An Open Letter to the Supreme Court

It is your function to interpret our Constitution as the highest ranking law of the land and you have done so of late with the notion of intent as guiding principle. It was clearly not the intent of our founding fathers to erect a fascist state wherein by definition, established private property is controlled by the State. Yet, this is precisely what we increasingly have. It is being assumed, by the President of United States, by the Congress of the United States and even by the People of the United States that Rights emanate from the State. Given that the Federal Government controls education in this country, is it any wonder that the supposedly educated have accepted the fundamental premise in the founding of this country being turned on its head? This erroneous assumption of Rights emanating from State is propagated and unquestioned on a daily basis in all news media, by President Clinton personally, and in the halls and laws of Congress.

With every new statist, meddlling legislation more problems arise as a consequence of the legislation that supposedly "fixed" prior problems. The sole function of Congress and the Executive Branch is now to meddle further in order to address problems that they themselves have created. The judiciary is simply stuck with this intolerable mess. With every meddlesome piece of legislation, yet another Right that is puportedly being given is, in fact, being either taken away or put in a condition of being taken away by succeeding legislation, either by accident again, or deliberately in order to acheive another fascist intent.

With whatever Constitutional power and authority you still retain, I beg the Supreme Court in its decisions, based on intent, to save the People of the United States of America from the patent abuses of the legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government.

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Created: July 26, 1997
Last Updated: February 28, 1999