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List Volume 14

  1. The US and the Middle East: A "Grand Settlement" Versus the Jewish Lobby - Signs of the Times - Mon, 04 Dec, 2006
  2. Zionism: Pitting the West Against Islam - Signs of the Times - Mon, 04 Dec, 2006
  3. Signs Economic Commentary for 4 December 2006 - Signs of the Times - Mon, 04 Dec, 2006
  4. He (Bush) is The Worst Ever (READ)
  5. Government blacks out whole response to ethics watchdog's FOIA request
  6. Follow the Polonium (to guess where?)
  7. Welcome to the Airport. You Seen These Guys? (US corpagov on par with slime mold)
  8. Fed court to hear 'landmark torture case' against Rumsfeld (You already know the results)
  9. U.S. "Theft" of Mexican Territory (Purpose of all gov is theft)
  10. Bush DID KNOW that Webb's son was almost killed!
  11. Former Senator James Abourezk on Chomsky and the Israel Lobby in the US (READ - then figure out who owns US Federal Reserve)
  12. The price of silence (about the truths of 9/11)
  13. Pentagon carrying Al Jazeera English (But US people are not allowed to see and hear)
  14. Gingrich Lies To Assault Free Speech Again (He's been a very sick man for a very long time)
  15. Praise for Gibson Film, Quandary for Oscar Voters
  16. How to end AP's "60 Minutes Moment" on Iraqi Sources (READ)
  17. The White House Can't Put Out the Mideast Fires It Ignited (norhas it ever wanted to)
  18. U.S. Envoy Khalilzad to Leave Iraq, Officials Say
  19. Quick history of Russia school wouldn't teach you (READ)
  20. Call upon Hillary Clinton to cancel meeting with Lieberman (The "Rotten One" doesn't give a rat's ass about what you say, know or think)
  21. Census Counts 100,000 Contractors in Iraq (i.e., mercenary army replacing US volunteer cannon fodder and victims of DU)
  22. John Bolton's Greatest Hits (READ)
  23. A vote for more cooked intelligence? (to back up corpagov lies thatcover its looting of the nation)
  24. Israel is an Antisemitic State ("antisemitic" is itself a looted word)
  25. US Seeks Near-Total Isolation for Gitmo (and has for years)
  26. YouTube - President Carter, Mearsheimer and WaIt and The Israel Lobby
  27. YouTube - President Carter talks about AIPAC and Israel on C-SPAN
  28. House Demolitions in the West Bank (It goes well with genocide)
  29. Video reveals harsh treatment of terror suspect
  30. Ties to Israel nothing new for Senate's next majority leader
  31. Bush loses another ally as UN ambassador Bolton resigns in face of Senate hostility (He will go on to greater evil; wait and watch)
  32. C-SPAN caller bashes former President Carter as 'racist, bigot, anti-Semite' (Almost funny)
  33. Another Bloodbath in Lebanon? (Israel is already designing it)
  34. Antarctica's amazing disappearing, reappearing ice shelf (The problem isthat "researchers" DON'T think, and get interpreted by turd like journalists and understood by moron sheeple)
  35. It's Our Net (It is a corpagov, remember, remember)
  36. Lebanon opposition buries slain Shi'ite protester
  37. Denver housing market in free-fall as foreclosures eclipse record (Are we finally paying attention?)
  38. ADS -- The Newest Weapon From Our Overlords (The genocidal corpagov)
  39. US Sailor Spied for Israel (despite current howling denials)
  40. Israeli Officials Using Madison Avenue PR Companies To RE-Brand Country's Imag (They lie because they are guilty)
  41. IRAQ IS BROKE -- MAYBE WE WILL BE, TOO (Um - we already are, numbnuts)
  42. Taxation of Virtual Assets in Online Gaming Is "Inevitable" (Beyond Insanity)
  43. Letter from James Abourezk, former US Senator from South Dakota to Jeff Blankfort on the Israel Lobby :: from www.uruknet.inf
  44. We Are All Tortures Now!
  45. New York Bans Artificial Trans Fats At Restaurants (Next week, it's onions!)
  46. Richest 2% own 'half the wealth' (Are we paying ANY attention to the thefts that arrange this?)
  47. Homeland Security Extends Comment Time (Better it should die an ugly death - filthy fiction that it is)
  48. Afghanistan investigates kidnap of German reporter (or not)
  49. British soldier killed in battle with Taliban (This is news?)
  50. Pentagon resists pleas for help in Afghan opium fight (What a joke! This is CIA megaincome!)
  51. Iraq: ICRC strongly condemns attacks against civilians (You should hear what Donald Duck has to say)
  52. Iraqi Troops Respond to Explosion Near Baghdad (They went the other way?)
  53. US not winning in Iraq-Pentagon nominee Gates (Another genius master of the obvious)
  54. Gates OK'd for Defense by Senate Panel (of genetic defectives)
  55. Beijing prepares the army to repress domestic unrest (How Amerikan!)
  56. Australian Labor Party's "fresh face" masks a pro-war, corporate agenda (What did you expect?!)
  57. Why the Canadian Liberals elected Stéphane Dion as new leader (She's cute?)
  58. Secret US database on international travelers exposed
  59. Video reveals US torture of "enemy combatant" José Padilla
  60. Media Consensus, Stay in Iraq! (Saying what they are told to say)
  61. Joe Bageant: Somewhere a Banker Smiles (Relax Joe; yes, it's true, and has everything to do with zionism and 9/11. Wake up and use your noodle - no, not that one)
  62. The New Washington Consensus: Blame the Victims in Iraq (It seems the obvious must be repeated incessantly)
  63. Nearly as Many Contractors as Soldiers in Iraq
  64. Lame-Duck Congress May Be Lamest Ever (Not lame, just treasonous)
  65. Iraq's Death Squads: An Instrument Of The Occupation (Of course)
  66. Russia Holds Israeli Prisoners Hostage, Seeks to Swap Them for Wanted Tycoon - eport
  67. Azeri Newspaper Faces Criminal Probe for Insulting Prophet Muhammad (Get a grip)
  68. Russian Orthodox Church Wants Presentation in Schools on Par With Darwins Theory (of the flying spaghetti monster theory? We're surrounded by cretins!)
  69. Israeli PM Calls Russian Jews to Pack Bags and Go Home (There goes half the population)
  70. Russian Security Services Study Turin Shroud, Say Christ Was Crucified (Oh, I'm just so relieved!)
  71. Russian Orthodox Church Seeking Closer Relations with Anti-Gay Parishes in U.S. ("Mosnews" is giant joke page!)
  72. NYC Has New Emergency Center (and continuing 9/11 contrafactual mythology)
  73. Suit: Anti-Terror Unit Filled With Hate (is actually an instrument of State Terrorism)
  74. Israel, Iran Holding Debt Talks (Israel owes Iran tens of millions of dollars for oil)
  75. Top Democrat Wants More Troops In Iraq (Silvestre Reyes)
  76. Wired News: Israel's Ethnic Weapon? (Too stupid for words)
  77. Alps Are Warmest in 1,300 Years (or not)
  78. Fijians express anger, resignation at fourth coup in 20 years
  79. suspect in poisoning case is hospitalized
  80. Extradition ruled out over spy case
  81. Arms Control Association: Arms Control Today: Security Council Deadlocks on Iran
  82. House Postpones Offshore Drilling Bill
  83. A few filthy rich own half the world: study (READ)
  84. US drops plan to open up airlines
  85. Stents safe in Canada, MD says
  86. Turkey Faces Setback in European Union Bid
  87. Iraq Study Group: Situation 'grave and deteriorating (as it was meant to be)
  88. Audit says FEMA squandering Katrina aid (Utterly corrupt and criminal governments should not be allowed to persist)
  89. Fine Print in Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law
  90. 9/11 film focuses on conspiracy theories
  91. Ellsberg Says Bush Plans to Nuke Iran
  92. IS ENGLAND A "DEAD LOSS?" (Yes, next question?)
  93. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Jesse Jackson :: Congress must insist Bush isn't above law
  94. Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google
  95. An Open Letter to the New Congress - Investing in Hate: America's Support of Israel
  96. There is much more at stake for America than Iraq
  97. Analysts [in whimworld]: Bin Laden alive but hamstrung - Nation/Politic
  98. Israeli minister seeks school textbook changes (and could suffer an unfortunate accident thereby)
  99. Study could acquit Israel of war crimes (LMFAO!)
  100. Neocons Move to Preempt Baker Report
  101. Israeli violence against children and youth in custody
  102. The Taliban Gets Closer to Kabul
  103. Ten Reasons To Impeach The President (only 10 out of how many?!)
  104. Carter plays Hardball with israel
  105. FDA rejects new limits on mercury in vaccines
  106. History be dammed (The Aswan dilemma revisited in Iran)
  107. Britons to attend Iran's Holocaust conference (Robert Tait still insists on misquoting Ahmadinejad)
  108. President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working" (Understatement by the bemused)
  109. False Arar testimony likely to cost RCMP boss his job (That's it?!)
  110. Georgia foreclosures jump 99%; rate is nation's 3rd highest
  111. FBI Taps Cell Phone Microphones in Mafia Case (Abandon cell phones)
  112. Making the Connection Between Iraq and Israel (neither bushco nor handlers want out of Iraq)
  113. Israel to raze 42,000 Palestinian homes (How perfectly Israel)
  114. 911 'No-Planes' Conspirators Seek To Sabotage Truth
  116. Flirting With Fascism on CNN Headline News (READ)
  117. Awesome auto does 1,000,000 miles, retires (Not US made)
  118. Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11
  119. David Lynch Goes Public With 9/11 Questions
  120. Canada: Suspect Tortured Despite Warning
  121. Arctic ice field could melt by 2080: European research (or not)
  122. The Iraq Study Group Report
  123. Text of letter from Iraq panel co-chairs
  124. Iraq Study Group urges troop withdrawal
  125. Panel's Hamilton: Iraq war costs could top $1 trillion
  126. Civil Libertarians Protest Privacy Policy
  127. Senators Rap FBI Over Domestic Spying
  128. Radiation found in British embassy
  129. Robert Gates confirmed as secretary of defense (Of course)
  130. A Christmas disaster for Illinois households Illinois Democratic Party allows January 1 power rate increase
  131. Britain is video surveillance capital of the world
  132. Opposition parties fail to oust Taiwanese president
  133. Social polarization in American academia Pay for US university presidents soars(and the decay from which it stems)
  134. Fijian government ousted in military coup
  135. Death toll continues to rise as Iraq war grinds on
  136. Senate committee votes unanimously to confirm Bush nominee for Pentagon chief
  137. Richard W. Behan: The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War (READ - but it is Counterpunch, the corpagov hoax of 9/11 is AGAIN repeated as real)
  138. The New Conventional Wisdom: Prosecute Individuals, Not Corporations (READ)
  139. The Boomerang Effect: When Will the First IED Strike Cincy? (The State has long prepared for wrath of the people that it has induced)
  140. Robert Bryce: Omitting the Obvious with James Baker
  141. Smuggling, Theft, Bribery at Homeland Security Agency (a high point of corpagov)
  142. Al-Maliki to Call for Regional Meeting
  143. Paris Talks Can't Reach Iran Deal (and they will not)
  144. Thomas D. Williams | Democrats Launch Series of Strategy Sessions on Iraq War (Don't hold your breath with farces)
  145. Iraq Panel: War a Catastrophe, Pullout by '08 (urges another year+ of it)
  146. Fiji Imposes State of Emergency
  147. Elder Bush Cries
  148. Witness to checkpoint abuse "punished" by Israeli Army
  149. Ramzy Baroud: Ethnic Cleansing and Israel's Racist Discourse
  150. Israel Laments Loss Of Bolton At U.N. (ROTFL - loss of its Israeli ambassador)
  151. Clark And Edwards Still Owe Hundreds Of Thousands From Previous Campaigns (READ)
  152. Former army head says government is failing soldiers in time of war(quite deliberately)
  153. CENTAF releases airpower summary for Dec. 6
  154. Key issue of Iran's nuclear ambition is ignored
  155. Death of Litvinenko now treated as murder
  156. US charges son of ex-Liberian leader with torture (I thought torture was now a good thing?!)
  157. Massive study debunks link between cell phones, cancer (or not)
  158. Cheney's Halliburton Ties Remain
  159. Closer to the Abyss
  160. Extra &#-11;&#-11;600m earmarked for Iraq and Afghanistan
  161. Captured Israel Soldiers Suffer Injuries (but are not IDF shredded women and children)
  162. Congo needs a new kind of leader
  163. Kabila inaugurated as DRC president
  164. Dam Breaks On 9/11 Truth (a slight exaggeration :-)
  165. Israel destroying homes of Palestinian Bedouins
  166. Forget shopping, this could turn into a crash (READ)
  167. The Pavlovian State (You're the Dog) (READ)
  168. TomPaine.com - Thank You, Jimmy Carter
  169. The Dismal History of Phony Money (READ)
  171. Swiftboating in Forest Lake
  172. In Iraq, as in Vietnam, war's exit strategy begins at home
  173. Bush could bypass new torture ban (There is no ban: that bypass was built in)
  174. Ex-CIA official: WMD evidence ignored
  175. Case of the Dwindling Docket Mystifies the Supreme Court (How about, too many people know it's a corrupt crock of shit?)
  176. White House rules out one-on-one talks with Iran (It wants only to bomb and invade)
  177. No touchscreen voting without paper (READ)
  178. U.S. Criminal Probe Rattles $2 Trillion Municipal Bond Market (Something very artificial about this)
  179. Israelis piqued by Gates nuclear "confirmation" (only because it shows them as bald faced liars)
  180. Democratic Party Denies Democracy" We will not cut off funding for the troops" (READ)
  181. Brown-bag crackdown: Protecting the U.S. from lunch meat, soup (The insanity, the whole insanity and nothing but the insanity)
  182. Israel brushes off Iraq report, no to Syria talks (The usual arrogance)
  183. Khiam bomb crater tests positive for uranium
  184. Khiam bomb crater tests positive for uranium
  185. FLASHBACK: President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email Says
  186. Gates Confirmed - Doormats Of The World, Unite!
  187. The Secret Plan To Stay In Iraq (READ)
  188. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Distances Itself From Right-Wing Pundit
  189. None Dare Call It Reason (READ)
  190. Iran plans to reduce use of dollar in trade
  191. Somalia on edge as Islamists warn of wider conflict after UN vote
  192. Venezuela's Opposition Concedes: Chavez Is Here to Stay (READ)
  193. Congress votes to preserve World War Two internment camps
  194. Israel rejects Iraq study ideas (because it wants only complete genocide, as it has always wanted, saying so explicitly)
  195. Student sues over 10-day suspension (US "educational system" as fascist mafia)
  196. Warning over spiralling Iraq refugee crisis
  197. Fannie Mae Final Tally: $6.3 Billion Overstated
  198. Trouble in the Ivory Tower (READ the comments)
  199. One Third Of Jailed Journalists Are Bloggers
  200. Cracks appear between Bush and Blair over need for talks with Iran and Syria (or not)
  201. Infected blood threatens fresh outbreak of vCJD (or not)
  202. GOP hands WalMart a $1bn 'incentive'
  203. EAC Unit Recommends E-Voting Software Independence (and development by the corrupt and lying NIST)
  204. Report: Businessman in coma from poisoning (He would HAVE to have been separately poisoned)
  205. Death by Dust (READ)
  206. Senate approves Burr's bioterrorism bill (READ - and be yet again terrorized by your unelected corpagov)
  207. Dubai Ports participating in U.S. security plan (State terrorism by fairy tales)
  208. Privacy groups rip terrorist risk-rating plan (With what efficacy?)
  209. U.S.: Padilla's Time in Brig Irrelevant (Good, let's jail the entire US corpagov for 50 years and deem it irrelevant)
  210. Guantanamo Detainees Going to New Prison (with more torture toys)
  211. U.S. troops suffer heavy toll (That's why they're sent there)
  212. Soldiers on front line short of equipment, MPs warn (For how many YEARS has it been the case?)
  213. 'Overstretch' putting UK troops at risk, says general (It was planned that way)
  214. No withdrawal from Iraq, Howard insists (Poodle piping up)
  215. Powell on Iraq: 'It looks like, smells like and ... is a civil war' (Whylisten to a proven liar and war criminal?)
  216. The Roman Empire is falling - so it turns to Iran and Syria
  217. Bush: No early Iran-Syria talks (No talking, just bombing and genocide)
  218. Oil for Sale: Iraq Study Group Recommends Privatization (THERE is the purpose of the "study group"; the rest is irrelevant)
  219. An appeal to the Orange Revolution's paymaster Ukraine's president writes in the Washington Post(Destroyer of Ukrainia)
  220. Sharp reversal for Social Democrats in Dutch elections (Dutch like USians: damned if they do, and damned if they don't)
  221. Rafael Correa declared new president of Ecuador (a maybe)
  222. Vietnam signs up to World Trade Organisation (mistake)
  223. Massive US prison population continues to grow
  224. Iraq Study Group report highlights crisis of US imperialism in Iraq and at home (and then recommends even worse things)
  225. NYPD's Death Squads: From Diallo to Sean Bell
  226. Drug Pushers, Inc.: Power and Profit in the Legal Drug Trade
  227. Alex Friedman: Rev. Phelps' Hate-Fueled Fanatics (More national lunaticsrunning our asylum)
  228. EPA May Drop Lead Air Pollution Limits
  229. 12 Million Suburbanites Live in Poverty (Try 150 million citizens live in poverty)
  230. Iraq Spiraling Into World's Biggest Refugee Crisis (Wait for US refugees)
  231. Legislators May Reconsider Suspending Detainee Habeas Corpus (i.e., may consider restoring a small piece of the Constitution)
  232. Matt Renner and Jason Leopold | Baker Report: The Democratic Reaction
  233. UN Chief: Darfur Is in Free Fall
  234. Guantanamo, a Thriving Development (as it is intended for the entire US)
  235. Senators [Squirrel Brains] Question Iraq Panel's Blueprint
  236. The Four Myths (READ)
  237. The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict (READ)
  238. The "Jewish Character" Syndrom (and a bit of corrective history - READ)
  239. What purpose do these numerous committees serve?
  240. Alive in Baghdad: first-hand accounts (READ)
  241. Afghans 'running out of patience' (most likely at the show being staged)
  242. IRAQ: Fighters welcome report that advises withdrawal of US troop
  243. 'Protests will bring down Lebanon government'
  244. India PM warns US legislators against 'problematic' provisions in nuclear dea
  245. Nuke deal: Text of final Bill made public
  246. Pols: US Can Ship Nuclear Fuel To India
  247. 'Forward' - Bush's New Favorite Word? (Has he left "fabulous"?)
  248. Litvinenko's associate 'in a coma' as spy murder mystery deepens (The problem with "intelligence" is that it isn't)
  249. Russia poisoning inquiry widens (Where is Sherlock when you need him?)
  250. Tribal chiefs frustrate new Fiji regime
  251. Sharansky to get US Presidential Medal of Freedom (WHAT?!)
  252. Congress Close to Reaching Deal on Tax and Trade Package (How about axing the Patriot Act?)
  253. US to Expand Cargo Scans to Detect Nuclear Material (Anything to waste money)
  254. Report says state, local agencies must fill port security gap
  255. EPA to start final 9-11 cleanup (Um - start, NOW?!)
  256. Apocalypse now: 79 recommendations and a President forced into a corner
  257. A damning indictment of a President and his policy
  258. Bush and Blair refuse to move over Iraq (Is the panaramic "why" beyond its long time obviousness yet?)
  259. Bush 'Privacy Board' Just a Gag
  260. Crackdown on flying with liquids (AU) (Howard the fascist poodle)
  261. Enough of the 9/11 Conspiracies, Already - Matthew Rothschild (It's OK - he's just wonderfully ognorant, and mildly stupid)
  262. Dishonest "Debunking" of 9/11 Conspiracy Questioners (READ)
  263. Setting the stage for an eventual invasion of Saudi Arabia?
  264. Saudis reportedly funding Iraqi Sunnis (so can we invade them now too?)
  265. Prime minister to visit Israel for talks in final push for peace (and to get his instructions)
  266. Iranian Holocaust Conference Will Showcase Deniers and Anti-Semites From Around the World; ADL Urges European Leaders to Speak Out (The usual sickening ADK whining)
  267. U.S. town may encourage firearms (Some wacko from outside will screw them good)
  268. Setting the limits of invasion journalism (READ)
  269. Comment is free: The Holocaust happened (Why are these people so TERRIFIED?)
  270. Iranian conference attendees under attack (I'm surprised zionists haven't murdered them)
  271. Productivity slows as factory orders drop
  272. U.S. construction activity plunges
  273. Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge (VIDEO)
  274. Beilinson doctors published data from nonexistent trials
  275. The Decline and Fall of American Conservatism
  276. Former GOP Official Faces Felony Charges
  277. Israel frets over Iraq report, dispatches FM to Washington
  278. FBI investigating reports of misleading calls to Va. voters (The corrupt FBI is on the case!)
  279. Dual missile test fails off Hawaii (It never will work - but it will keep costing)
  280. They Told You So (and you are still not listening)
  281. Rumsfeld Wants Torture Case Dismissed (LOL -)
  282. New Orleans to Raze Public Housing
  283. Iraqis, U.S. dispute 20 deaths in raid
  284. Republic Takes Another Hit at Gates Hearing (READ)
  286. Meese of Arabia and the Baker Group's Grab for Black Gold (READ)
  287. Send the Neocons to Iraq (Aby Ghraib in particular)
  288. US subprime loans face trouble (Are we paying attention yet?)
  289. THe US housing market is different this time - it's worse
  290. Warm weather in Europe cause for concern (No it isn't)
  291. Allstate [Racketeer] Calls A Halt (that with luck will destroy these criminals one and for all)
  292. 'Elections' are over: Regulators Approve 7.7 Percent Increase For CL&P Customers (Conn)
  293. Renowned cancer scientist was paid by chemical firm for 20 years (It's been global CORPAGOV PSEUDOSCIENCE for DECADES, wussies!)
  294. Keep the E.P.A. Libraries Open (More Corpagov Nonscience)
  295. U.S. House approves tax, energy, health care bill (Kafkaesque reportin, beyond insanity)
  296. Wall Street sees wave of U.S. public asset sales(Public Assets do NOT belong to, and are not for the FUCKING CORPAGOV to sell to the FUCKING CORPATERRORISTS)
  297. Foley Panel: GOP Didn't Protect Pages (Tiddlywinks)
  298. D.C. Argues Gun Rights Only For Militias (D.C. is full of shit. Read the GD history!)
  299. Scope of 2nd Amendment Is Questioned (by those who need to be shot?)
  300. Man arrested in alleged Illinois terrorism plot (How many volts of convincing did he need?)
  301. Egypt deports 'terror suspects' (MSM standard garbage)
  302. Americans skeptical on use of force: poll (Wow! An adult moment?!)
  303. Families face huge bills for soldiers' inquests (Criminal corpagov)
  304. Senators want Army mental health inquiry (Wonderful! Yet another useless "inquiry" for a useless corpagov to pretend it is useful)
  305. 22,000 US Troops Injured (That's not the half of it)
  306. General accuses Reid over Afghanistan (They're all liars)
  307. Freed Iraq hostages forgive captors (No, it's not Helsinki Syndrome)
  308. Iraq insurgents' bombmaking gets more lethal (Practice makes perfect - except for the US corpagov)
  309. Basra raid may trigger revenge attacks against Danish forces (Well - there it is: actions have consequences - du-uh!)
  310. Iraqi Police, Officials: U.S. Raid Killed 32, Including 6 Children (What else are USUKIL raids for? Genocide forever!)
  311. 35 Bodies Found Around Baghdad Thursday (and every other day as well)
  312. Reuters AlertNet - U.S., Iraqi troops seal off Haditha - residents (More genocide in the making)
  313. GOP senator criticizes Iraq war in emotional speech (Senator, shut up and do something. This shit has been going on for 6 fucking years!)
  314. Are Troops Dying for Oil Profits? (Yes, next question?)
  315. Top Democrat questions Blackwater deals in Iraq (Aren't we enranged yet?)
  316. Poll: Approval of Bush's handling of Iraq war at new low of 27 percent (all dead: their silence gives consent)
  317. Bush Backs Away From 2 Key Ideas of Panel on Iraq (only 2?)
  318. W.House won't accept all proposals from Baker group (or much of anything else until the ghost Sharon past allows him)
  319. Ex-Detainees Seek to Sue U.S. Officials (Pile it on guys)
  320. Lieberman, Collins Propose Iraq Strategy Group (Lieberbush needs a kick hard enough to send him to Israel)
  321. McKinney introduces bill to impeach Bush (Sic 'em, my dear! Fuck Repto Pelosi)
  322. Inquiry finds Australian soldier's death in Iraq an "accident" (a lie, as usual)
  323. Fijian military regime moves to suppress any opposition
  324. Report documents extreme levels of global wealth inequality (This is not news, just a fact destructive of global economy)
  325. Bush rejects Iraq Study Group report (We reject him, and the USSC that he rode in on)
  326. The Lost John Lennon Interview
  327. Senate Democrats Give Gates a Free Pass
  328. Mr. Lieberman Comes to Washington: Brookings Hosts an Ethnic Cleanser
  329. The Media Lynching of Jimmy Carter
  330. 11 US Troops, Scores of Iraqis Killed Wednesday
  331. EPA Scrubbing Library Web Site to Make Reports Unavailable (Criminal corpagov)
  332. Sweeping Changes Expected in Voting by 2008 Election (Believe it when you see it: governments lie, all the time)
  333. ACLU Lawsuit Begins, Claims Rumsfeld Ordered Torture
  334. Jailed Media Worldwide Hits Record
  335. Analysts: US at Root of Effort to Topple Lebanese Government (READ)
  336. Pearl Harbor - A Lesson Lost On The People Of The World - Signs of the Times - Fri, 08 Dec, 2006
  337. Double Standards (READ)
  338. US and Israel targeting DNA in Gaza? Part 3 of 3: The DIME bomb, yet another genotoxic weapon - Signs of the Times - Fri, 08 Dec, 2006
  339. Bogged too deep for a clean exit (Never intended exit - ever)
  340. Puzzled? A brief guide to the polonium saga
  341. Hundreds of UK troops seize Iraqi militants (This will surely go over well)
  342. Commonwealth suspends Fiji over coup (Does anyone actually care?)
  343. Panel Blasts Hastert in Foley Scandal (and next week it will be overridden by the pseudocrisis de jour)
  344. US House extends tax breaks for automakers, businesses (They are not long for this world anyhow)
  345. Feds: Man planned to blow up Illinois shopping mall (Oh, um, yeah, - sure he did)
  346. Malaria aids the Spread of AIDS
  347. Radical Muslims must integrate, says Blair
  348. Adopt our values or stay away, Blair tells migrants
  349. How do you pass the Blair test?
  350. Active-Duty Military Personnel Will Protest War in Iraq on Wednesday
  351. Israeli Nuclear Weapons Whistleblower Speaks Out
  352. A Weaker Dollar and a Receding US Influence
  353. Kremlin control of natural gas routes to Europe stokes Western unease
  354. New pro-Israel lobby as alternative to AIPAC
  355. Israel's Olmert calls for dramatic measures against Iran (He's just another in the line of vicious thugs)
  356. U.S. Denies Liability in Torture Case (Guilt would be ridiculous)
  357. Tillman's father not expecting answers
  358. Rockford man charged in alleged terror plot (because corpagov needs another staged circus)
  359. Israel drags heels on Tutu visit (They don't like having their criminal nature exposed)
  360. Olmert declines to rule out military action against Iran (Their criminality knows no limits)
  361. UN arms trade bill: US casts sole no vote against (The nadir of criminal governments)
  362. Toxic Tower to Come Down (Deutsche Bank NYC)
  364. Why is Iran Everyone Elses Problem?
  365. New Orleans approves project demolition
  366. Afghanistan war nears 'tipping point' (It was impossible to begin with - except to an idiot)
  367. Ranger alleges war crimes (READ)
  368. U.S., Iraqi troops seal off Haditha - residents (in its ongoing genocide)
  369. Bush Brought Down to Size in Cartoon Satire
  370. Words Even an Ex-President Can't Say in America The Media Lynching of Jimmy Carter (READ)
  371. Conspiracies Behind Haim Sabans Closed Doors (READ)
  372. Avigdor Lieberman: Lovable Man! By Uri Avnery
  373. Corruption, crime inside Homeland Security (part of criminal corpagov)
  374. Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Bush, In Congress (Impeach Pelos on her first day)
  375. Cancer expert was paid by chemical companies
  376. It's still about oil in Iraq (about, but near all about)
  377. Speaking frankly about Israel and Palestine by Jimmy Carter (who still thinks Israeli law is democratic and not racist)
  378. Pearl Harbor: The Latest Wave (READ)
  379. Courage to Refuse (In case you thought all Israelis are monsters)
  380. Holocaust up for debate, says Iran leader (Why? Because governments always lie, all the time)
  381. Israel Warns of Al Qaeda Attack on Lebanon Peacekeepers (another IL black ops with costunes)
  382. Democrats New Intelligence Chairman Needs a Crash Course on al Qaeda (The Peter Principle)
  383. Judge weighs torture claim vs. Rumsfeld (You KNOW Rummy can't be touched)
  384. Britain: Asylum seekers protest treatment at detention centres
  385. Australian Wheat Board inquiry: a threadbare whitewash
  386. German Green Party congress: "Peace" from the barrel of a gun
  387. US jobs report: More factory and construction jobs lost (More, and more, and more and...)
  388. Sri Lankan president reimposes anti-terror laws in preparation for intensified war
  389. Iraq Study Group: a bipartisan coverup of Washington's war crimes (READ)
  390. Robert Gold: Impunity in Colombia (i.e., State Terrorism)
  391. Hugh Sansom: Smearing Jimmy Carter (READ)
  392. John V. Whitbeck: Recommendation No. 80 (READ)
  393. McKinney and Karpinsky: Silenced for Telling the Truth
  394. Mike Whitney: James Baker Versus the Lobby (READ: Just remember the imperial bankers that back US-UK-IL, the "axis of world terror")
  395. Robert Gates and Venezuela: Another Saber Rattler in Latin America
  396. A Congress of Hucksters and Pipsqueaks (but mostly of genetic defectives)
  397. Phyllis Bennis and Erik Leaver: A Bi-Partisan Occupation (READ)
  398. The Donkey and the Date: Iran's Upcoming Municipal Elections
  399. The Man from NAM: John Engler's Trail of Destruction (READ)
  400. The Vietnamization of Iraq: Inside the Military Training Program
  401. Jeane Kirkpatrick, Mid-Wife of the Neo-Cons
  402. Top Democrat: Halliburton Violated Multibillion Dollar Iraq Contract
  403. Suspected E. coli outbreak sickens 19 in Iowa (Wait! Is this being done on purpose?)
  404. US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash (Doesn't it just figure?)
  405. Desperately Seeking Ethics (Cart before the Horse NYT)
  406. The Buck Just Stops (Criminal corpagove is immune to any law)
  407. Senate Approves Anti-Pretexting Bill (babbling)
  408. Halting of foreign aid to Palestinians a crime: Carter (Indeed it is criminal, but that is USUKIL)
  409. Wounded to get millions in compensation (Don't hold your breath)
  410. White House Debating Strategy, Including More Troops (Illegal, unelected dictatorship)
  411. New poll shows 71 percent of Americans disapprove of war policy
  412. Photos confirm US raid child deaths
  413. Iraq police academy set to implode: Advisers: Crumbling campus symbolizes law-and-order woes
  414. Secret American talks with insurgents break down
  415. CIA is undermining British war effort, say military chiefs
  416. Police to get 'dirty bomb hoods' in terror alert
  417. Rumsfeld says goodbye to Iraq (better to the world)
  418. Bush seeks political cooperation on new Iraq plan (of continued genocide)
  419. Officials Hear Conflicting Reports on Stent Safety (All lies)
  420. German police find more radiation (Merkelium Scheiss)
  421. Fire kills at least 45 women in locked hospital (political dissidents?)
  422. Abbas threat: A vote on Hamas (More BS than you can deal with)
  423. Tax-Cut and Trade Bills (Criminal Congressional BS: you're screwed!)
  424. Jefferson wins Louisiana runoff (Stolen election by fraud)
  425. Source: Leaders failed to protect teenage pages (How old are they?! How about protecting all of us from the goddamn criminal government?)
  426. Ending poverty in our lifetime (Poverty is by corpagov design; get used to it!)
  427. Congress passes bill to send money to fallen firefighters' kin (Don't hold your breath)
  428. Legislators Stop IRS From Taxing Fire Donations (or not)
  429. NASA: Moon Base Cost Won't Be Sky High (LMFAO!)
  430. Don't colonize the moon (Don't be ridiculous: the empire rules!)
  431. HIV and Malaria Boost Each Other In Africa (CDC is ecstatic!)
  432. Both Houses of Congress approve Indo-US N-deal (How fucking wonderful!)
  433. Staticide, Not Civil War in Iraq (not to mention genocide)
  434. Police may use CCTV for eavesdropping (UK, nation already under heaviest survaillance)
  435. Christmas terror attack 'highly likely' (Purported "news" as form of State Terrorism)
  436. Embattled dynasty comes out fighting after predators attack New York Times (NYT needs desperately to be attacked)
  437. Promotions, pay rises honours - how the key players in the Kelly scandal (murder) were rewarded
  438. Frank Rich Hits Iraq Study Group and Its 'Bogus' Proposals
  439. The Election Threat / Abbas can dismiss only himself
  440. What will the House Democratic Caucus do about Rep. Bill Jefferson?
  441. Prominent Western news agency [CNN] omits Palestinians condemnation of Israels massacre from its report on US vetoing of UN resolution
  442. Rep. McKinney's floor statement on the impeachment of George W. Bush
  443. Rwanda accuses France of hiding late Habyarimana`s plane black box
  444. Clues To How the NSA Spies on Americans and Possible Immunity for Telecoms for helping Gov Spy
  445. Expensive Ignorance (READ)
  446. The character assassination of Jimmy Carter
  447. Cow 'emissions' more damaging to planet than CO2 from cars (Cows are not the only other farting animal; then there are ants, cockroaches and termites!)
  448. Israeli PM says Bush won't change stance on Syria, Iran (because he was TOLD not to)
  449. Iran drops Dollar for Euro (READ)
  450. Taliban reject Pakistan, Afghanistan peace councils
  451. John Bolton's gift: Making enemies out of allies. (and sows' ears from silk purses, shit from gold)
  452. GAO: The status quo is unsustainable (That's why it was created)
  453. Droves say goodbye to Golden State
  454. Next battleground will be a familiar one, Israelis say / In Golan Heights, tensions with Syria are on the increase (Israel is now going to attack Syria - again - knowing Iran has promised to defend)
  455. Syria preparing its army for war with Israel
  456. Secret American talks with insurgents break down
  457. Taliban will fight through the winter, warns British commander
  458. Cornered US Military Takes to Desperate Tactics in Iraq (Only effective tactic would be dying)
  459. Israel delays UN mission to Beit Hanun (Leave our genocide be!)
  460. 1,100 [doomed] troops from Arizona leaving for Afghanistan
  461. George Will: The problem with Iraq is that they're all savages (The mouth with no brain speaks)
  462. Amnesty - 'israel should be disarmed' (Step One)
  463. Couple goes AWOL (Good for them)
  464. Conyers Betrayal (A GOPer in DEM's clothing)
  465. Christmas trees removed at Sea-Tac (Why USians increasingly despise Jews)
  466. Impeachment rallies held coast to coast (Congress, fingers in ears will be humming very loudly)
  467. Two Spy Cops 'Radioactive' (Idiots: exposure to radiation does NOT make you radioactive)
  468. Nobel Winner Warns of Dangers of Globalization (Somebody with a brain, at last)
  469. Making the Highways Less Safe
  470. As Trucking Rules Are Eased, a Debate on Safety Intensifies
  471. Billions Later, Plan to Remake the Coast Guard Fleet Stumble
  472. Records reveal major lobbying campaign at HUD by Abramoff
  473. Are you nuts if you think the machine flipped your vote on Nov. 7?
  474. General Augusto Pinochet dies
  475. Beirut rally: Death to Israel, US (Now, I wonder why they might feel that way?)
  476. Beirut rally piles pressure on U.S.-backed govt (The govt that did nothing while Israel raped their country and murdered them - the govt)
  477. Baker ideas an insult to Iraq: Talaban
  478. Black-Market Weapon Prices Surge in Iraq Chaos
  479. Iraq police academy set to implode: Advisers: Crumbling campus symbolizes law-and-order woes
  480. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Calls On World To Help Poor
  481. OPEC Nations Trying To Control World Oil Market To Increase Prices (Greatly interfering with USUKIL Putsch for global imperium)
  482. Rumsfeld On Unannounced Iraq Visit (in yet another display of his dee sociopathy)
  483. Familiar Hoover Vacuum Brand Being Sold To Hong Kong Company
  484. Men Can Halve Their Risk Of An Enlarged Prostrate (Um - that's "Prostate")
  485. Al Jazeera: Six-nation Arab coalition to go nuclear (READ)
  486. Brits dumping 'war on terror' phrase (It is stupid, and a lie to begin with)
  487. Hezbollah chief gives "positive response" to Arab plan
  488. Top Air Force Lawyer Had Been Disbarred (Bizarre)
  489. Plans to construct legal compound at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo halted (How about an illegal compund?)
  490. Iraq rejects suggestion of US troops leaving by early 2008 as 'an insult'
  491. Augusto Pinochet, 91, Chilean Dictator - December 11, 2006 - The New York Sun(Almost hilariously warped nonsense)
  492. Profile: Former Chilean president Pinochet
  493. Clashes follow death of Pinochet
  494. Pinochet death 'saddens' Thatcher (Yes, it would, wouldn't it, bitch?)
  495. [Operation] Condor legacy haunts South America
  496. Readers' Comments No state funeral for Pinochet
  497. Tatas raise Corus takeover bid to $9.2 bn
  498. Tata Steel raises Corus bid by 10 percen
  499. Ex-spy's widow blames Russian officials
  500. Russian businessman named as radiation source in murder case (Dimitry Kovtun)
  501. Talabani lashes out at 'dangerous' Baker report on US role in Iraq
  502. US broadcasters plan YouTube clone: report (This should be fun)
  503. Food getting safer - for the most part (On what planet?)
  504. South Korea confirms bird flu outbreak (or not)
  505. TV: Diana's driver truly was drunk (or this is just being made up to divert from the CIA hanky panky)
  506. Excommunicated cleric installs married men as bishops (and it allstranger than that)
  507. DiCaprio versus De Beers on Blood Diamonds (Take the movie, the diamonds, the websites and shove them all up De Beers Ass)
  508. Tinker Bell, Pinochet and The Fairy Tale Miracle of Chile Greg Palast (READ)
  509. A rogue 51st state (that sees only military solutons to every problem)
  510. A Conversation With Senator Harry Reid (We shall see)
  511. Three Palestinian Children Killed in Gaza Shooting (and these "gunmen" are?)
  512. Oil producers shun dollar (READ)
  513. Government refuses to authenticate bin Laden "confession video" (Of course, it was indeed a fabrication)
  514. Russia backs Iran sanctions, will continue Bushehr NPP (i.e., sanctions are vacuous)
  515. The U.S. government hates democracy (That's been obvious for over 150 years)
  516. Israel First McCain Pushing Attack on Iran for Israel (Our national corpagov slimebucket)
  517. As Crowd Demands Change, Lebanese Premier Is Puzzled (READ)
  519. Bushs Torture Ticking Time Bomb: Sins of Commission
  520. Dont let your media fool you about Beirut demonstration
  521. Lieberman: The unfaithful cannot be citizens (of this already doomed nation)
  522. Talks under way to replace Iraq PM (and just who is doing the replacing?)
  523. Israel 'blocks Tutu Gaza mission' (only genocide will do)
  524. Rush Limbaugh Crosses the Line (He's always been a few sandwiches short of a picnic)
  525. The Blind Aping the Blind (READ)
  526. Where did the Shoah money go? (where such things always go)
  527. A generation is all they need (READ)
  528. The US Empire - Beginning Of The End Game
  529. Seeking Iran Intelligence, U.S. Tries Google (IAEA used Google to show US corpagov as liars)
  530. U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse? (Probably not exactly imminent, but the end approacheth)
  531. Airport Hustlers (READ)
  532. Anti Torture, Anti Military Commissions Act Action : Indybay
  533. Peace Provocateur (READ)
  534. The 'Greatest Humilation Ever' for Sitting American Leader
  535. 1 in 7 Mexican workers employed in the U.S.: report
  536. Annan raps US in farewell speech (appropriately)
  537. Roosevelt's Revenge? (READ twice)
  538. All along the watch tower
  539. Big Oil stiffs US billions in royalties
  540. Taliban and Allies Tighten Grip in North of Pakistan
  541. Former Rep. DeLay, indicted on state campaign finance charges, begins new 'career' as blogger (LOL)
  543. Apocalypto: The Most Powerful Film Of All Time (wellll)
  544. Dare to Differ - Holocaust Deniers Unite (READ)
  546. DaimlerChrysler warns of North American layoffs
  547. Threat of Palestinian Civil War Looms (as organized by Israel)
  548. Congress must call for a re-vote in Florida
  549. Let People Defend Themselves, Second Amendment Group Says
  550. Iran defends Holocaust conference (Why?!)
  551. Dairy Industry Crushed Innovator Who Bested Price-Control System (Criminal Congress)
  552. GOP Pushes Tax Bill Through Congress (Criminal Congress)
  553. Vote does not compute County logs 1,500 complaints on machines
  554. Next battleground will be a familiar one, Israelis say (They have chosen their next genocidal aggression)
  555. McCain Warns of Iran In New York City Visit (He is a sick and evil man)
  556. Unions oppose 'draft' of federal workers to Iraq
  557. Nepali Maoists to lay down arms and enter the government
  558. Former detainees argue right to sue Rumsfeld over torture
  559. Blair's Washington summit: What next for Britain in Iraq? (Obeying Israel, of course)
  560. Pinochet, Chile's former US-backed dictator, dead at 91
  561. The Disappeared of Oaxaca: a Message from One of the Actors in Apocalypto
  562. Mary McGrane: Burning Books at Harvard Law (Deshowitz v. Carter)
  563. Gideon Levy: The Cruel Line into Gaza
  564. Death of a Pig: Poetic Justice for Pinochet (No, there was no real justice)
  565. Lebanon on the Brink
  566. Col. Douglas MacGregor: There's Only One Option Left, Leave (Then it is no option; take it or die there. READ)
  567. The Condor Model: the Atrocities of Pinochet and the US (READ)
  568. Virginia Tilley: Banning Mandela (The unbearable power of Jewish Ukase)
  569. Cindy Sheehan on Trial for Protest at UN Mission
  570. Hundreds of Thousands Jam Beirut to Urge Government's Ouster
  571. Military Officers Star in Promotional Evangelical Video
  572. Sara Daniel | How to Escape a Nightmare (The Hell of Iraq, designed andinstigated by the US with malice aforethought)
  573. Iraqi Exodus Could Test Bush Policy
  574. Sheehan Among Four Convicted of Trespassing
  575. Exclusive: Murdered spy worked for UK security firm
  576. Big fines soon to hit Swift Boat Vets, other 527 groups
  577. Swiss Spy in a War of Words (READ)
  578. PM puts Israel on nuclear list for first time (Ooops!)
  579. PM: Iran aspires to have nuclear arms like Israel (Soooo?)
  580. Clain that Iran is blocking YouTube may be false
  581. FLASHBACK: Israels Failed Assassination Attempt on U.S. Ambassador Documented)
  582. FLASHBACK: American Ambassador Recalls Israeli Assassination Attempt With U.S. Weapons
  583. Arctic's summer sea ice 'could disappear completely by 2040' (Or, it could grow back again just as the Antarctic sheets are now, in fact, doing: these people are lying idiots, and no idea what they are talking about)
  584. Greenspan sees more declines in dollar (He should know: he was in on their design)
  585. US to double emergency equipment stored in Israel (that IL ca, in fact use, as it did in recent rape of LB)
  586. The Americans don't see how unwelcome they are, or that Iraq is now beyond repair
  587. Rice warns Syria and Iran over Lebanon protests (NOYB Puta)
  588. Abduction of Women on the Rise (READ)
  589. Trees Being Returned to SeaTac Airport (Fuck the GD Rabbi)
  590. Group seeks probe of evangelical military video
  591. Baghdad robbers grab $1m in cash (Gunmen can be anybody - but who are they?)
  592. Israeli official 'not sorry' Tutu's probe into Beit Hanun strike canceled (never even sorry for their righteous genocides)
  593. AP cameraman killed by Iraq insurgents (i.e., USUKIL death squad)
  594. Baghdad blasts kill 57
  595. Iraq as a Living Hell
  596. The "Iraq Memorial" should go on the White House Lawn (Yes)
  597. Olmert's nuclear slip stirs uproar in Israel
  598. $20bn gas project seized by Russia
  599. The vultures are circling (Beyond time to leave destroyed Afghanistan alone to nurse its justified hatreds)
  600. CNN.com leaves out Annan's plea for US accountability
  601. Teacher calls Muslim student 'terrorist' (A nation out of control)
  602. In video, military Christianists say they'd rather study the Bible than do their jobs (as if they were actually caoable of reading it?!)
  603. IDF must be ready to stop Iran (Israel has always been deranged and out of control)
  604. CIA staged several assassination attempts on Tito (Assassination, wrecking nations, economies etc is what it lives for)
  605. Saudi Ambassador Abruptly Resigns, Leaves Washingto
  606. Shares drop for products made in U.S.
  607. Government Spying Goes Global (Global USUKIL State Terrorism)
  608. The US is finished - kaput (But its controlling banks are NOT!)
  609. A Call to Arms Is Made Here By McCain (He still needs a lobotomy)
  610. How low can you go? The Anatomy of a Zionist Smear Campaign (READ)
  611. Fred Barnes hopes the "lame Duck" Bush bombs Iran on the way
  612. They were targeting the children (Guess who?)
  613. Bush's sinking ship of fools - The Boston Globe
  614. Soldier killed three days after returning armour
  615. America's Shame: Brought Low By a Gang of Cretins
  616. Iran Opens Conference on Holocaust (Doncha love the NYT zionist reporting of it? LOL)
  617. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; What We The People Should Do (Sounds good to me)
  619. 7/7 Witness: Bus Was Diverted To Tavistock Sq. By Two Unmarked Cars (READ)
  620. Have a look at this photo. (DO LOOK)
  621. [Deranged nation is now terrified by the hug of a 4 year old child]
  622. Lebanon's Army captures Israeli Mossad 'Terrorist Ring' (PLEASE REPEAT THAT - and let us finally understand what Israel does - all the time)
  623. Bush Iraq Update May Be After New Year (Babbling)
  624. 90149: Pakistan Aid Cutoff: U.S. Nonproliferation and Foreign Policy Considerations (NOW - in the light of Olmert's recent nuclear admissions, ...)
  625. Calls for Olmert to resign after nuclear gaffe (US law forbids any further aid to Israel)
  626. Airport Security Nixes Heisman Trophy (Berserker Nation)
  627. Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth
  628. Australian rallies demand release of David Hicks from Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay
  629. Britain: Blair stirs up Islamophobia
  630. West Bengal's Left Front regime suppresses protests against land seizures
  631. Italian right wing mobilizes against Prodi government (Did you expect the motherfuckers to die?)
  632. Jeane Kirkpatrick: from "social democrat" to champion of death squads (Sick bitch from a deranged nation)
  633. 60 million Americans living on less than $7 a day US income figures show staggering rise in social inequality (Now we're starting to get real about the US as a starvation concentration camp)
  634. From the archives of Marxism: lessons of the 1973 coup in Chile
  635. Democrats vow to continue funding Iraq [genocidal] war
  636. Is the USA the Center of the World? (Define "center")
  637. Our Perverse Farm Plan: Where Christmas Comes Every Five Years
  638. The 35-Year Long Scream: Torture, Impeachment and a Vietnam Vet's Tears
  639. Convicted for Our Convictions: Trespassing for Truth at the UN
  640. Uri Avnery: Baker's Cake
  641. Abusive Interrogations
  642. America's Injustice System is Criminal (US is a completely crminal enterprise)
  643. Fernando A. Torres: The Last Man of the Junta (READ)
  644. Ohio Rep. Kucinich to run for president (Go for it!)
  645. Sarah Olson | Iraq Report: "A Giant Step Sideways"
  646. Washington Looks to "Blame Iraqis and Run"
  647. GOP Congressman's Ex-Aides Allege Abuse of Power (Gary Miller)
  648. The Problem with Israel (READ)
  649. The Occult Technology of Power (READ)
  650. Int'l conference on Holocaust opens in Tehran
  651. Hitler of Germany also killed millions of non-Jews, conference say
  652. Zionist regime endless threat to region - Ahmadinejad
  653. Professor advises formation of int'l committee to study holocaus
  654. Primates needed for medical tests, say scientists (Can we donate the US government?)
  655. Propaganda: "Revisionist fringe gathers for Iran's Holocaust denial jamboree" (Lunatic journalist puts forth argument for his massive doses of Thorazine)
  656. European Speakers Deny Holocaust At Conference
  657. Is George Bush "The Manchurian Candidate?"
  658. Dennis Kucinich&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Showdown With the Democratic Leadership
  659. Big Pharma Juggernaut Rolls To Victory - Health Freedom Reels
  660. Gore Vidal Breaks US Blockade on Cuba
  661. German gamers face jail for acts of virtual violence (Another government needing to be locked away)
  662. Leftist leader joins Oaxaca protest
  663. US slams Iranian Holocaust conf.
  664. No jail now for former Enron chief Skilling
  665. Wolfowitz in firing line as World Bank faces mass exodus (READ)
  666. Russia Cancels Talks on Iran Sanctions After U.S. Raises Belarus Problem(LOL)
  667. Bush to unveil Iraq strategy early next year (Uh-huh - that ought to be really funny deciding)
  668. 'Olmert's comments may prove harmful' (ROTFL - yes, they very well may, especially by US law on foreign aid - what a stupid putz!)
  669. Lieberman advocates aid to Palestinians (No - no - no --- he's just lying)
  670. Gunmen shoot dead Hamas judge in Gaza (Aha! More "unidentified" gunmen - like anonymous sources - willo'the'wisp witnesses)
  671. Move to bring genocide case against Ahmadinejad as Iran president repeats call to wipe out Israel (Bonkers Bolton! Hasn't he died yet?! Almost as sick a joke as he is; big A. should have fun with this one)
  672. PM will meet Abbas 'anywhere, anytime' (Wow! Olmert's as butch as bushlet)
  673. Israel Court Allows Some Suits by Palestinians Hurt by Army (Wow! Damn white of it!)
  674. Olmert: No change in nuclear stand (Now, he's going to deny that he meant what he said rather precisely)
  675. Outrage directed at Tehran meeting (Maybe they'll die of apoplexy?)
  676. Israeli PM dismisses nuclear row (Did he have his fingers crossed behind his back?)
  677. World Bank fears US house crash
  678. Israel will disappear like USSR Iran
  679. Pentagon eyes victory in forming strategy (You're joking, right?)
  680. Bush Decides Direction of Iraq Policy (deciding not to tell - sshhhhh)
  681. Mengistu found guilty of genocide
  683. New CAPS Ads Warn That House Speaker Pelosi Will Push For Mass Increases In Immigration
  684. The Ends and the Means (READ)
  685. Blair: Iran is major threat (Bullocks!)
  686. History will not treat us kindly
  687. KKTV | NORAD and NORTHCOM Exercises (Cover for another 9/11, just as before?)
  688. The US Army is broke. (So is the US)
  689. Rumsfeld visits Iraq with Fox News host (LOL)
  690. We'll stick by the US, Downer vows (Asslicking poodle)
  691. Israel, Alone - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  692. A Jewish Hitler? - by Justin Raimondo
  693. Olmert's nuclear blunder leads to Gulf states' call for sanctions
  694. UK 'plot' terror charge dropped (i.e., as usual, it was fabricated crock of State Terrorism to start with)
  695. Pentagon's plan: More U.S. troops in Iraq (What's the opposite of brilliant?)
  696. Democrat Rodriguez ousts Bonilla from House seat
  697. Nuclear hypocrisy at work in Israel (READ)
  698. Israeli nuclear whistleblower demands freedom (Mordechai Vanunu)
  699. TSA Approves Scanner That Will Let Fliers Who Pay Keep Their Shoes On (REFUSE TO FLY ANYPLACE)
  700. Gates beats Olmert to the nuclear punch (Never a secret: it was an ignored fact - like WTC towers brought down by demolitions)
  701. Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops (or pork sausage)
  702. Rogers: Sell U.S. dollar, buy real and yuan
  703. The New Middle East Cold War: Saudi/Israel/Lebanon v. Iran/Syria/Iraq/Hizbullah (READ)
  704. Computers 'could store entire life by 2026' (This is worthy of being done?)
  705. Shit Hits Fan! Saudis to Back Sunni Insurgency in Iraq
  706. Dumb answers of intelligence chief (Intelligence has nothing to do with "Intelligence")
  707. Victory for anti-war protesters (Little things mean a lot?)
  708. Israel's Lieberman Calls for Tougher Stance on Israeli Arabs (Yet another signing of Israel's Death Warrant)
  709. Latest Letter from Imprisoned Free Speech Advocate Ernst Zundel
  710. A Fraudulently Financed War
  711. The Unraveling of the Moral Fabric in the American Empire
  712. Isn't Germany sick of the Holocaust? (The indoctrination, badgering, flagellation, humiliation and "reparations" have been viciously endless; most still bow to the fraudulent simplicity)
  713. Zionism: Pitting the West against Islam
  714. US Army Going Broke (Broke and bankrupt in all senses, as is the US in its entirety)
  715. Apartheid declared legal in Israel (It always has been)
  716. Analysts: Dollar collapse would result in 'amero' (It would have to as designed in the Rhodes-Keynes nightmare)
  717. Routine and Systematic Torture Is at the Heart of America's War on Terror
  718. Blacklisted Russian Tied to Iraq Deals
  719. Israel - the state of perpetual denial
  720. Sun Tzu - Why supporting the troops means you have to oppose the War in Iraq
  721. The madness of King George: Are you going to take this sitting down?
  722. Army Targets Truthout for Subpoenas in Watada Case (READ)
  723. US staying the course for Big Oil in Iraq (not to mention empire)
  724. Democrat dilemma over Iran (will be unbalanced by Olmert's admission)
  725. The Maps Tell The Story (READ)
  726. Pinochet death renews calls for U.S. to release secret Chile files on covert CIA role
  727. 2,000 killed in Afghanistan since Sept.
  728. Newly Released FBI Documents Disclose Grave Deficiencies in the War on Terrorism (All moot since the WoT is a total fabrication and fraud)
  729. ACLU Challenges Government Attempt to Seize "Secret" Document
  730. General foresees 50 to 100 years fight against terrorism (General Karnak the Magnificent?)
  731. Defense Employees Set For Another Suit to Halt Mandatory Anthrax Shots
  732. Bird flu bill passed unanimously (NZ - big mistake with fraud of birdflu)
  733. Federal judge invokes Military Commissions Act to reject Guantanamo habeas petition (READ)
  734. Bush's anti-terrorism law upheld
  735. South Dakota Sen. Johnson suffers possible stroke (possibly deliberately induced)
  736. Britain: an acute social divide in housing
  737. Mourning for Pinochet &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; US establishment shows its affinity for fascism
  738. Opposition in Baghdad among Kurdish, Shiite parties to Iraq Study Group
  739. Debra Eschmeyer: Corporations Control Your Dinner
  740. Iraq is Beyond Repair (So is the US)
  741. Judge: White House Handling of Katrina Housing "Legal Disaster"
  742. Israeli TV catches Olmert "coaching" Italy's Prodi (LOL)
  743. Diana Met inquiry findings due
  744. Dianas lovers dad calls crash investigation a joke
  745. IAEA says Israel's nuclear status none of its concern (Investigation or truth of Israel's nukes is as forbidden as and questioning of the holy details of the purported Holocaust)
  746. Holocaust meeting stirs passions (READ)
  747. Israeli PM [Nazi Genocidalist] compares Iran with Nazi Germany (That figures)
  748. Howls of protest over gathering (Just so you know who's pulling their strings)
  749. Undeniably offensive (but the 4-fold ongoing genocides of USUKIL are not)
  750. Hicks' dad 'disgusted' by US decision
  751. Judge Sets Back Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Detainees (Now, that's really outrageous)
  752. OPEC May Delay Production Cut as Oil Holds Above $61 a Barrel
  753. Oil prices rise after data shows decline in US crude stocks
  754. Circumcision Reduces HIV Rates, US Studies Confirm (or not)
  755. Late Mortgage Payments and Foreclosures Rise
  756. Oregon senator prepares universal health coverage plan
  757. S.D. Democrat hospitalized, did not suffer stroke (what then?)
  758. 'Conspiracy theorists' press case on Diana's death
  759. Israelis accused of vandalising airport
  760. Less than 25 pct back Bush's Iraq strategy-US poll
  761. We'll arm Sunni insurgents in Iraq, say Saudis
  762. Joint Chiefs Advise Change In War 'Strategy' (Babbling)
  763. Security cameras raise rights worry in NY: report
  764. Death penalty dropped against soldier charged with rape, murder (Pfc. Jesse V. Spielman)
  765. '04 Pentagon Report Cited Detention Concerns (READ)
  766. Bush to seek $100 bln more war funds: House report (That's MORE)
  767. S.D. Sen. Tim Johnson Undergoing Surgery (For what?)
  768. Former CNN News Chief To Launch 'IraqSlogger' Site (as alternative reality)
  769. Banned for a George Bush T-shirt (London -Melboutne, and then again in AU)
  770. Personal information of thousands of Boeing workers stolen
  771. Antidepressants a Suicide Risk for Young Adults (Known for years)
  772. Why Israel maintains nuclear ambiguity (There was no ambiguity: it was always a lie)
  773. U.S. Subpoena Is Seen as Bid to Stop Leaks (No, to impose absolute rule)
  774. Regional War May Loom in Africa
  775. EU wants Olmert to clarify nuclear slip (Give the weasel a chance to reassert the lie? That's all this is)
  776. Is James Baker a Match for AIPAC? - by Paul Craig Roberts
  777. New Publishing Rules Restrict Scientists (Finally, formally: Welcome to GOVERNMENT SCIENCE)
  778. Mossad Death Squads (READ)
  779. Israeli Top Court backs "targeted killings" (Murder: pursuit of diplomacy by other means)
  780. Israel court backs targeted kills
  781. Israeli soldiers tell of indiscriminate killings by army and a culture of impunity
  782. Government Seeks New Ruling in Cheney Case (to hide Big Dick's sordid and treasonous connections)
  783. UNICEF: 2006 One of The Worst Years for Palestine Children
  784. '04 Pentagon Report Cited Detention Concerns
  785. Study: Wall forced 17% of Jerusalem families out of the city
  786. IOL: Gulf poised to equal nuclear Iran (READ)
  787. The War on Journalism
  788. War Without End
  789. US scientists reject interference (It doesn't matter: your corpagov voted)
  790. Holocaust Revisionism in One Easy Lesson (READ)
  791. Bush v. The Two Majorities
  792. Mint bans melting coins now worth more as liquid than loot (It costs to melt coins)
  793. Saudi Arabia tests potential for unlocking heavy-oil reserves
  794. Israel court refuses to outlaw targeted killings (Defining a rogue nation)
  795. News - Full speed ahead, with menace (US & Israel, the most frightening things on earth READ)
  796. Insurgents attack Iraqi president's convoy (Who are these "unknown insurgent gunmen"?)
  797. Boston Air Traffic Controller Says 9/11 An Inside Job (READ)
  798. Neil Cavuto Giddy That Democrat Tim Johnson Had a Stroke
  799. Alleged Liquid Bomb Plot Credibility Crumbles (It's far beyond time since it was patently stupid from the start)
  800. The Economy: Not Looking Like Christmas (Understatement of the year)
  801. Iran seizes on Israeli PMs atomic 'confession' (Why not?)
  802. Terrorists may target satellite systems, Bush administration says (Lunatic)
  803. Israeli 9/11 Hijacker Believed Planes Were Being Landed By Remote Control (READ)
  804. 111,000 US immigration files lost (US corpagov loses everything!)
  805. Inquest hears astrophysicist may have been poisoned ([sigh])
  806. Arabs want action on Israel nukes (Packaged mendacity, arrogance and stupidity catches up with you eventually)
  807. TWA 800: 'Zoom climb' scenario falling apart
  808. Google to "consider" removing "offensive material" from Google Earth (Offensive to whom? How about, I find all area photos of Iran to be sacraligeous?)
  809. Uncle Sam's lucky finds (Yes, [sigh] we have known about about these lucky fabrications for years! Nice of you to catch up with reality)
  810. An untold story of 9/11 (Untold becauase it's a load of shit)
  811. Website for the Holocaust Conference in Iran (READ)
  812. Federal judge issues split decision on new Military Commissions Act
  813. Fall in love only with Jews (Ah - IL democracy!)
  814. Germany's Steinmeier to Testify on CIA Abduction Case
  815. Army link to stolen weaponry
  816. Gunmen kidnap dozens in Baghdad (Gov Op)
  817. Democrats Expected to Increase U.S. Military Spending (Of course)
  818. US senator urges more Iraq troops
  819. Senator Tim Johnson Has Brain Surgery, Doctor Says (Do we believe anything without verifiable proof?)
  820. Key US Sen. Johnson in critical condition (Wellstoned?)
  821. Senator's illness could spark US political upheaval
  822. US Democrats may lose control of Senate (The CONVENIENCE of it all!)
  823. Sen. Johnson responsive after brain surgery
  824. 10,000 US researchers sign statement protesting political interference in scientific process (Good science was corpagoved ages ago)
  825. New York State commission demands hospital closings (Expected)
  826. US immigration agents arrest 1,282 in raids at six meatpacking plants
  827. Millions to join one-day, all-India general strike
  828. Bush administration conspires to replace Iraqi government
  829. Israel and the US threaten Iran and Syria
  830. That Embezzled Anti-Castro Money
  831. An Interview with Jimmy Carter
  832. Jonathan Cook: The Recognition Trap (READ)
  833. Bush Administration Uses Subpoenas to Suppress Critics
  834. White House Seeks New Ruling to Keep Cheney Visitors Secret
  835. Senator Tim Johnson Is in Critical Condition (Post Op)
  836. DOJ Eases Oversight Rules on Corporate America (It's corpagov!)
  837. Democrats Say They're Inheriting a Financial Mess (as if it was a surprise)
  838. Thomas D. Williams | Soldiers Sue Military Over Mandatory Anthrax Inoculations
  839. Chris Floyd | Tears of Rage; Tears of Grief
  840. Pentagon: Navy May Have Violated Detention Standards in South Carolina
  841. Judge: Immigrant Detainees' Treatment Unconstitutional
  842. Israel orders Gaza-Egypt border closed to stop Palestinian PM
  843. Christians and Zionists: apocalypse row in Jerusalem
  844. Candid TV footage shows Olmert coaching Prodi
  845. U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Right Wing's Right Hand in D.C.
  846. Hollowcaust Hullabaloo (READ)
  847. Omissions In the Iraq Study Group Report
  848. The Protocols of Zion Protocol (READ)
  849. Truth Is Public Property (Um - but, not in the UK, and not in US where corpas have monopolies on printing "the law", charging whatever they please)
  850. Robert Fisk: Who's running Lebanon?
  851. Pentagon eyes new role in Africa
  852. US warns UAE on trade with Iran, Syria (Well - that should go over wonderfully)
  853. Kazakhstan, Iran regard possibility of building grain terminal in Amirabad
  854. FT.com / In depth - Palestinian PM found with $35m in cash (Gaza: large Israeli death camp)
  855. Lebanon for stronger relations with Syria, expects Russian help
  856. Senators' Trips Seen[By US Dictator] As Unhelpful to Mideast Progres
  857. Britain stops weapons probe to save Saudi deal (Um - "Law" means what exactly?)
  858. Israel warns UNIFIL of al-Qaida attack (i.e., the Al-Mossada contingent)
  859. The US counter-terror nerve centre (useless, and expensive piece of shit)
  860. McCain: Fine sites for 'illegal comments' (Why is this thing a senator?)
  861. GOP sen. 'never said no' to Abramoff (Thad Cochran)
  862. McCain to Iraq PM: Break with cleric (Genetic defective has even more to say)
  863. Shadowy figure tied to Atta 'was in CIA'
  864. Premier Haniya's convoy attacked, bodyguard killed
  865. Diana crash inquiry rules out plot (and there it is, just another extremely convenient death, like David Kelly and Sen. Wellstone)
  866. Ban Ki-moon sworn in as UN chief (Now, I'm going to have to remember his name)
  867. White House decries senators' visits to Syria
  868. OPEC plans to cut output again to keep oil prices up
  869. Oil remains above $62 a barrel
  870. More Americans hungry, homeless in 2006: mayors
  871. Groups push probe of mining mercury emissions, Nev. fisheries
  872. Criminal Inquiries Look at U.S. Oil-Gas Unit (Making the most of State Terrorism)
  873. Blair questioned by police on day of 'burying bad news'
  874. Proposed curbs on Freedom of Information (UK)
  875. Official: Germany did not help CIA (He, personally, may not have known)
  876. Army link to stolen weaponry (AU)
  877. U.S. Rejects Enlisting Iran, Syria (That's why they offered!)
  878. Bush's reaction alarms Iraq panelist
  879. Insurgents attack Iraqi president's convoy (or whomever, attacking)
  880. General Says Army Will Need to Grow (or not)
  881. Military Considers Sending as Many as 35,000 More U.S. Troops to Iraq, McCain Says(Lunatic)
  882. Report: U.K. case for war 'torn apart'
  883. Diplomat's suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war (READ)
  884. Has Britain caved in to Saudi Blackmail, and breaking an international convention against bribery? (YES)
  885. Anti-tree move sparks debate (It IS a terrible waste of a perfectly good tree)
  886. Bidders unready for jobs in Iraq
  887. Pelosi adds two Jewish lawmakers to appropriations (AIPAC told her to)
  888. Egypt Releases Name Of American - Grey Warren - Arrested In Terror Investigation (Bunk!)
  889. FLASHBACK: Israeli Professor: 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals' (with nuclear missles)
  890. US Government Biological Weapons Legislator Says 2001 Anthrax Attacks Part Of Government Bio-warfare Program (READ)
  891. Putin reported 'furious' over US payment for Lebanon war, CIA Egypt terror ring (READ)
  892. Homeland Security chief defends Real ID plant (Chertoff Superweasel)
  893. Even if they're off, cellphones allow FBI to listen in (The Games one could play!)
  894. No release for Guantanamo detainees (How is US different from USSR?)
  895. Iraqi Red Crescent accuses U.S. forces of attacks
  896. American senator puts onus on Iraqis to end slide into chaos (Shit! It's McCain, a national genetic defective again!)
  897. Netanyahu wants Iran president tried for genocide (when it's N who should be tried, convicted and executed)
  898. U.S., China Clash on Currency (Guess who wins?)
  899. Argentina and Brazil move away from the Dollar (Smart)
  900. Don't Let Iran Become Nuclear Power, Nobel Laureate [Eli Wiesel] Urges - by Eva Cohen (A little played down zionost bias here?)
  901. Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israels Tune (Big Mistake!)
  902. Take This War and Shove It
  903. Rice hints Baker report to be snubbed (Speaking of genetic defectives)
  904. Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal (Boy are they getting pissed)
  905. In St. Paul, Ford workers say their goodbyes (US sliding into toilet)
  906. Brent Budowsky: Senate Control Should NEVER Change Hands by a Governor Disregarding The Will Of His People
  907. Israel First [Treasoner] McCain Pushing Attack on Iran for Israel
  908. Carter says Mearsheimer and Walt were right (He could be Wellstoned for that)
  909. The Bloodbath We Created
  910. Bushs Mad-dash to Historys Dustbin (isn't fast enough. Impeach them all!)
  911. Tony Blair's speech (A liar's liar lies, lies and lies about lying)
  913. A bitter struggle for power in Iran (READ)
  914. McCain Bill Is Lethal Injection For Internet Freedom (McCain is lethal poison)
  915. New Zealand opposition leader quits
  916. Obituary: Naguib Mahfouz, novelist of Egypt and humanity
  917. German top banker and Mannesmann executives buy themselves free
  918. US Supreme Court sloughs off right to fair trial in a murder case (Crimal Court)
  919. Antiwar candidate boosts illusions in a pro-war party Kucinich runs again for Democratic presidential nomination (He needs to go independent)
  920. Australian lawyers launch court bid to secure David Hicks's release from Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  921. Bush administration preparing to boost US troop strength in Iraq
  922. Sunsara Taylor: As American as Shopping and Torture
  923. Dave Lindorff: Sen. Tim Johnson Death Watch
  924. Dennis Kucinich's Strange Mission: Can You Be a Real Anti-War Candidate in a Pro-War Party? (He needs NOT to be attached to the bipartisan War Party)
  925. Mike Ferner: Roll Call For the Choir
  926. Virginia Tilley: What Are You Going to Do Now, Israel? (Somebody else understands the inevitable self destruction of Israel)
  927. Fitzgerald Mum on Cheney in Leak Case
  928. Hamas, Fatah Clash in Deepening Violence
  929. The Haman Syndrome or Why do Jews answer a question with a question?(READ)
  930. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez's Citizen Diplomacy - Signs of the Times - Fri, 15 Dec, 2006
  931. Marina Hyde: Blair has never been ashamed of anything (being shamelessly evil)
  932. Rice plans to boost funding for Abbas forces (Oh, really?)
  933. US general says Iraq could 'break' army (Maybe it needs to be broken?)
  934. Removing The Punchbowl (A corpagov too corrupt and criminal to live)
  935. Are There Troubles in the House of Saud? (Speaking of corruption)
  936. UAE 'surprised' at US warning on Syria-Iran (Surprised in not the word)
  937. John Kampfner: Blair has shamefully flouted the law to protect the arms industry's bungs
  938. Iran institute is isolated over meeting on Holocaust (by Israel's whining poodles)
  939. Heavy turnout in Iran's local council elections
  940. Satmars slam Shoah talks attendees (Does anybody living in reality actually care?)
  941. U.N. unit to review Israeli barrier damage claims
  942. Hezbollah disarmament Lebanon's internal problem - premier
  943. Syria and Armenia to Enhance Cooperation
  944. German Saxonia State Minister of Culure Arrives in Damascus
  945. Scientists angered after Dobson 'misrepresents' work on gays
  946. President Bush: Gay Cheney daughter 'will make fine mom' (looking like deer caught in headlights)
  947. Paper ties Notorious B.I.G. murder to LAPD sex scandal
  948. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; EXCLUSIVE: White House Forbids Publication Of Op-Ed On Iran By Former Bush Official
  949. Reid knocked for late night add to bill
  950. Fed agents linked to Mexico gang killing
  951. Fact-Check, Anyone? (READ)
  952. Mother in Gaza: 'Enough is enough' (Enough was too much 60 years ago)
  953. Johnson Shows Signs of Surgery Recovery (Chimpo is crying and screaming)
  954. Oil extends rise above $62 a barrel
  955. Cheney calls Rumsfeld 'finest US defence secretary' (Both aren't even amusing circus animals)
  956. US prices steady on cheaper fuel (and I have this bridge in Brooklyn to sell you)
  957. Currency policy tops US mission to China (US is in no position to bargain - but its controlling banks are)
  958. Congress Members Visiting the Enemy
  959. Rapid slum growth breeds crime, terrorism says UN (Why is there a rapid slum growth?)
  960. Hicks will not get fair trial, says Rudd (Kangaroo, if at all)
  961. Hicks to wait two years for his trial
  962. Military Taking a Tougher Line With Detainees (Outrageous)
  963. Guantanamo detainees to be held indefinitely even without charges: US official (Should draw global sanctions against the US government)
  964. Guantanamo detainees to be held indefinitely
  965. U.S. military publishes manual to fight insurgents (genocide isn't enough?)
  966. Rumsfeld Retires Amid Pomp, Ceremony (for a war criminal)
  967. Options Weighed for Surge in G.I.'s to 'Stabilize' Iraq (i.e., liquidate)
  968. Clashes deepen Palestinian despair
  969. Diana: the truth, the whole truth and conspiracy theories (Anybody believing corpagov prattle, hasn't read history, and has all his screws loose)
  970. Recalibrating Iraq Policy (for cheaper genocide)
  971. Inflation is dead ... for now (LMAO!)
  972. U.S. to Armor-Plate Iraqi Police Vehicles (Like Halliburton armoring US troops? Good luck guys!)
  973. Incoming Chairmen Ready to Investigate (Another Criminal Congressional "investigation"?!)
  974. Canadian general says reinforcements in Afghanistan would shorten conflict (Asshole)
  975. $468.9 bln budget for fiscal 2008
  976. Gaza: a prison again (and yet - complete with daily tortures)
  977. White House sends clear signal voters no longer matter (actually they never did)
  978. General foresees 'generational war' against terrorism (Self fulfilling Prophecy)
  979. Reporter Summoned to Testify Against War Resister (Outrage of Dictatorship)
  980. 'We're Going to Win' (Utterly meaningless corpagov garbage)
  981. A Currency in Decline: How Dangerous is the Dollar Drop? (How high is the moon?)
  983. Come 2008, Will Kucinich and the New Democrats Fool Us Again? (He must abandone the purported Party)
  984. Most Gitmo detainees freed after transfer (Were I any of them, I would be vengeance incarnate)
  985. GAO Rep[ort shows increasing attacks in Iraq (PDF format)
  986. Yellowstone domes rising at 'really pronounced' pace (Maybe it's time for the US to be annihilated another way)
  987. An email from Bernanke (Another of the deliberately ireparable damages)
  988. CHINA TO DUMP ONE TRILLION IN U.S. RESERVES!!!! (Maybe, and that would have interesting consequences)
  989. We are there! (Yes)
  990. 66% Think U.S. Spies on Its Citizens (It has already SAID it does, so 34% aren't even listening)
  991. U.S. Theatrical Maneuvering Mostly Fails to Budge Chinese (READ between the lines)
  992. North American Union leader (Pastor, a CFR boy) says merger just crisis away
  993. Academic to be Tried for Attending Holocaust Conference (Zionist French government needs a good shot to the jaw - and it will happen)
  994. Engelhard: Carters Book is Mein Kampf, Protocols (E. wriggles on K. Nimmo's lance)
  995. MI5 chief quits as full story of July 7 is about to emerge (Babbling)
  996. FrontPage magazine.com :: Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar by David Horowitz(Maybe DH will choke to death on his own venom)
  997. Up to 50,000 Troops May Soon Be Sent to Iraq
  998. White House Won't Allow Former Official to Publish Iran Column
  999. UK Officials Fail to Silence Iraq War Whistleblower
  1000. New Documents Reveal Scope of CIA Secret Prison Program
  1001. Democratic Leaders Set to Probe Pre-War Intel, Wiretaps (and other fairytales)
  1002. Kucinich Says He Can "Save Presidency for Democratic Party" (Won't vote for ANY Republicrat; they should all die of bird flu, or something, anything)
  1003. White House OKs Massive Pentagon Budget Increase (Was this somehow in doubt?!)
  1004. Hussein-Era Soldiers Invited to Return (Now, why would they?)
  1005. Gunmen raid camp of force loyal to Abbas, kill 1-source (unidentified gunmen? A lot of them going around)
  1006. Phone call lifts hope for ailing Presidente (Castro)
  1007. Ex-spy killed for dossier on Kremlin boss
  1008. Key Witness Denies Part in Spy Poisoning (Lugovoi)
  1009. Russians Say Their Radiation Exposure Occurred During Earlier Trip to London
  1010. Oleg Gordievsky - Russia's Killing Ways
  1011. Blocking Justice (READ)
  1012. Paulson ups pressure on yuan; China unwilling to budge
  1013. Botched killing puts Death Row on hold (Those Bushes REALLY like killing people)
  1014. Raybon Kan: Who killed Diana? (READ)
  1015. Why are we so hooked on conspiracies? (Because fools like Nick Cohen haven't firgured out that governments are natural murderers and proven guaranteed liars: they lie about everything)
  1016. New U.S. military manual critiques own Iraq tactics
  1017. Israels Nuclear Admission Clouds UN Meeting on Iran
  1018. US accused of using aid to sway UN votes (Bully to the world)
  1019. Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria (Trying to weasel out)
  1020. France to withdraw special forces from Afghanistan
  1021. Happy Hanukah - Now, PAY up! (READ)
  1022. Groups Mute Criticism of Iraq Report (Who controls whom?)
  1023. ePassports 'at risk' from cloning (READ)
  1024. Israeli PM brushes off Assad's call for talks (as always)
  1025. Time magazine's "Person of the Year" is You (Moi? - aww shucks; I just keep track of what's real and what isn't)
  1026. A war in which no one wins and everyone loses (That covers almost all of them)
  1027. Despite a $168B budget, Army faces cash crunch (Are there lessons here?)
  1028. Flynt Leverett Blasts White House National Security Council Censorship of Former White House Officials Critical of Bush Policies (Convenient lies always trump inconvenient truth)
  1029. Israel First McCain Pushing Attack on Iran for Israel
  1030. WPN Peace Proposal for the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict (Israel will NEVER allow resolution, except by genocide)
  1031. PM aides deny 'shambles' memo link (Facts are, of course, inconvenient irrelevancies)
  1032. Knives are out for Lord Levy as Blair rift grows (This might be fun)
  1033. No. 10 secret memo: We are seen as a shambles (Sometimes appearances are true)
  1034. Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill
  1035. The final, ghastly days of Blair (Governments ALWAYS lie: they must because they are criminal by nature)
  1036. The Truth About The Tehran Holocaust Conference - By One Who Was There (READ the sooth)
  1037. Enthusiasm for president waning among Greenwich Republicans (Not near enough. Where is the outrage? The recurring question)
  1038. Do-It-Yourself Impeachment...
  1039. Ex-soldiers break `silence' on Israeli excesses
  1040. Donald Rumsfeld's legacy (The world may not survive it)
  1042. Former President Carter blames media's 'pro-Israel bias' on AIPAC and 'Christians like me'
  1043. Michael Dickinson: Kingdom of Fear (The second sentence gave away the answer)
  1044. Nadia Hijab: An AIPAC Shot Across Baker's Bow? (READ how US aids and abets Israel's genocide of Palestinians)
  1045. The Democrats and Social Security: Watch What the Party Says and Does (Always, because they are liars)
  1046. A Catastrophic Failure: Foundations, Nonprofits and the Second Looting of New Orleans
  1047. Stephan Gowans: Tehran's Holocaust Conference (READ)
  1048. The Puppet and the Puppeteer: Pinochet and Kissinger
  1049. The US Occupation of Iraq: Act III of a Tragedy of Many Parts
  1050. Vijay Prashad: A Perilous Way to Socialism
  1051. Edwards Set to Launch '08 Bid; Bayh Out (The hell with Edwards)
  1052. Jon Tester: A New Kind of Populist (who could wind up Wellstoned)
  1053. Rich: Gay-baiting may do harm to politicians
  1054. Military recruiters ran cocaine in Arizona (CIA agents in disguise?)
  1055. Gingrich defends free speech curb (Let's curb his stupid mouth)
  1056. Officials: Edwards to run in 2008 (Nazi War hawk)
  1057. More Americans abroad giving up citizenship for lower taxes(READ)
  1058. DeLong: 'Unreliable' WSJ economist (i.e., Alan Reynolds)
  1059. Carmakers fight global warming suit (Hoisted on a lance of stupidity)
  1060. Bush Seen As Likely To Veto Democratic Legislation (surprising?)
  1061. Fragile ceasefire takes hold in Gaza (or not)
  1062. US church splits over sexuality
  1063. France tries to gain China nuclear foothold
  1064. US-based Westinghouse to Build 4 Chinese Nuclear Plants
  1065. Eli Lilly says New York Times' Zyprexa article short on facts (It wouldn't be the first time)
  1066. Report: Lilly Hid Info On Zyprexa
  1067. Low-fat diets may prevent return of breast cancer (or maybe this is crock of shit)
  1068. U.S. Is Proposing to Cut Medicaid's Drug Payments
  1069. Mexico, USA Opposition to Secret Toxic Landfill
  1070. Interior Dept. foregoes collecting $900 million in oil company royalties
  1071. US Army might break Goodyear strike (On US soil?!)
  1072. Ex-judge questions terrorism legislation (AU)
  1073. U.S. senator criticizes Afghanistan for producing illicit drugs (McCain? Again? Idiocy is catching up with chimpy)
  1074. Troops in Iraq to get fire-resistant uniforms (But they don't stop bullets)
  1075. U.S. to triple number of military trainers in Iraq (Trainers?)
  1076. Dem. leader backs temporary rise in troops in Iraq (Told ya!)
  1077. UK troops to stay in Iraq until job done: Blair
  1078. U.S. Military Rehearses Terror Hearings (Like any circus)
  1079. Air Force looks to outsource casket duty
  1080. Group: 'Near miss' at Pantex could have set off nuke
  1081. Nuclear Weapon Nearly Detonated in the United States
  1082. FDA to discuss Navy request to test use of cow blood on trauma victims without their consent
  1083. The Voice of Reason, NewsTalk 1270 is Off the Air
  1084. TCIA approved Iran report but White House blocks former official's Op-Ed based on it
  1085. Rafsanjani's landslide confirmed in Iran assembly elections
  1086. Real U.S. shortfall: $4.6 trillion in red (The point of no return is now even officially past)
  1087. Bush has lost battle for U.S. hearts, minds (No Matter, his mission of US destruction is accomplished)
  1088. Dollar Falls on Concern About Widening U.S. Current-Account Gap
  1089. Army subpoenas journalists over officer's quotes (READ)
  1090. EU to Israel: Stop violating int'l law (IL to all: Fuck You!)
  1091. Israel's Balance of Payments Surplus - New Record (US aid has created that)
  1092. Israeli hires a PR firm to bolster its image (from the criminal image it correctly has)
  1093. George Will on Bloggers: Busy Writing Their Diaries As Though Everyone Ought to Care (feeling that someone actually cares about what he allegedly thinks)
  1094. Addendum to Clausewitz
  1095. Iran to replace dollar with euro (in the works for some time)
  1096. Powell Says U.S. Losing in Iraq, Calls for Drawdown by Mid-2007 (Too late, turdwaffle)
  1097. Torture Is Now Part of the American Soul
  1098. Report: Federal deficit would be higher (if accounting was reality based)
  1099. U.N. peacekeepers accused of rape
  1100. Gingrich defends free speech curbs (as well as rape and genocide)
  1101. Former U.S. Detainee in Iraq Recalls Torment
  1102. Former U.S. Detainee in Iraq Recalls Torment
  1103. Air war costs NATO Afghan supporters (Air wars don't work; new "old lesson")
  1104. Cubans come ashore Longboat (Hello?)
  1105. Nieman Watchdog > Commentary > Six brutal truths about Iraq (READ)
  1106. Blood and Money (Economic babbling amounting to a lie)
  1107. Olmert orders raise in defense budget to record NIS 52.4 billion (No weapon is gotten without intent to use it)
  1108. US Could Face Catastrophic Military Defeat In Iraq (It's inevitable)
  1109. Security guards soon could carry stun guns (which they WILL intend to use)
  1110. Iran to use euro instead of US dollar in next year's budget
  1111. Prof. Steven Jones Quits Scholars for 911 (READ)
  1112. Reconciliation conference ends with failure (Iraq)
  1113. Assault of talk show host Jack Blood by police (The Police State)
  1114. US Dollar can fall a lot further. Isn't it time for the US Federal Reserve to be Nationalized? (LOL Fat load of luck!)
  1115. Revisiting The Horrors Of The Holocaust (Maybe not such a good idea)
  1116. Iranian Revolution ends Holocult (READ twice)
  1117. The coming Sunni-Shi'ite showdown
  1118. THE UNITED STATES IS INSOLVENT (and has been for several years, and cannot escape its insolvency)
  1119. Evacuation of settlement outpost in West Bank delayed (for a few decades?)
  1120. More Evidence That Mearsheimer and Walt Are Largely Right
  1121. Glitzy Las Vegas Battles Over Homeless (Go away; you don't exist!)
  1122. Iran to replace dollar with euro in foreign deals
  1123. Last Warning! Three-Pronged Collapse ... Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate
  1124. US robberies, murders on the rise (Should one believe the FBI in any matter?)
  1125. Britain: Still no compensation one year after Buncefield explosion (corpagov)
  1126. Oregon lawyer wins lawsuit over false arrest for Madrid bombings
  1127. Evidence surfaces that Indonesian military executed "Balibo Five" Australian newsmen in 1975
  1128. The German chancellor and the Baker-Hamilton report
  1129. Abbas attempts a political coup on behalf of Washington
  1130. Bush administration elaborates plans for (genocidal) bloodbath in Iraq
  1131. Talking Surge: Let's Kill Some More Before We Go (The rest will starve and rot from DU poisoning)
  1132. So What's the Big Deal If Wal-Mart Makes a Mistake?
  1133. The United States of Punishment
  1134. Iran's Elections: The World Isn't Florida and Bush Isn't Its Supreme Leader
  1135. Afghanistan: Bush's Other War Unravels (too slowly)
  1136. More Troops, More Body Bags
  1137. Washington Refuses to End the War: Powell, Baker, Hamilton--Thanks for Nothing!
  1138. Lebanon: War Without a Plan
  1139. Luis J. Rodriguez: Chicanos, Mayans and Mel Gibson (READ)
  1140. Talk of Satellite Defense Raises Fears of Space War(Babbling)
  1141. Navy Veteran Detained and Tormented in Iraq by US Military (Understand this, and you understand all)
  1142. Democratic Senators Divided on Troop Increase (WHY?! The purpose of their existence has been made CRYSTAL CLEAR to them)
  1143. US Special Forces Operating in Europe (Following in Mossad Footstomps)
  1144. Senator Clinton Opposes Troop Surge in Iraq (What the hell does she know?!)
  1145. Iran: Ahmadinejad Opponents Leading Elections (A pity to lose him)
  1146. Ex-Iraqi Minister Escapes Police Custody
  1147. Gates: Iraq Failure Would Be "Calamity" (Define failure)
  1148. Congress extends Israel loan guarantees (How sweet)
  1149. Signs Economic Commentary for 18 December 2006 (READ)
  1150. Objections mount at Texas university to Bush 43 library
  1151. White House blocking op-ed that has 'no classified info'
  1152. Israeli Member of Knesset: US will attack Iran and Israel must dismantle Palestinian Authority (That's just in case US didn't hear clearly enough the command that has been being shrieked in its ears)
  1153. Olmert, Blair stress backing for Abbas (for he must then be in their pockets, and not to be trusted)
  1154. Scotsman.com News - International - Gunfights shatter ceasefire charade as Blair urges world to back Abbas (Are we paying attention?)
  1155. Oil falls more than $1 as mild weather prevails (1 fucking, useless $US - wow! holy guanos, Batman! - Get a life!)
  1156. 'Sad and lonely' suspect told reporters that he expected to be arrested(Wanna bet that as usual, the "geniuses" have the wrong guy?)
  1157. Berlin police protect Mozart opera (Just another excuse for Police State)
  1158. Violence in Iraq rises dramatically: Pentagon report (as a result of their minds and hearts being won through torture and genocide)
  1159. New US defence chief sworn in with Iraq his priority (to continue the genocide)
  1160. Pentagon's new chief pledges to find solutions in Iraq (A "final solution" for Israel)
  1161. New Pentagon chief warns of Baghdad calamity (US is the world's calamity)
  1162. Virginia Episcopal diocese says it aims to keep parish property It WILL lose)
  1163. Former Senator Ford Indicted On More Charges (Throughly Criminal Congress as it is always)
  1164. Owens Fined For Spitting Incident (These infants need to grow up)
  1165. Rupe personally axed Regan - report )Rupe is craven fuck, so what do you expect?)
  1166. Anti-Semitic remarks led to publisher's ouster (I'm surprised it wasnt assassination)
  1167. How Well Can You Smell? (I know what shit smells like: not much different from "news")
  1168. Carbon Monoxide Poisons 100 in Northwest (They never learned HS chemistry, much less common sense)
  1169. Bush Must Sell India Atomic Deal to World After Washington Win (like he gives a fuck)
  1170. Bush signs nuke Bill (or Condi signs it for him)
  1171. MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise
  1172. Federal investigation of Rep. Tim Murphy started, report says
  1173. New Al Qaeda Message Expected As Terror Anxieties Already High in Europe (CIAMI6Mossad still playing games of state terrorism)
  1174. Pentagon holds contest for the perfect 'spyware'
  1175. U.S. seeks to rein in its military spy teams
  1176. Inquiry Falters on Civilians Accused of Detainee Abuse (i.e., mercenary torturers)
  1177. Report: Attacks In Iraq At 2-Year High (Success of USUKIL death squads)
  1178. Iran Article Is Blocked Amid Dispute on Cause
  1179. US to warn Iran with naval buildup in Gulf- CBS (may not turn out as US would suppose)
  1180. Only an end to sanctions can halt Palestine's crisis (and IL is not having it)
  1181. Defiant DPRK wants all sanctions removed
  1182. Japan's Bonds Advance After Central Bank Leaves Rates Unchanged
  1183. Yen rises before comments from BOJ's Fukui
  1184. Sorry, no Hil apology on Iraq war vote (Her elevator has never gone to the top floor)
  1185. Hillary Clinton, War Goddess (Don't dignify it: it's just another vicious bitch)
  1186. Hillary Clinton: No regret on Iraq vote
  1187. CNN Poll: Only 11% Back Call to Send More Troops to Iraq
  1188. Witness: New Orleans cops shot man in back as he ran away
  1189. McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story (READ)
  1190. Anti-Semitism Label Confines Open Debate (READ - screw your head on straight)
  1191. American Woman beaten on Jerusalem bus for refusing to move to rear seat (Sound familiar?)
  1192. USA gives piece of counterproductive advice to Palestinians Complicit in Israeli genocide)
  1193. Hawaii to tourists: Can the cigarettes (secondhand smoke dangers do not exist, except in "Government Nonscience")
  1194. Inflation roars back with 2 percent wholesale price jump (Ooops: somebody forgot to lie)
  1195. Fierce fighting in Gaza leaves truce in tatters (what truce? Israel never recognized a truce)
  1196. "Leave Us Alone", Iranian Reformers Say
  1197. Our Own Nuremberg Trials (cannot happen fast enough)
  1198. U.S. warns time is running out for North Korea (Time is already run out for US)
  1199. Publisher allegedly cited 'Jewish cabal' (pulling the proof down upon her head)
  1200. The Arabs on the outside
  1201. Cops Caught Stealing Protestors' Cameras
  1202. NYC violated Constitution by jailing protesters (Huge reparations are in order)
  1203. White House, Joint chiefs split on more troops (Never though I would hope for a military coup in the US)
  1204. Worse Than Apartheid (The terrorising and torture comes for free)
  1205. How Syria dodged a neo-con bullet
  1206. It's Either Occupation or Education (another aspect of the total genocide planned)
  1207. San Francisco 9/11 Truth Tea Party Dumps Official Whitewash in the Bay
  1208. Netanyahu to ambassadors: It's 1938 again, stop Iran (Netanyahu is a gross psychopathic liar besides being a genocidalist himself, but that's not news)
  1209. White House Now Grows Skittish Over Iranian Demarche of 2003 (READ)
  1210. The FBI campaign against John Lennon shows how far the state can go to deal with stars who refuse to toe the line (READ)
  1211. Hate crimes up, study says (With the most hateful corpagov ever, what to expect: the fish stinks from the head)
  1213. 9-11 Boston Tea Party in Milwaukee
  1214. There's the Big Lie, and then there's the Really Big Lie (READ)
  1215. The Highwaymen (READ)
  1216. Iraq on brink of collapse: report - (That is what was wanted and engineered by US)
  1217. The E Coli Outbreaks Are Not Random And ......... The Government Knows This (READ)
  1218. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; 60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002 (READ)
  1219. Sean Penn Accepts 'First Amendment Award' -- Hits Media, Calls for Impeachment
  1220. US soldiers' suicide rate in Iraq doubles in 2005
  1221. A clear-cut outrage
  1222. Prosecutors Drop A.C.L.U. Subpoena in Document Fight
  1223. Second suspect held in slaying of British prostitutes (Bet he's not the one either)
  1224. Sending more troops will only fuel violence (Yes, but that's the general idea)
  1225. Study: Vitamin D protects against MS (or not)
  1226. Bush backs plans for military expansion (of course: follow the plan)
  1227. Court frees David Irving (who should NEVER been incarcerated)
  1228. israel speeds up building in Golan (with intent to attack Syria)
  1229. 13 companies with the worst record for supporting Israels policies (READ)
  1230. U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq, Bush Says for 1st Time (so we need to murder more people of all sorts)
  1231. FBI releases last pages from Lennon file
  1232. U.S. Cancels Order for 75 Million Doses of Anthrax Vaccine (Somebody's figured the fraud?!)
  1233. Iraqi soldiers eat frogs, rabbit at handover ceremony (Savage symbolism in the midst of nothing)
  1234. News Hounds: Fox Guest Says Joy Behar, Matt Damon & Keith Olbermann Should Be Rounded Up And Put In A Detention Center Because They're Traitors
  1235. This is where George Bush gets dangerous (no, lethal)
  1236. Bush can't kick habit of military might
  1237. No money to treat 9/11 workers, $3 billion a week to fight Iraq? (That's how it works - no money to treat wounded troops either)
  1238. New Report Says Iraq Attacks Hit Record High (How high the sky?)
  1239. If it is broke, don't fix it (Bushco is logical; you just can't accept their goal)
  1240. Military Role in U.S. Embassies Creates Strains, Report Says (READ: you can put an end to this you know)
  1241. US Senate clearing way for action on China (Whining weenie US says everything is China's fault)
  1242. Morgan's 9/11 Excuse Falls Flat (READ)
  1243. Blair labels Iran as main foe (Another town is missing it's idiot)
  1244. Parole board member says FBI tried to intimidate him
  1245. U.S. Snaps Back at Assad, Calls for Syrian-Lebanese Diplomatic Ties (creating a weird nonreality)
  1246. US Ponders "Show Of Force Against Iran" (a true nadir of idiocy)
  1247. Surging To Defeat In Iraq
  1248. Israeli freed by Hezbollah in 2004 admits [being a] drug deal[er]
  1249. Holy Warriors Set Sights on Iran - by Bill Berkowitz
  1250. Marijuana top U.S. cash crop, policy analyst says (We HAVE cash crops?!)
  1251. Bush backs away from 'absolutely winning' statement (LOL)
  1252. Napoleon in the White House - by Justin Raimondo
  1253. Landowner Asks Supreme Court to Hear Eminent Domain 'Extortion' Case
  1254. Disbelief at israeli snub of Syrian offer (Why? Your goal is NOT their goal)
  1255. The Mortgage Bust Goes On
  1256. Long-rumored shuffle of generals expected (READ - and weep)
  1257. Who stole Jesus' foreskin? (What planet DO we live on?)
  1258. UK report says robots will have rights (I'm thrilled for them)
  1259. Physical details of all residents to be held on ID database (UK) (and, they'll do it to)
  1260. US Coast Guardsman jailed over Ku Klux Klan fliers
  1261. Victory for widow as MoD held to account over death of soldier (A small win, but at least a win)
  1262. Gen. Abizaid to Retire in Early 2007
  1263. Bush wants to add troops on two fronts (a descending nadir of insanity)
  1264. Bush 'brainwashed' Blair on Iraq pullout - Iraq VP threatened would be more like it)
  1265. Australia: High Court clears way for expansion of federal power
  1266. Argentina: landowners withhold meat supplies from country's population
  1267. US-China "strategic economic dialogue" underscores sharpening trade tensions
  1268. Darfur: Bush and Blair plan no-fly zone and consider air strikes against Sudan (Shades of Iraq)
  1269. Deep divisions dominate European Union summit (Good)
  1270. Canada: The Arar Affair and the RCMP Commissioner's resignation--the cover-up continues
  1271. Sellout at Brussels Volkswagen plant Trade unions agree to mass dismissals
  1272. Blair's Middle East tour: "Jaw, Jaw" in furtherance of "War, War"
  1273. Pentagon report paints grim picture for US in Iraq (The grimness is a secret?)
  1274. Carlos Villarreal: Victory Requires an Immediate Pull-Out (READ!)
  1275. Laura Carlsen: Latin America's Pink Tide?
  1276. Going Postal
  1277. Innocents Abroad: Cracking Down on Gitmo Detainees Despite Overwhelming Evidence Most are Not Terrorists
  1278. Sean Penn: Georgie, There's a Crowd Downstairs (READ)
  1279. Globalized Gulag: Palestinian Refugees and Children Held in Hutto, TX Jail
  1280. Jonathan Cook: End of the Strongmen (READ)
  1281. Democrats Prepare to Fund Longer War (They should all go fight it - personally!)
  1282. Dave Jansson: Divided We Stand, United We Fall (READ secession is in the air)
  1283. Dave Lindorff: Democrats Walk Into Bush Trap on Iraq (It was no trap: they knew perfectly well)
  1284. Saree Makdisi: Israel, Apartheid and Jimmy Carter (READ)
  1285. Tariq Ali: The War is Lost (There was never a war to win)
  1286. The Pentagon Measures the Chaos in Iraq (never enough to please until all are dead)
  1287. Gabriel Kolko: Rumsfeld and the American Way of War (Even Kolko is in denial of the goal, it being too horrible and evil to allow)
  1288. Cheney to Be Defense Witness in CIA Leak Case (He will lie and get away with it)
  1289. France Is Withdrawing Its Special Forces From Afghanistan
  1290. Iran: Ahmadinejad Loses as Political Rivals Win Key Seats (I hape they make him UN ambassador)
  1291. Darfur: Genocide Without Borders (It's not just Darfur: genocide everywhere!)
  1292. Bush Admits US Is Losing War (When will he admit that he lies - all the time?)
  1293. Study Warns of Hunger Among Hispanics (How about the rest of the US?!)
  1294. Chris Floyd | Assault on Red Crescent an Escalation in Iraq
  1295. Pentagon Wants $99.7 Billion More for Wars (Hey! it's just $US, and their worth can only be measured in negative numbers)
  1296. Top NY Republican Is Subject of FBI Inquiry (Utterly criminal corpagov; kill it)
  1297. Bush "Developing Illegal Bioterror Weapons" (Remember, remember the 1918 flu)
  1298. Khaleej Times Online - US hands Shia holy city to Iraqi forces (or not - frogs heads and rabbit hearts notwithstanding)
  1299. French counterterror forces on high alert (Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan has provoked USUKIL to punishment?)
  1300. Bush warns of new sacrifices in Iraq (let him and and his whole goddamned family be tortured to death in publis - on TV!)
  1301. NATO bombs Taliban convoy in Kandahar (for which all will suffer, grievously)
  1302. Govt says HRW report erroneous (Funnt, since HRW is a gov't front)
  1303. Bush vows to support embattled Lebanese PM (So we know he's fucked)
  1304. Britain predicts vote on Iran sanctions Friday(Who really gives a rat's ass?!)
  1305. 'Mass purges' at Iran universities (Believe nothing)
  1306. Israel may release tax funds to Abbas: sources(Believe nothing, especially when it comes from Israel and isn't threatening)
  1307. Now Blair must appeal to Iran's moderate (or die, and spare us all his stupidity and psychopathology)
  1308. IDF: Hizbullah almost back to full combat strength (and ready to kick you shitholes again if need be)
  1309. Mottaki: Adopting anti-Iran resolution to further complicate statu )Why can't we have an antiIsrael resolution?)
  1310. New US defense chief weighs reinforcements on Iraq visit (He'll do as he's damn well told)
  1311. Olmert envoy meets with Syrian ambassador to US (probably to spit on him)
  1312. Have you no shame, Mr. Rumsfeld? (No, next question)
  1313. FDA Calls for Tougher Warnings on OTC Painkillers (wants more use of themore dangerous and expensive pharma poisons)
  1314. Al-Qa'eda calls for jihad to aid Hamas (Which one? Al-CIAda or Al-MOSSADa?)
  1315. Zawahri (living fiction like ObL) threatens to target West if Muslims under attack
  1316. Holocaust denier Irving freed early from prison (Only the author of this piece of shit is discredited)
  1317. Holocaust denier Irving is freed from jail early (Why? Do you bother asking that question, moron?)
  1318. Irving wins appeal on Holocaust denial in Austria (That's why!)
  1319. Jennings finalizes election contest for House filing
  1320. Congress Asked to Intervene in Fla. Race (Lots of luck with the criminal congress)
  1321. US must tighten port security - panel (Better to tighten the loose screws of politicians)
  1322. Security At US Ports Still Worthless (US is worthless. Who would bother with it?)
  1323. Wise men testify to dragon's virgin birth (Hmmmm)
  1324. The Lennon Files: The FBI and the Beatle
  1325. FBI Comes Clean on Lennon Files (FBI never comes clean)
  1326. Survey of overweight children 'worse than useless' (Government science, which is all useless)
  1327. Child obesity initiative in 'difficulties' (More of same)
  1328. Gym will fix it in any number of ways (or not)
  1329. Couple guilty of giving cannabis to MS patients (whom it may well help)
  1330. Iran stands in the way of Mideast peace: Blair (who needs a swift kick in the nuts, several thousand of them, actually)
  1331. MADD (and insurance cartel front) Dumps Miss Teen USA; Donald Stews at Rosie
  1332. Detained father of girl shot dead by IDF blocked from her funeral (Israel delenda est)
  1333. US economic growth revised downward (The level of lying isn't sustainable)
  1334. Pentagon Wants $99.7B More for Wars (The "wants" come so fast, I never know whether they are new wants of old wants repeated: gimme, gimme!)
  1335. U.S. trips to Canada plummet
  1336. U.N. adopts treaty banning countries from secretly abducting perceived enemies (This is a joke, right? A bit or irony? Sarcasm?)
  1337. Freightliner plans Mexico factory despite layoffs elsewhere (Maybe those laid off should move to Mexico?)
  1338. The Urge to Surge - by Jim Lobe
  1339. Americans Would Begin Iraq Withdrawal in 2007 (What options were these adults given? Was yesterday an option?)
  1340. Iraq Vets Falling Through Health-Care Cracks (exactly as designed)
  1341. U.S. army officer who refused to deploy to Iraq rallies support in Hawaii before his military tria
  1342. The $2 Trillion Dollar War
  1343. Is Bethlehem Dying? (READ)
  1344. Israelis never were interested in Peace (Perfectly true)
  1345. News Hounds: O'Reilly denies allegations of White House/FOX symbiosis in one segment, thanks CIA-linked private airline for lift to Iraq in another
  1346. Europeans bail out of Iran sanctions (Better late than never)
  1347. Bush Is A One Word Oxymoron (READ)
  1348. Syria in Bush's Cross Hairs (They have nukulah bombs? Speak a funny language?)
  1349. Mexican Soldiers Freelancing for Drug Cartels on US Soil (Maybe USians can get some of those jobs too?)
  1350. U.S. to declassify secrets aged 25 and older (Do you you believe this will happen?!)
  1351. An Ivory Tower Editor's Attack On Blogs (We could take up a collection for his lobotomy)
  1352. Israel, Syria and Bushs Veto (Olmert as antijewish & antiisrael - why takes a little figuring out, but you can do it)
  1353. Uncle Sam Wants You to Shop at His Web Site (of stolen goods)
  1354. Plan Unveiled to Scrap A Sarbanes-Oxley Rule (READ)
  1355. Magic mushrooms can relieve symptoms of severe obsessive compulsive disorder (or not)
  1356. Secret US Mass Graves of Green Card Hopefuls.. a scoop in progress
  1357. Bush "Developing Illegal Bioterror Weapons" for Offensive Use (He's an offensive kinda guy)
  1358. N.J. gov. signs gay civil unions law
  1359. United Technologies Pricing Data Sought by Air Force ([sigh] same old shit)
  1360. Minister denies 'secret' CIA flight allegations (so you know it's true)
  1361. Rice Seeks U.S. Probe of Why Canada's Arar Still on Watch List (like she gives a rat's ass)
  1362. Bar investigating lawyer with possible link to CIA (Criminal government)
  1363. Court won't free detainee in time to mourn daughter killed by IDF (You know Israel is)
  1364. U.S. and Britain to Add Ships to Persian Gulf in Signal to Iran (Oooo - more sitting ducks!)
  1365. Chronic drought conditions create hardship in Australian rural areas (Corpagov looks the other way)
  1366. US: Hundreds sickened by contaminated food (not to mention contaminated government)
  1367. US breast cancer decrease tied to drop in hormone replacement therapy use (or not)
  1368. Britain: High Court rejects Jean Charles de Menezes family appeal (You know how Britain is)
  1369. Britain's establishment mourns Chilean dictator Pinochet (They are very sick puppies)
  1370. Judge in Padilla case orders mental evaluation (or prosecutors?)
  1371. Year-end press conference Bush sets stage for major escalation in Iraq (The genocide must go on)
  1372. Denying Disaster: Katrina and the Case for Impeachment
  1373. Paris Reidhead: Something's Fishy in Your Good Humor Bar (The toxic agrishit department of your criminal multinational corpagov READ)
  1374. John V. Whitbeck: On Israel's Right to Exist (READ)
  1375. Jimmy Carter in Austin: Time to Come Clean on the Shoot Down of That Itavia DC-9 (READ)
  1376. Poppies Rising: Afghanistan's Drug Catastrophe (CIA's delight!)
  1377. Arundhati Roy: Breaking the News (and law: global judicial corruption)
  1378. Rosa Mariam Elizalde: An Interview with Gore Vidal (READ)
  1379. NOW | A Historic Hoax: Iraq War Intelligence Failures
  1380. US Commanders Wary of Gates Proposal
  1381. Bush's Signing Statement on India Nuke Deal Raises Concerns
  1382. Watada States His Case in Hawaii
  1383. Study: Long US Work Hours Are Bad for the Environment
  1384. Housing Bust Slows Economic Growth to Two Percent (What growth?)
  1385. Saudi Royals Snub Bush, Fund Opposition to US Troops (Tensions rise further)
  1386. 5-year-old accused of sex harassment (5 years old? Get a grip, people!)
  1387. McCain adds 'blog sockpuppet' to staff
  1388. Did GOP Rep. say 'Christianity in Iraq will end violence'?
  1389. The Donald vs. Rosie: Trump threatens to sue 'fat slob'
  1390. Vermont activists pushing for impeachment of Bush
  1391. Our Poisonous Democracy (READ)
  1392. The Death of an Eccentric Dictator (Turkmenistan)
  1393. Turkmenistan's 'iron ruler' dies
  1394. After a Tyrant, What Next?
  1395. TIme's up for Turkmenistan's dictator
  1396. marine faces 13 counts of murdering Iraqis
  1397. Eight US Marines charged with murdering Iraqi civilians
  1398. Lawmaker Stands Firm on Quran Criticism
  1399. Ellison: Lawmaker has 'a lot to learn about Islam'
  1400. World Death Toll Of a Flu Pandemic Would Be 62 Million (and neocons are drooling to release the resurrected 1918 virus)
  1401. Bird flu 'to slay 62million' (Bird flu my ass!)
  1402. UN poised to pass Iran sanctions despite threat (If so, the consequences will be hilarious, and US will look just as stupid as ever)
  1403. SMU emerges as likely site for Bush's 'Pet Goat' (Nobody else wants his library)
  1404. Study Suggests Incentives on Oil Barely Help U.S.
  1405. Lieberman Quits Co-Chairing Snowe&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Centrist Group, Teams With Alexand
  1406. A.P. Headquarters Target of White Powder Scare (White powder has already gotten stale)
  1407. Hudson River Tunnels Seen as Fragile (Of course, they haven't been properly maintained)
  1408. Hypersonic Cruise Missile: America's New Global Strike Weapon (Do we believe in Popular Mechanics?)
  1409. Harper says Canada won't talk to Hamas, Hezbollah, calling groups 'genocidal' (Hello-o? WHO is genocidal?!)
  1410. Al-Manar: Plane came to Beirut from Tel Aviv on day of Gemayel assassination (READ)
  1411. Report: Portuguese foreign minister withheld information on secret CIA flights (READ)
  1412. Report Says TSA Violated Federal Law (READ)
  1413. U.S. Deaths in Iraq Could Top 9/11 Toll On Christmas
  1414. CIA exercise reveals consequences of defeat (CIA warns of al-CIAda dmage: fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you)
  1415. Selective Service to Test Military Draft Machinery (Hmmm - right!)
  1416. WorldNetDaily: Soy is making kids 'gay' (Research? Where? By whom? Paid for by whom?)
  1417. No escape for Palestinians locked in Gaza violence
  1418. 'NY Times' Finally Publishes Op-Ed 'Redacted' by C.I.A. (READ)
  1419. 21 Arrested In Central Fla. Sex Predator Sting (Your government at work for you)
  1420. International airline to allow cell phone chatter on planes (Another reason not to fly)
  1421. North Korea Talks Stall Over U.S. Financial Sanctions (Boring babble)
  1422. Report Foresees 2.2 Million Families Foreclosed (What?! In a booming economy?)
  1423. New guidelines allow troops with traumatic stress disorders to redeploy (Fear of fragging?)
  1424. Will the Democrats Save our Civil Liberties? (NO! Next question?)
  1425. FDA consolidation plan could close federal food and drug labs (and stop the farce of its sick existence?)
  1426. Lieberman Officially Endores Escalation in Iraq (Don't zionists always do that?)
  1427. Let It Come Down: Forcing the Constitutional Crisis of Liberty (READ)
  1428. Rep: 'Everything depends' on bringing Christianity to Iraq (Too many lobotomies, so little time)
  1429. UN to impose nuclear embargo on Iran (Haven't they something useful to do?)
  1430. Eye on Iraq: The other Iraq report (Techniques of "let them do it" genocide)
  1431. The Great Game on a razor's edge (READ)
  1432. Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall December 22, 2006 12:00 AM(What your government trolls really do)
  1433. Global economy faces a dangerous year (as designed)
  1434. Indiadaily.com - No Hillary, no Barack Obama, no McCain, no Giuliani it is time for an Internet candidate the surprise of 2008 Presidential election (READ: a genuinely interesting idea in the progression of net influences)
  1435. A Limit to Bloggers' Power? (READ)
  1436. Beware the Fake Media Watchdog (READ)
  1437. Scarborough Panel Discusses Impeachment of &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Isolated&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Delusional&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Presiden
  1438. Blair issues terror plot warning (The other Blair fascist)
  1439. The Nightmare before Christmas (READ)
  1440. SKorea says traces of toxic chemical found in US beef (FDA purpose is what, exactly?)
  1441. The BBC On The Haditha Massacre (READ)
  1442. Israeli think tank says only military strike will stop Iran (from acting in its own sovereign interests)
  1443. Condi's Albright Moment (Death, destruction & genocide is called an INVESTMENT! In what, other than more death, destruction & genocide?)
  1444. Lawmaker (who thinks he's Judge Dred) Fears Election of 'More Muslims' (Virgil Goode)
  1445. Time Person of the Year ignored poll results
  1446. Rape charges dropped in Duke case (Why was this case not dismissed long ago?)
  1447. Iran turns from dollar to euro in oil sales
  1448. Theatre scraps play on Mideast 'martyr' (Threatened by zionists)
  1449. FLASHBACK: CIA agent blows his own legs off faking terrorism in the Philippines(Extreme US black ops)
  1450. Designer monsters (Black ops, right in front of your face)
  1451. Records detail missing TSA badges, uniforms (I'm from your government, and I'm here to help you)
  1452. Air America Station to Stay in Madison (Hmmm - Interesting)
  1453. Court Cuts Valdez Judgment Against Exxon (wrongly)
  1454. Troop Levels Unknown (READ)
  1455. Bashir cleared of Bali bombings
  1456. Israeli made C4 explosive used in Bali bombing
  1457. Bashir slams Australia, US for 'engineering' his jailing
  1458. U.S. to maintain long presence in Gulf region: Gates (Puppeteering for war and profit)
  1459. U.S. to pay $4.6 billion for translators in Iraq (to DynaCorp/GLS)
  1460. DynCorp Disgrace (READ)
  1461. Qaeda-backed group offers U.S. safe Iraq exit: Web (ROTFL)
  1462. Berlin Senate adopts new austerity measures
  1463. Former Australian military chiefs challenge government over Iraq war
  1464. Report exposes European complicity in CIA torture flights
  1465. Christmas cheer for Wall Street executives Goldman Sachs boss gets $53.4 million bonus (Does "obscene" come to mind?)
  1466. Power struggle in Saudi Arabia: a sign of regional instability
  1467. The Secrets of His Success: Fired Pfizer CEO Walks Away with $198 Million (another obscenity?)
  1468. Provoking Civil War in the Occupied Territories (READ)
  1469. Dennis Kucinich: Maverick or Stalking Horse? (Good question, unless he abandons Dems)
  1470. Political Sell-Outs in Black and White
  1471. When the Secret is the Question: Secret Prisons, Top Secret Interrogations
  1472. Bush's Foreign Sex Policy: Imperialism's Second Front
  1473. Congress Closes With a Pork-Filled Flourish
  1474. Chris Floyd | War Profits Trump the Rule of Law
  1475. Raul Castro Urges Students to Debate "Fearlessly" (READ)
  1476. Bush Issues 16 Pardons (READ)
  1477. Bush Signs Law Blocking Aid to Hamas
  1478. Inside Venezuela's Controversial Revolution
  1479. Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007
  1480. Jimmy Carter's Apartheid Charge Rings True
  1481. RAW STORY decodes censored New York Times op-ed
  1482. 'Bomb could flood NY tunnels' (So could large meteorite - or Bush)
  1483. Murdoch extends News Corp control (in order to deliver yet more lying swill)
  1484. Rice backs 'worthwhile' Iraq war (Let's sacifice the all USUKILAU governments, and their families to to this worthwhile cause)
  1485. US policy in the Horn of Africa may aid al-Qaida, experts warn (LOL)
  1486. I'm no fan of the man, but I do love Blair's Britain (Hmmm - but then also ...)
  1487. Iran defies United Nations with pledge of 'going nuclear within weeks' (Even altering the present, the headline lies)
  1488. Did American fire on Iraqis for sport?
  1489. US tests call-up system but denies return to conscription (Just for sport?)
  1490. U.S. commanders in Iraq recommend a 'surge' (or this is also a lie)
  1491. ASIO enlisted to join search for stolen army rockets
  1492. Flu Pandemic Could Kill 62m With Poorer Countries Most Affected (That would be the design, anyhow)
  1493. Rice Says U.S. Ready For Black President (Good, let's have Jesse Jackson)
  1494. Ethiopia edges closer to Somalia invasion
  1495. Defiant Iranian president mocks Bush (Hooray! for him damnit!)
  1496. Congress Asked to Intervene in Fla. Race (Results will be telling)
  1497. Truth about Iran | Letters to the Editor (Yes, I lie is being repeated to make it truth)
  1498. Source says 'outsider' Gates prepped for confirmation by Cheney's office (outsider?! LOL)
  1499. U.N. approves Iran sanctions - Focus on Iran
  1500. Iran ordered to pay U.S. terror victims (Imagine what Israel owns the Palestinians and Lebanese!)
  1501. Al Qaeda offers US 'truce' (Is that al-CIAda, al-MI6a or al-Mossada?)
  1502. A Bad Year for Empire - by Jim Lobe
  1503. Condi's Diplomatic Triumph - by Gordon Prather (READ)
  1504. CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS: Scientist sentenced to two years probation for illegal deal with Pfizer; Pfizer stock down 40%. CEO gets $180,000,000 package. (But, of course)
  1505. Poll: Bush not trustworthy, doesn't share values, no longer inspires (Didn't ask the right questions)
  1506. Pentagon says bomb test safe for downwind Utahns (and cows are purple)
  1507. Bush Says Victory in Iraq Is Still Possible (Like proverbial broken record - or parrot)
  1508. Gates denies naval buildup in Gulf is meant as threat to Iran (Another parrot)
  1509. The "Hoax" That Wasn't: The July 23 Qana Ambulance Attack: The Hoax that wasn&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t: Human Rights Watch&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s in-depth investigat(READ)
  1510. The Horn of Africa teeters on the cusp of all-out war
  1511. Real U.S. shortfall: $4.6 trillion in red (Tell Dov Zackhein to give back the 3 Trillion $US)
  1512. Iran warns U.N. to expect reaction over sanctions (READ)
  1513. War Profits Trump the Rule of Law (Nothing new about that)
  1514. The Warmonger's Brigade (Hey! This was my idea, long ago!)
  1515. President Carter Says U.S. 'Prime Culprit' in Nuclear Proliferation
  1516. Police 'sorry' for moral quizzing (A mountain of stolen concepts)
  1517. Israel's thugs sink deeper into the cesspit of defamation, denigration and denial (READ)
  1518. US 'Nazi guard' faces deportation (on no legal graounds at all)
  1519. 6 area children with flu on life support (1918 released?)
  1520. Ballistic Missile Defense: U.S. on collision course with Russia
  1521. Religion does more harm than good - poll
  1522. All I Want For Christmas is...the Truth (Verily!)
  1523. Anthrax Attacks on U.S. Congress Were Inside Job
  1524. FBI WARNS OF A UK ATTACK (Has al-CIAda promised one?)
  1525. French claim US command held them back from catching Osama (more ridiculous by the day)
  1526. Ten years later the price is still worth it (The price is grnocide, but then that's goal)
  1527. Homeland Security admits it did not follow privacy law (It's none of you beeswax, and we don't care, see!)
  1528. CIA Instructions to Media Assets re: Assassination of President Kennedy (READ)
  1530. Holocaust Jew accused of war crimes (This is now game of fabrications works)
  1531. Macy's pulls hooded jackets amid dog fur complaints (Oh, give me a break!)
  1532. CNN Exposed Review: Mainstream journalist defends western bias
  1533. World's biggest ecstasy dealer nabbed in Rio (and who might that be?)
  1534. Cloned meat OK to eat, FDA scientists say (We love FDA, don't we dear!)
  1535. MiamiHerald.com | 12/21/2006 | Jennings to Congress: Vote machines `malfunctioned'
  1536. Ex-Abu Ghraib detainee recounts atrocities committed by US forces
  1537. U.N. votes for trade sanctions on Iran's nuclear work
  1538. Iran condemns U.N. resolution as illegal
  1539. Anglican Leader Blasts War in Iraq
  1540. Britain: Conservative Party feigns concern for the poor-the better to oppose welfare state benefits
  1541. German Social Democratic Party chairman badmouths the unemployed
  1542. Iran's Holocaust conference and the dead end of bourgeois nationalism
  1543. Cop Assaults Activists at Lockheed Protest
  1544. Seth Sandronsky: Fiscally Imperiled Social Security? (It isn't, but the Devil will see it crushed in his looting of it)
  1545. Azmi Bishara: Ways of Denial (A strange and tortured writing)
  1546. Dave Lindorff: Crime of the Century (READ: attacking Iran)
  1547. An Islamic Civil War: Chaos by Design? (almost worthless in content, alas)
  1548. Greg Moses: This War Can't be Made Right by Winning (There IS purpose: taking out Iraqi oil production and genocide of the Iraqi people - both going apace, thankyou)
  1549. William Loren Katz: The First US Foreign Invasion
  1550. Diane Christian: The Rape of Iraq (READ)
  1551. The Capital of Salvadoran Memory: El Mozote After 25 Years
  1552. Marjorie Cohn: What's Going On? (We were asking that question 6 years ago!)
  1553. The Race for Iraq's Resources
  1554. E-Voting Machine Probe Ends, Company Sold
  1555. FEMA Not Required to Restore Aid to Evacuees, Court Rules (Criminal corpagov, all around us)
  1556. Iraqi Hopes Dim Through Worst Year of Occupation (Just wait!)
  1557. UN Imposes First Sanctions on Iran's Nuclear Program (The response will be interesting, and well calculated)
  1558. Bush Further Outlaws Hamas (with 0 jurisdiction - as in who the hell cares what it allegedly thinks?)
  1559. Some In The GOP Worried About McCain's "Move To The Right" (He's always been a corpapig)
  1560. Pelosi Taps Rep. Van Hollen To Head The DCCC (Circus of backslapping politician morons)
  1561. Sen. Clinton Hints It's Time For A Mom To Be In The White House (Not yo, Nazi Bitch!)
  1562. President Bush Signs New Postal Law (that will only benefit the criminal federal government)
  1563. Report: U.S. Working To Bring Down Assad (Ah CIA as it has always been: that is what it really does)
  1564. New Low For The President's Approval Rating On The War In Iraq
  1565. Hillary Clinton Says She Would Have Never Voted For The War In Iraq (Lying bitch!)
  1566. Sen. Tim Johnson "Going To Be Just Fine" (bringing tears to GOP eyes)
  1567. UN imposes nuclear sanctions on angry Iran (Yeah, right [yawn])
  1568. Gates, Bush discuss Iraq ("discuss" is not in W's vocab.)
  1569. NY Requires Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Patients (Insurers will just have excuse to whine for increased costs and up their racketeering schemes)
  1570. Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Meet, With Hints of Slight Gains (Don't waste you time reading kaka)
  1571. International Middle East Media Center - Abbas: Five years truce, temporal borders, deception to the people (Abbas is a charlatan pimp for USUKIL)
  1572. Bin Laden's "close associate" killed in southern Afghanistan (Get real, and get a life)
  1573. Our National Mental Health is Suspect (Mine Too) (All too true, and it isn't new, just palpably worse)
  1574. Require HPV vaccine for students (Totalitarian Outrage)
  1575. Row over cancer jab plan for all schoolgirls
  1576. Iraq town has little faith in US trial of Marines (Why should it?)
  1577. After the gilded &#-11;&#-11;50m burial, a tyrannical void (Can you believe it?)
  1578. Turkmenistan to bury leader, succession undecided
  1579. Central Asia braces for a power struggle in Turkmenistan
  1580. Ethiopia moves tanks into Somalia war zone
  1581. Holocaust Jew accused of war crimes (Would you like fries with you Israeli perpetrated holocausts?)
  1582. The Raw Story | NYT: Selective Service plays down test reports but says must be ready for 'totally unforeseen'(meaning US criminal corpagov is prepared for yet another attack on the US people)
  1583. Are Bush and Cheney Planning an Early Attack on Iran? (Late or early is just a POV. The question is simply dare they?)
  1584. 'What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?' (It would be lied about?)
  1585. No 10 'in panic' as Yard extends 'cash for honours' inquiry (Panic?! Only when the dynasty's lives are forfeit, which may yet be)
  1586. Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island (Wait to see how real this is)
  1587. Frankenwine? Wines made with GMO yeast hit the market this year (Killer wine?)
  1588. Cloned meat OK to eat, FDA scientists say (Only morons would trust FDA)
  1589. Jennings to Congress: Vote machines `malfunctioned' (Can we pronounce, "will be ignored"?)
  1590. Election Challenge For Florida District Is Taken to the House (We expect from criminal congress?)
  1591. Court says FEMA can end Katrina housing (We can expect what from criminal US courts?)
  1592. Airport delays start of controversial scanner (Governments should be afraid of their people)
  1593. Italian who met Litvinenko arrested (More circus)
  1594. Ex-Abu Ghraib detainee recounts atrocities committed by US forces (In case you forgot what US forces do)
  1595. U.N. votes for trade sanctions on Iran's nuclear work (which means, in practical terms, exactly nothing)
  1596. Iran condemns U.N. resolution as illegal (Of course it is. How long has that been obvious?)
  1597. Four U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq (That what US is sending them for)
  1598. Suicide bomber kills 7 police in Iraq (Expect more of this)
  1599. Anglican Leader Blasts War in Iraq (It's taken the SOB entirely too long)
  1600. Commander Is Called Open to Troop Surge (What were the threats made?)
  1601. Bush ponders &#-11;&#-11;10bn New Deal to create jobs in Iraq (LOL "ponder" is not a W property)
  1602. 'Sky high' terror threat to Tunnel (Threats only from al-CIAMI6MOSSADA)
  1603. Channel tunnel is terror target (Hoseshit - unless Tony needs it)
  1604. E-Voting Machine Probe Ends, Company Sold (That's the fix that is in)
  1605. FEMA Not Required to Restore Aid to Evacuees, Court Rules
  1606. Iraqi Hopes Dim Through Worst Year of Occupation (by genocidal racketeering US criminal corpagov)
  1607. Report Says TSA Violated Privacy Law (What law? US corpagov of occupation abides by no law)
  1608. Bush May Boost Iraq Troops by 20,000 (Mercenaries (expensive) that is)
  1609. Lawmakers Say Bush Using "Shadow Budget" to Fund War (US criminal corpagov abides by no law)
  1610. Election Challenge for Florida District Is Taken to the House (Lots of luck)
  1611. US Says Key Taliban Leader Killed but Militants Disagree (US corpagov of occupation is accredited liar)
  1612. Probes of Bush Policies in the Works (Yeah - sure - once abbeting criminal "investigates" another)
  1613. Congressman: Would You Send Your Relative to Iraq? (Obvious question that will just be ignored)
  1614. The Rise of "Revolving-Door" Consultants (We're upt to our fucking eyeballs in this racketeering scheme)
  1615. Pope issues Christmas call to protect children (from priests like the Nazi pope molesting them)
  1616. Pope Benedict XVI recalls plight of children as he marks Jesus' ... (Maybe, I'll just vomit over the corpses of children murdered by Holy Mother Church)
  1617. Pope offers wish for peace on X'mas (Mealy mouthed son of a bitch, bastard)
  1618. Iran dismisses United Nations resolution imposing sanctions (Ooops - LOL- so much for the mendacious mainstream "media")
  1619. Bird Flu Infects Three Family Members In Egypt (or not)
  1620. Olmert's Connection to 9/11
  1621. Shiites resist isolating Sadr
  1622. Bush may boost Iraq troops by 20,000 (so that more may die)
  1623. Medi-Cal pays for over 100,000 births by undocumented women
  1624. The opinionated Fox News Channel is giving ground to increasingly noisy competitors (READ)
  1626. U.S. says U.N. Iran resolution not enough (Tough!)
  1627. Return of the American Jedi (READ all of it)
  1628. Ethiopia launches airstrikes in Somalia
  1629. U.S. Military Officials: Bush Trying To Bribe Us To Support Iraq Escalation
  1630. And So This Is Christmas: In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan
  1631. Wolfowitz owes us an explanation
  1632. George Orwell Was Right: Spy Cameras See Britons' Every Move
  1633. Is there a law that requires Americans to pay direct unapportioned tax? (Nobody is able to find it)
  1634. The United States is Insolvent (still)
  1635. Iran: What about Zionists' nukes?
  1636. Jewish terrorist commits suicide in jail (Hmmmm?)
  1637. Eight US Marines charged in 21 Iraqi murders, cover-up
  1638. Iran sanctions very good for israel (READ)
  1639. Hindsight is 20/20 - how israel duped US into fighting their wars
  1640. Watada states his case in Moiliili (READ)
  1641. Cheney Says Dems Can't Stop Bush's War With Iran(READ)
  1642. Congress rebukes Okla. City probe (Just a little late, doncha think?)
  1643. Flashback- Bush: God told me to invade Iraq (That's reassuring)
  1644. Hundreds join Minneapolis protest to "send an anti-war message for the holidays, U.S. out of Iraq!
  1645. Sen. Dodd Argues for Iraq Withdrawal
  1646. 6 U.S. Troops Die in Bloody Iraq Weekend
  1647. British forces storm Iraq police station
  1648. Iraq: 12,000 police killed since 2003
  1649. Audits Fault Pentagon and Interior Department
  1650. U.S. Is Detaining Iranians Caught in Raids in Iraq
  1651. China approves local incorporation plans of 9 foreign banks (READ)
  1652. China to let 9 foreign banks incorporate, in step toward retail business(Chinese mistake)
  1653. New rules to expand credit in rural areas (Big mistake)
  1654. Surprise Gaza talks raise hope for peace (Don't be ridiculous)
  1655. Italian in poison case arrested
  1656. Ethiopia bombs Mogadishu airport
  1657. Pelosi says no to C-SPAN request on floor proceedings (But spying on real people is always OK? Eat shit Pelosi)
  1658. Many choose family over military service (Mercenaries to the rescue)
  1659. Was Libya framed by US and Britain for Lockerbie to make Libya toe the line? (Yes, next question?)
  1660. Troop 'surge' in Iraq would be another mistake (That depends on what your real goal is)
  1661. 10 myths -- and 10 truths -- about atheism (Interesting READ)
  1662. Banality and barefaced lies
  1663. Es-Ka-LAY-Shun
  1664. Lights of Hope Shine Out in Bethlehem, Thanks to Hamas
  1665. Ecuador Bonds Tumble as Patino Signals Possibility of Default
  1666. Crime about to rise and swamp prisons, warns Blair team (More terrortwaddle)
  1667. Blair's aides call in their own lawyers
  1668. ladyjayne's blog: Shock and Awe: The Politics of Redaction (READ)
  1669. US fears Castro death will trigger exodus (Fears, because US is primal cause of Cuba's misery)
  1670. Iran summons US representative over detention of diplomats
  1671. Fake Terror article in Spanish
  1672. Abuse could push Katrina costs to $2 billion
  1673. Israeli army ordered to dismantle checkpoints (until tomorrow)
  1674. UK Intelligence Using Text Messages in Psy-Ops Warfare
  1675. Republicans harrassed tens of thousands of Americans
  1676. Baghdad Residents Hit By Robo Calls
  1677. Poor record-keeping plagues Bush AIDS effort
  1678. Ethiopia action in Somalia backed
  1679. U.S. arrest of Iranians reportedly upsets Iraqi president
  1680. Panic waning, but so is a sense of urgency about bird flu dangers(Fearmongering horseshit)
  1681. God not redundant, Pope tells the world (Well, there it is then)
  1682. Iranian diplomats arrested by US forces (But US can and will do anything it fucking well pleases - just ask 'em)
  1683. US troops detain 2 Iranians in Iraq (in clear violation of international law - when has that stopped US?)
  1684. IDF against ease of restrictions on Palestinians (IDF will contrive its rectitude)
  1685. Obama erases Hil lead in NH (He should go to hell with her)
  1686. UK newspaper: Jesus was a Palestinian (an interesting idea)
  1687. China says it will keep currency at stable level
  1688. Central bank to keep foot on brake
  1689. China says to keep yuan stable, rein in investment
  1690. Chemical may stop alcohol craving (but may cause strokes and heart attacks?)
  1691. Christmas is no holiday for Jehovah's Witnesses (He happens to be scripturally right)
  1692. Tony Hendra: Time Out From Atheists and Evangelicals: Putting the Real Christ back Into Christma (READ - even if you are an atheist)
  1693. Another "Boxing Day" Quake
  1694. The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (READ)
  1695. World's `Worst' Visa System Scares Business Away From the U.S.
  1697. Military considers recruiting foreigners (i.e., mercenary individuals)
  1698. Heady Days for Makers of Weapons
  1699. Gates visited Baghdad to quell US soldiers mutiny in Anbar, US imminent attack on Ramadi soon
  1700. Courts Side With NSA On Wiretaps (Criminal Judiciary)
  1701. Scandal Could Derail New York Comptroller
  1702. Iran backed dangerously into a corner
  1703. Bush's 'Global War on Radicals'
  1704. Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is so Important
  1705. Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is so Important (READ)
  1706. Question: Why doesn't the US condemn Ethiopian invasion and occupation of Somalia?
  1707. Corrie' canceled in Canada (Censored by Israel's Lobby)
  1708. Ethiopian troops advance on Mogadishu
  1709. Iran: U.N. Ignoring Israeli Nuke Program
  1710. FBI Considered "It's A Wonderful Life" Communist Propaganda (LOL)
  1711. Quietly Admitted on Xmas: Americans not told whole truth about OK City Bombing
  1712. Former Bush Official: CIA Censored Op-Ed Because It Was Forced To Bow To The White House
  1713. US soldier who disputed Iraq war legality released early from military prison (Ricky Clousing)
  1714. OK City bombing: Feds failed to follow bombing evidence
  1715. Israel approves new West Bank settlement
  1716. Alleged Liquid Bomb Plot Credibility Crumbles. (of its own stupidity)
  1717. The Spirit of Christmas: Bush banned from birthplace of Jesus Christ
  1718. FLASHBACK: Nichols Implicates FBI (READ)
  1719. FLASHBACK: Judge implicates FBI agents in the Oklahoma City bombing (READ)
  1720. FLASHBACK: Declassified FBI memo reveals twists in probe
  1721. King Abdullah: Israel not as strong as we thought
  1722. U.S. officials send minister out of Iraq - sources
  1723. Iraqi appeals court upholds Hussein death sentence (in farcical trial)
  1724. Iraq 'court' says Hussein should hang within 30 days
  1725. Pressed in Iraq, U.S. Army turns out interrogators
  1726. Michael Dickinson: Deny Santa If You Wish, But You Can't Deny This (READ)
  1727. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern: To Surge or Not to Surge?
  1728. Saul Landau: A Jeep Trip with Fidel
  1729. The Golem: a Conversation with Marc Estrin
  1730. Reza Fiyouzat: Why Santa Was Hot in China This Year
  1731. Dershowitz vs. Carter in Beantown: Peace Movement AWOL, Again
  1732. Cowboys Differ on Iran Attack: Cheney/Bush vs. the Baker Commission
  1733. Tito Tricot: Chile, the Ghosts of Torture
  1734. Lawmakers Say Bush Using "Shadow Budget" to Fund War
  1735. The Rise of "Revolving-Door" Consultants
  1736. Immigrants Go From Farms to Jails
  1737. In Gaza, Christmas Is a Casualty of Factional Fighting
  1738. Inhabited Island Disappears Beneath Rising Seas
  1739. Troop "Surge" Plan for Iraq Meets Growing Opposition in US
  1740. Thomas D. Williams | Generals Promote Christianity Inside the Pentagon
  1741. British Soldiers Storm Iraqi Jail, Citing Torture (Irony)
  1742. Hundreds Disappear Into the Black Hole of the Kurdish Prison System in Iraq
  1743. Iran's Oil Revenue Running Dry, Analysis Shows (All part of the genocide)
  1744. Biden Vows to Fight Any Iraq Troop Boost (We'll see)
  1745. Novak: Conservatives to resign if DeLay hired as lobbyist?
  1746. Leaked NRA graphic novel called a hoax, but it's real
  1747. France joins UK on 'high terror alert' (Get a grip, people)
  1748. British PM Tony Blair in plane scare (He would be no loss)
  1749. 3 Sides Prepare for Battle in Somalia
  1750. Security flaw found in Microsoft's Vista (as always)
  1751. Stores Seek Shoppers, Slash Prices Again
  1752. FDA set to OK sale of milk, meat from cloned animals
  1753. Israel breaks promise to U.S. with settlement (What did you expect?)
  1754. U.S. ready to send 3,500 troops for Iraq: sources
  1755. Hezbollah rises from ruins of Beirut home
  1756. Ethiopian raids on Somalia get US support
  1757. Saddam lawyer is not surprised
  1758. Hundreds burned alive in Lagos pipeline blaze
  1759. Nigeria mourns pipeline victims
  1760. Will Ford, Toyota team up?
  1761. 2 More Die as Bird Flu Continues Spreading to Humans in Egypt (or not)
  1762. Taliban Figure Killed in Airstrike, US Says
  1763. Wrong Taliban commander killed?
  1764. Former President Ford dies
  1765. FBI, FEMA move some jobs outside 'blast zone' (Not any more)
  1766. Gerald Ford's Role in the JFK Assassination Cover-up (READ)
  1767. Reservist Due for Iraq Is Killed in Standoff With Police
  1768. FLASHBACK: US Endorsed Indonesia's East Timor Invasion
  1769. US tries to assure allies that extraordinary renditions are over (But - governments LIE - all the time: just so you can figure out the truth?)
  1770. Iraq prepares for rapid Saddam execution (Imagine how many US ruling class should properly be executed?)
  1771. Monterey County Herald | 12/27/2006 | Lawyer falls to death at hotel (READ Hmmm)
  1772. Dollar Declines on Speculation U.S. Consumer Confidence Dropped (That's no speculation)
  1773. Bring back Saddam Hussein
  1774. Dozens Of Pieces Of Lost Luggage Dumped In Trash (They fell through a wormhole?)
  1775. U.S. Says Captured Iranians Can Be Linked to Attacks (Therefore, they cannot)
  1776. Worst newspaper in US destroys value
  1777. FBI Says Files In Leak Cases Are Missing (i.e., as in the Spanish "desaparecidos")
  1778. Israel has chosen the path to endless war instead of accepting an Arab peace/surrender plan
  1779. Homeowners' losses are others' gains (READ)
  1780. Gambling to save face on Iraq (Creating a black hole into which to thow the troops, and extend the genocide of Iraqis)
  1781. The Raw Story | Ex-Hussein political adviser claims Iraq accepted Bush's ultimatum before invasion
  1782. FLASHBACK: Star Witness on Iraq Said Weapons Were Destroyed
  1783. Will Bush Explain Why War Continues? (No!)
  1784. Rumsfeld denies making claims Iraq had WMDs (LMAO! He's joking, right?)
  1785. Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited (Remember?)
  1786. Pentagon chief signs order sending 82nd Airborne brigade to Kuwait
  1787. Goldman Sachs Says 'Star Tribune' Sale a Troubling Signal for Industry (GS, who is one of the owners of the US Fed. Reserve)
  1788. Will the dam break in 2007? (Are they ready to precipitate it?)
  1789. Iraq prepares for rapid Saddam execution
  1790. We're the incredible shrinking party, says Labour contender (wonder why?)
  1791. Nikolas Kozloff: Saving Caracas
  1792. Journey to Vietnam: Dare We Not Say Genocide? (READ)
  1793. Burning EPA's Books: What They Don't Want You to Read Might Save Your Life
  1794. Faruq Ziada: Is There a Sunni Majority in Iraq?
  1795. Bush Hires Lawyers to Prepare for Congressional Probes
  1796. Hussein Execution: Baath Party Threatens to Retaliate
  1797. SEC Gives Holiday Present to Corporate America
  1798. Ford Pardon Sealed Watergate Shut (as well the Warren Commission)
  1799. Killing children is no longer a big deal (READ)
  1800. Court won't force Massachusetts gay marriage vote
  1801. Katrina insurance suit moved to state court
  1802. Dollar Slides; U.A.E. Says Selling U.S. Currency, Buying Euros
  1803. U.S. stocks swept higher; Dow sets new record (What a fucking joke)
  1804. Snow falls over Negev desert, Jerusalem (but Gaza and Palestinians are not important)
  1805. US Government pressurises banks to stop dealing with Iran
  1806. VP: Iranian experts can work in Libyan development plans
  1807. New Guantanamo Court to Have Restaurants (What, no theater and concert hall?!)
  1808. Ford Disagreed With Bush About Invading Iraq
  1809. Ford disagreed with Bush over Iraq invasion -WPost
  1810. U.S. Air Force Explores Options for 'Prompt Global Strike'
  1811. Iran's parliament asks government to revise ties with UN
  1812. Iran to reconsider ties with IAEA
  1813. Iran MPs direct government to review IAEA cooperation
  1814. Three views on Iran, one of them dubious (READ)
  1815. Iran fury at Blair 'tirade of allegations'
  1816. US increases pressure on Iran (specifically to worsen the fabricated situation, exactly as it did with Iraq)
  1817. Iran's parliament signals less cooperation likely
  1818. Ohio Gov. Taft reprimanded over ethics
  1819. Outgoing Ohio Governor "Pleased" Ethics Matter Is Concluded (i.e., he's getting away with it)
  1820. Litvinenko case linked to Yukos probe - Russian prosecutors
  1821. Spacecraft to scan heavens for another Earth (Not made in USA, might be noted)
  1822. Bird Flu Spreads In Egypt As Tenth Person Dies (How many wolf cries before 1918 is released?)
  1823. Bush to huddle with top advisers on Iraq strategy ("How do we justify bombing them?)
  1824. Russia fingers Israeli fugitive in radiation poison probe
  1825. Euro notes cash in to overtake dollar
  1826. Hunt for CIA 'black site' in Poland
  1827. More Prison Time for Khodorkovsky?
  1828. Dollar May Drop Versus Yen Before U.S. Consumer, Housing Data
  1829. 'This is no longer America's war in Iraq,' says U.S. commander of Iraqi military training unit (As US intended to make it in furtherance of genocide)
  1830. Islamic forces abandon Somalia's capital, clan militias begin taking control
  1831. Blast in downtown Acapulco injures 10
  1832. Israel to Renew Attacks on Palestine (THAT'S no surprise)
  1833. Smokers, Obese and alcoholics may be denied care under proposed changes in UK health system
  1834. Immigration to Israel falls to 18 year low (That's a good sign)
  1835. Israel Survey Results Shock (Yikes! Another good sign regarding the mistake that is Israel)
  1836. Israel admits it may have hit ambulance
  1837. Broke N Korea sells gold
  1838. China to use foreign reserves to build up strategic resource base, vice premoer says
  1839. Europe will not escape the impact of dollar depreciation
  1840. In Somalia, a reckless U.S. proxy war
  1841. Florida doctor pleads guilty in $1 billion fraud
  1842. More Dangerous Than Smoking? Death by Soda
  1843. Bush Could Usher in a Very Dangerous New Year (That's already assured)
  1844. Bush's Great Leap Forward (READ)
  1845. Bombs rock Baghdad as Saddam judgement published
  1846. Looking Back at History, from 2026 (A sunny scenario next to what is possible)
  1847. Will Iraq be better off with Saddam hanged? (No, but would clearly be better off with entire governments of USUKIL hanged)
  1848. How a spy was caught and why he still stands to profit (Pollard)
  1849. U.S. Embassy Is Warning Beijing on Iran Gas Deal (Now sanction China - or just bomb it?)
  1850. If You're Going to Boycott Israel, Do It Right (Good logic: But, when Germany was cultural and scientific center of the world, we still grip because they killed a few Jews. How come? Boy! Microsoft-Israel explains "blue screen"?)
  1851. Boomeranging Sanctions on Iran (READ and understand)
  1852. Gerald Ford's other contribution to American history: The single bullet theory
  1853. U.S. manufacturing expected to take hit (How many thousand of them can it take?!)
  1854. Why John Edwards Changes Everything (Edwards is a cheap, mealymouthed, cowardly opportunist Nazi, and needs to go back to sleep)
  1855. Saddam lawyer asks world for help
  1856. 'Fortress America' visa system scaring businesses away
  1857. What freedom of information? (UK - an unlawful government)
  1858. AP: Ex-Guantanamo detainee held again (Pakistani State Terrorism)
  1859. Thousands of Iraqis flee homes
  1860. Third time's the harm
  1861. S.E.C. Changes Reporting Rule on Bosses' Pay (Racketeering Government)
  1862. The Blood Trail of Luis Posada Carriles, Washington's Preferred Terrorist
  1863. Palestinian Immigrant Jailings in Texas
  1864. I'm Going to Stay Right Here: Story of a Oaxacan Prisoner
  1865. John Ross: Gateway to the Next Mexican Revolution? (READ)
  1866. Highway Robbery: Privatizing New Jersey's Toll Roads (READ)
  1867. The Ludicrous Attacks on Jimmy Carter's Book
  1868. Euro to Overtake US Dollar
  1869. Former Bush Interior Secretary Takes Job as Attorney for Shell (Revolving corpagov door)
  1870. Many Soldiers Call Troop Surge a Bad Idea (Gee, I wonder why?)
  1871. Ex-Maine Lawmaker Plans Anti-War Offensive
  1872. US criticism on exports is rejected
  1873. 'NATO starting to take interest in Iran's nuclear program'(Zionists are all aggigle)
  1874. Crash kills Iran justice minister (Hmmm)
  1875. Bush making "good progress" on new Iraq plan (Babbling)
  1876. Saddam may not hang within month: Iraqi officials
  1877. Iran expands links with Syrians
  1878. CHALLENGES 2006-2007: Bush Iraq Policy Murky on the Real Enemy
  1879. Britain to make its final payment on World War II loan from U.S
  1880. NATO troops kill another civilian
  1881. Briefly: Environmental agency suspects data falsified
  1882. Egypt sends weapons to Abbas, Israelis say (Who would trust Israelis?!)
  1883. Israeli leader reaches out to neighbors (ROTFL - with gun or knife?)
  1884. B'Tselem: Israeli security forces killed 660 Palestinians during 200
  1885. Egypt sent arms to Fatah with Israel's help (Hmmm - arming both sides)
  1886. Olmert ready to respond to 'any murmur of peace' (With bombs?)
  1887. Mottaki: UNSC should be a venue for peace making for nations
  1888. CBS News: U.S.: Hussein to Be Executed By Sunday (With equal justice then, let us have executed the entire USUKIL genocidal governments - all of them and all their spawn)
  1889. Hussein Lawyer Seeks to Prevent Handover (No one will even listen)
  1890. Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans WH also murdered New Orleans and its citizens)
  1891. Activist Lawyer Who Even Challenged the White House Press Secretary that Rove committed treason allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a California hotel 12/28/2006
  1892. "The Age of Republican Extremism is Not Over"
  1893. US expects Saddam's hanging to trigger reprisals. Just the way Bush likes it: chaos and death 12/28/2006
  1894. Lieberman takes money from video game industry he rails against 12/27
  1895. John Edwards makes it official (that he's a lying opportunist?)
  1896. Lebanon sees more than 1,000 war deaths
  1897. Seven New Orleans officers indicted in post-Katrina killings
  1898. N.C. Bar Files Charges Against Duke D.A.
  1899. Populist Edwards Announces Presidential Bid in New Orleans (Edwards is NO POPULIST)
  1900. Rice Told Lieberman: &#-11;&#-11;Choke Hamas&#-11;&#-11;
  1901. This 'victory' could mean a return to anarchy (Somalia)
  1902. U.S. Reserves returning to Iraq
  1903. People's Revolt in Lebanon (READ - they also have not forgotten who did and didn't defend them when IL attacked)
  1904. End of Another Year (in Iraq)
  1905. Palestinians taken to Israeli prison hospital are not given medical treatment (Genocide must be consistent)
  1906. Convicted ex-Ill. gov. sues for pension (LOL)
  1907. The vaccine to prevent every strain of flu (or not)
  1908. 'Frankenstein farming' fears (are very genuine)
  1909. New Orleans officers charged with murder
  1910. Reyes: U.S. intelligence 'manipulated' (But (?), we knew this years ago!)
  1911. US set to import record amount of steel (We no longer really make it)
  1912. Park Service inanity: they won't tell us how old the Grand Canyon is (Corpagov Insanity)
  1913. Households: Worst Financial Shape Since WWII
  1914. I Witness the Israel Lobby in Action
  1915. Hollywood Movies I Would Love To See
  1916. Saddam asks U.S. to block execution
  1917. Palestinian militants fire at convey of German diplomats (Who fires?!)
  1918. Hussein execution imminent, sources say (To no good end)
  1919. IRS Issues Rules for Telephone Excise Tax Refunds on 2006 Returns (READ)
  1920. Scarlett, author of the Iraq war dossier, is knighted (Anazing! - maybe not)
  1921. A dictator created then destroyed by America (READ)
  1922. Saddam Hussein's execution: Your views
  1923. Saddam Hussein hanged, says Al Hurra TV station
  1924. Ramsey Clark denounces planned execution of Saddam Hussein
  1925. The Enduring Legacy of Gerald R. Ford (READ)
  1926. Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, has been assassinated. (READ)
  1927. Saddam Hussein 'executed in Iraq' (As if the trial were legitimate)
  1928. Saddam Hussein hanged at dawn
  1929. Dec. the deadliest month for U.S. troops
  1930. World Responds to Palestinian Family's Jailing Despite Media Blackout
  1931. Norman Finkelstein: The Dershowitz Treatment
  1932. Cindy Sheehan to Ramp Up "Peace Surge" After Arrest Thursday
  1933. Former Bush Interior Secretary Takes Job as Attorney for Shell (The revolving door)
  1934. Chaos Reigns in Haiti
  1935. Living in America's Fringe Economy
  1936. AT&T Yields to Neutrality, Paves Path to Congress (READ)
  1937. Disputed Florida Election to Spill Onto House Floor
  1938. Cloned food ruling sparks debate
  1939. Car bomb explodes at Madrid airport
  1940. Israeli Fifth Column, Fourth Estate, Religious Subversion, and Incitements to Illegal Aggreassive War and Genocide
  1941. Social Security Agreement With Mexico Released After 3 1/2 Year Freedom of Information Act Battle (READ)
  1942. Top Ten Ways the US Enabled Saddam Hussein
  1943. The FDA wants to hear from you about Animal Cloning (That's what thhey say anyhow)
  1944. The Disrespect for Truth has Brought a New Dark Age (It sure has)
  1945. DNI Awards $2 Million in Hush-Hush Money (More of his death squads?)
  1946. Hanging Saddam
  1947. The execution of Saddam Hussein
  1948. End Double Standards on Nukes: Egypt
  1949. What to do with Iran? (The clear bloodlust of lying zionized Jews of the US exposes itself)
  1950. Where Were the Mass Graves? (Why is S. Hussein dead?)
  1952. FLASHBACK: Saddam may not hang soon (Was S. Hussein formally murdered?)
  1953. Saddam's Accomplices
  1954. And the Empire Mourned. (Remembering Gerald Ford)
  1955. U.S. opens another battlefront in the Muslim world
  1956. Would You "Support the Troops" in Bolivia?
  1957. How I Was Kidnapped by the CIA
  1958. World laughing at US: Mahathir
  1959. Iraq Expels 2 Iranian 'Agents' Captured in U.S. Operation (fabrication)
  1960. U.S. Urges Vigilance Against Terrorism (All eyes are on DC, and we see what you're doing)
  1961. A dictator created then destroyed by America
  1962. Why Saddam Hussein should not hang
  1963. The execution of the president (READ)
  1964. The Rush to Hang Saddam Hussein
  1965. Saddam trial verdict tarnished by Iraqi court's failings
  1966. Rooney Blasts Caltagirone for Betraying Pennsyvania Voters
  1967. Urgent message from PA Democratic Party Chairman, T.J. Rooney
  1968. U.S. nuclear energy expands in 2007
  1969. U.S. Official Overseeing Oil Program Faces Inquiry (It's corpagov!)
  1970. Interior Officials' Ties to Oil Probed
  1971. Car bomb explodes at Madrid airport
  1972. Iris scan database forms in Galveston (Unending Orwellization that needs to be stopped dead)
  1973. US presence in Afghanistan source of instability
  1974. Appeals Court Rejects Brief Submitted by Ex-Judges
  1975. Opponents of Law on Detainees Rebuffed
  1976. Imperialist interests over-ride the "rule of law" Blair government cancels British Aerospace-Saudi arms inquiry Part two
  1977. Government report concedes India's Muslims are a socially deprived, victimised minority
  1978. Maryland Reservist killed by police after refusing deployment to Iraq (THIS is what the US really is)
  1979. Ethiopian troops occupy Mogadishu
  1980. More US troops to Kuwait, as Bush moves to escalate the war in Iraq
  1981. The execution of Saddam Hussein
  1982. Did Sharon Order the Assassination of Arafat? The Revelations of Uri Dan (READ)
  1983. Injustice in Black and White: the Duke Non-Rape Case (READ - It stank from the very beginning)
  1984. The New Iraq Policy: Escalation
  1985. At the End of My Rope: Hanging With Saddam
  1986. Paul Craig Roberts: The New Dark Age: Official Lies, Dogma and Unaccountable Power
  1987. Tariq Ali: Saddam at the End of a Rope
  1988. Paul Wolf: Dying for Our Sins (READ)
  1989. Iraq 2006: a Nation Soaked in Blood Tears Itself Apart
  1990. Curfews Imposed After Saddam's Execution
  1991. Officially, Israel keeps a low profile on execution (But the obscene giggling is unmistakable)
  1992. Saudi criticises Iraq over Saddam execution
  1993. Saddam hanged but no let-up in Iraq violence (Expect increase)
  1994. Saparmurat Niyazov (READ)
  1995. World leaders welcome, condemn Saddam's execution
  1996. Saddam's enemies rejoice, many Arabs angry
  1997. World sheds few tears for Saddam, but anger over death penalty
  1998. Alarmist assessments of Iran's nuclear program lack key component: Zari
  1999. MK Tibi denounces 'sadistic' execution
  2000. CHALLENGES 2006-2007: The Year of Living Dangerously in the Middle East (READ)
  2001. Saddam Hussein - obituary
  2002. Abbas: Olmert broke his promise (He does that)
  2003. Fisk devotes a separate chapter to Armenian Genocide in latest book
  2004. Think Again: Ehud who? (READ)
  2005. World leaders divided on Saddam execution
  2006. Saddam lawyers decry 'political assassination' in statement
  2007. Saddam lawyer condemns execution as 'aggressor's injustice'
  2008. The US and the Execution of Saddam Hussein: No Respect for Law
  2009. The Haditha Double Standard
  2010. Gerald Ford Dead at 93: President Bush Mourns Loss of Innovative Bestower of Felony-Erasing Pardons - Signs of the Times - Fri, 29 Dec, 2006(It could be funnier)
  2011. A Bad Year for US Empire
  2012. Lawyer Ends Up Dead After Taking On Rove (As before, keep an eye on this one)
  2013. Study: Adults living with children eat more fat (or not)
  2014. Italy Stresses Opposition To Death Penalty After Saddam Execution
  2015. Cheney Hails Ford's Pardon of Nixon (LMAOROTFL - and hopes for same pardon!)
  2016. Edwards Wraps Up Early Campaign Blitz (Don't trust the weasel)
  2017. Posthumous candor (Gerald Ford)
  2018. Ford: Bush made 'big mistake' on Iraq justifications
  2019. Now we know: Canada melt down (Actually, you don't know shit about anything)
  2020. Vietnam reports first suspected bird flu cases in humans in a year (or not)
  2021. Eta ends ceasefire with Madrid airport bomb (or not)
  2022. Saddams execution condemned as travesty of justice (which, or course,it all was from the beginning)
  2023. Hillary falls to earth in poll race (Good riddance, but who wants any of these?)
  2024. Hold these grotesque executioners to account (READ)
  2025. Scoop: Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit
  2026. CNN, US media disregard condemnation of Saddam execution
  2027. In Search of a Criminal: Donald Rumsfeld's Name Tops the List of Accused of War Crimes
  2028. Canada pulled reporters from Afghanistan after Aust complaints
  2029. Typical violent day in Iraq after Hussein's death
  2030. Cheney Hails Ford's Pardon of Nixon (Hoping for the same)
  2031. Vast ice shelf collapses in the Arctic (and - um - what else is going on?)
  2032. Ford in Sync with Microsoft's technology? (Good reason to kill Ford Motor)
  2033. Indiana Jones cracks his whip once more (cheeez - who's even older than *I* am?!)
  2034. Spaniard, 67, becomes world oldest mum with twins
  2035. Hussein's Death Ends Saga with Bush Family (Just wait!)
  2036. A brutal chapter is closed (Several hundred more need to be closed desperately)
  2037. Violent life ends on gallows (Now - about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, ...)
  2038. AP ESSAY: Saddam Made Perfect Villain (Just made to be)
  2039. Guantanamo detainee review boards: 'Often fallen short'
  2040. Bush's Nightmare May Be Only Just Beginning (READ)
  2041. "Book: Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War" (Scott Ritter)
  2042. Press fears over Saddam execution
  2043. Timing of Saddam execution risks Arab backlash: analysts
  2044. 'Surge' Protectors (READ)
  2045. Europeans denounce Hussein's execution
  2046. The Food We Eat (READ)
  2047. The case for Iran
  2048. 2006: year of bloodshed in Afghanistan
  2049. Former Longtime Confidant Accuses Ariel Sharon of Assassinating Yasser Arafat
  2050. Herbicide-Resistant Superweed Spreading Among Genetically Engineered Cotton Fields in the U.S.(READ)
  2051. Herbicide-Resistant Weed Worries Farmers (READ the perfectly predictabl)
  2052. Democrat gives GOP Pa. House majority
  2053. FBI is inside every recent cellphone (READ! Another reason I will never have one)
  2054. Morales says Cuban doctors top U.S. medical aid
  2055. Feds to use crack UK police skills
  2056. Bush resolute on terrorism battle (He needs to create or fake more terrorism)
  2057. 'Higher levels of fighting' upcoming in Afghanistan, top U.S. general says
  2058. Five Years and Counting in Cuba
  2059. Outrageous (READ - but even here the kurd gassing that didn't happen is asserted)
  2060. Edwards Opposes More U.S. Troops in Iraq (Opportunistic Nazi Fuck)
  2061. Lugar Warns Bush Agaisnt More Troops in Iraq
  2062. U.S. military deaths in Iraq reach 3,000 (and how many scarred and maimed in pain for life?)
  2063. A Grim Milestone in Iraq: 3,000 American Deaths
  2064. US will be defeated in Afghanistan: Former CIA official (That doesn't take a crystal ball)
  2065. US 'licence to snoop' on British air travellers
  2066. Dick J. Reavis: Bush's MLK Day Speech (Some people actually sat and listened to this chimpshit)
  2067. Martha Rosenberg: New Year's Resolutions for Big Pharma (READ - It's corpagov as corpagov does!)
  2068. Psychiatrist: Impeach Bush for Good of Country
  2069. Defend Illegal Immigrants: Help Them! Harbor Them! (READ)
  2070. In Harm's Way: How Our National Coward Describes War
  2071. The Third Degree: an Interview with AC Thompson on the Origins of the CIA's Secret Rendition Flights
  2072. The War on Terror Hits Africa
  2073. Who Owns Ikea?: the Opaque Legacy of Ingvar Kamprad
  2074. Dying for Our Sins: A Lawyer for Saddam Describes How His Execution on the First of Eid May Turm Hin into a Martyr
  2075. On the Gallows, Curses for US and "Traitors"
  2076. 2007 - Year of Madness
  2077. Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness (by having S. Hussein murdered)
  2078. U.S. buries truth: Saddam's execution eliminates main witness against accomplices
  2079. Night Light: Overlooked Stories of 2006: Scientists Prove That Homosexuality Is Natural (except in the US)
  2080. Slum Planet, Schr&#-11;&#-11;dinger's 'You,' and Other Underreported Stories of 200
  2081. Hong Kong bans cigarettes (Imagine the revenue in licenses!)
  2082. Americans want a rapid exit from Iraq but elected leaders arent even considering it
  2083. Israel wont release Palestinian detainees
  2084. Saddam 'not hanged for revenge' (But to kill a witness)
  2085. WP: Bush has tripled aid to Africa (with what money we wonder)
  2086. US Buries the Truth
  2087. George Bush is my hero (Ed Koch has either lost his marbles or getting paid a lot)
  2088. The US and the Execution of Saddam Hussein: No Respect for Law
  2089. Series of bombs in Bangkok kill two and injure at least 30
  2090. Cattle genetically engineered to avoid mad cow disease (Uh-oh!)
  2091. Romanians and Bulgarians wake up as EU citizens
  2092. Olmert: Hamas demands disproportionate (which is what he will always claim)
  2093. Federal 'Hate Law' Could Be Introduced This Week (Corpagov is who hates our freedoms - and has taken them away - here goes freedom of speech)
  2094. Behind Colin Powell's Legend
  2095. Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons / Program was touted publicly, then came official gag order
  2096. Iraq braced for unhappy New Year
  2097. U.S. Questioned Iraq on the Rush to Hang Hussein (Nonsense: US set this date)
  2098. A Lynching... "America's biggest accomplishment in Iraq"
  2099. How one mobile phone made Saddam's hanging a very public execution
  2100. Execution Video Meant to Cause Shia-Sunni Conflict
  2101. Iran Seeks Condemnation of Israeli Nukes (Lots of luck)
  2102. Former Saddam judge says execution violates Iraqi law
  2103. Several heavy explosions hit Baghdad
  2104. In US, rallies against Saddam's execution
  2105. Anti-Aging Molecule Discovered (or not)
  2106. Send 500,000 impeachment letters to Pelosi by her first day as speaker Jan. 3
  2107. Australia has betrayed Hicks, says Fraser
  2108. Iraq govt to probe filming of Hussein hanging (BFD)
  2109. Prisoners clash with guards in Iraq jail
  2110. US peace groups rally after 3,000th soldier killed
  2111. Reuters AlertNet - ANALYSIS-Iraqis see U.S. push against Sadr's Mehdi Army
  2112. Eliot Spitzer's Constitutional Hang Up: Architect of New York's Patriot Act
  2113. Iron Man, Tin God: the Meaning of Saddam Hussein
  2114. GOP Lawmakers Divided About "Surge" in Troops (?? There's no winnig; go home, asholes)
  2115. Will Democratic-led Congress deliver, or dispute? (or continue to fuck the US)
  2116. US mourns President Ford (Some could not care less)
  2117. Microsoft hangs self out to dry
  2118. Howard voted 'most embarrassing Aussie' (They got that right!)
  2119. Cows Engineered to Lack Mad Cow Disease (Who know what these Thieving Fucks are doing)
  2120. Older men with stress disorder prone to heart attack risk (No shit?!)
  2121. Study: War trauma may raise heart risk (No?! Really?)
  2122. Hypertension, alcohol can mix just a little (It's ancient pseudonews, and why don't you just fuck off)
  2123. Brazil's Lula pledges to help poor, rein in gang-related violence (His atting average hasn't been very good in that)
  2124. Iraqi officials report 16,273 deaths (Do only deaths count?!)
  2125. CNN apologizes for Obama gaffe in Bin Laden graphic
  2126. Think tank: Israel could attack Iran's nukes program on its own
  2127. Next big test of power to seize property? | csmonitor.com
  2128. Iraqis who aided U.S. find closed doors
  2129. Lieberman: Israel Should Join NATO and the EU (Maybe NATO isn't quite that stupid)
  2130. Police Roadblock Harassment Caught on Tape (Keep up the good work)
  2131. Secret U.S. plan to overthrow Syrian government (Iraqization?)
  2132. The Court-Martial of Ehren Watada Begins
  2133. US unit works quietly to counter Iran's sway
  2134. Olmert's secretary under investigation
  2135. israel desperately seeks war with Iran (READ)
  2136. How to Start a Civil War
  2137. The Sago Mine Disaster -- One Year Later
  2138. America's Holy Warriors (READ)
  2139. An all-consuming 'war on terror' (READ)
  2140. Hamas accepts Israeli offer of 450 Palestinian prisoners for Shalit (Reduced from 1,000)
  2141. Israel to test installation to monitor Iran's nuclear activity (That will say what they want it to say)
  2142. Anger over Saddam hanging spills into streets (as planned and desired)
  2143. Now it's Time to Hang the Rest of Them. (READ)
  2144. More fuel on Iraq's spreading flames
  2145. Israel says it can do Iran on it's own (The usual combined arrogance and stupidity)
  2146. 'War trauma may lead to future heart disease' (unsurprising)
  2147. Betrayal of the Big Easy (Corpagov interests are not your interests)
  2148. WaPo: Private Security Guards given Police Powers ?!
  2149. Televangelist sued over 'God can heal' claim
  2150. Ethiopian helicopters miss Somali target, bomb Kenyan border post
  2151. Lieberman asks new UN chief to revoke Iran's membership (Tantrum of a mental midget)
  2152. America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version (Video)
  2153. Con man the star of Fijian political sting
  2154. Anti-War Protestors Arrested on Golden Gate Bridge
  2155. Philadelphia Inquirer to lay off 68
  2156. Missing: Ambassador Glaspies Comments (READ!)
  2157. Iraq [Puppet Government] orders shutdown of Baghdad office of TV station
  2158. Bush 'to reveal Iraq troop boost'
  2159. New Jersey Panel Urges End to Death Penalty
  2160. After 200 years, D.C. residents may get a vote in Congress (READ)
  2161. 100 Years Later, the Food Industry Is Still 'The Jungle' (READ)
  2162. Central Banks Tiptoeing Away From the Dollar
  2163. TSA Nears Decision on Contract for Government ID Cards
  2164. Robertson Predicts Terror Attack On U.S. With 'Mass Killing' (God told him! A God named Chimpy perhaps?)
  2165. Shocked by Hussein, Italy seeks UN death penalty ban (What about USUKIL assassinations?)
  2166. Olbermann: Special comment about 'sacrifice'
  2167. FBI: Workers saw prisoner abuse at Guantanamo
  2168. Australia: A bleak outlook for jobs despite official figures (It's not just Australia)
  2169. Japan's "education reform" to indoctrinate nationalism
  2170. Ford's funeral: the hollow pomp of a corrupt and crisis-ridden establishment
  2171. Saddam Hussein execution: A sectarian lynching
  2172. John Stanton: Appetites for Destruction
  2173. Peter Rost: The Saddam Hussein Execution Video
  2174. Al Krebs: Global Food Security, a Call to Action (READ)
  2175. The Tyrant is Dead! Long Live ... ?
  2176. James Brooks: Pushing the Wedge in Palestine (READ)
  2177. Return of the Warlords: Death and Destruction for Somalis
  2178. Michael Watts: Oil Inferno (READ - Nigeria)
  2179. History of Bushes and Hussein Is Hard to Ignore (READ)
  2180. DOJ Probes Interior Officials' Ties to Oil Program
  2181. House Democrats Object to Florida Election Outcome
  2182. Iraq Civilian Deaths Hit New Record
  2183. Bush May Oust Top Commander for Backing Troop Withdrawal (Another hellava job done)
  2184. Coroner: Mayor-elect's death was suicide (Suicide?)
  2185. Ethiopian troops to leave Somalia 'within weeks'
  2186. Kenya forces Somali refugees home
  2187. Execution footage leads to criticism (Why should it be hidden?)
  2188. Back to the constitution (EU)
  2189. Merkel Seeks Closer US-EU Economic Cooperation
  2190. Saddam Dead, Mission Accomplished The Bush Dynasty May Sleep in Peace
  2191. 'Tony Blair is a liar', says dead soldier's fiancee (Very big)
  2192. We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits
  2193. Bush considers firing senior US commander in Ira
  2194. Hussein -- terrorist or terrorized?
  2195. Soldiers and Imperial Presidents
  2196. FBI files detail Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo torture tactics
  2197. CEOs have already made a mint this year
  2198. Bush declares war on Democratic Congress (A terrorist Congress isn't far from the truth)
  2199. The President is Sealing His Fate (has sealed)
  2200. Voice of the White House January 1, 2007 (READ)
  2201. The Franklin Coverup Scandal: The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse
  2202. CYA For The USA - The Coverup Of Complicity Continues
  2203. Saddam hanging nearly halted over jeers-prosecutor Reuters
  2204. US Hypocrisy Reaches All Time High (in the trial Ltn. Ehren Watada)
  2205. Israeli general suggests to use Azerbaijan's airbases in strike against Iran (Who controls whom?)
  2206. Contrary To Pentagon Claims, Gen. Casey Still Warning Against Troop Escalation In Iraq
  2207. Hidden History: Why did the Jews flee Iraq? (READ)
  2208. Bush prepares for [Zionist] Congress battle over Iraq
  2209. Israel no longer civilized (Whe, exactly WAS it civilized?)
  2210. UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan
  2211. AIPAC blows hole in Dem lobbying reform bill Who has bought whom?)
  2212. Saddam Hussein becomes an Arab folk hero
  2213. Missing votes in Ohio call races into question
  2214. Israel seeks operational link with U.S. missile defense system (You bet!)
  2215. US will lose in Afghanistan: ex-CIA hand
  2216. Putin Cleans House
  2217. Topics to Discuss Over Breakfast
  2218. Mexico offers satnav to illegals crossing into the US (!!)
  2219. How To: Disable Your Passport's RFID Chip (READ)
  2220. America's Red Ink (Make the corpagov cough it all up!)
  2221. Guards did not even allow Saddam to sleep
  2222. US told to stop spoiling israel (The Bad Seed)
  2223. Mission Accomplished - by Justin Raimondo (READ - Justin finally has figured as I did years ago the mission is TOTAL DESTRUCTION by all means possible)
  2224. Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel (Video)
  2225. Ellison will Take Oath on Thomas Jefferson's Copy of the Koran (Such poetry!)
  2226. Keane/Kagan Plan Means More Bloodshed (READ)
  2227. Fox News reporter says Bush admitted using cocaine, then retreats, citing, 'questions'
  2228. Doubling Down on the Imperial Mission in 2007 (Get ready for it)
  2229. US to launch campaign to isolate Iran financially (Only genetically defective would try to conjure that)
  2230. Student held in shooting death of classmate (Psych. state of too many USians induced by corpagov)
  2231. Washington family disputes suicide findings
  2232. Evidence from Prosecutor: Americans allowed the mobile video of the hanging
  2233. Call to Action Feb. 5, Lt. Watada Military Court Martial
  2234. Saddam hanging threatens al-Maliki government's neck
  2235. ASIO 'tricked on Hawke plot' (By way of deception ....)
  2236. FBI cites cruelty to detainees
  2237. Eschewing its own reporting, ABC News relied solely on Drudge to report Alleged NYT Story
  2238. Protesters disrupt press conference on lobbying reform
  2239. Electronic voting led to errors, report says (Oh, really? LMAO)
  2240. Negroponte [War Criminal] Resigns from Intelligence Post (to do more damage as deputy secratary of state)
  2241. White House Won't Condemn Hussein Taunts (He had it coming?)
  2242. BREAKING NEWS From the Italian daily Corriere della Sera Moqtada al-Sadr would have been among the the executioners of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
  2243. Nicola Nasser: Somalia, New Hotbed of Anti-Americanism (I wonder why?)
  2244. Dispatch from the Chinese Landfill
  2245. Ireland's Slavish Hostility Toward Cuba
  2246. Trita Parsi: A Lose-Lose Situation With Iran (Loss and destruction is what USUKIL desires)
  2247. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush Cuts and Runs from Reason (Paul doesn't understand the premises)
  2248. Feds: Crisis Communications Sub-Par in US (That's necessary)
  2249. Democrats Finalize New Ethics Rules (BFD)
  2250. Activists Seek Bolder Approach to War, Spying (We'll see)
  2251. Hussein Execution Videographer Arrested
  2252. Study Indicates Electronic Voting Systematically Flawed (Known for 6 years!)
  2253. Iraq Prime Minister Wishes to Quit
  2254. Stupid Is as Stupid Does (There is still method in their madness)
  2255. The Aesthetics of Execution
  2256. Russia fingers Israeli fugitive in radiation poison probe
  2257. School Cameras Spy On Kids In Toilets
  2258. Wild Bees Reject Genetically Engineered Crop (Hmmmm)
  2259. On the Eve of the New America, The Edge of Madness Returns
  2260. This is how America now treats people who make plans to go to Busch Gardens (READ)
  2261. Toyota creating alcohol detection system (First idiot idea of the year?)
  2262. FEMA: Calif. Levees Worse Than Thought
  2263. U.S. Bars Lab From Testing Electronic Voting (What else needs to be said?)
  2264. Iraq ready to hang Hussein's co-defendants
  2265. Bush's spy chief quits to support Iraq 'surge' (and there's why)
  2266. Second U.S. carrier group to deploy to Gulf: sources
  2267. 20,000 mall security guards to receive anti-terrorism training (from whom you will NOT be safe)
  2268. The Rapid City Journal - Justices Take Selves Off Case (Almost too funny to believe)
  2269. New UN chief Israel at the heart of the problem
  2270. Israelis blast past others in bid to own moon (On what grounds? Just stupid)
  2271. Iran leader: I believe Israel will soon collapse (The sooner the better)
  2272. Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq (Same experts who badgered for US invasion?)
  2273. U.S. Contractors Cited in Human Trafficking Report (This you privatised army per war criminal Rumsfeld's construction)
  2274. Sex slavery taints Wilberforce anniversary
  2275. Senate's First Day Sure To Shock Bush (You mean the Congress ISN'T bought?!)
  2276. Passed Over by Pelosi, Harman Doesn't Get Even. She Gets Mad. (Infighting among the zionist reptos)
  2277. Pentagon Prepares For Iraq Troop Surge (Pentagon preparation is an oxymoron)
  2278. Bush says feds can open mail without warrant (Simon says, "You are scum under my boots; get used to it!")
  2279. 'Why the US should be worried' (In which order would you like this infinite list?)
  2280. Mullah Omar says hasn't seen bin Laden for years (Because he's dead; this isn't a riddle)
  2281. Big Brother sugars the surveillance pill (England Prevails! - as its own worst nightmare)
  2282. Tyrant or martyr? (S. Hussein, of course - READ)
  2283. Saddam: From monster to martyr?
  2284. TOP 11 REASONS YOU SHOULD FIGHT HATE LAWS (and only top 11! READ, damnit!)
  2285. Anti-War Protesters Disrupt Capitol Hill News Conference
  2286. Oklahoma City Bombing: An al-Qaeda Connection? (Right, as in al-CIAda)
  2287. Iraq Vets Come Home Physically, Mentally Butchered (to be tortured by their own corpagov)
  2288. Midas Ears (READ, several times)
  2289. Conscientious Rejector? (Entire corpagov needs to be jailed along with their families, for life of all)
  2290. THE TRIAL OF EHREN WATADA (by a government of occupation)
  2291. Miers Resigns As White House Counsel (Frightened?)
  2292. Fox News Belittles Most Powerful Woman in Politics (Pelosi is an opportunistic zionist, and for one Faux news got it right)
  2293. Is the IMF about to go bankrupt? (Ah, Wolfowitz! That would be pretty funny. Did he hire Dov Zackheim, or did he do it himself?)
  2294. Keep on Tracking With GPS Shoes (Oh, feel more secure!)
  2295. Bush replaces top general in Middle East who opposed troop surge
  2296. New federal rules require companies to audit IMs (Monopole of evil: US corpagov of occupation)
  2297. Ramallah provocation (Osrael only wants peace through genocide)
  2298. Why Indian Country Is Becoming America's Waste Dump (READ)
  2299. Bush shuffles top Iraq aides ahead of overhaul (I'm sorry my projectile vomitting is short on range)
  2300. US warships guard Somali coast ("guard"? Is that the word?)
  2301. In Somalia, a reckless U.S. proxy war
  2302. Blumenthal Files Lawsuit Over Federal Electricity Surcharge (Not a trivial matter)
  2303. Crude settles at lowest level since 2005 (for today; but, instability is the watchword)
  2304. Rangel Evicts Cheney From Choice Capitol Digs (His satisfaction is easily understood; imagine the snarling returns)
  2305. Democrats Set Homeland Security Changes (Nothing short of killing it is acceptable)
  2306. Nuclear security director forced to resign over lapses (incompetence is no excuse for crime)
  2307. US activists plan Guantanamo jail protest in Cuba
  2308. Australian Lawmakers Want to Visit Hicks at Guantanamo Bay
  2309. Iraq envoy expected to be tapped for U.N. post (He must have been good bonkers boy)
  2310. MoveOn.org to crash McCain, Lieberman speeches (at AEI - an axis of evil unto itself)
  2311. Key US Democrat might consider troop boost in Iraq (No surprise that Levin is Jewish)
  2312. France indicts president of Rwanda (Interresting)
  2313. NDP rallies to the defence of Canadian imperialism
  2314. The Bush administration's committee for regime change in Iran (A committee somehow makes this legal?)
  2315. White House, US military respond to outrage over Hussein's execution (with customary "fuck you" inappropriateness)
  2316. Brookings Institution preview of the Democratic Congress: Snapshot of an establishment in crisis (or a corpagov and edge of collapse)
  2317. Democrats take control of Congress with pledge to work with Bush (Of course! The Congress of whores has been bought)
  2318. Can Eli Lilly be Held Criminally Liable for Zyprexa? (Yes, next question?)
  2319. Hail the Hangman, Jail the Cameraman!
  2320. George Bisharat: Carter's Truths (READ)
  2321. The Rain of Riches: Bonuses, Then and Now
  2322. Report from Oaxaca
  2323. Can the US Legally Kill Iraqi Children?: a Challenge to the Supreme Court (READ)
  2324. So This is Plan B? The US Attack on Saleh Al-Mutlaq's Headquarters
  2325. Has Regime Change Boomeranged? (Has genocide boomeranged?)
  2326. A Guide to Earmarks: Will the Democrats' Reforms Do Anything to Curb Pork Barrel Spending? (No, next question?)
  2327. The Martyrdom of Saddam Hussein
  2328. Peace Protesters Disrupt Press Conference on Lobbying Reform
  2329. US Troops Deployed Near Somalia
  2330. Top Spy Negroponte to Become Rice's Deputy (A criminal duo)
  2331. In Padilla Wiretaps, Murky View of "Jihad" Case
  2332. Democrats Divided on War Remedy (Only the witless and procured could be divided)
  2333. But It's Thomas Jefferson's Koran! (Must enrage the fundy neocrazies)
  2334. Pelosi Becomes Speaker, Preparing to Confront Bush (The wicked witch of the West will sink to her knees and do unspeakable things, none of which in volve confrontation)
  2335. Bush Signing Statement Claims Power To Open Americans' Mail (and anything else he feels like. "It's just a goddamn scrap of paper!")
  2336. Fox: 'Infamous Sheehan takes break from stalking Bush' (But infamous illegal WH resident takes no break in murdering US citizens)
  2337. Bush: No peace with Iran arming (Key sign W is lying: his lips move)
  2338. Bush 'rewrites' law to peek at US mail
  2339. Libya plans Saddam gallows statue (grotesque)
  2340. Iraq denies Saddam was 'humiliated' (so, you know it's true)
  2341. Rumsfeld to land in court (He needs to be with S. Hussein, having murdered far more)
  2342. Democrats, Pelosi take charge in House (Oh, rapture!)
  2343. Ugly Dynamic in Somalia: US Backs Reactionary Invasion by Ethiopia (READ)
  2344. Fiji coup leader sworn in as premier
  2345. Behind Negroponte's Move (His death squad artistry)
  2346. Negroponte to Leave Intelligence Post for US State Department (He a murderer, not an intellect)
  2347. First Muslim Elected To US House Takes Oath With Hand on Quran
  2348. Patrick sworn in as state's first black governor (MA)
  2349. Patrick takes historic oath of office
  2350. Expect chilly retail sales data (Indeed)
  2351. FTC fines marketers of weight loss pills (and those truly cheated will get nothing in pay back)
  2352. Ashley the pillow angel: love or madness? (truly grotesque)
  2353. New WHO chief to focus on women, Africa (Focusing on truth would be nice)
  2354. WHO Chief Warns Bird Flu Threat Has Not Gone Away (speaking of which)
  2355. More Rhode Island Schools Closed in Disease Outbreak
  2356. Merkel promotes Tafta with Bush (for which we we all suffer while orpas prosper)
  2357. Saddam execution: SP observes Black Day
  2358. Bush to seek billions, 20,000 more troops for Iraq (In whose interests?)
  2359. LegalNewsline | Campaign-funding probes popping up in election aftermath (SD)
  2360. White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says
  2361. The Next Top Spy (The revolving door)
  2362. Olmert says sorry for civilian death in West Bank (but doesn't give a rat's ass)
  2363. Conduct charges might help Watada's defense (A trial whose existence is a crime)
  2364. U.S. to give Abbas forces $86 mln amid power struggle (That's Fatah, not Hamas; it's for Fatah to buy votes)
  2365. US, Iraqi forces launch major offensive targeting insurgent haven (Is everybody dead now?)
  2366. The Real Cost of the Iraq War: 50,000 U.S. Casualties
  2367. 'My crime was to protest at Israeli assassinations'
  2368. U.S. Army war resister's lawyer says Army is attempting to silence his defens
  2369. Peanuts Kill More Americans Than Terrorists
  2370. House Dems move to change budget rules
  2371. US says its pursuit of Somali "al-Qaeda terrorists" a right (under what authority?)
  2372. Stop-Gap Cop Measure: Hire 'Illegals' (Corpagov private police force & private army for occupation of US)
  2373. The Surge to Nowhere
  2374. Dutch border police detain man at Schiphol with nine passports (What nationality would they dare not reveal?)
  2375. Cointelpro to the Patriot Act: A Legacy of Torture
  2376. Bombing Iran for Israel (READ)
  2377. IRAN WAR 'IN 2YRS'
  2378. Bush: No peace with Iran [allegedly] developing nuclear arms
  2379. Lack of passport could ground you
  2380. Global Hawk Spy Drone Makes First Official Air Combat Command Flight Across USA
  2381. Finally, Israel admits Hezbollah&#-11;&#-11;s victory in Lebanon
  2382. Chinese imports bruise tire maker (Think of all the blowouts and accidents)
  2383. U.S. civilian contractor said kidnapped in Iraq (These are the guys to get)
  2384. Confronting the Empire - by Justin Raimondo
  2385. Failure Personified: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - by Doug Bandow
  2386. Iraq Vets Left in Physical and Mental Agony
  2387. Sacrifice Translates into More Dead People
  2388. 'This is BS': Matthews Mad Dems Not Moving To End War (The Dems are bought!)
  2389. Ellsberg Surprises Panel on Prosecuting Leaks (READ)
  2390. Nuclear plant target for stolen rocket launchers, police allege (Ratcheting up the fear lever of the sheeple)
  2391. Foxman And The ADL Must be Stopped!
  2392. Flour in Condoms Sent Her to Jail (Wacko nation)
  2393. Liberty Dollars and the Royal Hawaiian Mint (READ)
  2394. Prosecutors: Ney at Center of Conspiracy
  2396. In an instant, retirement savings vanish (Modern Magick)
  2397. The Spirit of Tom Paine
  2398. Military Tells Bush It Has Only 9,000 Troops Available For Surge
  2399. New WHO chief issues bird flu warning (Paid stooge of the international corpagov banks)
  2400. Democrats rename 5 House committees (5 card monte?)
  2401. Prosecutors Cite More Favors by Lawmaker (Progress, or the usual corpagov garbage)
  2402. 146 'High Risk' Threats Against Pataki (LOL - Pataki is NOT that important to bother killing: they're making this shit up)
  2403. Search continues for other missing weapons (Get a life!)
  2404. Nuclear plant target for stolen rocket launchers, police allege (Get a grip, guys! You ARE guys, aren't you?)
  2405. Counter-IED systems jam tactical comms in Iraq (Scalpels in the hands of infants)
  2406. Critics Slam Possible Iraq Troop Boost (with entirely too little enthusiasm)
  2407. Screaming Eagle to lead Bush's Iraq surge (The treacly drama of idiots is more than I can stand)
  2408. McCain: Iraq troop surge must be 'significant and sustained' (Just give him lots of thorizine, and he'll become tolerable)
  2409. Adm. Fallon to lead U.S. war in Iraq (He has to be a senile asshole to say yes)
  2410. Chirac: Iraq War Destabilized Mideast *Understatement of the year)
  2411. Experts describe UK as world's "first onshore tax haven" (USUKAUIL: world's first criminal corpagov haven)
  2412. Howard government unveils new "Australian values" citizenship test (Question #1: how did this sick, evil poodle asshole Howard get to PM?!)
  2413. Behind the New Year's Eve bombings in Thailand (READ)
  2414. Romania and Bulgaria join the European Union
  2415. Volkswagen workers in Brussels speak to the WSWS: the unions' role is "shameful"
  2416. Bush purges Iraq command to prepare military escalation
  2417. Lucinda Marshall: 3003 Funerals
  2418. Americans Voted for Peace: Has the New Congress Already Let Them Down? (Yes, next question?)
  2419. Travis Sharpe: No More New Nukes, Please (So, what's the purpose of armsescalation? Economic destruction, and terrorizing all you dummies into accepting, nay, demanding globalized enslavement)
  2420. The Great Relaxer: Bush and Federal Regulations
  2421. John Walsh: Clash of the Elites (READ - the general sooth in relatively few words)
  2422. Growing the Military: Who Will Serve? (Slaves and Mercenaries)
  2423. Waxman Launches New Committee to Monitor Bush Administration
  2424. Pelosi Delivers "Toughest Congressional Ethics Reform in History" (or not)
  2425. US Launches Major Assault in Diyala Province, Iraq (Why?)
  2426. Bush to Replace Generals Who Opposed Escalation of War
  2427. New UN Chief Calls for Resignations of 30 UN Officials
  2428. Democrats Attack as Bush Alters Iraq Plan (or not)
  2429. Soldiers and Imperial Presidents
  2430. Executing Saddam Hussein was an Act of Vandalism -R. Dawkins
  2431. White House uses secret memo to fight court order
  2432. It's up to us to stop this war
  2433. Banking groups urge Pentagon to narrowly apply law (How your money is sucked from your pockets)
  2434. Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch
  2435. The Mossad in the CIA (READ & REMEMBER)
  2436. The Privacy Office
  2437. What's wrong with Israelis
  2438. Iraq PM warns over Saddam hanging (That sounds SO Israeli!)
  2439. Prominent Palestinian cleric shot dead (by whom?)
  2440. Surge Protection Plan (NEGROPONTE War Criminal)
  2441. The whole bloody thing was obscene (The lynching of Saddam Hussein)
  2442. Blair still silent on Saddam
  2443. They have made a killing (READ)
  2444. 'Madame Speaker,' The Honeymoon Is Over
  2445. Israel's Bad Influence
  2446. The Surge to Nowhere: Traveling the Planet Neocon Road to Baghdad (Again)
  2447. Bush purges Iraq command to prepare military escalation
  2448. Another batch of fake "Al Qaeda?" (We have batches that haven't even been used)
  2449. Thoughts on Carter's book
  2450. Senate Regrets the Vote to Enter Iraq (almong with the several thousand other crimes?)
  2451. Hicks' father sceptical of possible new charges
  2452. At least six months before Hicks is given a hearing (They were barely potty trained)
  2453. New Guantanamo charges seen by February (Sic [sic] Circus)
  2454. Lawmaker: U.S. catching, releasing top terror targets
  2455. Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity
  2456. Future of Iraq: The spoils of war (may be much less than anticipated)
  2457. Israeli general suggests to use Azerbaijan's airbases in strike against Iran (I think not)
  2458. Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran (and is prepared, ergo, for its annihilation)
  2459. Confronting Recruiters: the Story of the Bush Street Raiders
  2460. Beyond Chavistas and Anti-Chavistas: Deepening the Bolivaran Revolution
  2461. Gary Leupp: Impeach the President!
  2462. A State Restored? Somalia and 4GW
  2463. Crimes Against Humanity from Ford to Saddam
  2464. From Cointelpro to the Patriot Act: a Legacy of Torture
  2465. Fidel Castro in the Fields
  2466. Uri Avnery: The Kiss of Death (READ)
  2467. Brian Cloughley: We Do What We Like (READ)
  2468. The Needle and the Damage Done: Tortured in the Death Chamber
  2469. Globalization in Retreat? (One can only hope)
  2470. Paul Craig Roberts: The Urge to Surge
  2471. Franklin C. Spinney: Stalingrad on the Tigris
  2472. Democrats Attack as Bush Alters Iraq Plan (Irrelevant?)
  2473. In Iraq New General, New Escalation
  2474. Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many
  2475. Public Prohibited From Viewing White House Visitor Logs
  2476. GOP Senator Confronts Bush on Opening Mail
  2477. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Makes the Case for Impeachment (Brava!)
  2478. Pelosi, Reid Urge Bush to Begin Iraq Pullout
  2479. Will Jimmy Carter's Book Liberate the Palestinians?
  2480. The "Demonization" of Muslims and the Battle for Oil
  2481. Israeli 'traitor' vilified in press freed after two years in jail (Another loverly place to live)
  2482. Hamas: U.S. is funding a 'revolt' against our gov't
  2483. Fischer: Israeli Banks exploit the poor and undercharge the wealthy
  2484. Rattling the Cage: A bigot called Bibi (READ)
  2485. The Raw Story | Frank Rich: Surge is a sham; Forces that killed Sheehan's son now run Iraq
  2487. Surge backers demand 18-24 months of buildup (Of course - maybe you'll have another crises by then?)
  2488. Bush to add up to 30,000 more in Iraq (The number is rising)
  2489. Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation (Principle of unintended consequences never sleeps)
  2490. Global warming brings malaria to Italy (or not)
  2491. Anti-War Movement's Impact On New Congress
  2492. December employment growth strong (A minor bubble not matched by retail sales)
  2493. 2006 ends with strong job growth (What an utterly stupid thing to say)
  2494. The Black affair: Conrad's last stand
  2495. Israel denies planning attack on Iran's nuclear facilities (They also have this brisge in Brooklyn to sell)
  2496. U.S. puts squeeze on Iran's oil fields (US is delusional)
  2497. Pelosi plays politics with the lives of our soldiers (Israel first rich bitch, and little else)
  2498. Sheehan in Cuba to protest Gitmo prison (AP people: take courses in semiotics!)
  2499. Blair faces new challenge over Saudi arms deal (This should be fun - but not for the asslicking poodle)
  2500. 1,000 PEOPLE SPELL OUT "IMPEACH!" IN PELOSI'S DISTRICT (Im peach Pelosi)
  2501. ISRAEL PLANS NUCLEAR STRIKE ON IRAN (and therefore plans tro die)
  2502. Chavez cancels opposition (Al-CIAMI6Mossada) TV station's license
  2503. The Unmentionable Hypocrisy: Hussein Hanged, Bush and Blair Remain in Power (Indeed)
  2504. Iraq poised to end drought for thirsting oil giants (US hanky-panky willgenerate MANY murders)
  2505. Haditha - worse than we were told (As if it weren't bad enough)
  2506. Sudan orders air strikes on Darfur before arrival of UN peacekeepers
  2507. UK Taxman to get bugging and phone-tap powers (Fascism blooms all over)
  2508. Saddam's 'snuff video' signals the end of editorial control (Fuck MSM!)
  2509. Who Will Try Bush? (Possibly, no one will have to)
  2510. 71 bodies found as Iraqi PM announces security crackdown
  2511. Dallas-based food chain to accept Mexican pesos (The farce of $US will play to large audiences)
  2512. The Gates cash that keeps people healthy but makes them sick (M$ is stil a racketeering operation)
  2513. Revenge over justice (US controlled hanging of president Huussein)
  2514. State in a coma (When a leader is evil, I am allowed to be evil)
  2515. The Imperial Presidency 2.0 (will become worse yet; he still has 2 more YEARS!)
  2516. Bush and the Neocon's 'Surge' to Nowhere
  2517. Britons to be scanned for FBI database (Hey everyone! Stay home! The heir to the kingdom of all evil rules here)
  2518. Polish archbishop quits amid row (Why should his collusion be so surprising?)
  2519. Why would Britons want to visit the US when they will be treated as crminals?
  2520. Israeli Soldiers who Shot Unarmed Palestinian in Back not Indicted by Chief Military Prosecutor (It was only a Palestinian for heaven's sake!)
  2522. Rogue State of Israel Threatens Nuke Strikes on Iran
  2523. The Gaelic Starover: TELL ISRAEL, "NO!!!!!" (READ)
  2524. Detroit may shut up to 52 schools (lacking any inventiveness)
  2525. Hoyer and Dems Set Stage for Iran Attack (VERY bad idea, guys)
  2526. Iraqi Girl tells of US Attack in Haditha
  2527. israel denies the obvious yet again (Accepting government lies is part of politics and diplomacy)
  2528. Pelosi hints at denying Bush Iraq funds (Pelosi belongs in a sewer)
  2529. Genetic Engineering of Foods: Is Fish Protein In Your Ice Cream? (That's the least of horrors)
  2531. Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran
  2532. Bird flu drug carries a lethal threat (That's what it was designed for anyhow)
  2533. House approves changes to budget rules (a small start)
  2534. Volunteers 'with heat' to support National Guard
  2535. UK troops 'to guard power plants'
  2536. Tape Linked to Al-Qaeda Urges Fight to 'Martyrdom' From Al-CIAda Productions Inc.)
  2537. U.S. Navy Prevents Islamic Fighters From Fleeing By Sea (Were they given a religious quiz?)
  2538. U.S. Selecting Hybrid Design for Nuclear Warheads
  2539. Army Eyes Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (Watch them drool, dreaming of all the corpses!)
  2540. An unholy alliance threatening catastrophe (READ)
  2541. Democrats: Nuclear Iran unacceptable (Democrats are equally unacceptable)
  2542. Israel denies plan to hit Iran enrichment plant with tactical nukes (so you know it's true)
  2543. UK's Brown: Saddam was hanged in 'deplorable' way (Who would have thought he could possibly notice)
  2544. Blair critical of hanging scenes (who has no business criticizing anything)
  2545. UN calls for halt to Iraq executions
  2546. Democrats vow intense scrutiny of Bush Iraq plan (Pelosi has just become a military strategist - lying bitch)
  2547. Bush meets security team in advance of Iraq speech (Butchman pseuprez and HIS team - wow! cool!)
  2548. New U.S. Iraq commander says may need three years (give or take a century)
  2549. Leahy Introduces Bills to Combat War Profiteering, Public Corruption (You can try anyhow)
  2550. Hussein lawyers claim his body was abused (Rumsfeld made a secret trip for that?)
  2551. In Days Before Hanging, a Push for Revenge and a Push Back From the U.S. (Criminals arguing about who is MORE guilty)
  2552. Bush goes on the hunt for a good lawyer (Send him, his entire gang and Kissinger to the Hague, to rot waiting without any habeus corpus shit)
  2553. Dems to Hold 11 Separate Hearings on Iraq War (all will disolve in shit)
  2554. Pelosi, Reid Urge Bush to Begin Iraq Pullout (Pelosi sucks dead syphillitic bears!)
  2555. CNN Presents air disaster misinformation (That's CNN's job)
  2556. Experts Suggest the CIA, Not Kim Jong-il, is Counterfeiting Dollars (For Al-CIAda, this would be supremely in form and probable)
  2557. Israel Divulges Plan to Nuke Iran (Illegal for US to aid IL with nukes)
  2558. If Caught, Deny Everything
  2559. Doing nothing over Iran risks leaving Israel to act (and to die quickly)
  2560. Media Critic's Blog Shuttered After Disney Complains (READ)
  2561. Military strike is only way to stop Iran, says top Israeli strategist (and annihilation is the only way to stop Israel's genocides)
  2562. Iran Issues Warning to Israel Over Reported Nuke Threat
  2563. Bush attacked over 'rolling surge' of 20,000 more troops for Iraq (He needs to be arrested quickly)
  2564. Guantanamo man 'losing his sanity'
  2565. Charles's fear over Diana interviews
  2566. Canadian victim of CIA brainwashing seeks class-action against government
  2567. Bush goes on the hunt for a good lawyer (who would also have to be pure slime)
  2568. When failure's worth $200M, something's out of whack (How many years has this shit been going on?)
  2569. VW unit sales rise 9.3% to record 5.73 mln in 2006
  2570. Brown to end Blair's terror strategy (Really?)
  2571. Cold weather in Europe "could bring bird flu to UK," says vet official (or not - it's allegedly there anyhow)
  2572. Sen. Biden announces intent to seek presidency (Stay Home!)
  2573. Illinois House Votes To Freeze Electric Rates
  2574. Illinois House Votes To Freeze Electric Rates (No Shit!)
  2575. Pentagon to train a sharper eye on Africa (More people to murder!)
  2576. More heroin from Afghanistan pouring into U.S. cities (Through Al-CIAda)
  2577. Marines' Photos Provide Graphic Evidence in Haditha Probe
  2578. They have made a killing (speaking of obscene)
  2579. War's Toll on Iraqis Put at 22,950 in '06 (Now multiply by 10 to get destroyed, but quite killed yet)
  2580. Bush to offer $1bn in 'aid' and 20,000 troops to Iraq (Not surging now, merely pushing?)
  2581. Bush to announce new Iraq plan Wednesday [yawn]
  2582. Bush picks Reagan attorney as replacement for Harriet Miers (Is he sleazy enough?)
  2583. Bush Senior Early CIA Ties Revealed
  2584. Rell Questions Arrest of Political Activist At Inaugural Parade
  2585. State Called Man 'Threat'
  2586. MI5 launches instant terror alerts by email (all to be deleted as SPAM - freaking brilliant!)
  2587. NTSB investigates D.C. subway derailment (Infrastucture is not being maintained)
  2588. Gas-Like Odor Permeates Parts of New York City
  2589. NYC gas smell shuts trains, forces evacuations (When you force evacuations, you get odors)
  2590. NY area hit by gas smell, 7 hospitalized (Everyone was so relieved when Bloomber said it was OK)
  2591. Bird Deaths Shut Down Downtown Austin (Crumbling infrastructure)
  2592. Downtown Austin reopens after dead birds found (State terrorism, however, is easy to maintain)
  2593. Charges Dropped in Miami Port Scare (Another fizzled state terrorism attempt)
  2594. Plastic Explosives Detected at Miami (or no - and you'll never hear about this again: police destroyed the evidence)
  2595. Chemical Cloud in Texas: Sugar Land Plume Causes Lockdown (Rotting infrastructure provides more state terrorism)
  2596. Bushs War Heating UpAttack on Iran Imminent (READ)
  2597. Di inquest 'to quash theories' (Is especially will not)
  2598. Bush leans to phasing in new Iraq troops (Will be repeated, day after day until you can't stand it, then ....)
  2599. Big Lies, Small Lies and False Flags Waving
  2600. Digital gold and a flawed global order (READ)
  2601. Condis Savage War on the Palestinians (Wicked Witch of the East)
  2602. America's new puppet (Ethiopia!)
  2603. War with Iran is imminent (Watch that very large dot over Israel)
  2604. South America: Toward An Alternative Future (READ)
  2605. '40 per cent of the Democratic Partys campaign contribution comes from the (The tail OWNS the dog)
  2606. Death to Ehren Watada (READ)
  2607. IDF soldiers say ordered to 'shoot to kill' at Gaza post where Palestinian girl died (Genocide is rarely accidental)
  2608. Mayor: Mystery gas-like smell 'is not dangerous' (But, the mayor is)
  2609. No-goodniks and the Palestinian shootout (READ!)
  2610. 'Surge' in Iraq backed by new batch of neocons
  2611. George Bush should come under the same scrutiny as Saddam Hussein (Justice is just a bad joke)
  2612. Bush $1bn jobs plan to draw Iraqis into fold (Another insalubriousness)
  2613. Time to Lift Iran's Sanctions (READ)
  2614. Drug mafia, CIA blamed for sacking of Afghan governor (READ)
  2615. George Bush, snooper in chief
  2616. Tax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Says (Still)
  2617. Cheney Is Going Hunting Again Today (So hide your children and pets from ole Deadeye)
  2618. Evidence shows Milan CIA chief opposed cleric's kidnapping
  2619. Troops at Girit outpost: We were ordered to shoot to kill (Genocide is deliberate)
  2620. Bloodless nonsense (READ: realigned but unchanged Hegelian hoax of it all.)
  2621. Court Drops Charges Against Saddam (For good reasons)
  2622. Selective Amnesia (Punditos pendejos son mentirosos)
  2623. More Layoffs, This Time in Ad Department, Hit Philly Papers
  2624. Hang em high (Corpagov-MSM lies defeated)
  2625. Iraq War Bush Surge Policy and Why the Administration Cannot Admit Defeat and Failure
  2626. We're Losing the Infowar (The truth is taking care of itself rather well)
  2627. Texas Prison Camp Future American Gulag? (Yes, next question?)
  2628. Iraq War Hearings Start Tomorrow (Constructed quagmire #2)
  2629. Officials believe White House chose new Intelligence chief in effort to darken Iran Intelligence Estimate, broaden domestic surveillance
  2630. Pelosi: Dems will not cut off Iraq funding (Get a brain, bitch!)
  2631. FLASHBACK: Israel 'faked al-Qaeda presence' (as they fake myriad things)
  2632. Newly released FBI files document widespread torture at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (Is this some kind of surprise?!)
  2633. David Hicks enters his sixth year of detention at Guantánamo Bay (For every month he deserves to take the life of one US corpagover)
  2634. German chancellor Merkel snuggles up to Bush (Does have hives yet?)
  2635. Observations on the opening of the 110th US Congress
  2636. Israel has plans for nuclear attack on Iran (This is not news, I hope!)
  2637. Dr. Susan Block: Baghdad Cockfight Ends in Snuff Film (READ: a damn good overview)
  2638. Syndicated Error: George Will and the Minimum Wage
  2639. The Democrats' First Day: Same As It Ever Was (Yea, verily - bought!)
  2640. The Party of Invertebrates Reverts to Form
  2641. Israeli Apartheid: Sorry, This Road is For Jews Only
  2642. Paul Craig Roberts: Nuking Iran (READ!)
  2643. Jeff Leys: The Occupation Project (READ)
  2644. Feds Want Your Internet Records (Your criminal corpagov of occupation wants you terrified and destitute - fucked to the wall 7 ways from sunday you miscreant!)
  2645. Negroponte Replacement Outsourced Intelligence to Private Firms (Corpaeverything accountable to no one - they are the law, and you are scum under their jackboots)
  2646. Saddam Aides "to Die This Week" (Kill ALL the witnesses)
  2647. Iraqi Prime Minister Reveals US Crackdown (READ)
  2648. Democrats Vow to Resist Buildup (If the vow, you know they're lying)
  2649. New Oil Law Means Victory in Iraq for Bush
  2650. War Could Last Years, Commander Says (If the plan works)
  2651. Attack of the Bots - The New Internet Mafia, Latest Threat to the 'Net (READ)
  2652. US Submarine Hits Japanese Tanker in Arabian Sea (Corpagov forced ignorance has its conseuquences)
  2653. US submarine, Japanese ship collide (When fundies navigate?)
  2654. Most oppose troop increase (It doesn't matter: chimpo decided)
  2655. Democrats Split Over Their Approach to Iraq (Bought and More Bought)
  2656. 9/11 Associate Sentenced in Germany to 15 Years (Another crock of shit)
  2657. US moves against Al-Qaida suspects in Somalia (Speaking of shitcrocks)
  2658. US targets terror suspects in Somalia (i.e., US terrorrizes Somalia)
  2659. US attacks suspected al Qaeda targets (fabrication and divirsion)
  2660. NYC Seeking Source of Foul Smell; No Gas Leak Found (Fundament of Corpagov)
  2661. Del. airman killed in Iraq (If she was so smart, what was she doing in Iraq?!)
  2662. Belarus cuts off Russian oil to Europe
  2663. Chavez: Will Nationalize Telecoms, Power (READ)
  2664. Californias Governor Seeks Universal Care (Do we believe one word of this?)
  2665. Girls Most Likely to Gain Weight as Pre-Teens (pseudoscience)
  2666. Camera van reads all license plates around it
  2667. &#-11;&#-11; UK Government Manipulating 9/11 Petition Data?
  2668. No Honor among Murderers
  2669. US airstrikes target suspected al-Qaeda operations in Somalia (Oh, really?)
  2670. Bush and Abramoff have met. Here is the photo. | Citizens Blogging for Responsibility and Ethics In Washington
  2671. Bush Plans Big Push on Hill to Sell Iraq Plan
  2672. New Bush Iraq Plan Presented by Neocon Think-Tank Friday. Troop Boost will be "Long and Lasting," not a "Surge
  2673. Citizen soldiers may be the key to Iraq buildup
  2674. U.S. cautions China over reported multibillion dollar gas deal with Iran(US is fairly stupid, and laughed at regularly: Global Clown)
  2675. Managing Escalation: Negroponte and Bush's New Iraq Team (READ)
  2676. More Subpoenas Come Down in Watada Case
  2677. Five years on, no end to the horror that is Guantanamo
  2678. Nigerian Terror Threat: $6 a Gallon Gasoline
  2679. Blood Oil: Politics & Power (You would think US economy wasn't already in the cesspool)
  2680. Bush's Rush to Armageddon (READ)
  2681. Privacy Rights Advocates Wary of Justice Departments Online Surveillance Plans
  2682. The "Surge" to screw Iraq out of its oil
  2683. American Passports Found on Bodies of Al Qaeda Fighters in Somalia. (Who uses false passports all the time?)
  2684. New Oil Law Means Victory in Iraq for Bush
  2685. Bush 'surge' crafted by aide who wanted to nuke North Korea in 1995
  2686. The Democrats' First Day (Useless because also bought)
  2687. U.S. airstrikes in Somalia targets [mirages of] embassy bombers
  2688. Heavy Fighting Erupts in Baghdad Streets
  2689. Most say no to Iraq buildup
  2690. FLASHBACK: FBI Investigation of AIPAC Reportedly Has Been Expanded (Look under your bed for it?)
  2691. The United States Of [Calculatedly Induced] Hysteria
  2692. You Can't Square an Iraqi Circle
  2693. Who Is Planning Our Next War? ("Israel's war", says Bibi, "must be sold as America's war" - write that 1000 times on your blackboard)
  2694. Special Forces clash with the CIA (Is ANYTHING right with this picture?)
  2695. BEACH IMPEACH (Cute - useless)
  2696. U.S., Iraqi forces fight insurgents in heart of Baghdad (Why is this day different?)
  2697. Israel erases the green line (Maps will not matter to an annihilated Israel)
  2698. New Oil Law Means Victory in Iraq for Bush
  2699. US airstrike on Somalian village kills host of people (What US does best- and not very well at that)
  2700. Pentagon confirms US nuclear submarine collides with Japanese commercialship (See what I mean - or is this merely a dastardly diversion?)
  2701. Danish PM to Bush: Denmark to reduce Iraq force
  2702. U.S. says Somalia must not become terror haven (Heaven forfend!)
  2703. "Jewish Groups To Challenge Ethics Reform (Precisely because they are unethical)
  2704. Many More Sons Will Die While the Democrats Do Nothing to Stop the War (and why is that exactly the truth?)
  2705. Kilmeade: OK to Threaten to Shoot Man in Traffic Stop (A new nadir of the US)
  2706. Stopping the surge (To Ted: Dallas is out, so also planes)
  2707. US tries to pick a fight with Iran (since HOW log ago?)
  2708. Who will defend US from Israel? The Israeli Spy-Ring and 9/11
  2709. Major loophole in Democrats' ethics bill will benefit controversial lobbying Groups (Getting the picture yet?)
  2710. OLD NEWS: Whose War? (Whose Whore?)
  2711. Senate to debate resolution opposing Iraq war (Excedrin headache #5061)
  2712. Indeed there is Apartheid in Israel (READ)
  2713. VP at Election Giant ES&S Threatens to Sue MadCowMorningNews (READ)
  2714. Chairman of Barred Election Testing Lab Dumped Stock Two Weeks Ago
  2715. "Terrorists" captured in Somalia 'are British' (MI6, or Mossad with fake passports?)
  2716. Chavez Urged by U.S. to Compensate American Companies (Fuck US corpas: they've stolen quite enough already)
  2717. Britain's Channel 4 TV puts Tony Blair on trial (That should be fun, and maybe cathartic)
  2718. US twists civilian arms to fill Fortress Baghdad (READ, just READ, and wonder why they all aren't secured in institutions for the criminally insane)
  2719. Greenhouse Gases Linked to Record Warmth (which doesn't mean ANY causality is present)
  2720. Connecticut Bolstering Levees After Pressure From Army Corps
  2721. Canada tells Pakistan fence, don't mine Afghan border
  2722. UN rejects landmines along Afghanistan border (NOW, you know it's a good idea)
  2723. UNICEF worker shot dead in Baghdad (Mere US collateral damage)
  2724. Iraqi, US forces "kill 50" in Baghdad battle (Pretty soon, no terrorists left - nor anybody else)
  2725. One in eight of Iraqis have left their homes (For the other 7 in eight, their homes have left THEM?)
  2726. Blair refuses to match US troop 'surge' in Iraq (For today, he refuses)
  2727. Kennedy Calls Iraq Bush's 'Vietnam' (Really NOT a good metaphor, Ted)
  2728. Number of Guantanamo Bay hunger strikers double
  2729. Italian, U.S. Agents Urge CIA Trial Be Stopped (LMAO! Al Capone tried that too)
  2730. Official: First wave of troops to Iraq by Jan. 31 (or not)
  2731. Medical research and big business: The case of Sir Richard Doll (Hello-o!? Correlation, which is all anybody is capable of showing, does *NOT* imply causality! If author was not an ignorant shithead, it might have merit)
  2732. As takeaway contract is imposed on workers New York City's new transit boss gets $40,000 raise (Contracting the wealth distribution by theft even further)
  2733. Taiwan earthquake triggers a "digital tsunami" in Asia
  2734. Growing energy conflicts across Eurasia: Gazprom wrests control of Sakhalin-2 gas project from Shell
  2735. The pathetic end of the French "anti-capitalist left"
  2736. Washington think tank bars WSWS reporter An incident that says much about the US capital
  2737. Democrats criticize Iraq "surge", but won't cut war funds (BECAUSE they are bought, bought, bought, ..., and the genocide is good for Israel)
  2738. When the Truth Doesn't Matter: 30 Years of FBI Harassment and Misconduct (Truth is merely an enforced construct of criminal governments)
  2739. "Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate": The Hell That is Iraq
  2740. Joe Allen: Justice for the Omaha Two! (READ: Christianity takes its racism from the OT, in case you haven't paid attention)
  2741. Sen. Russell Feingold: So Now You Want to Snoop Through Our Mail (The unconstitutionality of it - it's never stopped him before)
  2742. The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse (True, but useless literary garbage)
  2743. The Democrats and Iran: More Bellicose Than Bush (Not Bush, but the entire US corpagov is the greatest danger to all life on this planet)
  2744. Israel's Purging of Palestinian Christians
  2745. R. T. Naylor: The Somalia Labyrinth
  2746. Congress to Open Second Stem Cell Showdown (in order to APPEAR sane)
  2747. Conservatives Decry Terror Laws' Impact on Refugees (But, all citizens are the enemy, criminals and security threats, right?)
  2748. Bush Iraq Plan Faces Democratic Challenge (Yeah - right!)
  2749. US Launches Two Airstrikes in Somalia (Corpagov small, useful but diversionary target)
  2750. Guard and Reserve May Bear the Brunt of Surge (But, that's exactly the point)
  2751. California Plan for Health Care Would Cover All (Political hot air)
  2752. House Democrats Push Bill to Implement 9/11 Commission Reforms (show themselves to be the whores that they are)
  2753. Why the Bush "Surge" Won't Work (Is this multiple choice?)
  2754. Murtha Takes Aim at Abu Ghraib (Speaking of useless)
  2755. Oliver North: Like Vietnam (speaking again of useless)
  2756. FORMER REAGAN AIDE COMPARES BUSH TO HITLER (Hitler revived, not destroyed his nations economy)
  2757. Santorum founds 'America's Enemies' (He would be near the top of the list)
  2758. Bush: More US troops, more Iraqi responsibility (More dead!)
  2759. US gunships swoop on militants ("Kill the all! God will know his own!")
  2760. Kabul municipality removes venders from city (Economic genius!)
  2761. Israel pressing for beefed-up sanctions against Iran (as it also pressesUS to attack in Israel's alleged interests)
  2762. In China, Israel's Olmert eyes Iran nuke sanctions (He will be told politely to fuck off)
  2763. IDF: New Qassams could reach north of Ashkelon (One could hope)
  2764. Dahlan to Haaretz: We proved to Hamas that Gaza is not theirs (It is Israel's by genocide, as has been planed for over 100 years)
  2765. Report: 12,400 new settlers in 2006 (New phase of old continuous manouver)
  2766. Analysis: Israel's numerous war wounds (are not even near enough)
  2767. Power & Politics: Memo to Mrs. Merkel - think trusteeship(Israel will NOT have a 2 state solution, and that's THAT)
  2768. Rice to tackle Mideast peace, Iraq on trip (Stupid arrogant bitch)
  2769. Captured Israeli Soldier Reported OK (Only USUKIL axis of crime tortures prisoners)
  2770. Olmert to discuss Iran with China (Speaking of stupid arrogant bitches)
  2771. US imposes sanctions on Iran bank
  2772. Israeli intelligence says al-Qaida seeking expansion in Middle East (Babbling)
  2773. UN launches $60 million for Iraqi refugees (which will be stolen by whom?)
  2774. Shin Bet confirms [illegal] arrest of former imam deported by U.S
  2775. Questions fill the air as Bush speaks on Iraq (Babbling)
  2776. California Eyes Health Insurance for All (A sure scam, if at all)
  2777. Venezuela's Chavez Rattles Markets (So do cow farts)
  2778. House resumes stem cell research debate (outside its competence and jurisdiction)
  2779. Blood test predicts heart attack (Really stupid babbling)
  2780. U.S. sends stealth fighter planes to South Korea
  2781. CIA gets the go-ahead to take on Hizbollah (Almost amusing)
  2782. S.M.U. Faculty Complains About Bush Library (The very phrase is almost comical)
  2783. Democrats Plan Symbolic Votes Against Bush's Iraq Troop Plan (Um - symbolic?!)
  2784. U.S. launches new air strike on Somalia (Is this going to be like "IDF shoots children dead", a daily event?)
  2785. New Orleans Police to Establish Checkpoints (The totalitarian state has to start in earnest someplace, and that place has been created for it)
  2786. Snow Falsely Claims That Bush Said Just The Opposite Of Mission Accomplished (LOL - and what did that big sign say?)
  2787. Democrats Beef Police State With 9/11 Commission Bill
  2788. Congressional Democrats hate the surge, but they don't dare try to stop it.(Bought or blackmailed)
  2789. Daniel Ellsberg: Bush is Dangerous. He has to Go!
  2790. The Ostroy Report: Bush's War Machine Revs Up. How Many Soldiers Have to Die Before this Dangerous Fool Realizes That It's Over?
  2791. ABC shut down blogger who criticized violent rhetoric on one of its radio stations
  2792. Taking the Vietnam out of Iraq (is not going to happen)
  2793. Daily Kos: Will Democratic Lobby Reform Go Far Enough: AIPAC and the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006(READ)
  2794. Gitmo Hunger Strikers Increase -- Tuesday, Jan. 09, 2007
  2795. Harring Report: The National Young Mens Meat Grinder (READ: gov'ts ALWAYS lie about EVERYTHING)
  2796. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates (READ)
  2797. Somalia Strike: What this means for a region consumed by war and chaos
  2798. Navy: Speed of tanker sucked sub up to surface (i.e., sub was hiding behind tanker)
  2799. Distracting Congress from the Real War Plan: Iran - by Paul Craig Roberts
  2800. The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse - by Norman Solomon
  2801. They Never Learn - by Justin Raimondo
  2802. New 24 Season Showcases Mass Terror, Concentration Camps (READ)
  2803. Cocaine on '100% of Irish euros' (False on the face of it)
  2804. Uranium 'killing Italian troops' (Bosnia & Kosovo)
  2805. Pentagon braces for Bush Iraq plan (There is no contention here)
  2806. Pentagon, students settle privacy case (Accomplishing little, if anything)
  2807. Transmitting Canadian coins found in U.S. (Hi Tech espionage on the rise)
  2808. US kill 'Brit Al-Qaeda suspects' (i.e., maybe US killed a fair number of unknown civilians)
  2809. Death In A Garbage Dump (READ)
  2810. Baghdad street becomes new Fallujah
  2811. Exactly how much does israel cost US? (READ - this is just the money part)
  2812. U.S. Set to Control Iraq's Oil for the Next 30 Years!
  2813. Violence engulfs Somali capital
  2814. Democrats Feel Liberals' Antiwar Heat (Pay attention or be dismissed)
  2815. US attack in Somalia killed innocents-Arab League (That what USUKIL does)
  2816. U.S. behind reign of terror sweeping Philippines (THAT'S nothing new)
  2817. Bush To Try To Bring The Public Back To The War (Boom! -- Boom! --- BOOMBOOM BOOM!!!)
  2818. Israel Has Lost (How many times has it signed its own death warrant?)
  2819. Somalia terror 'funded in Britain' (READ!)
  2820. Study: 744,000 homeless people in U.S. (and counting furiously)
  2821. Are the dead porpoises on Scottish beaches more evidence of global warming? (More likely, navy boys playing with the superduper sonar)
  2822. House Votes to Boost Minimum Wage to $7.25 an Hour
  2823. Supreme Court passes on e-voting paper trail suit (Supremely Criminal Court)
  2824. NSA helped Microsoft make Vista secure (Another secret backdoor?)
  2825. Grim picture of Iraq from US government watchdog
  2826. barrylando.com &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Surging in Iraq&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;the count&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s 100,000(READ)
  2827. Bush to defy army chiefs in Iraq push (Defy? He is after all the genocidalist-in-chief)
  2828. Bush to order 21,500 more troops to Iraq (which ever thousands this batch is)
  2829. Australia: Murdoch media attacks 1976 Lebanese refugee intake
  2830. Bush asserts expanded surveillance powers over US mail
  2831. On eve of London bombings: MPs told Britain faced no imminent threat (It doesn't except from its government of occupation)
  2832. US military asks deceased officers to re-enlist
  2833. Air strikes on Somalia: A new stage in Washington's illegal "terror" war
  2834. In defiance of 2006 vote, Bush will escalate Iraq war (Who expected otherwise? I sure didn't)
  2835. Revolting Students! (READ)
  2836. Mike Ferner: If Not Now, When? (READ)
  2837. Coalition of the Lunatics: Trying to Create the Next World War
  2838. How the FDA Protects Big Pharma
  2839. Col. Dan Smith: Why U.S. Policy is Failing (READ: it works despite some naive assumptions about realities & history)
  2840. Why Troop Escalation Won't Bring Peace to Iraq (So many reasons)
  2841. Punishing Deserters: Prosecution or Persecution?
  2842. A Walk in Oaxaca
  2843. Two Peace Activists Subpoenaed in Watada Case
  2844. With Iraq Speech, Bush to Pull Away From His Generals (He must be gotten rid of)
  2845. Ex-Interior Deputy a Target in Abramoff Probe
  2846. The Fed&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s role in the Housing Crash of &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;07 (READ)
  2847. Crisis - Mutiny Ahead? Dubya has run Amok (READ)
  2848. UK Couple Face Smoking Probe In Their Own House
  2849. Is Bush's War Winding Down or Heating Up? - by Paul Craig Roberts
  2850. Democrats reject Bush escalation in Iraq (until tomorrow)
  2851. Some in GOP join Democrats in bashing plan
  2852. The 'surge' author (Fredrick Kagan at AEI - READ)
  2853. ABC News: Bush Accepts Responsibility for Mistakes, Outlines the Way Forward (Why not? He doesn't expect ever to have to pay for his purported "mistakes")
  2854. Protest rally against border fencing (Afghanistan)
  2855. Iran: Former Officials, Reformists Criticize Government's Nuclear Policy
  2856. Olmert to discuss Iran with Hu (Olmert needs his lights punched out)
  2857. Mideast peace bid faces many obstacles (but mainly, Israel)
  2858. China 'reassures' Olmert on Iran (LOL)
  2859. Bush: Iran, Syria must help stabilize ME (Not with him destroying everything but Israel)
  2860. Netanyahu to address Britain on Iran (Speaking of needing lights punched out)
  2861. Uganda: Investments Shoot to Sh3 Trillion
  2862. Watching Borat in Beirut
  2863. History will not forgive a failure to match words with deeds (Depends on who's writing the history)
  2864. Bush admits mistakes, sends 20,000 more troops to Iraq (immediately making 20,000 more mistakes)
  2865. Lieberman: I applaud Bush (Senator from Israel also likes blood and genocide)
  2866. 'Mysterious break-in' at Bush library site (Unused coloring books stolen?)
  2867. FOX: Ted Kennedy is 'hostile enemy'
  2868. US faces alliance of the left as Ortega sworn in (Nicaragua)
  2869. Speaker snuffs out bastion of House smokers (A smokenazi besides?)
  2870. PM lauds China's stance on Iran nukes (i.e., he wasn't told to sod off)
  2871. President [sic] Bush's Address to the Nation
  2872. Intensified Combat on Baghdad Streets Likely
  2873. CIA says it cannot reveal interrogation method documents
  2874. US forces storm Iranian consulate in Arbil, arrest five (Obviously several levels of illegality)
  2875. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo inmates driven insane (They are not alone; the techniques are well known)
  2876. Promising Troops Where They Arent Really Wanted
  2877. Different Set of [Ethocs] Rules for Neolibs, Israel Firsters
  2878. British academic pinned to the ground and thrown in jail by U.S. police - for jaywalkig (US is hazardous to everyone's health)
  2879. Iran raid 'will be nuclear disaster'
  2880. US forces storm Iranian consulate (READ)
  2881. Bush's new strategy - the march of folly (You just knew that before the fact)
  2882. Mixed reviews for Bush Iraq 'surge' (from around the world: usual views from the usual suspects)
  2883. Pentagon wants 92,000 more troops (That's pentaese for 184,000)
  2884. Iran? Just had dinner with a ranking Navy Officer from one of our gulf bound Carrier Groups (READ)
  2885. Iraqi Judge: Elements of Al-Mahdi Army Have Settled in Green Zone
  2886. Pro-Israel lobby targets BBC online poll (Not at all unusual)
  2887. Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (READ: corpagov)
  2888. War With Syria and Iran = Peace With Iraq? (Calligula was less deranged than W)
  2889. PC World editor slain at California home (Now, all deaths in US are suspicious)
  2890. IDF predicts possible conflict with Lebanon, Syria in 2007 (because IDF will create it)
  2891. THE INFECTION by John Kaminski (READ)
  2892. Darn those Iraqis
  2893. Blood Meridian: Bush's High Crimes of Torture and Wart (READ)
  2894. Supreme Court candidate proposes limiting Law of Return (Too funny)
  2895. Echoes of the past as Vietnam rhetoric resurfaces 30 years on (READ)
  2896. Somalia: New Hotbed of Anti-Americanism
  2897. Let a Thousand Militias Bloom
  2898. Official: Somalia strike missed al Qaeda suspects (So, murdering mere suspects is official US policy - sounds more like Israel)
  2899. Explosions in Iranian port were "mine-sweeping operations" (US can now sweat out what this really means)
  2900. Surging toward the holy oil grail (READ)
  2901. 9/11 theories to be discussed
  2902. New Bush Iraq Plan Fails to Bolster American Confidence (Mostly because it's stupid?)
  2903. Levin: Somalia strike not widening of war (When language has no meaning)
  2904. A Crisis of Confidence (simply in appearances; the facts are worse)
  2905. Victim owed compensation in CIA case, judge told (READ and REMEMBER just what your always criminal government really does)
  2906. U.N. Inspectors Arrive in Iran to Review Nuclear Facilities (Exactly how Iraq started)
  2907. Iraq wants no part of more U.S. soldiers (I wonder why?)
  2908. Iran Arrests a Nuclear Spy
  2909. Top GOP senator [McConnell] 'will filibuster' any Democratic attempt to decrease funding for Bush's new Iraq plan
  2910. Hagel: Bush speech worst blunder since Vietnam
  2911. Bush Sends GIs to his Private Fantasyland (READ)
  2912. Did the President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran? (Why not? Everything with this criminal corpagov is secret)
  2913. Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit (Destroying our troops is no accident: it's a clear goal)
  2914. US-Kurdish Standoff in Irbil and US Evac?
  2915. Britain to unveil timetable for limited withdrawal
  2916. 3,000 British troops to pull out of Iraq by May (or not)
  2917. Troop Surge Already Under Way (Stuff your damn surge. Is this W's word for the month?)
  2918. Worst yet to come for US [troops and people] in Baghdad (US corpagov, however, will do splendidly raking in profits!)
  2919. Defiance and delusion (W!)
  2920. Bush warns of more troop deaths in last-ditch plan (Having them murdered is a precise goal)
  2921. Condoleezza Rice says Iraqi government is on "borrowed time" (Will no one rid us of this presumptuous whore?)
  2922. Australian government to fund chaplains in public and private schools (Buddhists of course)
  2923. German interior minister seeks to introduce martial law measures (Ooops - here we go. again!)
  2924. Iraqi regime set to hand over oil reserves to US energy giants (HELLO?! What have many of us seen and said for years now?)
  2925. In speech on Iraq escalation, Bush promises more bloodshed, wider war
  2926. Col. Douglas MacGregor: Surge Toward What? (Al-Sadr's Hands do not matter/Surge towards?/Genocide)
  2927. Richard W. Behan: Barrels and Bodies (Oil is not all there is/Genocide/Oil and Empire)
  2928. Dave Lindorff: Blood for Face (Face does not matter either)
  2929. Jeff Lays: The War Widens (and too craftily for W)
  2930. The Profits of Escalation (Oil, Arms and Empire)
  2931. Nancy Pelosi | Escalating War in Iraq Sends Wrong Message (Tripping on her own forked tongue)
  2932. Jason Leopold | The Architect of Mr. Bush's Plan (Frederick Kagan)
  2933. Democrats Aim to Block Funds for Plan (or not)
  2934. Matt Renner | Bush's Speech Sets Stage for Showdown With Congress (or bought capitulation?)
  2935. Somali Capital Awash in Anger at Ethiopia, US, Interim Leaders (Why do the nations so furiously rage together? Greed)
  2936. NOW | Curbing Our Addiction to Foreign Oil (It's far too late for this)
  2937. State Farm Held Liable in Katrina Case (Good Ole State Fucking Farm - I know the Racketeer well - too well)
  2938. Poll: Americans Oppose Iraq Troop Surge (Doesn't matter: W voted/decided)
  2939. Five Years of Camp X-Ray: Why two British Citizens are still Residents in Guantanamo Bay?
  2940. Federal Way schools restrict Gore film
  2941. Crows dying by the dozens (What is corpagov up to now?)
  2942. House Passes Bill for Stem Cell Research
  2943. GOP: Bush Would Veto Medicare Reforms
  2944. Peso-friendly pizza chain gets death threats
  2945. Bush's Best Democratic Buddy (Who else? Lieberbush)
  2946. Dozens test positive in Litvinenko probe
  2947. Guilty plea could get Hicks home (??)
  2948. Pentagon Trains Local Emergency Workers to Respond to WMD Attacks (Lunatics inducing paranoia)
  2949. U.S. Troops Went Into Somalia After Raid
  2950. Somali Capital Awash in Anger At Ethiopia, U.S., [U.S.-Installed] Interim Leaders
  2951. Soldier gets 18 years for murder (We'll see tomorrow)
  2952. National Guard presses Pentagon for reforms
  2953. Troop Surge Already Under Way
  2954. Bush's legacy: The president who cried wolf
  2955. Anti-War Activists Rush to Hold Protests
  2956. Bildt: Bush's Iraq policy inadequate
  2957. Arabs dismiss Bush's Iraq plan
  2958. White House sells Iraq plan as Democratic anger rises (or not)
  2959. Bush War Plan Draws Fire on Capitol Hill
  2960. Rice loves 'her' Fox News anchors (Fauxpussy)
  2961. Blast at U.S. embassy called 'terrorism'
  2962. US troops attack Iran's representative office in Arbil
  2963. US Iraq raid draws Iranian anger
  2964. Bush's tough tactics are a 'declaration of war' on Iran (He's really trying everybody's patience)
  2965. At Fort Benning, a Quiet Response to a Presidential Visit
  2966. JAMA's Fosamax study funded by Merck (That is completely common)
  2967. The "Surge" to screw Iraq out of its oil (It was never if, only when)
  2968. Iran nuke work seems slow, puzzling West (as in, they're not racing to build a bomb?)
  2969. In Baghdad, Bush Policy Is Met With Resentment
  2970. Dennis Kyne: IVAW Deployed to the Gates of Fort Lewis (READ)
  2971. Rice: Dialogue with Iran is surrender to blackmail (No one's swallowing the nuke excuse, so we need more lies)
  2972. Palestine 2007: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank (Don't forget Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and coming up, Syria and Iran)
  2973. US air strikes killed over 100 Somalians (who never heard of al-Qaeda)
  2974. Bleak reaction to plan on streets of Iraq
  2975. The Men Who Knew Too Much? NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found Dead in Italy and Greece JOSEPH CANNON / Bradblog 22aug2006
  2976. Sergeant in trouble for Playboy spread (Oh, grow up!)
  2977. Scientific American Lies for the Empire (It has been untrustworthy for years now)
  2978. Neither sanctions nor bombs will end the Iran nuclear crisis
  2979. Military Eases Its Rules for Mobilizing Reserves (What rules? What law?)
  2980. Bush's Prescription for More War
  2981. The 'Surge' Is A Red Herring - by Paul Craig Roberts
  2982. Rocket hits US embassy in Athens (We know who did it; the question is whether Iran or Syria will be blamed)
  2983. Carter Center advisers resign over book (all Jewish, and now obviously zionists)
  2984. This is a US torture camp (Guantánamo)
  2985. European press reacts negatively to Bush proposals on Iraq (Sane people would)
  2986. Democratic Congressman reintroduces bill for military draft in US
  2987. White House Refused to Allow Still Photography at Bush Speech (Next hell only speak from undisclosed locations)
  2988. A president thoroughly in the dark (Guess who?)
  2989. New U.S. Congress Shaping Up to Promote Israel Over All (US is alreadydead. Who cares?)
  2990. Emergency Alert - Federal 'Anti-Hate' Bill Introduced In House
  2991. A voice from Gitmo's darkness
  2992. More guns equal more murders in U.S. states: study (Who paid the whores for this purported "study"?)
  2993. Wes Clark takes on AIPAC! (Stay off planes, Wes, and be that's sugar in the bowl)
  2994. NSA and Microsoft Worked Together on Windows Vista Security (Love your Linux OS more)
  2995. TP: How NSA access was built into Windows (They've done it before)
  2996. US lets ecstasy dealer serve time in israel (The other way around is impossible)
  2997. N.J. soldiers' tour extended
  2998. Recent US actions could signal Iran conflict, despite White House denials; GOPer's bill requires Congress OK on Iran
  2999. Ron Paul: Next President Of The USA? (YES!! - but they would assassinate him first)
  3000. IMPEACH NOW!
  3001. Iran Focus-Iran says U.S. planned 9/11 attacks (It hasn't taken them THIS long to figure that out?)
  3002. At Fort Benning, a Quiet Response to a Presidential Visit (Repression of dissent only makes it stronger, and more explosive)
  3003. NEW COULTER VOTER FRAUD DOCS - Police Report Says TWO Third Degree Felonies, One Misdemeanor may have been Committed by GOP Darling! (ROTFLMFAO)
  3004. Sen. Tim Johnson Out of Intensive Care (GOP in tears of frustration)
  3005. Scientists Reject Administration Chemical Rules (Shall we guess what WH will do?)
  3006. White powder found in Pennsylvania courthouse (Talc or Splenda?)
  3007. Bomb threat called in from plane in Ohio (Is Cheney playing games again?)
  3008. Royal Marine dies in Afghanistan (Shit happens)
  3009. This is a US torture camp (Guess where?)
  3010. Blair pledges increased military spending as he defends intervention (The Alternating Poodle)
  3011. UK 'must continue to fight wars' (to support our looted economy)
  3012. US troops will leave Iraq "in coffins": Sadr aide (Everyone paying attention knows this)
  3013. US won't set troop withdrawal timetable (and never intends to, because there will be none)
  3014. Australian prime minister welcomes US "surge" in Iraq (Wellll - of course he does - woof woof!)
  3015. US forces carry out provocative raid on Iran's consulate in northern Iraq (Will "provocation" replace "surge"?)
  3016. US offensive in Baghdad begins surge of killing and repression (What "surge" is all about)
  3017. Latin America's Real Mr. Danger: Negroponte's Latest Gig (READ)
  3018. Beyond the Surge: Demanding an End to Bush's Wars (Lot's of luck - threaten Olmert's life and you may have a chance)
  3019. Promises, Promises: Playing Politics with Drug Reimportation
  3020. The Secrets in Eli Lilly's Cabinet
  3021. Rogue State, Redux
  3022. How to Avoid an IRS Audit: Become a Millionaire!
  3023. The Case of Venezuela's RCTV: Not About Free Speech (READ)
  3024. Celebrating the "Sum of the World" in Chiapas
  3025. Paul Craig Roberts: Surge and Mirrors
  3026. Laith al-Saud: the Ironies of Bush and Iraq
  3027. William S. Lind: Less Than Zero (READ)
  3028. Bush's Domestic Sex Policy: the Teen Abstinence-Only Crusade (pResidential denial redux)
  3029. "21,500 More Troops": Will America Ever Leave Iraq? (Only when they are dead. Next question?)
  3030. Governors Lose in Power Struggle Over National Guard (Another sign of US demise)
  3031. Matt Renner | Congressman Acts to Revoke Iraq War Resolution (He will be ignored)
  3032. Despite opposition, Bush defiant on Iraq plan
  3033. US officials: No immediate plans to attack Iran (i.e., they've existed for a long time)
  3034. Poll: 2/3 of Americans oppose sending more troops to Iraq
  3035. PM warns army chiefs over lobbying campaign (defending the indefensible)
  3036. Sting in the tale of new Blair 'war crimes' drama
  3037. A road cuts to heart of NATO's troubled Afghan campaig
  3038. As debate heats up Hillary Clinton heads to Iraq(Just what everyone needs - like a hole in the head)
  3039. U.K. must continue to flex its muscle abroad, Blair says (in order to bcome as hateful at the US and IL)
  3040. Witness tells of Saddam's last moments
  3041. POLITICS: Bush's Iraq Plan - Goading Iran into War
  3042. Libby perjury and obstruction trial set to begi
  3043. Robert Fisk: This jargon disease is choking language (READ)
  3044. JURIST - Paper Chase: Padilla terror trial delayed for three months for competency evaluation(whether or not he's been driven crazy)
  3045. DOD official slams US law firms for defending Guantanamo detainees (Bizarre)
  3046. Fox, Snow gang up on Boxer for 'childless Condi slur'
  3047. Brothers found guilty in UK 'fat dog' trial (Utterly Bizarre)
  3048. Clinton pushing for troop surge in Afghanistan (Give her a gun, and send her)
  3049. Unveiled Threats (READ)
  3050. Blair pledges increased military spending as he defends intervention
  3051. Surge and Mirrors: What Bush Really Said (READ)
  3052. Rice won't rule out military actions on Iran
  3053. Bush Authorized Iranians' Arrest in Iraq, Rice Says
  3054. FBI Investigating 8,000 for Terrorism
  3055. Two die of bird flu in Indonesia (or not)
  3056. Iran demands halt in US illegal moves in Iraq
  3057. Carter agrees to speak at Brandeis (Odds of disinvitation?)
  3058. Rabbis throw book at Jimmy (Obviously all zionists)
  3059. Governator Strong-Arms Health Care
  3060. The Baillie project (psychophysical parallelism)
  3061. Goswami (psychophysical parallelism)
  3062. Wilhelm Wundt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3063. Bush vows to 60 Minutes that 'no matter what Congress wants' surge is on
  3064. Judge dismisses NY Times libel case (Not justice)
  3065. Jewish Membership in Congress at All-Time High
  3066. The Raw Story | Olbermann: Bush's 'dangerous, even Messianic certitude' helped create 'a presidency of Cliff Notes'
  3067. Nancy 'Oops, I did it again!' Pelosi and a special exemption to the Minimum Wage Bill (She needs a nice hot cup of Oleander Tea)
  3068. Official Attacks Top Law Firms Over Detainees (Still Bizarre)
  3069. Ramifications of Coming Attack on Iran for Israel (What they have repeatedly asked for)
  3070. Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran over Turkey - paper (Turkey needs to get real about its own real and long term interests; being a zionist lapdog is not one of them)
  3071. Think Progress - Donald Trump: Let's bomb Iran. (Who knew he was such a simpleton?)
  3072. China firm close to signing $3.6b deal for Iranian gas field investment
  3073. Tehran strongly condemns U.S. raid on Iranian consulate (Don't piss on my sneakers!)
  3074. CIA says it cant reveal interrogation method documents (Then we're not telling how we "interrogate" CIA agents. Nya-nya!)
  3075. U.S. Forces Fighting Iranians In Iraq (They're fighting EVERYONE n Iraq)
  3076. US sends warplanes to Turkey''s Incirlik military
  3077. Iraqi children: Picking garbage, killed dismantling ordnance, or sold into brothels (Good Ole 'murikan Demokracy)
  3078. Senators aim to restrict Net, satellite radio recording (Senators need to be beaten regularly, like a rug)
  3079. America Cannot Win the War in Iraq (I already said that 6 years ago)
  3080. George W. Bush: A Symptom of Disease (Birdbrain flu?)
  3081. US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads (Have to kill nomads because you can't kill fictions)
  3082. The US-Iran-Iraq-Israeli-Syrian War (Who will stay neutral and who will not? Part of globalization is global war)
  3083. Operation Cannon Fodder: Bush's Grand Delusion
  3084. Spilled Blood Is Seen as Bond That Draws 2 Nations Closer (Nentanyahu: sick motherfucking birdbrain)
  3085. 'No proof' of Iran nuclear arms (No, there isn't. Remember Iraq?)
  3086. China, Russia team up against US (They're left little choice in the face of complete idiocy combined with utter insanity)
  3087. U.S. policies have made Israel less safe, experts say (It's what Israel wants, its own extermination; so shall it be, so let it be written)
  3088. Did AP cover same Bush speech as major papers? (Yes - MSM lies through its teeth every second of every day and needs to be taken out)
  3089. Iranian Jews Reject Outside Calls To Leave (Why?! Because they're Iranians first, unlike US Jews, who are zionoists first!)
  3090. Iranian Jew 'admits spying' (On average, nobody's perfect)
  3091. Instead of al-Qaeda, U.S. Kills Nomads in Somalia (US just loves killing, whom doesn't matter - unless they're israelis)
  3092. NGOs to sue US over WMD claims (Nice - but useless)
  3093. Thinking the Unthinkable: A Sovereign Palestinian State (Israel has never allowed even the concept to exist)
  3094. Military Expands Intelligence Role in U.S. (Contrary to Constitution)
  3095. Warmest December in Italy on record: meteorologists (Enjoy it!)
  3096. Rocky Anderson calls for Bush impeachment (Salt Lake City)
  3097. Iraq will not nationalize oil: White House (Ignore: WH as Israel has signed its own death warrant far too often)
  3098. Hamas softens Israel stance in calls for Palestinian state (Mistake!)
  3099. Future of Iraq: The spoils of war (Oh? You think so? Think again, and be very afraid of the consequences of your own acts)
  3100. ACLU Condemns Administration Attack on Guantánamo Lawyers
  3101. Pentagon disavows comment on detainees (LOL - too late)
  3102. Paris court defends racist provocateurs exploiting plight of homeless (as it should)
  3103. Kyoto's Clean Development Mechanism: global warming and its market fix (Complete scientific nonsense, start to finish)
  3104. Report details spread of [planned] global AIDS epidemic
  3105. Mob attacks Sri Lankan antiwar rally
  3106. Bush's Iraq "surge" met with despair in Britain (Start by throwing Blair into the street)
  3107. Silent protesters harassed, ejected from US Senate hearings (L'etàt, c'est moi, il congresse criminàle)
  3108. Iraq escalation heightens political crisis in Washington (The administration needs to be arrested and jailed)
  3109. Six Senators Back Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Cuts (Politicized science)
  3110. Bush's New Iraq Strategy: "The Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam" - International - SPIEGEL ONLIN
  3111. Republicans on Panel Back President's Plan, Masking Divisionsn (Thieving idiots all)
  3112. Pentagon Intensifies Pressure on Iran (to act against their own interests? Forgetit monkeyboys)
  3113. Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection
  3114. After the surge ... what next? (next phase of genocide, of course)
  3115. Arrested Iranians tied to group arming Iraqis--U.S.(or NOT)
  3116. Bush demands critics offer alternative plan on Iraq (You did it; you fixit and pay for the fixing personally!)
  3117. Lukoil set to revive $4bn Saddam oil deal
  3118. Surge: US troops prepare for George Bush's last stand (Then, will he die?)
  3119. Iran Tells Iraq To Stop U.S. 'Adventurism'
  3120. Rice & Iraqi Security Plan (Arrogance & Stupid in one neat package)
  3121. Bush to skeptics: What's your plan? (SOB: there's no way out; that was the plan that was fed him)
  3122. Clinton Doubts Iraqis Can Pacify Baghdad (A stupid bitch who says was sh'e told to say)
  3123. EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Calls Situation in Iraq 'Heartbreaking' (Then sh has no worry of it affecting her)
  3124. Maliki's office warms to Bush plan on Iraq
  3125. Arrested Iranians tied to group arming Iraqis: US (or it's another lying crock)
  3126. Iran, Venezuela shoulder heavy responsibilities: Ahmadinejad
  3127. Detained Iranians Had Insurgent Ties (or it's another lying crock)
  3128. Oil's Vital New Power (Control of it is a weapon; that's very old news)
  3129. Ban on caviar partially lifted (Can US admin get all the beluga caviar they want?)
  3130. Rice explores peace in Mideast (ROTFL)
  3131. China, Russia & UNSC resolution on Myanmar
  3132. US opts for unilateral moves against Iran (All will suffer, except USUKIL regimes)
  3133. Rice set for key Mid-East meeting (How about boarding up her mouth?)
  3134. German high court refuses to hear Motassadeq appeal
  3135. Guantanamo Pro Bono? Atticus Finch Meets Charles Stimson
  3136. Bush administration bashes attorneys for defending Guantanamo detainees
  3137. Has Anyone Noticed That The USA Just Attacked Somalia?
  3138. Bush stands by Iraq invasion (based on a myriad deliberate lies? Of course he does)
  3139. Bush says choices made after invasion eroded Iraq's security (Book him, Dano!)
  3140. Venezuela and Iran seek OPEC oil cut
  3141. Venezuela says will nationalize whole energy sector
  3142. War costs are hitting historic proportions (actually past it, if you're paying attention)
  3143. Former aide criticizes Carter over Mideast book (What are the odds that he's Jewish?)
  3144. Jimmy Carter's offensive against US Jewry (Wrong: it's against genocidal zionism)
  3145. Carter fans [of genocidal zionists] quit over Israel book
  3146. Dershowitz [Lunatic and Genocidalist in Chief] seeks to grill ex-president Carter on Israel book
  3147. INTERVIEW-Dershowitz seeks to grill Carter on Israel book (Why would anyone want to be in the same room with this piece of shit?)
  3148. Jews leave Carter Center board (Yes, exactly, zionists, and that's probably a very good thing)
  3149. Carter's Book Prompts More Resignations (The more the merrier - as they lose points of control)
  3150. Ex-Carter Center director [clear genocidalist] blasts book
  3151. Watchdog refuses to allow hybrid embryos (The species is doomed anyhow, so at this point, who the fuck cares?)
  3152. 7/7 ringleader 'was watched since 2003' (About the time he was hired?)
  3153. Crime lab mishandled DNA results
  3154. Surge: US troops prepare for George Bush's last stand
  3155. Gunboat Diplomacy: The Watch on the Gulf
  3156. Blair rejected Iraq troops plea (He could be made an offer he can't refuse)
  3157. Blair And Bushs Latest Weapon Of War: YouTube (They pollute everything)
  3158. "It is Turkey's decision to conduct a cross border operation to Iraq" (READ)
  3159. Growing calls for large-scale operation in Gaza (Genocide is all IL wants)
  3160. It Is Time to Rebel Against King George (Long past time)
  3161. The Sunday Times: Israel planning to fly over Turkey to attack Iran (and what does Turkey think about this?)
  3162. Opposition to Iraq Plan Leaves Bush Isolated (He's just doing it anyhow)
  3163. Gates: troops should stay even if Iraq plan fails (All of a sudden, he's an expert!)
  3164. Iraqi Sunnis Rebuild Destroyed Shiite Shrine
  3165. Criticism of U.S. swells in Israel (Arrogance & Stupidity are their doom)
  3166. US troops prepare for George Bush's last stand
  3167. Mistakes Were Made - by Gordon Prather (Some details of US criminality)
  3168. We Were Right About Joe Lieberman
  3169. Is the United States a military dictatorship? (Guess)
  3170. The Folly of Total War (This shouldn't have to be explained)
  3171. To: Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.com
  3172. Israeli Apartheid: a truth known to all
  3173. Shoot the messenger: PM blames media for anti-war mood (Flatulent ingrate!)
  3174. Arrested Iranians tied to group arming Iraqis: U.S. (We're tying them anyhow!)
  3175. Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War (Israel's Doom)
  3176. Putin's decree lifts export restrictions on Russian diamonds, precious metals (Israel will be furious)
  3177. Land of Enchantment and Impeachment (The sooner the better: he's going to start another war!)
  3178. Duke Case Hurts Prosecutor's Career (It should)
  3179. Pentagon conducting probes in U.S.
  3180. Pentagon accessing bank information
  3181. Cheney: Credit Checks Aren't Illegal (Of course nothing these creeps do is illegal, even when it is)
  3182. Joe Bageant: Somewhere a Banker Smiles (READ!)
  3183. Fury at Arab in Israeli Cabinet (Zionism is racist)
  3184. Lieberman: 30,000 Nato Troops Needed in Gaza (to help finish the genocide)
  3185. The real reason the Bush administration won't back down on Guantanamo (partially)
  3186. Iraqis get all-firing foretaste of Bush's final Baghdad gamble(READ!)
  3187. White House Defends Pursuit of Iranians, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley Defends U.S. Pursuit, Detention of Iranians in Iraq(All this hysterical defending the indefensible is tiresome)
  3188. Deletions in Army Manual Raise Wiretapping Concerns
  3189. Democratic Congressman reintroduces bill for military draft in US (What does he think the people's reaction will be?)
  3190. White House: Can't rule out attack on Iran (Bunk!)
  3191. Cheney says congressional opposition won't influence Bush's Iraq policy
  3192. Bush says Congress can't halt plan to boost Iraq troops (Because he SAYSso, dumdum!)
  3193. Expected Bush appellate nominee at center of Berger document heist
  3194. Case of purloined archives gets stranger all the time
  3195. War Surge May Face Anti-War Surge
  3196. Rising Regional Anger: Middle East Shaking Its Head
  3197. Bush Breaks 150-Year History of Higher US Taxes in Wartime
  3198. Charles E. Anderson | Breaking Ranks: Troops Call for Iraq Withdrawal
  3199. Bush Administration "Aggressively" Expanding Domestic Spying
  3200. Critics Won't Halt Iraq Surge, Bush Says
  3201. Iran's Ahmadinejad Arrives In Nicaragua For Talks
  3202. Ahmadinejad offers Nicaragua help against "common enemies" (Extra)
  3203. Sarkozy wins presidential nomination
  3204. France's conservatives nominate Sarkozy as presidential candidate
  3205. House defies Bush, OK's drug plan
  3206. Cheney: US Will Work With Allies to Prevent Iranian Adventurism (Whose adventurism?!)
  3207. US threatens Iran over Iraq
  3208. Cheney to Congress: Can't run Iraq war by committee (Cheeky jerk)
  3209. Senators to Bush: stay out of Iran
  3210. 60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002
  3211. Bush faces mutiny over extra troops for Iraq
  3212. Opening a New Front in the War, Against Iranians in Iraq
  3213. Kuwait media: U.S. military strike on Iran seen by April
  3214. Bush warns Iran to keep clear of Iraq
  3215. More Hangings In Iraq
  3216. Cheney says critics of new US Iraq plan play into hands of Bin Laden (The dead one?!)
  3217. U.S. and Iraqis Are Wrangling Over War Plans (Another Mess predicted)
  3218. 'Newly revealed orders' issued by Bush show US opened front against Iran in Iraq
  3219. Bush administration provokes open war on Iran (That's no surprise)
  3220. WANTED: One Good Non-Jew . . . (Very close to reality)
  3221. Israel spits in Americas face as Rice visits
  3222. Israel breaks promise to US during Rice's visit
  3223. "Top Dem Wesley Clark Says &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;N.Y. Money People&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Pushing War With Iran - Forward.(The more strenuously truth is denied, the more obvious it becomes)
  3224. 'If Bush attacks Iran, all bets are off' (and we know will have affected that)
  3225. Russian Admiral Says U.S. Navy Prepares Missile Strike on Iran
  3226. White House: Can't rule out attack on Iran (Piling up the bogus excuses as fast as we can)
  3227. Truthdig - Reports - Petraeus! Is Baghdad Burning? (READ)
  3228. Saddam Execution Rushed to Hide Information Russian Ex-PM (Very Likely)
  3229. Next target Tehran (You know they will)
  3230. Bush administration provokes open war on Iran
  3231. Iran target of US Gulf military moves, Gates says
  3232. Boy Scouts set Utah wildfire (Oh come on!)
  3233. War costs are hitting historic proportions (Obvious)
  3234. Alert system dubbed a 'shambles' (MI5 geniuses at work)
  3235. If I Did It: The JFK Assassination version (A half truth is the worst kind of lie)
  3236. Terror Official: 'We're Going to Get Hit' (Terrorizing the sheeple: that's his job!)
  3237. On the Mideast Escalator - by Ron Paul
  3238. Flier gets $400g in jet flap: Crew mistook him for terrorist (Are we sick and tired of our terrorizing corpagov? Maybe)
  3239. School, teen clash over medieval photo (Offending school "officiousness" should be banned from any school for life: let them flip burgers)
  3240. Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq: The Booming Business of War Profiteers (Bingo!)
  3241. Israel looking for an extreme makeover (In appearance only, of course)
  3242. Hersh: US, Israel support PKK's Iran wing (US? Israel? Is there a difference?)
  3243. The Prince and the Dissident (READ)
  3244. The Death Of Martin Luther King
  3246. You owe us, Bush says (W's brain worms talking; pay no attention)
  3247. More than King for a Day (READ)
  3248. Housing Crash Continues, Bubble Pops
  3249. Philippine Military Says U.S. Involved In Intell Ops In Troubled South
  3250. Bush and Blair - two dead ducks with nothing left to lose (et ergo, dangerous)
  3251. U.S. GIs fighting in Philippines (But, a war on terror should always start at home, against terrorist corpagov)
  3252. Fairfax County To Seek Funds To Develop Pet Evacuation Plan (Thank you, but my pet evacuates regularly)
  3253. Euro displaces dollar in bond markets (Are we paying attention yet?)
  3254. Presidential Candidate Fears "Gulf Of Tonkin" To Provoke Iran War (READ)
  3255. US comptroller says US taxes would have to double to pay for Bush budget in 2040 (Doubletalk for: US is already irreversibly insolvent, i.e., as good as dead and buried)
  3256. The Pentagon's "Second 911" (READ twice)
  3257. Major investment bank issues warning on strike against Iran (READ)
  3258. U.S. set to announce plea deal with Israeli on drug charges (Only for an Israeli)
  3260. Judge rules agent's lawsuit against CIA can proceed
  3261. Attorneys for Marine ask for leak probe
  3262. Australian government cuts thousands of welfare recipients off benefits
  3263. Final New York ballot count gives SEP Senate candidate more than 11,000 votes
  3264. Bush administration threatens Iraqi prime minister as Baghdad bloodbath is prepared
  3265. Gore Vidal In Havana (READ)
  3266. The Class War's New Map (READ)
  3267. The Anti-Empire Report (READ)
  3268. Kathy Kelly: Umm Heyder's Story
  3269. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush Must Go (READ)
  3270. Morris: Another War the Voters Hoped to End
  3271. Charles E. Anderson | Breaking Ranks: Troops Call for Iraq Withdrawal
  3272. Libby Trial Full of Political Intrigue
  3273. New Law Could Subject Civilians to Military Trial (Then it is illegal)
  3274. Saddam's Half Brother, Top Aide Hanged (How quietly)
  3275. Stacy Bannerman | Iraq Vets Call on Congress to End War
  3276. Bush Leaving Out Important Details on Iraq (Not to mention Negroponte/Israel deathsquads black ops)
  3277. Jury scrutinised for Libby trial
  3278. Outrage as executioners bungle hanging of Saddam's brothe
  3279. Criticism of Iraq hangings grows
  3280. We won't leave, Gates warns Iran
  3281. Germany bids to outlaw denial of Holocaust across continent (Henceforth, thinking about monkeys will also be criminal offence punishable by public flogging!)
  3282. Hamas says will never recognise Israel (If you do, you're dead)
  3283. Saddam aide decapitated in hanging (Um - the drop was too long)
  3284. Accused in London bombing plot planned maximum harm (using - flour based bombs?)
  3285. all Star Game' Taking Shape in Libby's Trial (Justice will likely be scarce)
  3286. Anti-cancer chicken eggs produced (or not)
  3287. Nepal's communist rebels join interim Parliament
  3288. A Rifle in Every Pot (READ: Gun laws work like this every time)
  3289. Bush faces mutiny over extra troops for Iraq
  3290. New Studies Dismantle Big Media Case for Consolidation (READ)
  3291. McClatchy Report: Are Americans Getting Truth on Iraq? (No! Nor on anything else)
  3292. Israel, a Glimmer of Hope in a Darkening World (That glimmer is a burnt out lightbulb)
  3293. New Zealand PM quashes criticism of US military escalation in Iraq (Jumping on the totalitarian bandwagon with all four feet)
  3294. Warriors rally against Iraq war (Asking will do no good)
  3295. Sen. Clinton: More forces needed in Afghanistan (Our national heorrhoid speaks)
  3296. Israels plans to Wage Nuclear War on Iran: History of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal (There is our giant glimmer of despair)
  3297. Are JUDGES now considered fair game for hanging / decapitation ? (Are they any different than anybody else?)
  3298. Major investment bank issues warning on strike against Iran
  3299. Gypsy-haters, holocaust-deniers, xenophobes, homophobes, anti-semites: the RU's new political force
  3300. Once again, Israel hides their crimwes behoind the world's Jewish people. (Endless Whining)
  3301. Iran gets army gear in Pentagon sale (I hope it works; you never know where these things are made)
  3302. Holocaust naysayer ousted in New York (Now this SHOULD be illegal)
  3304. How Israel Manipulated Western Intelligence Agencies (READ)
  3305. Israel linked to Iraq intelligence failure
  3306. Big Brother's new toy: Another bloated gas bag watching you from the sky
  3307. President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy (READ - Musharref is developing a big mouth)
  3308. We are not leaving, Gates warns Iran as troop surge begins (Then you're all toast)
  3309. What's wrong with this picture? (READ)
  3310. Framing, Death, and Democracy (READ)
  3311. Bush administration provokes open war on Iran (Much learned from "itler" has been used)
  3312. Russian missiles delivered to Iran: Ivanov (More good reasons not to attack Iran)
  3313. Grumbling in the Ranks (More than grumbling is needed)
  3314. U.S. investors send their cash packing (READ)
  3315. The Pentagon as an Energy-Protection Racket (READ)
  3316. Foreign Policy in Focus - A Think Tank Without Walls (READ)
  3317. U.S. Commander Warns of Long Struggle in Iraq (Until all the gullible citizens are dead)
  3318. The Irrelevance of Military Victory - by Ron Paul (READ)
  3319. When will this Nightmare End? (After the government of occupation is taken down)
  3320. Disease alert after sewage system collapses
  3321. Saudi Arabia mulls sending troops to Iraq 'to protect their interests there' (They need to find out how Israel feels about that; maybe it's not allowed)
  3322. U.S. guns pour into Mexico
  3323. Group: U.S. GIs fighting in Philippines
  3324. Pelosi warns Bush shouldn't 'abuse power' on troop escalation ("Now, Bushy, I've told you a thousand times!" - Duh!)
  3325. Congress can't stop buildup, Bush says (They could have you arrested?)
  3326. US to hunt foreign networks in Iraq
  3327. Exiles train to overthrow Tehran
  3328. Iran target of US Gulf military moves, Gates says (lining up the sitting ducks)
  3329. Commander Wants Afghan Tours Extended
  3330. Iraqis will never accept this sellout to the oil corporations
  3331. Paradoxes doom Bushs new strategy in Iraq
  3332. HK confirms dead bird carried H5N1 avian flu virus (or not)
  3333. Russia's anti-terrorist unit warns of attack
  3334. Appeals Court Moves Quran Lawsuit Ahead (Why not? What should an atheist do in good conscience?)
  3335. U.S. embassies in war on [of] terror
  3336. 1,000 U.S. troops urge Iraq pull-out
  3337. Saudis back US Iraq strategy as fears grow over Iran's influence (mistake)
  3338. Iran President Sends Note to Saudi King
  3339. Tehran demands Washington release consular officials
  3340. Britain and US turn screws on Iran (to secure their arbitrary and illegal demands of Iran)
  3341. Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing U.S. military pressure
  3342. Israeli army chief tenders resignation (For Haklutz is was inevitable)
  3343. Chief of Staff Dan Halutz resigns
  3344. False Witness for the Prosecution
  3345. Jury Candidates Dismissed in Leak Trial
  3346. US Official Apologizes for Guantanamo Remarks (LOL)
  3347. Clueless Cully Stimson
  3348. Law groups want Pentagon official fired
  3349. Naomi Pleads Guilty to Tossing Phone at Maid (New WMD definition?!)
  3350. President Says His Iraq Policy Was Failing (is failing, will fail)
  3351. Bush Chides Iraq Over Recent Executions (given HIS executions and wholesale slaughter?!)
  3352. Israel warns Russia on Iran arms sale (Hello-o?)
  3353. US disappointed over Russian ADM delivery to Iran (Awwwww)
  3354. Libby perjury trial will drag in Iraq policy
  3355. Iran invites IAEA envoys to visit nuclear sites
  3356. On Course for Iran - Council on Foreign Relations
  3357. Olmert to be investigated by police over role in bank privatization
  3358. Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing military pressure
  3359. Protesters Found in Database
  3360. Sen. Clinton calls for troop cap in Iraq (and she's a MILITARY genius TOO!)
  3361. US commander wants more troops against Taliban surge (I still want a yacht!)
  3362. W.House says Congress Iraq vote could signal split (Damn straight, Moron!)
  3363. US lacks 'explosive' evidence against Iran (More Weapons of Mass Delusion)
  3364. How US is deferring war costs (and actually all costs)
  3365. Terror suspect was terrorized in a Navy brig ('murkins are tuff)
  3366. Despite Charges, No Evidence Iran Sending IEDs to Iraq (US don't need no stinkin' evidents!)
  3367. Cold War was "paradise" compared to modern threats (and modern totalitarian corpagovs)
  3368. NEWS ANALYSIS: U.S. Turns Focus to Iran (Fair analysis, but read between the lines)
  3369. Justice Department Charges 148 Illegal Aliens With Identity Theft
  3370. China likely to become world&#-11;&#-11;s top exporter, surpassing US and Germany (That's no surprise)
  3371. Paul Craig Roberts: Attacking Iran (Possible scenario that also a numberof rather different variations)
  3372. Iraq refugee crisis exploding 40% of middle class believed to have fled crumbling nation
  3373. Iraq Edges Closer to Iran, With or Without the US
  3374. Time to leave the illusions behind
  3375. NewsHog: ABC And The IED's From Iran That Were Made In The UK
  3376. FLASHBACK: UK commanders dismiss allegations of Iranian interference in Iraq
  3377. Ahmadinejad: Israel won't dare attack us (Do they KNOW what you have rigged for them?)
  3378. Military judge: objector can't raise questions about war legality (Utterly unconstitutional)
  3379. Pressure mounts on Olmert to resign
  3380. Turkish army gathered on the Kurdistans boarder ready for attack
  3381. Congress to Send Critics to Jail (A clear sign of its criminality)
  3382. Supreme Court Rejects Eminent Domain 'Extortion' Case
  3383. FLASHBACK: Blair: Nuking Iran Would Be Absurd (But then Blair is absurd, and he's still not been gotten rid of)
  3384. Rice to hold three-way summit with Abbas, Olmert (Where's the third?)
  3385. Letter from a U.S. citizen addressed to the world
  3386. Soldiers taunt crippled dog in Iraq - * May be disturbing to some* (US is a very emotionally disturbed nation)
  3387. The Raw Story | Bush 'chain gang' attacked in Memphis; Protesters claim police ignored street scuffle
  3388. Murtha proposes bill to choke funding for surge (Impeach!)
  3389. Blast forces evacuation of Miami condo (very strange treatment)
  3390. Journalist on Hot Seat in Court-Martial Case (being terrorized by a corpagov of occupation)
  3391. Senators introduce resolution condemning Bush troop surge; Believe they have votes to pass (A waste of time and energy)
  3392. The Jones Resolution on Iran (Just impeach them all - NOW!)
  3393. Critics See 'Slippery Slope' in Reintroduced Federal 'Hate Crimes' Law (They see aright)
  3394. Israel ON the Brink (READ)
  3395. What's next -- war with Iran? (There is enough mock paranoia to lead to it; Greenway obviously doesn't know Farsi)
  3396. MovieMantz: Top 10 Films Of 2006 (Critics are useless selfimportant, arrogant and mostly stupid fops - they always have been)
  3397. Gonzales: Judges unfit to rule on terror policy (Speaking of useless, arrogant and stupid)
  3398. Pelosi May Create Global Warming Panel (If she would stop farting, the problem wouldn't exist)
  3399. TJX reports computer system hacked (That's because their stupid)
  3400. U.S. to let people apply to get off no-fly lists (Oh, how super cool!)
  3401. Vast Data Collection Plan Faces Big Delay (How about 500 million year delay?)
  3402. CIA leak case figures reject Cheney immunity (Hmm - He'll lie anyhow: it what he does)
  3403. U.S. ponders more troops for Afghanistan (How about more jailtime for its government?)
  3404. Israel knew of secret peace talks with Syria, say officials (Israel is fuckingomniscient)
  3405. Amid bloodshed, Bush wants a 'thank you' (Oh, that would just figure -sickfuck)
  3406. Australian soldiers under fire in Baghdad (BFD: so are Iraqi civilians, every goddamn day)
  3407. Baghdad ambush kills US aid worker (Aiding what?)
  3408. Spain seeks US soldiers' arrest (We seek US criminal corpagov arrest - lots pf luck!)
  3409. British troops may leave within a year, says Iraqi Vice-President (They may, they may not - who the fuck knows when liars speak)
  3410. Senators Agree on Iraq War Resolution (Useless diversion)
  3411. Dodd Introduces Bill to Cap U.S. Troops in Iraq (Useless diversion)
  3412. Saudis back US Iraq strategy as fears grow over Iran's influence (Yeah, right!)
  3413. Iran invites global organizations to its nuclear facilities
  3414. Gates arrives in Saudi Arabia for talks on Iran (Does anybody really give a shit what this asshole says?)
  3415. US military strike on Iran seen by April '07; Sea-launched attack to hitoil, N-sites (US will rue the day for a century - but it will rid the world of fucking Israel, once and for all)
  3416. White House Says Judiciary Will Monitor Spy Program (Babbling)
  3417. Secret Court to Govern Wiretapping Plan (Secret this, secret that, secret shit, secret slop, ... secret corpagov of occupation in need of snuffage)
  3418. WH Moved Swiftly to Replace US Attorneys (Pay Fucking Attention Morons It's NOT your government!)
  3419. Did Specter Give WH Power to Replace Prosecutors? (What would you expect from slimey sewage?)
  3420. 2 U.S. Attorneys in Calif. quit, critics say Bush forced them out
  3421. Germany: How "Socialist Alternative" blocks the building of an independent socialist movement
  3422. Civilian contractors in Iraq placed under US military law (Construction of a controlled mercenary armed force that would do anything to US civilians without question)
  3423. Washington admits role in illegal war: US troops took part in invasion of Somalia (and so fuckingwhat?! Whadda ya gonna do 'bout it scum?!)
  3424. Two more barbaric state executions in Iraq
  3425. Susan Block: From Snow-Job to Blow-Job (I like this lady!)
  3426. Marjorie Cohn: Stimson's Outrageous Threat
  3427. Colonel Sam Gardiner: Escalation Against Iraq
  3428. Grover Norquist, Christian Conservatives Fight Ethics Bill (That would certainly figure)
  3429. Libby Seeks Jurors Who Trust Cheney (LMFAO! - and a few square circles)
  3430. Renewed evidence suggests statin/Parkinson's link (That these shit medications for a nondisease are poisonous has been known for many years)
  3431. The many faces of Zionism in canada. (READ)
  3432. Bipartisan senators oppose U.S. troop increase
  3433. Iraqi forces need more guns so US can exit: PM
  3434. IRAQ: UN death figures paint a grim picture
  3435. USS John C. Stennis Deploys (Iran is the target)
  3436. US vows to hunt Al-Qaeda fugitives in Somalia (Lying farce)
  3437. Iran offered to cut off Hezbollah in overture to US in 2003: BBC
  3438. Gates signals troop surge in Afghanistan (Another losing proposition)
  3439. Weary of war but ready for action: American soldiers set their sights on delights of Rio(Oh, no; going to bomb that too?!)
  3440. US Commander In Kosovo: Unease, No Violence
  3441. World falling behind on 2015 education goal (What education?)
  3442. Blow to Clinton campaign as effort to win over Iraq critics falls short(They're not quite stupid enough?)
  3443. Analysis: Why Halutz had to go (He's an incompetent asshole. Will that do?)
  3444. POLITICS-JAPAN: Iraq War Gets Military More Teeth (Big Mistake)
  3445. Rice to hold talks with Merkel on Middle East peace (That should be a bloody riot)
  3446. Rice criticises French plans for Iran overture (Kindasleazy having delusions of grandeur)
  3447. IAEA Suspends Some Technical Aid to Iran (Those pamphlets on Newtonian physics?)
  3448. US wins firm Arab opposition to Iran meddling in Iraq (um - or not)
  3449. US should talk to Iran, Syria over Iraq: Kuwait (But - but - we want to bomb, invade and torture! We don't talk too good)
  3450. Israeli troops kill Palestinian W.Bank militant (If he weren't a militant, we wouldn't have killed him - a little maiming, maybe)
  3451. Peretz and Olmert vow not to quit (Oh Joy!)
  3452. 'Israel-Palestinian trade could hit $7b' (Um - but IL kills and destroys and steals all their money)
  3453. Blair And Rice To Discuss Middle East (Another riot in the making)
  3454. Israel close to sending $100 mln to Abbas (that IL stole)
  3455. Olmert, Peretz said to clash over Halutz heir (The three stooges?)
  3456. Iraqi, Syria discuss pipeline (USUKIL whines and IRRUCN lanughs)
  3457. US, Germany relaunch Mideast quartet (Get the feeling there are 4 irrelevancies here?)
  3458. Bush Seizes Control Over State Militias
  3459. Tony Snow: Are War Critics in Congress Aiding Al-Qaeda? (A stupid man)
  3460. An Apology to Detainees' Attorneys (Stimson, a REALLY stupid man)
  3461. Gitmo Defense Counsel Stand Accused (by the REALLY stupid man)
  3462. 2 U.S. Attorneys in Calif. quit, critics say Bush forced them out
  3463. Scientists recreate 1918 flu virus (Yes, and this is VERY old news)
  3464. Scientists Recreate 1918 Flu and See Parallels to Bird Flu (i.e., "Bird Flu" is to be the cover for recreating and releasing 1918 - got it?)
  3465. Army kills militant linked to al-Qaida (or maybe his uncle's sister's son'e cousin - anyhow, we killed him!)
  3466. Cancer deaths drop for 2nd year (or the stats have been fabricated)
  3467. Senate Readies Anti-War Resolution ([Yawn])
  3468. Bush gives ground on domestic eavesdropping program (He won't do it between 3:00AM and 3:01AM?)
  3469. The End Of Warrantless Wiretaps (not in THIS country)
  3470. AP: Court is now monitoring 'domestic spying program' (Oh, sure - right - I'm just soooo relieved!)
  3471. Microsoft tries to spread Vista far and wide (with FBI/CIA backdoors?)
  3472. 1918 flu a sly killer, according to UW scientist, others
  3473. 1918 Flu Pandemic Virus Overwhelmed Lungs: Study
  3474. Spanish Flu in Monkeys Causes Uncontrolled Immune Response (Governments are slavering over this)
  3475. A downside to heralded HPV drug: Cost, access (and it makes you quack like a duck)
  3476. It's 11:55 pm on the 'Doomsday Clock' (and fundies are slavering over this - it's a sick species)
  3477. Apocalypse standard time (Yoohoo! Apocalypse means "a revealing" not global High Noon, asshole)
  3478. Hillary Clinton yet to announce she'll run for president (Maybe her tongue will rot and fall out first)
  3479. Somalian lawmaker tied to Islamists loses post as speaker
  3480. US criticizes Somali's ouster of dissident parliamentary speaker
  3481. Somalis Must Reach Out for Unity, US Official Says (ROTFLMFAO! - unnamed, speaking from an undisclosed location)
  3482. Attack on Sadr will widen war in Iraq (US has discovered "anti-strategy")
  3483. The attacks on Jimmy Carter continue (Talking it up increases the sales!)
  3484. U.S. to let people apply to get off no-fly lists (A crack in its arbitrarily punitive nature?!)
  3485. U.S. Navy halts Lockheed job on new coastal waters warship
  3486. ACLU Report Shows Widespread Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists
  3487. Condis Middle East Junket; a new dose of cynicism (as Israel continues the genocide)
  3488. US housing bust getting worse, warns Goldman (what were you thinking?)
  3489. Bush's Canadian 'Clone' in Jeopardy (There is at least SOME good news)
  3490. FBI Accuses Two National Guardsmen of Selling Military Gear on EBay (or not)
  3491. Why Time is not on Bush's Side
  3492. Zionism in the Cinema: Part One (READ)
  3493. Democracy: Everywhere and Nowhere (READ)
  3494. The Real Reason I Can't Stand Obama
  3495. The Steady March to War on Iran
  3496. Protest From A Bad Cripple
  3497. Claim: Bin Laden Told Hamza Al-Qaeda Not Behind 9/11
  3498. Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers (or not)
  3499. Domestic surveillance activities now subject to FISC supervision: Gonzales (Do we believe an ever lying corpagov?)
  3500. US law deans 'appalled' by Stimson criticism of law firms for representing detainees (What took them so long to be appalled?)
  3501. Bush is winning in Iraq (Yes! READ)
  3502. Partisan dispute derails ethics reform (Zionist lobby also helps derailment)
  3503. Foreclosures Up 35% from '05 - '06; Subprime to Blame (It ain't gonna get better)
  3504. Give us guns and troops can go, says Iraqi leader (Good solution)
  3505. Voters use Internet more, big role seen in 2008 (Was this a secret?)
  3506. Mainstream Media to Bloggers: Bug Off. (LOL - Likewise, I'm sure)
  3507. Israel minister calls for harsher Iran sanctions (Shitty little people running the shitty little country)
  3508. Dubai skyscraper on fire (Will it collapse - or will demolitions be needed?)
  3509. How Israel Manipulated Western Intelligence Agencies (READ)
  3510. Israel Warns, Threatens Russia On Iran Arms Sale (Shitty little people with delusions of grandeur)
  3511. Union Leader - As trial goes on, he hunkers down - Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007(READ)
  3512. Atheist Richard Dawkins on 'The God Delusion'
  3513. Ahmadinejad be damned (It would be a pity to lose him)
  3514. Vindicating Larry Franklin (Um - not by a long shot, dumdum)
  3515. Strikes on U.S., Afghan forces up fourfoldr (Don't expect it to get better)
  3516. Muslim Women Files Complaint with DOJ Against Israeli Lobby!!! (How appropriate)
  3518. The War Becomes More Unholy
  3519. Ramallah Online - The Lost Palestinian Exhibit
  3520. Israel rewrites history with impunity, but Iran is vilified for discussing it
  3521. Iran: Pieces in Place for Escalation
  3522. A blanket ban on Holocaust denial would be a serious mistake (Far beyond serious)
  3523. The Architecture Of Consequences (READ)
  3524. Bush tries to keep budget promise (Nonsense)
  3525. Authorities Shut Down Cellular Stations in Moscow Metro After Terrorism Alert (Russia also is infested with Israeli agents)
  3526. Governors lose in power struggle over National Guard
  3527. Gonzales, live: "The Constitution does not say that every citizen has the right to habeas corpus."(Nothing these criminals say amazes anymore)
  3528. US headed for "fiscal crisis," Bernanke warns (He's just figured this out? Boing!)
  3529. Smearing Jimmy Carter (READ)
  3530. U.S. officials say rumor [that we started] of Iran strike not true
  3531. New Pentagon detainee manual could lead to executions based on 'hearsay evidence'
  3532. War on Iraq: As Bush's War Strategy Shifts to Iran, Christian Zionists Gear Up for the Apocalypse
  3533. McCain's Popularity "Tanking" In New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada... (Why? Just because he's a lying feckless idiot?)
  3534. Pardons For Drug Dealers, Jail For Border Patrol Agents (Hmmm)
  3535. Simplify, then exaggerate:the neo-cons' route to disaster
  3536. Blair faces Rice after Hain outburs (LOL!)
  3537. Iranian president mistranslated (Regularly, but this is very old, and routinely ignored news)
  3538. Neocons Blocked 2003 Nuclear Talks With Iran (Of course)
  3540. Iran discovers new onshore oil field (A certain shitty little country is pissed)
  3542. US condemns China 'space weapon' ("We should do it, but you can't!")
  3543. Bernanke warns of threat to US prosperity (We're all toast; we know that)
  3544. FBI Launches E-Mail Alerts on Public Website
  3545. Panel grills Gonzales over spy program
  3546. Sudan says U.S. troops raid, search Baghdad embassy (Diplomatic what?)
  3547. Hussein's aides were tortured by executioners, defence team claims
  3548. Lawyer tried over detainee leak (corpagov of occupation)
  3549. Ex-Guantanamo Navy officer arraigned on charges of passing secrets
  3550. Gonzales warns judges not to meddle (or he'll have them and their children boiled in oil?)
  3551. Pentagon sets rules for detainee trials (When is a set of rules, no rules?)
  3552. U.S. considers Guantanamo to imprison non-terror suspects (This says more than it says)
  3553. Britain: Leaked report details plans to cut jobs and pay in National Health Service
  3554. China's defence report highlights growing dangers of war
  3555. Volkswagen workers in Belgium end their strike and occupation
  3556. The significance of Venezuela's and Ecuador's nationalizations (READ)
  3557. Australian PM outlines indefinite military agenda in South Pacific
  3558. UN report: More than 34,000 Iraqi civilian deaths in 2006
  3559. Bills on Climate Move to Spotlight in New Congress (Another waste of time)
  3560. Democrats Target Royalty Breaks for Oil Firms (and will get nowhere)
  3561. US House Takes on Big Oil (Yeah, right!)
  3562. ElBaradei: Sanctions Could Escalate With Iran (READ)
  3563. Methodist Ministers Launch Petition to Stop Bush Library at SMU
  3564. Resignations at Federal Election Commission Raise Concern (READ)
  3565. Pentagon Rules Allow Coerced Detainee Testimony
  3566. Pelosi Gains With Public as Democrats Get High Marks for Agenda (Horseshit)
  3567. Rice cites strong encouragement for Middle East peace agreement (She lies)
  3568. Condoleezza Rice ends Middle East tour with modest results (Nothing, which is what zionist neocons want)
  3569. China downs satellite with ballistic missile (Cool!)
  3570. 'Star Wars' missile test heralds new arms race in space
  3571. Bushs Plan to Secure Baghdad (Nuke it?)
  3572. Anti-War, Anti-Surge or Anti-Funding (impeachment would be better)
  3573. Maliki hits out at lack of US backing
  3574. US sets terrorism trial rules (Wacko Nation)
  3575. Miami Beach Wants to Outlaw Private Parties (Wacko Nation)
  3576. Pelosi Won't Block Iraq Funding to Stop Troop Surge (Get rid of her)
  3577. Truth is Speaking. Is Power Listening? (Only the choir)
  3578. Bush fights to quash vote of no confidence
  3579. Morocco acquits five former Guantanamo inmates
  3580. Those ingrate Iraqis (READ)
  3581. Where Is the Consistency in the War on Terrorism? (Consistency is in the only real terrorism being that of corpagovs on their captive peoples)
  3582. Connecticut Teacher Convicted of Endangering Kids With Pop-Up Porn (Terror by stupidity)
  3583. Bomb Found on Truck Of Posada Witness
  3584. Stop the Next War - by Justin Raimondo (READ - Support HJ Res 14 & HR413)
  3585. N.Korea: Deal Reached in U.S. Nuke Talks (maybe)
  3586. Federal Employees Owe $2.8 Billion in Income Tax
  3587. Retired Generals Slam Bush's Iraq Plan
  3588. Internet as political force grows, poll finds
  3589. U.S. 'knew damn well' Arar would be tortured: senator (Leahey)
  3590. "We want nuclear programme; rules in region have changed" (Jordanian King)
  3591. Casey: 'Surge' could go home by summer (Which Summer?)
  3592. U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne quick-reaction force faces possible problem:
  3593. "WIPED OFF THE MAP" - The Rumor of the Century (No matter what zionistliars say)
  3594. Holocaust Now: M.A.D. R.I.P. (READ - carefully)
  3595. Diary of a Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Attorney
  3596. George Bush's Crusading Scorecard (2001-2007)
  3597. 'The Root Cause' (Government of Occupation)
  3598. Terror and starvation in Gaza (Continuing Genocide)
  3599. The Law That Never Was -- The Fraud of Income & Social Security Tax
  3600. Woolsey takes up President Bush's Challenge on Iraq
  3601. An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush
  3602. Ban [Ki-Moon] turns down Bush Iraq request
  3603. The Fastest-Growing Humanitarian Crisis in the World: Iraq's Refugee
  3604. China begins to define the rules
  3605. The great games over Iraq
  3606. Lobbying backlash could hit bloggers ($100,000 perannum?!)
  3607. Mass US Rejection of War Increasing
  3608. Dollar falls as data show U.S. investors buy abroad
  3609. Feinstein claims White House using Patriot Act to oust prosecutors
  3610. Pyongyang: 'CIA is Printing Supernotes; America Blames Us'
  3611. Study: Little Jewish property returned (Is there no end to this?)
  3612. Palestinian girl dies of wounds from Israeli fire (Is there no end to this?)
  3613. Wife makes a deal; husband digs in (READ)
  3614. Zionism in the Cinema: Part Two
  3615. Bush Blinks on Illegal Spying - Don't let him off the hook
  3616. Jimmy Carter Doesn't Tell the Half of It (READ)
  3617. U.S., not Pakistan, hit village
  3618. Flexing Muscle, China Destroys Satellite in Test
  3619. Flight discrimination settled
  3620. Blame criminals, not the guns that stop them
  3621. Aide to British Premier Arrested (Is Blair next? That would be funny)
  3622. Prosecutor says presidential recount rigged in Ohio county (No! Really?)
  3623. Concern over China's missile test (Get a grip)
  3624. US congressmen seek Iran block
  3625. Senators Demand Details on New Eavesdropping Rules
  3626. Lockheed awarded $135 mln CDC terrorism preparation contract (For viral delivery system?)
  3627. Invisible RFID Ink Tatoos For Cattle, People (in concentration camps)
  3628. Detainee DNA may be put in database (Just another act of state terrorismwith no other reason)
  3629. Gonzales Questions Habeas Corpus (Impeach him too)
  3630. North Carolina Lawmakers Want SBI to Probe Alleged CIA Flights
  3631. Australia: Labor refashions industrial relations policy to suit big business (Corpagov)
  3632. Japan establishes first postwar defence ministry
  3633. Rice's Middle East tour: Arab regimes back US war drive in Iraq and Iran (or not)
  3634. Bush administration gets secret court's sanction for illegal spying operation(occupying corpagov by smoke and mirrors)
  3635. House Rolls Back Oil Company Subsidies (Hmmm)
  3636. Senate Passes Democrats' Ethics Bill (Hmmm)
  3637. House Democrats Beat 100-Hour Clock
  3638. Iraqi Budget Loaded With Divisive Expenditures
  3639. Iran: Butter or Guns
  3640. Ex-Ohio Congressman Ney Sentenced to 30 Months (That's it?!)
  3641. White House Shifting Tactics in Surveillance Cases (not really)
  3642. Minnesota Daily Launches Series of 9/11 Truth Columns
  3643. "McCain Lines Up N.Y. [Jewish] Money Men..." (He's always been a lying oportunistic scumbag)
  3644. Taxes Aren't Beautiful: James Blunt Moves to Switzerland to Avoid British Taxes
  3645. China space missile row grows (get a grip people)
  3646. Family sues radio station in Wii contest death (Can such a stupid species survive?)
  3647. US forces detain key al-Sadr aide (Could be a large mistake)
  3648. Motorola 4Q profit plunges
  3649. Israel releases Palestinian funds (with interest?)
  3650. 'US bomb used' in Pakistan raid
  3651. U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne quick-reaction force faces possible problem: Full deployment
  3652. US not obliged to stay in Iraq: Pelosi (As bad as Kindasleazy)
  3653. 100 Saddam regime officials to be tried (by kangaroos)
  3654. Blackwater USA countersues attorney representing estates of employees killed in Iraq (This is frivolous, and the court will see that yes?)
  3655. U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst
  3656. Gene Expression: The slippery slope is real (This doesn't DARE go to thebottom line)
  3657. Parallels to Iraq in US strategy on Iran anger senator (Calm yourself: senators are notoriously slow in understanding anything)
  3658. The battle to save Iraq's children (A plea to the Grand High Fuck, Blir)
  3659. EXCLUSIVE !!! John Klars Taxing Issue (READ)
  3660. Liebermans Iraq Strategy (I just don't ever want to hear or read another word from this living fuckwad ever again)
  3661. Prosecutor: Ohio county rigged recount (OF COURSE, YOU MORON!)
  3662. Bush Orders More CIA Activity in Venezuela (Will Chavez put successive prices on the heads of the entire US corpagov of occupation in order of presidential succession?)
  3663. NY court: FBI might have violated First Amendment in efforts to take down conspiracy film (HELLO-O? "might" have violated the law?!! What kind of goddamn moron JUDICIAL conclusion is this?! Die, M'Fker)
  3664. Reisterstown [Israeli] man pleads guilty to counterfeiting
  3665. US ZIONIST Senate bans lobbyist travel except for Israeli agrandizement
  3666. No 10 clashes with police over aide arrest (Arrest Blair and jail the war criminal)
  3667. Marine Corps will ask thousands to come back (to be murdered)
  3668. Southern Iraqi Tribes Joining Armed Resistance ( to occupation)
  3669. Genocidal Racist Zionist Troops kill peace activists 10 year old daughter
  3670. Bribed USUKIL tool, Abbas admits Hamas may win (again) in early elections
  3671. Show Me The Intelligence (But, it's fabrication)
  3672. Ohio poll workers indicted for fudging 2004 recount (How about hanged?)
  3673. European Storm Worm [by corpagov hackers] hits computers
  3674. Iran masses troops along borders with Iraq (You should see how their missles are aimed)
  3675. US and British companies can expoit Iraq oil reserves for 30 years under new law (So this is what all that horror, blood and death is worth?)
  3676. Ukraine PM's top aide shot dead in hunting 'accident' (Where is Deadeye Dick?!)
  3677. New winter storm stalks Southern Plains (If your fucking government offers help, walk the other way)
  3678. The Grand Jury (READ!)
  3679. Israel sinks deeper into cesspit of defamation, denigration and denial
  3680. Lebanon opposition to stage national protest strike (Fed up are they with their goddamned government)
  3681. Fox smears Sen. Obama, says he 'covered up' Muslim past (Obama is a shit, but this is both shit and moronic)
  3682. Daily Kos: Bush ramps up to attack Iran, Reid can't stop this scenario as China fires a timely warning ....(His lunatic zionist masters don't care)
  3683. Bush Proclaims Sunday "National Sanctity of Human Life Day" in honor of his works in Iraq and Afghanistan
  3684. FLASHBACK: Agents of Influence (READ)
  3685. Militant Tax Evader [i.e., PROTESTOR] Prepares for Raid
  3686. U.S. copter down in Iraq; 13 aboard dead (READ)
  3687. Huckabee left computers, fund gutted
  3688. Redford lands left hook, criticizes Bush policy (READ)
  3689. Intelligence and Security Committee
  3690. UK admits prior knowledge of secret CIA prison network
  3691. Tribe: U.S., not Pakistan, hit village (as I said)
  3692. 29 tortured bodies found in Iraq (Who is really doing this?)
  3693. U.S. helicopter crashes near Baghdad
  3694. 20 U.S. service members killed in Iraq
  3695. Insurgent TV channel turns into Iraq's newest cult hit
  3696. Labour must admit Iraq errors, say ministers (Now, about their war crimes?)
  3697. Britain: New crime bill flouts presumption of innocence
  3698. Thai junta under fire over economic policies
  3699. The coronation of Nicolas Sarkozy French interior minister named Gaullist presidential candidate (mistake)
  3700. The war in Iraq and American democracy
  3701. Round Up the Usual Experts: Make Them Live on a Dollar a Day
  3702. New Push For Social Security "Reform" (Oh Shit!)
  3703. Gilad Atzmon: One Hundred Years of the Jewish Solitude
  3704. Newton Garver: Evo Morales' First Year (a good one on the whole - READ)
  3705. Alexander Cockburn: First Bomb Carter; Then Nuke Teheran! (READ He's gotten this right)
  3706. Leading Senator Assails President Over Iran Stance (Rockefeller)
  3707. Protesters Will Urge Congress to Stand Up to Bush
  3708. McCain Hires Bush's Media Team (Lying opportunistic slime)
  3709. Iraqi Draft Law on Oil Revenue Appears Close
  3710. Cost of Iraq War Skyrockets to $8 Billion a Month
  3711. Iran to Conduct Missile War Games
  3712. EU FMs meet to focus on Mideast issues (useless trash)
  3713. Iran vows not to bow to UN resolutions
  3714. The Unhived Mind -> Secret Instructions of the JESUITS
  3716. Was Iraq War a `Blunder' or Was It Treason?
  3717. Chinese premier unveils financial reforms (Hmmmm)
  3718. Speech hints at US monarchy
  3719. At least 24 Americans died in Iraq Sat. (A surge that W didn't feel)
  3720. Bring Ahmadinejad to Justice!! (and all zionists for committing genocide)
  3721. FBI: Gang Members Joining Military (That should be an improvement)
  3722. Carter Not Deterred By Criticism Of Book On Israeli, Palestinian Conflict
  3723. Kissinger Teams Up with the Neocons (Was he ever unteamed?)
  3724. Israeli Holocaust trustee blasts Hebron settlers (READ)
  3725. THE U.S. CRIES "FOUL" (National US mentality that of a petulant 2 year old)
  3726. Iraq violence follows spike in U.S. military death toll
  3727. Follow The Money To The 911 Players (READ)
  3728. Union motion to debate Israel brings 'hate into the classroom': B'nai Brith head (attempting silence exposure of Israel's genocide of Palestinians)
  3729. Watada backers indict Iraq war (READ)
  3730. Clinton a "true friend of Israel" (No presidency for that whore)
  3731. Looking for a Gulf of Tonkin-like Incident (That was fabricated, remember?)
  3732. Defense official says Pentagon hid unspent funds in accounts (and Rabbi Dov Zackheim's missing $US 3 TRILLION?)
  3733. School bars director from taping Carter (??)
  3734. Ex-PM Netanyahu Calls on World to Stop Iran (which does nothing while Israel is still committing genocide)
  3735. Palestinian PM says U.S. aims to topple his govt (and he's quite right)
  3736. Obama leads Clinton in New Hampshire (Poison X or Poison Y ?)
  3737. Pa. man's letter brings Secret Service (another national harrassment service)
  3738. How Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack or be Complicit in Nuclear War Crimes
  3739. Cameras in fire engines ... the new way to spy on motorists
  3740. Islamists: Israel "Secretly Excavating" Temple Mount (Yes, and it's old news)
  3741. Ex-US official (Richard Perle): Bush would approve Iran attack
  3742. Ben Bova: Has the Internet made our speech a little too free? (He redefines use of the "stolen concept" to make absurd arguments)
  3743. Deborah Lipstadt is less popular than Chicken Manure (Nobody's perfect)
  3744. Israeli Knesset passes law to revoke citizenship of \\\'unpatriotic\\\' Israelis(READ)
  3746. Teachers Union Defends Right to Freedom of Speech (Who are the hateful racists?)
  3747. Official blasts Guantanamo inmate's lawyers (Another corpagov hemorrhoid)
  3748. Guantanamo fails to meet basic British standards-lawmakers (Just a minor understatement - perhaps?)
  3749. US prison is 'threat' to Geneva treaties (Geneva and various constitutions have already been trashed to hell - Wake Up, Dolt!)
  3750. Website offers whistleblowers chance to go global (Beware corpagov infiltration)
  3751. Richardson Joins Presidential Pack (Who knows - will the jews buy him?)
  3752. America's Last "Long War" Offers Lessons for Iraq
  3753. The Second Looting of New Orleans
  3754. Help US close Guantanamo, say MPs (How clueless can they get?!)
  3755. Clinton out in front with 24-point lead (The Drug Queen with support from the Jewish Lobby!)
  3756. US Toll in Iraq Is 27 for Deadly Weekend (Is there perhaps a message here?)
  3757. Turkish prosecutor says teenager confesses to journalist's killing
  3758. He believed his love for his country would save him (Stupidity will never save you)
  3759. Palestinians hail 'progress' in unity talks (Babbling)
  3760. Drinker survives 16-storey hotel plunge (So, it wasn't a corpagov murder?)
  3761. Plan kills rising rates (The insurer racketeers will not be happy)
  3762. Will 2007 be a kinder, gentler year? (NO! Next question?)
  3763. US issues subpoenas to banks on online gambling (Farce)
  3764. Gas Price Down About 14 Cents in 2 Weeks (BFD)
  3765. Bush to Propose Tax Change to Penalize High-Cost Health Plans (You know this is a fundamental fraud)
  3766. Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Case Confirmed In South Korea (or not)
  3767. Netanyahu Speaks Against Iran (Fucking psychopath)
  3768. Iran motivated by fear (Israel is motivated by evil, theft & greed)
  3769. Iran President defiant in face of critical MPs
  3770. * Beijing restates its stance in talks with the Vatican (Why would Chinagive a rat's ass about Vatican? Think banking)
  3771. Blair likely to quit if aides charged in loans inquiry (There is always hope)
  3772. Israelis prepare public for conflict with 'genocidal' Iranian regime (Psychopathic Israel prepares for suicide)
  3773. US troops surge into Iraq as death toll mounts (and you expected what, exactly?)
  3774. Report exposes police collusion with paramilitary killers (Criminal government)
  3775. Litvinenko exclusive (READ)
  3776. Andrea heeded America's call, and paid with her life (Blame US corpagov)
  3777. Chavez to U.S.: 'Go to Hell, Gringos!' (Appropriate)
  3778. Police Printed Flier Warning of Activist (Criminal corpagov)
  3779. Terrorism no laughing matter for Australian airline (W as terrorist is no joke, assholes!)
  3780. Prominent lobbyist Perle: U.S. will attack Iran if it obtains nukes (It's great to know we have an Israeli zionist setting US policy)
  3781. MP says Iran bars 38 atomic inspectors: agency (Not allowing what they did to Iraq)
  3782. Intelligence vs. Evidence - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  3783. US plans attack on Iran
  3784. ZioPedia: All There Is To Know About Zionism - An Open Word About Anti-Semitism (READ a good overview)
  3785. Federal Workers Owe Billions in Unpaid Taxes
  3786. Man may sue Qantas over Bush T-shirt ban (Good, may he take home millions)
  3787. Czechs give go-ahead for US 'son of stars wars' base (Big mistake)
  3788. Pentagon struggles to get safest vehicles for troops (i.e., more troops set up to be killed by zionist death squads?)
  3789. 250,000 Palestinians fenced in, says reports (READ)
  3790. Netanyahu says Israel should overthrow Hamas government (How about the other way around?)
  3791. US under secretary of state: We won't allow nuclear Iran' (Blathering)
  3792. Revenue Streams That Feed The Barracudas (READ)
  3793. Texan Poker Bluff and Persian Chess Moves
  3794. Israel: 2007 'decisive' on Iran (and Iran likely then decisive on Israel)
  3795. Groups seek records on warrantless mail surveillance that Bush authorized through 'signing statement'
  3796. GOP leadership bristles at five-day Capitol Hill work week (With what salary?)
  3797. CIA fails to finish new intelligence assessment on Iraq
  3798. Fears over oil and acid on stricken ship
  3799. More U.S. states consider erecting barriers to Wal-Mart's banking plans
  3800. Court Rules Against Sentencing Rules in Calif.
  3801. Companies Refusing to Reveal Biotech Research
  3802. Parliament protester's legal win (The occasional good news)
  3803. SAS unit moves to London in terror fight (Oh Joy: more state terrorism)
  3804. Turning the tables on Washington, Cuba says US harbours terrorists (Yup: W. Cheney, Rice, ...)
  3805. Canada making enemies, Hamas warns
  3806. U.S. Plans Missile Bases in Europe
  3807. Carlyle Group mentioned in UK nuclear subs yard talks
  3808. Details Emerge About Possible Terror Threat (Fabricated hogwash)
  3809. U.S. Toll in Iraq Is 27 for Deadly Weekend
  3810. Bombs Kill at Least 100 People in Iraq (in success of "surge")
  3811. Iraqi PM told Bush to withdraw US troops from Baghdad
  3812. The Gates Foundation and the rise of "free market" philanthropy (READ the REAL meaning of "Free Market")
  3813. Prisoners continue hunger strike at Canada's Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  3814. Pentagon official witch-hunts Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo detainees' lawyers
  3815. US auto union tells members to "expect sacrifices" in new contracts
  3816. Support Jimmy Carter in Boston!
  3817. Ramzy Baroud: The Things We Take for Granted
  3818. A Fool's Errand in Baghdad
  3819. Amira Hass: Life Under Prohibition in Palestine (Israel's concentration camp rules)
  3820. Paul Craig Roberts: Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War
  3821. George McGovern: Get Out of Iraq (READ)
  3822. Iraq War May Intrude on Libby Trial
  3823. Case Workers for Wounded Laid Off (Despicable government)
  3824. Pentagon Linked to Illegal Military Sales to Iran (Scumbag government)
  3825. Global Warming: The Final Verdict (These people have no idea whatsoeve worth having)
  3826. Senators Seek Support Against Iraq Surge (You have to be faster than this, guys)
  3827. Warner Leads Second Resolution Criticizing Bush's Iraq Plan (Useless! Impeach, instead)
  3828. Top Senate Democrat Concerned About Bush and Iran (On second thought, arrest the whole lot of the criminals)
  3829. The Nonsense of Global Warming (READ)
  3830. Facilitating Genocide:The Reporting of Abir Aramin's Death
  3831. Probe into Guantanamo detention of German Turk focuses on Foreign Minister
  3832. Guantanamo Pro Bono? Atticus Finch Meets Charles Stimson
  3833. Stimson should be forced to resign
  3834. Al-Qaeda claims it shot down US helicopter in Iraq (Fabricated)
  3835. Iran tests missiles as fear of attack grows (Booga booga booga! Get a grip, fools!)
  3836. Sen. Edwards discusses Iranian threat (Another town is missing its idiot)
  3837. Arabiya TV office in Gaza damaged by bomb: police
  3838. Olmert, Peretz agree on choice of Ashkenazi as IDF chie
  3839. Tuna on the endangered list (So should humans be)
  3840. Istanbul hosts symposium about Syrian-Turkish ties
  3841. Syrian FM arrives in Tehran
  3842. (DV) Sheehan: Hillary for President?
  3843. at-Largely: Is this bad reporting or propaganda? Update
  3844. The Raw Story | After query, AP says nuke watchdog didn't respond to after hour calls on Iran nuke claim
  3845. Pro-life marchers converge on DC (to stop the killing?!)
  3846. Serb elections complicate Kosovo issue
  3847. Israeli defence minister: Hamas can be peace partner (Roundup) (Until tomorrow)
  3848. Pfizer to cut 10000 jobs, shut 5 plants
  3849. 'Altruistic' brain region found (but not in politicians)
  3850. Insurers have own ideas on coverage (You bet their slavering mouths they do)
  3851. Chavez Roars, Verizon Snores (READ)
  3852. Police 'let informers go on murder spree'
  3853. Loyalist gang murdered up to 15 while working for police
  3854. Collusion 'went to top of force'
  3855. Chinese Satellite Missile Test Not Meant as Threat, US Says (LOL)
  3856. General Staff document: Large rise in number of rapes in IDF
  3857. &#-11;&#-11;Babylon-2&#-11;&#-11;: On US-Israeli Plans For a Nuclear War
  3858. Soldier aquitted of beating Iraqi suspects in Basra (Why?)
  3859. US brings in new passport rules
  3860. The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents
  3861. The Invisible Enemy in Iraq
  3862. Winter Patriot: Bring On The Horse Manure, It's Time For Another SOTU
  3863. Delegitimization of Israel rising among US elite
  3864. Israel Builds Synagogue Under Al-Aqsa: Palestinians
  3865. Aqsa foundation: IOA digging secret tunnel under the Aqsa Mosque
  3866. Gonzales: There Is No Express Grant of Habeas Corpus In The Constitution (Scarey guy)
  3867. Chief Rabbi of Tzfat: Prepare to Return to Gaza
  3868. Hybrid flu virus in near-miss escape ("We'll make that damn birflu thing jump to humans by hook or by crook, damnit!")
  3869. Crashed US helicopter 'shot down' (That was clear)
  3870. Protests paralyze Lebanon
  3871. Ted Haggard Says Evangelicals Have the 'Best Sex Life' (HE's certainly had an interesting one)
  3872. OPEC Dumps $10.1 Billion of Treasuries as Oil Tumbles (READ)
  3873. Wired reports US unwittingly evolved superpathogen in Iraqi combat hospitals ("UNWITTINGLY" ??)
  3874. Libby Jury Picked -- Includes Retired 'Wash Post' Reporter
  3875. Lobbyists search for new ways to offer a free lunch
  3876. Thousands in Germany, Italy are told they will be deploying in mid-2007 (They need all to say NO)
  3877. Gates sees military power as a means to making negotiations effective - (We us another idiot!)
  3878. Israeli billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians
  3879. Hours before State of Union, Bush approval drops to low of 28 percent (an optimistic number)
  3880. Hillary Clinton and the Israel Lobby (A regular love fest)
  3881. Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him
  3882. The Pentagon vs. Press Freedom
  3883. Report faults FBI for mishandling page scandal
  3884. Strike plunges Lebanon into chaos (could we have one too please?)
  3885. Israeli president to be charged with rape (which country is it this time?)
  3886. Iran says still cooperating with IAEA
  3887. Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link (So, who are the liars - again?)
  3888. West left in the cold in Arctic oil boom (READ)
  3889. Gunmen storm empty Gaza beach site (Al-Kaidy? I don't think so)
  3890. Twice Displaced: The Plight of Palestinians in Iraq
  3891. U.S. warns Iran to back down (Why? - I mean a sane reason)
  3892. U.S. drafts Holocaust denial resolution (Not in MY name goddamn you!)
  3893. Clashes as opposition protests paralyse Lebanon
  3894. Sanctions under the shadow of war (READ)
  3895. Why the 'big push' sounds horribly familiar (READ)
  3896. A blueprint for chaos in Iraq
  3897. Activists Trying to Shut Down Climate Debate, Skeptics(of Jerk Science) Say -- 01/23/2007
  3898. Lower Taxes Take Backseat to Secondhand Smoke (More Jerk Science) in New Jersey
  3899. Israel May 'Stand Alone' in Years to Come, Professor Says (If at all)
  3900. Gun Control Advocates Heading to Washington (Jerks)
  3901. 'Scientist' Group's Funding Comes with Liberal 'Strings Attached' (Bizarre)
  3902. Prosecutor says Libby destroyed Cheney memo
  3903. Liz Cheney - Retreat Isn't an Option (Sign up, deploy and take the kids)
  3904. Bush twins in no hurryto defend United States
  3905. Petraeus says 'tough days' ahead in Iraq (Another government genius!)
  3906. Travel to U.S. off 17 pct since 9/11 (Who would want to come to this loony bin?)
  3908. Russia warns US - 'use of force in ME unacceptable' (Is this clear enough for our doodyheads?)
  3909. U.N. climate panel to project wrenching change (Full blown Jerk Science)
  3910. Wal-Mart Accused of Mislabeling Organics
  3911. Knesset members call on president to resign
  3912. Israel's President to Be Indicted on Rape, Abuse of Power Charges
  3913. Judges cannot add years to prisoners' sentences, high court rules
  3914. UK police arrest 5 men under the Terrorism Act (WHAT did they say?!)
  3915. Suicide bomber kills 10 in Afghanistan
  3916. U.S. mulls putting more money, men into Afghanistan (Send the administration, and their children)
  3917. Escalation Forces Bush to Resort to Recruiting Convicts (Oh Boy!)
  3918. Soldier aquitted of beating Iraqi suspects in Basra (Righty-o!)
  3919. U.S. helicopter crash caused by hostile fire: report
  3920. Blackwater USA helicopter down in Iraq (Our mercenary death squads)
  3921. Bush to seek Congress support for Iraq plan (and they'll give it too)
  3922. George Washington's Blog: The REAL Plan for Iran (Ultimately a greater disaster)
  3923. Russian Admiral Says U.S. Navy Prepares Missile Strike on Iran
  3924. Germany: War, social cuts and the role of the Left Party-PDS
  3925. The Trial of Tony Blair: What would it take to put the prime minister in the dock? (A touch of truth, perhaps?)
  3926. Somalia: African Union force agreed
  3927. US occupation turns 3.7 million Iraqis into refugees
  3928. On the eve of State of the Union speech US political crisis mounts over Iraq war escalation
  3929. Uri Avnery: Israel and Apartheid (READ)
  3930. Pelosi and Iraq: Blunder or Treason?
  3931. Turning Silence into Gold: Hillary and Israel Lobby
  3932. Miami: a Place of Refuge for Anti-Castro Terrorists
  3933. The Politics of Cheap Oil
  3934. Lebanon on the Brink of Civil War, Again
  3935. Bush to make green speech to nation (More abject nonsense)
  3936. General Says New Strategy in Iraq Can Work Over Time (A few millennia?)
  3937. US commander calls Iraq dire (and just WHY is it that way, numbnuts?)
  3938. Lebanon is 'shut down' in struggle for power
  3939. 3 Killed, Scores Hurt In Lebanon Clashes
  3940. Israeli President Katsav to Step Down as Indictment Nears
  3941. Cheney aide tells trial he is fallguy for Rove
  3942. Obama Launches 2008 White House Bid; But Is America Ready? (NO!)
  3943. Clinton Confident in Her 2008 Prospects (She's not too bright, either)
  3944. Protests bring Lebanon to a halt (Sick of their useless government)
  3945. China weapons test shakes up world view (of morons)
  3946. Lawyers Paint Libby As Sacrificial Lamb
  3947. Libby Trial Opens With Simple Tales and Complex Plots
  3948. Jimmy Carter's 'Peace' Mission To Brandeis
  3949. What Bush's health plan means to you (You're screwed?)
  3950. State of the Union 2007
  3951. History News Network - The Price of Hipocrisy (Kindasleazy in Egypt READ)
  3952. General: Bigger Army will cost $70 billion (Is that national or mercenary?)
  3953. 81-Year-Old Liberals Now Terror Threat (READ)
  3954. 82% of Germans think Bush worst US President ever!
  3955. Libby Was `Scapegoat' in CIA Agent Leak
  3956. How Iran is planning to deal with Americans (READ)
  3957. With support gone, Bush stumbles on
  3958. 28% and Counting, the Disintegration of a President (isn't fast enough)
  3959. Beatings reportedly accompanied by ethnic slurs at Guilford (This is a result of Bush and his ilk. READ and be very afraid)
  3960. The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden (READ - Look familiar?)
  3961. Israel faces nuclear Holocaust warns Gingrich (of their own arrogant and suicidal making; they WILL have it)
  3962. Iran: Israel, US will soon die (That's probably true)
  3963. Edwards Pledges Allegiance (To Israel, That Is)
  3964. Smears for Fears (Smearing Wes. Clark for almost getting to the truth)
  3965. The Empire Turns Its Guns on the Citizenry (as has been carefully designed)
  3966. Reporters Gain Support in Resisting Court Martial Testimony
  3967. U.S. launches new air strike on Somalia: report (US war on Islam)
  3968. Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago
  3969. He Still Doesn't Understand the War (The disasters are designed to be irreparable)
  3970. CNN Debunks False Report About Obama
  3971. 4 Americans in Iraq crash shot in head
  3972. Ex-dictator Noriega to be released Sept. 9 (and allowed to live?)
  3973. Reviews Roll In (Reality check on Bush's State Of the Union)
  3974. Blair rejects call for Iraq withdrawal (But, of course)
  3975. Beer commercial &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;leaves sour taste&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; (January 18, 2007) (Enough is never enoughcontrol with jews who wallow in their victimhood)
  3976. 'There is no war on terror' (but a State War On Citizens - Sir Ken could get Wellstoned for telling such truths)
  3977. Navy can keep using sonar for two years (to cause ever more marine destruction)
  3978. Passport applicants find they're not Canadian (Bizarre laws)
  3979. Off the Rails: Big Oil, Big Brother Win Big in the State of the Union Greg (READ)
  3980. Jewish Like Me (READ!)
  3981. U.S. generals - Iraq hurt ability to fight elsewhere (They need to "privatize" the army; that need has been set up)
  3982. McNerney Calls on Bush to keep State of the Union promises (Babbling)
  3983. Land of Enchantment and Impeachment (READ)
  3984. Key 9/11 survivor in Lancaster (READ)
  3985. 'CIA and Mossad are Behind the Hrant Dink Murder' (READ)
  3986. Al-Qaeda Run PR For Bush Before Union Speech (Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA)
  3987. Microsoft offers cash for Wikipedia edit (MS has always been a racketeering operation)
  3988. US helicopters strike high-rises in Baghdad battle (Waging genocide is hard work)
  3989. Alter: A Powerful Response (READ)
  3990. Lizzie Cheney - The Pride of Lockheed Martin - Speaketh (pathetically)
  3991. Senators eye rejection of Bush war plan (Lame (bought) fucks)
  3992. Tax breaks sidetrack minimum wage bill (Babbling)
  3993. The debt we owe to Deborah Lipstadt (READ)
  3994. Pakistan fumes as Nato troops kill soldier
  3995. Senate Panel Votes Against Bush on Iraq (Criminal bought Congress)
  3996. Prosecutors Want DeLay Charge Reinstated
  3997. U.S. not scared enough of bird flu, Senate told ("They will be when we can make it jump species - or use 1918 and call it 'bird flu'")
  3998. Brazil: The WTO and Lula's "struggle" for the G-20
  3999. European Union announces new energy strategy
  4000. Musharraf's reform of Pakistan's rape law-a cynical manoeuvre
  4001. Iranian president faces mounting internal opposition
  4002. Observations on Washington-style democracy
  4003. Bush's State of the Union speech highlights crisis of US ruling elite
  4004. James Brooks: Out of Europe, Out of Time (READ)
  4005. Ron Jacobs: SOTUS Quo
  4006. Heather Gray: Surviving in War (READ - just for the hell of it)
  4007. Two Americas: the Grunts and the War Profiteers
  4008. Sharon Smith: What's Wrong with Health Care Reform (READ, weep and understand corpagov: why it must be annihilated)
  4009. What Can be Done in Iraq? (Nothing, but leave a mess with profound apology - and reparation)
  4010. Mexico: Corn Feeds Discontent (READ - and WAKE UP, dumdum!)
  4011. Contractor Helicopter Down in Baghdad (The more the merrier)
  4012. Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt Dies (So many reptos remain)
  4013. Educators Assail No Child Left Behind (Um - where have they been? NOW, they complain!?)
  4014. Senator Webb's Response to State of the Union Address
  4015. Prosecutor Seeks Conspiracy Charge Against DeLay (How about Racketeering and Treason?)
  4016. Gore Film Gets Oscar Nomination (Liberals also love Jerk Science)
  4017. US Continues Bombing of Somalia (Genocide and general destruction)
  4018. Former CIA Official Testifies Against Libby
  4019. Senate Panel Votes Against Bush on Iraq (NONBINDINGLY?! BFD!)
  4020. Howard Davies in Davos: Whatever you do here,
  4021. Bitter Fruit (A dream of reality)
  4022. Bush enters final two years with subdued tone (Don't believe a word)
  4023. Iran: Signs Political Elite Moving To Restrain President (When anything Iranian is in London, fuck it, kill it, ignore it)
  4024. Robert Fisk: Fear climate change, not our enemies (As a scientist, Fisk makes a believable moron)
  4025. Davos uncovered (Apparently, Warner has never heard of Bilderberg - idiot or manipulative liar?)
  4026. High-fibre diets - Can the cut Cancer? (No, Asshole! Next question?)
  4027. Israel raises nuclear stakes with Iran (The Evil of Israel will utimately destroy itself - and possibly all human life in the bargain)
  4028. Inside Baghdad: A city paralysed by fear (The essential question is, why?!)
  4029. Blair backs down over gay adoption law (Blair needs to drop dead)
  4030. Bush's 'clean fuel' move may cause more harm, say environmentalists ( which is the exact point of Bush's bullcrap)
  4031. A Speech about International Defeat (Would that all nations (corpagovs) would be defeated and leave people the fuck alone)
  4032. France welcomes amendments to Iran's economic policie (More levels of lying than can be counted or analyzed)
  4033. U.S. to pledge nearly $770M for Lebanon (for them to buy US armaments - FUCK the people)
  4034. Neil Clark: They've got it wrong again (Too stupid to bother reading)
  4035. Old rival tests Ahmadinejad's nerve (LOL Big A, has good nerve)
  4036. Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried (No, genocidal, paranoid schizophrenic criminals)
  4037. Foreign Ministry looks for silver lining (The only silver lining is death)
  4038. Results Of "Vahan Tekeyan" and "Ara and Maral" Contests Summary
  4039. Zawahri calls Palestinian president a "traitor" (and he's about right)
  4040. News Analysis: Against odds, U.S. pushes forward on Mideast peace talks(LMAO: babbling)
  4041. Israel PM urges Katsav to quit before legal battle over sex crimes allegations (What makes him different from any other Israeli?)
  4042. Five charged in murder of Turkish-Armenian author
  4043. Denmark wants EU constitution in place by 2009 parliamentary elections (Tough shit, assholes)
  4044. UK law ministers seek judges' help to stem prison overcrowding (How about corpagov overcriminalization?)
  4045. U.S. eyes heat-beaming weapon by 2010 (but rather require complete lobotomies)
  4046. Israeli President Denounces 'poisonous' Rape Claims (LOL - took him long enough)
  4047. Insurers want Bush's health plan to be considered (So, you KNOW it's criminal)
  4048. China to overtake US in Internet population size within 2 yrs (Could be - interesting - devestating - ...)
  4049. US, Iraqi forces work to tame 'Sniper Alley' (Why, exactly?)
  4050. Rice: US to pledge $770M to Lebanon (The bitch needs to fuck off)
  4051. US pledge for Lebanon rebuilding totals almost $770 million (My ass!)
  4052. Panama to jail ex-leader Noriega if he returns home (Guess where he won't go)
  4053. Insurers want Bush's health plan to be considered (Criminals do love criminals)
  4054. Dow Hits Record, Its 26th Since October (An isolated wonderland of nonsense)
  4055. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Call for ban on 'child rape' film (How about banning the goddamned government?)
  4056. 300 QEII passenger and crew ill (Have they unleashed 1918?)
  4057. Blair vows to keep troops in Iraq, avoids debate (hides his willy and puts his finger up his ass)
  4058. When it comes to a debate on Iraq, Tony Blair goes missing (like his brain)
  4059. Ray gun makes targets feel as if they are on fire (Cool! Use it on all of corpagov!)
  4060. Putin comes calling to India
  4061. Election staff convicted in recount rig (How about tried for treason, and shot to death?)
  4062. Cheney downplays Iraq violence; Not 'terrible situation' (Won't the evil SOB just die - quickly?)
  4063. U.S. extends combat tours in Afghanistan (Get out, and leave them alone too - and leave us alone also while you're at it)
  4064. Carter Wins Applause at Brandeis
  4065. Cheney's annual State of Delusion address (Dying would be his greatest service to humanity)
  4066. Rep. Keith Ellison Should Drop in on the Christian-Jewish Party in the House of Representatives (READ)
  4067. Senate committee repudiates Bush on Iraq (Fuck War Criminal, serial mass murderers BushCheney and the treasons they rode in on)
  4068. State of the Union Address: Making Up Goals (and other massive fictions)
  4069. No man is above the law - except Cheney
  4070. Survey Finds Mercury in Fish in West (Corpagov poisoning you)
  4071. Israel raises nuclear stakes with Iran (Israel and its death wish)
  4072. Detention extended for two terrorism suspects (i.e., for any two arbitrarily chosen people)
  4073. Scientists tighten security over germ terror threat (Oh - we'll be infected when the criminal governments are ready)
  4075. Rumsfeld 'transition' office in Pentagon raising eyebrows (You KNOW the SOB is still up to no good)
  4076. Talking-point heaven (LOL)
  4077. Dropping like flies: Resignations of U.S. attorneys raise suspicion of politically motivated Justice Department purge.(READ)
  4078. Ford Posts Loss of $5.8 Billion, Worst Since 92 (What economy?)
  4079. The World Agrees: Stop Bush Before He Kills Again (Put him in an asylum for the criminally insane)
  4080. Israel's image hits nadir (No, no - just wait)
  4081. ISN Security Watch - US seeks Persian Gulf allies against Iran (They would have to be completely crazy)
  4082. USA may impose sanctions against Russia for selling 29 Tor-M1 complexes to Iran (against Russia?!) LMAO!)
  4083. Jewish settlers vandalise West Bank village (It's who they are)
  4084. Israeli Holocaust Official Likens Jewish Settlers To Nazis (Sounds right)
  4085. China's Hu vows to "purify" Internet (Just ditch the spammers please)
  4086. Love Jesus or Burn Forever in Hell... You're Basic "Love Me or I will Kill You" Religion(Your basic 'murikan political spirituality)
  4087. Bush's War on the Republic (on humanity, and on the planet itself)
  4088. Senator Feinstein's Iraq Conflict (READ - nothing new)
  4089. Russian smuggled nuclear-bomb uranium, officials say ("in a plastic bag in his jacket pocket"?! Gimme a break!)
  4090. Another Media Expert Nobody Has Heard Of (READ!)
  4091. Foreclosure rates up big in December
  4092. Martyrs of the Republic (READ)
  4093. Kuwait May Abandon Dollar Peg to Protect its Economy (It would be crazy not to)
  4094. Pentagon will need new beret supplier (What economy?)
  4095. At least one dead in Lebanon clashes (Where were these gunmen when Israel was attacking?)
  4096. FBI Details Threat From Gangs In The Military (Great material for the mercenary death squads)
  4097. Coming Iran Attack for Israel
  4098. Political tension on rise in Kirkuk
  4099. The Second Amendment: "No longer necessary?"
  4100. Depleted Uranium Poison Explosions Target US Citizens (READ)
  4101. Winter Patriot: The "Chilling Plot" To Scare New York Senseless (READ)
  4102. Russia bans dual citizens from gov't (Smart move!)
  4103. Russian influence worrying US: Putin (Undoubtedly true)
  4104. US losing ground as "best place to live" (READ)
  4105. The Maid is Not Coming in Today and Neither is Jesus - You'll Just Have to Work It Out Yourselves
  4106. US to spend additional $9 billion in Afghanistan (Is any of this true in a sane world?)
  4107. Justices Defend Florida Recount Decision (Why are the dissenters and their opinions left in the dust here?)
  4108. The American Way of War (Is such abject stupidity possible, or is the result what was desired?)
  4109. Existing Home Sales Plummet in 2006
  4110. Palestinians in Gaza suffer record poverty: Abbas (READ - Israeli torture with genocide)
  4111. Gulf states seen shifting away from U.S. assets (Surprised that it wasn't sooner)
  4112. Zicam Maker Settles Lawsuit Over Users' Loss Of Smel (READ)
  4113. Escalation of US Iran military planning part of six-year Administration push (Should you be accepting this?)
  4114. U.N. climate report will shock the world - chairman (Because it's a complete crock of shit?!)
  4115. Pelosi Says She Wasn't Consulted On Iraq (OTOH, she lies a lot)
  4116. Maine revolts against digital U.S. ID card (Bravi!)
  4117. Germany's former SPD-Green government blocked release of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoner Murat Kurnaz
  4118. After Stephen Colbert's performance in 2006: White House press corps learns its lesson (READ - and remember)
  4119. European Union demands speedy formation of unity coalition in Serbia (We just love hyperbolic demands, don't we, dear?)
  4120. Western powers accuse Iran and Syria of masterminding Lebanese general strike (as well as fictional global warming and several earthquakes and hurricanes)
  4121. A warning from Senator Webb: Democrat cites danger of deepening "class lines" in America (READ)
  4122. Falling Dominos and Failing Presidencies
  4123. Cuba at the Crossroads?
  4124. Why Bush is Arming Fatah: When in Doubt, Start Another Civil War (READ)
  4125. Iraq Reconstruction Failure (Because it was a hoax and lie to start)
  4126. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush's State of Deception (READ: there is not one word untrue or wasted)
  4127. "Hearts Ruptured with Sadness:" Protesting Gitmo
  4128. Our Mercenaries: Blackwater, Inc and the Privatization of Bush's War Machine (that will freely turn on USians)
  4129. Mexico Under Calderon: Fake Left, Rule Right (READ)
  4130. Patrick Cockburn: What's Really Going on in Baghdad (NO, it is NOT beyond the comprehension of George Bush and Tony Blair! What ARE you allegedly thinking?!)
  4131. Gore Film Gets Oscar Nomination (How perfectly stupid)
  4132. US Continues Bombing of Somalia (Chaos! More chaos!)
  4133. Bush's Oil Stockpile Plan Could Raise Prices (Cheney slavers, repto eyes agleam)
  4134. Kerr-McGee Is Found Liable in Lawsuit Over Oil Royalties
  4135. Senate Panel Votes Against Bush on Iraq (Meaningless garbage, waste of energy and time - stupid bastard bought Congress)
  4136. Kerry Rules Out 2008 Run for President (Now stick to it, dumdum)
  4137. Executive Order Expands Presidential Power Over Agencies (Arrest the bastard!)
  4138. Election Staff Convicted in Recount Rig (More, more, more, ...)
  4139. New Orleans Not Part of Bush's Speech (Isn't that a surprise, boys and girls?)
  4140. Military Plans Troops Build-Up in Afghanistan (mercenaries)
  4141. Top US Surgeon in Iraq Killed When Helicopter Shot Down (What did he know?)
  4142. Carl Bernstein: Bush Has Done "Far Greater Damage" Than Nixon (No Shit, asshole?!)
  4143. NOW | The Woman Who Made Global Warming Cool (Stupid, ignorant bitch)
  4144. Pelosi Hits Bush for Failing to Consult on Iraq Plan (Yeah, right!! [yawn])
  4145. US Soldier, 26 Iraqis Killed in Separate Blasts (Another lesson in reality)
  4146. Matt Renner | "Perfect Storm" for Peace Movement (Overly optimistic)
  4147. Huge Anti-War Protest Outside National Mall Planned For Saturday
  4148. Teenager Dies After Struggle With Residential School Staff (Drive our children crazy - then murder them for being crazy - the 'murkin way)
  4149. U.S. Says It Has Evidence To Prove Iranian 'Involvement' In Iraq (just like that there WMD in Iraq evidence)
  4150. After News Of Somali Air Strike, Pentagon Says U.S. Has Been Working In Africa "For Some Time" (You betcha! - as in planting the AIDS virus)
  4151. Hundreds Deported In L.A. Illegal Immigrant Crackdown (How about an illegal corpagov crackdown?)
  4152. Former Duke Lacrosse District Attorney Faces Ethics Charges (He shouldhave his license revoked permanently)
  4153. One In Ten Female Students At U.S. Military Academies Was Sexually Harassed (It's the 'murkin way!)
  4154. Former Black Panther Members Arrested For 1971 Police Killing (Deliberate foment?)
  4155. New Report Says NYC's Hold On The World's Finances In Jeopardy (Barking up the a diversionary tree: the $US is tanking, stupids!)
  4156. TSA To Begin Tracking Rail Shipments Of Hazardous Materials (Like putting infants in charge of scalpels)
  4157. Sen. Hillary Clinton Announces New Health Insurance Legislation (Couldn't she just die, and spare us all her unbridled evil?)
  4158. Biden: China Space Missile Test "Provocative" (Get a grip, Joe!)
  4159. American Commander: Iraqi Troop Withdrawal Could Happen in Summer (What garbage)
  4160. Secretary Gates Returning Home From 6-Day Trip Abroad (His return is of doubtful value)
  4161. President Bush Appoints New Commanders To Oversee Army, Iraq (who are as stupid and ignorant as he is?)
  4162. U.S. Nuclear Submarine Commander Relieved After Two Sailors Die (We are just SURROUNDED with massive competence!)
  4163. Democrats Warning Bush Against Invading Iran ("The avalanche has started; it is too late for the pebbles to vote.")
  4164. TSA Says "No Fly List" To Be Cut In Half By February (How would anyone verify this?)
  4165. Secretary Gates Says Iranians Wrong To Think Iraq Will Weaken The U.S. (Moron)
  4166. TSA Director Says Screening All Incoming Cargo "Not Feasible" (Duh-uh!)
  4167. Clinton Wants Troops Out Of Iraq 'Eventually' (How about a total lobotomy, Babe?)
  4168. Vice President's Credibility Among Jurors Factors In To Jury Selection (Only a jury of morons and psychopaths is possible)
  4169. Republicans Likely To Mount A Real Effort To Unseat John Kerry (Who needs him?)
  4170. Cheney Lashes Out At War Critics (He needs a public spanking)
  4171. POLITICS-US/IRAQ: Bush's Three-Front War Blunder (But the object is the destruction of the US)
  4172. US Official & Iraq Reconstruction Strategy (is nonexistent)
  4173. Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group to Surge Deploy (Impressive sounding garbage, isn't it?)
  4174. POLITICS-US: Mideast Strategy Increasingly Targets Iran (with more and more bullshit)
  4175. Iran ready to launch a satellite into space: report (just to be delighfully irritating)
  4176. UN nuclear agency asks Iran to back off on rejection of 38 inspectors (These were exactly those who attempted to plant "evidence" in Iraq)
  4177. ElBaradei Says Attack on Iran Would be Catastrophic (Good call)
  4178. Fatah militant shot dead in north Gaza in apparent factional feu (or another Israeli assassination)
  4179. U.S. condemns worsening violence in Lebanon (Oh, shut up!)
  4180. Four dead, 35 wounded in Beirut violence
  4181. Robert Fisk: Money can't close the sectarian divide in Lebanon (It is NOT a sectarian divide)
  4182. Report: Listening posts in Syria track IDF movements
  4183. JURIST - Paper Chase: Lay and six other Enron defendants dismissed from class action shareholder suit
  4184. Italy moves towards criminalizing Holocaust denial (Fuck!)
  4185. JURIST - Paper Chase: Israel parliament grants Katsav temporary leave as sex crimes charges loom
  4186. Senate GOP Leadership Tries To Eliminate Federal Minimum Wag
  4187. What's With that Stubborn One-Third of the American Public?
  4188. Cheney's office 'sought Plame leads' before Libby 'leak'
  4189. The Raw Story | Escalation of US Iran military planning part of six-year Administration push (READ: another conspiracy if ever there was one. We don't need theories)
  4190. Bush authorizes troops to kill Iranian operatives in Iraq (READ: that's kill, as in murder)
  4191. NY Times: 'Bizarre secrecy' in domestic wiretapping suits
  4192. Gonzales Appointment of U.S. Attorney Challenged
  4193. Military Builds Robotic Insects
  4194. US military looks to 'black ice' (How wonderfully clever!)
  4195. U.S. invasion was "idiot decision"-Iraq vice president
  4196. Iran undeterred by psychological war: officials
  4197. Iran attack possible, says Cameron (With these bozos, anything is possible)
  4198. Israel tries to cut off Tehran from world markets (The world already despises Israel for good reason)
  4199. Germany does some soul-searching on detainee
  4200. US Forces Massacre Iraqi Civilians, Pregnant Women (READ)
  4201. Planned media job cuts up 88 pct in 2006 (READ)
  4202. Venezuela May Ask U.S. Envoy to Leave (should have kicked him out long ago)
  4203. Iran attack possible, says Cameron (For what sane reason?)
  4204. Report: North Korea bans use of foreign currency
  4205. Pentagon: Domestic troops low ("military's response to domestic crises"?!)
  4206. Secrecy is at issue in U.S. suits opposing domestic spying(So is the charade we call law)
  4207. Stop the Iran War Before It Starts (READ)
  4208. Tehran's Influence Grows As Iraqis See Advantages
  4209. Film calls Nanjing massacre 'hoax' (Anti-Sino-Tibetanism! :-)
  4210. IDF builds fake Muslim city to prepare for war (outside IL; they be in for a whupping surprise)
  4211. Leaked Israeli document gives frightening glimpse of apartheid (READ)
  4212. 9-11 Research: Flight 93 Crash Site (READ)
  4213. Cheney held up Iraq probe, senator says
  4214. Netanyahu in London: Ahmadinejad must be tried in Hague (And where shall we try Netenyahu for real, as opposed to imaginary war crimes?)
  4215. Jewish Shoah conference participants banned from Israel (Illegal?)
  4216. US sitting on credit 'volcano' (You betcha!)
  4217. Antiwar protesters target Congress
  4218. In Ex-Aide's Testimony, A Spin Through VP's PR (READ)
  4219. Death and Taxes
  4220. Local news coverage of Oklahoma City bombing (VIDEO)
  4221. Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over Iraq(Criminal Congress)
  4222. Why do people question the holocaust? (Guess!)
  4223. 2006 home sales drop biggest in 17 years
  4224. French find car of Israel defense official
  4225. White House uses secret memo (that may have been secretly fabricated) to fight court order
  4226. Pentagon: Domestic troops low (A draft only when they are ready for domestic insurrection)
  4227. Troops Died After, Not In, Sneak Attack (Your always lying government)
  4228. War of words halts Iraqi Parliament
  4229. Mother and Sister of Entrapment Victim Released; Father Still Detained Without Charge or Hearing (Your Monstrous Government)
  4231. U.N. nuke chief warns against Iran strike (READ)
  4232. Candidates for 2008 courting Jewish support (Let's hear that a few more times before reports of IDF torturing and murdering children READ)
  4233. And Mahdi Army Makes Three Fronts in Iraq (READ)
  4234. Cheney: Senate Resolution "Won't Stop Us" (Because, by design, it has no force of law: Criminal Congress)
  4235. Strategic Errors of Monumental Proportions - by Lt. Gen. William E. Odom (Ret.)(READ)
  4236. Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack
  4237. Villagers helpless in face of settlers' land grab (why the world despises Israel)
  4238. Childhood poverty comes at great cost to U.S. economy (somebody's makingthe money in this excuse for an economy)
  4239. California Latinos fearful after immigration raids
  4240. Pakistan pulled firmly into US camp (A very dicey position to be in)
  4241. US missile system to counter Iranian threat (Um - what Iranian threat?)
  4242. Gates: Iraq resolution 'emboldens' enemy (i.e., US citizens)
  4243. israel prepares to 'go it alone' (That is, of course, impossible. READ)
  4244. "Hillary the Favorite in Race for Jewish Donations" (Israel Ueber Alles!)
  4245. Joe Wilson Vindicated (It's about time)
  4246. Republican: Scripts need reviewing (Why are Repugs always so terrified of sex?)
  4247. Discovery Channel beats CNN to TWA 800 scoop (READ)
  4248. The hidden cost of free congressional trips to Israel (READ)
  4249. Spiked Study Leads to New FCC Query (READ)
  4250. NSA electricity crisis gets Senate scrutiny ("national catastrophe"?! LOL - no, a boon rather)
  4251. Federal judge dismisses charges against NSA protesters
  4252. Canadian government to apologise to Arar
  4253. Hicks' men Cuba-bound but lack belief they will be seen
  4254. Guantanamo conditions said worse
  4255. 'Europe was aware of secret CIA flights and abduction of suspects'
  4256. European Parliament Involved in CIA Actions (EVERYBODY knew exactly what was going on, and have lying about that all along)
  4257. Italians Seize Ex-CIA Chief's Villa
  4258. AP: Military gives police free equipment (run up to causing domestic insurrection)
  4259. More US troops for Afghanistan (i.e., for mercenary murderers and destructors of everything in sight)
  4260. Soldiers killed in Karbala were first abducted
  4261. Iraq crash killed key U.S. officers
  4262. Senate confirms Petraeus as US military commander in Iraq (We drown in genius)
  4263. Feingold Pushes Plan to Cut Off War Funds
  4264. Top generals tell Congress 'surge' won't end soon (Did they be sure to tell Pelosi?)
  4265. Iraqi General: U.S. Can Withdraw by 2008 (But, naturally, will not untilUS dissolves in a pile of shit)
  4266. Chalabi has key role in Baghdad effort (Ah! The convicted embezzler)
  4267. Iran demands UN nuclear inspector removed from country (We know what they did in Iraq)
  4268. Iran Set to Try Space Launch (LOL Big is ROTFL, when nobody is looking)
  4269. Bush: 'I'm the decision-maker' on Iraq (Oh Rapture and Joy!)
  4270. US: Threadbare "college affordability" bill passes in the House (It's useless, of course)
  4271. Britain's senior prosecutor: no such thing as a "war on terror" (He's got that right)
  4272. In the face of mounting opposition, Australian government backs new Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo courts (Criminal Government)
  4273. German chancellor assures Bush of "broad support" (Stupid bitch)
  4274. Global poll condemns Bush administration on Iraq war and global militarism (Many Criminal governments in conspiratorial collusion)
  4275. Cloned Food: From Designer Hens to the Transgenic Omega-3 Pig (Martha disses Jerk Science)
  4276. Inside the Criminal Mind of George Bush: He Thinks; Therefore, It is So
  4277. Eli Lilly, the Habitual Offender
  4278. Haiti Struggles to Defend Justice
  4279. The Three US Armies in Iraq: Grunts, Contractors and Laborers (READ)
  4280. Phil Donahue: Get Sarah Olson!
  4281. Paying for Health Care and Not Getting It
  4282. Mengele in Mesapotamia (READ)
  4283. Lina Massufi, Iraq; "I cannot stand the constant military raids in my home."
  4284. Taken for a Ride by the Israeli Left A Response to Uri Avnery (READ)
  4285. Jimmy Carter Apologizes for Telling the Truth
  4286. My Tears Are Like Those of Iraqi Mothers Maribel Permuy, mother of cameraman Jose Couso, killed in Baghdad on April 8, 2003, speaks with Granma.
  4287. Our mercenaries in Iraq (READ)
  4288. Jim Webb's Barnburner (READ)
  4289. War crimes & huge infant deaths (READ)
  4291. Will Rove Testify? (Sure, and lie)
  4292. Rockefeller: Cheney applied 'constant' pressure to stall investigation on flawed Iraq intelligence
  4293. Iraq in Talks With Chevron, Exxon
  4294. Few Takers For Rice's Call On Afghanistan (They know a swindle when a known liar speaks)
  4295. US warns of bloody Taliban spring fightback (US will lose again)
  4296. Bush says aggressive Iran stance 'makes sense' (only to stark raving genocidalist)
  4297. Bush Says Troops to Counter Iranian Agents in Iraq (Update2) (Most call that bullshit, for good reason)
  4298. Bush OKs Countering (i.e., Murdering) Iranians in Iraq
  4299. Potential New Evidence of Iran Providing Weapons to Iraqi Insurgents (Given that NO OLD evidence never existed?)
  4300. US troops told to counter [nonexistent] Iran threat
  4301. Bush denies preparing attack against Iran (So, you know it's true)
  4302. Brain injury tied to halt in smoking (or not - but infantile physicians will play anyhow)
  4303. UN plan for Kosovo promises independence, with strings (Another disaster coming up)
  4304. FBI Probes Guilford College Melee; Parents Speak Out (Federal Bureau of Idiots not needed)
  4305. Gates Defends Casey, Rebukes US Lawmakers on Iraq Resolutions (Stupid is forever)
  4306. A weakened president seeks one more chance (with an electorate that hates his guts?)
  4307. Dollar up vs. euro after durable-goods report (Babbling)
  4308. Google and YouTube: A Catch-22
  4309. Experts Wary of Bush Healthcare Proposal (Should be: he's not only stupid and criminally deranged, he's also a pathological liar)
  4310. Russia accuses Georgia of smear
  4311. Libby trial pulls back White House curtain (not far enough)
  4312. Kommentare zum Pentagon-Anschlag
  4313. Yeah, Right, George Youre Some Decider!
  4314. Burns warns Iran against pursing additional centrifuges (Delusional)
  4315. Russia warns US against further unilateral sanctions against Iran
  4316. Brave New World War (Every act has many consequences, some, a priori, unseen)
  4317. Russia may emerge as top oil producer soon-first deputy PM
  4318. Israeli warplanes intrude on Beirut airspace (meaning they didn't the day before?!)
  4319. Bush's backdoor attack: Iran via Hizbullah (Watch the unintended condequences from this stupidity)
  4320. Blair told to resign before bringing ignominy on himself (He did that already, years ago)
  4321. Nobody's buying the plan (Gee - I wonder why?)
  4322. Education: House votes to require Holocaust lessons in high school(Thereby instituting the US Holocaust)
  4323. DC anti-war rally on C-SPAN today at 8:15 AM PT/11:30 AM ET
  4324. Bush Is About to Attack Iran - Why Can't Americans See it? by Paul raig Roberts
  4325. Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq (to protect itself from the US made mess)
  4326. "Surge" or "Involuntary" Military Conscription: The Neo-Conservative Architects of Military Escalation (This NOT be popular)
  4327. Blast rocks Green Zone in central Baghdad
  4329. Bush Urges His Private Death Squad To Speed Up The Slow Rush To War With Iran
  4330. Prosecutors want Holocaust denier jailed (Every time you say 'I don't believe in the Holocaust', a Zionist falls over dead.)
  4331. Ex-Cheney Aide Shares Media Manipulation (Oh YES, READ)
  4332. Italy's high court rules that file downloading not a crime if not for profit
  4333. Chlorine in the bathwater is linked to cancer (Jerk science)
  4334. Go take a hike, Senate
  4335. Tens of thousands in D.C. protest against Iraq war
  4336. US warns Iran of global wrath if it cranks up nuclear capacity (I think he has it bass ackwards)
  4337. Libby jury is told Cheney 'obsessed' (Deranged would be more accurate)
  4338. Lawyers probe Fleischer's immunity deal
  4339. U.S. Troops Plan to Attend Iraq Protest
  4340. Afghan government rejects poppy-spraying program
  4341. Europe resists US pressure to boost presence in Afghanistan
  4342. U.S. rebuffs Canada to keep Arar on terror list
  4343. ID cards for foreigners under new immigration rules (Orwellian UK)
  4344. Justice Wants Spying Lawsuit Dropped (READ)
  4345. Sanctioned for 'Disrespect' (Courts are always properly motivated, by definition!)
  4346. Toll Road Giant Buys Newspapers to Silence Critics (That's one way)
  4347. Diebold Compromised Its Own Voting Machine Security
  4348. A Sorry State (of Bushco)
  4349. Judge Rules Against Bush EPA Policy
  4350. Le Carr&#-11;&#-11; points to looting of Congo by mining corporations
  4351. Top Volkswagen executives on trial for corruption in Germany
  4352. The background to the murder of Turkish journalist Hrant Dink
  4353. The struggle against war requires a break with the Democrats (Indeed)
  4354. Pam Martens: America's Money Honey Does Davos
  4355. Peace-In Politics: Localizing the Anti-War Movement (READ)
  4356. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine: Ilan Pappe and the Nakba Deniers
  4357. Murdering Journalists in Latin America
  4358. Bernard Chazelle: Bush the Empire Slayer (READ)
  4359. Children Without a Country: Maryam Ibrahim Remains in a Texas Jail
  4360. Patrick Cockburn: Slaughter in Baghdad's Bird Market
  4361. Do We Really Need an International Criminal Court? (With international corpa gov, what do you think?)
  4362. Brother Wins Arrest in '64 Case
  4363. US Warns of Bloody Taliban Spring Fightback (They are sick and tired of USUKIL, and so is everybody else)
  4364. Thomas D. Williams | Why Did the White House Reverse Course on Domestic Spying?
  4365. Hagel Ponders White House Run as War Criticism Raises His Profile
  4366. Privately Over 70 Senators Would Oppose the Bush Escalation (So, why ...?)
  4367. AP: Military Lied About Soldiers Deaths (Duh-uh? Governments lie. The always lies, about everything, and always have)
  4368. Karl Rove Subpoenaed to Testify in CIA Leak Trial (A something, or a nothing? - odds are on nothing)
  4369. President's Actions Could Lead to Impeachment (They should have, with conviction of treason, years ago)
  4370. Chris Floyd | Radar Love: Robbing the Cradle to Pay War Profiteers
  4371. Dems May Try to Revise Authority House Gave Bush on Iraq (They may also acquire spines; don't count on it)
  4372. DAVOS-McCain seeks Iraq benchmarks as 'last chance' (Senatorial noise pollution)
  4373. The gathering storm over Iraq
  4374. Rebuke of Bush's war plan gathers more steam
  4375. More journalists face jail in privacy crackdown
  4376. Japan confirms bird flu outbreak (or not)
  4377. John E. Wolfgram: How the Judiciary Stole the Right to Petition (READ)
  4378. Pakistan bombing kills 14 people
  4379. Israel planes dump "suspicious green balloons" on southern Lebanon
  4380. yayacanada: PHOTOS: "Stop The Surge" Rally in Ottawa, Canada
  4381. Report: Bush may fault Israel on cluster bomb claim (What's the probability of that happening?)
  4382. Bush defiant in face of anti-war demonstrations (He's the deciduous one)
  4383. US attempts to shed unfriendly image (Who could ever believe these lying bastards?)
  4384. Drums of War and Orchestrated Hysteria about Iran (READ)
  4385. Even GOP cringes at Cheney: Veeps credibility a lost cause
  4386. Kerry Backs Up Iran's N. Rights (develops a brain AND a spine?!)
  4387. IMF gold trading rule changes set to boost the gold price (READ - how it gets to do this is another matter)
  4388. McClatchy Washington Bureau | 01/28/2007 | Should America return to the draft? (The opening sentence is blatant lie)
  4389. Iran condemns Bush's order as 'terrorist act' (US is a terrorist)
  4390. US calls Iran demands "outrageous" (LOL)
  4391. World ignores signs of civil war in Lebanon (which may be just as well)
  4392. Israel "may have" violated agreement as to use of cluster bombs
  4393. "Waste, Fraud, and Abuse: Another Day at the Pentagon"
  4394. Fake Terror: Jose Padilla, not so dirty after all - Updated
  4395. World War III has already begun, says Israeli spy chief (which excuses anything they do?)
  4396. Holocaust Now: M.A.D. R.I.P. Part 2 (READ)
  4397. Olmert: Israel "won't let the world be indifferent" to calls for Israel's destruction (See preceeding link)
  4398. U.S. helicopter shot down in Iraq (Another one in return surging)
  4399. Diggers upgrade war on terror (Babbling)
  4400. Chevron holds talks with Iraq to build facility (Isn't that worth the hundreds of thousands dead and maimed?)
  4401. Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders (READ)
  4402. Barack and Hillary: Can Israel rely on either?(Author needs to go to Israel, and stay there)
  4403. Israel may have broken US arms export laws (and that will be ignored and hushed)
  4404. Rangel and Others Condemn Bush's Medicaid Plan
  4405. Manipulating the Oil Reserve
  4406. White House Plays By Its Own Rules Again
  4407. While you were sleeping (Bush took over the Government) (READ)
  4408. Jewish body denies Palestine genocide (so, you know it's true)
  4409. US admits nuclear weapons employees could get cancer (It's a start, but not near the truth yet)
  4410. ABC warned over blogger shutdown
  4411. Bush to help "Iranian mothers raise children" (Just imagine the results!)
  4412. WHY are all these nations so TERRIFIED of this shitty little country?!
  4413. U.S. Says Air Passenger Data Needed (Do we really WANT to shut down the airlines?)
  4414. Democrats (AU) call for end to Hicks' detention
  4415. U.S. Missiles in E. Europe Opposed by Locals, Russia
  4416. Iraqi Authorities: 250 'Extremists' Killed (We certainly allow 'Extremists' to live)
  4417. US confirms helicopter down in Najaf fighting
  4418. Battle for Baghdad: City braces itself for US surge (of terrorism)
  4419. Death squad chieftains flee to beat Baghdad surge (Hilarious Fabrications)
  4420. US plea to Britain: 'Don't abandon main Iraq base'
  4421. Thousands join bicoastal war protest
  4422. Israel to assist U.S. in efforts to boycott Iranian bank ventures (and show how much on international banking is controlled by Israel)
  4423. Iran begins big nuclear build-up (More hilarious fabrication!)
  4424. Report: Iran denies centrifuge work (a policy of ambiguity, perhaps?)
  4425. Iran condemns U.S. raids against its operatives (US is the world's major terrorist)
  4426. Cheney: U.S. carrier to Gulf sends "strong signal" (to Russia and China, that they should pay attention)
  4427. Army probes war contractor fraud (Criminal corpagov hires criminal corpas. This is somehow odd?)
  4428. US military: Afghan leaders steal half of all aid (US corpas steal the other half)
  4429. Thousands may be involuntarily called for tours
  4430. US urges scientists to block out sun (Fucking Goddamned Lunatics)
  4431. Silence over airport security scare (Maybe another fabrication)
  4432. Pirates Stick by Whales (Japanese criminal corpagov in action)
  4433. It Has Unraveled So Quickly (The unraveling was engineered)
  4434. John Borowski | Who Will Hold Science Teachers Association Accountable? (NSTA happens to be correct, and this fool author is advocating Jerk Science)
  4435. Greg Palast | Off the Rails
  4436. Arlen Parsa | Iranians Oppose US "Pro-Democracy" Efforts
  4437. William Rivers Pitt | The Tiniest President (READ)
  4438. Robert Parry | Reverend Moon's Anti-Obama Agit-Prop (READ)
  4439. Bob Herbert | Your MasterCard or Your Life (READ - and weep)
  4440. Lockheed to Support CDC Terrorism-Response Effort (i.e., black ops terrorism attack)
  4441. America 'poised to strike at Iran's nuclear sites' from bases in Bulgaria and Romania (Doesn't matter; Israel will be turned to toast - good riddance)
  4442. In Iowa, Hillary is welcomed as a teen pop idol ("sic fux")
  4443. Critics Say Bush's Insurance Proposal Would Favor the Wealthy (What a surprise!)
  4444. Saudi king urges Palestinians on talks
  4445. Palestinians agree to Mecca talks
  4446. Pelosi, Karzai discuss new aid (along with Donald Duck and Porky Pig)
  4447. Football Players Accused of Beating Palestinian Students
  4448. Two more football players facing charges in racially tinged fight
  4449. Bush seeks to renew authority to fast track trade deal (He shouldn't even have authority to move or open his mouth)
  4450. BA Talks With Cabin Crew to Continue
  4451. Leader: Stuck on the runway
  4452. BA resumes talks in bid to avert strike
  4453. Vista's beauty lies in layers of organization, security (LOL!)
  4454. Rivals slam Vista on antitrust grounds
  4455. Vista under fire in Europe (It's always been a racketeering operation)
  4456. Microsoft faces new antitrust clash with Vista
  4457. Israel's 'Sweet Mud' tops at Sundance (Apparently untrue)
  4458. Sundance Films `Manda Bala' and `Padre Nuestro' Win Top Honors
  4459. Sundance jury honors 'Padre,' 'Manda Bala'
  4460. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Latin American films top Sundance
  4461. Israel gets first Muslim minister (Ruse will not work)
  4462. 'Cluster bombs used in self-defense' (LMAO! - I'm not as stupid as you look)
  4463. Iranian Reveals Plan to Expand Role in Iraq
  4464. Contractor deaths in Iraq nearing 800 (That's not near enough to dissuade them)
  4465. Injury count in Iraq disputed (50,000)
  4466. Clinton, in Iowa debut, stresses experience (Sure, spread your legs again for Israel, honey)
  4467. Iraqi, US forces kill several hundred fighters
  4468. Israeli use of cluster bombs unjust (A War Crime, actually)
  4469. Australian State to Recycle Drinking Water (Shades of Soylent Green)
  4470. Meet the CIA's New Baghdad Station Chief (But not in a dark alley!)
  4471. The Historic, First Ever DC Massive Impeachment March No-one Reported On
  4472. Egypt says Iran has no role in ex-diplomat assassination
  4473. Fierce battle near Iraqi holy city leaves 300 militants dead
  4474. Russia to Complete Iranian Nuclear Plant on Time Official
  4475. Pentagon Understates Wars Human Cost Among Soldiers
  4476. Bush Hates America: US Troops Face 'A Circular Firing Squad' In Iraq (READ)
  4477. The Apathetic FBI
  4478. Israel on the brink of civil war (in occupied Palestinian terratories)
  4479. Cementing Israeli Apartheid: The Role of World Bank (READ)
  4480. Chalabi Surfaces to Take Inappropriate Credit for Iraq's "Reverse Course"
  4481. Baghdad Is Key
  4482. Turning a UK University into a Yeshiva
  4483. Davos Notes: John McCain Bites My Head Off
  4484. Israel is the real winner of America's War on Iraq and Iran (If attacked)
  4485. IRS Grounds Prize Winner from Trip to Outer Space (It's illegal, of course)
  4486. Israel has EXPANDED settlements it said would be evacuated
  4487. Abdullah Says Malaysia Has Shifted Reserves Away From Dollar
  4488. Israel intends to buy thousands of advanced "smart" bombs from the United States
  4489. Lt. Ehren Watada (READ)
  4490. Caring for America's health (READ)
  4491. 'Bizarre' secrecy in domestic wiretap lawsuits
  4492. Edging Impeachment Back Onto the Table
  4493. Kucinich offers plan to end war (Dennis is back!)
  4494. Mysterious falling chunk of ice smashes Tampa car
  4495. Russia finds H5N1 bird flu strain in southern yards
  4496. Russian scientists 'alarmed' as millions of birds begin falling from world's akies
  4497. National Security Whistle Blowers: The 'Undead'?
  4498. Terrorism threat lurking like Jaws, says new police chief (Orwellian UK)
  4499. Dutch Citizen Arraigned On Charges of Terrorism Conspiracy Against Americans In Iraq (crazier by the day)
  4500. CLP leader rebukes Govt over Hicks case (AU)
  4501. Potshot at Guantanamo lawyers backfires (READ)
  4502. Libby Trial Exposes Cheney's Lies
  4503. Fleischer: Libby talked of CIA officer during lunch
  4504. Ex-Bush Aide Contradicts Libby on C.I.A. Agent
  4505. Germany preparing for likely air warfare (mistake)
  4506. Cluster bombs wound two Belgian soldiers in southern Lebanon
  4507. Israel 'broke US arms deal terms'
  4508. Veteran peace protester sent to jail despite prisons crisis
  4509. Guardsmen find 'torture house' on Iraq patrol
  4510. Italian court considers trial against CIA agents in rendition case
  4511. Troop surge paves way for wider war Bush authorizes shoot-to-kill policy against Iranians in Iraq
  4512. Galloway's Indictment of Blair
  4513. Dave Lindorff: The Missing Word at the Anti-War Demo (Impeachment!)
  4514. Our Fire, Congress's Feet
  4515. "We Are All Victims of the Occupation"
  4516. Peril in Bush Health Proposal
  4517. Palestinian Rivals Welcome Saudi Talks to Halt Violence
  4518. Hundreds Die in Clash Near Shiite Holy City
  4519. Women and Children Joined Battle in Najaf
  4520. Police Detain Nine in Capitol Hill Anti-War Protest
  4521. The true history of Palestine - which zionists try to delete
  4522. Why Were Government Propaganda Experts Working On News At CNN?
  4523. US plans to 'fight the net' revealed
  4524. Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation
  4525. Outsourcing IT jobs to India - What economists don't tell you
  4526. $Billions To Israel Because Israel Slaughtered Lebanon?
  4527. UN Adopts Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial (Surrounded with thoughtnazis)
  4528. The Unraveling of Dick Cheney
  4529. israel destroys Earth, claims self-defense
  4530. Texas newspapers sold to Australian interests
  4531. Watada lawyer says military dropping two charges
  4532. Threat level raised for Super Bowl (Yeah! Right!)
  4533. EU wants to keep limits on U.S. passenger data use
  4534. 'It's like a Nazi camp': Hicks
  4535. Bush Signs Directive to Increase His Power at U.S. Agencies
  4536. China announces Feb. 8 date for next round of N. Korea talks
  4537. China rides the Africa Express
  4538. Hu begins eight-nation African tour
  4539. The Ba-Da-Boom Crew
  4540. Is It Too Much to Expect NPR to Ask Follow-Up Questions?
  4541. Watada Agreement Means Journos Won't Have to Testify in 'Antiwar' Case
  4542. Bush signs landmark executive order increasing power over federal agencies
  4543. Smoking Is Healthier Than Fascism
  4544. Torture works on 24, but not for real (READ)
  4545. Yahoo Hosting German al Qaeda Website (Wow! Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA has a German branch too)
  4546. What if Osama bin Laden Dies? (What if Julius Caesar dies?)
  4547. 'Inconvenient Truth' Producer Pens Kids' Global Warming Text (The world has far too much jerk science already)
  4548. Microsoft Vista off to slow start... (A POS like any MS Sware)
  4549. US has no strategic interest in united Iraq-Bolton (We certainly KNOW that)
  4550. US must abandon Iraqi cities or face nightmare scenario, say experts (is also a blueprint for completing the US genocide of Iraq)
  4551. With Iran Ascendant, U.S. Is Seen at Fault
  4552. Forget your brats and beer: Tailgating is banned at the Super Bowl
  4553. Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets (You are nothing but a cash cow a useful meat to your government - don't get over it)
  4554. FBI turns to broad new wiretap method (READ)
  4555. $10b deal between Shell, Spain's Reposal and Iran may spark US sanctions
  4556. I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI
  4557. Lord Levy arrested for second time
  4558. Anti-War Marches Draw Hundreds of Thousands
  4559. Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers (What's the scam?)
  4560. AQ Kahn and The Libby Trial?
  4561. Here We Go Again - Pentagon leaks 'proof positive' against Iran (READ)
  4562. Congress can stop Iraq war, experts tell lawmakers
  4563. Israel's Flag Is Not Mine -- Reader's Digest -- 1949
  4564. Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran (Duh-uh - yep - just figured it out?)
  4565. Chavez a threat to democracy, US intelligence chief says (LOL!)
  4566. Feingold Bill Would Cut Off Iraq Funding After Six Months (Needs to be cut off yesterday)
  4567. Specter: Bush Not Sole 'Decision-Maker' (No, there are his masters and handlers)
  4568. German investigators want arrest warrants for 13 CIA operatives
  4569. In Senate, Allies of Bush Work to Halt Iraq Vote
  4570. Wielgus collaborated with Stalinist secret service Poland: Archbishop's resignation exposes crisis of Catholic Church
  4571. Record losses for US automaker Ford
  4572. Japan's defence minister strikes an anti-US posture (Whoa!)
  4573. Violence escalates against students and teachers in Iraq (Now who would cause that?)
  4574. Libby perjury trial puts spotlight on US Vice President Cheney
  4575. The Logic of Withdrawal: There's Nothing Precipitous About It (READ)
  4576. Mike Whitney: The Mother of All Bubbles (READ)
  4577. Pariah: An Iron Curtain is Descending (READ damnit!)
  4578. Franklin C. Spinney: Embedding Without Blending
  4579. Uri Avnery: If Arafat Were Alive ... (READ twice: a good man, an optimist for whom the alternative is too horrible)
  4580. 146 US Levees May Fail in Flood (Your corpagov, doing what it does best)
  4581. Utah Residents Rail Against Divine Strake Test (So should all)
  4582. Economic Policy Changes With New Latin American Leaders (READ)
  4583. Part I: An Atomic Threat Made in America (READ: government science)
  4584. Baker Agrees Reluctantly to Testify on Iraq
  4585. Congr. resolution on Armenian genocide to be introduced Tued (Will then Armenians also whine interminably?)
  4586. Pakistan says Iran has right to nuclear technology
  4587. We're whining, others are dying
  4588. The neocons have learned nothing from five years of catastrophe(That is exactly their nature)
  4589. GOC Central Command clamps down on illegal settlements(What a joke)
  4590. Lieberman pushes Israel to join EU (An absurd lunacy)
  4591. US 'victory' against cult leader was 'massacre' (Najaf)
  4592. Judith Miller and the Bloodbath in Iraq
  4593. Anti Israel sentiment rising; wondering why? (READ)
  4594. FLASHBACK: Saddam Hussein Did Not Commit Genocide (READ)
  4595. FLASHBACK: Claims of Saddam's Genocide Far from Proven (READ)
  4596. Hezbollah's star on the wane? (I think not)
  4597. What exactly happened in Najaf? The true story
  4598. More questions about the official Najaf story
  4599. Lebanon Crisis Fails Mediation, Plays into Israeli Hands
  4600. Never Again ? (READ and pay attention)
  4601. Chavez to assume powers to remake Venezuelan society by decree
  4602. Libby Trial: Judy Miller's Memory Mess
  4603. Reporter contradicts Libby about meetings
  4604. Scientists: Government doctored our climate work (GOVERNMENT SCIENCE!)
  4605. White House interfered in climate change report, lawmaker says
  4606. Key charge against Padilla reinstated (Criminal Government)
  4607. Rift looms as Europe resists US call
  4608. Is MS new "Vista" both garbage and dangerous? (Yes, next question?)
  4609. War Crimes (Images)
  4610. US money is 'squandered' in Iraq
  4611. From Local Police to Occupying Army, or LESO: The Greater of Many Evils (Because you have alwayd been the enemy)
  4612. AMERICAblog.com - Comments (READ)
  4613. A case for impeachment (READ)
  4614. Rogue U.S. Troops Knowingly Bombed British In Iraq
  4615. Al-Qaeda deputy 'mocks Bush plan' (Black ops babbling)
  4616. Once again Israels fooling the International Community
  4617. White House and GOP allies want filibuster of anti-escalation resolution
  4618. Soldier's Death Strengthens Senators' Antiwar Resolve
  4619. AIPAC operative Wolf Blitzer's 'Situation Room' program trying to link theKarbala attack on five soldiers in Iran
  4620. Iran involvement suspected in Karbala compound attack (Horseshit!)
  4621. 8 arrested in alleged kidnapping, beheading plot (Do we believe one word of this?)
  4622. The Raw Story | Report: FBI conducting sweeping Internet wiretaps that mirror warantless NSA surveillance (READ)
  4624. The Iraqi Holocaust-Part I (READ)
  4625. MS Vista Exploit Allows Myspace Sites to Control Your Computer (Ooops)
  4626. Tightening the screws, again (READ)
  4627. Accounts of weekend battle leave questions
  4628. Iran Blame Game Shifts into High Gear (READ)
  4629. VISTA security by the NSA
  4630. Iranians Allegedly Killed Five US Troops? (Um - sure - or was it the tooth fairy?)
  4631. Tampabay: Police jail rape victim for two days (Crazy, abusive nation)
  4632. U.K. study: Western boycott of Hamas pushing it closer to Iran
  4633. US Army Investigating New Torture Allegations (READ)
  4634. US plans to 'fight the net' revealed - Bloggers and Netizens beware (Optimism)
  4635. All Eyes On Iran After False Flag Attack In Karbala (READ)
  4636. Camco rabbi admits stealing $86,000
  4637. Our generation's Gulf of Tonkin is about to drag us further into endless war (READ)
  4638. Windows Vista Hacked Within Hours Of Launch (That's HOW it was designed!)
  4639. israel moves wall 5km east - into Palestine (what were you expecting?)
  4640. Prank Call to Arms (READ: Your unbelievable armed forces, so desperate)
  4641. Lawmakers hear of interference in global warming science (But it's still ALL Jerk/Thief Science)
  4642. Feds' new flu plan to raise fear factor (Believe it!)
  4643. University goes to war on Bush legacy (Nobody wants the evil SOB)
  4644. Bush Is Not Above the Law (We know that; he doesn't)
  4645. Gonzales will turn over secret wiretapping documents (or not)
  4646. U.K. Terror Police Arrest 9 Over Alleged Kidnap Plot (Fiction)
  4647. Nine held over terror kidnap plot (Fiction)
  4648. German Court Seeks Arrest of 13 C.I.A. Agents
  4649. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo lawyer says captive fears guards
  4650. Military to begin filing new charges against Guantanamo detainees this week (ANYBODY can be subjected to this fucking shit - yes, YOU, whoever your are)
  4651. Iraqis' Endless Nightmare Petition
  4652. Senate seeking expanded say in Iraq (Hmmm - maybe they are, and maybe it's a lying charade)
  4653. US official: US not winning in Iraq (Another master of the obvious)
  4654. Investigators: Millions in Iraq 'aid' wasted
  4655. Pentagon stops F-14 parts sales amid Iran concerns
  4656. Shell defies US pressure and signs &#-11;&#-11;5bn Iranian gas deal
  4657. U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger war (Oh wow! Where have you been sleeping, honey?)
  4658. Joshua Frank: What America Really Needs to Hear (READ!)
  4659. The Judge, the Reporter and the Secret Zyprexa Documents
  4660. A Hawk in Drag: Dershowitz and the Iraq War (Ah, yes - that fucking berserker)
  4661. William Johnson: Worker Resistance at Smithfield Foods (1937 Redux - US Devolvement)
  4662. James T. Phillips: Flashbacks de Jour (READ)
  4663. CounterViews: a Conversation with Dr. Susan Block on Sex, Politics and Liberation
  4664. Molly Ivins, 1944-2007 (The world is made poorer yet again)
  4665. US May Have Botched Training of Iraqis (on purpose)
  4666. Jason Leopold and Marc Ash | Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair
  4667. In Iraq, Bush's Rent-an-Army (The mercenary army has always been the point, and few saw or see it)
  4668. Senators Assert Right to Block Bush on Iraq (But will it be done? Time's awasting)
  4669. Iranians Worry about a Possible American Attack (They should: zionist loonies are running the show)
  4670. Frank Rich | Hillary Clinton's Mission Unaccomplished
  4671. Chris Hedges | Christianists on the March
  4672. Keith Olbermann | Bush Shoots for "Jaws," Delivers "Jaws 2"
  4673. Senate resolution called 'disgrace' (which, of course, it is exactly, but for exactly the wrong reason)
  4674. Salazar: Bush isnt listening to advice on mess in Iraq
  4675. Democrats Back Republican Warner's Resolution on US Troops ("nonbinding"? THAT'S the disgrace)
  4676. 'Suspicious' blinking light devices found in SE suburbs (et ergo, nuke all police cars?)
  4677. Cancer vaccine proposal dropped in Md. (There's a good idea)
  4678. Chavez granted rule by decree (Maybe he's earned trust?)
  4679. Berlusconi's wife forces him into a public apology (Which one is sicker?)
  4680. Fed sees progress on inflation (That which it creates?!)
  4681. Bernanke Marks Anniversary With Faster Growth, Slower Inflation (He's an idiot)
  4682. Ready or not, Vista's here (Like a periodic influenza)
  4683. It's not a revolution, but Windows Vista grows on you (Like ring worm)
  4684. Air pollution is killing women, says study (Jerk science)
  4685. Son of dead 9/11 cop presses Bush on health funding
  4686. Analysis: Ex-minister convicted over kiss (Actually, who cares?)
  4687. Mexicans protest as tortilla crisis hurts Calderon (whose election was rigged)
  4688. 75000 protest tortilla prices in Mexico
  4689. Hysteria at Herzliya
  4690. Windows Defender Lets Spyware Slip onto Vista PCs
  4691. Big Brother: Watching, Listening, Shouting And Firing X-Rays (Bizarre science)
  4692. Truth Videos Surge Into Google Top 100; Terror Storm at Number 11
  4693. Big Island, Maui fear invasion of 'big boxes'
  4694. Ad campaign causes Boston alert (They won't do that again soon)
  4695. U.S. workplace not family-oriented (It's always been anti-family)
  4696. Bio Weapons Spurned by Hitler Were Tested on Adventists
  4697. Rabbi calls for annihilation of Arabs (Is Rabbis related to Rabies?)
  4698. WTO raps US over online gambling law
  4699. ExxonMobil Sets Record for Annual U.S. Company Profit, at $39.5 Billion
  4700. Israel and Reality: Olmert thinks Israwl was "victorious" in Lebanon
  4701. Ex-Cheney Aide Details Media Tactics
  4702. President: Iran serious in defending absolute nuclear rights
  4703. All 4 Beaver County bridges reopened after bomb threat (Another manufactured outburst of paranoia)
  4704. Dave Lindorff: Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI
  4705. Religious right misleads its followers in massive email blitz about weekend peace march
  4706. An Army of Thousands More: How PR Firms and Major Media Help Military Recruiters - Center for Media and Democracy (READ)
  4707. FBIs full-pipe surveillance may be illegal (With no law, what does illegal mean?)
  4708. CNBC's Maria Bartiromo problem is one of its own makin
  4709. Labour 'falling apart' as MPs turn on Blair (FAR too late)
  4710. Balfour Buys Prison-Builder Centex to Expand in U.S. (READ)
  4711. Official Lies Over Najaf Battle Exposed (READ)
  4712. Mexican Economy Seen As Heart of Immigration Problem
  4713. US fighter jets to patrol Iran-Iraq border, report says (and wander into Iran ait space?)
  4714. Halliburton Hiring Democratic Party Lobbyists (Theft prevails!)
  4715. Israeli troops kill three Palestinians in West Bank (READ: not your everyday murders)
  4716. Key senators agree on Iraq resolution (which is as useless as the Senators are)
  4717. Israel's Economic Stranglehold a Silent Killer (READ)
  4718. Chirac Strays From Assailing a Nuclear Iran
  4719. Two Iraqi generals suspected of complicity in attack on US GIs
  4720. Attention Impeachment Supporters: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11! (READ)
  4721. U.S. delays report on Iranian role in Iraq (The lies haven't been determined yet)
  4722. Certain Oils Linked to Breast Growth in Boys (or not)
  4723. The Crime of the Century - by Paul Craig Roberts (READ)
  4724. Google: Disabling the Politically Incorrect
  4725. Politically Correct Apostate: Substance vs. Presentation.
  4726. Breaking: Double the Troops in "Surge" (and next week's splurge?)
  4727. VISTA users already trying to go back to XP. (MicroShit scores another triumph)
  4728. CHENEY BEING TARGETED FOR IMPEACHMENT (Yeah? I'll wait for the movie)
  4729. U.S. Cautions Europeans to Avoid Oil, Gas Deals With Iran - (Too late)
  4730. European bank urges US to clarify snooping activity
  4731. Justice Expands on Spy Program Details
  4732. Libby Judge Shows Doubt on Defense's Scapegoat Argument
  4733. Libby Judge Allows White House Tapes
  4734. Libby Lawyers Pepper Cooper About Rove
  4735. Savings At Lowest Level Since Great Depression
  4736. Engineers: 122 levees at risk of failing
  4737. Fla. governor looks to replace touch-screen voting in 17 counties
  4738. New bird-flu plan advises when to close schools (Well after the 1918 has been distributed)
  4739. Al Gore nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (Barf)
  4740. Global Warming 'Very Likely' Man-Made (Bullshit)
  4741. Seas rising faster than U.N. predicts-study (or not)
  4742. Panel: Global warming makes stronger hurricanes (or not)
  4743. Global temperature set to rise between 1.8 and 4 C by 2100: UN panel (They have no fucking idea about anything)
  4744. Britain has second warmest January on record (Cool!)
  4745. The hedgehog with 'global balding' (Get a grip morons)
  4746. Deadly house fire in Petersburg, Virginia: the human cost of social inequality
  4747. Who runs Germany? The intersection of politics and business interests (Corpagov! Just like the old fascist times!)
  4748. Desperate manoeuvres give Sri Lankan government a thin majority
  4749. Britain: Members of Blair's inner circle arrested in "cash for honours" inquiry (and Blair's genocidal war crimes?!)
  4750. Steny Hoyer at the Brookings Institution House majority leader lays out Democratic position on Iraq (Well paid whores)
  4751. Stepped up US preparations for war against Iran
  4752. Free Gary Tyler! (READ)
  4753. Corporate Crime Reporter: Jailing the Artists, Not the Executives (FIRST, we jail ALL the executives!)
  4754. Art Panic Hits Boston! (READ)
  4755. Die, TV! (What a wonderful idea!)
  4756. Rannie Amiri: The Day Joe Biden Threatened to Kick My Ass (READ)
  4757. Our Founding War Profiteers (READ)
  4758. Bush Targets Iran: Cruise Missile Diplomacy (READ)
  4759. An Army Thousands More: How PR Firms and Major Media Military Recruiters
  4760. Journalists Threatened With Loss of Embed Over Iraq Images
  4761. Bill Quigley | Grandmothers for Peace Get Federal Prison Instead (Such a WONDERFUL Corpagov!)
  4762. Judge Shelves Gitmo Detainee Cases
  4763. An Answer To The Israel Lobby - Ponerology
  4764. Updated: The Myth Of The Palestinian Suicide Bombers (READ)
  4765. Risk factors mark out Britain as terrorist target (Boogaboogabooga)
  4766. Hunt for clues in (fictitious) beheading plot
  4767. Nuclear-armed Iran would not be very dangerous, says Chirac
  4768. Chirac says nuclear Iran not risky, then retracts (after Israel told him what he'd damn well say)
  4769. US jury acquits two men of Hamas conspiracy (Another trumped up case slapped down)
  4770. Al Franken bid for Senate cited (George Galloway will split a gut laughing)
  4771. Binge Eating Tops Other Eating Disorders: Survey (or not)
  4772. Army Corps releases list of 122 'risky' levees
  4773. Federal review shows 37 California levees badly maintained
  4774. Blair in fresh row over 'secret' cash-for-honours police meeting (Why isn't the criminal SOB in jail?)
  4775. Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study (also to create one)
  4776. Dig Yields Surprising Find at Ground Zero
  4777. In outbreak drill, CDC readies for the 'Big One' (A mind is a terrible thing to waste)
  4778. No 10 kept Blair's questioning by police secret for a week
  4779. Judge: Doctor Can't Treat Terrorists (Loopy judges)
  4780. 11th-hour bid to halt Iraq war revelations (Just loopy)
  4781. Report: 81 Journalists Killed in 2006
  4782. Senate edges closer to confronting Bush (No, it is not; pay attention)
  4783. U.S. Says Iran Meddles in Iraq but Is Delaying Release of Data (because they don't exist)
  4784. Huge Force Readying Crackdown (i.e., murder and maim) in Baghdad
  4785. Bush to request hefty Iraq war funds [sigh]
  4786. Climate scientists surer than ever: Man's to blame (Babbling)
  4787. US issues guidelines for flu crises (How about corpagov crises?)
  4788. Hamas attacks presidential guard camp (Do we believe this?)
  4789. Video undercuts Libby's defense
  4790. Israel escalates operations in W. Bank, killing three
  4791. Sen. Clinton: Iran is a threat to Israel (Sen. Clinton & Israel are threats to the US people)
  4792. FLASHBACK: US relied on 'drunken liar' to justify war
  4793. Iran Clock Is Ticking
  4794. Who Will Be The Next 9/11 Truth Superhero?
  4795. Iraq at Risk of Further Strife, Intelligence Report Warns (No shit?! It's been fabricated this way!)
  4796. Brzezinski: Bush Seeking Pretext to Bomb Iran (Another genius reporting in)
  4797. Exxon Mobil sets US profit record (I wonder how that came about?)
  4798. How PR Firms and Major Media Help Military Recruiters (To think, this shit still works?)
  4799. Cost of troop surge already higher (Wastn't that perfectly expected?)
  4800. Army division orders departing soldiers to stay put (for splurge)
  4801. Hillary Clinton calls Iran a threat to U.S., Israel (Hasn't her breathing license been revoked?)
  4802. Mel Brooks' National Intelligence Estimate (READ - just for emotional catharsis)
  4803. Sailors at Lemoore air base ship out on short notice to USS Reagan carrier. (Can we spell f-u-c-k-e-d?)
  4804. Congress sells you out... (Always, always, my dear. Now, grow up, and deal withis appropriately)
  4805. 9/11: The Case Isn't Closed (The Goddamned case hasn't even been allowed to be properly opened!)
  4806. Shiite-Sunni conflict rises in Pakistan
  4807. The Kissing Israel's Butt Competition Kicks Off (Again. or yet?!)
  4808. Drug company 'hid' suicide link (It's Corpagov! Get fucked!)
  4809. Get to know Marc Rich Mossad selling drugs and kids (READ)
  4810. Montana moves to reject Real ID Act (Bravi!)
  4811. China's Space-Weapon Test Could Endanger Astronauts and Satellites (Get a fucking grip, assholes!_
  4812. Arms race fears as Putin attacks missiles plan (Anyone who fears the insanity of the US zionist banking corpagov starts to have a grip on sanity)
  4813. Bush's Trash Talk About Iran (and that's exactly what it is)
  4814. Palestinians: 'Ethnic cleansing' in Iraq (Shall I start screaming, now?!)
  4815. Lasseter from Baghdad: U.S. 'Surge' Might Only Help al-Sadr (Would you like to start beating your own head - or should I help you?)
  4816. Pictures of dead Saddam used to 'stimulate' Hicks (Yes, it really can get sicker - wait!)
  4817. Two from 'NYT' Threatened With Loss of Embed Over Images from Iraq (Ooooo!)
  4818. RUMOR IS, "U.S. TO ATTACK IRAN ON/BY FEB 24th...." (I was expecting this a year ago)
  4819. The U.S Congress Democratic Caucus president would be Israeli military intelligence officer (READ: United States of Israel)
  4820. FLASHBACK: Two Israelis Are Detained in Mexican Legislature Building after Behaving Suspiciouslu and found to be carrying Arms
  4821. Ten-year old girl brain dead after border police shooting
  4822. Ahmadinejad defiant on nuke program ("defiant" is not at all the right word)
  4823. Famed Computer Scientist Missing at Sea (Jim Gray READ Watch this one - at least he wasn't a microbiologist)
  4824. Origin of pingo-like features on the Beaufort Sea shelf and their possible relationship to decomposing methane gas hydrates (Global warming morons. please pay your 5 possible seconds of attention)
  4825. The REAL Bush "cover-up" (If the trivial can be globally concealled, ...)
  4826. Hillary fails to 'perform' for pro-israel crowd (Didn't spread her hairy legs wide enough)
  4827. U.S. not planning for war with Iran, Gates says (But, seriously folks, ...)
  4828. Minn. farmer charged after chasing thief (This is your country, remember - or is it?)
  4829. Students accept Carter challenge (How fast will this disappear?)
  4830. Judge Gives Rationale for Tossing Hatfill Suit Against Times (rationale = excuse)
  4831. Commentary: Zionist Crimes in Lebanon (Bravo!)
  4832. Tighter airport security hurts US tourism (Don't come or go: kill it all faster than US banking corpagov intends)
  4833. Iran allowing UN surveillance: official (except for the "evidence" planting criminals - just like US police)
  4834. Ex-advisers offer revised Iraq plans (Just a porcupine of a different color)
  4835. Bush Wants $245 Billion for War Effort (Chimpo Wants the Universe!)
  4836. Britain: Government seeks compromise with Church over same-sex adoption (Why?)
  4837. Australia: Police officer faces charges for killing Aboriginal prisoner
  4838. India's judiciary seeks to burnish its reputation with some belated guiltyverdicts (It's worth shit, like any other purported "judiciary")
  4839. Germany: Wide divisions among Christian Democrats (Some insane and stupid, some not)
  4840. Big oil companies post record profits for 2006 (Do we not know how this was created?)
  4841. Why is the US press silent on Brzezinski's warnings of war against Iran? (He's just another diversionbary pig in the sty)
  4842. The Libby perjury trial and the Washington media establishment (Both need delousing)
  4843. Listen Gore: Some Inconvenient Truths About the Politics of Environmental Crises (More excrutiating babbling by morons discoursing on science of which they know absolutely nothing)
  4844. Ronald Bruce St. John: Apartheid By Any Other Name (Pseudointellectual babbling)
  4845. Why the Family Farm is Good for Rural America (Do we need arguments for completely obvious?)
  4846. John Feffer: Picturing the President (i.e., 'murikans are fundamental fasicists, and always have been)
  4847. Pam Martens: America's "Money Honey" as Corporate Matchmaker (The psychology of infants)
  4848. Cutting the Schools-to-War Pipeline (READ)
  4849. The Meanest Industry (Meatpacking?! Moron! It's Banking-Insurance-Securities and you don't know what the fuck you're talking about)
  4850. Intelligence Estimate on Iraq: "US Has Little Control" (The less on anything, the better)
  4851. Death Penalty: Abolition, a Capital Issuez (The STATE has no such right - period)
  4852. Panel Sees Centuries of Warming Due to Humans (Panel of morons, asshole, governmental whores, liars - just like the other side)
  4853. US Congress Debates Rebuke for Bush on Iraq (Oh, don't bore me, imbecile!)
  4854. Thomas D. Williams | Report Says Bush Downplays Costs of Troop Increase (Of course he does - he lies, all the time)
  4855. Renewables Can Turn the Tide on Global Warming (Another idiot chimes in)
  4856. Final Report: Humans Caused Global Warming (OMG! the corpagov whore: Scientific American - scienttific? You should be so lucky - let it die)
  4857. Gaza clashes shatter ceasefire (Israel induced)
  4858. 'Potter' preorders soar at Amazon (I guess few care he's starring in Equus; that's ONE sign of human health)
  4859. Texas Is First to Require Cancer Shots for Schoolgirls (WTF?!)
  4860. Kosovo says Yes to UN plan but Serbia says No (i.e., Serbia gets fucked)
  4861. Chopper crash brings total to 4 in 2 weeks
  4862. Intelligence study reports a bleak outlook for stability in Iraq (Geniuses at work - It was designed that way dumdum!)
  4863. Iraqi forces deficient, [deficient] intelligence report says
  4864. Bush proposes big budget increase for US Army to ease war strains (Stop his continuing genocides - yes that's plural)
  4865. Bush to Seek Record $716 Billion for Defense Spending (DO YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS?!)
  4866. Basketball legend throws support behind Obama (How fucking cool!)
  4867. Joe Biden's Obama drama (Ditch both and the rest of the criminal congress)
  4868. Gabe Pressman's View: Biden's Loose Tongue (and Pressman's loose brain)
  4869. Gen. Casey: Shinseki mistreated (No shit! The man actually had a brain - a rare thing these days)
  4870. Romney calls Hillary 'timid' on Iran (alpha-idiots now performing)
  4871. Seven bombs go off in Kirkuk in further Iraqi violence
  4872. What am I bid for this here politician?
  4873. U.S. can't prove Iran link to Iraq strife
  4874. Bush, Pelosi plan joint (unipartisan) news conference Saturday
  4875. Little Georgie Wants More Money For His Excellent Adventures
  4876. Bush Budget Hikes War Funding
  4877. Justifications for attacking Iran on shaky ground (Nonexistent, actually)
  4878. Iran: A War Is Coming
  4879. The Lebanese Dilemma: A Primer - by Antoun Issa
  4880. Blackwater, Inc. And The Privatization Of The Bush War Machine (READ)
  4881. Lethal bird flu hits Britain, consumers told it's 'safe to eat' (OR, are they lying, as usual?)
  4882. Bush promised Lavrov not to launch war against Iran (with fingers crossed behind his back)
  4883. ABC News: New York Sen. Clinton Says Iran a Threat (The Great Whore of Israel)
  4884. Carbon dioxide rate is at highest level for 650,000 years (or not)
  4885. Al Gore: Silicon Valley can save earth (Such an asshole)
  4886. Bush to cut $1.3bn from levee protection in Louisiana (So outrageously evil)
  4887. Unworthy of consideration (Imagine who and what that phrase covers)
  4888. Cloneburgers Won't Come With Warnings (Abandon all hope ye who enter ...)
  4889. Bird flu outbreak on English farm is H5N1 (or it didn't happen)
  4890. Fatal bird flu virus confirmed in Britain (Who says?)
  4891. Emergency measures put in place (State Terrorism)
  4892. Perry Orders Pre-Teen Girls To Get HPV Vaccine (With or without Kool-ade?)
  4893. Number of People Stopped by Police Soars in New York (Totalitarian State)
  4894. Super Bowl Security a Massive Effort (Policed Totalitarian State of Terror)
  4895. 'I won't quit and I won't plead with anyone over my integrity' (The ever hubritic Tony Teflon)
  4896. Chinese Official Publishes Rebuke of Bush (When does he apologize?)
  4897. Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You (READ)
  4898. Pakistan Admits Security Forces Allowed Taleban Raids
  4899. More UK troops for Afghanistan
  4900. Looters still ransacking Afghanistan's treasures, experts warn
  4901. Travel Logs Aid Germans' CIA Kidnap Probe
  4902. Murder charge filed against Canadian in Guantanamo (Fabrication)
  4903. US drafts new terrorism charges against Hicks (More fabrications)
  4904. Judges Pose Questions on Bush Detainee Policy
  4905. Defense Official Resigns Over Detainee Remarks (He should be disbarred)
  4906. Baghdad market bomb 'kills 121'
  4907. Report says Iraq could be torn apart
  4908. Bush says budget will limit non-defense spending (READ)
  4909. Care for U.S. veterans could cost $662 bln: study (which US is already refusing to provide)
  4910. Mercenaries are second largest force in Iraq: UN (which will replace US armed forces)
  4911. UK guilty of sending 'child soldiers' to Iraq
  4912. Republicans Plan to Block Iraq Debate
  4913. Iraq in Fragments
  4914. "These Drugs are Poison to Some People" (READ)
  4915. No More Rebukes or Non-Binding Resolutions
  4916. The Government Blinks: Freedom for the Ibrahim Family
  4917. Conn Hallinan: The Vishnu Strategy (READ)
  4918. The Iraq War Hits Hawai'i: the Stryker Brigade and the Watada Case
  4919. Diana Barahona: How to Turn a Priest into a Cannibal (READ Haiti)
  4920. Space Missiles Away!: the Irony of Bush's Indignation
  4921. Dying Well: Why Killing Saddam Backfired on Bush
  4922. A Symbol of a Timid Congress (If you say it's timid, then you are alsoBOUGHT)
  4923. Who Can Stop the War? (No one, asshole!)
  4924. Pentagon Alters Casualty Figures (LMAO! Is this somehow UNEXPECTED?!)
  4925. (Clueless) Fatah, Hamas agree to renew Gaza truce (while Israel continues the genocide)
  4926. Bird flu is the price of your &#-11;&#-11;5 roas
  4927. Faster global warming alarms policy makers (The created farce suits their manipulative state terrorism)
  4928. UN study spurs call to fight warming (Lying babbling horseshit)
  4929. Iran invites visitors inside nuclear fuel plant
  4930. US developing 'all kinds of contingency plans' for Iraq (You betcha! The genocide has had too many unintended consequences)
  4931. US intelligence: Iraq situation is in sharp decline (US "intelligence" is nonexistent)
  4932. Fineman: Dem Candidates Come Out Swinging (for Israel!)
  4933. The Obama revolution (Fuck him!)
  4934. Breeding ground for a new cynicism? (If any "new cynicism" is possible, you just have NOT been paying attention)
  4935. Viacom wants its content taken off YouTube (Hmmm - the question is, why is it there?)
  4936. Boston scare case could be hard to prove (Prosecutors would be morons to try - but, this country is FILLED with morons)
  4937. Turner Takes Full Blame for Marketing Scare That Snarled Boston
  4938. Turner to pay costs of Boston scare
  4939. Should you change to Vista? If so, at what cost (It is far too great a cost)
  4940. Could California Ban the Bulb? [sigh]
  4941. Cancer vaccine price, insurance problems limiting patient access (All insurers are criminals and wrecketeers)
  4942. Proposal requires vaccine for girls (with or without poisonous Thimerisol?)
  4943. In Drill, CDC Practices For Influenza Pandemic (This IS a joke, right?)
  4944. Blair, Facing Calls to Quit, Calls for Party Unity (Maybe he's just die?)
  4945. 'Ten files of evidence' submitted in cash for honours inquiry
  4946. Focus: So just how bad is it, Tony?
  4947. Security forces 'foil another terrorist plot every six weeks' (as they are created in the state terror factory)
  4948. Muslim anger rises over alleged terror plot raids (Hello corpagovs! Terrorising and pissing off people can get out of hand when least expected: then you are DEAD, literally)
  4949. Killer flu recreated in the lab (1918 flu - Remember?)
  4950. H5N1: The deadly strain of bird flu is here. But we're told: Don't panic
  4951. World braced for huge surge in bird flu cases (which will really be released 1918 flu)
  4952. Poll shows Britons believe Blair should quit now (But, phony Tony isn't having it)
  4953. British fear gung-ho Americans (Somebody's wising up)
  4954. Strategist calls for counter-terrorism institute to be set up (Just think of all the terrorizing BS it can create!)
  4955. Iran showcases nuclear facility to visiting diplomats, journalists
  4956. Iranian nuclear scientist 'assassinated by Mossad' (That would be in character)
  4957. In Washington, Contractors Take on Biggest Role Ever (Corpa part of corpagov sucks up the blood money)
  4958. Bush's signing statements examined (Don't hold your breath)
  4959. George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House
  4961. Loss for Holocaust hoax site (On selfproving theorems)
  4962. Bird Flu Outbreak Coincided With Drill
  4963. All Along the Watchtower: The Firestorm of New War is Almost Upon Us - Chris Floyd
  4964. Please spare me the word 'terrorist' - Robert Fisk
  4965. Egypt uncovers spying ring operating for Israel
  4966. We Can't Make It Here Anymore (READ)
  4967. How AIPAC warps US policy - Walt and Mearsheimer in Action (READ)
  4968. Soros on U.S. war on Iraq: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  4969. ISRAELI EMBASSY IN NYC A RADIATION HOT SPOT (Who needs missles with nukes planted in world's major cities?)
  4970. U.S. Set to Begin a Vast Expansion of DNA Sampling
  4971. Baghdad offensive to begin: U.S. officers (Offensive, at very least)
  4972. Global suicide? : Melbourne Indymedia
  4973. Iranians find cure for AIDS!
  4974. Sen. Robert Byrd: Bush War Plan: Blind and Improvident (and clearly illegal)
  4975. Neocons to Iraq: Screw You - by Justin Raimondo
  4976. Bush sends Congress $2.90T spending plan (Lunatic!)
  4977. Senate Republicans successfully block debate on Iraq resolution (as expected)
  4978. New Fort Detrick BioDefense Laboratory May Reflect a Bush Germ War Effort (As in "bird flu" as cover for 1918 flu release)
  4979. What 'Israel's right to exist' means to Palestinians (READ)
  4980. IDF: UNIFIL enabled planting of bombs (How many nukes has Israel sequestered in how many cities of the world?)
  4981. Israel restricts access to al-Aqsa
  4982. Jimmy Carter's book on Israel and Palestine touches a raw Zionist nerve (More on self proving theorems)
  4983. Paul Craig Roberts: The Real Failed States (READ)
  4984. The Genocidal Namesake of the Hastings School of Law (READ US History)
  4985. Quarantine USA: Bird Flu Panic and Profiteering (READ)
  4986. In DC, Contractors Are the "Fourth Branch of Govt." (Corpagov)
  4987. A Battle Over "Powerful Evidence" at Libby Trial
  4988. In Orlando, a Law Against Feeding the Homeless (Land of the Free!)
  4989. Watada lawyer frustrated as judge narrows defense
  4990. 'Friendly fire' video unearthed
  4991. Clinton, Edwards and Obama: Strike Iran (Invalidating all 3 of them)
  4992. Bush budget to sharpen tax collectors' teeth
  4993. It's Official: Jewish Progressive Criticism of Israel Is Now a Movement
  4994. US immigration cavity search ends in agony (Nation of morons run amok)
  4995. Clinton Promises American Jews To Back Israel (Great Whore of Tel-Aviv)
  4996. The Bush Torture Memos (READ)
  4997. portland imc - 2005.04.11 - ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed...
  4998. Editing Chavez to Manufacture a Slur
  4999. Israeli government destroys Moroccan Gate and parts of Al Aqsa Mosque area amid outcry
  5000. Army made video warning about dangers of depleted uranium but never showed it to troops
  5001. Establishing U.S. Africa Command (Hello?)
  5002. Political Power and the Rule of Law by Ron Paul (READ)
  5003. Waste in War: Where Did All the Iraq Reconstruction Money Go?
  5004. The Bush administration's campaign of lies and misinformation against Iran
  5005. America's Secret Air War in Iraq
  5006. Audio clip on JFK Jr. flight released
  5007. Shooting erupts on Israel-Lebanon border
  5008. Mistrial in war objector case
  5009. Bush Targets Iran
  5010. Bush's uncle tangled in options probe
  5011. After many denials, US Army confirms private security contract in Iraq
  5012. Iraq water deal illuminates murky world of secret contracting
  5013. Officials indict 5 in Iraq contract scam
  5014. Russert testifies in Libby perjury trial (Cheney's buddy)
  5015. Remote Polish airstrip holds clues to secret CIA flights
  5016. Prodi, Berlusconi won't testify over CIA 'kidnap'
  5017. U.S. moving ahead with plans to train Palestinian security forces (WHAT?!)
  5018. Bush calls for eliminating food program for seniors (Let them eat cake!)
  5019. The Quiet Plan to Kill Medicare
  5020. Did Your PC Try to Bring Down the Internet Last Night? (No!)
  5021. Wal-Mart launches video download service (Beyond the pale)
  5022. Wal-Mart brings muscle to movie download market (It will destroy the internet)
  5023. IDF will respond to any attack in north, senior officer says (Israel has already attacked)
  5024. Anna Nicole Smith has died after collapsing at hotel (End of the wierdness)
  5025. American's complacent, obedient slaves (READ, be ashamed)
  5026. HSBC warns over US mortgage bad debt (Geniuses report in!)
  5027. PM to U.K.: Enact law prohibiting IDF officers' arrest in Britain (Wil no one rid us of the meddlesome, shitty little country?)
  5028. Israel, U.S. begin discussions on renewal of foreign aid package (Tired of whining zionists: tell them all to fuck off!)
  5029. Why Was the Palestinian Mother of Eleven Murdered? (The world has given permission for it - figure it out)
  5030. BA to charge $470 for an extra bag (Don't fly!)
  5031. Israel still top recipient of US foreign aid (How much tribute to the Israeli empire do other nations also pay under threat of IL's forward deployed nukes?)
  5032. Will War Criminal Feith Escape Justice?
  5033. Palestinian breakthrough on unity government (Israel will kill it)
  5034. Iran arrests 100 Iranians spying for US, Israel (As CIA engineered against Iran's prior democracy)
  5035. Pentagon sets its sights on Africa (READ)
  5036. The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened (US negates entire concepts of sanity and law)
  5037. Iraq airstrike reportedly kills civilians (i.e., US airstrike ON IRAQIS - and this is a daily occurance)
  5038. Bush Wants Funding Jump for Anti-Drug Ads Rated as Useless (criminal US corpagov is certainly less than useless)
  5039. Cheering Movers and Art Student Spies: Was Israel Tracking the Hijackers Before 9/11 Attacks? (READ)
  5040. U.S./Israel: The dual-loyalty question is being mainstreamed
  5041. Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada - West Point Graduates Against the War
  5042. France urges UN Council to "react" to israeli/Lebanese border clash (It is already USUKIL v. World)
  5043. Police Chief forges documents, steals house -- gets probation
  5044. It's Bush vs. America - and Bush wins | Jerusalem Post (Who controls the US Congress?)
  5045. Ground Zero EMT: We Were Told Building 7 Was to Be "Pulled"
  5046. Hacker breaks into website of Canadian nuclear agency (Who cares?)
  5047. Rice confronted over Iran evidence (Ron Paul is one of 2 congressmen who actually should be alive)
  5048. The Raw Story | Pentagon: Pre-war intelligence not illegal (making the pentagone, along with the rest of US corpagov, illegal)
  5049. Senator calls report 'devastating condemnation' of Office of Special Plans (Illegal corpagov)
  5050. Thirty-Six Sure-Fire Signs That Your Empire Is Crumbling
  5051. Rice Denies Seeing Iranian Proposal in '03 (But, being a psychopathic liar ...)
  5052. Wolfowitz Warns of 'Surprise like Pearl Harbor' Months Before 9/11 Attacks (The criminal US corpagov perpetrated 9/11 - have you got that yet, assholes?)
  5053. Army Says It Will Withhold $19.6 Million From Halliburton, Citing Potential Contract Breach (Believe that, and you'll be told another one)
  5054. Iraq Minister Funneled Millions to Militia for Sectarian Attacks, Violence Targeting Civilians (as dictated by US misadministration of illegal corpagov)
  5055. Iraqi official allegedly gave millions to insurgents (Oh yes - "allegedly")
  5056. New York will sue Exxon, others over Brooklyn oil spill (Shit happens?!)
  5057. Birmingham raids: Five charged with terror offences (Orwellian UK)
  5058. 'The government has contracted out oversight of contractors to contractors.' (Are you out of your league in logic yet?)
  5059. Iraqi insurgents offer peace in return for US concessions (They would have to be bonkers)
  5060. Democrats back massive hike in military spending (What did you expect, morons?)
  5061. Iraq and Darfur: the politics of war crimes
  5062. Countdown for Iran
  5063. Mexico at Davos: the Split with Latin America Widens
  5064. Watada Beats Government (You think it's over?)
  5065. Filibuster to End the War Now! (In your dreams: Israel rules!)
  5066. Trish Schuh: The Salvador Option in Beirut (READ)
  5067. Brzezinski: Iraq War a Calamity (an understatement)
  5068. NOW | New Bankruptcy Laws Make It Harder for Working Americans to Start Over (How many years too late is this?)
  5069. No 10 rejects police state claim (For once he's not lying: UK is police state for EVERYBODY)
  5070. Thelma and Louise Imperialism: Over the Cliff with George and Dick?
  5071. Official's Key Report On Iraq Is Faulted
  5072. Israeli police confront worshipers at Al-Aqsa
  5073. Is Bombing Iran Bush's Call? (No, but Congress will not prevent)
  5074. IP Blocks Used by US Terrorist Surveillance Program
  5075. DoD Report Appears to Confirm Downing Street Memo
  5076. US think tank [CFR] urges retreat from Iraq
  5077. students have no constitutional rights in RI (?!)
  5078. Pentagon Report Finds Killing Over 600,000 Iraqis (For Israel) "Inappropriate" But Not Illegal(Even logic is tortured here)
  5079. Bush budget: billions for greedy, bones for needy
  5080. U.S. mortgage lenders rattle markets
  5081. Gonzales' sacking of US Attorneys like a 'coup d'etat'
  5082. Worldwide events mark Israeli Apartheid Week
  5083. Israel, US sign homeland security pact (They already run our Congress!)
  5084. Russia flexes Mideast muscles with Putin visit
  5085. Bush Can't Spin Way out of Hellish Conditions in Iraq
  5086. Iranian negotiator calls off Europe trip to discuss nuclear crisis (It'sa waste of time & energy)
  5087. More Ground Zero Heroes On The Record: Building 7 Was Deliberately Brought Down
  5088. As Predicted: Global Warming Skeptics Linked With Holocaust Denial
  5089. 'Just compensation' unjust by any name (So typically 'murikan)
  5090. James Petras' New Book: The Power of Israel in the United States
  5091. "Surge" or "Involuntary" Military Conscription: The Neo-Conservative Architects of Military Escalation
  5092. Was There an AIDS Contract? [Morrissey] (READ)
  5093. 'Noah's Ark' seed vault unveiled (small light at end of hell of corpagov globalism)
  5094. New York will sue Exxon, others over Brooklyn oil spill
  5095. House Republicans take to the airwaves (Fecalation)
  5096. Canadian, U.S. and Mexican officials held secretive meeting on integration
  5097. Mystery notes, bombs threaten US financial firms (or not)
  5098. Big rise in Russian military spending raises fears of new challenge to west
  5099. Hillier orders full inquiry into treatment of detainees (Blah, blah, ...)
  5100. Oil Prices Spike on Iran, Cold Weather (over $60 barrels)
  5101. Gates: U.S. Can 'Prove' Iran's Iraq Role (Meaning it can't be done)
  5102. Pentagon to Extend Troops in Afghanistan
  5103. Coleman: Senate should be 'ashamed' for failure to vote on Iraq (Asshole)
  5104. Blackwater admits shooting
  5105. Reconstruction Official on Iraqi Billions: "What Difference Does It Make?"
  5106. Pentagon unit defied CIA advice to justify Iraq war (Aren't we at treason yet?)
  5107. Nuke detectors to ring New York, official says (as stupid as it gets - so far)
  5108. Police Probe Alleged Homeless Dumping (The meaning of Bush's US)
  5109. Paraplegic allegedly 'dumped' on skid row
  5110. Israel intensifies flights over Lebanon border (i.e., they've been doing it all along)
  5111. Criticism of Israeli Actions in Jerusalem Continues as Israeli Army Attacks Worshippers)
  5112. Hezbollah slams Israel for construction work near Jerusalem mosque
  5113. Yitzhak Laor: Under the Steamroller
  5114. Newton Garver: Politics and Apartheid
  5115. Nikolas Kozloff: Bombing Venezuela's Indians
  5116. Gary Leupp: Charging Iran with "Genocide" Before Nuking It (READ)
  5117. Conn Hallinan: The Najaf Massacre, an Annotated Fable (READ: NYT continuing treason)
  5118. Windows Everywhere? (A death knell of the Internet)
  5119. World leaders hopeful Fatah-Hamas agreement will bring peace (They lie: IL will not allow it)
  5120. Iranian MPs ready to talk with US senators: daily (It doesn't matter)
  5121. Alternative Intelligence on Iraq Called Dubious (Synonym for known lies)
  5122. Brain scan can read your intentions: study (Believe that, and they will tell you another one)
  5123. Anna Nicole Smith was drinking heavily (or not)
  5124. Anna Nicole's cause of death still a mystery (or she was poisoned?)
  5125. Gossip, legal fights don't die with Anna Nicole (Exactly: Qui bono?)
  5126. Fears grow that bird flu virus has entered food chain (They certainly want fears to grow: "fear is the mind-killer")
  5127. 1 in 150 Children in US Has Autism, New Survey Finds (Thimerisol?)
  5128. Sen. Clinton: I didn't vote for 'pre-emptive war'
  5129. 'NYT' Reporter Who Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong Now Highlights Iran Claims (Congenital liar Gordon)
  5130. Putin Blasts U.S. for Its Use of Force
  5132. The NY Times returns to pre-Iraq-war "journalism" (i.e., Lying loudly)
  5133. More bloodthristy propaganda on the way
  5134. Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring (Where are all Iran's missles set to go?)
  5136. Criminals Control the Executive Branch - by Paul Craig Roberts
  5137. Helping Israel Die (It now needs no help to die, niether does US)
  5138. ElBaradei fears chain reaction to Iran conflict
  5139. Counterfeiting Money - Crime or Good Economics? (READ)
  5140. Feith and Franklin (READ)
  5141. Senator calls report 'devastating condemnation' of Office of Special Plans
  5142. America: Freedom to Fascism (READ)
  5143. Israeli Forces Storm Al-Aqsa Compound, Many Wounded
  5144. Pentagon lies with stats
  5145. Trial exposes White House crisis machine
  5146. Putin: U.S. policies create arms race
  5147. Hundreds protest U.S. jets in Japan
  5148. An explosion of disbelief - fresh doubts over 9/11(What we who have paid attention have known for 6 years)
  5149. Congress Finds Ways to Avoid Lobbyist Limits (The Ever Criminal Congress)
  5150. Lack of affordable housing has deadly consequences Tornado strike kills 20 in Central Florida
  5151. Russian President visits India to reinvigorate Indo-Russian alliance
  5152. Britain: Failure to suppress video of "friendly fire" killing of British soldier by US pilots
  5153. Pentagon report admits fabricated intelligence used to justify Iraq war
  5154. Blaming the Iraqis: A new cover-up for American militarism
  5155. Jennifer L. Turner and Juli S. Kim: China's Filthiest Export
  5156. Greg Moses: The Words of Mohammad, an 11 Year-Old Prisoner (READ)
  5157. Barack Obama: Not a Bold Bone in His Body
  5158. Till the Cows Come Home: How the West was Eaten
  5159. Gabriel Kolko: Israel, Iran and the Bush Administration
  5160. US prepares for failure in Iraq surge
  5161. I was scared. Who would believe the Israeli president raped me?' (Who would believe a US president would rape his own country?)
  5162. Deadliest Bomb in Iraq Is Made by Iran, U.S. Says (Michael R. Gordon, who sold you the Iraq invasion is at it again)
  5163. U.S. weighs divulging Iran-Iraq 'proof' (wondering whether the lies will work again)
  5164. Al-Qaeda praying for Obama win, says PM (Now, WHO told him to say that?)
  5165. Defense bigs ask '24' to cool it on torture (Completely bizarre)
  5166. US presidential hopeful McCain warns Europeans on Afghanistan (Another congenital wacko)
  5167. Putin says U.S. wants to dominate world (the zionist neocons sure do)
  5168. Government Seeks to Halt Telecom Spying Suits
  5169. Montana House Votes To Deny Federal ID Act
  5170. BP's Texas refinery 'largest emitter of carcinogenic toxins in US'
  5171. U.S.-led forces show evidence of Iran weapons in Iraq (Cranking up the lie machine)
  5172. Iranian bombs have killed 170 Iraq coalition troops: US (Fabrication)
  5173. Bush may bypass Congress on Medicaid cutbacks
  5174. US to present its evidence of Iran's meddling in Iraq, wary of past intelligence blunders - International Herald Tribune ("News" is as transparent as the sick, criminal lying machince called US)
  5175. Elections chief in Ohio's largest county resigns (an unindicted treasoor)
  5176. Don't ignore a million angry voices, Mr Blair
  5177. US fabricating evidence against Iran (It's always been the 'murkin way)
  5178. Israel urges international rejection of Palestinian unity deal (Israel's theft of the world cannot be had peacefully)
  5179. U.S. domination threatens globe, Putin claims in harsh speech
  5180. Rep. Hoyer: Vote on Iraq will be limited (Limited to uselessness)
  5181. Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack (As Olmert dictates)
  5182. DOJ says Iraq terror suspect ruling hinders executive power to wage war (Treasonous DOJ delenda est)
  5183. Squandering billions in Iraq while U.S. suffers (That is exactly then designed point!)
  5184. Security prisoners consume more water (the utterly depravity of the zionist entity)
  5185. War: It's just a pretext away (READ)
  5186. Bush: 'Every fallen soldier's family will get a new SUV' (Barf!)
  5187. U.S. Launches Artillery Into Pakistan (Oh?)
  5188. The 9/11 Solution: The Big Clue Everyone Missed (READ)
  5189. CIA doubts didn't deter Feith's team
  5190. Foreign spies should stay out (READ)
  5191. HATE CRIMES LEGISLATION BACK (Ooops! Kill it, quickly!)
  5193. Radioactive New York (READ)
  5194. Anti-Semitism talks start amid storm ("Anti-semitism" is a lying, thieving farce)
  5195. Arab League blasts Temple Mount dig for 'altering features' of Jerusalem
  5196. Soviets Razed Churches, Spared Synagogues (I wonder why?)
  5197. UN cameras set up in underground Iran nuclear plant
  5198. An experiment that hints we are wrong on climatechange (Thank you! Someone with a brain on the subject!)
  5199. Pentagon blames Iran for 170 US deaths (Nonsense)
  5200. Apartheid Denial Humor ("The Fixer" is not all that funny)
  5201. If The Bush Administration Lied About WMD, So Did These People (READ)
  5202. FLASHBACK: Bombs From Iran...Umm, Made In Uk...
  5203. FLASHBACK: ABC And The IED's From Iran That Were Made In The UK
  5204. Waxman Raps Ex-Iraq Chief Over Aid Funds
  5205. Bush cuts health care to pay for war
  5206. Bush budget plan revives forest sale scheme
  5207. War tax sought as US Congress debates Bush budget (Fucking Lieberbush)
  5208. US should weigh war on [of] terrorism tax - Lieberman
  5209. U.S. military: Iraqi lawmaker is U.S. Embassy bomber (Now, this is real irony)
  5210. Iranian Diplomat Kidnapped in Baghdad by Iraqis With Official ID
  5211. Pace: Not enough equipment for surge (You've surged enough)
  5212. Portugal probes alleged CIA flights
  5213. US handling of Hicks poor: PM (Now, speaks another poodle)
  5214. S&#-11;&#-11;gol&#-11;&#-11;ne Royal unveils far-left economic campaign platform(FR)
  5215. Portugal to legalize abortion, conservatives shaken
  5216. Scientists Find New Genetic Explanation For Type 2 Diabetes
  5217. Target Tehran: Washington sets stage for a new confrontation
  5218. Ex-Bush Iran official: US seeks pretext for conflict with Iran (He wouldn't kid us, would he?)
  5219. Report: Cheney to snub Japan defense minister for calling Iraq war 'mistake' (One of our national reptos)
  5220. Fabricating the Case Against Iran
  5221. Russia's Putin Makes Historical Visit to Saudi Arabia
  5222. Windows Vista Destroys Photo Metadata (The usual M$ shitware)
  5223. Washington sources: Israel in race for more aid (Would they every want less?)
  5224. Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK
  5225. 'Wash Post' Joins 'NYT' in Trumpeting 'Anonymous' Claims on Iranian Weapons in Iraq (Controlled lying MSM)
  5226. Surging Into Catastrophe in Iraq (That's the design)
  5227. "Explosively formed penetrators" rebranded UK shells, and not Iranian? (Fabricating the evidence again)
  5228. Tair's Palestinian peers (READ)
  5229. Canadian government forming pro-Israel lobby
  5230. Feith calls prewar lies 'good government' (Neocon zionist mass murderer wacko)
  5231. Obama to Howard - 'Put up or Shut up'
  5232. Who Do You Think Is the Worlds Worst Dictator? (None of the above)
  5233. Deadly dirty work in the Philippines
  5234. Propaganda Extravaganza (Equally true for 6 years)
  5235. General: Bin Laden trail has 'gone cold' (Because he's dead, asshole!)
  5236. Ohio food stamp usage increases 71%
  5237. Warming climate blamed on cosmic rays (and a few hundred other things)
  5238. Zimbabwe inflation nears 1,600%
  5239. Blast Reported Near U.S. Base in Japan
  5240. No 10 backs US claim over Iran arms (Soap to wash his mouth out)
  5241. Lebanon, Again - by Justin Raimondo
  5242. Record numbers in Michigan seek food stamps, other assistance
  5243. Paul Craig Roberts: How the World Can Stop Bush (READ)
  5244. Gen. Pace Refuses To Back Claims On Iran
  5245. Bush's New Iran Policy - No Evidence for IED Charge
  5246. FBI guns and laptops go missing
  5247. 'Consumer Watchdog' Website Faces Complaints, Lawsuits
  5248. States fund antiabortion advice
  5249. It's English or no welfare benefit in UK
  5250. Passing the Buck on Health Care
  5251. White House urges road fees, charging drivers to use highways (He's already selling the roads!)
  5252. Mystery Ailment Strikes Honeybees
  5253. Costly NSA initiative has a shaky takeoff (Lunatics)
  5254. Bush plans consecutive budget cuts for veterans (Criminal)
  5255. Hundreds of Taliban massing to attack dam: official
  5256. NATO's Afghan mission in trouble: Canada's Senate
  5257. US to remain in Afghanistan for long time: Gates (Fabricating realities)
  5258. Journalist Says Fleischer Was Source of CIA Leak
  5259. Reporters Deny Official Leaked Name to Them (LOL)
  5260. Iraqi leading Baghdad crackdown forced from home (Mene mene tekel ufarsin)
  5261. Hussein vice-president sentenced to death
  5262. Concurrent Resolution on the President's Escalation Plan (Useless wheelspinning by design)
  5263. House Democrats Unveil Measure Denouncing Iraq Buildup (Now, tell the truth, NYT)
  5264. Iran Claims New Stealth Drone That Can Attack US Gulf Fleet
  5265. Too late to halt Iran's nuclear bomb, EU is told
  5266. Iraq bombs from 'Iran' were created by UK security services
  5267. CNN: Bush-Backed Shiite Group Receiving Weapons Shipments From Iran
  5268. That's interesting Dixie Chicks sweep Grammy Awards
  5269. Police stops skyrocket in New York City (A totalitarian state in itself)
  5270. US Senator Barack Obama and the war in Iraq (Right: he's no different from the others)
  5271. The historic decline of the United States and the eruption of militarism Part two
  5272. Russian President Putin lambastes US foreign policy
  5273. Bush administration concocts a "dossier" for war against Iran
  5274. Twisted: Sex and Torture in America
  5275. The Kervorkian Administration: Are Bush and Cheney the Biggest Threats tothe Existence of Israel? (Wrong question, and Israel has always been the greatest threat to itself: its existence is founded on genocide)
  5276. Acting in Bad Feith: Inappropriate Behavior and Impeachment
  5277. The Frame-Up That Fell Apart: Jury See Through Another Botched Federal "Terrorism" Case (They have ALL been lies and complete concoctions)
  5278. Greg Moses: Crossing the Lines of Human Decency (US corpagov point is to terrorize EVERYONE in this country)
  5279. Dr. John Carroll, MD: What Next for Haiti's Cite Soleil?
  5280. Wolfowitz Emerges as Key Figure in Intel Manipulation
  5281. Libby Trial Sheds Light on White House
  5282. Told to Wait, a Marine Dies
  5283. US Sending Third Carrier Strike Group to Persian Gulf
  5284. Congress Accuses White House of Homeland Security "On the Cheap" (On the nonexistent would be better)
  5285. Bush tries to dampen speculation on military strike against Iran (But the, he lies a lot)
  5286. Star Character Witnesses at Libby Trial (Wacko Dana Milbank)
  5287. Bill Gates, others buy Four Seasons hotels (To give the same level of quality service as Micro$oft)
  5288. Siestas May Cut Heart Disease Risk (They also correlate with a generally less stressed life, idiots!)
  5289. Larry Franklin was with Ledeen! Connect the dots
  5290. Marine charged with war crimes revokes guilty plea
  5291. US trade deficit breaks new high in 2006
  5292. Bush plan would cut VA funding (Support Our Troops!)
  5293. Spanish Left Wants US Bases Out (Still so very loved)
  5294. Russia Demands Explanation as U.S. Defense Secretary Not Sure of Future Relations
  5295. US and Europe set for meltdown over Iran
  5296. Warmongering Top Neocon Daniel Pipes Testifies in Congress
  5297. Venezuela Contends US Interference
  5298. How Gaza Offends Us All (The continuing unspoken genocide by Israel)
  5299. Skeptics Doubt U.S. Evidence on Iran Action in Iraq (anyone with at lest 1 firing synapse)
  5300. In pictures: US Iran evidence (This is evidence?! LOL)
  5301. No one can prevent nuclear Iran, top defense official says (Duh-uh)
  5302. Fox News: Run by Al-Qaeda operatives? (LOL)
  5303. Fallon to recruit Arab nations for help (in finishing the genocide and destruction US is intent upon)
  5304. Child beggars rampant in Baghdad (Should not be a surprise)
  5305. Iraqi insurgents using Austrian rifles from Iran (So, let's nuke Austria?)
  5306. Donald with his hand in the cookie jar (The reason for power is theft)
  5307. Top Cheney Aide: 2007 Is The Year Of Iran, U.S. Attack A Real Possibility
  5308. Tentative Nuclear Deal Struck With North Korea (tenative is a good word)
  5309. Iraq says to close borders with Syria, Iran (Why?)
  5310. U.S. financial aid to Israel supports apartheid, threatens world peace (and it's been going on for over 60 years)
  5311. Pentagon Caught Red Handed in an attempt to Frame Iran: Iran Does Not Manufacture 81MM Mortar Shells (Have you got the Pentagon nature yet?)
  5312. Iran: Anatomy of a Lie (Governments LIE! They always have. Are we payingNO attention to reality?)
  5313. CNN's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea! (Figure itout, dum-dum)
  5314. If It Ain't Islamic Then It Ain't Terrorism (READ)
  5315. FLASHBACK: The Iraqi tanks that were not there (As criminal US corpagov has done before)
  5316. Felicity Arbuthnot: The Contract Interrogator (READ)
  5317. Retraction: Iran Does Make 81mm Mortar Shells (READ)
  5318. Rafik Hariri and The Salvador Option in Beirut (Israel on murderous march again)
  5319. Soldiers Back From War Fight Different Battle (READ, and then try to love your goddamned fucking corpagov)
  5320. MK asks El Al why it refused to fly body of Israeli Arab woman
  5321. Steer Clear of Windows Vista Basic (The worst of all M$ shit)
  5322. Enron case rolls back investor safeguards (Purpose of government is to to rape the governed)
  5323. Former top CIA official, contractor indicted (small fry sacrificed)
  5324. U.S. Government Readying Massive Cybersecurity Test (Babbling)
  5325. Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007 (Interesting idea)
  5326. Ex - CIA Contractor Sentenced to Prison (and this will make all the boo-boos go away)
  5327. Taliban seize second district (or not)
  5328. Howard challenges Rudd over Iraq (Some people do need killing)
  5329. World Bank to provide $500m loan to Iraq (to pay Halliburton)
  5330. Israel ready 'to confront Iran alone' (We could only hope they try - Faboom! No more Israel!)
  5331. Our Friends at Antiwar.com Need Your Help
  5332. Columbia Coalition Against the War: Why We Are Striking (Good, but antiwar is no longer sufficient)
  5333. Empty Vessels: Gen. Patraeus and Other Hollow Men (READ)
  5334. Iran Bashing Goes Prime Time
  5335. Fool Us Twice? From Iraq to Iran
  5336. When Wall Street Whines (You Know They're Making a Killing)
  5337. Targeting Tehran
  5338. Uri Avnery: The Method in the Madness (that is a lethal madness nonetheless: bye bye Israel)
  5339. Five Ousted US Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations
  5340. North Korea Agrees to Nuclear Disarmament (until tomorrow)
  5341. Pelosi Leads House Debate on War (couldn't lead anything; ditch the btch)
  5342. Tenet Fires Back at Rice in New Book (Puffed Rice with shrapnel, and a sorry piece of trash)
  5343. Representative Norwood Dies From Lung Disease, Cancer
  5344. Libby Defense: Cheney Won't Testify (i.e., is relieved of committing perjury)
  5345. Interpreter who fled Iraq ends up in Cyprus jail
  5346. 18 members of Iran's elite guards killed (Al-CIAda?)
  5347. Study ties drop in deaths to a little nap after lunch (Correlation does NOT imply causality)
  5348. Iraq war debated in House (BFD)
  5349. Romney enters White House race (Useless turd)
  5350. Chimp "Stone Age" Finds Are Earliest Nonhuman Ape Tools, Study Says (Beyond stupid)
  5351. Sept. 11 Ills Cost New York City $400 Million a Year (Another product of Bushco)
  5352. Truth and Credibility (are dead)
  5353. Daimler Considers Sale, Partners for Chrysler Unit (More looting)
  5354. The Duke and the Hookers (Shades of Roman Republic)
  5355. Israel again proved its lack of respect for Muslims
  5356. You cant oppose the war & fund it at the same time
  5357. American money to the Palestinians? Not so fast (READ)
  5358. Chrysler To Cut 10,000 Jobs
  5359. Problem With A Dictator? (Some wise words)
  5360. RENSE IS BACK UP!!!!
  5361. Its not about the "Holocaust" you government-educated morons
  5362. FLASHBACK: State Granted Access to Moving Company's Storage Facility (Yes, THOSE movers)
  5363. Anti-American Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Reportedly Flees Iraq for Iran (o not)
  5364. The Voice of the White House for February 12th 2007 (Psychopath VP)
  5365. Teacher Convicted in Porn Case (stupidly)
  5366. Why is the Iranian Ammunition Industries Group's webpage in English?
  5367. Computer problem delays deployment of new US fighter jet (M$ at work?)
  5368. 2003 Memo Says Iranian Leaders Backed Talks
  5369. 'Gutless' Howard gags debate (Howard, the poodle, is a criminal liar, and he knows it)
  5370. Israeli Arab couple petitions High Court after residency denied (ot that Israel is rewcist, or anything)
  5371. Conservative radio host blasts leak trial; Wilson 'big fat lying sack' (Slavering reptos can't defeat reality)
  5372. The new Bush strategy: Secure Baghdad and attack Iran
  5373. Military Accepting More Ex-Cons
  5374. Israel 'ready to confront Iran' (may be in for a big surprise)
  5375. US Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line
  5376. The Road Map to Despotism
  5377. In northern Iraq, another war looms
  5378. Six Lies You Shouldn't Believe About Iran
  5379. Radio Station Cries 'Enough' -- Won't Quote From Certain News Stories Relying on Unnamed Officials (Bravo!)
  5380. 'SPRING FORWARD' MAY NOT COMPUTE (Bad old fucking M$)
  5382. APARTHEID BEYOND THE GRAVE (Israel, of course)
  5383. The Raw Story | Bush on Iraq civil war: Hard to give assessment 'living in this beautiful White House' (Nothing this git says should be paid attention to)
  5384. Powell tried to push Iran talks in 2003 and was rebuffed, former official says (Powell is still a lying, criminal piece of shit)
  5385. Iran 81mm Mortar Story: Twists, Turns, and Eating Crow
  5386. Cheney asks manufacturers to push free trade (i.e., "corpatheft")
  5387. Senate Panel Blocks Biggs Nomination (Delaying US annihilation)
  5388. BP lands in more trouble on Caspian pipeline
  5389. Declassified, But Still Unavailable (Another new official category "unavailable")
  5390. Latest VA Data Breach Worse Than Initially Reported
  5391. RFID 'Powder' - World's Smallest RFID Tag (All government should be denied all technology)
  5392. Threat Detection System Will Monitor Your Every Move (That's why!)
  5393. Legislators protest Real ID requirements
  5394. French police in 'terror' swoop (A crock)
  5395. Al-Qaeda group wants US oil sources hit (Al-CIAda playing games yet again)
  5396. Memo: Stop teaching evolution (Devolved 'murikans)
  5397. Not in our name: campaign launched against Trident (UK)
  5398. Secret new US spy base to get green light (in AU)
  5399. EU accused of role in secret CIA flights (Not mentioning 9/11 collusion)
  5400. EU nations 'concealed' CIA flights (Yes, the collusion and conspiracy is larger than you think)
  5401. Bill Would Restore Habeas Corpus, Define 'Enemy Combatant' (May be more of a horror than not)
  5402. Official tells Senate Australia could not send psychiatrist to Guantanamo Bay
  5403. Bush order allows Guantanamo trials to proceed (Sieg Heil!)
  5404. Vermont Becomes First State to Call for US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq
  5405. Bush urges Congress to pass spending needed to pay for war (They will, the criminals)
  5406. U.S.: Crashed Copter Was Shot Down in Iraq (that which was lied about)
  5407. Mahathir backs militants
  5408. Iraqis Announce New Crackdown Across Baghdad (Gov cracks down on citizens while occupying US murders more of them)
  5409. Colonel and three of his men cleared over abuse of detained Iraqis (Righty-o ! What's all this then?)
  5410. Iraqi Insurgent Leader al-Sadr in Iran, Say US Officials (so it's probably another lie)
  5411. Doubts raised on linking of Iran to US deaths in Iraq (No shit?)
  5412. Bush: 'I intend to do something' about Iran presence in Iraq (Don Quixote had similar fantasies)
  5413. Clinton to Bush: Do not strike Iran without congressional approval (Because the Rotten one said so, Dude!)
  5414. 12 Republicans Break Ranks on Iraq Resolution (Oh yes, the sterile rebuke)
  5415. Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment--Part two
  5416. The strange case of the Australian PM and the American Senator (Howard & Obama - it's notariety and diversion)
  5417. Is there a Bush pardon in Lewis Libby's future? Cheney aide abruptly ends defense in perjury trial (Of course)
  5418. The implications in Iraq of Bush's military "surge"
  5419. US "diplomacy" on Iran: thuggery and threats of military aggression
  5420. At White House press conference, Bush escalates war threats against Iran
  5421. Chrysler cuts 13,000 North American jobs (What economy?)
  5422. Hybrids, Biofuels and Other False Idols (READ)
  5423. The Press Bites, Again: a Word of Caution on Those Iranian Weapons
  5424. The Democrats and Palestine: New Chairman, Old Rules (Israel first!)
  5425. The Plot Against Mexican Corn (READ)
  5426. Paul Craig Roberts: Cracks at the Pentagon (Never thought I'd pray for a military coup)
  5427. Christopher Brauchli: The Perils of Charity (READ)
  5428. Medical Apartheid in America
  5429. Dick J. Reavis: The War Without a Name (READ: your depraved corpagov)
  5430. Democrats' New Strategy: Force Slow End to War (Stupidity)
  5431. Military Confirms 7th Helicopter Was Shot Down
  5432. California and Iowa Approve Resolutions Against Iraq War
  5433. WTO on the Wrong Track with Agricultural Policy (but the right track & right results as WTO sees it)
  5434. US Military Tells "24": Cut Out Torture Scenes ... or Else!
  5435. Bush Contradicts Sunday's Briefing on Iranian Weapons (He's a little dim)
  5436. Testimony Ends in CIA Leak Trial
  5437. Bernanke Pitches Slower Inflation Without Harm to Employment (Living in lala land)
  5438. Creationists defeated in Kansas school vote on science teachin
  5439. Fed sees soft landing for economy (In your dreams)
  5440. The Raw Story | Bernstein: Bush administration's disinformation, misinformation 'something I have never witnessed before on this scale'
  5441. US prison population to add 200,000 convicts by 2011: study
  5442. In Congress, Opposing the War but Doing Nothing to Stop It - by Ron Paul (READ)
  5444. FLASHBACK: Tons of Iraq explosives missing
  5445. Israel Razes Bedouin Huts in West Bank
  5446. U.S. one of worst places for kids (worst places for any human being)
  5447. BBC 9/11 Documentary Likely Hit Piece
  5448. NM Impeachment Resolution Officially On Agenda for Friday around 9:00 AM
  5449. U.S. to shun all members of Palestinian unity govt (Israel says we have to)
  5450. Zundel sentenced to 5 years (Outrageous!)
  5451. Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant (Corpagov terrorist)
  5452. Russia may scrap U.S. arms control treaty
  5453. A Greater Israel (READ)
  5454. An accident waiting to happen in Iran
  5456. Iraq invasion plan 'delusional'
  5457. Brandeis Donors Exact Revenge For Carter Visit
  5458. US Foreign Aid to Israel
  5459. Foreclosures rip neighborhoods
  5460. Arab law student denied entry to Sharon Mall (Racist Israel)
  5461. Air Force strips Playboy poser of status (Hmmmm)
  5462. Vulture funds stealing from the debt relief of 3rd world country
  5463. The State Murder Of Gordon Kahl (READ)
  5464. Unhinged and unfit for office (every one of them)
  5465. Man Arrested For Allegedly Teasing Dog (Loony nation)
  5466. Zambia loses 'vulture fund' case
  5467. Giants meet to counter US power
  5468. Report: Nevada Governor Facing FBI Probe
  5469. Four More Years for Keith Olbermann
  5470. Armed police for London hot spots
  5471. State, local officials to get security data
  5472. Senators introduce bill to restrict use of cluster munitions (It doesn'tmatter)
  5473. Experts fear Afghanistan could become the next Iraq (Geniuses!)
  5474. Britain shamed over CIA flights (as shameless as any other government)
  5475. EU nations censured over CIA 'torture' flights (BFD)
  5476. CIA sounded-out Italy about "renditions" in 2001
  5477. Governor: Don't send Iraqi refugees to Ohio
  5478. No One's Drinking Bush's Kool-Aid on Iran
  5479. Bush Declares Iran's Arms Role in Iraq Is Certain (Certainly yet another lie)
  5480. Bush backflip on Iran bomb claim
  5481. Murtha Seeks to Prohibit Action in Iran (or not: can't be trusted)
  5482. Revolt over Bush's Iraq plan wins converts
  5483. Murtha wants to block Iraq 'surge' (or not)
  5484. Biden looks to revoke Bush's Iraq authority (can't be trusted)
  5485. Reid: The Senate Will Vote on Iraq This Saturday
  5486. Navy Phone Bill: $4 Billion
  5487. Auditors say billions of dollars wasted in Iraq
  5488. Senate U.S. Attorneys List (READ)
  5489. Egyptian terror suspect to go free
  5490. Two Democrats explore choking Guantanamo funds (Oh - sure)
  5491. Seattle elementary student dies with flu-like illness
  5492. Flu Outbreak Closes N.C. School System
  5493. Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment--Part three
  5494. Canada transferring Afghan detainees to "self-confessed torturers" An interview with Dr. Amir Attaran
  5495. Canada's Afghan intervention&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;three probes launched into prisoner abuse
  5496. The Bush administration prepares for war against Iran Part one
  5497. US and UK worst places in developed world to be a child (just worst places to be)
  5498. US-North Korean nuclear agreement: clearing the decks for Iran
  5499. They Want You to Eat Cloned Meat--And They Don't Want You to Know It
  5500. Dave Lindorff: The Co-Dependent Congress (Why is Jewish Lobby not mentioned?)
  5501. Kevin Zeese: A Congressional Kabuki Show
  5502. Evelyn Pringle: More Zyprexa Postcards from the Edge (READ)
  5503. Stephen Lendman: The Rules of Imperial Management (READ)
  5504. Saul Landau: How to Obsess Your Enemies
  5505. Patrick Cockburn: Who is Muqtada al-Sadr?
  5506. Chairman Kennedy Carries the Ball
  5507. Ex-Aide Says Rice Misled US Congress on Iran (She always lies)
  5508. How Feds' Top Environmental Prosecutor Built Home With Big-Oil Lobbyist
  5509. Bush Orders More Troops Into Afghanistan
  5510. MI6 And The Media - Manipulators Of The Mind
  5511. ConAgra pulls peanut butter (Salmonella)
  5512. Spaceship finds hard evidence of water on Mars
  5513. Black admits to felony in federal court
  5514. Push grows for flier 'bill of rights'
  5515. Tale of Marooned Passengers Galvanizes Airline Opponents
  5516. U.S. 'likely' to seek second Iran resolution: Rice (or not)
  5517. Case shines light on how war contracts are awarded
  5518. Drop in capital flow to U.S. poor dollar omen (Nothing unexpected)
  5519. Was Jose Padilla tortured by US military? (What is it really good at?)
  5520. Pentagon Red Tape Keeps Medical Records From Doctors of the Wounded (READ)
  5521. Dubai deal to sell U.S. ports may fall apart
  5522. Gulf States Plan Weapons Buying Binge (Good thinking. Buy from Russia and China)
  5523. US housing starts drop to lowest level since 1997
  5524. Iran accuses U.S. of backing terrorists who killed soldiers
  5525. Pelosi: Bush lacks power to invade Iran (implying he won't?!)
  5526. BBC Pressured to Air 9/11 Hit Piece? (READ)
  5527. More proof the Israelis were shadowing the 9/11 hijackers (who were themselves israeli actors playing hijackers)
  5528. Field Day for Iranian Militarists as Standoff with US Continues
  5529. Dems' Caucus President Rahm Emanuel: Israeli Intel (READ)
  5530. Limit Muslim migration, Australia warned (by Jewish expert)
  5531. Yahoo endorses end to copy protection
  5532. Who do they think they&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;re fooling? (READ: from Iraq to Iran)
  5533. Not in Kansas anymore (Endless line of pseudoreligious wackos)
  5535. White House Is Reported to Be Linked to a Dismissal
  5536. Breaking! UCSB Students Protesting Iraq Shut Down Highway 217!
  5537. Fatah, Hamas deal muddies waters, says Rice (Mistress of Dumspeak)
  5538. Idiocracy on your AM dial
  5539. Sen. Obama: U.S. must support Israel's right to self defense (Obama is just another whore to Israel)
  5540. U.S. officials tell Abbas they'll shun future Hamas-Fatah coalition, aides say (to keep away from any "two state solution")
  5541. Anti-China bills follow U.S. trade deficit (Fools)
  5542. Al-Qaida releases 'Holocaust of the Americans' (Believe it, and they'll tell you another one)
  5543. Why I admire Ernst Zundel
  5544. Defendants Are Dealt a Blow In AIPAC Case
  5545. Z&#-11;&#-11;ndel verdict: 5 years in a German dungeon
  5546. Canada Is Set to Allow Expiration of 2 Broad Antiterrorism Laws
  5547. Judge Restricts New York Police Surveillance
  5548. Balloons to float above Pentagon to test defenses (Spare me!)
  5549. 31 Stand Trial in CIA Kidnapping Case
  5550. US releases (fabricated) details against Hicks
  5551. US refused EU investigator permission to visit Guantanamo
  5552. Iraq Troop Boost Erodes Readiness, General Says
  5553. House Votes to Rebuke Bush (Useless)
  5554. Tim Rinne: StratCom and the Coming War on Iran
  5555. Vermont Legislature Says: "Bring Them Home Now!"
  5556. John W. Farley: The Press and Stephen Hadley (The spreading of corpagov delusions)
  5557. Marching on the Pentagon: Then and Now
  5558. The Terror of Suzi Hazahza: Why Her Family Must Be Freed
  5559. Powell, Rice and Obama: Putting Black Faces on Imperial Aggression
  5560. Turning Point: Veterans' Voices Trigger Response
  5561. White House Is Reported to Be Linked to Prosecutor's Dismissal
  5562. Pelosi Backs War Funds Only With Conditions (each more stupid than the the other)
  5563. Democrats Push Economic Policy to Better Serve Poor, Middle Class (Article as delusional as Dems and Repugs)
  5564. Vladimir Putin Wants to Offer an Alternative to Washington
  5565. Appeals Court Refuses to Overturn US Army Medic's Detention
  5566. Rice Faces an Uphill Battle for a Mideast Breakthrough (Babbling)
  5567. Rice: Palestinian Unity Deal Complicates Middle East Mission (Babbling)
  5568. Men on trial in Madrid bombings deny role (Al-CIAMI6MOSSADa?!)
  5569. Obama candidacy is a step forward (For medacious idiocracy)
  5570. DaimlerChrysler shares rally on reports of talks with GM (Chrysler has already been looted)
  5571. Yuan soars after China sets higher mid-point
  5572. Red hot chili peppers played first gig 6000 years ago
  5573. Smithsonian Scientists Report Ancient Chili Pepper History
  5574. Putin Hints at His Successor
  5575. 2nd bombing in 3 days hits Iranian city (Al-CIAda?)
  5576. conspiracy phobia on the left (READ)
  5577. U.S. friendly fire kills more and more innocent people
  5578. Protocols of the Learned Elders Makes a Comeback
  5579. George Monbiot joins the anti-9/11 truthers (What's the pay?)
  5580. Russia to support Palestinian national unity government (pay attention)
  5581. Woman Becomes Quadruple Amputee After Giving Birth (Unfuckingbelievable)
  5582. BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Begins
  5583. Foreclosures surge 42 percent in 2006
  5584. Silencing critics not way to Middle East peace (Way to ME pot roiling)
  5585. Tammy Duckworth's husband being deployed to Iraq (It's 'murkin way - figure it out)
  5586. DoD Deploys 1,000 Troops As House Passes Resolution Condemning Troop Surge (LOL!)
  5587. Marine Apologizes in Iraq Criminal Case (I am so verry touched)
  5588. U.S. Deploys Stealth Fighters to Okinawa (Useless squandering)
  5589. DoD Deploys 1,000 Troops As House Passes Resolution Condemning Troop Surge
  5590. Insurgents push north out of Baghdad, making fight more deadly for U.S. forces
  5591. U.S. Deploys Stealth Fighters to Okinawa (HMMM)
  5592. Russia to support Palestinian national unity government
  5593. Corporate spin can come in disguise
  5594. US rejects visit by Swiss to Guantanamo Bay
  5595. Obama to Haaretz: U.S. must help protect Israel (So much for Obama)
  5596. Documents show new secretive US prison program isolating Muslim, Middle Eastern prisoners
  5597. Bordering On Insanity: Bush Continues to Call for Open Borders With Mexico (What happened to the big wall and vigilante patrols?)
  5598. Jim Carrey goes undercover in israel
  5599. U.S. patrol ship on alert in gulf (Um - there are two carriers there!)
  5600. Hiding Polio quotes (READ)
  5601. Rice Grilled on Extra Funding Sought for Iraq, Afghanistan (More fake videos)
  5602. AIPAC defense just got hammered twice hell yes!
  5604. Report: Weapons used in attack in Zahedan, Iran come from U.S.
  5605. Russian-U.S. ties hit new low
  5606. Bomb Explodes in Tehran (Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA)
  5607. Bush and Olmert Get That Peace Process Hoodoo (READ)
  5608. Inside Israels apartheid state (READ)
  5609. Mexican Slowdown May Drive More North
  5610. Cheney son-in-law used revolving door to stop chemical security regulations
  5611. Blackmailing Bush; how the "Dear Leader" duped "The Decider" (READ)
  5612. The Forgotten Families (This is NOT accidental)
  5613. Les Roberts: Iraq's death toll is far worse than our leaders admit (Theyalways lie)
  5614. Antiwar Anger at 02 Vote on Iraq Follows Clinton (Hound her out of existence)
  5615. Where your income tax money goes
  5616. Wolf Blitzer former AIPAC employee promoting Zionism.
  5617. The hate that (used to) dare not speak its name (READ)
  5618. Italians march in US base protest
  5619. Brzezinski "US will create false flag to attack Iran" (Obvious)
  5620. Evolution memo prompts call for apology (Gasp! LOL!)
  5621. Dick Cheney's Dangerous Son-in-Law
  5622. Tests confirm H5N1 bird flu strain in 2 suburban Moscow districts (or not)
  5623. Bush Expected to Name Industry Lobbyist to Head Consumer Safety Agency
  5624. DOJ Denies Access to Eavesdropping Documents
  5625. House Dems back federal shield law (posturing)
  5626. Switzerland Approves Probe of CIA Flight
  5627. Italian judge orders first 'rendition' trial of CIA agents
  5628. CIA agents must be charged over 'kidnap and torture', says judge
  5629. Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility
  5630. Tens of thousands protest at plans for US base in Italy
  5631. Jailed 2 Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans
  5632. US troops kidnap six-year-old girl to force Resistance fighter father to surrender
  5633. Ex-envoy says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work (It was planned not to work)
  5634. GOP blocks Iraq resolution in Senate (Criminals)
  5635. Senate votes against debating Iraq war rebuke (Criminals)
  5636. Planning Seen in Iraqi Attacks on U.S. Copters (Oh - I thought they were accidents)
  5637. Taliban warns of 'bloody attacks' (I would tend to believe)
  5638. Pakistani official: Taliban insurgency becoming 'liberation war'
  5639. Weapons used in attack in southeastern Iran come from U.S.: report
  5640. UK government steps up assault on asylum-seekers
  5641. The Bush administration prepares for war against Iran Part two
  5642. EU conference in Dresden German Interior Minister Sch&#-11;&#-11;uble advocates police state measures (Will they never learn)
  5643. Britain's cash for honours scandal nears end game
  5644. Is the Bush administration behind the bombings in Iran? (Yes, next question?)
  5645. After House vote on non-binding resolution: Democrats won't cut Iraq war funding(It was a criminal swindle from the start)
  5646. David Swanson: What Lincoln Really Said
  5647. Democrats Keep Ohio Refugee Free: "No Iraqis in Our Backyards!" (Bizarre)
  5648. Mitchel Cohen: Storming the Pentagon
  5649. Iran: the Proxy War?
  5650. "Death Row is a Web That Catches Only the Poor"
  5651. Uri Avnery: Facing Mecca (READ)
  5652. The Undertaker's Tally: the Tragedy of Donald Rumsfeld (Would that it were his)
  5653. Jeffrey St. Clair: Dark Mesas in an Ancient Light
  5654. Gary Leupp: Iran, a Chronology of Disinformation
  5655. WP: Battling system at Walter Reed (READ: criminal corpagov)
  5656. Britain's Blair says bad planning not cause of violence in Iraq ( It was the GOOD planning)
  5657. Olmert threatens to boycott Palestinian Authority (The old zionist ploy)
  5658. Retired general: Turkey warns US with Putin speech
  5659. American senators to visit Israel (Why not visit the US?)
  5661. Spokesman: US seeks hegemony over Middle East energy to promote Israel's security
  5662. Commercialization and Future Access to the Internet Highway (READ)
  5663. Impeachment of Bush: Vermont takes the lead and calls for U.S troop
  5664. Attack On Iran Will Hit India Most - Scientist
  5665. UK: Labour will force everyone to give fingerprints at ID card interview (Fuck UK Labour)
  5666. The Unwanted Refugees Of The Iraq War Palestinian-Born Iraqis Lived Well Under Saddam, Now Many Are Homeless, And Politically Untouchable
  5667. Army and police desert beleaguered Mugabe (He's history)
  5668. MPAA Hacks Torrentspy
  5669. Fake drug, fake illness -- and people believe it! (They believe all sorts of stupid shit)
  5670. US Senators to arrive in israel for indoctrination
  5671. Obama Set For Big Jewish Push
  5672. The Voice of the White House (Feb 18, 2007)
  5673. BREAKING: NM Senate Rules Committee Passes Bush-Cheney Impeachment (The Criminal Congress now either obeys, or must be arresteds - all of them!)
  5674. Global Vaccine Market To Top 23 Billion Dollars (Speaking of frauds)
  5675. Killer flu recreated in the lab (READ)
  5676. US Army lab rats
  5677. Bird flu outbreaks blamed on rats (LOL!)
  5678. Bird flu outbreak near Moscow might be act of bio-terrorism - veterinary official
  5679. War On Terrorism: Protect them from us
  5680. 6 of 7 Dismissed U.S. Attorneys Had Positive Job Evaluations
  5681. Report: Weapons used in attack in Zahedan, Iran come from U.S.
  5682. Eight U.S. Troops Killed In Afghanistan Chopper Crash
  5683. Security plan blow: Baghdad car bombs kill 56
  5684. Troop reduction in Iraq delayed after pressure from US
  5685. Reid: Iraq war 'worst foreign policy mistake' in U.S. history
  5686. Clinton urges start of Iraq pullout in 90 days (Make her go away)
  5687. Senate Democrats promise 'relentless' flood of anti-war legislation (LMAO! Frauds!)
  5688. Obama Set For Big Jewish Push
  5689. Making Martial Law Easier (A goal in sight)
  5690. Demands grow for release of Australian Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoner, David Hicks
  5691. China's economic rise destabilises world capitalism
  5692. Italian judge indicts CIA agents for illegal kidnapping
  5693. Ecuador Stands Up to US
  5694. Liberal Icons and War: Bi-Partisan Empire-Building
  5695. The Peace Process Industry (is a fraud)
  5696. The Mecca Agreements: the Future Remains Bleak
  5697. Gary Leupp: Romney Joins Iran's Hysterical Accusers
  5698. Paul Craig Roberts: Economists in Denial (The nature of "governmental economics")
  5699. Governors Oppose Bush's Troop Escalation Plan
  5700. Again, GOP Thwarts Senate Debate on War
  5701. Obama Says US Ready for a Black Leader (But NOT him)
  5702. Eight US Troops Die in Afghan Copter Crash
  5703. Attack on US Base in Iraq Kills Two GIs, Injures 17
  5704. Iran Says Sunnis, Using Pakistan as Base, Planned Fatal Bombing
  5705. Snow: Politicians Warning Of Iran War May Be Trying To Protect Iran (M'fucker just says that to raise the bloodpressure of anyone with a functioning neuron)
  5706. National Guard Troops In War Zones Await Late Pay (What did the Roman army do when it wasn't paid?)
  5707. Prostitution bill gains support (Congress has always been a bunch of whores)
  5708. At the morgue (READ - if you have the stomach for reality)
  5709. Republican calls for email and IM monitoring (The Reptofucks would,,, wouldn't they?)
  5710. New York plans iPod ban (How about just making movement of any sort illegal?)
  5711. Debunking the BBC's 9-11 Conspiracy Files (This is what it has been, all along)
  5712. Rice to Haaretz: The year is not 1938, Iran is not Nazi Germany (BUT! Israel is!)
  5713. Missiles could reach Europe if Kremlin wanted: general (But Israel's missles are already THERE!)
  5714. Japanese scientists grow teeth from single cells (US grows its lawyers and politicians from them, BFD)
  5715. Angels singing caught on tape? (LMGDFAO! Wacko Nation)
  5716. Iran center of US-Israeli talks (Really? But,why? Isn't Israeal - where ever the fuck that is - the ceneter of the goddamned universe?)
  5717. US Navy denies reports of offensive military build-up in Gulf (also denies that water is wet!)
  5718. Bush compares Revolutionary, terror wars (This prettling moron is actually tolerated?)
  5719. The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge (READ - and develop something resemblong a mind)
  5720. More than a year after death, man found in front of his TV (It's called modern US "culture")
  5721. Lead-laden lunchboxes OK'd by government (A corpagov, toxic in all possible ways by its intent and design)
  5722. Activist sentenced for anti-wall protest tells judge: Please jail me (Fucking Israel)
  5723. Security forces (CIA!) rob Baghdad academics
  5724. Accused Terrorist Is Big GOP Donor (YES indeedy!)
  5725. The pessimist was right (READ: the pessimist usually is right)
  5726. Big Brother IS Watching YOU !!!! (READ)
  5727. US 'Iran attack plans' revealed (Israel, kiss your ass goodbye; Palestinians, be someplace else)
  5728. Russia raises stakes over US plan for missile shield
  5729. Russia may target Poland, Czech Republic
  5730. Research: Genes That May Contribute to Autism (or it's a crock of shitscience)
  5731. Cholesterol boosts womens stroke risk (Whole article is pure Horseshit)
  5732. Voters' hunger for change threatens Republican dream of eternal power
  5733. Gary Younge: Once George Bush has got hold of a bad idea he just can't let it go
  5734. Mission imperial
  5735. Bush links terror war to U.S. independence war (King George should be careful about that truth)
  5736. One-third of Iraqis live in poverty (Not different from the US)
  5737. Bush, U.S. Hated Around the World (Then, the most hated person who has ever lived)
  5738. George Monbiot: 9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns (Monbiot's unfettered mental derangement posses mortal danger to entire planet - needs to commit suicide, immediately)
  5739. BakuTODAY.net - Europe considers missile defence system: German minister
  5740. Iran's nuclear capability nears industrial scale (give me a break!)
  5741. New footage of JFK in Dallas released
  5742. Shame on the Washington Post, Again
  5743. US housing starts slide, consumer confidence dims (Old news)
  5744. German Bible Goes Politically Correct (Amusing)
  5745. ANALYSIS: The summit - a slap in the face to the Palestinians (Exactly as could be counted on)
  5746. Al Jazeera English - Middle East
  5747. US 'will retaliate if ships are targeted' (by a false flag operation)
  5748. Guantanamo detainees lose court case (Sick)
  5749. Iran claims U.S., Britain involved in attack
  5750. The true inside facts about the 7/7 London bombings
  5751. Police abandon district in western Afghanistan, officials say
  5752. "Knesset-Congress-Senate" committee considers military option for Iran (United States of Israel)
  5753. Producer Struggles to Defend Flaws & Bias of BBC Hit Piece (It would be a struggle)
  5754. Australian Gun Control Update (Just what you would expect, historically)
  5755. Senator Kyl Bows To AIPAC And Israel (United States of Israel)
  5756. Ahmadinejad to West: We'll halt uranium enrichment, if you do (:-)
  5757. Hundreds who suspect lies about 9/11 to meet
  5758. De Menezes shooting officer promoted (That's the pattern)
  5759. Bush: Bin Laden is in Pakistan (ROTFL)
  5760. Terrorists Chip In (More infants with scalpels)
  5761. The Colonial Stag in Rutting Season (READ)
  5762. An interview with media professor Cees Hamelink on fear, terror, 9/11 and Iran (READ twice)
  5763. Texas expected to approve shooting first in self-defence (Hmmmm)
  5764. An Orwellian solution to kids skipping school
  5765. Venezuela Preparing for 'Asymmetrical' Showdown With U.S.
  5766. Kindly take that apology and shove it (READ)
  5767. Ready to attack, American preparations for invading Iran are complete
  5768. Shuster: 'Prosecutors still looking for ways to pursue Cheney' (You think?)
  5769. How Do You Know You've Lost a War
  5770. North Dakota Child Support Enforcement Turns To Debtors Prison (Brilliant!)
  5771. 911 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions Conference - February 23-25,2007
  5772. Bush to write letters against 'genocide resolution'
  5773. Cuba government to go open source
  5774. Muqtada Sadr office bombarded
  5775. The Unwanted Refugees Of The Iraq War, Palestinian-Born Iraqis Lived Well Under Saddam, Now Many Are Homeless, And Politically Untouchabl
  5776. Military amputee uninvited from Bush event because the press would see him with no legs
  5777. House GOP fired Veterans-friendly committee chair in order to "save money" (?!)
  5778. Real Estate Blog - Lender Nightmares continue ---- the mass exodus ~~~~~
  5779. Kraft says up to 8,000 jobs cut
  5780. Blair to announce Iraq troop withdrawal (or not)
  5781. Thousands Get Tested For Bird Flu In Moscow (State terrorism)
  5782. Stop & Shop reports credit data was stolen
  5783. Supreme Court throws out Philip Morris verdict
  5784. Merck suspends lobbying for vaccine (How about punishing them anyhow?)
  5785. Voters' hunger for change threatens Republican dream of eternal power (It needs to destroy BOTH parties)
  5786. London Mayor Signs Oil Deal With Chavez
  5787. Control orders 'necessary' to reduce terrorism (AU state terrorism)
  5788. Terror suspects put on control orders 'should be prosecuted' (It's just that there's no evidence of anything)
  5789. Report finds U.S. terrorism statistics inaccurate (i.e., fabricated)
  5790. Court Backs White House on Detainees (Fucking judges)
  5791. Court: No habeas corpus for Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo captives (Criminal judges)
  5792. Howard a 'risk to national security' (Another risk to all living creatures on thos planet)
  5793. Prosecutors in CIA Leak Trial Charge Libby Lied During Investigation
  5794. Taliban fighters ambush Canadian convoy
  5795. Six U.S. soldiers wounded in Afghan hospital blast
  5796. Occupation drops 2,000 bomb on Taliban insurgents (Which is pretty much of a rude war crime)
  5797. Car bombs kill at least 11 in Baghdad
  5798. Bomber strikes funeral in Iraq
  5799. Bombing of chlorine gas tanker kills 9 in Iraq
  5800. New Zealand government to introduce cheap labour scheme for Pacific Island workers (A reverse of outsourcing)
  5801. Jakarta's flood exposes government neglect and indifference
  5802. China's economic rise destabilises world capitalism Part two
  5803. US "coerced" India over Iran Former Bush appointee boasts
  5804. Portrait of an "antiwar" Democrat: Former Feith aide makes radio reply to Bush (READ - and pay attention, damnit!)
  5805. US troops terrorize Baghdad in "Operation Law and Order" (It's was US corpagov of terror does - and about all it does)
  5806. Setting Sun: The Diverging US-Japan Relationship
  5807. Carl G. Estabrook: Common Sense About the Recent Past (READ. "... a colonial was cannot be fought with a conscript army" Hence, a mercenary (privatized) army)
  5808. Corporate Crime Reporter: Exposing SAIC (READ)
  5809. Werther: How to be a Washington Expert (READ)
  5810. Structured Cruelty: Learning to be a Lean, Mean Killing Machine
  5811. Bush Admin. Has "No Strategy" to Protect Patients' Privacy
  5812. Inside Walter Reed's Mologne House
  5813. Trial Spotlights Cheney's Power as an Infighter
  5814. Gareth Porter | Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal
  5815. The Death Of Habeas Corpus
  5816. UN Readies Rare Rebuke for Tehran (UN becomes truly useless as US lapdog)
  5817. Rice holds meetings in Jordan Who does she think she is - anyhow?)
  5818. Leadership blamed for shabby Army hospital building
  5819. Top military hospitals under fire
  5820. Pro-war McCain launches scathing attack on Rumsfeld (Fucking lunatic)
  5821. Episcopalians react to new directive (Humans v. Reptos: this round, reptos seem to win)
  5822. Many Episcopalians Wary, Some Defiant After Ultimatum by Anglicans (But,wait!)
  5823. Some US Bishops Reject Anglican Gay Rights Edict (Does anybody know this is merely a greedy economic battle?)
  5824. Civilians killed as fierce fighting returns to Mogadishu
  5825. Heavy fire in Somali capital kills 12
  5826. Terrorism as tourism
  5827. Card holders charged for being in credit (Definition of sickness)
  5828. Cheap solar power poised to undercut oil and gas by half (or not)
  5829. Demonising Dissent, a comment by Paul V. Rafferty
  5830. Yet another tale of Vista upgrade woe (Microshit has always been a racketeering operation, and is probably a CIA front)
  5831. Audit: Anti-terror case data flawed (Corpagov is the only real terrorist)
  5832. Britain and Denmark to start Iraq withdrawal (or not: wake me when the lying has stopped)
  5833. Cheney vows no retreat in Iraq, backs Japan on NKorea (He's a Dick. Whatdo you want?)
  5834. Tony Snow and White House Reporters Slam The Hateful, Polarized Blogosphere (Sticks and stones ....)
  5835. Israeli airspace violation prompts Lebanese army to open fire (It's about fucking time!)
  5836. Judge keeps spying documents sealed
  5837. What Would You Do If Bush Declared Martial Law? (You don't want to know)
  5838. Why impeachment is urgent (Is explanation actually necessary?)
  5839. BUSH ASKS FOR $2.9 TRILLION (Does the number even matter?!)
  5840. ONLY WAY OUT FOR BUSH IS WAR WITH IRAN (As isane as it is)
  5841. FBI Translating Over 1,000 Wiretap Conversations a Day (The assholes need to get lives)
  5842. BBC Discredited; Retractions on 9/11 Hit Piece Forthcoming?
  5843. Bush Surge Accelerates Assault on Iraq Academics
  5844. Iran - Ready to attack (No, ready to be attacked)
  5845. Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help
  5846. Industrial espionage case reads like spy thriller
  5847. Post-Sept. 11 security rules force Lodi Nut to shut down its gift shop
  5848. Huge Fearmongering Billboards Urge Preparedness for A Terror Attack on 11/09/09
  5849. Civilians killed as fierce fighting returns to Mogadishu
  5850. 439,000 snooping requests made
  5851. Britain to cut Iraq troop levels to around 5,000 (or not)
  5852. Cheney's Famous Last Words (errrrrghhoofff?)
  5853. The west may yet come to regret its bullying of Russia
  5854. Helen Thomas Moving Back After 46 Years Down Front
  5855. Priest jailed after nun's death in exorcism (The Dark Ages have never left us)
  5856. Second US carrier arrives off Iran (Are we redy for the black op trick now?)
  5857. Safety alarms raised at nuclear weapons plant (scalpels in hands of infants)
  5858. war-starting stunt Bush planned.
  5859. Iran drones 'can attack US ships'
  5860. Prosecutors seek OK to create phony files (Bizarre)
  5861. The Coalition is Collapsing - Italy Gives Way (Maybe)
  5862. OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast (READ)
  5864. Hijack Suspects Still Alive & Well in 2007 (Known for years now)
  5865. Judge Sentelle Strikes Again!
  5866. "Overstating"; the new euphemism for lying to start a war
  5867. Blair sounds the retreat in Iraq (or not)
  5868. Prodi quits after Senate defeat
  5869. US puts on brave face and vows to complete mission 'with honour' (Too sick)
  5870. South Dakota Senate committee kills abortion ban bill
  5871. 9/11 attacks 'an incident'
  5872. MPs attack plan to give police access to ID card database
  5873. U.S. Official Admits to Big Delay in Revamping No-Fly Program
  5874. US judge orders domestic spying cases to proceed
  5875. 2 Illinois Men Accused In Terrorist Conspiracy (Another fabrication)
  5876. North By Northwest (READ)
  5877. Aznar Grilled Guantanamo Detainees
  5878. Aznar Sent Spanish Spooks to Guantanamo
  5879. Seven More Gitmo Detainees Arrive
  5880. Canada-Afghanistan detainee agreement allows torture: rights groups
  5881. MPs fear election backlash over Hicks
  5882. Hicks to 'keep rotting'
  5883. Guantanamo inmates denied trial
  5884. Italian PM hands in resignation
  5885. Former DOD civilian guilty of taking bribe
  5886. Jury Deliberations Begin in CIA Leak Case
  5887. Involvement in Iraq has increased terrorism threat, professor says
  5888. "Hard landing" chopper actually shot down (#8)
  5889. At least 78 Iraqi media professionals killed in 2006
  5890. U.S. soldier pleads guilty in Iraq rape, murders
  5891. Top Sunni official fired after calling for investigation into rape allegations
  5892. Out of step: now Howard backs Britain's pullout from Iraq (Like a poodle barking)
  5893. White House Says British Plan Good News (LOL)
  5894. Report: Denmark to announce plans for Iraq withdrawal
  5895. Thousands of troops to stay in Iraq as Blair dashes hopes of speedy exit
  5896. US politicians spar over UK troop move
  5897. Judge Dismisses Posada's Bid to Be Freed
  5898. UK 'aims to weaken' treaty on bomblets
  5899. Italian Premier Quits After Policy Loss
  5900. National Guard May Undertake Iraq Duty
  5901. Iraqi PM advices Mahdi Army leaders to hide in Iran, leaked letter (or forged letter)
  5902. U.S. Official Overstates Iran's Meddling In Iraq
  5903. Crackdown on Cheney violence (READ)
  5904. Libby perjury hearing casts cloud over Cheney
  5905. US wants tougher Iran sanctions (Bonkers)
  5906. Google bug could have let hackers (like CIA FBI MI6 MOSSAD) into PCs
  5907. Iraq WMD War Timeline
  5908. US has no intention of attacking Iran: Rice (ROTFL!)
  5909. Attorney Challenges Income Tax Law Constitutional History in the Making
  5910. US lashes out at Kremlin over missiles (I'm sure they are awed shocked and cowed by the bull)
  5911. Russia warns U.S. on Iran moves (What is Russia preparing for the global bad boys?)
  5912. US commander fears miscalculation by Iran (How US explains its own black op scheme)
  5913. The retreat from Basra
  5914. Blair refuses to accept blame over Iraq war
  5915. 'Food insecurity' rampant in West Bank, Gaza
  5916. Skepticism, Ideology and the 9/11 Controversy (READ)
  5917. Update on the Empire
  5918. Ally's Timing Is Awkward for Bush
  5919. What the World Trade Center Building Designers Said: Before and After 9/11
  5920. State loses $2B with Bush budget
  5921. Chain up Cheney! Bring Hicks home!
  5922. British withdrawal a blow for Bush (if it ever happens)
  5923. President Bush has increased terrorism (The world's greatest terrorist)
  5924. Another US helicopter down, British bases bombed
  5925. Soldier Avoids Death With Plea Deal (Hmmmm)
  5926. Half of Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza malnourished
  5927. Cluster bomb opponents push for ban at Oslo conference
  5928. Blair says he knows of "no plans" of future military attack on Iran (Were his fingers crossed?)
  5929. The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands' riots Part 2
  5930. What is behind Russia's delay of Iran's nuclear reactor?
  5931. Rice's Middle East visit: Bullying and intimidation dressed up as diplomacy
  5932. ISSE exposes hypocrisy of Australian Labor politician at campus meeting
  5933. Russian, Chinese, Indian foreign ministers meet on US war threats against
  5934. Cheney's trip to Japan and Australia: the preparation for new war crimes
  5935. Corporate Crime Reporter: Why Hillary and Obama Oppose Single-Payer Health Care(READ)
  5936. The Second Great Depression
  5937. Evasive Diplomacy: Bush Adm. Shuns Middle East Peace Talks
  5938. Margaret Kimberly: America the Stupid (Yes, [sigh])
  5939. Showdown Over Texas Immigrant Prisons
  5940. Sharon Smith: Inside the Imperial Budget
  5941. The Clintons: the Art of Politics Without Conscience
  5942. Leak Lawyers Close on Credibility Issue
  5943. Mission Imperial: Life in the Green Zone (Part I)
  5944. The People vs. Richard Cheney
  5945. 25 in Congress Criticized Escalation but Voted for It Anyway
  5946. Prince Harry of Britain to Serve in Iraq (Stupid on several counts)
  5947. Philippines vows to put end to killings after UN probe
  5948. Welch calls for probe into vets' health care (after how many years?)
  5949. US jobless claims fall 27000 (A mendacity in need of explanation)
  5950. Washington Post
  5951. Toll Brothers' profit hit by write-downs
  5952. No sign of housing rebound, says Toll
  5953. Texas gov. firm on cancer vaccine (Criminal)
  5954. FDA: Tell patients about risks of ADHD drugs
  5955. Egyptian blogger gets four years for insulting Islam, president
  5956. Anoushabour
  5957. Ararat_home_kadaiyif
  5958. Armenian Cooking - Karabakh (A metalist of sites of recipes)
  5959. Nichols Fingers FBI Agent Directing McVeigh in OKC Bombing By Name
  5960. In Iraq, Anyone Can Make a Bomb
  5961. Texas Governor Perry took Merck money before mandating cervical vaccine
  5962. New OKC Revelations Spotlight FBI Involvement In Bombing
  5963. FLASHBACK: Why Did Bill Clintons NSA fund BATF Research on ANFO Bombs?
  5964. If you want your America back
  5965. An accident waiting to happen (Iran - READ)
  5966. Psychiatrist says US terror suspect has Stockholm syndrome (Padilla)
  5967. U.S. Says It Found Chemicals at Iraqi Bomb Factory (No shit!)
  5968. Attorney: Ashcroft Gagged Nichols From Exposing McVeigh's OKC Bombing Conspirators
  5969. US Iran intelligence 'is incorrect' (Slipup? Exaggeration? How about LIE?)
  5970. Carter says majority in U.S. support views in book (Probably right)
  5971. Hookergate, Iran Contra, & 600 Dead American Soldiers
  5972. Google-ized
  5973. Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit
  5974. Democrats Seek to Repeal 2002 War Authorization (Unnecessary wheel spinning)
  5975. FLASHBACK: Double-Dealing Over Iran -- Monday, Feb. 02, 1987
  5976. Attorney: Sealed Documents Indicate OKC Inside Job
  5977. 216 Million Americans Are Scientifically Illiterate
  5978. Military Commissions Act Headed for Supreme Court
  5979. The Second Great Depression (READ)
  5980. US keeps 'all options' open concerning Iran: Cheney
  5981. Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack [Voltaire] (READ)
  5982. Bush Contaminating our Drinking Water: Withholding Funds, Leadership to Fix Leaks in Underground Storage Tanks
  5983. Britain to send more troops to Afghanistan - reports
  5984. "All Candidates are pro-Israel" (And most of populus is fed up w/ Israel)
  5985. President Bush's victory is a defeat for American honor
  5986. U.S. Missile Scheme Threatens Return of Cold War (Or not so cold)
  5987. New Democratic Strategy Calls For March 2008 Pullout (TOO LATE!)
  5988. US poll: Israel alone named 'vital friend' (A crock of fabricated lies)
  5989. Iran and the Energizer War Bunnies (READ)
  5990. Shell, Repsol, Total, Defy U.S. to Seek Iran Deals
  5991. Israeli leader draws hard line against Syria, Iran, Palestinians (Everybody just LOVES Israel!)
  5992. Political bloggers fear publicists will infiltrate sites (As they should fear such trolls)
  5993. U.N. Commissioned Report Compares Israel to Apartheid in South Africas (which is why Israel is SOOO loved)
  5994. WTC7, Professor Jones & Thermite (VIDEO)
  5995. America tortures (yawn) (READ)
  5996. Revealed: The true extent of Britain's failure in Basra
  5997. Uruknet passes Google News in significance and becomes the main net Information site on the the war in Iraq, Afghanistant and the Near East (READ)
  5998. Homeland Security Funding 'Pork' Under Fire
  5999. Cheney on Global Warming (Our most brilliant scientist speaks!)
  6000. Pentagon Abandons Big Bomb Test
  6001. AWOL soldier sentenced to 7 months in prison
  6002. Raytheon Gets $300 Million Army Contract
  6003. Bell officials studying helicopter crash
  6004. US soldier sentenced to 100 years for rape, murder of Iraqi girl (How about Bush, Cheney, Rice, ...)
  6005. Shiites: U.S. Held, Freed Leader's Son
  6006. The British Retreat from Iraq Brings Peril for US Troops (unless they also get out?)
  6007. Iraq worst disaster for US foreign policy-Albright ("It was worth it" Madeleine changes her stupid tune?)
  6008. Lieberman Says War Vote Could Prompt Party Switch (Heil Lieberscheiss!)
  6009. Democrats plan bill to limit U.S. war mission (LMAO - um - sure)
  6010. WH Stands Behind Cheney's Claim That Democrats Are Helping Al-Qaeda (Loonies, all)
  6011. 300 troops could be sent to Afghanistan (AU)
  6012. Taliban 'in control' in Helmand
  6013. Iran has speeded up N-plans, says UN (Who's provoking whom, and why?)
  6014. British Officials Fear US Attack on Iran (Israel should be shaking with fear)
  6015. Cheney hints at Iran strike
  6016. Australian government prepares to introduce de facto universal ID card
  6017. Gaullist presidential candidate Sarkozy allies with Italy's post-fascists Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are
  6018. Massive security blanket for Cheney's Australian visit
  6019. Cheney's speech in Sydney: An ominous silence on Iran from the US vice president
  6020. If Bush is a War Criminal, What About the Troops?
  6021. Chris Dols: The Case for Keffiyehs (READ)
  6022. The True Extent of Britain's Failure in Basra
  6023. Jonathan Cook: Watching the Checkpoints (READ)
  6024. Franklin C. Spinney: Is This What We Have Become? (READ)
  6025. Divine Strake Canceled (Hubris rescheduled?)
  6026. Is Cheney Next?
  6027. High Court Asked to Explore Contractor Liability for Deaths in Iraq
  6028. For Guard Units, A Sooner Than Expected Return to Iraq
  6029. States Are Running Out of Health Dollars (Um - US has been insolvent for years!)
  6030. Families Behind Bars: Jailing Children of Immigrants (The true nature ofthe US)
  6031. Clinton's Iraq Vote Haunts Her on Campaign Trail (It should: goddamn weaselbitch)
  6032. Millions of Americans Living in Severe Poverty
  6033. AP: Nearly 800 Iraq Contractors Killed (Not even nearly enough; all of them would be better)
  6034. Wolfowitz May Bring Bank Back to Iraq (not if they can stop it)
  6035. Anti-Semite? Moi? (READ)
  6036. Psychics 'hired to find Bin Laden' (I see - I see a cemetary ...)
  6037. Blair Blinks... (dying would be better)
  6038. The Rising Prevalence of Severe Poverty in America: A Growing Threat to Public Health)
  6039. Iraq violence could end "within weeks" of foreign troop withdrawal
  6040. Deadly flu is two mutations away from spreading among humans (LMAO! - they're still working on it)
  6041. Any U.S. strike might not destroy Iran nuclear sites
  6042. The US psychological torture system is finally on trial
  6043. American armada prepares to take on Iran
  6044. Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike (like Lebanon)
  6045. Army refiles charges against soldier (Watada)
  6046. Bachmann: I am sorry if my words have been misconstrued
  6047. The High-Fivers:More proof the Israelis were shadowing the 9/11 hijackers
  6048. Voice of the White House February 23, 2008 (Spying on Israelis?)
  6049. Life in Baghdad
  6050. Scott Ritter - "We're on the edge of the abyss...."
  6051. Russo: Rockefeller Revealed Elite Agenda During Friendship
  6052. Israel Preparing Broad Gaza Operation
  6053. US defiant on cluster bombs
  6054. Canada's top court strikes down anti-terror law (READ)
  6055. The Next Pat Tillman-Style Cover-Up?
  6056. Critics: Army holding down disability ratings
  6057. U.S. economy leaving record numbers in severe poverty
  6058. NEW: Clear Channel earnings drop 54%
  6059. The Indypendent : The Plot Against Mexican Ma&#-11;&#-11;z: Big Biotech Takes Advantage of Corn Crisis to Force Farmers to Buy GM Seeds (READ)
  6060. Anger mounts in Zimbabwe as crisis nears
  6061. Scramble for Iraq's oil begins as troops start to pull outt
  6062. Troops withdrawn from Iraq 'could be sent to Afghanistan'
  6063. Cheney renews US warning on Iran
  6064. Winter Patriot: Former Federal Prosecutor Publishes Indictment Of Bush And Other Administration Officials
  6065. Bill strips immunity from drug companies
  6066. US airport debuts controversial X-ray scanner
  6067. 34 States Align Against National I.D. Card
  6068. U.S. to test government's response to IED attacks (Cranking up phoney terror)
  6069. White House Conducts Bomb Drill (What, no "nookulars"?)
  6070. Justice Department Fires 8th U.S. Attorney (State Terror)
  6071. Kelly death not suicide, says MP (Obvious from day one)
  6072. No end in sight to cameraman's imprisonment at Guantanamo
  6073. President asks Prodi to stay on and face vote of confidence
  6074. British U-turn brings global ban on deadly cluster bombs a step closer (Doesn't matter: US/IL will do as they damn please)
  6075. Blair in talks with Bush to site US defence shield in Britain
  6076. Pressure mounts on Blair for inquiry into mistakes in Iraq (This shit is already years old)
  6077. 1,000 join Bin the Bomb protest
  6078. Thousands protest against Iraq war
  6079. Cheney Defends Iraq War, Attacks Critics (and he's STILL lying)
  6080. U.S. military defends arrest in Iraq (Do as we say,,, or we'll kill him)
  6081. Iraq president chides US over "uncivil" detention
  6082. Fuel tanker bomb kills 40 in Iraq (US terror)
  6083. More than 20 loud blasts rock southern Baghdad
  6084. Israel launches Golan war games to learn Lebanon war lessons
  6085. Peace talks with Syria? 'Dont even think about it' says U.S.
  6086. Sneh: Israel not planning to attack Iran (Oh no, no not us - no more than Lebanon and Syria)
  6087. American armada prepares to take on Iran
  6088. U.S. developing contingency plan to bomb Iran: report (contingency?)
  6089. UK military experiments with ESP
  6090. 1,000 fresh troops set to shift balance to Afghanistan from Iraq
  6091. Lawyers launch Hicks bid
  6092. Chain up Cheney! Bring Hicks home! (Sounds good to me)
  6093. Plane carrying Vice President Cheney diverted for unspecified reason
  6094. Cheney's plane diverted (A Rendition so he can be tortured?!)
  6095. Diplomats say U.S. intelligence on Iranian nukes is thin (It isn't even intelligent)
  6096. US generals 'will quit' if Bush orders Iran attack (and this will help how, exactly?)
  6097. US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran (CIA SOP - nothing new)
  6098. Egypt: Wildcat strikes and protests continue
  6099. Padilla suffered brain damage during captivity, experts say
  6100. What the New York Times doesn't say about the court ruling on habeas corpus
  6101. US Vice President Cheney menaces Iran with military aggression
  6102. Who is David Sentelle? (READ)
  6103. Can Hillary be Trusted? (To be a repto? Yes! Next question?)
  6104. Criticizing Israel is Not an Act of Bigotry (How many times need itthe obvious be said?)
  6105. Dave Lindorff: Breaking the Dam in Olympia (READ)
  6106. Iraqi Labor vs. Big Oil
  6107. FBI Hunting Dead Panthers: Can John Bowman Ever Rest in Peace?
  6108. Ken Couesbouc: The African Card
  6109. Kevin Wehr: Liberal vs. Radical Enviros
  6110. Two Million People in "Maximum Distress"
  6111. Larry Portis: Zionism and the United States, the Cultural Connection
  6112. Afghanistan in Winter: Where Death Comes Cheap
  6113. Jeffrey Blankfort: A Debate on the Israel Lobby
  6114. Saul Landau: Rev. Haggard Cured! (READ)
  6115. Gary Leupp: AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran
  6116. R. T. Naylor: Inside Islamic Charity (READ)
  6117. Israel Wants to Fly Over Iraq to Bomb Iran
  6118. Attack Kills Dozens at Baghdad College
  6119. Iranian FM urges 5+1 group to take bold decision
  6120. US Government Pushes Ahead With New Meat Inspection System (finding ever new ways to fuck everyone everywhere)
  6121. Iran Claims Launch Of First Rocket Into Space (Nice timing)
  6122. Rat film takes the Yum out of family restaurant (VERY fast food!)
  6123. Drug May Counteract Down Syndrome (Don't hold your breath)
  6124. Israeli troops raid West Bank city, put under curfew (continuing genocide)
  6125. Edwards: Israel not a threat to world peace (LMAO)
  6126. Colombia political scandal imperiling US ties
  6127. Iraq President Falls Ill, Flies to Amman (Mysteriously?)
  6130. Questions Your Pastor Will Hate (Oh, go ahead, give him apoplexy)
  6131. Global warmers getting desperate
  6132. Fake Terrorism Is a Coalition's Best Friend
  6133. Will America Face the Truth About 9/11?
  6134. Cartels grip a border city (READ)
  6135. Miami Church Brands Members With '666' Tattoos (Cool! Where's the Koolaid?)
  6136. Jesus: Tales from the Crypt (Lots of fun!)
  6137. UK doubles naval presence in Persian Gulf (That's UK, not US)
  6138. Fear Stupid Acts - by Charley Reese (By all means)
  6139. Israelis Dressed as Arabs Nab Top Terrorist (and have MANY other naughty things - like play 19 hijerkers)
  6140. Easter is canceled! (LMAO Fuckin A!)
  6141. Yet Another Famous Victory (of Chimpo)
  6142. Hundreds of Iraq Vets Are Homeles
  6143. Don't ignore Putin's warning
  6144. Rice Says Bush Won't Abide By Legislation to Limit Iraq War (He IS THE LAW!)
  6145. Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' wins documentary Oscar (Piss on it)
  6146. US 'plans to bomb Iran', despite denials
  6147. Gov. auditor says fiscal outlook is 'spiraling out of control' (We don'tneed to wonder why)
  6148. Pressures on Guard Concern Governors (Government does NOT exist for your benefit)
  6149. Dollar Falls as Reports May Show Housing Slump Slowing Economy
  6150. Rice: Bush will not abide by legislation to limit Iraq war (Arrest him right now)
  6151. Olmert: Prepare for war with Syria (Israel delenda est)
  6152. Record number in U.S. relying on public aid
  6153. Al-Jazeera Cameraman Still at Guantanamo
  6154. Pakistan Fed Up With U.S. And Allies On Afghanistan (Many are fed up with USUKIL)
  6155. Talking Points for the Next War - by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
  6156. America's Alliance With bin Laden: Justin Raimondo
  6157. Taki's Top Drawer: Mutual Assured Damnation
  6158. Israel, U.S. to discuss new annual aid program (An obscenity)
  6160. With full-body X-ray, a closer look at air travelers (Don't go near airports)
  6161. Establishment Media Blacklists Nichols' OKC Revelations (READ)
  6162. Lt. Watada-an American Hero (YES)
  6163. Iraq under anarchy
  6164. Progress :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq
  6165. In US, record numbers are plunged into poverty: report
  6166. Glimmers of Hope in Iran Report? (It will just be ignored)
  6167. Hersh: U.S. Funds Being Secretly Funneled To Violent Al Qaeda-Linked Groups (which are in fact Al-CIAMI6MOSSADa assets)
  6168. Libby judge dismisses juror
  6169. The US, the world's hedge fund (READ carefully and understand)
  6170. Scientists switch focus to security (which is not science)
  6171. 'Inside the wire' (Poetry threatens US national security? Nation of sick fucks)
  6172. ABC News: New England Town Prints Up Its Own Currency
  6173. Meet Jerome Hauer, 9/11 Suspect Awaiting Indictment
  6174. 5 Western governors agree to work on greenhouse gas emissions (idiots)
  6175. Taking back the FDA
  6176. Why Have So Many U.S. Attorneys Been Fired? It Looks a Lot Like Politics
  6177. Bush to Warn Pakistan to Act on Terror (et ergo against the US?)
  6178. Blast hits Baghdad ministry during VP's visit
  6179. Iraqi VP Escapes Apparent Assassination Attempt
  6180. Rice: Congress Shouldn't Micromanage War (i.e., interfere with idiocy)
  6181. U.N. calls U.S. data on Iran's nuclear aims unreliable
  6182. Reporter: U.S. planning Iran bombs
  6183. Gulf countries: No air space for Israel (Will not stop zionist pigs)
  6184. Fabricated charges dropped against East Timor's former prime minister
  6185. Guardian claims report clears London police chief of lying about De Menezes shooting (Do we believe anything here?)
  6186. Four Sri Lankan workers beheaded in Saudi Arabia (Sri Lankan gov is like all others: stinking garbage)
  6187. Italy: Communist Refoundation gives Prodi a blank check for right-wing policies (READ)
  6188. US war drums beat louder after Iran fails to meet UN deadline (expected in the obvious, sick farce)
  6189. Egyptian Law Student Jailed For Blogging: Free Kareem Amer!
  6190. Mike Whitney: Doomsday Dick and the Plague of Frogs
  6191. How Democrats Are Buying the Iraq War
  6192. Paul Buchheit: The Income Gap
  6193. The Bush Administration is a Threat to Our National Security (a threat to all life on this planet)
  6194. Calling All Carriers
  6195. US Israel Lobby Targets Lebanon's Jihad al-Bina
  6196. Greg Moses: Suzi Hazahza in Haskell Hell (Good ole USA)
  6197. Ex-Ney Aide Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
  6198. Cheney asks Musharraf to fight al-Qaida (Prez M. has already told him to fuck off)
  6199. Allies pressure Iraq to hand over oil
  6200. Iraqi Cabinet Approves Draft Oil Law
  6201. Cheney Pushes Pakistan to Fight Al-Qaida (Fight the CIA?!)
  6202. Concern over al-Qaida & Taliban regrouping (Such a load of shit)
  6203. UN court rules Serbia did not commit genocide in Bosnia (Only Jews have genocide! They have both copyright and patent!)
  6204. Israeli troops search for seven militant leaders in West Bank city (Continuing genocide)
  6205. US Speaker Pelosi backs new Iraq war authorization (Having sworn allegience to Israel, she would)
  6206. Analysis: Democrats grasp for Iraq plan (Yeah, the Bush-Israeli plan)
  6207. Bush Warns US Congress Against Touching His War Budget (He'll have them assassinated?)
  6208. Utilities back national approach on pollution over regional plan (Now THERE'S a surprise)
  6209. Schwarzenegger forges alliances with states (Diversionary terminator)
  6210. New defeat for Texans at modern-day Alamo (Texans to be savagely fucked)
  6211. Did this casket contain Christ's bones? (Poppycock)
  6212. Retarded mice get smarter with drug (Now try all politicians)
  6213. Digital IDs face opposition among states
  6214. Israel to ask U.S. for more military aid (and to condone its multiple genocides)
  6215. Outcry as duty to help Hicks denied (All governments are filth)
  6216. Failure to help Hicks illegal, court told
  6217. Transport chief's terror warning (Terror mongering)
  6218. Calling extremists: a cyber sting awaits (Governments as sick jokes)
  6219. Baghdad Plan Has Elusive Targets (US terrorizing)
  6220. US: Secret CIA Prisoners Still Missing
  6221. Taliban offensive awaits British troops (Will this teach them a lesson?)
  6222. Bombing at Iraqi Ministry Wounds 2 Top Officials
  6223. U.S., Italy ambassadors hurt in Sri Lanka mortar attack
  6224. Suicide bomber strikes base during Cheney visit
  6225. Cheney OK after bomb blast (Another arranged "event"?)
  6226. GOP drops candidate over Jewish remarks (that are obviously true)
  6227. Korean comic author: Jews rule U.S.
  6228. Risks of tainted food rise as inspections drop
  6229. Dollar dives as Iran tension mounts
  6230. How Long Can The U.S. Count On Foreign Funding?
  6231. 'Trigger happy' US worries Putin
  6232. After This Fiasco, How Can We Trust Anything They Told Us About 9/11?
  6233. Chavez signs decree to nationalize foreign oil companies
  6234. Investors using margin debt hits $285.6 billion record in NYSE-listed shares
  6235. Brzezinski: On The Path To War With Iran
  6236. V-I Day is Close at Hand: New Oil Law Approved in Bushist Baghdad. - Chris Floyd
  6237. Baghdad Hospital Childrens Ward (READ)
  6238. Israel wants their spy back and American Jews have a mission
  6239. Hatfill Settles $10M Libel Lawsuit
  6240. US mortgage crisis goes into meltdown
  6241. Criticizing Israel is not an act of bigotry
  6242. US durable goods orders plummet
  6243. Central banks cutting holdings of U.S. dollar (This started several years ago)
  6244. Bombing at Iraqi Ministry Wounds 2 Top Officials
  6245. Dick Cheney 'targeted'
  6246. U.S. stocks dive on Cheney assassination attempt, Iran saber-rattling (Has nothing to do with Biggus Dickus)
  6247. Senior lawyers accuse Australian government of war crimes over Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  6248. London: Demonstrators express grave concern over Iran
  6249. Britain: London antiwar demonstration downplays threat of war against Iran
  6250. Shutdown of Chrysler plant hits Newark, Delaware
  6251. Congressional Democrats rule out Iraq war fund cutoff (The filthy criminals are bought)
  6252. Ramzy Baroud: Who is Really in Control? (READ)
  6253. Anne McElroy Dachel: The Really Big Lie About Autism
  6254. Airline Bankruptcies, Mergers and Profits
  6255. Israel's Cluster Bombs: Made in USA, Ground-Tested in Lebanon
  6256. Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Grenada, an Invasion Revisited (READ)
  6257. Jeff Nygaard: Howard Hunt and the National Memory System (READ)
  6258. Oil Grab: the Secret Scheme to Split Iraq
  6259. Uri Avnery: The Next War (READ)
  6260. America's Crusaders: Santorum and Lieberman (Dangerous wackos)
  6261. The Khyber Impasse: the Case for Withdrawal from Afghanistan
  6262. Wall Street takes a beating
  6263. BBC Response to the early report of the WTC7 collapse. (Squirming)
  6264. Home Prices in Across the Board Decline
  6265. Virgin Mary on a Pizza Pan? (Rohrschach had no idea where it would go)
  6266. Some Americans sorry Cheney survived (Why would that be?)
  6267. Poll: Attachment of U.S. Jews to Israel falls in past 2 years
  6268. Confusion over Iraq soccer explosion - US carried out blast - 18 children dead
  6269. Norwich porn case may be delayed (State terrorism through ignorance)
  6270. Drivers face &#-11;&#-11;600 bill for an in-car road pricing black box (UK State Theft)
  6271. Terror: Is Tehran Targeting New York? - Newsweek Periscope - MSNBC.com (Rubbish)
  6273. Steep dip as Asian markets open (Babbling)
  6274. Asian markets follow China plunge (More babbling)
  6275. Pentagon's number two suggests terror war will end in Oct. 2008 (as it begain, by convenient fiat?)
  6276. Iran Plans To Nuke Europe, US - Sanctions Urged (Idiocy)
  6277. Bush in reversal, OKs Iran, Syria talks (in order to discredit)
  6278. SE Asia stocks-Markets stage biggest falls since 1997 crisis
  6279. 2 brigades to skip desert training in rush to Iraq (Troops aren't worth shit, and that's how they're treated)
  6280. Walter Reed patients told to keep quiet
  6281. Time Stamp Confirms BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance (The noose tightens)
  6282. Bush in reversal, OKs Iran, Syria talks (or not)
  6283. Israel is guilty of occupation, apartheid and colonialism, top UN lawyer reports (He forgot genocide)
  6284. The totalitarian streak in the US
  6285. Mexican Prez Slams US Border Wall (for all the wrong reasons)
  6286. CIA: Bin Laden in Pakistan Establishing New Camps (Dead men make no camps)
  6287. Hypocrisy in the Middle East - Ron Paul
  6288. More Fuzzy Evidence On Iran (Almost amusing the things the US turdbrain corpagov will say with straight face)
  6289. San Diego diocese files Chapter 11 (The nature of religion is the same as gov)
  6290. Iraq's Superbombs: Home Made? (Yes, next question?)
  6291. From the guys who gave you the Iraq war, another fine idea
  6292. Attack near Cheney called sign war failing (But, they missed!)
  6293. Friends stunned by spy charges (Bizarre)
  6294. Bureaucrats add to crime victims' pain (Et tu Canada?)
  6295. At 180 a day, January attacks on coalition hit highest level
  6296. The Bushes: Delusional, Out Of Touch Puppet Theatre (READ)
  6297. A Bad Investment Goes South
  6298. Israelis disguised as Arabs kill 3 in West Bank
  6299. New-Home Sales Plunge 16.6%
  6300. Gas pumps running dry in Quebec
  6301. Bird flu vaccine linked to 18 teenage suicides in Japan (The lying poisonous corpagov)
  6302. BBC reports on WTC7 collapse 20 minutes before it collapsed!
  6303. informationliberation - Another Smoking Gun? Now CNN Jumps the Gun: On 911 CNN Announced WTC 7 "Has Either Collapsed or is Collapsing" Over an Hour Before it Fell (READ)
  6304. U.S. Warns Against EU's CIA Flight Probe
  6305. US 200-year porn sentence stands (Bizarre)
  6306. AP Entertainment Editor Institutes Ban on Paris Hilton Coverage (LOL)
  6307. Gov't estimates 754,000 homeless people (Now, multiply by 10)
  6308. HAMAS leader finishing visit to Moscow, heading to Iran
  6309. Climate Panel Recommends Global Temperature Ceiling, Carbon Tax (Senseless idiots)
  6310. New Light Shed on CIA's 'Black Site' Prisons
  6311. U.S. won't extradite CIA agents to Italy (As if this would be surprising)
  6312. Gates Downsized War-Crimes Trials Locale (ALL of Guantánamo is ridiculous)
  6313. Laser weapons are getting closer to reality (in the haneds of evil infants)
  6314. Democrats Back Away From War Fund Plan (Lying, fucking, filthy whores)
  6315. US Afghan base on red alert (Vengeance is at hand)
  6316. Cheney Denies Aiming to 'Beat Up On' Musharraf (Meaning it's absolutely true)
  6317. Australia: Long-delayed "terrorist" hearings to commence in Sydney
  6318. US Army to retry war resister officer (US Army is filth)
  6319. France: Socialist Party attempts "left" re-packaging of S&#-11;&#-11;gol&#-11;&#-11;ne Royal
  6320. The Bush administration's new strategy of setting the Middle East aflame
  6321. Global markets slide after China sell-off
  6322. William S. Lind: The Non-Thinking Enemy (READ: a touch of irony that shows the unavoidable future)
  6323. Harvey Wasserman: The Sham of Nuclear Power (READ)
  6324. License to Torture
  6325. Mark Wilkerson: Standing for a Soldier's Right to Conscience
  6326. Is Lt. Watada an Isolated Case of Military Dissent?
  6327. Why the Boumediene Case on Gitmo Detainees and Habeas Corpus Was Wrongly Decided (Because judges are filthy, bought, lying, pathological, black robed goddamn thugs?)
  6328. The Shanghai Crash: Take the Money and Run
  6329. A Conversation with Francisco Letelier
  6330. Peter Linebaugh: An Amazing Disgrace (Is there ANY governmental act act that is NOT an UNAMAZING Disgrace?)
  6331. Edwards: Treaty With Iran Possible (What would an moron know?)
  6332. Schwarzenegger Forges Greenhouse Gas Alliance With US States (Bought fascist morons all)
  6333. Iraq to Bomb Iran (Insurgency be prepared to to balst them into the next galaxy)
  6334. Global Warming: Enough to Make You Sick (The idiocy of it is)
  6335. Welfare State Growing Despite Overhauls (Now, why might that that be? Duh-uh)
  6336. Iraq Crackdown "Doomed to Fail"
  6337. The Politics of the Man Behind "24" (If your stomach can stand the sickness)
  6338. Law Passed to Distribute Iraqi Oil Revenues (Surprise! NOT with people!)
  6339. Monsanto Merger Sows Fears Over Skewed Seed Market (YOU ARE FUCKED!)
  6340. Ex-GOP Aide Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy (He'll be paid handsomely for this minor inconvenience)
  6341. Rove Received and Ignored Iranian Peace Offer (BFD - obvious - wknewthat)
  6342. Rushed by Bush, Troops Sent to War Without Training (They are useless dead meat)
  6343. Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Crops and Keepers in Peril (The plexus of corpagov evil)
  6344. Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Crops and Keepers in Peril (Annihilation by corpagov)
  6345. The Israeli Army and Mossad Disagree About Syria (only about the methods of genocide)
  6346. Wall Street Adds Climate Change to Bottom Line (It's too late, and they are idiots besides)
  6347. The Iraq Effect: War Has Increased Terrorism Sevenfold Worldwide (All planned and perpetrated by USUKIL)
  6348. Dow Industrials Plunge More Than 400 Points (PPT will restore the illusion)
  6349. Baghdad Sees Resurgence of Bomb, Mortar Attack Deaths (Perpetrated by USUKIL)
  6350. States Work on Proposals to Make Voting Easier (Yeah - right!)
  6351. How the War on Terror Made the World a More Terrifying Place (Isn't it obvious?!)
  6352. Soldiers at Walter Reed Told Not to Speak to Media
  6353. Democratic Leaders to Finalize Iraq Plan (Lousey Fucks need to be tortured forever)
  6354. New Light Shed on CIA's "Black Site" Prisons\
  6355. Walter Cronkite: Iraq War a "Disaster" (So says a CFR member)
  6356. Aspects of Padilla's Treatment Confirmed
  6357. Republicans Threaten to Derail Anti-Terror Bill Over Union Rights (Sounds good to me - jump on it)
  6358. Russia Warns U.S. Against Striking Iran
  6359. Woman Colonel Urges Troops to Refuse Orders if US Attacks Iran
  6360. Rice the gracious hostess of Bush's supper of contrition (Oh give me a bucking freack)
  6361. Scandals mount for Israeli cabinet's newest member (Bitch)
  6362. ACLU ex-president charged in child-porn case (In US corpagov frameup)
  6363. BBC MEDIA MANAGEMENT POLICY: (READ, Re BBC latest pack of lies on WT7)
  6364. Take out the batteries ! (Or refuse to own a cell phone)
  6365. Meet the New Congress ... same as the OLD Congress (Lying goddamn criminals - as usual - book 'em Dano!)
  6366. The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War
  6367. US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse (Pure genius!)
  6368. McCain to Formally Announce Bid in April (Imbecile psychopath)
  6369. Iran to Attend Iraq Talks in High-Level Contact With US (or not: NYT usual stupid babbling)
  6370. Airbus to cut 1600 jobs in Britain
  6371. Latest food scare in the US hits Hollywood party scene (apres peanut butter)
  6372. Castro speaks live on radio
  6373. UN chief deplores Sudanese government aerial bombings in Darfur (Soon he'll realize that his babblings mean nothing)
  6374. NH lawmakers voting on Iraq resolution
  6375. Justices Weigh Right to Sue Over Church-State Separation (Let's guess what the criminal court will do)
  6376. Supreme Court hears defense of faith-based initiative
  6377. Markets on recovery trail after global slide
  6378. Traders agog at screens during armageddon (Just fucking wait! This is just a rehearsal)
  6379. TREASURIES-Bonds retreat as US stocks bounce back (PPT at work)
  6380. Fed chairman says markets working well (Moron)
  6381. Fed Chief's Confidence Stirred, Not Shaken (REAL Moron)
  6382. James Cameron Finds Jesus, Controversy (I'm thrilled everybody is irritated LMFAO!)
  6383. Scholars Prepare Systematic Debunking of 'Tomb of Jesus' (ROTFL)
  6384. Docu-film: Jesus was married (Who?!)
  6385. Israeli troops mount new raid on largest West Bank city
  6386. Dow pulling back from opening slump (PPT in action)
  6387. Sex Slavery - The Growing Trade in Israel
  6388. Lou Pearlman aka Louis J. Pearlman aka Svengali
  6389. Boxed Vista not as popular as XP - study (It's even greater crap)
  6390. Democrats wimp out again (Arrest the Congress and send it to Abu Ghrai w/ families for an attitude adjustmnet)
  6391. Top Ten Tonkin Scenarios (READ)
  6392. The BBC's 'WTC 7 Collapsed At 4:54 p.m.' Videos (READ)
  6393. Obama at AIPAC This Friday (To fall on his knees and pledge his life to Israel)
  6394. US: There will be no bilateral talks with Iran or Syria (unlike yesterday, but until tomorrow, when maybe, ...)
  6395. US to sell Taiwan 421 million US dollars worth of missiles (Just to irritate the Mainland)
  6396. Cow Crap! (READ Who writes laws and who benefits?)
  6397. Bill would mandate nicer term for illegals ("sweetie pie illegal alien"?)
  6398. Ahmadinejad in Sudan: 'Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan' (Sounds about right to me)
  6399. New Zealand forces complain at US treatment of Afghan prisoners
  6400. Swiss court clears suspected Al Qaeda members of all charges... (Yet another crap frameup falls)
  6401. Ahmadinejad blames U.S., Israel for wars (Takes no intellect to figure that out)
  6402. Israel threatens strikes in Lebanon, Gaza (Again, and as usual)
  6403. Obama to offer pro-Israel views at Chicago gathering (Pandering panda poop!)
  6404. Defense workers exposed to chemical agents develop cancer(IL)
  6405. Illegal Numbers Outnumber US Job Growth By 7,000,000!
  6406. Americans Have Lost Their Country - by Paul Craig Roberts
  6407. IRS goes after eBay, wants info on seller earnings (kicking the doors in, in the middle of the night?)
  6408. Chinese scientists control flight of pigeons using microelectrodes (Something sick for every day)
  6409. Israel can deal with Iran alone, Lieberman says (but can't deal with the retribution alone?)
  6410. Supporting the Troops: "Shut Up and Suffer"
  6411. Does the Israeli Tail Wag American Dog?
  6412. Dow Tries to Recover From 209-Point Drop
  6413. Body [Mark Sykes as in "Picot-Sykes"] in lead coffin may hold key to fighting pandemic
  6414. Dead Aristocrat May Hold Key to Bird Flu (They haven't recreated 1918 Flu yet?! No wonder we have no "pandemic" yet then)
  6415. Ga. Reconsiders No-Knock Warrant Rules (Ditch them altogether?)
  6416. Kucinich Introduces HR 1234 to Immediately End the U.S. Occupation of Iraq (He'll be ignored)
  6417. White House: U.S. won't talk to Syria, Iran directly (Are you confused yet?)
  6418. Israel to sell armored vehicles to US troops in Iraq (That's not confusing)
  6419. US representatives approve cooperation with Israel (in destroying the US)
  6420. US 'will not hand over CIA agents to Italy' (because they're quite guilty)
  6421. Ex-'Enemy Combatant' Competent for Trial (Still pounding on Padilla)
  6422. Details of men held in CIA jails demanded
  6423. US: Secret CIA Prisoners Still Missing
  6424. U.S. Knew of Threats as Cheney Visited Base (Meaning that it was another calculated show)
  6425. New Zealand prime minister "abstains" over Iraq occupation
  6426. Britain: Blair seeks to deepen military alliance with Washington
  6427. US soldiers detain prominent Iraqi ally: a warning to governing parties to toe the line
  6428. Cheney huddles with Musharraf and Karzai US faces mounting crisis in Afghanistan
  6429. ISSE meeting in Richmond, Virginia: "Iraq, Iran and the eruption of American militarism"
  6430. Airbus workers in France, Germany strike against massive job cuts
  6431. Market Meltdown: the Dead Hand of Greenspan (READ)
  6432. Haiti's Poor Under a State of Siege by UN
  6433. "Tough on Crime" is the Problem, Not a Solution
  6434. Tina Richards: Demoralizing the Troops? (READ)
  6435. Christopher Brauchli: Bush's Theater of the Absurd (READ)
  6436. Paul Craig Roberts: The Tragedy of a Dozen Evil Men (READ)
  6437. Walter Reed Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect for Years
  6438. Soldiers Move to Small Posts in Baghdad's Most Violent Areas (The easier to get them killed, my dear)
  6439. Saudi Arabia Confronted With an Outburst of Jihad
  6440. Colorado to Use Inmates to Fill Migrant Shortage (A slave society, one way or another)
  6441. Disgrace At Walter Reed -- Commanding General Fired
  6442. Head of Walter Reed Hospital Relieved of Command
  6443. Nicholson calls Walter Reed situation "absolutely unacceptable"
  6444. Bush: 'There is hope' on the Gulf (SOB)
  6445. Diplomacy is Now Us? (Don't hold your breath)
  6446. Italian Prime Minister Wins Vote of Confidence
  6447. Berlusconi offers Prodi support (The Age of Implausibility?)
  6448. Ex-warlord put forward to head Russia's torn province of Chechnya
  6449. EU warns Microsoft of possible further fines
  6450. McCain Says He Regrets Iraq Comment (TOO LATE, LYING MORON)
  6451. Two-year international polar project launched (What a waste)
  6452. US files terrorism charges against 'Australian Taliban' (Insanity for all)
  6453. Windows XP vs Vista (Both are M$ corpagov shit)
  6454. Don't downgrade to Vista (Good advice: M$ just gets worse)
  6455. First bank failure in years happens in Pittsburgh
  6456. 1,800 evacuated after bomb threat phoned into Columbine High School (So which FBI agent made the call?)
  6457. Top Army General Relieved of Command at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Maybe the UScorpagov fucked troops will get better care?)
  6458. Markets calm after the storm (PPT: mission accomplished)
  6459. Al Qaeda's manual for making a nuclear bomb (LOL)
  6460. Kucinich introduces bill to immediately end Iraq occupation ... (Will he be Wellstoned?)
  6461. Media Blacklists BBC Fiasco (Telling you something)
  6462. New computer virus threatens biz nets (Who, exactly, owns Symantec?)
  6463. BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers (Amazing, isn't it?)
  6464. The Illegal Alien Conquest Of Los Angeles County (Conquest by the slaves of Agrabiz?!! Guess again asshole! Prisoners will now be the forced labor)
  6465. Why No One Could Have Predicted The Collapse Of WTC 7 (i.e. the Beeb in particular)
  6466. Vista is no panacea for security (but a good way of getting fucked)
  6467. Falling into the Vista trap (M$ is pain: it has always been a racketeering operation, and it really is out to get you)
  6468. U.S. jobless claims rise to year-plus high (Except by standards of your lying filthy goddamn corpagov)
  6469. Africa Where the Next US Oil Wars Will Be (Yes, but don't forget the near east - that's not near over)
  6470. The GOP - the only viable choice (There are NO viable choices, and you are all DEAD! Get over it!)
  6471. 9/11 in Perspective Flight 93 & WTC7 (READ)
  6472. USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes (Gives me the willies)
  6473. U.S. forces pursue Taliban into Pakistan (and this no longer seems unusual)
  6474. Tornadoes kill at least 20 across U.S. South (Our National Guard will help - No?!)
  6475. U.S. vows to continue missile defense plans (i.e., your children get less food)
  6476. Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein (This is how all invasions should work)
  6477. Shortages Threaten Guard's Capability (Now, why would they be?)
  6478. Ground zero rebuilding agency stops pointing Webcam at WTC site (OK - what are they hiding?)
  6479. Bedouin girl shot in head; IDF suspected (Who else?!)
  6480. Russia wants Israel to join NPT - FM Sergei Lavrov (LMAO)
  6481. Insider-Trading Ring Bust May Fuel Hedge-Fund Concern
  6482. US, Israel begin talks on new 10-year aid plan (Say it isn't so!)
  6483. Israelis at Abu Ghraib? (Yes, intensively; it's provable and proved, next question?)
  6484. Former FBI Director Calls For New OKC Bombing Investigation
  6485. National ID Card Rules Unveiled
  6486. The Pentagons Power to Arrest, Torture, and Execute Americans
  6487. BBC clips to be shown on YouTube (except those "lost WTC7 tapes")
  6488. Mortgage defaults start to spread (No, spreading further)
  6489. Feds bust major insider trading ring (How about those 9/11 puts?)
  6490. The Iraq War Crash - by Justin Raimondo
  6491. Antiwar.com Blog &#-11;&#-11; Sen. Carl Levin Calls for Hitting Syria (Another patient in our national asylum for the criminally deranged)
  6492. New signs of US-Syria thaw as senior official sets visit (or not)
  6493. BBC strikes Google-YouTube deal (BBC cover up of WTC7 videos)
  6494. What, Exactly, Are We Dying For? (Questions to have asked before going)
  6495. Russia suspends meat imports from five nations
  6496. Alameda Artist's Display Alarms Secret Service (Three cheers for Michael McDonald)
  6497. French FM calls for all-out expansion of ties with Iran (There's a good idea)
  6498. The 911 Script and the Age of Terror (READ)
  6499. Why the towers fell: Two theories (Bravo!)
  6500. Illinois Congresswoman gets "Ally of israel" award (We are so thrilled we could shit!)
  6501. "Anti-Semitism," the Provocative Accusation (Besides being a stolen concept)
  6502. Site Hacked to Keep BBC 911 Anniversary Video Off Web
  6503. Cheney's New Front in War on Reality (READ and PAY ATTENTION)
  6504. Livni: Israel cannot accept Arab peace initiative in current form (Israel can NEVER accept Arab peace, not matter the form: only genocide will do)
  6505. Wonkette, 9-11 and the BBC tapes (READ)
  6506. China demands US cancel planned missile sale to Taiwan (Interesting)
  6507. Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us (Reality is flux, but lies are still lies)
  6508. OKC 'Third Suspect' Gary Land - Fed Provocateurs Identified? (Ooops!)
  6509. Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says (Finally! Not all alleged scientists have brains - or necessarily tell the truth)
  6510. BBC tries yet again to extricate itself from the mess (What jokes these mortals be)
  6511. GOD DAMN YOU, DICK CHENEY!!! | Wake Up From Your Slumber
  6513. Marine with Brain Injury refused treatment by VA
  6514. GOP House Minority Whip To Aid Group Seeking Nuclear War, Holocaust (Gov sicker than nation)
  6515. Immoral Lack Of Care (READ)
  6516. Scientist's Commentary on Global Warming (READ)
  6517. Is Digg Rigged?
  6518. Attorney General halts BBC probe (Pukey Judges)
  6519. US war wounded scandal grows as Bush vows review (what a sick joke he is)
  6520. FLASHBACK: New York City's anti-terrorism efforts go high-tech - 1999
  6521. Top judge charged with exposure (More pukey judges)
  6522. Climate Change Impact More Extensive than Thought (or not)
  6523. U.K. has the second warmest winter since records began (Good for them! Fuel is expensive)
  6524. Futures Market to Predict the Next Flu Pandemic (Terror mongering shitbags)
  6525. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Coulter: I Would Talk About Edwards But &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;You Have To Go Into Rehab If You Use The Word &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Faggot(Edwards may be an opportunistic shit, but Coulter needs to be in an asylum for the criminally insane)
  6526. Bush aides tied to Denver 3 case
  6527. Sources: GOP lawmakers tried to influence federal investigation (Nothing new)
  6528. Feds select new nuclear warhead design (Pink with frilly edges?)
  6529. British diplomats kidnapped in Ethiopia
  6530. Hicks 'won't receive justice' (Weknowthat)
  6531. Aussie Guantanamo inmate faces 'made-up charges' (Weknowthattoo)
  6532. U.S. appeals court dismisses CIA torture lawsuit (Judicial terrorism)
  6533. Afghan opium 'hits record output' (Al-CIAMI6MOSSADa is elated!)
  6534. New UN sanctions on Iran to be "incremental": US (or nonexistent)
  6535. Obama blames Bush for stronger Iran (2 lying horses asses)
  6536. Democrats move to require approval before any strike on Iran (Oh yeah, right - sure!)
  6537. Bolton Says U.S. Should Seek 'Regime Change' in Iran (World should seek regime change in US and good number of other countries held hostage by their corpagovs of occupation)
  6538. Bombing Targets Shiite Cleric in Iraq (Success will be an even bigger mistake)
  6539. 'Surge' needs up to 7,000 more troops (This need has no bound)
  6540. Cheney: Hasty U.S. pullout from Iraq could spread Muslim militants to Afghanistan, elsewhere(He's almost made it a self fulfilling prophecy)
  6541. Iraq 'inconvenient truth' of (bogus) war on terror: Cheney
  6542. White House Backed U.S. Attorney Firings, Officials Say
  6543. India's Congress Party suffers major election reversals
  6544. NSW state election campaign: Morris Iemma, Bob Carr and the "war on terror" (i.e., Iemma is a lying fuckwad)
  6545. Sri Lankan government exploits attack on foreign delegation to intensify war
  6546. Prominent French intellectuals rally to presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy (Et tu France?)
  6547. Army Secretary resigns, soldiers gagged Washington tries to quash scandal over neglect of wounded troops
  6548. The Wall, Apartheid and Mandela
  6549. David Rosen: To Cut or Not to Cut? (Interesting)
  6550. Who Let North Korea Get the Bomb? (Take a good guess first)
  6551. Bush and Walter Reed Hospital: Praise the Care, Slash the Budget (Grrrrr)
  6552. Who is He This Time?: Kerry's Strange Call to Filibuster the War
  6553. Robert Bryce: The Ethanol Scam (It's about time - READ)
  6554. Phil Gasper: Prisoners of Ideology (READ)
  6555. Roger Morris: Cheney's Bagram Ghosts (READ - and understand)
  6556. Kennedy Insider Schlesinger Dies at 89
  6557. Kucinich Comes Back for '08 (He'll be ignored - again)
  6558. Film of Israeli Raid Raises Questions (An evil and criminal nation)
  6559. House Eases Rules on Union Organizing (It doesn't matter)
  6560. Poll Shows Majority Back Health Care for All (Corpagov interests are nt your interests)
  6561. Panel Slams Treatment of Guard, Reserves (It will not matter)
  6562. Democrats Send Out First Round of Subpoenas (Posturing)
  6563. Waxman to Force Walter Reed Ex-Chief to Talk About Problems, Contract (Lots of luck to a semi good guy who doesn't accept or know the evil of Israel)
  6564. YouTube to Add Three BBC-Branded Channels (Now tell us all WHY!)
  6565. Giuliani, Romney Court Conservative Base (Long time psychopath)
  6566. Measuring Democratic impact on America (They are also bought)
  6567. Danish police battles protesting youths, 100 held
  6568. Kuwaiti court acquits 2 ex-Gitmo inmates
  6569. US Attorney David Iglesias Fired After Failing To Break The Law For Republican Lawmakers
  6570. Bolton wanted Iran to kick out Arms Inspectors, he tells AIPAC
  6571. Russia Blog: Russian Astronomer Cites Global Warming On Mars, Doubts Man-Made Climate Change on Earth
  6572. China warns Negroponte on Taiwan arms sales
  6573. Asian Stocks Post Worst Weekly Drop in 7 Months; China Slumps
  6574. U.S. urges caution on subprime loans
  6575. France says Iraq close to partition
  6576. Day-Care Democracy (READ)
  6577. Iraq poised to hand control of oil fields to foreign firms (Giving thr store away)
  6578. Israel hardens its peace terms ahead of Saudi Arab summitt (Disinvite them?)
  6579. Two oil giants plunge into the wind business (What's the scam?)
  6580. Condi Picks Neocon Cohen to Make Her Decisions
  6582. Wall St. braces for more turbulence after worst week in 4 years
  6585. The War on Terror Is the Leading Cause of Terrorism (It IS the terrorism)
  6586. Trusting Rudy Giuliani on Social Issues Is Not Sensible (Understatement)
  6587. DU in Hawaii
  6588. Montana Just Says, 'NO!' (READ)
  6589. Obama to AIPAC: Won't rule out nuking Iran
  6590. Nice work, Obama, you just lost my vote.
  6591. DC Madam To Sell 10,000 Phone Records Of High-End Clients
  6592. Bush Administration push for privatization may have helped create Walter Reed 'disaster'
  6593. Julie Amero Defense Fund (READ)
  6594. Guns Don't Kill People, Gun Control Kills People
  6595. Borrowing from China to give to Israel
  6596. Washington trembles as madam threatens to sell phone records (LOL - but a diversion)
  6597. Felicity Arbuthnot: Some Mothers' Daughters - The Silence (READ)
  6598. Essjay - Wikitruth (READ)
  6599. Internet Archive Authenticates BBC Video (READ)
  6600. Monsanto biotech alfalfa lawsuit ratchets up
  6601. FDA Rules Override Warnings About Drug (READ)
  6602. Children of 11 to be fingerprinted for secret database (UK Totalitarian State)
  6603. UK govt blasted over terrorism curbs
  6604. A New Mystery to Prosecutors: Their Lost Jobs
  6605. Wounded Troops: Bush's Second Katrina
  6606. Panel slams treatment of Guard, Reserves
  6607. Prodi confirmed as Italian prime minister
  6608. U.S. claims on North Korea come under scrutiny
  6609. Pakistan: U.S. forces not allowed across border
  6610. CIA torture victim denied his day in US court
  6611. US court backing for CIA
  6612. KBR billing dispute widens
  6613. Halliburton sees Iraq contract awards in 2nd qtr
  6614. Iraqi general kidnapped in Baghdad
  6615. Al-Qaeda group posts execution video (Do we believe one word of this?)
  6616. Iraq PM flags cabinet shakeup
  6617. Expert on Soviet Intelligence Shot in Adelphi
  6618. Judge Orders 2 Papers to Remove Stories from Web Sites
  6619. Saudi Arabia king meets with Iran president
  6620. McCain tells chatshow he will run for president (Spare us all another embarassment)
  6621. Saudis funding insurgents in Iraq
  6622. Saudi Arabia and Iran spoil israel's fun
  6623. 16 dead in U.S.-Afghan militant violence
  6624. Bombshells, Blackguards and General Breakdown (READ)
  6625. Military Able to Draft Within 13 Days After Attack on Iran
  6626. Bush impeachment calls gather momentum (Not fast enough)
  6627. International aid agency: 80 percent of Gazans now rely on food aid
  6628. If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
  6629. FDA poised to approve cattle antibiotic despite warnings
  6630. Bush Prods Congress on "No Child Left Behind." (More disaster!)
  6631. Israeli and U.S. officials meet on stepping up sanctions on Iran
  6632. A Jew Posing As An Arab, Advising..Arabs..
  6633. The Moral Bankruptcy of Israel's Founding Idea
  6634. No Agreement on UN Sanctions for Iran (I wonder why?)
  6635. A Nation of Stupid Children, Who Refuse to Give Up the Lies
  6636. Sects slice up Iraq as US troops 'surge' misfire
  6637. Iran says has received US 'proposals' for Iraq talks
  6638. MK Orlev presents updated list of mortal enemies of Israel
  6639. 2007 German horror tale (READ So far - worse than in the US)
  6640. American Troops In Kosovo May Lose Their Combat Status
  6641. ScienceDaily: Programmed For Obesity: Early Exposure To Common Chemicals Can Permanently Alter Metabolic System
  6642. Iraq: New Martial Law Powers Threaten Basic Rights
  6643. Hicks lawyer faces removal from case
  6644. Wikipedia: Jimbo Wales backpeddles from EssJay scandal
  6645. Global warming is human rights issue (Not at all an issue of science)
  6646. Lawmakers ask US govt to clear stand on hot pursuit (But Pakistan doesn't think so)
  6647. US Threats against Iran: War Plans and Pretexts in Place
  6648. A New Mystery to Prosecutors: Their Lost Jobs
  6649. Case of the Disappearing Article (READ!)
  6650. Internet Archive Authenticates BBC Video (There it is as to predesign and preknowledge of 9/11)
  6651. George Washington's Blog: How Did They Know? (READ)
  6652. I am not a state secret - Los Angeles Times (READ)
  6653. Sy Hersh: Neolib Disinfo Operative? (Is Kurt Nimmo having a brainfart?)
  6654. US soldier deletes AP photographer's photos, threatens violence
  6655. US triggers $11bn HSBC fall-out
  6656. Sick people used like laboratory rats in GM trials (READ)
  6657. Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites (or anything else it can get its slimey claws on)
  6658. U.S. Army Veterans Scandal Widens
  6659. Walter Reed gave five-year, $120M contract to IAP, run by former Halliburton official
  6660. U.S. forces enter Sadr City in first major push of Baghdad security drive
  6661. Arabs want U.N. timetable for U.S. withdrawal
  6662. How Much Embassy Is Too Much?
  6663. Lieberman Says US Must Spend More on Military Medical Care (Yeah, for Israel)
  6664. Army scrambles to clean Walter Reed (Vet hospitals have ALWAYS been dumps)
  6665. American delegation of peace activists arrive in Tehran
  6666. Deal or no deal, Lebanese politicians have no more time to waste
  6667. Ahmadinejad and King Abdullah reject sectarian strife
  6668. Treasury Secretary: US Economy is Healthy (LMAO! Nonexistent is more like it)
  6669. Obama, Clinton converge on civil rights shrine (Both struck by lightning?)
  6670. Chinese market gold rush goes on
  6671. No tax on stock market earnings, Chinese official says
  6672. On Advertising: BBC creeping toward commercialism
  6673. Woman dies from bird flu in Laos (or not)
  6674. US wants China to be open on spending (LOL)
  6675. Body Parts Delivered to Michigan Home (Absolutely NOTHING works)
  6676. Israelis caught on film using human shields (It's what they do [yawn] weknowthat)
  6677. Not oil but Israel (Neither: it's empire)
  6678. The Great Global Warming Swindle (and it IS a swindle)
  6679. How Barack Obama learned to love Israel (The paid for votes - is that difficult to understand?)
  6680. Obama: US should never dictate what's best for Israel (Ah - but the inverse!)
  6681. Unpaid taxes equal $2,680 per household (Let no taxes be paid)
  6682. Jimmy Carters book stirs a critical debate. (Too many people are fed up to their eyeballs with goddamn Israel)
  6683. Dump the Democrats and Unite! (Sounds good to me: Dems are bought and not worth their own shit)
  6684. (Jewish) Groups Fear Public Backlash Over Iran (Believe it!)
  6685. U.S. Military Kills 16 Civilians in Afghanistan (It's what the US does: it's been a criminal nation for over 150 years)
  6686. Afghan journalists say U.S. soldiers deleted photos, video after bomb attack and shootings
  6687. State Department promotion sends Iran war signal
  6688. Attacking Iran could speed up nuclear programme (makes little sense)
  6689. Global markets extend dive
  6690. 'It Is Just Not Walter Reed' (and the orders come from the WH - they know very well)
  6691. Diebold Weighs Strategy for Voting Unit (Confession of all would be good)
  6692. Russia to Counter US Buildup
  6693. Would Israel attack Iran? Depends who you ask (Yes, next question?)
  6694. Correction: this could become a crash after all (It's been long in the making and designing)
  6695. High-ranking cabinet official in charge of $47 billion funds organization he started in his kitchen
  6696. Afghan Media: U.S. Troops Deleted Images
  6697. 10 False Flags that Changed the World
  6698. Buried Alive (READ: unreported surge in Israel's genocidal program)
  6699. Outrage Over Israeli Killing of Captured Egyptians
  6700. 'Global Warming Is Lies' Claims Documentary (which is mostly true)
  6701. A Horse of a Different Color - by Justin Raimondo
  6702. From Serving in Iraq To Living on the Streets - washingtonpost.com
  6703. BBC's 9/11 Yellow Journalism Backfires
  6704. Dan Rather says WTC collapses look like demolitions (VIDEO)
  6705. FCC Destroys "Blogger" Webcasters
  6706. Russian Journalist Dies in Suspicious Fall From Window (#14 and counting)
  6707. Jewish coalition calls for open debate on Palestine (Jews fed up with Israel multiply)
  6708. US troops accused of deleting journalists' films
  6709. Russian stock market plunges on Monday opening
  6710. From Texas cell, Canadian, 9, pleads for help (READ)
  6711. Jews In Europe - 1938: 8,039,608 - 1948: 9,372,668 (?!)
  6712. US asks us to pick up litter while city is in ruins, says mayor of Baghdad
  6713. Arabs to re-offer Israel peace deal
  6714. Iran: Can a military strike work? (Define "work")
  6715. The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Discovery Channel (Garbage Channel)
  6716. Lieberman's 9/11 police state bill on Senate floor today (The crimes of Senator Hasswurst)
  6717. AIPAC can't stand the Light of Day (being an evil creature of filth and darkness)
  6718. Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice (little Arab boys?!)
  6719. PeaceMaker - A Video Game to Promote Peace (I'll bet it will not be very popular)
  6720. Lebanon uncovers European-run spy network (that is actually Mossad - READ)
  6721. Holt wants hearings on FBI anthrax investigation (More diversionary hocus pocus)
  6722. Supreme Court Debates Lawsuit Against White House's Faith-Based Initiative (Oh, this should be fun)
  6723. Mineta's Testimony CONFIRMED (READ)
  6724. Debunking the Suicide for 72 Virgins Myth (YES! - READ)
  6725. Did No. 10 leak 'killer' e-mail?
  6726. Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA
  6727. 9/11 Truth Has Already Won the Debate (READ - and keep reading)
  6728. It Doesn't Matter If Hillary Apologizes for Her Iraq War Vote (Hilary does not matter)
  6729. 60,000 Marriages Broken by Iraq, Including Mine
  6730. Bad Vista! (READ)
  6731. Bush's Director for U.S. Attorneys Mysteriously Resigns
  6732. Green Acres Is the Place for Many (READ)
  6733. Google erases British bases in Iraq (on the basis of fabricated "evidence")
  6734. Huckleberry-picker prison? (National asylum for mentally deranged at work)
  6735. Israeli hands are drenched in the blood of Egyptian soldiers
  6736. Forced software upgrades can add up for Vista users (M$ Mafia at work)
  6737. 59 things that would have stayed secret (UK)
  6738. NASA can't pay for killer asteroid hunt (Interesting)
  6739. IAEA: Iran may have halted nuke program (There are more important things?)
  6740. 31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service (READ Lots of fun)
  6741. High court affirms Colo. redistricting plan
  6742. Experts urge big effort to make pandemic vaccines (to fight corpagov pandemic)
  6743. House Passes Bill Using Technology to Fight Terrorism (Our nation asylum for terrorists)
  6744. CIA Rushing Resources to Bin Laden Hunt (Santa Claus arrested for molesting Easter Bunny!)
  6745. Israeli minister postpones Egypt visit over war crimes allegations (Fuckwad should stay home)
  6746. Bush funding paramilitary gangs in Colombia, seeks $3.9B in more 'aid' (That's just normal Bushwork)
  6747. Katrina victims evacuate FEMA park (READ)
  6748. Report: Walter Reed Management Outsourced (Corpagov at its best)
  6749. US airstrike in Kabul kills nine members of same family (Murder is our most important product)
  6750. Riots After NATO Bombing Kills Family of 9 In Afghanistan
  6751. Israelis to supply vehicles for Iraq
  6752. Iraqis Caught Torturing Prisoners Inside Gov't Building
  6753. Basra Raid Finds Dozens Detained by Iraq Spy Unit
  6754. No U.S. Backup Strategy For Iraq (There never was)
  6755. White House Likely to Update War Request (Insatiable lust)
  6756. Cheney treated at hospital for blood clot (Do I give a rat's ass?)
  6757. Privacy Board Clears U.S. Spy Programs (Projectile vomiting anyone?)
  6758. new US strategy to fund the enemy of the US troops (It's been a long tern policy)
  6759. Nine 'plotted Sydney jihad' (Horseshit)
  6760. Guantanamo defense lawyer threatened with charges of 'contemptuous words' (This government is beyond contempt)
  6761. Los Angeles hospitals investigated for "dumping" homeless patients (Again?)
  6762. Australian state election: Socialism and the struggle against US militarism
  6763. The March 26 Quebec elections and the Canadian elite's turn to the right
  6764. Wall Street drools over prospect of capturing Iraq oil wealth
  6765. Raiding Nablus: Israel's Hot Winter Offensive
  6766. Dave Lindorff: The People of Washington vs. Pelosi, et al (READ)
  6767. Sen. Barack Obama: Israel and AIPAC (Fuck this moron SOB)
  6768. The Rice Crisis in East Timor (That's food, not the US idiotbitch)
  6769. Conscientious Objector Faces Court-Martial: the Case of August&#-11;&#-11;n Aguayo
  6770. US Nuclear Hypocrisy and Iran (Does this really need explaining?)
  6771. James Petras: Bush Versus Chavez (READ)
  6772. Exodus of Iraq's Ancient Minorities
  6773. Global Warming Is Human Rights Issue: Nobel Nominee (Psychosis becomes Nobel material - you know you're in deep shit)
  6774. Voter Turnout Among the Young Still Lags (They know it doesn't matter?)
  6775. Antiwar Caucus Wants to Be Heard Now (Right - and I want a yacht)
  6776. Lawmakers Squabble Over Anti-Terrorism Bill (Their committing suicide would be more useful)
  6777. Military Faces Growing Ranks of Bereaved (and royally fucked)
  6778. US Forces Begin Sweep of Sadr City (wherein, they will die and be maimed)
  6779. Report: DOE's Missed Deadlines on Appliance Efficiency Cost Billions (It's government science)
  6780. Independent Reporting Drew Army Coverup, Secrecy, Delays (READ)
  6781. UN nuclear watchdog to ratify Iran aid cut (Does Iran need "aid"?)
  6782. The Long Fuse on Ann Coulter's Bomb (Could we watch her head explode?)
  6783. Cheney has blood clot in his leg (but is a blot clot in the universe - Is this another fiction in the wake of the Libby results?)
  6784. Microsoft patches Xbox 360 (M$ needs to die)
  6785. Britney tries to hang herself at rehab! (If at first you don't succeed, ...)
  6786. 'Antichrist' Britney 'attempts suicide' (Too much BS)
  6787. Ibuprofen Best for Kids with Acute Musculoskeletal Pain (Nope - it's poison)
  6788. Bush to visit Latin America, Chavez's backyard (LMAO)
  6789. Bush heads for Latin America to counter appeal of Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez (ROTFL! Stalin v. Gandhiji)
  6790. Microsoft Hit By U.S. DOT Ban On Windows Vista, Explorer 7, and Office 2007 (Ooops)
  6791. Bush spy rules OK'd (also genocide rules, torture rules, ... - are you feeling so much safer now?)
  6792. Sen. Joe Biden Calls Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 'Madman' (Biden has always been an asshole)
  6793. Decoding the 39 Ingredients in a Twinkie ( I've never eaten one in my life)
  6794. U.S. Court Allows CIA Kidnapping and Torture l (It's soooo 'murikan)
  6795. The Housing Bubble Starts to Burst (There are levels of bursting; this is just the next one)
  6796. Without Health Benefits, a Good Life Turns Fragile (Like when your dearly paid for insurer, State Farm, e.g., fucks your ass)
  6797. Kremlin: Russia to revise military doctrine to respond to growing role of force in world
  6798. Wikipedia hit by identity crisis as student admits posing as professor (How about killing him?)
  6799. Olmert calls special cabinet session over Iranian nuclear threat (Would an enema help him?)
  6800. Pentagon to implement global DVR-like surveillance? (The sickest nation ever to exist)
  6801. A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection (Speaking of sickest, this isn't too funny either)