This is a list of some books that have been important to me in various ways: some are simply wonderfully written and entertaining and sources of joy, others have been books that expanded my thoughts and been sources of important knowledge and wisdom, yet others have been inspirations to enter new fields of knowledge. This, I suppose, explains the diversity. Some of the scientifically oriented books are not difficult reading, others are fiercesomely technical.

     Argiri, Laura
          The God in Flight, 478 pp.
           Random House (1995)
           ISBN: 0679428313

     Asimov, Isaac
          Second Foundation
          Foundation and Empire
          Foundation's Edge
          Prelude to Foundation
          Foundation and Earth

     Baigent, Michael; Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln
          Holy Blood, Holy Grail
          The Messianic Legacy
          The Temple and the Lodge

     Casta\~neda, Carlos
          The Teachings of Don Juan
          Journey to Iztlan
          A Separate Reality

     Dirac, P. A. M.
           [Dirac 1958] 
           [Dirac 1964] 

     Ecco, Umberto
          The Name of the Rose
          Foucault's Pendulum

     Edelman, Gerald M.
          Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On the Matter of Mind
          Basic Books (1992).

     Exup\'ery, Antoine de Saint
          Le Petit Prince (1943)

     Griffon, Patricia
          Blind Reason

     Fowles, John
          The Magus

      Hammer, Dean and Peter Copeland
          Living with Our Genes
          Doubleday (1998)

     Helmholtz, Hermann L. F.,
           [Helmholtz 1877] 

     Herbert, Frank  Dune, Frank Herbert [LINK]  The World of Dune [LINK]
          Dune Messiah
          Children of Dune
          God Emperor of Dune
          Heritics of Dune
          Chapterhouse Dune

          The White Plague
          Man of Two Worlds (with Brian Herbert)

     Jaynes, Julian
          The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown
          of the Bicameral Mind

     Kidder, Tracy
          The Soul of a New Machine
          Avon Books (1981).

     Miller, Alice
          Prisoners of Childhood (reissued and generally known as
          The Drama of the Gifted Child)
          Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society's Betrayal of the Child
          Meridian (1986).

     Minsky, Marvin
          The Society of Mind
          Simon and Schuster (1985).

     Moldenhauer, Hans with Rosaleen Moldenhauer
          Anton von Webern: A Chronicle of his Life and Work,
          Alfred A. Knopf (1979).

     Ornstein, Robert E.
          The Psychology of Consciousness, and
          The Nature of Human Consciouness
          W. H. Freeman (1972).

     Pirsig, Robert M.
          Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974)

     Powell, James N.
          The Tao of Symbols (1982)

Anne Rice - Home Page from The Mining Company [LINK]

     Rice, Anne
          Cry unto Heaven

          Interview with a Vampire
          The Vampire Lestat
          The Queen of the Damned
          The Tale of the Body Thief

          The Witching Hour

          Servant of the Bones


     Rand, Ayn
          Atlas Shrugged
          The Fountainhead
          Objectivist Epistemology

     Tolkien, J. R. R.
          The Hobbit
          The Fellowship of the Ring
          The Two Towers
          Return of the King

     Tuchman, Barbara W.
          A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century (1978)
          The March of Folly (1984)
          Ballantine Books

     Walker, Alan
           [Walker 1988] 
           [Walker 1993] 

     Wheeler, John Archibald
           [Wheeler 1962] 

     Wolpe, Stefan
           [Wolpe 1959] 

     Xenakis, Iannis
           [Xenakis 1963] 

     Yourcenar, Margurite
          Memoirs of Hadrian (1954)
          Mishima: a vision of the void (1986)

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