Legal Ethics - Lawyers please READ THIS ONE

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:21:41 -0400
From: judy morris 
Subject: Legal Ethics - Lawyers please READ THIS ONE

I went on a rant yesterday and sent it out to the list, but for some
reason it doesn't seem to have been transmitted and I didn't get a copy
back for my files.  It's a shame, it was inspired.  I'll try to repeat
the content here.

I'm getting tired of hearing from people who tell me their LAWYERS won't
let them talk to me, talk to the press, talk on this list because of
concerns about attorney-client privelege, concerns about being misquoted
and UNUM using it against them and other transparent excuses.

There is NO LEGAL OR ETHICAL reason why your clients should NOT be
allowed to tell the truth to the public.  If you are representing
insurance claimants whose claims are not valid, SHAME ON YOU.  But I
know far more often, your clients are victims of insurance abuse and
extortion.  Your clients are victims of CRIMES.  You are capitalizing on
this because that way you can claim a percentage of THEIR benefits.

I think I've presented enough evidence to support the legal definition
of extortion and  that insurance companies, specifically UNUM, are
engaged in it, for you to stop the charade of protecting criminals.  It
is certainly NOT in the best interests of YOUR CLIENTs to protect
Extortionists by not allowing your clients to talk to the press or file
criminal charges or complaint to medical boards or other agencies I've
recommended be advised of what's going on.

I seriously doubt there is anything in your ethics about helping the
criminals by not filing criminal charges.  If anything it should be
unethical to NOT file criminal charges on behalf of a client when they
are clearly victims of a crime.

Many of you like Kansky, Wager/Tobin, and Shernoff/Bidart/Darras have
had many UNUM clients.  You have enough evidence of extortion and
attempted extortion to file criminal charges or institute RICO actions.

Kansky told me we needed publicity but then won't ask his clients to
tell me their stories.

Shernoff writes books about the hugh punitive damages awards HE gets but
fails to tell you what to do if you can't get a lawyer or your lawyer is

I am painstakingly gathering the information needed to PROVE UNUM's
practice and pattern and have gathered some stories from UNUM claimants
and lawsuits. But if you would just help me, we can get the information
a lot sooner than waiting for Hoffman/Salcito to try to get UNUM to
produce the details of all these claim denials and lawsuits.

Those gag orders you make your clients sign were ALL signed under
duress, financial duress, or I'm sure NONE of your clients would have
agreed to them.

By not helping me, by not allowing your clients to tell the truth to me
and to reporters, you lawyers are obstructing justice and intimidating
witnesses to the crime of extortion.

And personally I'm getting a little tired of giving you thousands of
dollars worth of free legal research and not getting much in return from
you lawyers.  If you want me to continue helping you, you better start
helping me.  And if you are offended by this, just ask and I will gladly
remove your name from my mailing list.  And maybe I'll advise your
clients that they are being incompetently represented by an attorney who
could have information relevant to their cases but their egos got in the

What I'm telling you lawyers it STOP THE DAMN EXCUSES AND START HELPING

Stop lending credence to this "joke" my mother told me:

Three surgeons were on the golf course when the conversation turned to
discussing their favorite type of patients.

The first surgeon said he like accountants because when you open them up
everything is neatly arranged in columns and rows and numbered.

The second surgeon said he like to operate on electricians because when
you open them up, everything is color coded and you can easitly follow
the wiring.

The third surgeon said, by far, his favorite patients to operate on are
lawyers.  "They're so easy," he says, "When you open them up, there's no
heart, no spine, no guts, and the brains and the asshole are

In my experience many of them, male and female, are also lacking

Prove me wrong. But don't take your anger out on me, take it on on the
criminals!  Let's get some RICO cases going.


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