to Iraq (Morons if they go)
  3157. U.S. Moves More Troops Into Baghdad (They will all be killed)
  3158. Rice to seek pressure on Iran, Syria (Couldn't she have the good taste to drop dead?)
  3159. Israel targets telephone and TV masts (Covering up their vicious war crimes)
  3160. Israeli warplanes strike communications towers in Lebanon, police say
  3161. Israeli tanks and bulldozers knock down border fence, enter S. Lebanon (They REALY like murder by bulldozer)
  3162. Israeli tanks crash border into Lebanon
  3163. Fresh Israeli raids into Lebanon
  3164. Israel Lets Aid in As Lebanese Flee North (Bullshit)
  3165. Belgian doctor: Israel using chemical weapons
  3166. Lebanon's 9/11 or Why Do They Hate Us? Picture Album
  3167. No Friend or Ally is Left (READ)
  3168. The Law That Never Was -- The Fraud of Income & Social Security Ta
  3169. Chamish - Exclusive Photos Of Huge New US Base In Israel (a year ago)
  3170. Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes
  3171. Reaction: 'If Israel is behaving like a psychotic bullying child, Britain are like its mad tatooed parents'
  3172. Once again, truth is the first casualty of war - Robert Fisk
  3173. Israel blasts its way into Lebanon, seizes village
  3174. Following Germany's uncritical support for Washington and Jerusalem How the German media reports on the Israeli aggression in Lebanon
  3175. Israel prepares to launch ground war in Lebanon
  3176. The New York Times and the war in Lebanon: A cynical defense of US-Israeli war crimes
  3177. Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need to Know
  3178. Shrivastava: The Iraq War is a Huge Success (READ)
  3179. Indian Prime Minister Faces the Dead Farmer Problem
  3180. Galloway: Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel
  3181. The Right's Use of Sexpot Schoolgirls (READ)
  3182. Atzmon: Israel's New Math (It's actually traditional Israeli math)
  3183. Uri Avnery: "Stop That Shit!" (Only when the genocide in complete)
  3184. Jonathan Cook: Israel's Indiscriminate Onslaughts
  3185. As Predatory Lending Adapts to Weak Regulations, the Poor Pay
  3186. Bush Gets Chilly Reception at NAACP
  3187. Jim Lobe | The Drums of War Sound for Iran (But the pretexts of Israeli agressions are pure fictions)
  3188. Iran Offers a Pledge and a Warning (The duplicitous NYT)
  3189. Grassroots Gears Up as FCC Revisits Ownership Rules (Corpagov Nazification continues)
  3190. Dragging Death Reveals Louisville Justice (The moral filth that is the US)
  3191. Soldiers' Words May Test PBS Language Rules (Totalitarian state)
  3192. White House Moves to Confirm Bolton to UN Post (US Zionist ambassador)
  3193. As Toll Rises, Lebanese Resort to Mass Graves (Israeli moral filth)
  3194. A Challenge Emerges to Bush's Signing Statements (Useless)
  3195. Scientists seek the secret of our success from Neanderthal DNA (Success?!)
  3196. Man accused of blinding wife with carrot(A Repug, no doubt)
  3197. Will the war spread? (So USUKIL designed)
  3198. Israelis seize border town (Israel will pay dearly)
  3199. Missiles hit a Lebanese TV station hard
  3200. James Zogby: Willful Fantasies and Reality in Today's Mideast Conflic
  3201. Saudi activists urge forceful Arab support for Lebanon
  3202. Shock and fear among US evacuees
  3203. Report: US to deliver 'smart bombs' to Israel (to continue its several active genocides)
  3204. Hezbollah doesn't deserve support of Arab-Americans (Oh yes it does)
  3205. Israel rockets level Hezbollah compound in Sidon (or not)
  3206. Bush slams Syria, Iran over Hezbollah (continuing idiot)
  3207. Crowd protests bombing of Lebanon
  3208. We're Fucked - And you can thank George Bush. (Indeed)
  3209. New questions over death of David Kelly (The old facts were quite sufficient to show he did not kill himself)
  3210. Key Israeli agent arrested in Beirut (Israeli spy cells are in every country on earth)
  3211. Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory (He is perfectly correct)
  3212. Thousands flee southern Lebanon
  3213. Israel blasts its way into Lebanon, seizes village
  3214. Israeli jets bomb Lebanese cities
  3215. Israel 'presses US on bomb sale'
  3217. Marines aid Beirut evacuees (How sweet of them not to torture and murder them)
  3218. Hezbollah wins hearts in Gaza (You bet!)
  3219. Map showing latest fighting
  3220. Bush: Hezbollah, Syria, Iran Must be Confronted (No, USUKIL must be confronted as criminal nations)
  3221. Rice's Trip to Mideast Is Fraught with Difficulty (How about mendacious stupidity?)
  3222. Israel Will Accept a Disarmed Hezbollah (Israel delenda est)
  3223. Rice to discuss "best ways" to resolve Middle East crisis (She's just a sick joke)
  3224. Rice seeks 'lasting peace' on Mideast trip (Israel delenda est)
  3225. Radio Address by President Bush to the Nation (National moron)
  3226. Pressuring Hizbollah key in Mideast crisis: Bush (Wrong, turdbrain)
  3227. Israeli troops set to go as Rice flies in for talks (on her broomstick)
  3228. Rice wants ceasefire that helps forge 'new Middle East.' (Oh - you think?)
  3229. Israel Gears up for Massive Ground Assault as World Dithers (at the monumental psychopathalogy of USUKIL)
  3230. Rice sees bombs as birth pangs (in her unbounded sickness)
  3231. Israel to step up incursions (Israel delenda est)
  3232. Only US can solve the Middle East jigsaw puzzle (US only makes all things worse)
  3233. Bush and Congress hardline support for Israel further isolates USA (as it should - Economic sanctions?)
  3234. US threatened with more isolation (Economic shunning would be good)
  3235. Rice Outlines Plans for Trip to Middle East (to fill the void between her ears)
  3236. Somalia inches towards war
  3237. Ethiopian troops 'in Somalia'
  3238. Hezbollah lets Iran buy time for nukes (Cute, but entirely deranged)
  3239. Iranian presence at N Korea missile launch: US (LMAO)
  3240. Russia to send aid to Lebanon
  3241. Classified bills a refuge for mischief (which is the main work of gummint)
  3242. US to give Israel another week for attacks (Sickness)
  3243. Looking at foreign press about the current crisis
  3244. London erupts in mass protest against Israeli crimes
  3245. Putin plan to shut out US oil giants
  3246. Painting the Passports Brown
  3247. Israel and Hezbollah trade fire as Syria issues warning
  3248. Battle for U.S. defense work goes global, flies above issuese
  3249. Israel's Disproportionate Violence No Surprise - by Jonathan Cook
  3250. CRISIS IN MIDDLE EAST: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (Syria would now be obliged to enter the fray)
  3251. Saddam hospitalized amid hunger strike (has too big a mouth to live)
  3252. Why Democrats Don't Count Vote: Lessons from the Un-Gore of Mexico - Palast (READ)
  3253. Was Sharon's boast just "wishful thinking?" Apparently not! (READ)
  3254. What Does Israel Want? (The world on its knees)
  3255. Somalia edges closer to war as peace talks fail
  3256. Hezbollah Denies Firing Rockets at Haifa (More Israeli false flag work?)
  3257. Hunger-Striking Saddam Is Hospitalized
  3258. Wild dogs are devouring the victims of Israel's Bombing Raids
  3259. A Real Solution to the Conflict in the Middle East (or when Israel ceases to exist)
  3260. Lebanon claims Israel using banned weapons against civilians
  3261. As you behold the destruction of Lebanon, you may think it looks disturbingly familiar
  3262. The Islamists are winning
  3263. UN appalled by Beirut devastation
  3264. Air Marshals Forced to Meet Quota (Bizarre)
  3265. Democrats Increase Lead over Republicans in Race for Congress (and they are just as evil and treasonous)
  3266. The Truth Will Set You Free: About those little girls signing bombs . . .
  3267. Why Are Americans So Angry? (Ron Paul always make good sense)
  3268. The fucking Israelis are killing and maiming people from my town as we speak. Imagine how I feel?
  3269. It all started September 11 - not 2001 - but 1922
  3270. Cheney behind turn toward dictatorship
  3271. A gripping diary of one week in the life and death of Beirut
  3272. Belgian doctor: Israel using chemical weapons
  3273. Civil rights hiring shifted in Bush era
  3274. GOP lawmakers take aim at U.S. judiciary
  3275. Italian court demands CIA extraditions (Lotsa luck)
  3276. Iraq prisoner abuse 'routine and organised' (Of course)
  3277. Torture of detainees is commonplace, says rights group
  3278. Saddam Hussein hospitalized, force-fed amid hunger strike
  3279. U.S. trying to split Syria from Iran (Lotsa luck - what am I saying?!)
  3280. Ariel Sharon's condition worsens
  3281. Israel agrees to peacekeepers as missiles rain down (until tomorrow)
  3282. 'Retaliation monstrous and disproportionate'
  3283. Beirut bombing 'violates humanitarian law'. 23/07/2006
  3284. International Middle East Media Center - Egyptian legal committee warns of Israeli use of chemical weapons against Palestinians in Gaza
  3285. Israel building prison for Lebanese captives (Does Halliburton have the contract yet?)
  3286. Following Germany's uncritical support for Washington and Jerusalem How the German media reports on the Israeli aggression in Lebanon
  3287. 2 killed by Hisbollah-fired rockets in Haifa (or not)
  3288. Over 60 dead in Baghdad, Kirkuk blasts
  3289. Stem Cell Wars Rage in State Capitols (admidst total ignoranc, insanity and stupidity)
  3290. US Gas Prices Hit All-Time High (Thank you USUKIL)
  3291. 'Miracle' Cancer Drug Gleevec Can Be Toxic To The Heart (or not)
  3292. USS Ronald Reagan crew to be tested for TB (How about DU and mental problems?)
  3293. 40% of weight-loss surgeries develop complications (This is VERY old news)
  3294. Hizbullah (or not) rockets strike Israel as Beirut is hit again
  3295. US Open to NATO Force in Lebanon, Bolton Says (Chickenfucking scum)
  3296. Israeli bid a surprise to NATO (Hence an obvious scam)
  3297. task force urges Congress to consider suing Bush (We like this; it's a start)
  3298. American Bar Association denounces Bush's signing statements (Good sho - but why so late?)
  3299. News Analysis: Ballots and bullets (It was yet another Iseali setup, at which they are masters with 50+ years practice)
  3300. Israel fights Hezbollah on ground (Israel will lose - and then scream "victim" yet again)
  3301. The Japan Times Online - Iran's attempt to score a preemptive strike
  3303. TheStar.com - Israel sows seeds of hatred
  3304. Israel wants to hit Hezbollah's arsenal: Officials (Of course, and it will never succeed)
  3305. Time for Bush, UN to step in (and cause even more murder, mayhem and genocide)
  3306. Liberals Make Excuses for Israeli Crimes Against Humanity
  3307. This is Not 1982 and Nasrallah Isnt Arafat Why Hezbollah is Winning... So Far
  3308. Hezbollah is a threat to US, too (LMAO)
  3309. Marine Families Angry with Hezbollah, Iran and Syria (How sad that they are so stupid)
  3310. Hezbollah remains an elusive target (Sorta like the CIA agent bogeyman ObL and Fu Manchu)
  3311. The Nature of Autonomous Agents and the World They Mutally Create (Interesting)
  3312. It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World (Sounds good to me)
  3313. Fox News analyst compares Israelis to Nazis (Byebye)
  3314. Report: IRS to cut audits on wealthiest
  3315. Frequent-flier data used to track movements of CIA operatives (Pretty funny)
  3316. Israel Weighs Foreign Troops on Border (or not)
  3317. US Aims to Reinforce Arab Governments Criticizing Hezbollah (i.e., to reinforce Israel's vicious genocide)
  3318. Moderate Arabs look to curb militants (How many are left?)
  3319. Day of carnage: 93 rockets, 93 casualties (and it will get worse)
  3320. Israel backs temporary 'peace' (No it doesn't)
  3321. Arabs Press Syria to End Hezbollah Support (or not)
  3322. Iraq leader meets Blair as security plan fails to halt killing (Why meet with poodles?)
  3323. Pataki Is Pressed on Blackout As Con Ed Makes No Promise
  3324. Thousands in NY still without power (Useless genocidal corpagov)
  3325. Dollar steadies after fall on US rate outlook (fiction)
  3326. Dollar expected to fall against euro, yen
  3327. Hospital operator HCA to be sold for $21 bln: sources (You're fucked again, and naturally Congress is involved)
  3328. What are the real aims of the Israeli aggression? - (READ)
  3329. Gaza clashes seem all but forgotten
  3330. Israeli missile hits refugee camp in Gaza
  3331. A historic chance to lead the way (Israel delenda est)
  3332. Scott Galindez: Hands Off Connecticut (READ)
  3333. Dershowitz and Grades of Human Beings (Genocidal lunatic)
  3334. I HAVE A VISION... (READ)
  3335. IDF prepares South Lebanon civil rule (occupation and annexation)
  3336. Ted Pike's Reply to Hoffman and Hoffman's Rejoinder
  3337. Israel warns it will hit 10 buildings for every rocket fired
  3338. UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On (We know that, and hope Iran is prepared and backed)
  3339. That Raise Might Take 4 Years to Earn as Well
  3341. Images of the International Protests Against US-Sanctioned Israeli Barbarity
  3342. Rice holds key talks in Lebanon (The Bitch of Lebanon?)
  3343. Hawking criticises EU states trying to ban stem cell research
  3344. Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota
  3345. WTO Talks Collapse Over Disputes
  3346. Torture of detainees is commonplace, says rights group
  3347. U.S. plan for Lebanon likely to fail, Arab analysts (Plan of destruction will ultimately fail)
  3348. Officer Faces Court-Martial for Refusing to Deploy to Iraq (Figures in this fascist state)
  3349. Calif. Pro-Israel rallies draw political heavyweights
  3350. Iraqis Find Rare Unity in Condemning Israel
  3351. Fleeing civilian vehicles hit by Israeli missiles (as in aimed at)
  3352. 18,000 Israeli soldiers mobilized for operations in Lebanon and Gaza (May they all have justice)
  3353. Emergency depot lies empty as Lebanon begs for aid
  3354. Israel rejects comments by UN humanitarian boss (Israel suck dead bears)
  3355. New Israeli ground incursion in Lebanon as U.S. secretary of state heads to Mideast
  3356. Bombs Away? (Lunatic US corpagov)
  3357. Israel to get U.S. "bunker buster" bombs - report
  3359. Turks Massing on Iraq Border
  3360. U.S. pushes for NATO force (To protect Israel from its victims of genocide)
  3361. Israelis 'will have to destroy half of Lebanon' (The kids will pick up stones , and we will pick up Khalashnikovs)
  3362. US: We won't hold direct talks with Syria (Of course not)
  3364. Bush's Plan for "Serial War" revealed by General Wesley Clark
  3365. British Split With Bush As Israeli Tanks Roll In (until tomorrow)
  3366. Sectarian break-up of Iraq is now inevitable, admit officials (or not)
  3367. And when the children grow up?
  3368. Group accuses Jordan of torturing for U.S.
  3369. Fleeing civilian vehicles hit by Israeli missiles (aimed at)
  3370. Old Whine in New Battles (Always Israel)
  3371. Olmert tells Cabinet he expects campaign to 'take a very long time' (and cost the US people a lot of money)
  3372. The Source of the Problem in the Mid East - Part II (Interesting)
  3373. Will Turkey Follow Israel's Lead? - by Ann Berg
  3374. ECONOMIC PERFECT STORM BREWING (It has been designed and engineered for a long time)
  3375. Lebanese POWs - Israel's dirty little secret (Israel has a nation of dirty not so little secrets)
  3376. US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon - by Paul Craig Roberts (Perfectly true)
  3377. If this be anti-Semitism...
  3378. Foxed Christians (But the US is already doomed)
  3379. Why I believe David Kelly's death may have been murder, by MP (He was murdered - and we know very well who ordered that)
  3380. News: Suicide armies launched (You never know about these things)
  3381. The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine ... are Iran and Syria next in line?(Probably)
  3382. Cheerleading Israel does not an American foreign policy make
  3383. Interview: Tina Hannouneh, American beaten by Israeli guards at border crossing
  3384. It''s 'Put up or Shut up' Time in Lebanon (READ!)
  3385. Foremost 9/11 Whistleblower Discusses Possibility Attack Was Inside Job
  3386. Pandering to Israel (This is news?!)
  3387. The Diebold Bombshell (Stolen US is doomed)
  3388. No Warrant? No Search. (US corpagov care not one whit about law of any kind)
  3389. Are FEMA trailers 'toxic tin cans'?
  3390. Bush orders humanitarian aid to Lebanon (in the way of poison gas?)
  3391. Bush told to plan for Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez oil shock (Invade Venezuela as well?!)
  3392. ISRAEL'S NUCLEAR WEAPONS (Reality from a horse's mouth)
  3393. Arms exports to Israel 'must end' (Poodle will ignore)
  3394. Dirty bomb victims 'may be shot' (Horseshit diversion by UK corpagov terrorizing its own citizens)
  3395. Islamists will set off dirty bomb, spy bosses believe (Lying)
  3396. Amazon rainforest 'could become a desert' (or not - nore terrorizing)
  3397. Slain G.I.'s mom spurs anti-war T-shirt ban (Brain transplant material)
  3398. Pakistan Expanding Nuclear Program
  3399. Sensitive Military Equipment Sold to Public, Report Says (Cool!)
  3400. Ex-U.S. military officer gets prison for helping arms trafficker (A major joke)
  3401. Feinstein Defends Israeli Actions In Lebanon (May she go to heaven soon)
  3402. UK calls Israeli attacks 'disproportionate' (Genocide would be more accurate)
  3403. Photographer killed in Israeli bombing
  3404. Israel kills six in Gaza, hits rocket factories
  3405. Heavy fighting as Israel pushes further into Lebanon (May all IDF go to heaven)
  3406. Olmert tells Cabinet he expects campaign to 'take a very long time' (Longer than Israel can survive)
  3407. IDF preparing for civil administration in Lebanon (LOL - such arrogance)
  3408. Hundreds of Taliban attack police post (and so it will continue)
  3409. Plan for More U.S. Soldiers Greeted With Skepticism (and grim laughter at idiots)
  3410. Additional U.S. Troops Redirected to Baghdad (They will be killed)
  3411. Soldiers Die in Iraq (Just wait)
  3412. Car bombs kill 60 in Iraq ahead of PM's visits to America, Britain
  3413. 'It Looked Weird and Felt Wrong' (READ)
  3414. Iraqi Parliament Speaker Says U.S. Invasion and Aftermath Are the 'Work of Butchers'
  3415. Study: Ex-Rep. Made Use of 'Black' Budgets
  3416. Panel chides Bush on bypassing laws
  3417. Secret 2001 Pentagon Plan to Attack Lebanon
  3418. Japanese government withdraws its troops from Iraq
  3419. Australia: thousands join global protests to condemn Israel's war on Lebanon
  3420. Protests in Israel and worldwide against war on Lebanon
  3421. Democrats, Republicans line up to back Israeli war crimes (Criminal US corpagov on its way to heaven)
  3422. Rice's Middle East tour: "Diplomacy" in furtherance of war
  3423. More Than 100 Iraqis Being Killed Each Day (Systematic genocide)
  3424. Paul Craig Roberts: Israel's Criminal Accomplice (Guess who?)
  3425. Maher Osseiran: Beirut, 1982 (History informs the present)
  3426. Whatever You Did in War Will Always Be With You
  3427. "Black Bills" Can Be Refuge for Mischief (That is their exact purpose)
  3428. US Accused of "Stone-Walling" as World Trade Talks Collapse
  3429. Europe Losing Pollinators (GM horror in back of this)
  3430. Lieberman and Lamont Call On Allies for Help (Don't trust Lamont either)
  3431. Photos: Thousands March to Oppose U.S., Israeli Attacks
  3432. Israel's Nukes
  3433. Schwarzeneggar:All of California stands with Israel (Oh fucking really?!)
  3434. Government Trolls - Our Tax Dollars at Work
  3435. White House release calls for Israel to hit Syria (Fucking outrageous)
  3436. A war crime?
  3437. I.R.S. to Cut Tax Auditors (The rich do not need audits)
  3438. The Christian Axis of Evil (The Jewish axis of evil is older)
  3439. Authorative Information on Palestine
  3440. GRAPHIC VIDEO - Lebanese Doctor Says 'Phosphorus Weapons' Cause Suffering
  3441. Condoleezza Rice arrives in Beirut (and will be splattered by Israel's carpet bombing? Hope springs eternal)
  3442. Little sign of Lebanon truce as Rice visits Israel (No language is vile enough)
  3443. US blamed abroad for WTO collapse (It needs to collapse and crushed)
  3444. Saddam Trial Resumes Without Ex-Leader (Kangaroo court does not comport)
  3445. Iraq won't slide into civil war: PM (If the US is ousted utterly)
  3446. Bush creates loopholes in laws he doesn't like (No shit?!)
  3447. Legal group has worries about Bush (His sanity was in question years ago)
  3448. Democrats outline 'dream' project (Another crock of shit)
  3449. Centrist Democrats urge emphasis on middle-class values (Bullshit)
  3450. US hospital chain agrees $33bn sale in world's biggest buyout You're fucked again)
  3451. Merrill's many roles in HCA deal show private equity push (Rothschild)
  3452. Institute: Pakistan building new plutonium-producing reactor
  3453. Iraqi leader heads for talks with Bush (Talk about a waste of time and energy)
  3454. PM: Media biased, doesn't show 'murderous viciousness' of Hezbollah (Always inverting reality of history)
  3455. Israel bans reporting of use of "unique" weapons in Lebanon
  3456. US Mideast plan 'preposterous' (So is USUKIL)
  3457. The Ten Commandments: all points of view (quite historically extensive)
  3458. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (has to be sanitized)
  3459. Beppe Grillo's Blog: Pecunia olet (Vatican arms sales)
  3460. What Is Money? The Greatest Robbery of America
  3461. Descartesians of the Realm -- Pox Americana -- Mr. Wilson, you are a Traitor! (READ)
  3463. The Vatican World Politics - Contents - Forward - Preface
  3464. totaltruthsciences | *The modern day Babylonian Monetary/Credit Syste
  3465. The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Roman Question, by Edmond About ...
  3466. Putin plan to shut out US oil giants (Eventually, there's always a hell to pay for one's sins)
  3467. US, UN give Israel green light for Lebanon slaughter (Of course)
  3468. Will Toyota make a play for GM?
  3469. US takes the lead in Mideast crisis talks (LMAO!)
  3470. From Planning to Warfare to Occupation, How Iraq Went Wrong (It went exactly as designed)
  3471. Beirutis Try to Plumb the Abyss Between Elegance and Chaos
  3472. Israeli missile hits south Lebanon house; 7 die
  3473. As Toll Rises, Lebanese Resort to Mass Graves
  3474. Patients admitted with burns from banned weapons used by Israel
  3475. ABA panel urges checks on Bush power (How? You're far too late)
  3476. Senator Preps Bill to Sue Bush Over 'Signing Statements' (Lota luck fella)
  3477. Rebuffed Rice visits Israel with ceasefire plan (Rice is national dirty joke)
  3478. Condoleezza Rice pays visit to Lebanon (She dares to show her faccia brutta?)
  3479. Rice Visits Lebanon, Israel (Pig!)
  3480. Israel rejects UN claims of international law violations (Doesn't it always while do it in your fucking face?)
  3481. Israel 'determined to continue fight against Hezbollah' (to its dying breath, one could hope)
  3483. US Steps Up Raids on 'Death Squads' in Baghdad (Death squads ARE US)
  3484. Iraqi Leader, Bush to Discuss Security (Sick joke)
  3485. Hezbollah envoy: War on Israel to widen (You betcha)
  3486. Syrians embrace fleeing Lebanese (Excuse to invade Syria?)
  3487. Fears of Escalation Rise as Syria Issues Warning to Israel
  3488. In the end, all eyes are on the former president (Treasonous fuck)
  3489. Clinton's for Joe (and genocide, theft murder, drug dealing, ...)
  3490. Democrats Lose if Lieberman is Defeated (Assholes Inc. Faux News)
  3491. Will Hillary's "Dream" Get Left Behind? (Hillary is just another nightmare)
  3492. Sparks fly as lawmakers battle Bloomberg over blackout (Bloomberg is Zionist terrorist)
  3493. Frist, LBO Firms Buy HCA as Hospital Use Falls, Uninsured Rise (Speaking of gummint terrorists)
  3494. Leave Somalia, Ethiopia told
  3495. Anti-Ethiopia protest held in Mogadishu
  3496. Israeli strike kills family of seven in Lebanon
  3497. Saudi says Israel actions threaten regional war
  3498. Aid door to Lebanon closed, U.N. agencies say
  3499. Identity Theft Feared in Workers Lost Data
  3500. Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon? (The latter)
  3501. Frist lacks votes to overcome Bolton filibuster (May it stay that way)
  3502. Zionist Beast Machine accelerates towards Destruction
  3504. Judge backs CIA contractor, bars testimony on child abuse
  3505. Nations Reluctant to Commit Troops to Lebanon
  3506. Hezbollah banks under attack in Lebanon (Define a "Hezbollah bank")
  3507. US keen on giving Israel time in Lebanon (along with very nasty war toys)
  3508. Israel using banned cluster and vacuum bombs and white phosphorous against civilians in Lebanon)
  3509. Morality is not on our side - Haaretz - Israel News
  3510. Red Cross ambulances destroyed in Israeli air strike on rescue mission
  3511. Finance Chairmen In House And Senate Refuse To Comment On The Wanta Plan
  3512. U.S. Says It Knew of Pakistani Reactor Plan (weknewthat!)
  3513. Rice regrets Mid-East 'suffering' (Everybody regrets Rice)
  3515. Olmert says Israel to allow aid airlifts (or not)
  3516. Tensions mount at Iraq-Turkey border
  3517. Military Intelligence Chief: Syrian army now at its highest state of alert
  3518. Former Houston U.S. attorney dead at 47 (??)
  3519. What is red mercury?
  3520. Trio cleared of 'red mercury' plot
  3521. CIA gives No. 2 job to agent who clashed with Goss
  3522. Senator Preps Bill to Sue Bush Over 'Signing Statements'
  3523. Fighting rages as Israel besieges Hezbollah border HQ
  3524. Patients admitted with burns from banned weapons used by Israel
  3525. Israel 'to control Lebanon strip'
  3526. Israel bomb kills 4 UN observers in Lebanon
  3527. An attack on democratic rights: New Zealand man jailed for sedition (Global totalitarianism)
  3528. The Queens blackout: the brutal human costs of Con Ed's drive for profit
  3529. Indian prime minister visits rural Vidarbha Move to deflecting mounting anger over agrarian distress
  3530. Pro-Russian party set to form government in Ukraine
  3531. Rice begins Mideast tour to promote US-Israeli war aims (Theft, Mayhem and Genocide - what else?)
  3532. Ashraf Ismai'l: Why Israel Is Losing
  3533. Mike Mejia: The Secrets Behind "State Secrets"
  3534. The Bottled Water Madness (Corpagov liars, frauds and cheats)
  3535. Zena El-Khalil: "You can tell them that I'm not leaving."
  3536. CounterPunch News Desk: Let No Ivy Leaguer Be Left Behind (Enough said)
  3537. Most Lebanese Now Know Who Their Real Tormentor Is
  3538. Sharat G. Lin: Who Started It? (Israel-Lebanon)
  3539. Israel and the Irony of UN Resolutions
  3540. Willful Blindness: Bush Greenlights War Crimes
  3541. Dahr Jamail: Lebanon Bleeds, Iraq Burns, People Flee
  3542. Specter to Sue Bush Over Signing Statements (?!)
  3543. Dahr Jamail | "Aren't People Seeing All of This?" (Lebanon)
  3544. "Protection" Act Would Strip Consumers of Credit Safeguards (Of course)
  3545. Israel Accused of Dropping Phosphorus Bombs, Littlest Victims Suffer
  3546. Abandoned Heroes, WTC Health Crisis
  3547. Feds Eliminate 157 Auditors of Rich Taxpayers
  3548. Bush Fails to Revoke Security Clearances Over Plame Case
  3549. Bush Keeps Pakistani Nuclear Expansion From Congress
  3550. Barbara Lee: India Nuclear Deal Will Undermine Non-Proliferation Efforts
  3551. Introducing the 'meth gun' (except it's not reliable)
  3552. About 50 tanks re-enter northern Gaza
  3553. Thailand reports first bird flu death in over 7 mths (Ooops! It's another global pandemic: run for the hills!)
  3554. Israel bomb kills 4 UN observers in Lebanon (Shit happens?)
  3555. Israeli air strike kills UN observers
  3556. Israel expresses regret after UN deaths (Um - sure - right)
  3557. Annan: Israel airstrike 'deliberate' (That's more like it: Israel happens!)
  3558. US wants to reshape Middle East: Iran's Asefi (Indeed it does, must be stopped)
  3559. Wacky theories about the war (This article is the wackiest of all)
  3560. Horse Slaughterhouses: 'America's Dirty Little Secret'
  3561. Democrats Balk at Iraqi PM Speaking to Congress
  3562. Dems: Cancel Iraqi speech to Congress
  3563. Democrats decry Maliki's comments on Israel (Aha! There's the real problem: their puppetmasters object)
  3564. Failed Trade Talks Usher in Uncertainty (Not at all)
  3565. Light Drinking Cuts Risk for Death, Heart Attack (20 year old pseudoscience "news")
  3566. US, Iraqis to hike force in Baghdad (Everybody else is of course just thrilled)
  3567. Disaster averted: UAV fires at IDF, IAF halts fire (Getting a little hyper and error prone are we?)
  3568. No Troop Commitments for Lebanon (So very many poodles and sheep of the puppetmasters)
  3569. An 'International Force' With No Americans (Pay attention now)
  3570. One in five Lebanese is now a refugee
  3571. Five myths that sanction Israel's war crimes (READ)
  3572. Did you know? (Israel's second attack on Lebanon)
  3573. Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens Requiring Immediate Action By President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and Prime Minister Olmert (By WHOM?! You MUST be joking!)
  3574. The spirit of resistance (READ)
  3575. Israel, Iran and the US: Who Will be Blamed for Nuclear War?
  3576. Kyra Phillips/CNN so biased for Israel
  3577. According to Indictment, AIPAC Has Been Under Investigation Since Early 1999
  3578. Sabra and Shatila and the Brave Woman Who Awoke the Press to the Massacres
  3579. Palestinian groups agree deal for return of Israeli (Expect the failure caused by Israel)
  3580. Tom Friedman's Shocking Admission (No different from any Congresscritter)
  3581. Israel hits U.N. post; casualties reported
  3583. Judge Dismisses Phone Records Lawsuit
  3584. China to test its `artificial sun` (More probably babbling than any breakthrough in sustainable fusion reaction)
  3585. 'Zombies' arrested in downtown Minneapolis (The police need incarceration in asylum for the crimally deranged)
  3586. Israel intends to carve 'security zone' (Yest ANOTHER Israeli landgrab)
  3587. Rape Victim Denied Morning-After Pill (Totalitarian state)
  3588. No early ceasefire, vows Israel (Right! The Lebanese haven't been exterminated yet)
  3589. Volusia/Flagler home sales skid 39 percent in June (Nobody listens to me)
  3590. xymphora: Fake rocket attack (of "old": it's what they do)
  3591. An Israeli spy network arrested in Lebanon (Oooops!)
  3592. Israel warns it will hit 10 buildings for every rocket fired (indiscriminately)
  3593. Senate Passes Interstate Abortion Bill (Totalitarian state)
  3594. U.S. States Oppose Federal Bid to Curb Business Tax (Time for secession)
  3595. German Alleging Torture in Overseas CIA Prison Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit
  3596. School builder shot and killed in Afghanistan
  3597. From Planning to Warfare to Occupation, How Iraq Went Wrong (Michiko Kakutani)
  3598. Israel 'to control Lebanon strip' (Now it's "control")
  3599. Israel widens control, seals Hezbollah stronghold (So they think)
  3600. Israel warns it will hit 10 buildings for every rocket fired The attack was hysterical from the start)
  3601. Nobel Peace Prize winner 'could kill' Bush (So could most of the world, but he is merely the focus, not the real fact)
  3602. US has to choose: Israel or the Middle East
  3603. Pentagon declares war on internet combat videos (it shows what they are ordered to do)
  3604. Lebanon attack [is] a joint Israeli-U.S. military operation: Dead UN observers had atrocities info
  3605. Russia rebuffs U.S. call to rethink $1bln Venezuela arms deal
  3606. Is Israel Using Arab Villages as Human Shields?
  3607. Putin Stresses Importance of Ties with Syria
  3608. Mideast talks fail to reach cease-fire agreement (as USUKIL wanted it)
  3609. Israel troops 'ignored' UN plea
  3610. We'll All be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan. (READ!)
  3611. Israel uses cluster bombs, chemical weapons
  3612. LiberateUS.org - Israel - Twenty-Seven Years Later (READ)
  3613. In shelter of hospital, no refuge (i.e., Israel is bombing hospitals)
  3614. Israel US ambassador Ayalon: Annan has to apologize (Watch - he actually will!)
  3615. Judge Orders Cuba Book Back On Shelves
  3616. Syria, Iran lack full Hizbollah control: US officials
  3617. While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes
  3618. FOX News Middle East Analyst Is Apocalyptic Christian Preacher (Surprise!)
  3619. Lebanon detains 36 spy suspects
  3620. Retired Air Force Col: They lied to us about the war and about 9/11 itself
  3621. How Many Kids Will Die?
  3622. Schumer and Clinton Pressed To Reappoint Bolton
  3623. FBI paid key terror informants $56,000 (government fabricated "terror")
  3624. U.N.: Observers made many calls before strike (of precision bomb)
  3625. House votes to block police from seizing legal guns in disasters (Does something right?!)
  3627. Weeks of war to come, says Israel General
  3628. Former official says Bush mulling sending American troops to Lebanon (Mulling indeed! Malice aforethought)
  3629. Israeli Propaganda - Never Had It So Good (READ)
  3630. Memo warned of ceiling collapse
  3631. Boston warned tunnel ceiling wouldn't hold
  3632. The Diebold Bombshell (Is the election rigging not yet utterly clear?)
  3633. FEMA media rule sparks fury (Detention camps of FEMA)
  3634. Air Marshals Say They Fear Managers More Than Terrorists
  3635. Feds seek to trump state' inquiry into phone records
  3636. Plane crashes in Afghanistan, causalities reported (??)
  3637. Greek protesters topple Truman statue in anti-war demonstration
  3638. Group: Detainees abused after Abu Ghraib (per orders)
  3639. Court to hear case for inquiry into Iraq war (UK - going for whitewash)
  3640. Elderly Man Dies at Israeli Checkpoint in WB (forbidden hospital access)
  3641. UN calls for Mid-East ceasefire (Useless)
  3642. Court petition: Olmert must declare war (reasonably disgusting)
  3643. Israeli troops suffer heavy casualties (Keep this up and USUKIL willsuddenly want a cease fire)
  3644. An Israeli spy network arrested in Lebanon
  3645. Two reporters shot by Israeli forces, making seven reporters attacked in 10 days (A telling pattern?)
  3646. TV Cameraman Wounded in GS
  3647. Power grid fails in face of California heat wave
  3648. Bitter recriminations as trade talks collapse
  3649. Rice leaves bloody footprints in Lebanon
  3650. Uri Avnery: Is Beirut Burning?
  3651. Robert Fisk: Beirut as Munich (READ)
  3652. Michael Dickinson: Arrested in Istanbul
  3653. Bankers Fear World Economic Breakdown (Not the ones who have created it)
  3654. Israel's Invasion Pretext Under Fire
  3655. Beware Iraqi Leaders Bearing Good News
  3656. Jonathan Cook: Primetime Lies from the American Media
  3657. David Nally: The Detention of Ghazi Walid Falah
  3658. Gitmo: Justice Denied is Murder, and a War Crime
  3659. Applauding While Lebanon Burns: Richard Cohen's Blood Lust
  3660. Abortion Bill Would Make Assisting a Teen to Cross State Lines a Crime
  3661. Religious Left Gears Up to Fight Back (Interesting - and overdue)
  3662. Allies Losing Patience With US Terms for Cease-Fire (also with all the lies?)
  3663. White House Bill Challenges Provision of the Geneva Conventions (and is effectively unconstitutional)
  3664. US Thwarts Middle East Cease-Fire
  3665. Medea Benjamin Arrested for Disrupting Iraqi Prime Minister's Congressional Address
  3666. Justice Department Sues to Block Missouri From Getting Phone Records (that are incriminating evidence)
  3667. Tech Trouble in the Voting Booth ("Trouble"?!)
  3668. Two NJ congressmen boycott Iraqi leader's speech to Congress (Shitcan them)
  3669. Mideast peace talks fail, Rice under fire (Shit can the entire criminal US government)
  3670. Saddam: I don't want to go to court
  3671. Saddam 'forced' back to his trial
  3672. Senate Restricts Abortion Option for Young Girls (Criminal totalitarian congress)
  3673. Cheap bird flu vaccine 'ready next year' (Oh spare me the garbage)
  3674. Bird flu kills Thai teen in country's first 2006 death (or not)
  3675. Crossfire War - South Caucasus - 500 Georgian Troops Advance on ...
  3676. Israeli strikes on Gaza kill 24
  3677. An accident waiting to happen (Israel is no accident, though it does lay in wait)
  3678. Israel's Man at the UN (Bolton, of course)
  3679. Wake Up! (Exactly correct)
  3680. The Washington Monthly "Israel Fakes a Provocation (The kidnapping of Cl. Gilad Shalit)"
  3681. Anti-Americanism prompts push for "citizen diplomacy" (The truth then makes US even more ugly)
  3682. NBC10.com - Local News - Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction Of Justice(No, the arrest was the obstruction of justice, i.e., the police were the obstruction)
  3683. FEMA media rule sparks fury
  3684. Iranians volunteer to fight Israel
  3685. Lebanon: Water Dispute With Israel
  3686. An estimated 800,000 people uprooted by attacks, says Lebanese body
  3687. Lebanon probes weapons used in Israel bombing (as in they are banned weapons)
  3688. Red Cross personnel injured (by guess whom?)
  3689. Cdn UN peacekeeper foreshadowed bombing (by Israel)
  3690. UN attack looks deliberate: Annan (couldn't have been otherwise)
  3691. Israeli troops suffer heavy casualties
  3692. Israel unleashes new fury (and it will pay dearly)
  3693. Remarks by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (Israel delenda est)
  3694. Bush to send more troops to Baghdad (Not "mulling" anymore?)
  3695. Hezbollah guerrillas battle Israeli troops trying to capture Lebanese town(Israel delenda ets)
  3696. Israeli losses mount in Lebanon (It will lose its life)
  3697. Pitched battles as Israelis suffer losses (The more the merrier)
  3698. For Israeli Unit, Hezbollah Lair Is Ambush Site
  3699. World condemns Israel as diplomacy fails again (Just bomb it into the stone Age)
  3700. Hezbollah attack `came from all sides,' Israeli officer says
  3701. 50 Israeli 'spies' arrested
  3702. 'More days like this' to come: Israeli army commander (Oh, really? You got off light)
  3703. Two weeks into battle, [Israeli] army has worst day so far (Just wait)
  3704. Offensive to last several more weeks, says Israeli general (Longer that you can survive)
  3705. NYC wax museum shows off Jolie-Pitt baby (Grotesque)
  3706. FBI creates executive position to track WMDs (God must love morons)
  3707. Palestinians killed as Israeli army moves in
  3708. Israeli strikes kill 23 in Gaza Strip (Murdering the defenseless is what it does best)
  3709. Israel continues airstrikes (of both Gaza and Lebanon. Syria when?)
  3710. As the U.S. Squanders its Resources in Iraq, it's Been Rendered Impotent Elsewhere (But, all of this was deliberate)
  3711. The case of the USS Liberty: anatomy of an Israeli provocation
  3712. American soldiers fight in lebanon's border
  3713. Officials Urge Law to Allow Eavesdropping (Titalitarian fascist state)
  3714. Human micro-chip HACKED (So, maybe they can't be used: I'll have the Deadeye Dick Chip, please)
  3715. Did Israel Attack the U.N. 'Accidentally on Purpose'? (On purpose)
  3716. Fox News Says Hezbollah 'Certain' To Nuke Major City (That's lunatic)
  3717. IDF told not to fire on unarmed observers, says UN (Yes)
  3718. US blocks UN from condemning Israel (Of course)
  3719. US blocks UN resolution condemning Israeli bombing of UN post... (Even that!)
  3720. Rice warns Iran, Syria over ceasefire (What possible power does this idiot think she has over either?)
  3721. US may increase Iraq force by delaying departures (again?)
  3722. China activist 'beat himself up' (???!)
  3723. The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil
  3724. Odd Bedfellows Align to Market Oliver Stone's Film About 9/11 (Stone becomes deliberate liar)
  3725. Israel says world backs offensive (Israel lies bigtime, as usual)
  3726. Mysterious wounds from Israeli shells in Gaza
  3727. Security cabinet okays mass call-up of reservists, but nixes expansion of south Lebanon operation - Haaretz -(Hizbollah should have fun with that)
  3728. US Orders Media Blackout On Troop Movements As Syria Prepares To Attack Israeli Forces(You mean as Israel Prepares to Attack Syria)
  3729. Silence on Israel's crimes damaging UK, warns former Blair adviser
  3730. Dean Calls Iraqi Prime Minister Anti-Semite, Criticizes Bush For U.S. Visit (So much for Fucking Zionist Dean)
  3731. Christian Right Steps Up Pro-Israel Lobbying
  3732. Blair and Bush to meet in Washington to discuss Israel, Lebanon (and assorted war crimes)
  3733. Israel Charged with Systematic Harassment of U.S. Marines
  3734. Israeli Foreknowledge of the Bombing of US Marines In Beirut
  3735. Zawahri weighs in on Mideast conflict(The dead sing and dance whenever it's convenient diversion)
  3736. Syrian Journalist: We See Stepped-up IDF Activity in the Golan
  3737. NBC/WSJ poll: U.S. pessimism on increase (The stupidity shown is distressing)
  3738. Where D.C. Pundits Get Their Placebo Politics (READ!)
  3739. Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon (To commit genocide)
  3740. Al-Qaeda warns it will not stand idly by (Al-CIAda can't afford to fabricate videos anymore?!)
  3741. Justified and Measured: Can Stephen Harper Speak for our Dead (Israel murders Canadians)
  3742. I'M NOT FILMING UP SKIRTS I'M SPYING ON AL-QAEDA (That's where big Al is)
  3743. Smoke Signals From Battle Send Warning To Israel (Just wait)
  3744. Bombs bound for Israel came via British airports
  3745. Mr. Bush, What about Israel's defiance of UN Resolutions?
  3746. The neocon resurgence (precedes the death of Israel)
  3747. Empire: war and propaganda (READ)
  3748. US Declares Open Season on UN Workers
  3749. Remember When: Syria backed by UN, blamed by US
  3750. Israeli tried to blame Hexbollah for UN post attack
  3751. Refugees Have Only Their Anger
  3752. Lebanon's Children and Israeli Phosphorous Bombs
  3753. 'Birth Pangs of a new Middle East'? (Pathological Rice)
  3754. Bullies "Insanity has replaced reality" (Indeed it has)
  3755. Belgian Jewish Leader: Israel Committing War Crimes (Ah! A voice od sanity!)
  3756. Battle Over Bolton Could Be Decided by Jewish Support
  3758. Clark Clifford reports on USS Liberty to LBJ
  3759. A Mysterious Explosion Off Leeward Oahu's Coast
  3760. Captured troops revealed data on IDF plans
  3761. 100,000 Whiners for War Crimes (READ)
  3762. Psychologists' Group Under Fire (Fascist pawns as often they are)
  3763. Glut of unsold new homes across US hits record high
  3764. The US: Too late for empire. (Doom - if not doom today, doom tomorrow)
  3765. Israel's star-spangled arsenals (READ)
  3766. Israel blasts Lebanon after heavy losses (for which Israel will pay again)
  3767. Vegan diet reverses diabetes symptoms, study finds (and what other diets work as well? It's NOT a causal relationship)
  3768. Rice says US not alone over Mideast ceasefire, hails Rome talks (You and Israel will want one soon enough, bitch)
  3769. ConocoPhillips 2Q profit rises 65 pct.
  3770. ConocoPhillips again posts a record profit
  3771. Exxon Mobil profit tops $10 bln on soaring prices
  3772. Exxon Mobil posts historic profit, again (War is really profitable, right?)
  3773. Pentagon sells excess military gear to anybody (Anybody?)
  3774. A Texas Preacher Leads Campaign to Let Israel Fight (Sick)
  3775. Israel pounds south Lebanon, civilians trapped
  3776. Beckett 'unhappy' with US military use of Scottish airport
  3777. UK airport used to fly bombs to Israel
  3778. Declassified archives document ties between CIA and Nazis
  3779. Alleged Toronto terrorist cell included Canadian Security Intelligence Service mole (i.e., another terror hoax fabricated by government)
  3780. Ukraine: Constitutional crisis deepens as Orange parties jostle for power
  3781. How Australia orchestrated "regime change" in East Timor--Part 1
  3782. Rome conference on Lebanon Appeasement 2006: Europe capitulates to American-Israeli aggression
  3783. Squeezing the Last Drops from Palestine
  3784. Can the Crime Justify the Act?
  3785. Hoosier Hooey: Is Terre Haute the Peshawar of the Midwest?
  3786. Hirohito's Ghost: Japan's New Militarists
  3787. 9/11 Nablus: First, Destroy the Archives
  3788. Lebanon and the Future of the Antiwar Movement (READ)
  3789. Israel and Iraq: Hillary's White House Ticket (Goddamn the bitch's eyes and soul to a hell of her own making)
  3790. John Bolton: Israel's Man at the UN
  3791. Watching Lebanon Burn: Notes From a Free Fire Zone
  3792. Castro at 80: History Absolved Him, Now What?
  3793. Tanya Reinhart: Israel's New Middle East (Israel delenda est)
  3794. Chirac's Plan to Exit the Crisis (Forgetaboutit!)
  3795. Experts See Proxy War Under Way in Somalia
  3796. Fighting Rages On: Israel Suffers Heavy Losses (It can never be enough)
  3797. Court Victory for Families of British Soldiers Killed in Iraq
  3798. James Bamford | Iran: The Next War (or Syria first?)
  3799. Report Says Homeland Security Department Mishandled Contracts (What else would be new?)
  3800. Red Cross Ambulances Destroyed in Israeli Air Strike on Rescue Mission
  3801. Kucinich Introduces Legislation to Abolish All Nuclear Weapons (Nice - but utterly useless and ineffective attempt at grandstanding)
  3802. High Death Toll in Gaza Clashes
  3803. Spent Nuclear Fuel Edges Closer to Yucca
  3804. NOW | Allegations of Murder by US Interrogators
  3805. Seeking Senate Backing, Bolton Faces Skeptics (who should be slapping the SOB silly. Maybe he'd like a little torture)
  3806. Israeli military to investigate itself over UN killings (Israel delenda est)
  3807. Israel's "new Middle East" (Israel delenda est)
  3808. Oil spill adds ecological crisis to Lebanon's agony (Israel delenda est)
  3809. Israel envoy rejects Annan&#-11;&#-11;s call (Israel delenda est)
  3810. Israel says UN can't be part of probe of deadly attack on post (Israel delenda est)
  3811. Poland reluctant to give America sovereignty over missile base (Why should Poland, unless it's insane?)
  3812. Another look at Israeli weapon (Israel delenda est)
  3813. Israel nixes major U.N. role in Lebanon (Israel delenda est)
  3814. UK peers call for Blair to be stripped of power to go to war without vote (Blair delenda est)
  3815. Capone Is Reduced To Paranoid, Quivering Goo After AMERICA: FREEDOM TOFASCISM (US zionist corpagov delenda est)
  3816. Olmert beginning to lose support from Israeli people (Israel delenda est)
  3817. My Way News - Analysis: Bush Foreign Policy Struggling (Bushco delenda est)
  3818. U.S. may send 5,000 more troops to Baghdad (Bushco delenda est)
  3819. Top Indian civil servant 'was CIA spy' (CIA "Al-CIAda" delenda est)
  3820. Blair to tell Bush: we need a ceasefire (Woof! Woof! But not really, he just has to say that)
  3821. Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah (I can't imagine why)
  3822. Israel approves calling up 30,000 reservists (Good: more to get killed)
  3823. Sergeant Tells of Plot to Kill Iraqi Detainees (USUKIL planned geocide all along, as told long ago)
  3824. Atomic deal with India a step closer (Pakistan is thrilled)
  3825. Israel decides not to expand offensive (Israel lies a lot)
  3826. Escapees pour into Syria
  3827. Israeli Aircraft Raid Hezbollah Bases; Land Offensive Ruled Out (Israel lies a lot)
  3828. Bush: Work on world trade deal to go forward (Bushco delenda est - the US is already dead)
  3829. Bird Flu Vaccine: Will It Work? (No!)
  3830. Nasrallah's Stature Grows as Hezbollah Presses War With Israel (surprised?!)
  3831. Truth always hurts (zionist BS still flows freely)
  3832. Justified, essential ?and timely (More zionist BS)
  3833. Is World War III Coming to your Neighborhood? (Probably; designed, like WWI and WWII)
  3834. Editorial: Middle East peace ever more elusive (as it is intended to be)
  3835. Tell Israel violence must end: Armitage (He knows much better than his mealy mouth speaks)
  3836. Has Israel Dealt Iran A Winning Hand? (Yes - arrogance begets stupidity)
  3837. Israel 'can take its time' (It doesn't have any more time)
  3838. Analysts: Lebanon conflict could widen (It will)
  3839. Volunteers from Iran set off to join `holy war' (Just a begininng - too many people have had it up to their eyeballs with genocidal, lying, theiving Israel)
  3840. Two Nigerians killed in Lebanon, 150 return home
  3841. Rookie mistakes brought us to this Mideast precipice (But it was plannedby "experts")
  3842. Is Syria the key to peace (No! fool!)
  3843. Appeasement wont satiate Irans quest for Arab world nuclear ... (Irrelevant babbling)
  3844. Diplomatic roads lead to Damascus (No they don't)
  3845. US wants to reshape Middle East: Iran's Asefi (So far, that's true)
  3846. Why Syria Has Much to Lose if Hezbollah Is Finally Halted (Now we're having a bit of understanding)
  3847. Venezuelan jets head to Syria to evacuate citizens (Expecting something?)
  3848. Hezbollah vows to begin launching missiles deeper into Israel (Just do it, and say nothing)
  3849. When terror becomes error (Zionist babbling)
  3850. US Must Deal With Damascus and Hezbollah to Ease Mideast Crisis ... (It will not and can't because its capcity to lie is too well known)
  3851. Commentary: Lebanon, wilderness of mirrors (Utter horseshit)
  3852. Syrian Says Israel Drives US Policy (Yes, and ...?)
  3853. Iran president warns of spreading violence He's not exactly a W)
  3854. Iran's Hezbollah Publishes Newspaper (Oh my! They're literate?)
  3855. Sugary dreams of a better world no longer in store (They haven't been in 30 years, dumdum!)
  3856. Middle East: It's not only about Israel, Ms. Rice (That is NOT how Israel and most US Jews see it, asshole)
  3857. Beckett says Iran and Syria threaten stability (Now there it IS about Israel, and only Israel that has NO right to exist whatsoever)
  3858. Time to Talk (Idiot)
  3859. Israeli leaders decide to concentrate on air attack (Oh, please, invade like real men, and get your pussy asses whipped)
  3860. Hezbollah Nation (Interesting isn't it - and a forced child of Israel's old genocidal ways)
  3861. Hezbollah is not a puppet (It looks to be true)
  3862. A Time to Crow (Israel delenda est)
  3863. Condi Decorates the Living Room While the Bedroom is in Flames (She never was very bright, you know)
  3864. Bush won't criticize Israel; denounces Iranian role in fighting (LMAO)
  3865. Confrontation With Iran (is ill advised)
  3866. Paradise Post - Rising conflict mirrors neocon plan (getting near the truth, so delicately)
  3867. Why Israel Cant Win the War (A gentle explanation of Israel's consummate idiocy)
  3868. Israel plans for 'security zone' inside Lebanon border (That should go over well, and make so many Lebanese happy)
  3869. Al-Qaeda Calls for Holy War (That's Al-CIAda, as in "Bring 'em on!")
  3870. Al-Zawahiri warns al-Qa'eda will not stand idly while Lebanon (How come the dead person is just warning, and doing something?)
  3871. Senators divided over keeping Bolton at UN (Can they say "Duh-uh"?)
  3872. No Rain Delay for Bolton (He'll keep the post; Repugs rigged the rain; Dems are bought pussies; US is already dead, and Bolton can't kill it any further; Dead is dead)
  3873. Bush: Work on world trade deal to go forward (Glorioski!)
  3874. End of Talks Betrays Poor Nations, Trade Chief Says (He lies! the big thieves couldn't decide who gets to steal the most)
  3875. People dying from too much sun (not mention too much governmental scum)
  3876. Israeli attacks wound 7 in Gaza, tanks pull back (Tanks to mow down women and children. Aren't bulldozers cheaper than tanks?)
  3877. UN 'shock' at Lebanon bomb deaths (Shock & dismay? That's it? Useless wusses)
  3878. No reduction of US troops in Iraq - Pentagon (But there has been a decided increase: more to die)
  3879. WTO chief calls for end to 'blame game' (Yeah! Let's get back to stealing!)
  3880. Sun kills 60,000 a year, says WHO (Not exactly a scientifically trustworthy entity)
  3881. Bush Urged to Enforce Voting Rights Act (You're joking, right?)
  3882. Future of free trade in question (Since "free trade" is anything but ree trade, ...)
  3883. The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and ... (Gee, the Israelis are just so sweet and kind, ya gotta love 'em - or exterminate 'em)
  3884. Israel defends strategy (What strategy? Genocide?)
  3885. Debate grows over Israel strategy (Genocide needs to be debated?)
  3886. Detainee Abuse Charges Feared (Unconstitutional legislation)
  3887. Oakland: Police spies chosen to lead war protest
  3888. Bush moves to sell Spain warplane engines (He may regret that LOL)
  3889. Who Needs Congress or Courts With Bush in Charge? (Called dictatorship)
  3890. 07/27/2006 | Shortage of troops in Iraq a `grim warning'
  3891. 25,000 stateside troops tapped for Iraq deployment (to die for Hallibuton)
  3892. Standing up for Canada? (Canada gov Israeli poodle)
  3893. US 'outrage' over Israeli claims (The outrage is phoney posturing)
  3894. Bombing King David (READ!)
  3895. Israel moves to tap into Gaza offshore gas field (M'fuckers)
  3896. Russian Base in Syria, a Symmetrical Strategic Move (As predicted)
  3897. Israelis resolve to use more force (That's all they ever do)
  3898. Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers (Jews attack truth on the net)
  3899. Hezbollah leader said to be hiding in Iranian Embassy (Lots of things"are said", most are garbage)
  3900. UN body criticises US on rights (US as IL is above criticism)
  3901. Israeli Artillery Hits Lebanon Evacuation Convoy (But musn't be criticized)
  3902. Israel bombs UN position: Canadian feared killed (Some first hand evidence)
  3903. First Iraq, now Lebanon
  3904. What is it with Republicans and Voter Fraud?
  3905. Let sleeping giants lie (even when when they're not sleeping?)
  3906. UN observers leave Israel-Lebanon border (EXACTLY, before more witnesses need to be exterminated by Israel)
  3907. Bulls-eye: 4 U.N. Peacekeepers killed in Israels Targeted Assassination
  3908. On a Red Cross mission of mercy when Israeli air force came calling (Trust Israel and die)
  3909. Beart Chogaidh (Israel's assassination of UN observers)
  3910. A Ned Lamont Landslide? (If enough people are conscious)
  3911. Paul Wolfowitz authorized spying on anti-war groups (Naturally)
  3912. A war without borders in the making (Indeed)
  3913. Israel's Most Powerful Weapon--The Holocaust (The boomerang of lies cometh)
  3914. US economic growth slows to 2.5% ("growth"? How does that get conjured?)
  3915. Lawmakers form pro-Israel caucus (of zionist whores)
  3917. Nancy Pelosi and Israel (Both guilty of War Crimes)
  3918. US sends Rice to try to end Middle East war (LMFAO! This abusive goddamn idiot bitch?)
  3919. The "hiding among civilians" (and the ever lying Israelis)
  3920. Billionaire, a top NYC bachelor, charged in prostitution sting (as if I actually care? Get a life!)
  3921. Agent Orange 'caused gene damage' (probably)
  3922. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Fascist US Congress delenda est)
  3923. Britain, U.S. Using Radioactive Dirty Bombs (USUK delenda est)
  3925. Somalia on the brink of all-out war as minister is shot dead
  3926. Lebanese want protection from Israel (So does everyone else, including some Jews)
  3927. Killer heat wave overwhelms coroners' offices (due to corpagov negligence and theft)
  3928. 100 evacuated as heavy rain flood (due to corpagov negligence and theft)
  3929. Stupid CIA Tricks (aren't they all?)
  3930. Iraqi Shiite leader rejects role for US reinforcements (This might beinteresting)
  3931. Salvadoran Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack on Halliburton Convoy (Amercenary army being built)
  3932. 'Deathbed' plea by Guantanamo detainee
  3933. Anger in the Arab World (and it will do nothing but grow to a point of explosion)
  3934. Lebanon damage report
  3935. U.N. pulls observers from Israeli-Lebanese border (Witnesses to Israel's atrocities are gone: that was the point)
  3936. Israel Hits 130 Hezbollah Targets in Southern Lebanon (as the justifie, murderous hatred grows even more)
  3937. You're all targets, Israel tells Lebanese in South (We are all targets of Israel, period)
  3938. New York Daily News - City News - 'Secret' 9/11 lies?
  3939. How Australia orchestrated "regime change" in East Timor--Part 2
  3940. US: FEMA slashes emergency assistance for future disaster victims Family payments to be cut from $2 (US criminal corpagov)
  3941. Israel steps up military offensive in Gaza (and will eventually pay with its life)
  3942. Growing disquiet in Israel over Lebanon war
  3943. Joschka Fischer and German Greens defend Israeli bombing terror in Lebanon (who will also pay)
  3944. Britain: Mounting criticism of Blair over Lebanon (The hatred grows)
  3945. Polls indicate growing dissatisfaction with two parties in US (and grows)
  3946. Israel prepares major escalation of Lebanon aggression (Israel delenda est)
  3947. Charles Glass: Operation "Save Israel's High Command" (why either Israelwill conquer the world as it intends, or it will be exterminated by the world; Israel delenda est)
  3948. The Power of Arrogance in a World Without Deterrence (READ)
  3949. Power (Outage) to the People: Why Queens Went Dark (The evil of corpagovresounds)
  3950. The War in Lebanon: More Than Meets the Eye (Possible understandings)
  3951. Baghdad's Death Squads, Official and Otherwise
  3952. When Condi Came to Ramallah
  3953. Who is Winning? Questions and Answers About the War in Lebanon:
  3954. Jonathan Cook: The Lies Israel Tells Itself
  3955. GOP Congressman Tied to Consulting Firm (The corpagov forever)
  3956. Gonzales Lobbies Congress for Torture Shield (Criminals all)
  3957. Hezbullah Wants an Immediate Cease-Fire (knowing well what Israel's reaction will be)
  3958. John Dean Knocks "Imperial Presidency"
  3959. Republican Says We Need a Democrat Majority in Congress (We need a jailed congress)
  3960. Feds Confirm Fears of New Orleans Flooding (Murderous and destructive corpagov)
  3961. Activists Pose Fresh Challenges to New Recruiter Tactics
  3962. US Drops Bechtel Project Promoted by Rice, Laura Bush (but, Bechtel got the money)
  3963. Economy Slowed This Spring (Can you spell "tanking"?)
  3964. New airstrikes target Hezbollah (Israeli wusses)
  3965. Rice to return to Middle East (Go to your room Ho)
  3966. Mystery plane lands in Mogadishu
  3967. The dissenter who dared to ask why - National - smh.com.au (READ)
  3968. Don't take up arms with the enemy (Outrageous asshole)
  3969. LEBANON FIGHTING INTENSIFIES (so meticulous is counting its kills?)
  3970. To Arabs, he's the new Nasser, but to the West he has become the new Bin Laden(Murdering Nasrallah would cause an Arab fury that would cause Israel's alread insure annihilation)
  3971. Hezbollah fires new rockets into Israel (needs to hit something important)
  3972. Aid struggle in Lebanon (READ)
  3973. Hezbollah can't be defeated, says UN force chief (How very true)
  3974. Israeli reservists prepare for war (and death?)
  3975. Broken WTO talks to be felt in shoppers' wallets *Believe this, and they'll tell you another)
  3976. PM keeps up peace plan pressure (Anybody actually believe this crap?)
  3977. Just hot air? Bush and Blair refuse to call for ceasefire (More like it: hot air)
  3978. Bush, Blair back multinational force (Um - yeah - sure)
  3979. Bush apologizes to Blair over weapons flights (LMAO What assholes!)
  3980. Red Cross drivers won't take aid to Lebanon (because of whom?)
  3981. We have defeated the WTO (Not exactly)
  3982. Blair and Bush launch peace plan (Oh, give me a break)
  3983. Bush, Blair to Seek UN Force on Lebanon Border (To protect Lebanon from Israeli assaults?)
  3984. Bush Sees a Chance for Change to Sweep Mideast (by using his asshole as oracle)
  3985. India claims bird flu halted (also the attacks by Tyranosurus Rex)
  3986. A woman under pressure (Susan Sarandon?)
  3987. US says no plans to boost troops further in Iraq (LOL)
  3988. US wants 'fair' WTO deal: Bush (Biggest cut of the theft)
  3989. UN watchdog rebukes US over rights (and dictatorship?)
  3990. US Told To Shut "Secret Detentions" (Lots of luck)
  3991. Markey accuses White House of duplicity (Oh no! He's joking, right?)
  3992. India nuke accord 'bad deal for US': Report (Which US?)
  3993. Israel's secret war: the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Palestine
  3994. Wake Up! - part 2
  3995. Bush And Blair Dismiss Growing Worldwide Calls For Cease-Fire...
  3996. Hezbollah: 'Major defeat' for Israel
  3997. Mysterious wounds from Israeli shells in Gaza
  3998. Lebanon crisis reveals an Anti-Jewish Israeli State
  3999. US in quiet U-turn on Iraq troop numbers (You noticed!)
  4000. Heroism in the Holy Land (READ)
  4001. Now Turkey demands right to defend itself (Monkey see, monkey do)
  4002. September 11th Terrorist Attacks Discussion on C-Span, Saturday Evening (Hmmmm!)
  4003. 'Ship of Fools': Like the Jews in 1930s Germany, Palestinians are Scramblingto Get Out, notes Jane Stillwater
  4004. Death Toll Could Be Twice the Official Figure (Lebanon)
  4005. Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians (Genocide again)
  4006. Iraq Radio: Turkish Soldiers Enter Northern Iraq
  4007. The US: Too late for empire (Pulling the insanities together)
  4008. Drop in home prices predicted (Supposed to be just discovered?!)
  4009. FBI paid key terror informants $56,000 (Government fabricated terror by mirages)
  4010. Bush submits new terror detainee bill (You ARE the denseless target of your criminal government)
  4011. Paging Franz Kafka (We the targets of evil)
  4012. Who's Arming Israel? (Guess who)
  4013. Is Bush Trying to Dodge the Gallows? (Yes; they all know how evil they are)
  4014. Oil price and dollar plunge as American growth stalls (Interesting that oil [futures, not oil] drop, exactly the opposite of what should happen)
  4015. A Larger and More Powerful Rocket Hits Deeper in Israel, Adding a New Dimension - New York Times (READ)
  4016. Israel rejects U.N. request for cease-fire (On not long it will be whining for one)
  4017. Struggling Lieberman faces political abyss (May he plunge, and never be heard of again)
  4018. Israels Final Solution to Arabs in South Lebanon (Just wait)
  4019. Israeli Planes Pound Targets in Lebanon (More of cowardly same)
  4020. Bush: Lebanon Clash Brings Hope for Change (Not the change you expect, asshole)
  4021. Orthodox Jews participate in an anti-Israel rally in front of the Israeli consulate
  4022. Blair warns Iran, Syria of 'confrontation' (Invasion & bombing by Israel)
  4023. What We Hear About Hezbollah and What We Dont Hear About Israel
  4024. Rupert Murdoch To Offer Tony Blair Senior Role In Media Empire (Perfect positioning for congenital liar)
  4025. Lebanese Death Toll Could Be Twice the Official Figure
  4027. Israeli ship fires warning shot at Turkish evacuation ferry (Bad move)
  4028. Evangelicals unite for Israel (Send them all to Israel)
  4029. Antiwar Candidate Backs Israeli Strikes (Lamont is no damn good either)
  4030. Government to take over suicide hotline? (You, being a government targetfor killing, ...)
  4031. US planning $4.6bn in Mideast arms sales (to Israel, for peace and sukyourity, of course)
  4032. Israeli Precision Bombing? (Yes, bombing civilians and UN observers very precisely)
  4033. MSF: Aid corridors 'an illusion' (What ninny would believe Israel?)
  4034. IndiaDaily - Up to 600 Lebanese civilians have been killed in the ongoing Israeli campaign and as many as 200 are still buried in rubble of bombed buildings
  4035. Lebanese Die as Condi Plays Piano in Malaysia (The imagery carries such truth)
  4036. From New Orleans to Gaza
  4037. Israelis boost barrage as enemy rockets hit deeper
  4038. The Manchurian Clergyman (READ)
  4039. How mad for Britain to be the US poodle: the neocons will fade away (So will the UK)
  4040. Audit Finds U.S. Hid Actual Cost of Iraq Projects (Of course)
  4041. For Syria's envoy, no calls from the White House (Of course not; this is Bushco-zionist diplomacy that precedes the invasion and bombing)
  4042. Israel not looking for Syria fight, but still getting ready (to attack when it feels like)
  4043. Stay out of Somalia, U.S. tells Eritrea, Ethiopia (Diplomacy or hubris?)
  4044. Israeli paratroops respect enemy (Should anyone care?)
  4045. Israel strikes on Gaza continue
  4046. Israeli attacks stall aid efforts in Lebanon
  4047. Israel rejects UN call for humanitarian truce
  4048. Made in the UK, bringing devastation to Lebanon - the British parts in Israel's deadly attack helicopters
  4049. Lebanon damage report
  4050. UN official fears Israel will raze Tyre
  4051. "We're going to bomb your home, one hour to leave..."
  4052. ACLU targets Orlando ban on feeding of homeless
  4053. Seattle security raised after Jewish center shooting (Totalitarian state)
  4054. Two UN peacekeepers wounded by air strike in Lebanon (Yet more - ooops, accident? again?)
  4055. Israel hits Lebanese road at border with Syria
  4056. How Australia orchestrated "regime change" in East Timor--Part 3
  4057. In wake of Mumbai bombing India increases its censorship of the Internet (as the noose tightens around the world)
  4058. Israel, the UN and the assassination of Count Bernadotte (READ)
  4059. Atrocities mount as Israel intensifies bombardment of Lebanon
  4060. Bush, Blair meet to oppose Lebanon ceasefire and back Israel's war aims
  4061. John V. Whitbeck: From Suez 1956 to Lebanon 2006 (READ)
  4062. The Right's Pre-Election Sleight of Hand (Yes, but it's both Repugs and Damnocraplians)
  4063. Comrade Bush: Back in the USSA (Bitter satire)
  4064. Dave Lindorff: The Bush Regime's War Crimes Dodge
  4065. William A. Cook: The Power of Evil (READ)
  4066. Israel Shamir: Friends, True and False (READ Twice)
  4067. The War Crime Machine: Defeating the IDF (READ)
  4068. Israel's Foes as Beasts and Insects
  4069. Apocalypse No!: an Indigenist Perspective
  4070. Delusional Expectations: How Israel Could Destroy Itself
  4071. The Biggest Stick in the Middle East
  4072. Cowboys Still in the Saddle: Neocon Plans in the MIddle East
  4073. One Country Bombed Two Countries
  4074. Professor of Propaganda: the Lies of Alan Dershowitz
  4075. Big Oil's Biggest Score: Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?
  4076. Repeating the 1982 Fiasco
  4077. Robert Fisk: Shredded By Cluster Bombs
  4078. Lebanon's Children: Voices from an Invasion
  4079. Cry Havoc: Anyone Who Opposes Israel is Labeled a Terrorist
  4080. Michael Neumann: The White Man's Burden?
  4081. Bush Bids for Sweeping Detention Power
  4082. Anti-War Fasters Arrested at Gates of White House
  4083. Israel Rejects Peace Offer (If not then, then later)
  4084. Lebanon: Hezbollah backs peace proposals (while Israel rejects: too bad for them)
  4085. Somali PM accuses Egypt, Libya, Iran (Are they Israeli or something?)
  4086. Hezbollah: Halt Israeli aggression
  4087. Israeli Planes Pound Targets in Lebanon (Yet)
  4088. Israel Pulls Out of Hezbollah Stronghold (and so it begins)
  4089. GOP makes conditions on wage increase (that will make it useless)
  4090. US to Send 3,700 Troops to Baghdad (and more, and more, ...)
  4091. US growth slows, but inflation picks up (Understatement of the year)
  4092. Markets up but dollar down as US economy slows (Markets a closed farce)
  4093. Chevron's Net Income Jumps 18%
  4094. Drugs 'destroying US sport' (Who cares?)
  4095. Cabinet split revealed as Straw attacks Lebanon tactics (Boring!)
  4096. In the Gaza Strip, a forgotten front (of Israeli genocide)
  4097. Israel fires missile into Hamas stronghold in Gaza
  4098. Israel Ends Gaza Raid, Leaving a Trail of Death and Destruction
  4099. Israeli missile hits Gaza City
  4100. Israel bombs Gaza militants' homes
  4101. Israel bombs Gaza tunnels (Um - what tunnels?)
  4102. IDF tanks re-enter Gaza after withdrawing troops to border
  4103. Israel's secret war: the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Palestine
  4104. Palestinians brace for more Gaza raids
  4105. Israel steps up military offensive in Gaza (Shooting fish in a barrel)
  4106. Israeli troops pull out of northern Gaza (or not)
  4107. Israel ends deadly Gaza operation (for now, maybe)
  4108. Blair to defy Bush over stem cells (Oh - like wow! The poodle barks?)
  4109. Iraqi Official Warns Against Coup Attempt (So much warning by kleptocrats going on)
  4110. "I came over here because I wanted to kill people." (US sanity is like Israeli sanity)
  4111. New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay (Halleluia!)
  4112. BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job
  4113. Bush Submits New Terror Detainee Bill (You are the enemy, whoever you are)
  4114. 34 Youths Among 56 Dead in Israeli Strike
  4115. The Raw Story | Key prewar intelligence report section may not be released until after November elections(Hiding the dead bodies)
  4116. Memos May Link Cheney to No-Bid Iraq Contract
  4117. Air raid hits Syria border (Careful there)
  4118. News Hounds: Breaking News: Angry Beirut Protesters Storm U.N. Building (READ)
  4119. Israel's cruel offensive
  4120. Jordan's king accuses Israel of 'criminal aggression' in Qana attack (who had remained quiet)
  4121. US Bulldozes Iraqi Historic District (Tie the troops toether and blow them up)
  4122. Olmert: We need 10 more days of military operations (To do what exactly?)
  4123. Wow I dont quite know what to make of this (Anybody remember Hitlerjugend? I was hoping Oliver North was dead)
  4124. Slaughter at Qana: Just Arabs, Never Mind
  4125. US arms for Israel expected (So much for Blairs lying idiot apology)
  4126. Hezbollah vows to punish Israel (One might hope disproportionately)
  4127. 'Definitive answer' on depleted uranium sought for troops (It's highly poisonous, there is no controversy)
  4129. Dead Children: Excuses, Lies, and Inaction
  4130. U.S. set to issue passports with RFID chips (That should create another stupid mess)
  4131. Ariel Roth: What Israel is really doing in Lebanon and Gaza(deranged)
  4132. Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport (Cheers!)
  4133. Bush and Blair renew their threats against Syria and Iran Highlights of Joint Press Conference at the White House
  4134. Congresswoman Woolsey Calls for Repeal of Presidents Iraq War Powers (Lots of luck)
  4135. The next wave of massacres begins
  4137. Eyewitness: Mass burial in Lebanon
  4138. The Israel You Don't See on the News (READ)
  4139. Is Syrian Shoot-Down of Israeli Drone A Move Towards Full blown War? (We don't know that it happened at all)
  4140. Turkish general admits framing Kurds
  4141. Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy (until tomorrow)
  4142. Analysis: A second Qana Massacre?
  4143. Emergency Security Council Meeting Convenes (US will veto)
  4144. The Truth Will Set You Free: Qana Massacre - SEE FOR YOURSELF
  4145. The day Israel realised that this was a real war (More realizations on their way)
  4146. WHY WAR WITH SYRIA IS INEVITABLE (Let's just say insanely probable)
  4147. Stymied in Mideast, Rice to Head Home (and go to her room?)
  4148. Behind The Blackouts (READ)
  4149. Officials: There 'aren't enough troops' to fix problems in Iraq (and so class, what other stupid things can we do?)
  4150. The Human Shield LIE Exposed (re Hizbollah)
  4151. Qana: Photographic Evidence of Israeli Crimes against Humanity
  4152. Israel Halts Bombing After Deadly Strike (Bizarre)
  4153. Bush urges Mideast peace "for the sake of children" (Projectile vomitting alert)
  4154. Heatwave shuts down nuclear power plants (Ooops!)
  4155. Huge rally challenges Mexico poll (If there, why not here?)
  4156. Israel Frees Ohio Professor It Detained (How sweet)
  4157. The Secretive Fight Against [For] Bioterror (Normal, perfectly normal)
  4158. U.S. biodefense lab raises concerns (as well it should in the hands of these lunatics)
  4159. US begins building treaty-breaching germ war defence centre
  4160. Israeli Airstrike Kills Over 50 in Qana
  4161. Shuttle diplomacy?
  4162. Another tragedy in Qana turns tide against Israel
  4163. Protestors burn Israeli flag in front of Israeli embassy in Madrid
  4164. Raid Revives 96 Agony
  4165. Rice says time for truce after Qana bombing (Oh does she now?)
  4166. NATO mission takes over southern Afghanistan (This is an improvement?)
  4167. It will take years to revive trade talks (We should be so lucky)
  4168. Quit smoking plan's founder has lung cancer (and probably bird flu)
  4169. Voting lets Congolese dare to hope
  4170. Lieberman Loses New York Times Backing
  4171. Breaking: Lieberman tries the smear
  4172. Thailand culls 300,000 chickens after avian-flu outbreak (Price of chicken was too low)
  4173. The Plot Against America (doesn't exist)
  4174. Bush vows to work with UN for sustainable peace (We just love vows, don't we dear?)
  4175. Bush Focus in Florida Is on Domestic Agenda (LMAO - how to attack us all more cheaply?)
  4177. Silencing of the Military Retirees?
  4178. The Gaelic Starover: Otisolatry (READ)
  4179. America fights for Israel
  4180. The Holy Babble
  4181. Bolton blocks UN call for truce (of course)
  4182. Days of darkness - Haaretz - Israel News
  4184. Anti-war Tel Aviv rally draws Jewish, Israeli Arab crowd
  4185. Hugo Chavez receives Iran's highest honor
  4186. Violence in Iraq Is Creating Chaos in Bank System (READ Keep and eye on this)
  4187. Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic outburst was 'covered up' (Oh, get over it)
  4188. After decades of war, millions of Congolese seize chance to vote
  4189. Little Hope for Congo Elections
  4190. Reporters describe carnage at Qana
  4191. Study: Surroundings Play Key Role in Diet (Wow! 40 year old "news"!)
  4192. L&#-11;&#-11;pez Obrador Urges Protest Camps to Occupy Mexico City (How a nation needs to run)
  4193. Sanders: Israel must seek two-state solution to conflict (60 years too late, that option is gone)
  4194. Return of the "Arab Street" by Andy Martin (READ)
  4195. DJ OIL FUTURES: Crude [Futures!]Steady, Eyes On Limited Mideast Peace - Onet.pl Wiadomo&#-11;&#-11;ci - 31.07.2006
  4196. No hope for Mideast peace (Hope, only when historical truth shines brightly)
  4197. CIA targeted 'more than 10' in Italy for kidnap, agent says
  4198. IDF prepared for attack by Syria
  4199. Rice: U.S. will seek U.N. resolution on Mideast (Right - sure - lying bitch)
  4200. Israel bombs southern Lebanon just hours after promising halt (IL lies continuously and pathologically - it's expected)
  4201. Leb grief over slain children
  4202. France: Iran plays stabilizing role in Middle East (True)
  4203. Iraq: Israel carrying out 'massacres' in Lebanon
  4204. Israel rejects ceasefire calls in Lebanon war (Ooops! That idea disappeared fast)
  4205. AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington
  4206. Fla. Republicans Won't Back Rep. Harris
  4207. Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11
  4208. Israeli Air Force Continue Lebanon Strikes
  4209. Pentagon Keeping Close Eye on Soldier's Web Posts
  4210. Reports Detail Massive Abuses at Homeland Security
  4211. Cheney-Specter bill: a blank check for spying
  4212. 9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda Panel Discussion to Replay on Tuesday, August 1, 2006
  4213. IDF says it may not be responsible for Qana deaths (Pathetic)
  4214. U.S. Government Investigates Check Point-Sourcefire Deal
  4215. No revolt, says deluded Blair (Toldya it meant nothing)
  4216. 'How can we stand by and allow this to go on?'
  4217. IAF strikes near Lebanon-Syria border again
  4218. Online News Audience Growth Slows in US: Survey
  4219. Is the US Encouraging Israel to Attack Syria?
  4220. The End of the Holocaust
  4221. Israel bombs southern Lebanon just hours after promising halt
  4222. US prepares to leave South Korea
  4223. Israel's Latest Massacre in Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor
  4224. US, Britain live in 'isolation' for Israel policy
  4225. ZOA Backs Bolton Nomination (as official Israel Whore Ambassador)
  4226. Israel: To the gods of war, a sacrifice
  4227. Nasrallah: Rice's mission to serve Israel (righty-o)
  4228. Israeli settlers stone human rights workers in Hebron
  4229. Olmert: There will be no cease-fire in coming days - Haaretz - Israel News
  4230. The Return of the Neocons - by Justin Raimondo
  4231. WFP says Israel refused OK for Lebanon aid convoy
  4232. Israel hits Lebanon road at border with Syria
  4233. Israel causes 'worst environmental disaster' in Mediterranean
  4234. Israel bombs Lebanon indiscriminately
  4235. Israel must face up to its lack of moral authority (or not)
  4237. Gaza: "Israel wants to drive us out our lands" (I would rather kill you all (Auf Deutsch))
  4238. Gaza: "Israel wants to drive us out of our lands" (in English)
  4239. Invisibility at the flick of a switch
  4240. Pictures From Qana
  4241. Birth Pangs or Death Throes? Why Do They Hate Us? Listen to Qana (Again)
  4242. Yesha Rabbinical Council: During time of war, enemy has no innocents (Then all Israelis are guilty of genocide, and should be put to death)
  4243. Dear Kofi, It's Time to remove the U.S. and Israel from the United Nations
  4245. SPIEGEL Interview with Syrian Foreign Minister: US Position on Cease-Fire "Tottaly Unacceptable"
  4246. CNN anchor takes Israeli spokeswoman to task
  4247. Shameless. Utterly shameless.
  4248. No Hezbollah Activists in Village of Qana, Israel Bombing Civilian Buildings and Vehicles
  4249. Raise readiness, Assad tells Syrian Army
  4250. Jewish groups call for hate-crime probe on Mel Gibson (What if it Germans he insulted?)
  4251. IDF prepared for attack by Syria (i.e., to attack Syria, and try make it appear that Syria attacked)
  4252. Mr. Bush, self-defense is not exclusive to Israel
  4253. 9 IDF troops wounded in ground ops
  4254. IDF apologizes for botched strike (The missed the civilians, and hit ary)
  4255. Lebanese Civilians Flee During Respite
  4256. Over 40 bodies of civilians uncovered in south Lebanon rubble
  4257. Israel's Olmert: No Cease-Fire in Lebanon
  4258. Israel rejects pressure to end Lebanon war
  4259. CIA targeted 'more than 10' in Italy for kidnap, agent says
  4260. Report on Prewar Intelligence Lagging
  4261. Gunmen abduct 26 in 'safe' area of Baghdad (US Death Squads still at work)
  4262. 23 Iraqis lined up, executed near buses (US/Mossad Death Squads)
  4263. Key Democrats Send Bush Letter Urging Pullout of Iraq (Useless)
  4264. Ohio prof claims interrogation in Israel
  4265. Bush administration deploys thousands more troops in Baghdad
  4266. Australia: Melbourne rally opposes US-backed Israeli war
  4267. France: Thousands demonstrate against war in Lebanon and Gaza
  4268. Germany: Protests demand immediate halt to Israeli war on Lebanon
  4269. US media alibis for Qana massacre
  4270. The Qana massacre: Slaughter of innocents in Lebanon
  4271. Alexander Cockburn: The Triumph of Crackpot Realism (READ)
  4272. Days of Darkness: the Cruel, Collective Punishment of Lebanon
  4273. Why Howard Dean Denounced Our Puppet in Iraq (Who care why H Dean says anything?)
  4274. Report from a Red Alert: Zapatistas at Critical Crossroads
  4275. All That's Given Up in the Name of Security
  4276. Marjorie Cohn: Bush's Enemy Du Jour (READ)
  4277. The Struggle for Somalia: Warlords, Islamists, US Global Militarism and Women
  4278. Atrocity in Qana: Israel Kills 34 Kids
  4279. Uri Avnery: Syria in the Gunsight (YES)
  4280. Jonathan Cook: Birth Pangs or Death Throes?
  4281. John Kerry | Health Care for All Americans (Death for all Iraqis - Get lost Bozo)
  4282. Raise readiness, Assad tells Syrian Army
  4283. Zionists' organized efforts to manipulate public opinion on the Internet
  4284. Israel OKs expansion of Lebanon campaign
  4285. Las Vegas marshals ticket 7, arrest 3 amid homeless protests (sicker by the day)
  4286. Koreas exchange fire along DMZ
  4287. Medicare provision costing seniors thousands
  4288. Israel Widens Air, Ground Offensive
  4289. Castro steps aside after surgery
  4290. Hezbollah is unbowed in Baalbek
  4291. Israel vows to press its ground offensive
  4292. Bird flu pandemic alarm more muted (and boring)
  4293. Nato takes over amid bloody battle in Afghanistan (Why?)
  4294. Massachusetts Governor Apologizes for Tar Baby Remark (Petty nonsense)
  4295. Abe Foxman Is Encouraging Anti-Semitism, NOT Mel Gibson
  4296. Study shows hybrid of human-bird flu viruses didn't transmit well in animals(For how long has this been obvious?!)
  4297. Georgia Partially Withdraws Troops From Restive Kodori Gorge
  4298. Mexico leftists take city center in vote protest
  4299. Bush says support of Israel still unshaken (should be arrested and sent to Gitmo as terrorist and terrorist supporter)
  4300. Democratic Leaders Ask Bush to Redeploy Troops in Iraq (Babbling)
  4301. PM to Blair: Cease-fire possible once int'l force is deployed (Babbling, lying Olmert)
  4302. CSIS spy networks in mosques not meant to target Islam, experts say (Idiot babbling, not saying what he's saying?)
  4303. Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon (Now we're understanding something except Israel's fabricated pretexts)
  4304. AIPAC's Hold (READ)
  4305. Bush Justice (Bush's reign of terror)
  4306. Key Republican breaks with Bush on Mideast (Hagel)
  4307. Army equipment said wearing out
  4308. Florida GOP turned back on Harris (Arrest the terrorist and torture her)
  4309. Cheyenne Mountain Closes (Do we believe the national Mafiose?)
  4310. 'There is no ceasefire. There will not be any ceasefire'(Olmert the Butcher)
  4312. Israel's "wider offensive" on behalf of Empire
  4313. Bird Flu Continues To Be Difficult to Spread (despite great efforts to make it spread)
  4314. The Coming Housing Crash
  4315. "Supporters of Hezbollah" (READ)
  4316. Israel's Wall of Horrors
  4318. Criticism grows but Olmert digs in - World
  4319. Why the Middle East Crisis Isn't Really About Terrorism
  4320. Top Senate Republican Failed to Follow Disclosure Rules (Cat killer Frist)
  4321. Dentist claims Mossad is behind scientist killings (in Iraq)
  4322. Another Israeli Myth Exposed: There Were No Hezbollah Rockets In Qana
  4323. Israel digs its own grave (Someone else understands)
  4324. Israeli opinion after Qana - MIND BOGGLING
  4326. Israel Has Lost the War on Every Front (READ)
  4327. TorontoSun.com - Eric Margolis - The Final Say (READ)
  4329. Experts: Not a single Army Combat team left ready to deploy (So theDamnocrats will push for a "draft")
  4330. Gibson forgot Rule # 1: Public criticism not permitted for some
  4331. ABC pulls Mel Gibson Holocaust miniseries: report
  4332. Israeli raids kill 828, injure 3,200 in Lebanon in three weeks
  4333. Bomb blasts kill at least 40 people across Iraq
  4334. Israeli paratroopers land near Syria
  4335. Texas to reap revenue from Gulf Coast drilling
  4336. Senate approves more offshore drilling
  4337. Federal Court Weighs Forest Service Plan
  4338. Benefits 'pose risk to US growth' (Too stupid to live)
  4339. DOW Wants To Spray Fluoride On Your Food (??!!)
  4340. Carlyle reportedly plans hedge-fund business
  4341. Cynthia McKinney Sues Atlanta Newspaper For Libel
  4342. Poll protests block Mexico City
  4343. Border Agents Let Fake IDs Go Through (Homeland Suckyourity Department of State Terror)
  4344. Iraq vets suffer memory lapses back home ("better reaction time"?! You mean startle response typical of PTSD)
  4345. Senator Max Baucus's Nephew Killed in Iraq Combat
  4346. More than 70 killed in Iraq (READ)
  4347. General Who Ran Guantanamo Bay Retires
  4348. Army Commander Investigated in Iraq Killing Spree
  4349. Audit: Corruption in Iraq a 'Pandemic' (as designed)
  4350. Blair says Syria, Iran risk confrontation (Some people need to be smacked around)
  4351. Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protestors in Lower Galilee City
  4352. Israeli generals angry at Olmert's restraint (What!?)
  4353. 3 IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon (Progress is our most importannt product)
  4354. Israeli chopper crew 'surrounded'
  4355. Israel Widens Air, Ground Offensive
  4356. Israel sends 6,000 troops into Lebanon as war rages (May none leave Lebanon alive)
  4357. Lebanon-Syria border road bombed (again)
  4358. Israeli warplanes bombard Lebanon-Syria border: sources
  4359. 'Israel will target vehicles carrying weapons from Syria'
  4360. Israel's Peres says fighting may go on for weeks (US arms dealers are delighted)
  4361. Olmert vows no ceasefire (until his whining starts)
  4362. US dismisses idea of immediate cease-fire in Lebanon
  4363. Britain helps to block EU call for 'immediate' end to hostilities
  4364. Lebanese: IDF tried to kidnap senior Hizbullah member (I thought Israel didn't approve of kidnapping)
  4365. Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague (I like turning it into a crater much better)
  4366. Blair: Middle East strategy is not working (God must love morons)
  4367. Israeli jailed for refusing to fight in Lebanon
  4368. Gideon Levy: The cracks are opening
  4369. Ned Temko: Israel will not win security by crushing Lebanon (It has already insured its own destruction)
  4370. The king of fairyland will never grasp the realities of the Middle East (Hitler was less insana & smartere)
  4371. Francis A. Boyle: Prosecuting Israel (Interesting but sterile and improbable)
  4372. John Chuckman: Canada's Harper Blames the UN Dead (Does Harper need to get smacked around?)
  4373. Making the World Safe ... for Dictatorship (It's what's for dinner)
  4374. When is a Raise Not a Raise? House Bill Actually Cuts Wages for Some Workers by $5.50 and Hour!
  4375. Claud Cockburn: Scenes from the Spanish Civil War (an earlier failure of "world conscience")
  4376. Diana Barahona: Reporters Without Borders Unmasked
  4377. Diana Barahona and Jeb Sprague: Reporters Without Borders and Washington's Coups (READ)
  4378. The Massacre at Qana: Were Racism and Fundamentalism Factors?
  4379. Robert Fisk: NATO and Lebanon (READ)
  4380. Lebanon Cease-Fire Calls Mount as World Protests at Israeli Raid
  4381. Report Alleges Bush Has Violated 26 Statutes
  4382. Environmental "Crisis" in Lebanon (also the DU in Israeli bombing)
  4383. Senate Approves More Offshore Drilling
  4384. Up to 10,000 Israeli Troops Push Into Lebanon (We hope in the DU areas)
  4385. Israel expands fierce Lebanon ground war
  4386. Mel Gibson Seeks Forgiveness From Jews (pathetic)
  4387. US Reports Progress in Lebanon Diplomacy (Babbling)
  4388. Commandos raid Hezbollah-run hospital
  4389. Doctors find Bush a picture of health (We are all simply thrilled)
  4390. Bait and switch: House vote would appease all, help none (Criminal Congress, as usual)
  4391. Gibson asks to meet with Jewish leaders (Photo op and press conference, PR and all that stuff)
  4392. Bush May Okay Morning After Pill Without Rx
  4393. FDA chief says `medical ideology' led to Plan B decision
  4394. 'Extreme' Israeli Operation Underway
  4395. Israeli forces step up Hizbollah assault
  4396. The awful news is that theres no end in sight (Israel delenda est)
  4397. DOJ appeals ruling allowing NSA wiretapping lawsuit to proceed
  4398. Beyond Belief - Chris Floyd
  4399. SDF determined to control media (Japan)
  4400. Freedom of expression facing crisis (Japan)
  4401. Tibetan blogger censored by Chinese
  4402. When &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Never Again&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Needn&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Apply to Lebanon
  4403. The Root Causes of the Mid-East Conflicts (YES)
  4404. Propaganda runup to "Bay 0f Pigs II"?
  4405. News agencies stand by Lebanon photos
  4406. 9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon (You're joshing me, right?)
  4407. Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in M&#-11;&#-11;xico
  4408. Third of Americans suspect 9-11 government conspiracy (How about those who know it?)
  4409. 'Oops, Sorry' Doesn't Let Israel Off the Hook (and no rockets were fired from Qana)
  4410. US court overturns convictions in Enron case (HaHaHaHa! Did you *ever* think there would be justice?)
  4411. Anti-evolution forces lose power in state primary
  4412. Israel's Latest Massacre in Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor
  4413. Israel Launches Deepest Lebanon Strike
  4414. IDF can stay in Lebanon (Intended Occupation, a danerous move for Israel)
  4415. Media Firms Counted As Small Businesses (Tangled webs of Lies)
  4416. Will Bush and Gonzales get away with it? (Name it - very probably)
  4417. Constitutional showdown? (No, Constitution as Pretense: yes, we have no constitution)
  4418. Senate approves more offshore drilling
  4419. Israeli envoy: US [of Israel] will not stop operation in Lebanon
  4420. Israel's Criminal Accomplice(s)
  4421. Has the Second Front in the War Already Materialized? (Yes, next question?)
  4422. 'You go a bit crazy when you see little body after little body coming up out of the ground'
  4423. 25 Lebanese civilians to 1 Israeli civilian, dead
  4424. A war of self-defense against mothers and children
  4425. 'Dual Covenant' Christians (also called lunatics)
  4426. The FBI's wrecking of Jean Seberg's career. (READ)
  4427. Exclusive: IDF can stay in Lebanon
  4428. Some 9/11 Commission members mulled criminal referrals for military officials (and then cowered before Israel)
  4429. CNN still fixated on Apocalypse predictors
  4430. Firm pays $4M to settle Iraq fraud ("war risk surcharge"? LOL)
  4431. Pentagon official: Probe finds Haditha civilians were shot deliberately
  4432. China's "overheating" threatens economic instability
  4433. Blair, Murdoch and the oligarchy
  4434. Over a million march to demand recount in Mexican election
  4435. Fierce fighting escalates in Sri Lanka
  4436. Tel Aviv and the Qana massacre: anatomy of a propaganda campaign
  4437. Slaughter in Lebanon enters fourth week What way forward in the struggle against war?
  4438. David Himmelstein: Pulling the Plug on Israel (READ)
  4439. Whitewashing Atrocities: the Tortured Language of War
  4440. A View of Gaza and Lebanon from the Interior
  4441. Joshua Frank: How the Kyoto Protocol Was (Al) Gored
  4442. News on a Platter: the Middle East PR War (Pathetically manipulative realities)
  4443. Congress and the Pentagon: Co-Abusers of the War Budget (Two criminal peas in a pod)
  4444. The UN at the Dustbin of History: Does It Have the Capacity to Intervene? (No, next question?)
  4445. Want Peace in the Middle East? End the Occupation (Israel delenda est)
  4446. John Ross: Mexican Civil Resistance in Five Acts (READ - how USians are such goddamned wimps, and México tiene cojones!)
  4447. World Awaits News on Castro's Condition
  4448. Government Wins Access to Reporter Phone Records (But - Um Miller is a lying government whore to begin with, not a "reporter")
  4449. Europeans, Offering Peacekeepers, Call for End of Hostilities Now (Just neutralize Israel)
  4450. Pentagon Suspected of Lying About 9/11 (Suspected?!)
  4451. Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in Mexico (Knowledge of it, however, is firm)
  4452. Army Guard Units Said Not Combat-Ready (and this is somehow surprising, unanticipated? Shit for brains!)
  4453. 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes (A crock of lying fabricated shit)
  4454. A Soldier Maimed by War Now Questions the Mission (along with a few billion others not brain damaged)
  4455. Lebanon Children: In the Line of Fire
  4456. Hezbollah Fires Over 200 Rockets Into Israel (Bravi tutti!)
  4457. Rules of Engagement: "Kill All Military-Age Males"
  4458. Transforming the Alchemists (Baby talk about 100 year old news)
  4459. AOL tries to survive by going free (But it's a shit company)
  4460. Conflict in Lebanon escalates after Israeli commando raid
  4461. Massive barrage as Hezbollah fights back
  4462. Israel/Lebanon: End Indiscriminate Strikes on Civilians
  4463. House makes obscene quid pro quo
  4464. Editorial: A cynical election ploy
  4465. Political Blackmail, Part Two
  4466. Democrats Want Wage Hike, but Not This One
  4467. Calif. Dems oppose minimum wage hike
  4468. Minimum Wage, Maximum Gall
  4469. Frist Links Minimum Wage, Estate Tax Cut (It would be the cat torturer)
  4470. Case builds against 'massacre' marines
  4471. Cannabis link to risk of miscarriage (or not)
  4472. Cannabis use 'affects conception' (or not)
  4473. Pregnancy and Pot Don't Mix (how about pot and watching TV news?)
  4474. Hezbollah Rockets Rain as Israelis Plunge Ahead
  4475. Majority of Israeli public still backs invasion (for which they will die)
  4476. Record number of rockets slam into northern Israel (Just wait)
  4477. America will attack Iran, Syria in October: Gul
  4478. Qana 1996 - EXTREMELY GRAPHIC
  4479. America: Freedom to Fascism (READ)
  4480. Olmert criticizes Syria, defends Bush (What were you expecting?)
  4481. Washington Traffic Jam? Senators-Only Elevator (The poor fucking criminal baabbies!)
  4482. Why Bush's Stupidity Is a Threat (isn't it obvious?)
  4483. Holocaust denial - Zionist style
  4484. Israel resumes bombardment of Beirut (You were expecting a love fest from these thugs?)
  4485. Oil tops $76 as storm heads toward US Gulf
  4486. Banking on War (Banks always make our well on war; ask the Rothschilds)
  4487. Bush plan for terror detainees would allow prosecution to withhold evidence from the accused (Your everyday worse than kangaroo court)
  4488. White House seeks new foreign detainee trials
  4489. Israel fights to win 'battle of perception' (The rest of us figh battle for reality?)
  4490. U.S. Prepares for Showdown in Cuba (How many nations can this fucking misadministration invade?!)
  4491. Castro seems to be running show in Cuba (What business is it of yours?)
  4492. Gibson's New Line: Forgive Me, Foxman, For I Have Sinned ... (even more pathetic)
  4493. We will get you - Israel (I doubt it: you'll have to kill us all)
  4494. How Israel's gung-ho leaders turned victory into calamity (Israel delenda est)
  4495. Ukraine: At Last, Yet Another Government
  4496. Israel confident of Hezbollah destruction (delusional)
  4497. Will free AOL e-mail play in Peoria? (It's still a shit company)
  4498. Oil [Futures!] Rises for Fourth Day as Tropical Storm Nears Gulf of Mexico
  4499. Mozilla Firefox Gaining Ground on Microsoft IE (IE is shitty software)
  4500. Will we want to see Mel Gibson's next movie? (Not likely)
  4501. Islamic leaders warn on Lebanon
  4502. Dependent on the drug of militarism (of Israel)
  4503. Iraq civil war warning for Blair (Needs one in UK)
  4504. Former White House policy adviser will plead guilty to theft (Just another criminal in government, like all the rest)
  4505. Guantanamo detainees may remain indefinitely: Gonzalez (The omnipotently criminal government)
  4506. `Hourglass Economy' Divides Americans, Defines U.S. Politics (But Voker is one of the engineers!)
  4507. Rights group slams Israel for bombing civilians
  4508. Lebanese PM says 900 killed in Israeli offensive (What is the Lebanese Army Doing?!)
  4509. Mexico vote protests cripple capital
  4510. US Gen. Abizaid says civil war possible in Iraq (as diversion from a very profitable war and continuing genocide)
  4511. Japan demands Israel immediately halt attacks on Lebanon
  4512. Japan's all-out ban on U.S. beef imports could lead to trade wa (It's back again)
  4513. G.I.s Say Officers Ordered Killing of Young Iraqi Men
  4514. Entire Lebanese family killed in Israeli attack on hospital
  4516. Israelis accused of 'human shields' tactic
  4517. Cease Fire Now!
  4518. US supplying Israel with NSA signals intelligence
  4519. War, violence in Iraq taking toll on United States' wealth
  4520. Iraq Resistance Gains Steam
  4521. What's the real federal deficit?
  4522. US gives with one hand, bombs with the other
  4523. The costs of carrying on in Iraq and Lebanon
  4524. Rumsfeld warns against early Iraq troop pull-out (Delusional & Stupid Person)
  4525. 911 Response
  4526. NORAD Tapes Only Intensify Implausibility Of 9/11 Official Story
  4527. Dershowitless
  4528. Qana and Israel's "full investigation"
  4529. Mahathir Calls For A Boycott Of The Dollar
  4530. Nize Notes: Planted Stories
  4531. Bring it On! &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; State Department Condemns Rice Cartoons(LOL)
  4532. Mideast Weapons Deserve Scrutiny
  4533. Was 9/11 an 'inside job'? (Is this a nonsense piece?)
  4534. Blair 'must go and go now' as pressure mounts (It's mounted before, and fuckwad is still there)
  4535. Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77
  4536. What about Jews who think the same or worse as Mel Gibson? (Just in case you come to believe simplicities are ever true)
  4537. Israeli leader Olmert asked a federal judge to give a break to Brooklyn
  4538. Bush Seeks Retroactive Immunity From US War Crimes Prosecution
  4539. California Fights Filth of Its Ports
  4540. United States Behind on Its Homework (CIA drug dealing in Mexico)
  4541. Lieberman Trails Lamont by 13 Points in Connecticut, Poll Says (They're both no damn good)
  4542. How can 'terrorism' be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke?
  4543. Settler reservists: Olmert is insane
  4544. Israeli jets pound Lebanon
  4545. Israel deliberately targeting civilians, says Human Rights Watch
  4546. 9,000 prisoners illegally held in Israeli jails
  4547. Hezbollah not to blame for war, reports show
  4548. Israel's overkill enabled by immoral U.S. policy
  4549. Guardian: Qana Bomb Made in the US
  4550. Top Military Lawyers Oppose Plan for Special Courts
  4551. German doctors strike raises fundamental political questions
  4552. Democratic Party leaders rally behind pro-war Senator Lieberman (Destroy all of them)
  4553. US steps up provocations against Cuba amid speculation on Castro's health
  4554. Manoeuvres and appeasement: Europe's response to the US-Israeli war against Lebanon
  4555. US-Israeli onslaught on Lebanon intensifies
  4556. Alexander Cockburn: Hezbollah's Top Ally in Israel (READ)
  4557. Bruce K. Gagnon: Convert the Military Industrial Complex! (READ - and understand the consequences)
  4558. Mitchel Cohen: Mexico Rising (READ)
  4559. The De-Arabization of the Arab League
  4560. Bush's Nutty Syria Policy: a Report from Damascus (READ)
  4561. Saree Makdisi: Time for Israel to Call It Quits (Long past time)
  4562. Uri Avnery: Knife in the Back
  4563. Civilian Casualties and the War of Media Deception
  4564. Israel and Hezbollah Continue War; Civilian Death Toll Rises
  4565. Court Rules DeLay's Name Stays on Ballot (Criminals in government, is normal)
  4566. An Estate Tax Twist Reverses Party Roles on Minimum Wage (READ - and have a headache or two in mondo pazzo)
  4567. Hezbollah leader threatens Tel Aviv
  4568. Making the Rubble Bounce in Lebanon
  4569. OSAMA'S EVIL SPAWN IN LEB (We know O. is dead, so now they demonize his kids?)
  4571. Hamas, Son of Israel - by Justin Raimondo
  4572. Israel's Bid to Reestablish Deterrence Is Failing - by Ehsan Ahrari (READ)
  4573. Police brace for clashes in Jerusalem over shrine visit (Another well timed Israeli provocation)
  4574. Kevin Zeese Challenges Rep. Cardin on Israel (SOMETHING TO WATCH)
  4575. Israel Attacks Lebanon's Christian Heartland (equal opportunity genocidalist)
  4576. "A Decisive, Negative Factor" (READ)
  4577. Video: Routes out of Beiruit Destroyed
  4578. Mortgage defaults up 67% in California
  4579. Blood on his hands (George of the carnages, the most hated man is all human history)
  4580. The neocons' next war (READ)
  4581. Israel warns of consequences of Tel Aviv attack (We will destroy your rocks and anthills!)
  4582. Israel Deliberately Targeting Civilians (It's what they have always done)
  4583. Israeli strike kills 33 farm workers in Lebanon
  4584. Therapy 'sets off airport alarms' (All governments are thieves and terrorists - most are also Horses' Asses)
  4585. Winning the Propaganda War (READ)
  4586. Lobbying for Armageddon (Send them all off to be killed)
  4587. NASA Plan for Moon Rocket Includes Foam (Speaking of Horses' Asses)
  4588. Fountainhead: The Neocons&#-11;&#-11; Greatest Sin (READ)
  4589. US Watches Dreams of Transformation Dissolve (The reansformation story was a lie to start with)
  4590. NORAD Tapes Expose Lax Military Attitude On 9/11 Air Defense (These are only selected tapes; others were systematically destroyed on the day)
  4591. Advocates Say U.S. Bars Many Academics (READ)
  4592. Israel plans to reoccupy part of Lebanon (Occupation can be very expensive)
  4593. Media With No Guts, No Grace
  4594. aangirfan: Hezbollah not to blame for the war; Bush and Blair knew in advance of the Israeli plans to invade Lebanon.
  4595. A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" (and the greatest rogue state is?!)
  4596. Zionists maneuver to seize Temple Mount
  4597. Scoop: 11 Questions Avoided by the Media On NORAD Tapes
  4598. Prosecutors mull pre-election indictments in Congress (Let's let more criminals be elected)
  4599. July Jobs Growth Weaker Than Expected (expecred by whom?)
  4600. Rumsfeld Claims Insurgent Violence Increases In the Spring, Summer and Fall Months (It's a seasonal thing?! Ferret brain)
  4602. Upbeat Blair still insists the battle can be won (Another lying ferret brain)
  4603. Pentagon silent on inquiry into Cunningham contracts (You betcha!)
  4604. It's about annexation, stupid!
  4605. One giant blunder for mankind: how NASA lost moon pictures (Bizarre)
  4606. The Raw Story | Group of 9/11 widows 'question the veracity of the entire Commissions report'
  4607. Israel's Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
  4608. Missile Mystery: Hezbollah's Iranian Nur Missile with English Language Markings
  4609. Hizbullah rockets cannot be fired from buildings (So much for Israeli excuses)
  4610. Toxic trailers? (Sorta like innoculating blankets with smallpox)
  4611. Keene Free Press - Homeland Security nabs Free Stater from home (A government that needs to cease existing)
  4612. Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in M&#-11;&#-11;xico
  4613. Uzbekistan seizes US mining giant's assets
  4614. Antiwar heckler elected to ruling body
  4615. Hicks lawyers reject trial
  4616. Lebanon Oil Spill (Created by Israel) Threatens Eastern Mediterranean Coasts
  4617. Israel hits bridges, expands Lebanon bombing
  4618. Israel bombs Lebanese highway
  4619. Israeli strike hits farm workers, officials say
  4620. Israel threatens mass push
  4621. Ballot access specialist, Green Party members speak out against Democrats in Illinois
  4622. Socialist Equality Party to hold public meetings in Britain Oppose US/UK-backed Israeli war against Lebanon!
  4623. Fighting in eastern Sri Lanka spreads to the town of Muttur
  4624. Germany joins US, British, Israeli axis of aggression (Merkelbitch's nature)
  4625. Human Rights Watch catalogues Israeli war crimes in Lebanon
  4626. Israel's TV War (READ)
  4627. The New Gonzales Standard for Torture: No Standards, No Accountability
  4628. Mickey Z.: Some Context on Castro and Cuba (READ - and go study from there)
  4629. Ripe Fruit and Rotten Imperial Ambitions: US Reaction to Castro's Illness
  4630. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: The Fig (Leaflet) of Warning (Satire is not supposed to be funny, and this isn't)
  4631. Mexico's Critical Moment: The Boardrooms vs. the Street
  4632. Out to Lunch: The US Media's "Special Relationship"
  4633. Roger Assaf: Adjusting the Heroic Commando Raid Story
  4634. No Lights in Gaza: "We Have a Death Warrant for Your Home"
  4635. Joe Lieberman and the Secret Chamber (READ)
  4636. Congressmen Question Oil Windfall (BFD)
  4637. Agony of New Orleans, Through Spike Lee's Eyes
  4638. Democrats Defeat GOP Estate Tax Cut
  4639. Traumatized and Afraid - 300,000 Children Want to Go Home
  4640. Specter's NSA Plan Hits Snag
  4641. Military Waste in Our Drinking Water
  4642. Gun Battles Erupt in Mosul in Northern Iraq
  4643. John Conyers | The Constitution in Crisis (How about shreds?)
  4644. 638 ways to kill Castro (CIA at play)
  4645. Israeli attempted airborne landing in Tyre thwarted: Hezbollah
  4646. Israel moves to reoccupy Lebanon (wanting its water supply)
  4647. UNSCs meeting on Lebanon put off
  4648. A Victory for Democracy in Ukraine?
  4649. THE WORLD FROM BERLIN The Uncomfortable Alliance in Ukraine
  4650. Millionaire Repub. Senators hate the working poor
  4651. Minimum wage, estate tax bill dead for now
  4652. DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman (That should tell what he is)
  4653. Beach Closings and Advisories Rose in 2005, Council Reports
  4654. Nation's beaches under scrutiny as EPA is sued over pollution
  4655. Keeping your balance
  4656. US hopes for Middle East in disarray (Disarry is what US wants and creates)
  4657. Blue Smoke Deviled Eggs Recipe
  4658. Jihadis to 'target Australia' (Sorry, AU is just not that important to bother with)
  4659. Israel Ready To Exchange Prisoners, Says Hamas (Oh?)
  4660. Simulated nuclear explosion planned in Hawaii for Aug 14-16
  4661. Iraqi civil war has already begun, U.S. troops say
  4662. Lieberman Abandons "Get Out The Vote" Ground Operations... (His death would reduce cosmic pollution)
  4663. Iran Says Oil May Hit $100 / Barrel (easily)
  4664. Rocky Mountain News: Editorials (Words of utter morons like this never die)
  4665. Petty officer held in secret for 4 months (espionage for whom?)
  4666. Agency Says Military Did Not Lie to 9/11 Panel (Therefore it lied)
  4667. Robert Fisk: A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11 (Israel delenda est)
  4668. Israel's Marriage Ban Closes The Gates To Palestinians (Srael delenda est)
  4669. U.S., France reach Mideast resolution (Oh, really?)
  4670. Israel kills 33 farm workers in Lebanon air strike
  4671. Oil Scoop
  4672. Syria Wants to Talk, But Bush Won't Answer the Phone (Want to invade Syria)
  4673. Israeli envoy to U.S.: No cease-fire until soldiers released (Israel delenda est)
  4674. Fearing U.S. Attack, Cuba Readies Troops
  4675. Syria's Christians rally behind Hizbollah (It's about time)
  4676. Sick men in power (all too many)
  4677. Book: Sept. 11 Panel Doubted Officials
  4678. My Fellow Targets - by Charley Reese (READ)
  4679. McKinney opponent sinks to new lows in campaign
  4680. A Nato-led force would be in Israel's interests, but not Lebanon's
  4681. Lebanon: Israel wages war of starvation (of course)
  4682. The World's Worst Internet Laws Sneaking Through the Senate
  4683. UN Report A 'Moral Indictment' Of The US
  4684. Justice Is Dead, If You're Born an Arab
  4685. AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington
  4686. State Home Foreclosure Rate Goes Up
  4687. How to Inspire (Even More) Fear and Loathing in the Press Room
  4688. Panic in Detroit
  4689. Mexican Electoral Court Rejects Recount (This should be interesting)
  4690. Pictures of London demonstration against Israeli attack on Lebanon
  4691. Fury at Blair as 100,000 take to the streets over Lebanon
  4692. Thousands of troops say they wont fight
  4693. More than 100 MPs sign petition attacking PM (UK)
  4694. Home / Columns / Chosen Murderers, Chosen Liars, Chosen Panderers, Chosen Victims :: Israel, American Media, Congress, Muslims and Christians
  4695. The Origins of the Secret Rapture Hoax
  4696. Feds probe post-Katrina bridge blockade (and nothing will come of it)
  4697. Poll: One-third think U.S. had role in 9/11 (and almost 2/3 are brainless twits)
  4698. Edwards Wants Immediate Iraq Withdrawal (He's no damn good either)
  4699. I'm staying for another year at least, vows Blair (Will he have a choice?)
  4700. Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks
  4701. Syrian Village Buries Israeli Airstrike Victims (and so it begins)
  4702. Syria accuses Israel of bombing Qaa "intentionally"
  4703. German government expands political espionage powers
  4704. US minimum wage remains at $5.15 an hour Failed Republican bill tied increase to inheritance tax cuts
  4705. Congressional Democrats on Iraq: New tactics, more war (No damn good)
  4706. Iraq faces civil war and sectarian partition
  4707. US-Israeli war aim is to annihilate Lebanon (Exactly)
  4708. Pratyush Chandra: Nuclear Fascism in India
  4709. The Smokescreens of War: Moral Superiority, 9/11 and Islamic-Fascism
  4710. "Sir! No Sir!": the Story of the GI Anti-War Movement
  4711. Global Hiroshima: the Stakes Have Been Raised
  4712. Nukes Rising: Bush Oversees a Global Nuclear Expansion
  4713. For Israel, Innocent Civilians Are Fair Game
  4714. Hey Joe!: the Ghosts of Lieberman's Past
  4715. The New McCarthyism: Academic Freedom After 9/11
  4716. Gary Leupp: America's Heroes on Trial
  4717. Military Training and Atrocities: Bad Apples from a Rotten Tree
  4718. Yes, It is a Crusade!: Blair's Mad Speech on Iraq
  4719. Boycott Now!: the Case for Boycotting Israel
  4720. Anti-War Protests Erupt Across the Muslim World
  4721. Clinton Dodges Political Peril for War Vote (She's always been Hillary "Rotten")
  4722. In South Lebanon, a Fierce Fight for Every Yard (READ)
  4723. US, France OK UN Mideast Truce Pact (A complete joke)
  4724. Cubans react to prospect of regime change with casual interest
  4725. Cooling economy will not put an end to rate rises
  4726. Expert Issues Warning About E-Passports
  4728. He Could Beat Lieberman Uh, Who Is This Guy?
  4729. Lieberman loss could signal Democratic Party power shift (away from the neocon fascist branch?)
  4730. Worlds finest: Oliver Stones 9/11 film relives heroic rescue (Just emotionally manipulative, and who cares?)
  4731. Antibiotic suspected of killing three, sickening 47 in China (Stupid: antibiotics have no effect on any virus)
  4732. Lexington Herald-Leader | 08/05/2006 | QUOTABLE | Well, it sure isn't civil war (Entirely too much insulting governmental idiocy to bother with)
  4733. Pakistan, India expel diplomats ([sigh])
  4734. Russian Firms Decry US Sanctions (Only US is allowed to sell arms!)
  4735. Russia Calls US Sanctions Against Two Weapons Companies 'Unlawful'
  4736. Russian President Putin Slams United States
  4737. Escalation feared as 10 reservists killed (They had no business being there)
  4738. Understanding Tony Blair's Desperation
  4739. In Israel, Questions About the Conflict (ethics and morality?)
  4740. Israel seen favorable to UN draft on Lebanon war (Don't expect it to happen)
  4741. Iraq: Plans in Case of a Civil War (Completely potty)
  4742. Is petting zoo a terrorist target? 'This is absurd'
  4743. Absence of America's Upper Classes From the Military
  4744. Lebanon rejects draft U.N. resolution
  4745. Chavez calls Israeli offensive &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;genocide&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; - recalls Ambassador
  4746. The Truth Will Set You Free: "this is the worst war I've seen"
  4747. What if everything you believed was a lie? (READ)
  4748. Israelis in action
  4749. IDF's next destination: Sidon
  4750. Conn. Race Could Be Democratic Watershed (Ditch both of them)
  4751. 'Dead zone' threat to US suburban dream
  4752. US DU Bunker Busters Arrive In Israel
  4753. The war has backfired for Israel, and its old Lebanese curse keeps getting worse. Most citizens in Lebanon now back Hezbollah.
  4754. Syria 'ready for possible regional war'
  4755. Rice: Both Israel, Hezbollah have an obligation to adhere to U.N. (When has Israel ever, asshole?)
  4756. The New Gonzales Standard for Torture
  4757. The Hiroshima Myth
  4758. Fed admits US recession on cards
  4759. Extraordinary Precision
  4760. Israel pushing toward WWIII
  4761. Connect: Our bombs, Their Little Bodies
  4762. US policy in the Middle East unravels (What policy?)
  4763. Bush Backing Israel Despite Divisions
  4764. Who Is Behind World War III?
  4765. Photos from peace demonstration in Turku Finland
  4767. Israel ALLOWING Hezbollah rockets to be launched into Israel for PR purposes!
  4768. Iran's plot to mine uranium in Africa (plot?)
  4769. India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure From Israel (?!!)
  4770. ATF Director Resigns Amid Spending Probe (Ooops!)
  4771. Al Gore YouTube Spoof Not So Amateurish
  4772. Bloomberg: Oil money goes to terrorists (Um - to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfelf, Rove, ...)
  4773. British troops in Afghanistan 'on the brink of exhaustion' (Good! Go home!)
  4774. Edwards Wants Immediate Iraq Withdrawal (and I want a fucking yacht! Drop dead)
  4775. Families of soldiers killed in Iraq launch party to challenge ministers (Sounds an interesting start)
  4776. Fury at Blair as 100,000 take to the streets over Lebanon
  4777. We Are Untouchable (We are super jewish jews)
  4778. US evangelist leads the millions seeking a battle with Islam (How about supergluing his lips together?)
  4779. IOF Abducts PLC Speaker (Isn't the word, "kidnapped"?)
  4780. Israel May Target Hezbollah Chief, Says Olmert (Murders 'R' Us)
  4781. Governors Object to Bush's National Guard Plan (Doesn't matter)
  4782. Lebanon snubs UN truce draft (why wouldn't they?)
  4783. Rice Calls Plan At UN Crucial Step to Peace (National rectal mouth)
  4784. Bush backs UN push for peace (um - for Israel, not for peace)
  4785. Hezbollah Rocket Kills 12 in Deadliest Blow to Israel (Gaining some attention in the shittu little country)
  4786. BP Shuts Prudhoe Bay Field; 8 Percent of US Output (Update1)
  4787. Hackers crack new biometric passports (This should be a lot of fun: technology in the hands of idiot governments is always a disaster)
  4788. 'Elephant Man' drug victim has early cancer signs (The Joy of Pharmas)
  4789. Cuba: Castro to Return in a Few Weeks (So many sickos will be disappointed)
  4790. Iraq Hearing on Rape and Murder Opens (to deaf ears)
  4791. Medic Describes Carnage (by US troops)
  4792. Graphic evidence in US troops' Iraq rape and murder trial (The US is on trial here, for it insists on being)
  4793. Failed candidate vows more mass protests (Mexico)
  4794. Mexican Runner-Up Remains Defiant (Good for him!)
  4795. Lieberman Makes Final Case to Conn. Dems (Will no one rid us of this meddlseome rebbe?)
  4796. Joe Lieberman and the Soul of the Democratic Party (Both are moribund?)
  4797. Sheehan Resumes War Protest Near Bush's Ranch
  4798. Corrosion, oil spill prompt shutdown of Alaskan oil field
  4799. After 17 straight rate hikes, Fed weighs a pause
  4800. Israeli forces arrest Hamas lawmaker in West Bank
  4801. Egypt condemns Israel's arresting Palestinian parl't speaker
  4802. A tale of two failed Mideast states (What a complete crock)
  4803. Lebanon urges UN to demand Israeli withdrawal
  4804. Cease-Fire Draft at UN Falters Amid Arab Criticism (I said it cannot happen)
  4805. Assad to Annan: UN Lebanon resolution recipe for instability
  4806. Chavez says Castro recovering well
  4807. Israel's bloodiest day yet as Hizbullah hits troops and Haifa (bravi)
  4808. Mexicos L&#-11;&#-11;pez Obrador calls for more protests
  4809. Democrats agonise over anti-war stance (Those agonizing need to be destroyed)
  4810. 'WTC' movie resonates with teen viewers (and other moron ignoramuses)
  4811. NZ guinea pig's horror story of failed drug trial and now cancer - 07 Aug 2006 - National News (READ)
  4812. Israel gets a bum rap (Peter Worthington Simpleton)
  4813. Robert Fisk: This draft shows who is running America's policy
  4814. Israel launches fresh attack
  4815. Israel demands changes to UN draft resolution on Lebano (Demands?)
  4816. Israeli strikes kill 14 Lebanese
  4817. US seeks resolution's quick approval (Fuck off)
  4818. Israel Steps Up Attacks on Lebanon (Rogue nation - kill it)
  4819. No letup in Lebanon war despite draft UN measure; toll mounts
  4820. Israel Raids Beirut, Baalbek as UN Debates Resolution (Update2)
  4821. Diplomats' peace efforts have many miles to go (a fucking joke)
  4822. Even Russia agrees with US-French draft resolution (Bullshit)
  4823. Lebanon's objections delay UN Council vote (Wrong)
  4824. Diplomatic efforts (Do not exist)
  4825. Peace will take time, Rice says (asshole bitch)
  4826. Arabs find key element missing in draft resolution (like their survival?)
  4827. Senior official says 'there won't be int'l force in Lebanon' (IL want to to kill everyone in sight)
  4828. Resolution, and no resolution (There will be none)
  4829. A Truce for Lebanon (Isreal delenda est)
  4830. Fed faces 'closest of calls' on interest rates (Just wait to see what this private bank does)
  4831. Middle East in crisis War without end (Israel delenda est)
  4832. Israel and Hezbollah Step Up Attacks (yes, and it will continue)
  4833. MoveOn hopes to claim 1st election wins (Fuck them too)
  4834. In Conn. Senate race, it's all about war (Have you had enough of that and fucking goddamn Lieberbush?)
  4835. "Peace mom' Cindy Sheehan resumes protest at Bush ranch (Yeah Cindy!)
  4836. Sheehan, her followers have returned to Crawford
  4837. A soft US economy perplexes Fed (You MUST be joking, moron)
  4838. Indonesian teenager tests positive for bird flu (or not)
  4839. An interesting definition of democracy (READ)
  4840. Lebanese crisis elicits Iraqi admiration for Hezbollahs ...
  4841. Three dead, more than 30 wounded in Haifa rocket attack (Wheels within wheels?)
  4842. US/Israel Selecting Targets For Cruise Missile Attack
  4843. U.S. threatens suit if Maine probes Verizon ties to NSA
  4844. An Open Letter To the Good People of the Middle East From the We're Not that Stupid Americans
  4845. Eye-witness Report: Venezuela does indeed have weapons of mass destruction! (Then maybe one should be "circumspect"?)
  4846. Aug. 6, 2006 - Politicians & Unions Lead Huge Montreal Demo In Solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian People
  4847. Two brave women speak out
  4848. Israel's economy can weather conflict (as long as it supported by bankrupt US)
  4849. Once Again, Error and Betrayal in Lebanon
  4850. Chavez accuses Israel of 'new Holocaust'
  4851. Good as gold?
  4853. Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon
  4854. Atomic Coverup Redux: 61 Years After the First Bombs Fell
  4855. The Unluckiest Woman in Beruit
  4856. The New Munich - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  4857. Protesters flood Mexico City center
  4858. Lieberman shows signs cutting into Lamont lead, poll shows (or not: another rigged election?)
  4859. Twin Towers wreckage turning up all over the place
  4860. Death Toll in Lebanon Reaches 1000; Humanitarian Crisis Mounts As 1/4th of Lebanese Residents are Displaced
  4861. News agencies stand by Lebanon photos
  4862. 9/ 11 Conspiracy Theorists Thriving (Ridiculous and ignorant of pretty much everything)
  4863. Odd that only Arab Israeli's are being killed
  4864. Video: Huge Montreal Demo In Solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian People
  4865. As Data Point to Slowdown, Housing Market May Land Harder Than Economists Predict
  4866. Oil prices spike by $2 a barrel
  4867. United Nations truce plan under threat (Fire Rice in an ICBM to craterize Israel)
  4868. Hizbollah fighter tells Israel he trained in Iran (after current surges in his testicles)
  4869. 9/11 Prosecutions Imminent (yes, but naive about realities)
  4870. John Bolton: Dead Lebanese worth less than dead Israelis
  4871. FLASHBACK: 9/11 WHAT WAS ISRAEL'S ROLE? - Justin Raimondo
  4872. Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 ... - [Sunday Herald]
  4873. Israel, not Hizbullah, is putting civilians in danger on both sides of the border
  4874. Prosecutors Try to Block CIA Testimony
  4875. Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps (Even more? Why don't we all just move in right now?)
  4876. N. Korea Claims It Captured U.S. Submersible
  4877. AOL Proudly Releases Massive Amounts of Private Data (Abusive thing should have been destroyed ages ago)
  4878. Video of Pentagon attack issued (Has it taken this long to concoct it?)
  4879. CNN.com - 9/11 conspiracy theorists energized - Aug 6, 2006 (More lying objections to the utterly obvious)
  4880. VA loses another computer with personal info (Ooops! Is this getting boring?)
  4881. Democrats call on [criminal] Congress to probe BP shutdown
  4882. Bush Urges Cubans to End Their 'Tyrannical Situation' (and for us to end ours as well?)
  4883. Anti-war protesters break into airfield and cockpit of US military transport
  4884. U.S. troops endure 125 degrees in Iraq (as they commitgenocide - poor babies)
  4885. Lebanon to send troops south after withdrawal (of genocidal Israeli trops)
  4886. Tearful PM pleads for Lebanon not to be 'punch bag' (Hang together, or hang separately)
  4887. Israel cuts aid artery to south Lebanon (genocide)
  4888. Israel Intensifies Airstrikes in Lebanon (genocide)
  4889. Israel threatens to expand Lebanon ground offensive (genocide)
  4890. Israel threatens invasion deeper into Lebanon if diplomacy fails (genocide)
  4891. Israeli Army Declares Indefinite Curfew in South Lebanon (Israel delenda est)
  4892. 25 years since PATCO US air traffic controllers face renewed assault
  4893. Canada engaged in colonial intervention in Afghanistan
  4894. Antiwar vigil in Berlin against Israeli aggression
  4895. London: Tens of thousands protest against slaughter in Lebanon
  4896. Socialist Equality Party (Australia) to hold meetings on US-backed Israeli war against Lebanon
  4897. Lebanon and Kosovo: an instructive comparison
  4898. Israel tightens the siege of Gaza
  4899. UN resolution on Lebanon: blueprint for intensified war and colonial occupation
  4900. DC Indymedia: Sam Husseini questions Israeli Ambassador Ayalon and former Speaker Gingrich
  4901. The Deadly US-Israeli Shell Game at the UN
  4902. Magan Wiles: Encounter at an Israeli Checkpoint
  4903. What Israel and the US Wanted May Not Be At All What They Get (You betcha!)
  4904. The Draft UN Resolutions: the View from Beirut
  4905. Uri Avnery: The Junkies of War
  4906. Ney Will Not Seek Re-Election (maybe he's just die?)
  4907. Bush Administration Set to Transform Welfare System (How many things can these criminals fuck up?)
  4908. While the UN Fiddles ... the Middle East Burns (No, it has created and is fanning the fires)
  4909. Justice Kennedy Questions American Democracy
  4910. John Edwards Calls for Immediate Troop Withdrawal From Iraq (Oh - go to your room, nitwit!)
  4911. "Dead Zone" Reappears off the Oregon Coast
  4912. How the US Super-Rich "Dodge" Taxes
  4913. Governors Balk at Bid to Place Guard Under Presidential Control (Totalitarian Bushit)
  4914. Analysis: Israel for tough UN stance (IL that defies every UN resolution to stop its genocides)
  4915. Arabs demand changes to UN draft
  4916. Hezbollah's hidden stronghold sends death across the border
  4917. Doctors seek better shopping cart design (Stupid)
  4918. LEBANON: Arab delegation to address UN Security Council on draft ...
  4919. Israel steps up offensive against Hezbollah (Cruising for a lethal bruising)
  4920. Administration Shifting Cuba Policy (Another fucking invasion?!)
  4921. Lebanese PM in 'massacre' u-turn
  4922. US and Lebanon Are at Odds Over Cease-Fire Plan (Whose country is it?!)
  4923. Judge Rules for Govt in CIA Testimony (Corrupted judiciary)
  4924. Navy Recruiting Laptops Stolen
  4925. VA loses another computer with personal info
  4926. Media Invited to Embed with Canadian Army
  4927. 500 police officers a day needed for Israel's opening matches (Who pays for their genocides?)
  4928. Activists held after boarding US plane searching for weapons
  4929. Anti-war protesters break into airfield and cockpit of US military transport
  4930. Israel recalls Caracas envoy after Chavez compared state to Hitler (Fuck'em)
  4931. Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong (Wrong)
  4932. Lebanese infrastructure damage tops $2.5B (Bill Israel)
  4933. Lebanon demands Israeli withdrawal (Don't demand: kill them)
  4934. Tearful PM pleads for Lebanon not to be 'punch bag'
  4935. Israel Intensifies Airstrikes in Lebanon
  4936. Israel threatens to expand Lebanon ground offensive (genocide)
  4937. Israeli Army Declares Indefinite Curfew in South Lebanon (genocide)
  4938. Hamas official detained by Israel taken to hospital
  4939. Seven rushed to hospital after opening suspicious envelope (Israel's genocide)
  4940. Lawyer: Ex-CIA Worker Beat Detainee
  4941. US Soldiers 'hit golf balls before going out to kill family'
  4942. Court told US troops gang-raped Iraqi girl
  4943. Bush nixes Israeli pullout (US Zionist president)
  4944. Bush wants end to Mideast crisis (No he doesn't)
  4945. Bush presses UN to end war quickly (Bullshit - or is Hizbollah winning?)
  4946. US Federal Reserve could finally be done, at least for awhile (believe nothing)
  4947. Israel's misguided strategies (Stupidity and arrogance from which i will die)
  4948. Castro condition remains a mystery (How about, it's none of your fucking business, anyhow?)
  4949. Rape, killings described in accused soldier's account (US Ueber alles!)
  4950. Official paints gruesome picture of rape, killings
  4951. Testimony Tells of Rape, Killings in Iraq
  4952. Liebermans Last Stand: Scare Tactics (Die already)
  4953. Summary Box: GOP eyes Padgett as Ney's replacement (Fuck them all with brocken beer bottles)
  4954. Neys decision could be costly for taxpayers (What's the price of ditching a thief?)
  4955. Ohio Lawmaker Favored to Replace Bob Ney (Fuck him too)
  4956. US Federal Reserve could finally be done, at least for awhile (Would that this unconstitutional BS would be destroyed forever)
  4957. Commentary: Stagflation is returning to haunt the economy (Even morons notice things)
  4958. Chips in biometric passports can be cloned (More of 19 hijackers?)
  4959. Mel Gibson's Dollars and Sense (Yes, we are very tired of the demented Mel)
  4960. Teenage fans of crude music have sex sooner, study finds (There's no life left: might as well have sex)
  4961. Parents: beware of shopping carts, escalators (Ah - and beware of your rotting brains!)
  4962. Drug may quickly lift depression, study says (Of course it also rots your barain and is anaphylactic - cool!)
  4963. Injection May Treat Depression Much Faster (with more poison)
  4964. Tantrum South of the Border (Author needs a ketamine fix)
  4965. Last word on ballot results rests with Mexico's people (One would hope, but don't bet on it)
  4966. Soldier killed near Bint Jbeil (Um - 1 Israeli soldier is worth how many thousand Lebanese?)
  4967. Fighting rages as diplomatic efforts heat up (What diplomatic efforts?)
  4968. Israeli soldier killed in Lebanon fighting: Army (Wow! How about a few thousand?)
  4969. Israeli Jets Kill 30; No Letup in Militia Attacks (Ooops! Kill Israelis- no mercy: they have never given any)
  4970. Lebanon wants Israeli troops out as part of deal (Gee - I wonder why)
  4971. Israel threatens wider conflict as diplomacy stalls (That's normal)
  4972. Explosions Rock Beirut At The End Of Another Deadly Day
  4973. UN resolution meets fierce opposition (It's a joke; that's why)
  4974. Amid ongoing fighting, state terrorism charged (Israel IS state terrorism, and always has been)
  4975. Diplomatic divide on halt to fighting stalls new proposal (Who has been bought?)
  4976. New Israeli blitz on Lebanon
  4977. Bush's Change of Heart on the Middle East (What heart?)
  4978. Ceasefire demanded as death toll climbs
  4979. Russia wants UN resolution to satisfy Lebanon (Wait for this to intensify)
  4980. Israel vows to expand military offensive (Kill them all)
  4981. 'Ceasefire must not let Hezbollah keep Lebanon grip' (Oh - really)
  4982. Drunken troops 'took turns' to rape Iraqi girl (It's the 'murikan way)
  4983. Ned Lamont Lead Over Joe Lieberman Shrinks in Latest Poll (liars)
  4984. Economics: Overshooting pains: Has Fed gone too far? (It's a private bank, idiots)
  4985. High-tech passports fail to pass hacker's security test (technology in the hands of moron governments)
  4986. E-passports waste of money, says security expert
  4987. British biometric passport hacked
  4988. New Yorkers shy away from Stone's 9/11 film (He's become a bought imbecile)
  4989. Three Israeli soldiers killed in southern Lebanon (More, more!)
  4990. Carnage mocks peace bid by UN (It's Israel doing what it does best)
  4991. 'Israel, you are expelling everyone'
  4992. Chilling threat as Syria offer to join with Hezbollah
  4993. Legalizing Marijuana - A New Republican Strategy? (It's called fraud)
  4994. Release of 'friendly fire' probe results awaits U.S. approval (Any year now)
  4995. "Newt Gingrich Considers Political Opposition, American Citizens, to be an ''Insurgency''"
  4996. A Call To Jews Of Moral Conscience To Stand Together
  4997. How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine
  4998. Did you know that Israel . . .
  4999. FOX claims American consumers fund Hizbullah
  5000. US troops 'assault Kirkuk journalists'
  5001. STANFORD IDEOLOGICAL WAR LEADS TO SUIT / Middle East professor sues conservative who linked criticism of Bush to terrorism
  5002. Brutal US attack on unarmed Afghans captured by photos
  5003. Is the BP Prudhoe Bay Shutdown More Serious Than It Appears?
  5004. Who Violated United Nations Resolution 1559?
  5005. Morocco: Peretz charged with 'war crimes' (READ)
  5006. 9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit to Whitewash (in utterly unimportant ways)
  5007. The Iraq War Enablers (Hillary has always been Rotten)
  5008. Bloody night in Beirut as Israel intensifies aerial bombardment
  5009. Israel Threatens to Kill UN Engineers Attempting to Rebuild Bridges
  5010. Israel to expand Lebanon offensive if no truce soon
  5011. Israel widens targets to hit civilian sites (What do you think they HAVE been hitting?!)
  5012. Israel to Lebanese: Flee, but Stay Off Roads (?!)
  5013. Beirut oil slick [created by Israel] devastates the Mediterranean
  5014. New and unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces
  5015. Doctoring Photographs or Censoring War Crimes?
  5016. Connecticut Bob: Exit polling in Hamden
  5017. Why the Lieberman Website Story is Bullshit
  5018. Early problems at New Haven polling place
  5019. UN halts convoy to south Lebanon (READ)
  5020. The End of Illusions (about Israeli control)
  5021. DeLay to withdraw from congressional race
  5022. EGYPTIAN STUDENTS VANISH IN BIG APPLE By DAN MANGAN(But, no one is worried for their safety?!)
  5023. For some evangelicals, Mideast war stirs hope (in their profound sickness and stupidity)
  5025. The US Military Descends on Paraguay
  5026. Katrina's Vanishing Victims
  5027. Mainstream media cranks up the smear job on those who doubt official version of 9-11 story.
  5028. Presbyterian Church publishes 9/11 conspiracy theory (Truth coming out)
  5029. Tape shows Hezbollah 'confession' (with tatoos?! morre typical of IDF)
  5030. Mexican cops fire in air during protests
  5031. Mexico leftists blockade ministry, open toll gates
  5032. Israel to UN: Leave Room for Future Attacks
  5033. Radical's power in Iraq troubles US (Then, get out)
  5034. CIA [sontractor] man said he kicked Afghan detainee: witness
  5035. CIA medic faces beating charges
  5036. The Hartford Courant (Lieberbush ueber alles)
  5037. Lieberman's Primary Challenge a Referendum on Voter War Anger (Unless it's successfully rigged)
  5038. National Ledger - Joe Lieberman 'Hack-Attack' Denied By Ned Lamont (It's a Lieberbush smear-scam; he's always been a liar)
  5039. Lieberman trails in early Conn. returns (Bang him hard, into oblivion)
  5040. Turkey: Protests in Istanbul against Israeli aggression Islamic organizations seek to dampen opposition to government
  5041. Death toll rises as NATO expands operations in Afghanistan
  5042. In climate of wartime hysteria Sri Lankan businessman dies after being arrested and tortured
  5043. Mexico: Election court rejects Lopez Obrador's demand for full recount (This cannot stand: Mexicans are not as stupid as 'murikans)
  5044. Huge protest in Baghdad against US-Israeli war in Lebanon
  5045. Behind Bush's "truce" plan: the drive towards a wider Middle East war (Yes, of course)
  5046. Tim Llewellyn: Into the Valley of Death (READ)
  5047. The Democrats: a Party on the Run ... from Its Own Members!
  5048. An Interview with IDF Refusenik Sgt. Zohar Milchgrub
  5049. The Malleable US Constitution: a Deterrent to Democracy?
  5050. Paul Larudee: The Lebanese Nakba and Israeli Ambitions (READ)
  5051. Patrick Cockburn: Requiem for Baghdad
  5052. Life in Hell: A Baghdad Diary
  5053. Peter W. Galbraith: Mindless in Iraq
  5054. France Seeks Changes to Middle East Cease-Fire Resolution
  5055. 15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense
  5056. Iraqi PM Incensed at American Raid on Shia Militia Stronghold
  5057. UN: Lebanese [Israel created] Oil Spill Could Rival Exxon Valdez

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