The Internet Metayoga Pages

(Information and Useful Things)

These are some "high level" entry points [LINKS] for finding things and learning about the Internet and its use.

    As of August 20, 1999, the above URL is supposed to be the biggest and fastest new search engine on
  2. Search
  3. Search
  4. Computer Café DogPile Search
    More extensive even than Altavista, which is only one of the many search engines that it accesses. Results are given categorized by returns from the various search engines.
  5. Altavista Search Engine
    The most comprehensive indexing in the world.
  6. Inference Find! -- Home Page and Resource Center
    Fast, with removal of redundancy (unlike altavista) but overall severely restricted in scope, and rather limited in its indexing.

    A more complete list of searching tools is available in the local file
  7. SEARCH!
  8. Internet Learning Center
    At The Well.
  9. Webmaster's Bookmarks
  10. Internet Research Resources and Tools (NYU)
  11. My Virtual Reference Desk - Table of Contents
  12. Random House Directory
  13. Excite Search Engine
  14. Cnet Search Engine
  15. Hotbot Search Engine
  16. Lycos Search Engine (Carnegie-Mellon Computer Science Department)
  17. Infomine (Virtual Academic Library)
  18. Inktomi search engine (Berkeley)
  19. Infoseek (news groups)
  20. MetaCrawler Search
  21. Cosmix Mother Load - Insane Search
  22. Search the Galaxy
  23. LookSmart - Search
  24. Welcome to Magellan!
  25. What-U-Seek (c) 1996-97 - Search
  26. Yahoo Guide to the Web
  27. Deja News
    Usenet entry point
  28. AnyWho: Find People - Find E-mail - Residential Directory Search
  29. Email Search
  30. Everything E-Mail (TM) - Finding An E-Mail Address
  31. Netmeg Internet - The Jargon Dictionary
  32. Internet Glossary
  33. Smileys
  34. NCCEG (North Carolina Cooperative Extension Gopher)
  35. The Awesome List
  36. The International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology
  37. Internet Navigation Aids (With Anonymous ftp sites List)
  38. List of Anonymous Remailers (Berkeley)
  39. Catalog of LISTSERV Mailing Lists
  40. FTP search v3.6
  41. Replay: An Extensive Source of Crytographic Software and Info
  42. "thedirectory" of Internet Service Providers
    & BBSes - ISP / BBS List

  43. Congressional Email Directory
  44. Political Science and Public Policy Resources : Think Tanks Etc.
  45. Free Internet Encyclopedia
  46. Catalog of Catalogs
  47. The Elsop Webmaster Resource Center Has been expanded to include Intranets and Unix. Contains the very best links and most comprehensive coverage of computer industry trade publications, website development, HTML, servers, validators, link checkers, and software for webmasters.

    Major sections include:

    Computer Industry Publications
    Electronic Commerce Solutions
    Internet Check Processing Services & Software
    Internet Funds Transfer Services - Electronic Payments
    Internet Merchant Charge Card Services
    Internet Software Distributors
    High Technology Trade Shows & Conferences
    History of the Technology
    Computer Industry History
    Internet & World Wide Web History
    Computer Companies History
    Silicon Valley History
    Humor for Webmasters :-)
    Internet, Cyberspace and Computer Law
    Internet Trade Associations and Societies
    Intranet Reference Center (The Elsop)
    Link Validators & Site Mappers
    Reference Room of Outstanding Resources for Webmasters
    Software & Systems Company Websites (Over 2,200)
    Systems and Software Sources on the Web
    Unix Reference Center (The Elsop)
    Website Development Services
    Website Link Placement Services & Web Advertising Brokers
    Website Localization & Translation Services
    Website Marketing and Business Publications
    Web Training Companies

    Produced and Sponsored by the
    Electronic Software Publishing Corporation

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