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This is a new page that will expand, in time, and intended to be a general reference to legal documents. Here are links to various aspects of law starting with comparative constitutional law, followed by sites in the categories:

Before getting teary eyed about the beaututies of the the law in theory, it's not a bad idea to be reminded that there is always a discrepancy between theory and practice:
Justice For America, Inc.
The committee to Expose Incompetent and Dishonest Attorneys and Judges
Jail For Judges: A Plan for Judicial Accountability

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The study of law is a study of the intrinsic psychopathology of the human species. Without this intrinsic psychopathlogy, the very concept of "Law" could not even exist. The law is exactly an attempt to prohibit psychopathological acts, all of which reduce to theft. For theft to exist, the concept of ownership must exist. This concept exists in all complicated life forms, where ownership is determined by physical strength.

When law has been reduced to that very same principle, it is a hoax, a shame and a lie; this seems to be the condition we now have. Has it really always been this way?

    Home Page at the University of Wuertzburg, Germany
    Containing the Texts of Constitutions of Nations Having One
  2. ICL - United States of America Index CONSTITUTIONAL LAW
    University of Wuertzburg, Germany
  3. The Declaration of Independence
  4. Six Important Principles of the Declaration of Independence
  5. Table of Articles and Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America
  6. A New Declaration of Independence, for Today's Freedom Lovers and Patriots
    Libertarian Document: Interesting but muddleheaded.
    You wouldn't want to live there.
    A wonderful example of how to write general laws with truly
    terrifying consequences that have not been thought out.
  7. Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DVN)
    More of a historical complaint than a substantive statement
    of principle.
  8. Declaration of Independence by Texas (1836)
    Texas declares is independence from the Mexican government.
    Another complaint with specificity, and remarkably, still
    pertinent in its statement of abuses and conditions of our
    own federal government that have been exacerbated over
    approximately the past 160 years.
  9. New Jersey Legislature-New Jersey State Constitution
    (Complete Text)

                             Law Libraries

  1. HIEROS GAMOS - Law Library
    A truly extensive law library created by
    McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe LLP
  2. Internet Legal Resource Guide
  3. LEGAL LINKS, ETC. . . - from ATLA
  4. CataLaw: Metaindex of Law and Government
  5. Complaw Library
  6. Cornell Law Library
  7. Legal Information Institute at Cornell (Supreme Court Decisions)
  8. Jurisline
    EDGAR, GPO, Federal, Circuit case search and also the federal supplement which is not available many places.
  9. Emory Law
  10. Georgetown Law Library
  11. LEXIS-NEXIS Background - Home Page
  12. The Loyola of Los Angeles Law
  13. Pace Law Library
  14. Rutgers Law - Publications
  15. U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  16. Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy
  17. Summary Judgements Manual - January 28, 1994
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  1. Kansas U. Law - Advanced Legal Research - National Links
    State and Federal Court Systems [Apparently Shut Down]
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                      Attorneys and Bar Associations

  1. ATLA NET Public Homepage
  2. Legal Resources and Associations
  3. State Capital Law Firm Group
    Legal news by State
  4. McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe LLP
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                             Miscellaneous Legal Sites

  1. The Law Engine: case citations
  2. Katsuey Kat's Legal Listings
    This is large providing search capabilities, and many links
    to all levels of law.
  3. The Consumer Law Page
  4. Sherri Fine's Web Diamond Legal Industry Report
  5. FindLaw List of Lawyers & Firms
  6. Nerd World (Large Collection of Legal Websites)
  7. Lobbying Expenditures and The Top 100 Lobbying Firms Second Quarter 1997
  8. SSF&G-"The Supreme Court Declines To Take On Federal Circuit
  10. Federal Reserve History and Background
  11. Legal and Governmental Resources
  12. Commonwealth v. Ellis
    Corrupt Attorney General in MA?
  13. Health Care Law - Table of Cases
  14. BLUE RIDGE INSURANCE V. VAN ORT, 96-55839 (04-24-98) - An Obscenity of Justice
  15. Governmental intervention can only harm the marketplace - SEC document
  16. MITCH, "Man in the Chair" (2025 AD)
  17. The Cripple Factor by Roy Lisker

                             Governmental Sites

  3. THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
  4. GPO Gate at University of California
  5. Connect to GPO Access Databases Containing:
  6. National Security Agency
  7. Central Intelligence Agency
  8. The FTC
  9. Government Resources
  10. Congressional Email Directory
  11. Federal Government Resources on the Web/Historic Documents

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