News and Connections Regarding Class Actions Against Insurers

         Class Action Against UNUM
         Sat, 12 Sep 1998 13:34:38 -0400
         judy morris 

Here's a class action to end the mental health limitation.  We need to
let these people know that UNUM and others are fraudulently using this
mental illness cap to limit benefits for other disorders as well.


Join/Help class action suit on long term disability.

Do you have a neurobiological disorder like depression, bipolar, SZ, or
OCD and have a limit on your long term disability insurance policy? If
so, you may be eligible to be part of a class action suit designed to
get long term disability (LTD) providers to stop capping the amount (or
length of time) they pay for people who go on disability because of an
NBD Cindy Lieferman has started a class action suit against UNUM Life
Insurance Company of America and First UNUM Life Insurance Co. of
America. It may be expanded to other companies. Those two
companies provide LTD insurance to individuals and groups (employers).
The policies they issue provide LTD until you are 65 for people who
have to stop working because of a"physical" disability. But if you stop
working because of an NBD, they will only reimburse for24 months of
disability. That is discrimination. Your LTD policy may do the same and
you may not even know it, so please check.

What can you do:

1. If you have an NBD and have been denied LTD Benefits (or fear being
denied benefits) by UNUM or any LTD provider, contact Cindy
Lieferman (address below)

2. Ask your employer for a copy of your LTD policy and see if it offers
people with NBD less coverage than people with other disorders. If so,
send a copy of your LTD policy to Cindy no matter what company the
policy is from.

3. Publish this article in your newsletters and post on other BBSs, Web
sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, etc. Give to other organizations.

4. Send Cindy any info you have on how or why Long Term Disability
Insurance Policies discriminate against people with NBD. If you have
case histories, send those as well. Any info you have on this subject is

Contact: Cindy Lieferman, 14755 Preston Road, #214, Dallas, TX 75240.
Ph: 972 490 9101; Fax 972 490 1650 (thanks to joe lovelace, Pres
TXAMI for this)


Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 12:43:24 -0400
From: judy morris 
Subject: Two Class Actions against insurers - One day this will be UNUM

In the Boston Globe is a Notice to Classholders regarding suit against
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (MANULIFE).  You must respond no
later than October 15, 1998.  If you have had any dealings with Manulife
it would be worth your while to call this number and see if you are in
the Class 1-800-775-6608 or 1-800-775-6755(hearing impaired).  The
notice is too long to include the details but TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

There is also a Website set-up by an ex-Prudential employee to help
people get what they are entitled to from Prudential.  His name is Ken
Young. The Website is

It is chuck full of information.  Remember time is of the essence (a
fact that the insurers use to their benefit as explained in Mr. Young's


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