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Here are some haiku written of late, some in other than English. Any earlier attempts at poetry I destroyed. Pure trash. These, I still like.

There is some other poetry that I've liked for many years, and some poetry and language resources. for reasons of their stillness, exhiliration, stateliness, sound qualities, or intricate tendrils of structure.

Also poetry of friends.

There are also some links to other resources on poetry, language and liguistics.

"It is as impossible to translate poetry as it is to translate music."
-- Voltaire, writer (1694-1778)

  1. Heart and Mind
  2. Poetry by Shadow
  3. Uranus and Other Poems from Annie
  4. Prose and Poetry in Letters from Annie
  5. Poems by Joseph Bridwell
  6. Poems by Anne and John
  7. Original Haiku
  8. Music as Language
  9. High Flight
  10. Der Einsiedler
  11. Dies Irae
  12. Erlkoenig
  13. Wanderers Nachtlied II
  14. Slaves! - Translation from the Babylonian

Goethe Gedichte - Goethe Poetry - German-English

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