/* stdfun.h
 * Auxillary header file declaring return values for various standard
 * library routines - The return values of which cc with warning level
 * 3 and lint, and lint will complain.  Include this along with stdio.h
 * Here, this also provides information on what return values are assumed
 * for certain standard functions.  They do differ realistically speaking
 * over different implementations of the C compiler, and may change in the
 * future.
extern void free();
extern void exit();
extern unsigned int sleep();
extern char *getcwd();
extern int _filbuf(), _flsbuf();
extern int fflush(), fclose(), getpid(), setjmp();
extern int open(), close(), read();
extern void longjmp();
extern int scanf(), fscanf(), sscanf();
extern int fseek(), creat(), access(), chmod(), link(), unlink(), stat();
extern int pipe(), dup2(), access(), chmod(), link(), unlink(), stat();
extern int chown();
extern int printf(), fprintf();
extern int fputc(), puts(), fputs(), sprintf();
extern int system(), fork(), wait(), execl(), execlp(), chdir(), alarm();
extern int kill();
extern void srand();
extern int rand();
extern long lrand48();
extern double drand48();
extern int atoi();
extern int tgetent(), tgetnum(), tgetflag();
extern int ioctl();
extern long atol(), nap();

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