From Tue Feb  9 00:57:42 1999
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 00:16:38 -0500
From: Judy Morris 
Subject: Case diary - Thoughts 2.8.99

I'm scared and feeling very desperate.  We have got so much case law to
back us up and so much common sense, but then I read some decision where
the judge cited all the appropriate caselaw and then INEXPLICABLY gives
the insurer the benefit of the doubt, even after admitting they have a
"perpetual conflict."  I know my fate is already decided by the judge's
politics and how many $5000 insurance sponsored "seminars" he attended,
details I have no way of knowing.  I'm prepared for the worst but even
though I feel mentally prepared for the worst, emotionally it will be
devastating to be betrayed again and to face all the work of appealing,
and maybe even facing the same thing in the appeal.

I spent from noon yesterday until this morning in bed sleeping, except
for 2 1/2 hours in another bed watching TV.  My energy isn't too bad
today although my muscles feel pretty sore, but I just wonder if all
this work is for naught.

I've been contacted by Richard Sabo, an ex-Metlife Agent, who filed a
racketeering lawsuit against his own company after they refused to
correct their affairs and in fact fired him.  Please read his story at
  But he's been at it for years.

Insurance companies have destroyed the doctor patient relationship.  Who
can trust their doctor if they know that what the doctor doesn't tell
you, tests he/she doesn't run, cancers he/she doesn't diagnose are just
more money in his/her pocket.  And if s/he gets sued?  Well, his/her
insurance defense lawyers will take care of it.  No sweat off his/her
brow.  It's sickening, my friends.  The pressures on honest people to
make them conform to this system are overwhelming.

It sometimes makes me wish this was a war with guns and bombs.  Then
there's a chance of becoming a casualty and having the torment end.  I
would gladly return to the ER ANY DAY, but I know my headaches, muscles
aches, dizzy spells and cognitive dysfunction would worsen and I
wouldn't last long.

Would someone please explain to me how human beings can be do cruel to
their fellow man/woman?

I got Jack Taylor's lawyer's Motion to Dismiss  Fedex'd to me today.
(He's the insurance agent for the hospital).  Luckily we found lots of
precedents to hold him responsible either as an ERISA fiduciary OR under
State Law whichever way it goes.  Now we have to type it up and HOPE
that the judge hasn't already made up his mind to find some excuse to
screw me.  Because you know, what I've learned, when you are living
under a tyrannical form of government, ANY LAW, ANY PRECEDENT, ANY WORD
or STATEMENT can be twisted, spin-doctored, ignored or misrepresented to
prove (however implausibly) whatever preconcieved notion the "finder of
fact" has decided he/she wants to prove.

Well, right about now Jack Artale should be patting me on the shoulder
saying "PMA, Judy, PMA."  PMA stands for positive mental attitude.  I'm
afraid to think positive, then you fall farther.


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