Yet ANOTHER Insurance Horror Story
Will this ever end without outright carnage?

From judydoc@worldnet.att.netWed Aug  5 02:10:16 1998
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 20:50:18 -0400
From: judy morris 
Subject: Another Insurance Horror Story has taken to the Internet

DonnaDear wrote:

This website is a little choppy and hard to follow but apparently
involves a fellow who suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident.
They had some kind of insurance (they never mention the name of the
company, probably because they are in litigation) that was supposed to
provide "lifetime" benefits, yet 3 years after Dan's accident, the
insurance company is threatening to "pull the plug" on his benefits for
rehabilitation.  His beleagered wife and friends have taken their plea
to the Internet.  Maybe Christopher Reeves will file a "Friend of the
Court" brief for this fellow too.

By the way, what's the difference between an insurance company and the

Answer:  You can negotiate with the PLO.


> From: Ken McCarthy 
> To: 
> Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 5:18 PM
> Subject: To Seldes subcribers
> >To Seldes subscribers:
> >
> >This is related to the health
> >insurance industry. Also, there's
> >a chance to get an autographed
> >copy of Rick Goldsmith's film
> >about George Seldes "Tell the
> >Truth and Run."
> >
> >I'm trying to start a buzz about the following.
> >Please consider forwarding it to all your friends
> >and colleagues with an introductory note
> >(like this one), asking them to do the same.
> >It's for a close friend of mine. Thanks.
> >
> >Ken
> >
> >    ***Please repost and forward to friends***
> >
> >Internet memorabilia auction/benefit
> >
> > Auction/benefit site 
> >
> >Four years ago, a young California man named
> >Dan Harvey was in a catastrophic motorcycle
> >accident. He survived massive injuries, including
> >serious brain damage and has made a miraculuous
> >recovery.
> >
> >Now the insurance company which sold him a "lifetime,
> >unlimited" policy wants to cut off payments, which will
> >bankrupt his wife and undermine the progress he's
> >made so far.
> >
> >A group of friends and colleagues have organized an
> >Internet-based auction/benefit to raise money
> >to fight the insurance company in court.
> >
> >Some of the items offered in the auction
> >include:
> >
> >* A signed first edition of William
> >Gibson's "Neuromancer," the book
> >that coined the term "cyberspace."
> >
> >* A rare and very entertaining home video of
> >Marc Andreessen explaining Mosaic to a group
> >of SF multimedia producers back in 1994 when
> >few of them were quite sure what to do with it.
> >
> >* Original copy of the July 1945 issue of the
> >Atlantic Monthly containing "As We May Think" by
> >Vannevar Bush. Many credit this article with being
> >the harbinger of personal computing and the global
> >Internet.
> >
> >* A handwritten note (c. 1994) from Scott Adams
> >to Internet commercialization pioneer Ken McCarthy
> >making reference to Netscape's new beta broswer,
> >featuring a drawing of Dogbert.
> >
> >Plus personal items from jazz legend Ornette
> >Coleman,***academy award nominated director Rick
> >Goldsmith***, and Canadian diva Jane Siberry - and
> >much, much more unique stuff, some at unbelievable
> >"give away" prices.
> >
> >Deadline for final bids September 15, 1998
> >
> > Auction/benefit site 
> >
> >   ***Please repost and forward to friends***
> >
> >
> >

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