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My name is Dr. Judy Morris.  I was an Emergency Room Physician disabled
by an immunologic condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  With my
doctor's approval I submitted applications for disability benefits from
UNUM Insurance Company of Portland, Maine, with whom I had purchased an
individual policy and been provided a group policy through my employer.

UNUM set about denying my claims for disability benefits by having me
followed by Private Investigators for over 2 1/2 weeks, including one
night when someone tried to run me off the road.  I subsequently saw the
PI reports and they were falsified regarding that incident and some
other incidents that occurred while PI's were following me.

UNUM had doctors from Portland call my doctors on the telephone and tell
them I was "difficult and litigious" and imply that I was malingering or
a fraud.  When my doctors wouldn't agree with these characterizations,
UNUM's "doctors" wrote up reports of these conversations claiming my
doctors said negative and untrue things about me.  UNUM then
used these fraudulent reports as rationale to deny my claims.

I have appealed through UNUM's sham appeals process, after getting two
second opinions from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome experts.  I have appealed
and complained  in writing over and over to the Massachusetts Department
of Insurance, the Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau, the
Massachusetts Attorney General's office and some members of the State
Legislature, as well as on a Federal level to the Department of Labor,
the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI, US
Attorneys, the media, and many others.

I have tried using attorneys three times and been disappointed.  Finally
I read the law books myself.  I'm currently in contact with over 100
UNUM claimants and several dozen attorneys who have lawsuits against
UNUM.  Two claimants I knew of committed suicide most certainly because
of the oppression of being involved in a lawsuit against this company in
addition to deal with their disabling conditions.  One other woman I
know of attempted suicide due to UNUM's actions.  Private Investigators
have harassed and intimidated claimants all over the country.  In one
instance they rammed their car into one woman's car.  Many claimants
have gone bankrupt.  Some claimants are homeless or have experienced
periods of homelessness.  None of these people have recovered from their
medical conditions just because UNUM says they have.

On October 30, 1998, I filed Pro Se, a lawsuit in Springfield,
Massachusetts, Federal Court, a lawsuit against UNUM Insurance as well
as my former employer, the Massachusetts Attorney General, Department of
Insurance, Insurance Fraud Bureau, a State legislator, and 2 insurance
agents accusing them of Racketeering, Extortion, Mail and Wire Fraud,
and multiple counts of Attempted Murder and Murder.

I am documenting my attempts to get this lawsuit into a court of law and
in front a jury on this website.

Judy Morris, MD

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