A Partial list of Commonly Used Acronyms used in documentation, in email correspondence, and in usenet posts.

     AIX	and IBM unix imitation
     ALGOL	ALGOrithmic Language (old, ancient, antedeluvian)
     ANS	Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
     ANSI	American National Standards Institute
     AOL	America On Line
     API	Application Programming Interface
     ARCHIE	indexing of FTP archives
     ARDIS	a nationwide 'packet' data-radio network
     ARPA	Advanced Research Projects Agency (under DOD)
     ARPAnet	DOD's part of the internet backbone
     ASCII	American Standard Code for Information Interchange
     AUP	Acceptable Use Policy
     BBS	Bulletin Borad System
     BCNU	"Be seein' you"
     BIND	Berkeley Internet Name Domain
     BLCMP	an OPAC software type
     BOF	"Birds Of a Feather"
     BSD	Berkeley System Distribution (of unix)
     BTW	"By The Way"
     BuCAT	an OPAC software type
     CATS	an OPAC software type
     C		basis of unix, C programming language from forgotten
                "B" from algol
     CD		Compact Disc
     CGM	Computer Genrated Music
     CIX	Commercial Internet eXchange
     CLSI	an OPAC software type
     CPU	Central Processing Unit
     CS		Computer Science
     CWIS	Campus Wide Information System(s)
     DNS	Domain Name System
     DOBIS	an OPAC software type
     DOS	Disk Operating System
     DOD	Department Of Defense
     DOE	Department Of Education
     DRA	an OPAC software type
     DTD	Document Type Definition
     DYNIX	an OPAC software type
     E-MAIL	electronic mail (RFC 822, 1049 1341)
     EFF	Electronic Frontier Foundation
     FAQ	Frequently Asked Questions (file)
     FARNET	Federation of Americam Research Networks
     FQDN	Fully Qualified Domain Name
     FTP	File Transfer Protocol
     FWIW	"For What It's Worth"
     FYI	For Your Information (also subset of RFC files)
     GDS	Global Dial-up Service
     GEAC	an OPAC software type
     GIF	Graphics Interchange File
     GNU	an open unix project for freeware
     GPO	Government Printing Office
     GUI	Graphics User Interface
     GvB	an OPAC software type
     HHS	Health & Human Services
     HTLM	Hyper Text Markup Language
     HTTP	HyperText Transfer Protocol/Program (http)
     HTXP	An HTTP Macro preprcessing language with user defined macros
     IAB	Internet Architecture Board
     IAFA	Internet Anonymous FTP Archive
     IANA	Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
     IANAL	"I Am Not A Lawyer"
     IAP	Internet Access Provider
     IAT	Internet Access Technologies, Inc.
     IAUP	Internet User Account Provider
     ICS	Interactive Communications & Simulations (project)
     IEEE	Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
     IESG	Internet Engineering Steering Group
     IETF	Internet Engineering Task Force
     IGS	Internet Go Server
     IMAP	Internet Message Access Protocol
     IMP	Internet Message Processor
     INLEX	an OPAC software type
     INNOPAC	an OPAC software type
     IP		Internet(working) Protocol (RFC 1034, 1035)
     IR		Internet Registry
     IRC	Internet Relay Chat
     IRCAM	Institute par Recherche de Computer Assiste Musique (Paris)
     IRSG	Internet Research Steering Group
     IRTF	Internet Research Task Force
     ISAPI	Internet Server Application Programming Interface
     ISO	International Standardization Organization
     ISOC	The Internet Society
     ISP	Internet Service Provider
     InterNIC	Internet Network Information Center
     LIBERTAS	an OPAC software type
     LIBIS	an OPAC software type
     LINUX	unix type operating system derived from bsd unix
     LISTPROC	Mailing list daemon
     LISTSERV	Mailing list daemon
     LS/2000	an OPAC software type
     MAIL-SERV	Mailing list daemon
     MAJORDOMO	Mailing list daemon
     MIME	Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (RFC 1341)
     MUD	Multi-User Dialog/Dimension/Dungeon
     MUSE	Multi-User Simulastion Environment
     MX		Mail eXchange
     MultiLIS	an OPAC software type
     NCP	Network Conrol Protocol
     NCSA	National Center for Supercomputing Applications
     NEARnet	New England Academic & Research Network
     NED	NASA Extragalactic Database
     NIC	Network Information Center
     NISC	Network Information Service Center
     NIXPUB	list of Usenet dialup sites using uucp connections
     NLS	Native Language Support
     NNSC	NSFnet Network Services Center
     NNTP	Network News Transfer Protocol
     NOC	Network Operations Center
     NOS	Network Operating System
     NOTIS	an OPAC software type
     NREN	National Reasearch and Educational Network
     NSAPI	Netscape Server Application Programming Interface
     NSF	National Science Foundation
     NSFnet	Supercomputer backbone of the internet
     NSInet	NASA Science Internet
     NSN	NASA Science Network
     NTIA	National Telecommunications & Information Administration
     OAG	On-line Airline Guide
     OBS	On-line Book Service
     OCLC	On-line Computer Library Center (an OPAC software type)
     OPAC	Online Public Access Catalog
     OS		Operating System
     PAIH	Public Access Internet Host
     PAIS	Public Access Internet System/Service
     PDN	Public Data Network
     PEM	Privacy Enhanced Mail
     PEP	Protocol Extension Protocol
     POP	Point of Presence
     PPP	Point to Point Protocol
     PQDN	Partially Qualified Domain Name
     PSI	Performance Systems International, Inc.
     PSN	Packet Switching Node(s)
     RAM	Random Access Memory
     RFC	Request For Comment (standard net documents)
     RLG	Research Libraries Group
     RLIN	Research Libraries Information Network
     ROFL	Roling On the Floor Laughing
     ROM	Read Only Memory
     RSN	"Real Soon Now"
     RTFM	"Read The 'Fine' Manual(s)"
     SGML	Standard General Markup Language
     SIG	Special Interest Group
     SLIP	Serial Line Internet Protocol
     SMDL	Standard Music Description Language
     SMTP	Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
     SNMP	Simple Network Management Protocol
     SPAM	Repetitive & useless news postings of ill flavor
     SPAN	Space Physics Analysis Network
     STD	subset of RFC documents specifying internet standard 
     TANSTAAFL	"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
     TCP	Transfer Control Protocol
     TTFN	"Ta-Ta For Now"
     UNICORN	an OPAC software type
     UNIX	multitasking, multiuser os derived from mit's multics,
                a pun on the name
     URICA	an OPAC software type
     URL	Uniform Resource Locator
     UTCAT	an OPAC software type
     UUCP	Unix to Unix CoPy
     VERONICA	indexing of GOPHER archives
     VTLS	an OPAC software type
     WAIS	Wide Area Information Server: implementation of Z39.50 protocol
     WRT	"With Regard To"
     WWW	World Wide Web
     W3		World Wide Web
     YA		"Yet Another"
     Z39.58	an OPAC software type

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