My reaction to the Motion to Dismiss [Poppo/Hayman]
I know it was expected and there would have been a motion to dismiss
even if the lawsuit had been ten pages.  Then they would have stated it
wasn't long enough and didn't give enough details.  My main fear was
that if I didn't say enough in the original complaint that I might never
again get any opportunity to have a judge look at this case.  Also there
is no page limit to how long a complaint can be but additional motions
are limited to 20 pages (double spaced).

Of course, I'm scared, a little upset.  I don't know what my judge is
like but you know they wield emmense power.  Maybe he'll be pissed that
I wrote such a long complaint, that I, a Pro Se litigant, would dare
take on the system.

Will I have the strength and energy to rewrite this, refile it, relive
the anxiety and fear of failure that goes with waiting.

I've been pretty tired and achy these last few days.  But knowing
myself, even if I take a break, I'll return to the project.  And
hopefully my efforts have not gone unnoticed on the Internet and I can
at least educate some people, save them this horror and disappointment,
and contribute to exposing, as Michael Moore says "The Awful Truth"
about the insurance industry to the innocent public.


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