Subject: Emotional Distress

Someone asked me yesterday how I could prove my emotional distress. In general, I don't know how someone PROVES anything in this corrupt system, but I would think that fearing for my financial health, my physical health, my mental health, thinking my insurance not only wants me dead but might actually encourage such an outcome, being afraid to see a psychologist or psychiatrist anymore because of how UNUM used the words of my former therapists for their own means, having to depend on friends and family for counseling, losing my medical insurance, depleting my savings, nightmares (involving UNUM persecuting me), high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, becoming obsessed with exposing them. WHAT DOES IT TAKE?

No, my children haven't been wrenched away from me only because I don't have any. No, my relationship hasn't broken up because I'm very lucky. No I'm not homeless and not likely to be only BECAUSE not only did I buy insurance, I also had financial reserves.

But I'm most worried about what will come next. Now I know the power our corrupt government holds. Now the stories of the wrongfully accused, the wrongfully imprisoned strike a cord. I have lost my "innocence." I have lost my faith in the institution of the American Government. A pall of despair hangs over my life as I wonder when the system will collapse entirely under the weight of the corruption that has destroyed our legal system. When we will be no better than Russia, Kosovo, Ethiopia, and other countries with despotic rulers, arbitrary and irrational laws, and NO justice and not even any HOPE of it. I, at least still have HOPE. The Internet and all of you give me that.

And lest we think my fears unfounded, more and more stories are coming to light, such as the disabled man in Florida being falsely accused of fraud by the Florida AG and the corrupt Florida Insurance Fraud Bureau which is backed by Cigna.

And only today I found this website where a woman has been charged by the Maine AG of some kind of huge fraud, that apparently, according to her supporters and friends stems from the fact that she had the audacity to sue a Maine Bank (Key Bank) and a Maine Law Firm 13 years ago.

The Maine Law Firm that she sued is none other than UNUM's defense firm Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson (home of my least favorite liar Pat Peard).

I'm positive they are trying their hardest to cook up something to charge me with.

Well, hang in their Catherine Duffy Petit. Apparently you have friends who are willing to help you get the truth out.

Well, it's time to go pay the taxes I owe on the savings and investments I had to cash in to support myself this year. Taxes that are going to a corrupt system.


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Created: April 17, 1999
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