If lawyers actually made all the money that these imbecilic tort reformers say, they would able to retire very comfortably and we would have a great dearth of atorney who deal in personal injury or more generally, tort law.

What needs reforming by a profound economic spanking is the now lawless insurance industry; spanking into bloody annihilation if necessary.

I'm pretty much sick to death of hearing and reading the thoughtless and moronic cant that "it's only the lawyers who make the money" (I amd not a lawyer) and that "if we don't put limit a person's right to sue, that insurance rates will escalate." This is nothing more than evil or stupid minded manipulative bullshit. More potent words to describe the level of stupidity to say such a thing could very easily be used.

The revilement of the legal profession, a citizens's last hope against the increasing abuses of government, as somehow dirty, immoral and unclean is a hoax perpetrated by those to whom lawyers are inconvenient. Sure, there are dirty filthy, unclean, corrupt, immoral lawyers. What do you think we have a Congress and a Court system for?

Yes, there are sleazy law firms who would fuck their clients without thinking twice if theyt could avoid some effort and still make a few bucks. Most attorneys care every bit, and maybe a bit more, about what is right ands what is wrong. Stop judging them by gossip (i.e. newspapers, television or your neighbor's uninformed opinion) and treat each as you would be treated: as an individual, as a human being whose profession is often much like that of a surgeon: to save you life.

Read these on one of your Congress's acts of insanity.
PTLA Verdict, Volume XV, No. 10, September 1997

The Inmates are indeed running the asylum, and only other inmates
are in line for their jobs and for the jobs as their advisors.
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  • There is not the proverbial ice cube's chance in hell that I, personally, would endorse the above linked to organgization, since whatever vague philosophical premises or foundations they may espouse, are randomly contradicted by the substance of their online publications. Like monkeys at a typewriter, they get quite a few consequences of principle right and the slip in a falsity, ignorance or unwarranted assumption to come to some ridiculous conclusion.

    The problem with them is that they *have* *no* philosophical foundations, and do nothin more but chip away at existing governmental idiocy and ignorance with more idiocy and ingnorance of a different flavor.

       Here's one from CSE
       Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation, Issue Analysis Number 78
        (Health Care Meddling)
       Every one of these subhuman things need a spanking, and haven't
       got the intelligence to have a selfregulating ant farm, much less
       the intelligence or morality to dare governn anybody.
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