DA Rejects Patently Criminal Charges

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 20:21:27 -0400
From: judy morris 

Two weeks ago I went to the local court house and filled out criminal
complaints against Dr. Pringle, Dr. Mirkin, the Massachusetts Department
of Insurance, and the Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau and Attorney
General.  Two days ago I received my complaints back in the mail with
the following notation (nothing else) 
"These are in nature of Civil complaints.  Please seek advise of
counsel. EMR"  I don't even know who EMR is.

Tomorrow they go back to the courthouse with the following letter and
enclosures (Tim Rogers is the Assistant DA who threw my first set of
complaints in the trash 4 months ago):

						Judy Morris, MD
						261 Bumstead Rd.
						Monson, MA  01057
						(413) 267-3606
Tim Rogers - Asst. DA
Palmer District Court 
235 Sykes Street
Palmer, MA  01069-1191				Sept.  14, 1998

Dear EMR (who didn't bother to identify him or herself) and Mr. Rogers,

It is my understanding that the District Attorney and the Assistant
District Attorney are supposed to BE lawyers.
Well let me help you out.  I have done extensive legal research in the
last year.  I am including copies of the Massachusetts Law against
extortion, a representative case that was prosecuted by the US
Government for extortion that gives all the appropriate definitions, a
summary of the Racketeer and Corrupt Organization law and how it applies
to this case, a newspaper article showing that I am not the only one who
thinks Linda Ruthardt and her Division of Insurance are in collusion
with the insurance industry, and a representative example of how the
Civil Justice system is being used for the purpose of extortion.

I will shortly be filing a Civil suit, but what is going on here is
clearly a CRIMINAL conspiracy and should be prosecuted as such.

Since I filed my disability claims with UNUM, I have lived in almost
constant fear.  I have been pursued in my car,
had my privacy invaded, had my credit checked for unapproved purposes in
violation of FCRA.  I've been wrongly
labeled as mentally and malingering and then had these false impressions
sent to my former employer.  The Department of Insurance has published
false statements about me and then, knowing they were false, sent them
to my elected officials.  I've been led to wonder if my phones and
computer are being monitored by my insurance company due to my
activities in gathering witnesses and evidence.  And I have to worry
about the effect dealing with Racketeers  for the next several years is
going to have on my own medical condition in the long run.

UNUM is using fraud investigation tactics to terrorize people, credit
checks to pry into affairs that they are not legally entitled to,
corrupt doctors to misdiagnose people, and corrupt officials to aid and
abet their scheme.  Most of these actions were taken with clear
financial incentives for the wrongdoers.	

Why are YOU protecting these criminals?

My next step will be a Writ of Mandamas or Certiorari to compel you to
do your job and prosecute when you have ample evidence, a cooperative
witness and victim, and I've done all the legal research for you.

You are public officers, paid for by the taxes of the Citizens of the
Commonwealth.  It is your duty to investigate when presented with
evidence of criminal behavior.  I shouldn't have to EDUCATE YOU about
what the law says.

By the way, as you might have imagined, my "costume" is not a sign of
mental illness, but merely an attention getting device that I started
when I realized the corrupt system I was up against.  The reaction from
the General Public to my campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, in
fact many people I speak to have a close friend or relative that has
been victimized by an unscrupulous insurance company.

Yours truly,

Judy Morris, MD


1.  Criminal Complaint forms against Jane Pringle, Peter Mirkin,
    Department of Insurance, Insurance Fraud Bureau and Scott Harshbarger
2.  US v Alan J. Valenzeno, No. 95-4203 - Conviction for Extortion and
    violation of FCRA
3.  Massachusetts laws against extortion
4.  Summary of extortion in this case (I have many other cases to back
    this up as well).
5.  Steve Russell's synopsis of just one of the  extortionate tactics
    taken against him AFTER his lawyer filed suit
6.  Recent newspaper article where Steve D'Amato of the DOI accuses
    Linda Ruthardt of collusion.


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