MATHEW O. FOREMAN JR. will help with your claims against GENERAL AMERICAN INSURANCE.

   Mathew O. Foreman, Jr, RHU - 01/18/99 00:31:44
   My Email:
   Your Claims Rep at General American: almost everybody in the company
   Your choice of Class Action or Individual Action.: Individual
   Your state of residence: Virginia
   Your Basic Complaint: IME Game - these companies use their financial
   strength to squash the opposition...meaning the claimant
   How to get in touch with you: (757)464-6415 -(Home and Fax)
   Want to Join Class Action?: No. I have another Class Action in mind

I am a former Life and Health Insurance Broker. I was in the substance of the insurance business for almost 30 years....meaning, actively involved either in personal production (the majority of my career), Agency Management, and now fighting the same companies that I once represented with distinction. I have the industry recognitions that were awarded consistently to verify my production. (MDRT, LPRT, NQA, HIQA, NSAA) I acted as my own agent in acquiring my own policies.

I bought the same CONTRACTS that I sold to my clients. The BEST products that were available at the time. I filed for disability benefits in July 1991. My claim, as I later learned from a company representative who was handling my claim, was called a DAM claim. I asked what that meant. He informed me that a DAM claim meant Drug, Alcohol, Mental related. My diagnosis WAS and IS major depresssion and panic/anxiety disorder. My doctors have not waivered from their diagnosis. I was paid by General American Life Insurance Company, St. Louis, Missouri, benefits from July 1991 until July 1998. My benefits were ceased as a result of the IME GAME. Upon request from the company representatives, I submitted to four separate IME's (acronym and euphemism for INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS). How independent can they be when all such subsequent IME's are arranged, paid for, and questions to the claimant predetermined by the Insurance Company? The only INDEPENDENT Medical Examination that I ever recieved was from the first IME that included two doctors, one psychiatrist and one clinical psychologist. They determined me to be profoundly disabled. Not satisfied with that diagnosis, the insurance companies sent me for more IME's until they could find ONE doctor who did not agree with all the others although he still thought I had a problem, he just didn't diagnosis it as clinical depression and anxiety but as an adjustment disorder. I was offered a buyout by General American in 1993. Based on the ridiculously low offer, I refused. Now my benefits have been denied. BOTTOM LINE: I was subjected to 4 separate IME's. Among these examiners were three separate psychiatrists and three separate clinical psychologists. In addition, I have my own doctors who have treated me for ten years (3 years prior to claim). Of these doctors, seven have clearly stated that a psychological condition was and is present that disables me from performing my previous occupation. Number 8 says I have an Adjustment Disorder that disallows further consideration for disability benefits. HOME RUN for General American. Only the last opinion counts. As a claimant, your only recourse is to sue. David vs. Goliath. Who do you think will win? In this case, ME. I have recently come into some resources that will allow me to fight the fight! During these arduous years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and information as to what you may expect as a claimant. I am now acting as a consultant to other claimants who have been denied their benefits illegimately. Your first consultation and probably your subsequent consultations will be free. I am not in this arena for any other reason except to see this travesty being perpetrated by the business of which I once was a very active participant resolved honorably. If I can be of service to you or your attorneys please fax me at (757)464-6415. The home and fax number are the same. Due to "Big Brother", I will require adequate proof of your identity before any meaningful advice will be given.

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