You were not born thus!
	Sheep, though you have become.
	Stupid, dull, terrified have your masters made you.
	Sheep led to slaughter is your fate.
	Let them steal your wealth by their laws?
	Not your laws.
	Let them steal your voice?
	Let them steal your person?
	Your soul - through their corruption?
	Corrupt their own Evil!
	Burn them!

	Sheep, unworthy of the appellation human!
	Reclaim your voice and person!
	"Silence bespeaks consent"
	Consent not!
	Consent not to their lying, thievery, abuse!
	Kill them!

	Rip them from their sanctified offices!
	Sanctified by whom?
	Sanctified by what but their own thieving greed?
	Slit their lying throats!
	Let their red blood flow!
	A thousand times the blood of the innocent
	that they have caused to flow, they, cowering in embattled palaces  -
	Slay them all! - not in God's name,
	But in the name of your own Honor!
	Sleepers!  Awake!
	Kill them!
	Kill them all!

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Created: September 11, 2000
Last Updated: September 11, 2000