11030 32ND DR. S.E.
   EVERETT, WA 98208
   Extensive and successful professional experience in the insurance
   industry, supported by dual Bachelor Degrees in
   Finance and Management and numerous industry designations and courses.
   Designed and facilitated dynamic programs in
   the following areas:
   Claim Negotiations                       Litigation
   Supervision                              Early Contact Settlement
   Minimal Impact Defense                   Alternative Dispute
   Resolution                               Medical Cost Management
   Specific knowledge of processes, procedures, manuals, memos,
   literature, claim handling practices, advertisements, lists,
   electronic file, computer maintained data, computer retrieval
   reporting, personnel guides, training guides and literature, trial
   defenses and discovery preparation.  (Over 40,000 documents and
   ACHIEVED unparalleled success in assisting in the discovery process
   for law firms dealing with bad faith lawsuits and
   consumer violation lawsuits where general damage and punitive damage
   awards were realized.  This was due to my extensive
   experience in varied positions including upper management with State
   CREATED, DEVELOPED AND IMPLEMENTED a program concept designed to solve
   two major problems, service
   to customers and the relative costs. Presented findings and the
   complete plans for a centralized department designed to
   improve service, decrease cost per claim, cost of handling and
   reserves cost. The result was a charter to implement the plan.
   EXCEPTIONALLY SUCCESSFUL as the company representative speaking to
   internal departments, individual members
   and groups in the medical and legal communities. This position also
   required I be designated spokesperson and
   administrator in all suits against the company including class action
   litigation within the state of Washington.
   HIRED, TRAINED and MANAGED a new department of 5 supervisors, 5
   attorney negotiators, 22 medical claim
   examiners and 12 support personnel. As a result, this new cohesive and
   efficient department was able to successfully
   process 14,000 claims annually and over 1,500 pieces of mail daily.
   Previous positions as superintendent in casualty
   and property also required I hire and train personnel in these areas,
   including third party claims, UIM and UM claims,
   first party property claims, estimators and field inspectors.
   CONCEPTUALIZED, ORGANIZED and AUTHORED an operational guide for an
   innovative department
   consisting of new and creative processes, procedures and formats. This
   expanded my responsibility to provide continual
   internal auditing and external trouble shooting combined with
   published instructional articles and motivational seminars.
   AWARDED "Special Merit Increase" for performance beyond expectations.
   One of only two recipients in the Northwest
   ever awarded this honor by corporate and consistently received
   exceptional merit ratings.
   Allstate Insurance 
   Sr. Staff Adjuster Litigation and Attorney Negotiator
   State Farm Insurance
   Superintendent, Consolidated Claims
   Superintendent, Metro Casualty and Litigation
   Resident Superintendent, Casualty and Property
   Claim Specialist, Casualty and Property
   University of Oregon                                         Research
   Mathis Farms
   Bachelor Degree                                    Management
   /Finance                                      University of Oregon,
   Eugene, OR
   Associate of Arts                                   Business
   Administration                           Lane Community College,
   Eugene, OR
   AIC and Two Parts CPCU Insurance Institute of America
   ICAR certified (all parts)
   Negotiations for the Claims person        (Certified and Facilitator)
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Superintendent School
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Casualty Supervision
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Property Supervision
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Management (Parts I ,II ,III)
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Claims School
             State Farm Insurance Company
   BCC (Parts I, II, III, IV)
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Bodily Injury School
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Negotiation Skills for the Claims Professional Facilitator
             State Farm Insurance Company
   Personnel Management School
             State Farm Insurance Company
                         PLEASE ASK FOR REFERENCES
                         Email: James Mathis

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