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Please do notify Jim of insurers now taking advantage of this national
tragic attack, as they always do of all tragedies.

Not mentioned below is the fact that practically the first words out
of the nations most blatant insurance whore, Senator Orin Hatch,
was "Act of War", and one can quickly appreciate why.  This man should
not only be impeached, but jailed for life, along with a host of his
corrupt congressional colleagues.

Emails received

From kana@fcol.com Fri Sep 14 16:03:40 2001
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:05:18 -0400
From: Jim Mooney kana@fcol.com
To: insurercrime@topica.com, InsurerCrime-L@egroups.com
Subject: The Insurer Crime Outline - keep your eyes open

It is awful to think that insurers might take advantage of the recent
tragedies. But after the emergency personnel, they will be the next on
the scene, so we have to think ahead.  As we have seen again and again,
cheating people after terrible tragedies is what insurer often do. They
are trained and primed to do it. They certainly didn’t shy away
from it after the great California earthquake.

Even before the dust settles, some insurers have seized upon Bush’s
statement that this is an“ act of war” to think about
invoking act-of-war exclusion.  I thought of this immediately, but here
is an extract from the first article I have seen, from insure.com, to
mention it.

At least one insurer is considering invoking an act-of-war clause.
According to a report in The Wall Street Journal , The Chubb Corp. could
invoke the clause if the Sept. 11 attacks qualify as an act of war. "We'd
be sued by our shareholders if we paid and no one else did," said the
unnamed Chubb source.

I would like all of you to keep your eyes open to insurer-cheating,
either on individual life, health, comp, or disability, or on property
insurance, as it relates to the World Trade Center, and please report it
to me.  Include the letters WTC in your letter title and I will put them
in a special place. Remember this months from now, since cheating often
takes a very slow and deceptive start, with initial claims of good
action, followed by delays and eventual wrongdoing.

This was terrorism, not war, although war may be Later declared on a
harboring nation.  But I don’t see how an ex-posfacto declaration
of war could affect a disaster that has already occurred. Unfortunately,
there will be insurance company lawyers who will think it can. It is what
they are paid to do.

It is horrible to think that they would do this.  It’s unbelievable
that they would gather like vultures around human suffering and make
things worse. I pray they do not do it this time, if only to avoid public

But I know them. What they can get away with in secret, no matter what
law of God or man it violates, they will.

Please keep your eyes open.  Maybe we can tell on the bad guys before
they do the harm, for a change.


Jim Mooney, Webmaster


Editor: The Insurer Crime Outline


From clubs-mail@yahoo-inc.com Fri Sep 14 16:12:44 2001
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 13:04:39 PDT
From: Charlielawdogs 
To: bhammel@graham.main.nc.us
Subject: We all got this in the e-mail today. [Yahoo! Clubs: Injured Workers
    Voters Network]

Note: I passed over 1,000 houses and cars today and not one flag was flying. 

No one is behing Bush's effort to wage "WAR."

What is real: the suffering of the people left behind looking for their
loved ones in the aftermath of total distruction.
Let the government move swiftly to find the guilty parties, and prosecute
them or be impeached for not doing their jobs in the first place.
This DID NOT have to happen if both parties hadn't spent our tax-money
elsewhere instead of having a spy network that keeps track of terrorists.
Since the injured workers die every day, due to the terrorists in the
state run monopolies, and insurance companies, we are going to be hard
to convince the government is doing all it can...

What is not real: the dog an pony show the politicians are putting on. 
The news media vultures trying to brain wash the public. Do they really
think we are that stupid?
Below is what I recieved:
From...name withheld:

While rescue workers at the World Trade Center are risking their own
lives digging through the rubble searching for the trapped employees
of some of these same insurers. 
The insurance companies are exploring ways to avoid liability if some
of these rescue workers are injured. 
 "Act of war" or terrorism? Answer could decide insurance payments
By Brendan McKenna insure.com

"At 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, shortly after learning about the crash
of a second airplane into the World Trade Center in New York City,
President George W. Bush called the events an "apparent act of terrorism." 

Just over a day later, Bush said that "the deliberate and deadly attacks
which were carried out yesterday against our country were more than acts
of terror. They were acts of war."" 


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