The main attraction is tomatoes; this variant
			happens to be very much to my own liking, and
			does not use any prepared Rasam Powder.

	4lbs 	Tomatoes (diced and peeled)

	5 Tbs	Usli Ghee

	Fry in a few Tbs of Ghee over a medium heat adding in order:

		1	stick, 2 inch, of cinnamon (cassia bark) crushed
		2	Turkish Bay leaves
		8	Dried red hot peppers
		2 tsp   Black peppercorns
		6 	Cardamom pods, crushed
		1	Walnut size piece of ginger sliced thinly
		2	Garlic cloves (large) sliced thinly (fry until brown)

	Remove spices and reserve them and the Ghee:

	Liquify in food processor or blender:
	1	Large onion
	1	Tomato
	3	Garlic cloves, sliced

	Reheat Ghee and add liquifaction from blender.  Leave a little
	in the blender adding the fried spices - all but cinnamon, and
	bay leaves.  Put the blended fried spices in with the cooking
	paste, adding

	1 tsp		salt
	1 tsp		ground coriander
	1 tsp		ground cumino
	1/2 tsp		ground turmeric
	1/4 tsp		ground mace
	1/4 tsp		ground nutmeg

	Add the diced tomatoes and perhaps a cup of water or more
	to the pot, and simmer for about 30 minutes.  This should
	be rather soupy, and a red-orange color.

	Before serving add

	Juice of 2 large lemons
	1 TBS tamarind concentrate (Tamcon)
	1/2 cup tamarind water and pulp

        Invariably served over rice, though I have heard of people eating
	it as a soup.


	1. Do not use an iron pot for this; only stainless steel
	   or enamel.

	   It is acidic, and the probability of the iron making it
	   taste funny is too high to chance, even if the iron is
	   supposedly well seasoned; that seems to be a matter of
	   ill defined opinion.

	2. This both reheats and freezes like a charm.

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