Medical Whores and the IME


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Please have a look at how two "medical experts" doctors destroy my life,
contesting discal hernias for the benefit of the "compensation board";
the Quebec CSST.

	Jean Godbout

With two ruptured disks causing a bilateral sciatalgia, I had to go back
to my machinist job, lifting weights up to 125 pounds (57 kilos) during
2 1/2 months over my hernias.
Today, five years later, I'm declared disabled by my doctors, with
neurological disfunctions and my chronic pain is very severe,
something that they are still trying to contest....

The CSST first accept my reclamation for discal hernias, they where
visible on a CT-SCAN and where diagnose by my doctors, including a
neuro-surgeron and a physiatrist before I wass contest and most of all,
before I wass forced to go back to my job.

I have collected many indications showing that the CSST doctors lied and

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful
 words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the
 good people."  --  Martin Luther King Jr.

I invite you all to be witness of the medical and administrative frauds
made by the government of Quebec (CSST + BÉM) to the détrimens of
health, security and physical integrity of " his " victims... These
criminal acts are done with considering and with known government of
Canada which prefers to close the eyes...! A parody of justice, without
regard for the Bill of the rights and freedoms of the person, with for
principal actors of the people in the need. A true shame for the
democracy. They made me disable.
Jean Godbout Laval, Quebec Canada, the country which violates the humans
right | - For more details:  [Link Above]

111 pages of evidences...

      Jean Godbout 

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