Diversion of CFS funding within the CDC.

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I'm home from Maine and managed to stay out of jail.  Actually the 
hearing on my "harassment" charges and restraining order has been
postponed for reasons I will explain in the future.

I wish to give a BIG THANKS to Paula Moran and Jim Mooney who have
helped me spread the news and facts about UNUM (and their cronies)
via the website they had originally set up due to their own personal
nightmare with Allstate Insurance.  The URL (listed above) will take 
you to the site where they have now posted information about the CDC 
diversion of millions of dollars that was earmarked for CFS LABORATORY


Apparently Brian Mahy of the CDC illegally diverted these funds to
other divisions (I believe vaccine research programs) and then lied
to Congress about it AND tried to get William Reeves, the head of
the Ricketsial and Viral Disease Division (whose department was 
supposed to be building a lab to study the blood of CFS patients)
to also lie to Congress.  Dr. Reeves blew the whistle and now Congress
and the GAO have confirmed the breech.

Here's the UNUM LINK (Thank you Jim and Paula. I hadn't even noticed
this).  I recently sent Jim and Paula an internal document from UNUM
outlining their plot to convince doctors "one at a time" to "buy-in"
to the idea that CFS is a "neurosis."  The document is entitled:

UNUM Life Insurance Company 
 Southern Regional Benefits 
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Management Program 
 Carolyn L. Jackson M.D. Revised April 4, 1995

What I had failed to notice until Jim and Paula just pointed it out is
that the Southern Regional Benefits Office is IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA and 
SO IS THE CDC.  So is there anyone out there that can follow the money?

Maybe it goes like this - UNUM (Atlanta Office) - Brian Mahy (CDC IN 
ATLANTA) - CFS funds get diverted from CDC laboratory research so that
 the search for the physical cause  and definitive laboratory tests for CFS will be impaired and UNUM can  continue to claim CFS is a psychiatric disease.  We know that the most recent Superintendent of Insurance in Maine
just prior to the current corrupt one, went directly from his government
job into an Executive Position at UNUM.  I wonder what kind of job they
might have for members of the CDC??  Maybe doing phoney research?

Jim and Paula have posted an interesting article from Washington Post
where a spokesperson for the CDC is, so far, denying that ANY ACTION
will be taken again Brian Mahy, despite the fact that he diverted
millions of dollars of money APPROPRIATED BY CONGRESS TO STUDY CFS,
then lied about it to Congress, AND tried to get others to lie as well.
They have also posted the text of the UNUM Internal Document and will
hopefully have the document scanned soon as well.

Right now we just have a lot of theories and circumstantial evidence.

And by the way, if I haven't said this before, I would also like to 
thank the AACFS (American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).
I know you guys take a lot of flak because we are so desperate and
frustrated but whatever you did to convince Dr. Reeves to do the right
thing and fess up, I am eternally grateful, and I know eventually the
rest of the CFS community will be too.

By the way, I am now promoting the idea of changing the name to
Michelle Akers Disease.  I think Michelle could do for CFS what
Lou Gehring did for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  She is extra-
ordinarily articulate.  Despite the fact that she "plays" soccer,
it is obvious that she is impaired from what she used to be.
And if you read her website, you can see that in order for her to
play a small amount of soccer, she has given up just about 
EVERYTHING ELSE (including lucrative advertising contracts) and
suffers greatly each time she plays.  Please check out Michelle's
website: www.michelleakers.com

That's it for now.

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