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This is sort of a test and quick note. Coollist had been screwing up a little and you missed a few messages but I don't have time to write a lot now. Some items I'd like to elaborate on later:

1. I go to court tomorrow for a "Scheduling Hearing." There are some outstanding motions that hopefully the judge will address including UNUM's failure to cooperate with the discovery conference scheduling in good faith and my Order to Show Cause to force them to pay the benefits now and not wait to trial. Monday I submitted additional evidence to the judge as to why I will definitely prevail at any trial including sworn affidavits from both of my doctors that two of UNUM's "doctors" had a total of three separate conversations with them and then UNUM's doctors wrote up fraudulent versions of these conversations claiming my doctors make defamatory comments about me. My doctors have sworn they never made these comments and they never supported UNUM's conclusion (as UNUM claimed they had) that my problems were psychiatric and I had no evidence of a medical condition. Mike's taken the day off to go to court with me, so if things go badly, I'll have a shoulder to cry on.

2. I have been granted official "intervenor" status in the UNUM/Provident merger. I have submitted my Production of Documents requests prior to the deadline. The Superintendent of Insurance in Maine (who for some reason is the one overseeing this merger) is trying desperately to keep intervenors from speaking. There are now five of us and he's told us we must pick ONE PERSON (even though we don't know each other at all) by Friday to represent the group. We are protesting and stating we each want our own say. He is also trying to hold us to Discovery deadlines that will end on Monday. The process is rigged.

3. The FTC appears to have cleared the merger. The requirements of the FTC for reporting are meaningless as far as stopping the illegal behavior. You can read about it at:

4. I have information about one woman who got Provident to pay her claims because she wrote them a letter in her own blood. They only owed her a few thousand dollars but she was so desperate and felt so oppressed by their snide accusations and insinuations and her own disease (manic-depression) that she was severely tempted to commit suicide on the steps of their Chattanooga headquarters if the Blood letter hadn't gotten results. Fortunately it did, but of course they threatened that if she ever tried anything like that again, it might result in "payment delays." It was a few years ago. They haven't bothered her since and she's been willing to talk to me and possibly other interested parties.

5. The Whistleblower ad should be in the Portland, ME newspapers. Could someone in Maine please check and get back to me. I think it's in the business classified. I've been disappointed with the donations. I got two from claimants for $100-$150, two $50 checks (one actually from an attorney), and a few $20 checks that I'm going to return because they came from people who need the money more than me. The ad is costing me $1400 for the month up until the merger hearing.

6. I got a copy of a Provident Confidentiality agreement - I'll post the contents later in the week. It's exactly what we thought it was - a whitewash and full of threats.


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