From Fri Jan  8 01:21:12 1999
   Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 00:23:23 -0500
   From: Judy Morris 
   Subject: Diary entry 1/7/99: Synopsis of letters to Government
            and their responses

We need a good US Attorney or someone with an "in" at the DOJ to kick-start this thing. I've already tried with the FBI. The local agent here was quite interested but couldn't get the AG of Maine or Mass to do anything. Then after I wrote to the DOJ for about the FIFTH time, they wrote me back and told me to call the FBI!

Meanwhile the Mass. AG's office is telling me to complain to the Maine Department of Insurance. The Maine DOI is complaining to the Massachusetts DOI that I'm "harassing" them (I kid you not), and of course the Massachusetts Department of Insurance is in collusion.

The Massachusetts Dept of Consumer Affairs tells me to complain to the Mass. DOI. The Maine DOI tells me to complain to the Mass. DOI. The Massachusetts Board of Medicine tells me to complain to the Maine BOM. I did and they determined that UNUM's doctors ARE practicing medicine. So how come the Mass. AG is not prosecuting them for practicing medicine without a license in THIS state. AND, how come the Maine AG is not prosecuting one of them who wasn't even licensed in his home state of Maine for Practicing without a license?

Let's see. Oh, yeah. The FBI lady suggested I call the Inspector General. I did. They claim they only investigate Union related activities. I wrote to the Postmaster General (because a lot of this constitutes mail and wire fraud). They told me to complain to the Attorney General. I've written a couple of times to US Attorneys but they don't even bother to write back.

The Mass. DOI told me my problem was federal and therefore the state couldn't help. Senator Kennedy's office told me the problem was state and therefore he couldn't help.

The Mass. DOI and Mass. AG both claim they can't do anything if you are represented by an attorney OR have filed a lawsuit, but of course they didn't do anything for the year and a half that I didn't have an attorney and didn't have a lawsuit filed either.

The Mass. DOI will let me look at the Complaints filed against UNUM but I have to pay $100 and all identifying information will be blacked out. I got a file of complaints from the DOL through an agency that charged me $30. There's about 30 complaints but all they say is "complaint filed" and complaint closed" and a date. A few identify the names of state legislatures but otherwise there is nothing about who filed the complaint, the State they were in, the problem alleged, the outcome or anything else. That's what you get under the FOIA.

I even wrote the FTC a few times but they claim they just don't "see" any anti-trust violations going on here.

There's an epidemic of blindness going on in government and law enforcement. They just don't "see" where lies are being told and crimes are being committed.

The State defendants are declaring total immunity under the Eleventh Amendment for the RICO claims and the State Tort Claims Act for the State Claims. I think about 200 years ago, the colonists were having the same problems with a King named George who felt he was above the law. Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately?


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