The Snotty Chef's Preface (Prolog in the Theater)

Man does not live by bread alone.

This is a statement that is hopeful - despairing - and also generally, and arguably both stupid and brilliant, since man, indeed cannot literally live by bread alone: that is a biological fact.

The implication, indeed meaning in context of the statement is that what is sufficient to sustain the body is not sufficient to sustain the spirit, and therefore that the body and spirit are different and distinct entities of the same "order of ontology". Not very likely.

Bread, however, is never even sufficient for the body, and so the implication begins with a completely false hypothesis. Therefore, as a logical statement, it is stupid. Yet, in its very stupidity is brilliance, if understood more literally that bread is insufficient. Then, it becomes a statement of fact, and not one of pseudospiritual psychosis.

If modern science has shown anything, it has shown exactly how the the classical philosophical divisions between mind and body, spirit and mind are complete mythical nonsense; much of so called philosphy is mythical and confabulated nonsense. All three, mind, body and spirit are quite obviously distinguishable aspects of the same physical reality.

   The purposes of this extended essay on cuisine and its history:

	1. To be useful and enlightening to a practicioner
	2. To be both entertaining and irritating
	3. To work out the Snotty Chef's contention that the world's
	   cuisine really has only two major focalpoints: China and

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