Title: Three Songs
          I.   Of Alchemy
          II.  Of Magic
          III. Of Astronomy

   Date of Composition: 1972

   Instrumentation: voice with chamber ensemble:
                    tenor/(high baritone),
                    clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano

   Publisher: American Composers Alliance

   Date of Publication: 1972

   Duration: 6 minutes



   Score completed on Jun 5, 1972.
   The Song Texts:

   I. Of Alchemy
      [Text freely adapted from The Rosarium and other ancient Alchemist

      Our gold is not the common gold, therefore keep your mind upon the
      salt and think not of other things.

      For in the mind alone is the science concealed and the most excellant,
      most hidden secret of the ancients.

      This elixir, its prime matter, is taken from a single tree that grows
      in the land of the West.

      The earth, eager to germinate, always produces change.

   II. Of Magic
       [Test freely adapted form Malaysian Charms.  Semangot riang means
        wandering soul.]

       Be enamored of me.
       Be distraught for love of me.
       Distraught by day and by night.

       Sunset in the hour when evil spirits of all kinds have most power.
       Without it the spell merely rises like smoke which is blown away
       by the wind.

       A swallow has fallen, striking the ground in the middle of our
       house yard.  But, ye, oh shadows, spectral reapers, see that ye
       mingle not with us.

       Concentrate youre thoughts on me semangot riang.
       Come to your home, come to your palace.
   III. Of Astronomy
        One star exists higher than all the rest.  This is the apocalyptic
        star; the second star is that of the ascent.  The third [is that]
        of the elements, and of these thre are four, so that six stars are
        established.  Besides these there is [still] another star,
        imagination, which begets a new star and a new universe.

                               -- Paracelsus the Great, Monarch of Arcana

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