Healthy people especially - Please read the following post

   From judydoc@the-spa.comSat Aug  8 16:19:01 1998
   Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 11:05:34 -0400
   Subject: Healthy people especially - Please read the following post
   This problem directly affects ANYONE who either buys their own
   disability insurance OR has it provided as a benefit of employment.
   UNUM is leading the way in writing "disability" policies that limit
   disability benefits for 2 years, not only for mental illnesses (which as
   we seen is illegal under the ADA anyway), but also for other chronic,
   incurable illnesses!  UNUM does not and probably CAN NOT justify these
   exclusions actuarially because they are making RECORD PROFITS.
   Now your insurance agent or employer will say something like, well, we
   are providing insurance for catastrophic illnesses like strokes and
   heart attacks.  WAKE UP.  For people suffering from Chronic Fatigue
   Syndrome, Chronic intractible back pain, unpredictable dizziness, many
   mental illnesses, lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, even heart
   disease and strokes, it is the WEAKNESS, FATIGUE, or PAIN that is the
   most DISABLING PART OF THE CONDITION.  Not to mention the fact that if
   you are in pain all the time or so weak you can't regularly stand for
   more than a short time, that IS CATASTROPHIC.
   Do you really think you are going to be miraculously "cured" in two
   years when your DI benefits terminate and even if you were "cured" you
   would most likely not have a job to return to?
   IT'S A SHAM POLICY. The term is constructive fraud, fraudulent
   inducement.  UNUM is selling policies of insurance that they have no
   intention of honoring.  They have unconscionable and legally
   unenforceable clauses.  The fact that these policies are being approved
   for sale by the very Departments of Insurance that should know these
   things should tell you something.  We are being HAD.  (Yes, I know, most
   of you already know it, but some haven't quite got it yet).
   Heads up guys. They are already selling these policies in all but 4
   states.  Meanwhile the mental illness limitation is being found to be
   illegal.  How can they sell policies with clauses that are more than
   likely ILLEGAL????

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