ANOTHER UNUM claimant tells his story

   Stephen T. Russell wrote:
   your case sounds identical to mine with one exception. my  carrier is
   UNUM the largest in the world.
   My name is Stephen Russell and I live in Arizona. I have a similar
   situation with respect to the malingering, fraud, not wanting to work
   anymore, surveillance, supeoneas, harassment, intimidation, talking to
   my peers, friends and golfing buddies, etc. etc.
   etc.......................... I had a car accident and  was making high
   6 figures annually and had two disability buy out policies(own
   Occupation) to purchase my stock from my partner(NON ERISA CASE) along
   with a personal Paul Revere policy(own occupation) that pays me for life
   if I am either disabled or suffer a residual loss of wages after I get
   better. They are all own occupation policies. Any way I injured my lower
   back and filed claims with all three carriers approximately 4 to six
   months later. After the initial accident thinking I would get better I
   kept working part time while doing doctor ordered therapy. Well Paul
   Revere has been paying me since day one as my income level immediately
   dropped to approximately 20 percent of what I was making. The Unum
   policy had a one year wait and the other policy (Royal acabbees) was a
   two year wait. I sold my stock to my partner after  nine months as I was
   worse then ever and did not want my disability to effect the company and
   employees. It was not until after three IMEs and 1 year and four months
   later that UNUM and Royal Macabees denied my claim. Of course all three
   carriers were working together sharing everything and anything they had
   on me.
   BY the way as all this is going on I had settled with the Insurance
   carrier that covered the vehicle that hit me (accident not my fault)for
   policy limits and now was in a battle with my own carrier State Farm for
   the under insured motorist claim which I was eventually won and was
   awarded close to seven figures. By the way I am still faking my claim. I
   evidently had major back surgury in may 1996 and neck surgery in May
   1997 for total cost of about $185,000.00 give or take a thousand. But
   remember I am still faking this claim. You have to understand this by
   now. Anyway the surgical report verified all my complaints from the
   first day that I was seen in the Emergency room at a hospital. But if
   you talk to UNUM I am still faking. By the way around August 1996 two
   years and five months after the car accident I was put on full SS
   benefits from the Government from the date of the accident and am still
   collecting as I am still disabled according to the SS.(and my doctors)
   But rembember I am still faking.
   Yeah I am like you. I have spent thousands on legal fees, have just
   recently won the right to obtain all lawsuits filed against UNUM since
   1994 to the present by the AZ Supreme Court. (boy UNUM does not want
   this) and was even ordered by the Judge in State Superior Court to
   have a videotape deposition of the CEO of UNUM (they fought for two
   years not to have his depo taken and then we surprised them with the
   Any way you will be probably be reading about me some day as the one
   that broke UNUM'S back. I will never sign gag orders and cannot wait
   for the Trial to start to hear the verdict and see there faces.
   (everyone pray for me and for us) Of course I know that whatever the
   verdict is it will get appealed but who cares. I dont need there money
   like most people. They have screwed me like they have countless
   thousands of others and I want their blood.

   I also have a friend that is up against provident also. He may lose
   everything as he is running out of money and they are wearing him down.

   to be continued::::::::::::::::::::::::::

   [printed with permission]

Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 03:59:00 -0400
Subject: UNUM defies Arizona Supreme Court

UNUM has defied the order form the Arizona Supreme Court.  UNUM is now in
contempt of the Arizona Supreme Courts decision to produce the
documentation regarding the 1,000 plus lawsuits for disability claims denials.

The next step,  Steve Russell's lawyers now have to go to court to request
sanctions and penalties against UNUM.


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