These pages are new, "under construction" and will be so until I die, which, with luck, will not be in the near future.

  1. Origins of the Snotty Chef
  2. Prolog In Heaven
  3. Prolog In The Theater
  4. Notes on Culinary Ethnicity
  5. The Silk Road - 0
  6. On The History, Language & Philosophy Of Ethnic Cuisines
  7. On Diet, History, Biology & Chemistry Of Food

Some Constructed Staples & Miscellenia ('*' means it is not there yet)
  1. The International Kitchen *
  2. Some Tools of the Kitchen
  3. Ethnic Pantries *
  4. Exotica *
  5. Endless Confusions of Language
  6. Ghee, the definition and making thereof
  7. Spice & Herb Salts *
  8. Saffron, about
  9. Sauces & Pastes *
  10. Terminology *
  11. Yoghurt, the making thereof
  12. Mustard and Horseradish +

Ethnic Cuisines & Recipes
  1. Austrian
  2. Basque
  3. Bhutanese
  4. Burmese
  5. Chinese
  6. German
  7. French
  8. Greek
  9. Hungarian
  10. Indian
  11. Iranian (PERSIAN)
  12. Italian
  13. Mexican
  14. Russian
  15. Spanish
  16. Thai
  17. Tibetan
  18. Turkish
  19. UK
  20. US

External Links of Significant Value
  1. Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages Here you will find almost anything you could possibly want to know about spices in terms of biology, chemistry and linguistic terminology of what corresponds to what.

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