May 2, 2002

Forget my naive initial entry below and instead visit
911 INFORMATION Attack On The Pentagon & World Trade Center
reports and analysis

It confirms in excrutiating detail much of what a small research group to which I belong has discovered and documented in about 1200 e-mails.
What we have discovered is even worse than what you will read from above.

Entry: November 2, 2001
The following entry of September 12, 2001 was my first reaction to the events of September 11, 2001. Since then, I've looked very much deeper into the situation. There is a considerable amount of history behind this event, and I don't mean actions by the US federal government that have caused much of the Islamic world to be angry. That again, is only a small, and almost irrelevant part of a very large picture involving gold, oil, the vastly wealthy, and obvious collusions (conspiracies are considered to be hidden), to dominate the world. If that sounds preposterous, simply recall: the Assyrian Empire, the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the allegedly Holy Roman Empire, Gehngis Khan, Napoleon, and much more recently, Stalin and Hitler. The facts are mostly all there; to see them only requires digging them up, and realizing that the TV medium babbles endlessly with exactly the diversion, disinformation and manipulations that are required of it. The idea of world domination is an old one, and like many other old ideas, it won't go away; not matter that the fate of these attempted and in some cases realized empires, has been disastrously destructive. Always, there remain fools who think they know better how to accomplish and manage such an intrinsic fiasco.

Soon, perhaps, I will present on webpages, the tortuous paths of research that all converge over and over again on a particular plexus of organizations and dynastically wealthy families. A key introductory fact to bear in mind is that Osama Bin Laden is a CIA agent.

In the mean time, though I do not agree with all his specifics, derivative ideas and value judgments, I seriously recommend the following site by
Daniel Pouzzner:

The Architecture of Modern Political Power

Entry: September 12, 2001 (A First Reaction)
[A credulous idiocy deleted - I took the bait]


Global 1984 Is Just A Little Late Arriving
"A Republic, if you can keep it." - B. Franklin


Fraud and Racketeering by Insurance Companies and HMOs.

HAMMEL et al. v. STATE FARM, et al.


[Note: This is a very large document]

Corruption of Governmental Regulatory Agencies
And of State and Federal Courts and Legislatures.
Destruction of the Medical Profession.
Destruction of your constitutional right of legal redress.
Castration of the Legal Profession Specialzing in Tort Law.
FDA: Governmental Restriction of Your Personal Options.

[Justice Brandeis]

Re Brandeis's admonition:
The situation is not even one of benevolence:
it is one of outright malevolence (= willful premeditated evil);
It is being perpetrated by the executive branch of our federal government
and acquiesced to by our corrupt legislative branch
and our Judiciary
Behind it are: greed, ignorance, stupidity,
bankers and the UNITED NATIONS.
UNITED NATIONS: One World, One Order
One Neck, One Leash.

Slashdot: Digital Democracy: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Slashdot:The Morning After: Digital Democracy II

Screwed by Corrupt Judges?
DO Visit but DO NOT Join
A Matter of Justice (AMOJ)

Lest Americans think that they are the only targets of destruction, torture and thievery by a corrupt government criminal physicians and criminal insurance companies, see the plight of Jean Godbout of Quebec Canada.

These pages will be undergoing a substantial amount of revision, expansion and reorganization with the hope of becoming a useful resource for victims of insurance companies, governmental regulatory agencies and for the attorneys for these victims. This is not simply a place to complain, but a place to build an engine of war against the theft, fraud and racketeering of of insurance companies that has been aided and abetted by the utterly corrupt government of the US.

Open Note to the Supreme Court of United States of America

Thank You, Your Honors

The Federal Government of the United States is bound and determined to turn this country into a fascist state that will make the work of Adolf Hitler look like the play of an amateur. Read and weep to see the noble experiment deliberately destroyed by baboons who in their abysmal stupidity think they will gain power whose end is to enslave and steal in order to gain yet more power, an end in itself among the truly primitive of our species, and to secure that power.

This is, of course, all a transitory illusion that will not work and can not work, the results of their attempt to achieve their purposes and the ultimate fate of that attempt can be nothing but the devastation of all Western civilization and probably with it, all civilization on this planet.

I invite attorneys to contribute to, and make use of the arsenal of pertinent law and precedent that I would like to construct here. On second thought, forget it: you are already history.

The following is merely an illustrative small list, with documentation, of some of the totalitatrian abuses that are being perpetrated on the people of the USA by its government.


Do Yourself a Favor and visit
Bush Boyz Stole the Vote
If you belive the "NEWS", you'll believe Anything.


Read also [The March of Folley 1984]
Historical accounts of repeated and mindwarping human stupidity, that span centuries. All terms and words are completely defined.
The inmates have been running the asylum for too long a time.
Now, we are all going to pay the price of allowing it.

  1. The US Supreme Court voted in Gore v. Bush; why did we waste our time?
  2. We want to Steal Your Children - Your Government at Work
  3. 2600 The Hacker Quarterly: MPAA, Jack Valenti and his goons against the First Amendment
  4. Gay Groups Attack Conservatives After Shepard Murder -- 10/16/1998
  5. Yahoo! Full Coverage:Matthew Shepard Murder Verdict
  6. All too infrequently with age comes not only wisdom - but courage and strength.
  7. Allstate Whistleblower Vendetta Trial and Secret QCR Files
    Just think, Gore could be your next president - aaarrgghh!
  9. Moron D.E.A. arrests birdseed!
    Nero sets fires while Rome continues to burn.
    Get a life! - that doesn't consist of fascistic abuse.
  10. Tianamen Square, Texas -
    George W. Bush rounds up and arrests peaceful protesters

    ACLU sues Bush - an appropriate reaction.


    It's not paranoia: even your Federal Postal Department is out to get you.


           Postal Watch,
           3419 Virginia Beach Boulevard,
           Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  13. No Judges = No Justice Senator Leahy of Vermont (D), a member of the Judiciary Committee, speaks out on the squalid state of our strangled Federal judiciary, in specific terms. What is not said is that exactly the same thing is taking place regarding many State Legislatures, failing to provide judges for the courts. I happen to know that this is specifically the case in the not so Great State of New Jersey. Has anyone noticed that this situation is like candy to insurance companies. The whole government of NJ is in the pocket of insurance companies. Could there be some connection? In the Federal case and in NJ it is a Republican Legislature that is causing this intolerable situation. In the federal case, it is in direct defiance of Constitutionally mandated duties. Perhaps we could forget about the presidential weewee and impeach a few senators, starting with Orin Hatch, for deliberate malfeasance.
  14. HRW ON CHINA: Stupidity in the Face of Evil
    Known, repeatedly to be liars, and murderers, the leaders of an inhuman COMMUNIST government is now given the respect that it has never deserved in the first place. The once great Chinese culture and civilization is now reduced to being abused by totalitarian psychopaths, who are accepted by the equally psychpathic government of occupation of the United States of America - and HRW.
    To paraphrase Gertrde Stein: A liar is a liar is a liar. No perfume can mask the air of mendacity [with apology to Tennesse Williams].
  15. Taxing Your Phonecalls to the Internet
    Stop the thieves of money, constitutional rights.
    Use the link provided.
  16. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ???
    Give me a break: How to recreate Nazi Germany, step 32.
  17. The Auto Choice Reform Act
    More Governmental Hokum:
    Nothing more than the vilest and most insidious "Tort Reform" in disguise.
  18. The USA's GESTAPO: Federal Department of Justice.
    Nobody is safe from the US government's persucution.
  19. "Made in China"
  20. Deaths convenient for Klinton - Conincidencees?
    I don't really know - do you?
    I'm just about to believe anything: the line between reality and the unbelievable is has purposely been blurred so by government and media that the mundane is probably false and the outrageously bizarre actually the truth.
  21. More Idiotic Nonnews to Manufacture Fear and Anxiety.
    As if we don't have have enought blatant bullshit.
    Now the Internet causes depression?
    Well, possibly, if you read enough of it to begin to realize what a fool your government and "the media" is makking of you.
  22. The Secret Death Throes of Amendment II
  23. Gun-Control Advocates Threatening to Derail Damage-Cap Legislation
  24. Even more idiotic attempts at subverting the constitution.
    Two articles:
    Fight Looms Over Extending Waiting Period for Handgun Buys.
    Lawsuits Target Handgun Industries.
    With commentary.
  25. Gun Confiscation and the Connecticut Fascists A pattern here? You Bet. We have met the enemy - and it *is* us! Americans *are* the modern Nazis - but too terrified to see the tragedy of what has already happened to our noble experiment given to the propositiom that human beings are fundamentally good, and should live within a free, nonpaternalistic governmental system.
    Weep, if you can, for monumental evil embodied in humans.
    Its only destiny is annhilation - just another evolutionary mistake, nothing more, but with an arrogance unbounded as to its worth and position - especially when given that smallest amount of power over others - the intrinsic evil of any government.
    "Let all the evils that lurk in the mud - hatch out!"
    On the other hand, there may be help:
  26. Lawyers Guns and Money
  27. The WorldWide Scam Network Presents. [External Link]
  28. Supreme Court Cases threaten police-media 'ride-alongs'
    This is really funny: our sleazy news media is all upset because they might be told that a certain kind of pandering with cheap thrills could be denied them, while they are not the least bit upset at not being able to present important news. Why should they be upset? They've been paid to suppress that news. This is the freedom of the press that is protected.
  29. The "Insurance ?" Page
    Fraud and Racketeering
    Tips on IMEs
    Medical Whores and their Reports, Recognizing them
    Horrific Experiences of Real People
    Cases & Court Opinions of interest
  30. Fascism and the Art of Medicine [Essay]
    How insurance compamies and corrupt government is destroying the mostly acquiescent medical profession. The US had, without doubt, the finest physicians in the world. They are being destroyed. How? Why?
  31. IME: Medical Whore Alert
    Medical Whores and their Reports, Recognizing them
    This is part of the destruction of the Medical profession
    discussed in the essay on fascism.
  32. The Bill of Rights is a Grave Mistake [Essay]
  33. A Medical Bill of Rights?
  34. Patient Rights Issue Goes to Medicaid
    It's easy to wonder just which insurance companies Senator Lott is representing; and here I thought Senators were elected to serve the people of their State. Foolish me.
  35. Pentagon Bars Academy Insurance Co.
    Pentagon figures out that an insurance company engages in fraudulent practices. Hello?
  36. Physicians Need To Fight The Business Model Of Medicine
    Bernard Lown, M.D, Hippocrates 12(5): 25-28, 1998.
    Copyright 1998 Time Publishing Ventures Inc.
  37. A New Breed of MD
    All existence is a perversion of what it purports to be, and,
    it is not about to get better. Defend yourself by whatever
    means become necessary.
  38. H.M.O.'s Are Cutting Back Coverage of the Poor and Elderly
    More destruction of healthcare through governmental meddlling
    and "managed" medical care.
  39. Hands Tied, Judges Rue Law That Limits H.M.O. Liability
    Maybe they should have stopped with "Congress shall make no law."
  40. Doctors Caught Up in Rapidly Changing Health-Care System
    Good Physcians are being crucified and destroyed by HMOs,
    Insurance Industry and Government under the Klintonista
    Philosophy. Enough is never enough for thieving bastards.
  41. H.M.O. Group Backs Controls G.O.P. Rejects
    The continuing Nation Nightmare.
  42. Complete Federal Control of Health, Insurance and Banking
    Making the right of legal redress in a tort action impossible in practice, thereby effectively castrating tort law attorneys.
  44. How well government manages utility control:
    Heat Wave Is Stressing Utilities
    As Nuclear Plants Close, Communities Face New Era.
  45. Banking, Insurance, Banking & Securities to Merge.
    More Foxes in the Hen House!?
  46. The Cripple Factor by Roy Lisker [External Link]
    Exporting inappropriate technology to the third world.
  47. Mayor Giuliani may not be as crazy as he seems.
    The proposed "bunker" that is not a "bunker"(?)
  48. NYC Police want to have DNA prints of *everybody* who is arrested.
    Forget protesting it: you get arrested. Why not just chain us all in concentration camps, have honest slavery and be done with it. How about a national DNA databank? Um - I thought we all decided that leashes and slavery weren't such nice ideas.
  49. FDA still foams at the mouth at its inability to control
    vitamins, minerals and herbs.
  50. FDA Raids: Storm Troopers with machine guns.
  51. Are Dietary Supplements Illegal Drugs?
    Key Court Test Is Near.
  53. School's Fascism on Parade
    Where is the legal authirity for such encroachment and abuse?
    Oh - we "think" (feel) it's a good idea.
    The thinking process is unknown to these people, and they are actually permitted to teach! - Yup - inculcate unadulterated fascism.
  54. The Insurance Cost Reduction Bill If it's your government, it's a lie out to screw you even better. Governor of NJ Christie Whitman and the entire NJ legislature clearly in bed with insurance companies.
  55. Federal Law forbids having a decent toilet?
  56. The Struggle in the New Hampshire Legislature
    Statism and Centralization v. Local Rule. The lesson of Socialism/Fascism which is to say Statism, even with the fall of the USSR and subsequent chaos of Russia and its erstwhile satellites has clearly not been learned.
  57. Kalifornia Fascisti
    What is wrong with these people?
    Is there a hallucinogenic in the water?
  58. Feds Target Illegal Cigar Market
    Fiddling while Rome burns?
    They have nothing better to squander your tax dollars on?
    Oh well: they demand and you pay; they have the guns, and they want to make sure you don't. See above re the second amendment.
  59. FBI Seeks Electronic Tracking Data
    Will they ever stop with the 'Big Brother' bit?
    Not likely.
  60. Health Identifier for All Americans Runs Into Hurdles
    Our governmental Nazis are at it again.
  61. Hi, I'm Bill; I'll Be Your Law From Now On
    Legislation with a cutespeak name can't be bad, can it?
  62. Heralding a New Era, Babbitt Chips Away at Harmful River Dams
    Well - maybe they just forgot.
  64. Commonwealth v. Ellis
  65. BLUE RIDGE INSURANCE V. VAN ORT, 96-55839 (04-24-98) - An Obscenity of Justice

Some Good News?
  1. Corporate Wars Yes - Good News: The Word Is Getting Out.
  2. Is a Military Coup and Rule in Your Future?
  3. The BEST of news. Thank You, Your Honors
    But that is about the last good news, all uses of which has been stopped dead in the federal courts, by our bought judges. I've witnessed, first hand, and found nothing but corruption of federal judges. Pray that you never see a court. If you think that you will have justice by bringing suit in any court in this country, you are in for a very rude awakening. Ours must be the first judicial system that regularly dispenses antijustice. Judges have a secret weapon against you - every pleading just gets ignored. These black robed gestapo pigs can, and do, anything they want, and there is nothing you can do about it. If you sneeze in court, they can lock you up for criminal contempt - Ooops, no hearings necessary for that. It's called "judicial discretion", and our Supreme Ninies have said that's ok.
    Maybe it's time for *us* to buy a new government too.
  4. Jesse Ventura For Minnesota Governor Home Page
    NB: The following is deluded babble: Jesse Ventura was financed by the insurance cartel, which in case the citizens of MN haven't noticed is intimately connected, or even owned by Plaintiffs' attorneys. Live in Minnesota at your peril, or all leave and leave it with no one to be taxed or crucified by the State government. Minnesota is one one the 4 States in the union that still have "No-Fault" insurance.
    Yes! Some really good news. The State of Minnestoa has elected Jesse Ventura as Governor. Before you start smirking or snickering, read the site. Real people chose a real person, and not some deceitful, politician who was already payed for. Ventura already had experience in politics albeit small. Just because he put on a show as a bad boy wrestler doesn't mean he's stupid. He does have the intelligence, integrity and moral courage to have been a Navy Seal, which is considerably more than one can say for our President, Vice-president, or any cabinet officer.

    I will, however, try to straighten him out on MN insurance and tort reform.

    Here, may be a return to the American values as ennunciated in the Declaration of Independence, a document which your federal government arrogantly refuses to acknowledge as having legal status. The republican and Democratic parties of this country stand for nothing but transparent deceit, and slime of their own ignorant corruption.

    If this example of the people of the USA recognizing just that and acting on their knowledge happens fast enough in the other States if this union, there may yet be hope for the survival of "Our Noble Experiment". If 'twere well that it be done; 'twere well that it quickly. Practically no time remains to forstall the complete annihilation of all civilization on on this planet - Mostly thanks to the the corrupt and infernal meddling of the federal government of the United States of America. I don't have to curse it and it's monumental stupidity; whoever is left will curse and hate it for millenia.
    A government, for the people, by the people ...."
    After Thomas Jefferson, we've only had glib, theiving, corrupt, immoral, mendacious morons.

  5. The Southern Party Web Site

    The Southern Party - hmm - maybe not a bad idea. If you actually read history, not the manipulative slop dished out in Federally regulated schools, it becomes clear that a) The Saint Abraham Lincoln did more than any other president of the US to undermine the constitution in his declaration of War Powers that have yet to be rescinded and b) the "Civil War" as it is euphemistically called was indeed "The War of Northern Agression".

  6. Steelworkers Sue Over NAFTA Vote
    Right action, wrong reason - but, meddlling by law makers leaves them no other choice and strangely, even the wrong reason is right.
  7. US Sens. Fight International Court
    Thank Heavens!


Is the purpose of this flurry of activity by the Federal Government possibly Y2K? The only governmental agency that is fairly certain to be Y2K compliant is Social Security. That reasonably explains the legislative frenzy to control every aspect of your life; but, why the control in the first place?

The Federal Government and indeed the State Governments have become greedy selfserving monsters that feed on the governed. To control is to obtain the power to thieve. Thievery works in the short run only; in the long run, it is simply not a viable economic system. The people of the government of the US are a disgrace and an insult to the genius and generosity of Thomas Jefferson amd Benjamin Franklin. Under the burdensome and infernal meddlling of these foolishly trusted people, our government will collapse in ruin. The current insane course cannot and will not be changed, making the destruction of the United States of America inevitable. We will have less government, but I shudder to think what will follow.

We were given a gift of freedom and a mechanism whereby to maintain it; we were warned all along the way, by people that I've quoted elsewhere on these pages that the mechanism, our Consttitution was being undermined and perverted. These people knew their history, and saw the dangers and perils into which a meddlesome mean spirited governmental people have led us. The gift has now been so sorely abused and polluted by the low, mean, dishonorable and crude successors of our founding fathers, that now, it cannot and will not stand.

Were it not for impending severe dislocation (that's a euphemism) that will result from the Y2K problem, we might be saved by the courts and in particular the Supreme Court of the United State. In Nazi Germany one Hitler's first actions was, very astutely, to corrupt the German Judiciary with simple threats of assassination. To my knowledge, this has not yet happened here; but it is foolish to persist in the vain and groundless belief that it cannot happen here. Hitler arose from the Weimar Republic, a Federal Republic, exactly the same form of government that we have.

Our judicial process is far too slow, and unable to keep up with the thousands of violations of due process by government and dying industry and law that happen every day. I see no hope. The writing of these pages is simply an exercise in futility. Perhaps, they may be found someplace in the ruins of what once was Human Civilization.

It is strange and sad to think that the consequences of the incomprehensibly idiotic actions of incompetent governments run amok, namely the inevitable, complete collapse of the world's economy is preferable to the continuation of the grand scaled corruption that we call government. Deliverance from it will only be a smaller horror, and a penance for the human species for allowing it to happen in the first place. Then the cycle begins again, with nothing having been learned. A primitive, barbaric and stupid species that is probably better off with its future extinction.

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