Buying "Made in China" is obligatory.
The US Government has made it so, and
the Candian Government is no better.
Shame on any government that supports this.

This, in case you've forgotten, is the mainland communist regime
that maims, tortures and murders the people whom it governs, and
a regime that the government of the United States of America has
on its list of preferred traders.

Have you ever tried to avoid supporting this industry of slave labor
by avoiding "Made in China"?  I have tried and have a fit when I
buy something from an American or Canadian company and find parts
hidden inside that are made in China.  It happens all the time.
Try to buy a video rewinder that *isn't* made in in China - please
try because with a few weeks the one made in China will fail.


    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shortly after it was unveiled, a new official
Chinese Website dedicated to promoting Beijing's view of human rights has
been defaced by computer hackers who
have labeled it "bullshit propaganda".
    The Website launched by the Chinese Society for Human Rights
( was replaced late Monday by a hacked version
which included links to China critics such as Amnesty
    "Boycott China" the altered site read, followed by a political tirade
from a hacker identified as "Bronc Buster".
    "I simply cannot believe the total bullshit propaganda on this Web
site," the hacker wrote. "China's people have no rights at all, never mind
human rights. I really can't believe our government deals with them. They
censor, murder, torture, maim, and do everything we (thought) left the
Earth with the
Middle Ages."
    The original site, launched by a government-controlled organization
which represents China in its rights dialogue with other countries,
featured government documents in Chinese and English, articles from the
state-run media, legislation and lectures from a recent symposium on human
rights in Beijing.
    China faces criticism from mainly Western nations for its intolerance
of political dissent. Beijing counters that feeding its more than 1 billion
people should take priority over political freedom.
    AntiOnline (, a Website which monitors the
activities of hackers, said Bronc Buster was a member of a hack group known
as "Legions of the Underground" or "LoU"
which has been responsible for several other high-profile hack attacks,
including one on the Time Warner cable system.
    In a final swipe, Bronc Buster wrote that it took less than two minutes
to access and alter the Chinese Website. 
    "Your security is a total joke," the hacker wrote. "Don't play with
fire when you know you are going to get burned."


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