From Fri Jan  8 01:20:40 1999
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 22:18:24 -0500
From: Judy Morris 
Subject: Diary Entry 1/6/99

I talked to Ron Diamond, the dentist that was awarded $59 Million in
Arizona against General American Ins.  Man, some people just have all
the luck. This guy didn't even realize he'd been had when his insurance
cut him off after three years.  He was already working in another field
and didn't think twice about it.  Out of the blue this attorney calls
him and says
"Hey, your name was on this 'hit list' GA Insurance had to terminate
your benefits. Can I take your case?"

Here's another good one I heard today for a diary entry.  In those
confidentiality agreements they are forcing people to sign in order to
get paid, they are including prohibitions against talking, writing,
Internet communications, etc.  They are also telling people that if
they get subpoenaed to testify they must get the OK from the insurance
company before they can testify!!!!! This sounds like obstruction of
justice to me!

We filed the answer to the Harrington Motion to Dismiss today.  This
weekend we'll be working on the one for the AG and DOI.  They are
claiming governmental immunity.

I'm going to include a copy of the Declaration of Independence as a
exhibit.  The reason we fought that war 200 years ago was because the
English government was not taking any responsibility and doing what they
damn well pleased. It sure seems like the US government is doing just
the same thing.

Well, at first I was just going up against a few idiots, then it turned
out to be a corrupt insurance company, then some corrupt government
agencies, now the entire corrupt government, AND they are defending
themselves with OUR tax dollars!


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Created: January 8, 1999
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