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Internet Traffic Report
CERT® Coordination Center at CMU
Check out Info on known Viruses, Trojan Horses and Hoaxes
(L. Livermore Nat'l Labs) Truth About Computer Virus Myths & Hoaxes
Software Sources
  1. The Free Software Union:
    'Open Source Journal, the Magazine for Free Software'.
  2. Softwareausstattung der Computerlinguistik
  4., Free Programming Source Code (C/C++) Perl, etc.
  12. Freshmeat Software
  13. Resources for Web Designers
  14. The Association of Lisp Users

The Free Software Foundation (GNU Project)

  1. Linux Software Encyclopedia (Texas A&M)
    Truely Encyclopedic! Definitions, explanations, hyperlink crossreferenced with links to sites for downloading almost anything Linux you could want.
  2. Gary's Linux Encyclopedia
  3. Linux Kernel HOWTO: Tips und Tricks (Auf Deutsch)
  4. Publically available OCR Code
  5. Das Linux Kernel HOWTO: Tips und tricks
  6. - docs
  7. The Big-Linux Archive
  8. OS News: Features: A View of Linux From an Open Window
    A Windows User Tries Linux.
  9. Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
  10. Linux and Year 2000 (Y2K)
  11. Red Hat Software, Inc. - Legal Notices (The Y2K Problem)
  12. Redhat Linux
  13. Red Hat Linux Hardware Compatibility List for Intel/5.2: CPUs, Motherboards, Buses, Etc.
  14. Open Sound System (OSS) Home Page
  15. Open Sound System (OSS) Sound Card List
  16. Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System
  17. Linux Web Watcher
  18. Index of /hypermail/linux
  19. Linux Guide
  20. Linux Focus Ezine
  21. Linux Mall Newsletter Archive
  22. Scientific Applications of Linux
  23. UNC: Linux Source Navigator
  24. The Linux 2.1/2.2 Wish List
  25. Bleeding Edge Linux
  26. Linux - THE POWER OS
  27. The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
  28. The Linux Documentation Project (LDP): Homepage
  29. Computing Site (tm): LINUX
  30. Computing Site (tm): UNIX
  31. Computing Site (tm): Y2K Problem
  32. Computing Site (tm): Shell Programming
  33. Computing Site (tm): X-Windows
  34. Computing Site (tm): tcl_tck
  35. Using MMX with Linux
  36. Linux Resources(TM)
  37. Scientific Software (Linux)
  38. Emacspeak --A Speech Output Subsystem For Emacs
  39. The Festival Speech Synthesis System
  40. Linux Applications and Utilities Page
  41. Linux, GNOME, Stallman, etc... in the Jan 1999 issue of the MIT Technology Review
  42. LinuxFocus Online Magazine: PGP Under Linux
  43. RedHat Package Manger
  44. (The Browser)
  45. The Cross-Platform Page (Video, Audio, Graphic, etc. Converters)
  46. The XAnim Home Page - Player of many audio, video graphics for unices
  47. Linux IP Masquerade Resource
  48. Malvern: METAFONT font program
  49. Omega Project Home Page (Multilingual TeX)
  50. Elk: Scheme-based Extension Language Kit

General & Miscellaneous

  1. Topic: lang/lisp/ - The CMU Common Lisp Repository
  2. Index of /pub/Linux/devel/lang/lisp (Common Lisp Sources)
  3. City University Constraints Archive
  4. Linux AI & Alife Mini-Howto (Computer Language Sources)
    Some cutting edge and bloody software sources - even if you don't think you are looking for something in particular, look.
  5. Alexander Geschonneck's security page
  6. The Kermit Project - Columbia University Versions 6.0 and 6.1 Download
  7. TEAC Worldwide
  8. FermiVista! : Documents DVI/PS sur
  9. Apache Project (Web Server Software)
  10. Accelerated Graphics Port/AGP Home (From Intel)
  11. Intel's MMX Speeds Multimedia (An Explanation of MMX concept for Programmers)
  12. Processor Information : Intel MMX (Extended Instruction Set)
  13. Referrer/Redirect for MMX(TM) Technology News
  14. Literature Center (Intel)
  15. What Is...MMX (a definition)
  16. Using MMX with Linux
  17. The 13th Floor--Computers (Commercial Realities of CS)
  18. October 1994 / Features / Unix at 25
  19. Matt's Script Archive
  20. UNIX help for users
  21. Shell environment (sh, ksh, bash, csh, tcsh)
  22. SunOS Manual Pages: Master Index
  23. Rosc's Infinite List of Linux Links
    (and other esoteric oddities) on Fly By Night(c)
    Word processor to HTML converters - some UNIX programs too.
  26. Unicode Consortium Home Page
  27. The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing RCFoC from DEC
  28. EFF's Guide to the Internet
  29. Lynx versions
  30. World Anonymous Ftp Sites
  31. Database of Web Robots, Overview
  32. URL Address Structure
  33. HTML Crash Course for Educators
  34. Copyright Considerations for Your Web Page
  35. Matt's Perl CGI Script Archive
  36. Printing PostScript files
  37. Adobe Systems Incorporated
  38. Fonts FAQ - General Info (1/3)
  39. Fonts FAQ - General Info (2/3)
  40. Fonts FAQ - General Info (3/3)
  41. PS Printer Support FAQ
  42. Inst. of Phys.: TeX and LaTeX style files
  43. WWW-FAQ
  44. Some TeX Documentation
  45. TeX-related documentation
  46. TeX Documentation
  47. General documentation about (La)TeX
  48. LaTeX, TeX and AmSLaTeX Documentation
  49. TeX and LaTeX Documentation
  50. Bob Shirey's Computer Reference Links
  51. LaTeX2e Reference: Contents
  52. LaTeX2HTML in store
  53. References for Scientists and Tech Weenies
  54. Signal Magazine: Digital Organisms Emerge from Random Code Soup
  55. Index of Perl/HTML archives
  56. Introducing HTML 3.2
  57. HTML 4.0 Working Draft Release
  58. Background Colors
  59. JavaScript Authoring Guide
  60. MIT Lab for Computer Science Web Page
  61. Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples
  62. List of Special Interest Mailing Lists
  63. Turing's Prophecy
  64. Fileformats FAQ - Graphic
  65. Graphics File Formats FAQ (1 of 4)
  66. Graphics File Formats FAQ (2 of 4)
  67. Graphics File Formats FAQ (3 of 4)
  68. Graphics File Formats FAQ (4 of 4)
  69. GMOD GUS MOD file player
  70. The GNU Project
  71. XFree86(TM): Home Page
  72. Open Sound System (OSS) Free
  73. Common Music
  74. The Csound Front Page
  75. Announce mail by voice
  76. SNNS- Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
  77. The ROOT System Home Page
  78. HTML Development
  79. Bibliographies on Theory/Foundations of Computer Science (Search)
  80. Index to Kainen's pages
  81. Von Neumann Computer Architecture
  82. The Research of Prof. Snuggles (Neural Networks)
  83. The Repository of Elite Stuff... Links
  84. Fontaholics Anonymous
  85. R&J Technology, Inc.- An Online Computer Discount Store
  86. EarthLink Network Home Page
  87. Concurrent Clean
  88. Welcome to O'Reilly & Associates!
  89. L-systems tutorial
  90. CMU: AI Repository
  91. Myths and Counterexamples in Mathematical Programming
  92. StatLib Index: CMU - Available Statistical Software
  93. The Error Correcting Codes (ECC) Home Page
  94. RAD - Topics in Networking
  95. Complexity On-line
  96. The Ubiquitous Reed-Solomon Codes
  97. The Web Robots Pages
  98. Contents: Iterative methods
  99. Numerical Recipes in C
  100. C Programming FAQs Errata
  101. Annotations on K&R II (J. Blustein)
  102. Infrequently asked Questions in comp.lang.c
    This is a joke!
  103. Benutzer Guide für anonymous Remailer (Auf Deutsch)
  104. - on-line guide to Pictures and Program Binaries
  105. Index of doc/obi/Standards/ANSI/SCSI-2
  106. My Spiffy Index: Electronics:Specs: I/O
  107. Chaos Manor Musings (Jerry Pournelle)

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