"if she's well enought to get pregnant, she's well enough to work."

   Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:58:24 -0400
   Subject: CIGNA Claimant

Here's someone with CIGNA Insurance. Her story has a funny twist because the report from one of her home visits stated that she was "fat and lazy" (She was pregnant with the twins) and that "if she's well enought to get pregnant, she's well enough to work."

I'd like to ask them, exactly what KIND of work getting pregnant qualifies you to do - HAVE SEX for a living?

Barbara's got a good sense of humor though despite all this. The law firm she used to work for wrote a book about themselves called "A LAW UNTO ITSELF." I think I'll see if they have it at Amazon.com.


Judy Your story sounds similar to what CIGNA did to me except that I was one of a cluster of people with CFIDS from my firm (the world's third largest corporate law firm whom CIGNA is a client of). I was the first and youngest claimant and had my whole life, my husband's life, my parent's lives and my brother's life turned inside out. My brother is still reeling from having his son's adoption investigated!!!! What does THAT have to do with my CFIDS??

Karl - here's my story. Judy - you may print this with my name but WITHOUT MY PHONE NUMBER. Karl, call me if you like. I will speak to you when I can.

My EEOC, ADA and Human Rights claims against my firm were delayed and outright lost. I called a NUMBER of lawyers and ran up a very very high phone, as well as CIty and Federal agencies to get my claims of harrassment and discrimination against me by my employer put forth. I did find that my employer has NUMEROUS city building code violations and a NUMBER of EEOC claims - all of which got NOWHERE. My employer is very very very very politically (I am talking Washington, DC as well as NYC and Albany, NY) connected. SIGH

Now, I have an EEOC claim against CIGNA. I have called and written MANY times to no avail. Here's the gist.

I was sent for 2 psychiatric IMEs when I first put forth my claim. 1 shrink did CIGNA's bidding but was shot down by my doctor's, psychologist, neuropsych and brain scans.

The second shrink NEVER sent CIGNA his report despite his outright rudeness to me. And here's the kicker. My doctor treats over 2,000 CFIDS patients and is very politically active, as much as possible. Sitting in her office one day guess who came walking out of my doctor's office??? This shrink and his daughter. I thought he was gonna faint when he saw me. When I mentioned it to my doctor she said his daughter has CFIDS and he was unable to find a doctor UNTIL HE SAW ME. However, he used his daughter's problems to qualify him as a "CFIDS expert."

I happened to speak to 3 of the other people in my cluster and NONE of them went for psych IMES despite all 3 of these people being treated for MAJOR DEPRESSION. I was in counseling due to my infertility treatment with a psychologist who specialized in infertility related counseling. When I asked CIGNA why I was the ONLY one (my investigation turned up) sent for these IMEs I received no less than 3 nasty letters from CIGNA and their supervisors basically saying 'we are paying you, what more do you want?' Yeah, I only got paid after 2 of us sent letters to the President of CIGNA and SUDDENLY I was sent for IMEs after my first check came. Hmmmmm.

My doctor put forward that these IMEs constitutes "Disparate Treatment". CIGNA Said that there were things specific to my claim. THE ONLY DIFFERENCES ARE: I was the first claimant, the youngest claimant the only married claimantand the most vocal when payment was seriously delayed. My doctor said that I was in counseling as a normal part of infertility treatment (which I had to give up when I got sick). So unless they "Feel infertility is a MENTAL illness and not, as the Federal Government agrees, is an organic problem and a legitimate disability unconnected to her CFIDS" that CIGNA "acted in a manner so as to punish (me) for simply seeking benefits."

Later, when the time came for CIGNA to withhold my checks as part of their pay back for SSDI - they OVERESTIMATED what I owe them. They have not answered mine or my legal aide's letters or calls. They could withhold my money indefinitely. I have no idea what I have paid nor have I received in writing any acknowledgement. While I was lucky enough to have twins last year, my pregnancy brought new spates of suspicious men parking in front of my building with video cameras and more investigations.

That's my story to date
Barbara Camwell Ness

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