A Letter Responding To Web Pages on
Insurance and IME Physicians

Yes, I believe it does not matter where you live; the whores are out
there.   I live in New Mexico and my last IME was done in front of three
medical students who were considering Oct. med. as a field of study. The
doctor took over two hours and spent time talking to me and elaborating
to his students.  The report he generated was 12 pages in length and fair
to me.  A year before, I saw another IME doctor(the Whore) his exam ran
about 8 minutes and he generated a report of over 20 pages of some
person not me.  Yes, some of the problems he discussed were simialar to me
but not me.  Well, the insurance company found me to be at MMI and started
to close out my claim.  Meanwhile my treating surgeon had set up my next
surgery; well, to make a long story short, it's been two and a half years
later three more surgeries and I guess I'm as good as I can be; [I'm] getting
ready to get off W/C and resume my life.  I've been granted the title of
permanently disabled and find myself on SS disability.  My only wish is
that I could have shown that whore my records and do this in front of an
authority who would have some say in this man practing "medicine" here.
Well, thanks for your newsletter, the info. was appreciated.

     - JF

[Name withheld by request]

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Created: May 16, 1998
Last Updated: May 28, 2000